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Wanton Young Wife

Apr 25, 2002

By aryshi

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Wanton Young Wife ? I (m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

************ ***********
Note: The story below is a story in itself. However, it is also a
direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: Lust for the Librarian - I
************ ***********

Pop Hunt was very happy for his son and lovely daughter-in-law,
especially with the recent arrival of their little baby. He took in the
sight of his lovely 25 year old daughter-in-law who stood at 5?3? with a
very curvy body in her 115 lbs frame. Her long blonde hair, baby blue
eyes, and long ivory legs had Pop's heart thumping every time he gazed
upon her. With his son and Eileen married for about 2 years now, the
recent arrival of their child seemed to complete the picture for them.

Happy at the opportunity to spend the weekend with his son and family,
Pop packed up his small overnight bag for the occasion. The initial
arrangement was for his son Russell to pick him up at his home when he
was done with his golf game since Pop's car was in the shop following a
fender bender. In late morning, his old friend and neighbor called him
to say he was going out to the mall and have lunch at the seafood
restaurant Pop always enjoyed. Pop couldn't resist the invitation to
get out, hating to be cooped up indoors.

He hated to call his son while he was on the golf course but thought
he'd take the chance as it'd save his son from going out of his way to
pick him up at his home. Making the call to his son's cell hone, Pop
spoke "Russ, sorry to bother you on the golf course but my old friend
and I are going out for lunch at Antonio's Seafood! Since it's so close
to your home, I thought I'd just drop off at your home when lunch was
over. That way I can spend a couple more hours with my lovely

"Great idea, Pop! That'll give me a chance to grab a beer with the guys
at the 19th hole when we're done!" Russell Hunt advised his father.
Listening on the phone to his father, he advised "Oh, no ????don't worry
about calling Eileen, she'll be at home today! She'll be showing the
yardboy that we just hired how to seed the garden the way she wants it
done. It'll be a good surprise for her if you show up a bit early as
you can help her watch the baby while she putters around in the yard!
Oh, in case she isn't there for some reason, you remember where the key
to the backdoor is, don't you?"

With her father-in-law staying over for the weekend, Eileen had picked
up the needed groceries from the supermarket the day earlier. She felt
a bit sorry for her father-in-law in being a widower for the past five
years. 'But he's handsome and very charming, maybe he'll find a nice
companion!' she thought. She got along very well with her father-in-law
and he was always polite and considerate to her. 'I wonder if a man his
age still gets nasty thoughts when he sees a beautiful woman?' she
thought wickedly.

With her husband off to play golf, Eileen nervously pondered the arrival
of the yardboy whom she had told Russ would seed her garden today.
Squeezing her thigh muscles tightly together, she closed her eyes in
remorse, wondering just how a once loving and faithful wife could turn
into such a cheap wanton slut as she had over the past month. Now it
seemed she could not think of anything but sex, even returning men's
leering stares in the supermarket or out in public, something she would
have been too embarrassed to do a month earlier.

When Josh arrived to the Hunt's home, he went directly out back and
knocked on the back door. As the door opened, he saw the nervousness on
the face of the beautiful Mrs. Hunt, the librarian at his school and
who's garden he would seed on this day. "Josh ????Josh ????.I ???.I
just can't ?????.I felt so guilty the entire week!" came stammering
attempt to rebuff his advances. Josh pulled the lovely wife and mother
to him and covered her lips with his, then felt her resisting body begin
to melt in his arms.

Just then the baby began to cry from her crib in the bedroom. Josh then
told the lovely woman "Go ahead and take care of the baby! I'll get the
yardwork done and plant the garden, then I'm going to come inside and
seed your fertile garden with my hot potent seed!" With that, he gave
her another passionate kiss and rubbed his chest up and her sexy

The warm bottle of milk seemed to be what the baby wanted, quieting her
down immediately. Nervously Eileen walked towards the kitchen, looking
out of the window to observe the young teenager kneeling in the hot sun
with his back to her. Seeing the broad black back of the young teen
glistening before her, Eileen squeezed her thigh muscles again, then let
her hands move up to graze the top of her breasts. Shivering, she
immediately felt her nipples rise to attention.

A half-hour later, having fed the baby and rocked her back to sleep,
Eileen saw the sweaty teen picking up the garden tools and begin to make
his way to the back door. Moving quickly to the door, Eileen locked it
and soon heard the light knock upon it. She told herself not to do it
but her hand seemed to disobey her mind as her fingers unlocked the

Seconds later, Eileen panted as the teen's hands caressed her arms, then
felt her tucked-in blouse being pulled from her shorts. Seconds later,
the grimy black hands were up under her blouse touching her soft smooth
skin, causing her to shudder in defeat. "Please ????..please Josh ????I
??????I can't do it again! I can't cheat on my husband again! Oh,
please ??????please ?????.please don't touch me like that!"

"Ohhhhhhhh ??????.ohhhhhhhhhh!" Eileen moaned, panting as her shorts
were being edged over her trim hips along with her lacy white panties.
Then she gasped as the buttons on her blouse popped off one by one and
the ruined garment was being drawn over her shoulders, falling to the
kitchen floor behind her. With her lacy bra joining her blouse upon the
floor, Eileen was now totally naked as she was being pulled towards her
bedroom. Nearly stumbling from her shorts and panties around her
ankles, she stepped out of them with her left foot, then shook the
garments off with her right foot.

On the recently made bed, Eileen found herself staring up at her bedroom
ceiling as the young teen tongued and bit at the tender nipples. As the
teen lifted his body up from hers, Eileen spread her legs wide then
grasped his thick cock down into position. "Please ????please, Josh
??????I ?????.I need it so bad!" she stammered.

"You've been hot for me all week, haven't ya, Mrs. Hunt? Saw that
twinkle in your eye at school and just knew ya were dying for some solid
black meat! Ain't I right, Mrs. Hunt? Ya gonna get yerself a 'real'
man in your horny twat now, honey!" Josh laughed. He could hear her
sharp intake of breath as he slid his throbbing meat between her
widespread legs. Once embedded, whenever his throbbing cock expanded
came a responding twitch of her gripping snatch around his thick pole.

"Oh, Godddd ?????.oh, yessssssss, Josh ?????..fuck me ????fuck me like
the bitch I really am!" Eileen moaned loudly. Arching up to her teen
lover, fingers digging into his muscular arms, she wrapped her flawless
white legs around his thick black thighs. "Harder ????harder ???..oh,
yessssssss ???.stick it hard to me!" she groaned, locking her heels to
bring him closer and deeper. "Yessss ??..oh, Godddddd, yessssss
????..ohhhhhhhh ???..I ???..I'm cummmmminggg!" she screamed.

"Oh, Mrs. Hunt ???..yer so fucking tight! Haven't had a 'real man' in
ya fer a long time, huh? I can see that Mr. Hunt sure ain't doing his
job at keeping ya happy! Hubby can't satisfy you with his little
weenie, huh?" Josh taunted as he sliced his lengthy black cock between
her slick folds, causing her to swoon with pleasure. "Oh, Mrs. Hunt, I
got quite to load stored up fer ya! Gonna fill ya up with some hot cum,
hot raw nigger cum! Oh, Mrs. Hunt ?????.here it cummmmsssss ???.ohhhh,
yeahhhhhhhh ????..here it is!" Josh groaned as he emptied his hot potent
load deep in her fertile womb.

With his friend's car pulling up along the curb to his son's home, Pop
Hunt saw that the garage door was open and his daughter-in-law's car
parked in there. Thus, Pop knew that Eileen was home with the baby as
he walked on up the driveway. Nearing the front door, he could not hear
anything and didn't want to ring the doorbell in fear of waking the
baby. 'Perhaps she's out in the backyard working on her garden!' he
thought as he recalled the conversation with his son that morning.

Walking around to the backyard, he saw no one in sight, wondering if his
daughter-in-law was taking an afternoon nap. He remembered the key to
the backdoor but thought 'I better not, especially if Eileen is taking a
nap! It might really frighten her if she awoke and found someone else
in the house when not expecting it! Should I just ring the doorbell and
risk getting her up?'

Just as he turned around and was about to walk back around to the front
door, he heard a noise coming from the other side of the house. Moving
towards the sound, a chill went through his entire body when he heard
the familiar voice of his lovely daughter-in-law coming from the area of
the master bedroom "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ????.Josh, it's so biggggg ????.it's
so deepppppp! Oh, yesssssssssssss ????..yessssssssss! Oh, Josh
?????Josh ???????ohhhhhh, God ?????I ??????.I'm cummingggggggg!"

Heart thumping madly in his chest, Pop edged his way to the side of
bedroom window where he could peep in. He heard the drawl of a young
teenager "Oh, Mrs. Hunt ???..oh, baby ?????.babbbbyyyyyyy! Yer my sweet
little white ho, ain't ya! Ya jest can't get enough of Josh's big black
dick, can ya? Like they say, once ya go black, ya can't go back! Oh,
sweetie ?????.gonna cum ?????.gonna flood yer white pussy with my nigga
cock! Gonna knock ya up and give yer little daughter a playmate! Ah,
baby ?????????..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Through the bedroom window, Pop could see the reflection on the large
mirror on the bedroom dresser. He could easily make out the muscular
black body of the teenage stud being embraced by the trim white arms and
legs of his son's beautiful young wife. 'God, she really let a black
boy fuck her! Gosh, I always thought Eileen was so na?ve and innocent!
I never would expect her to commit adultery on Russ, not in her own
home, not with a black teenager!' he thought. Seeing her beautiful sexy
body, Pop could not help but think 'God, I'd sure like to get a crack at
her myself!'

For ten minutes, it had been completely silent in the bedroom and Pop
anxiously waited for more to come. Excitement began to build within
him, his cock giving a twitch when he again heard Eileen's voice "Oh,
you big black stud ???..fuck me ?????.fuck me again ???give me your big
black cock!" Hearing the rustling of sheets, Pop wanted a better view
this time, a view from inside the house. Quickly, he made his way
towards the backdoor of his son's home.

Getting the key from its hiding place, Pop turned the knob of the
backdoor, stepping directly into the kitchen. His heart was pounding
again as he viewed the scattered clothing on the kitchen floor. He
observed the torn blouse, shorts and undergarments that belonged to his
beautiful daughter-in-law. Quietly, making his way towards the master
bedroom, his cock twitched in anticipation as he neared his destination.

Through the opening provided by the hinged edge of the doorway, Pop
found that he could safely look into the bedroom with little chance of
being seen from the inside as he knew that the occupants were quite
preoccupied with only one thing in mind. His cock was rock hard from
the exciting sight, seeing the beautiful sexy white body of his son's
wife covered by the muscular black teen. His beautiful daughter-in-law
was certainly getting the fuck of a lifetime, evidenced by the way her
trim arms and legs were wrapped tightly around the black stud, begging
"Fuck me stud ?? ???..fuck me hard ??????knock me up with your little
black bastard!"

Watching the illicit mating on his son's marital bed, Pop had to unzip
his pants to relieve the pressure on his throbbing cock. With his cock
in hand, he began to stroke himself as he watched his lovely son's wife
being bred by the black teen. It was quite an exciting scene,
especially hearing his daughter-in-law moan loudly "Ohhhhhhhh, yes
???.I've been dreaming of this all week long! Yesssssss ???..stick it
to me ????fuck me????.fuck me good! It's so biggggg ???.so much longer
than my husband's ???..so much better! Ohhhhhhh, yesssss ????.I need a
'real man' like you to fuck me!"

Stroking himself, Pop could not get over the stimulating sight that was
taking place on his son's bed. Then he heard Eileen urging her teenage
stud on "Oh, Goddd ???..fuck me ?????.I ????I'm going to cum ????cum
????.cum with me! Shoot your nigger cum in me! Knock me up! Knock me
up with your black baby! Give me your bastard baby!" Observing the
spasms convulsing through the teen's muscular black butt and hearing his
grunts, it was evident that he was spewing his hot seed, seeding the
fertile womb of his son's lovely wife. Pop saw his lovely
daughter-in-law convulsing, her hands clawing at the teen's muscular
back as her legs pulled her lover deeper into her. At that moment,
Pop's body shook uncontrollably as he shot his load in the corner.

Ten minutes later, recovering from that fantastic cum, Pop heard his
sexy daughter-in-law's voice moaning "Oh, Godddddddd ?????.Josh ????..no
don't ???I'm afraid! I'm scared, Josh ????..please don't ????..don't
fuck me there! Don't fuck my ass ????.pleaseeeeeee!" Turning to peek
in, Pop nearly gasped at the sight that was taking place on the bed that
the marital bed. There on the king-sized bed was his lovely son's wife
on all fours, being mounted like a bitch in heat.

With the experienced teen slamming his thick cock into the soft white
ass, Pop could sense a change coming over his son's sexy wife as her
pleas were replaced by "Yes ????oh, yes ??????shove it in, Josh
???.??deep ????deeper ???.?hurt me ????hurt meeeee!" He watched and
heard his son's beautiful wife scream as she climaxed and the teen spew
his hot cum into the soft white ass.

Looking at the time, he knew his son would soon be arriving home based
on it nearing the time when Russ was to have picked him up at the
original time. Quietly he zipped up and made his way back out the back
door and replaced the key to where it belonged. Going back to the
front, he crossed the street to where there was a bench at the nearby
bus stop. There he waited and watched.

Fifteen minutes elapsed when he saw the familiar black teen, only now
fully clothed, coming out from the backyard and then making his way down
the street. Pop decided to wait a few minutes, allowing Eileen to clean
up and compose herself before he rang the front doorbell. His devious
old mind told him 'I just gotta sample that sexy piece of ass myself!
So what if I'm her father-in-law! Shit, if she's giving it out free to
a black kid, she ought to be willing to please a horny old man!'

Breathing hard, Eileen rushed to gather her clothing that was scattered
about the kitchen floor, then rushed to strip and remake the bed. She
hurriedly took a quick shower to cleanse her body of the obvious smell
of sex. Putting on a clean set of clothing, Eileen was frazzled as the
baby began to cry followed by the ringing of the front doorbell.
Picking up the baby to comfort her, she then took the baby with her to
answer the front door.

Opening the front door, Eileen was surprised to see her father-in-law
standing there. "Pop! I thought Russ was going to pick you up?" she
said as she reached out with her free arm to embrace him. Giving Pop a
kiss on the cheek, she was surprised by the way in which his arms
reached out to touch her at her waist, seeming to pull her towards him.
She thought it must be just her imagination that Pop's hands seemed to
be caressing her just before they broke their embrace.

Sitting out in the patio, Eileen began to season the steaks while Pop
rocked his granddaughter in his arms. After hearing Pop tell her that
he had called Russ on the golf course and had his friend drop him off
since he was going to lunch nearby, she breathed a sigh of relief that
Pop had not arrived any earlier. 'God, how would I ever have explained
having a black teenager in my bedroom!' she wondered. "So what did you
two do after lunch, Pop?" she asked.

"Well, I'm a bit embarrassed to say! I don't want my lovely
daughter-in-law to think badly of me!" Pop said in response. With
Eileen laughingly tell him "Oh, Pop! You can tell me! I'm a big
girl!" He lied in his response, saying "Well, the two of us old geezers
passed this theater playing an adult flick and we decided to take it
in! I must admit, it sure got the old blood boiling again!"

Eileen thought she had caught Pop's his eyes roving over her body when
she had gone to the kitchen and back but she just laughed it off,
telling herself 'That x-rated flick must have really gotten Pop's blood
boiling the way his eyes looked me over! If I didn't know any better,
I'd have thought him to be a dirty old man who was stripping me naked
with his eyes!' But her father-in-law never made an impolite gesture
nor touched her in any improper manner, other than the caress that she
had detected upon his arrival, giving her no reason to suspect any
hidden desires.

Back in the kitchen, Eileen looked out into the patio as Russ got home
and came through the back to greet his father. The baby was happily
rolling about in the playpen that she had set up in the patio. "Hmmm,
yard looks real good! Glad I hired that yardboy so I don't have to all
the clean up! Get here okay, Pop?" she heard Russ ask his father.

Busy looking down at the vegetable salad that she was preparing, Eileen
froze in fright as she heard her father-in-law reply "Got to see that
young man you hired as your yard boy! He sure is a hard worker!
Watched him hard at work, following your lovely wife's instructions on
seeing her garden! He put all he had into it and was dripping wet with
perspiration by the time he got done seeding your wife's garden!"
Dropping the utensils that she was using to toss the salad, her jaw
dropping wide open, Eileen stared out into the patio at Russ's grinning

With Russ indicating that he was going to take a quick shower, Eileen
heard Pop say "I'm going to have a drink and see if your lovely young
wife could use a helping hand!" As her husband went off to the master
bath, Eileen stood frozen at the sink as her heart pounded in total
fear. Soon she heard footsteps approaching from behind her. She was
mortified in knowing that her infidelity had been discovered. Worst was
the fact that her father-in-law had actually caught her in the act.

"P ??.Pop ????I ????..I ???.!" Eileen stammered as she broke down and
began sobbing with tears streaming down her face. Then she felt Pop's
large callused hands on the back of her hips, caressing her in the same
manner in which he did earlier upon his greeting her at the front door.
Then she heard his soothing voice comforting her "There, there, honey
????don't you fret and cry any! It's going to be our little secret
?????just between you and me!"

Everything was a total blur at this point as Eileen tried to blink back
the tears and stifle her sobs. She shivered from the unwanted
stimulation being generated by her father-in-law's hands that were now
caressing her inner thighs just below the cotton material of her yellow
shorts. Feeling the exploring fingers sliding up under the leg openings
of her shorts, she shuddered and stammered "Pa ???.Pop ???..wh ????what
are you doing ???to me?"

"Ahhh ???..ohhhh ????Popppp!" Eileen shivered as she felt Pop's right
hand cupping her womanhood through her shorts and panties while his left
hand fumbled with the button at the top of her shorts. She shivered as
Pop's face was nuzzling up against right ear, his wet tongue licking and
tracing her earlobe. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ?????Pa ????.Poppppppp!" she
shivered as she felt his bare hand sliding down into and under her
shorts and panties. Fingers touching her soft curls as his middle
finger dipped into her slick quim, Eileen clenched her teeth tightly as
she closed her eyes and leaned her head back against Pop's chest.

"Oh, Poppppp ?????..ohhhhhhhh ?????..ahhhhhh ????.ahhhhhh ???.I ?????I'm
cumminggggggggg! Oh, Goddddddd!" Eileen panted in exhausted as her
loving father-in-law pressed himself up against her body. There was no
mistaking what the hard stiff object was that pushed up against her
buttocks. Now his hands had moved up to cup her breasts through her
thin clothing, first squeezing her breasts in his hands, then his thumbs
rubbed the edge of her breasts in search of her sensitive nipples.

Eileen shivered with pleasure from the hands caressing her breasts, her
nipples rising stiffly to the stimulation. Now Pop's thumbs were
flicking and playing with her stiff nipples as he bent down to nibble at
her earlobe. "You want more loving, don't you, honey? You need a stiff
cock in your hot little pussy, don't you?" Pop taunted her. Then she
heard Pop tell her "After dinner, when coffee is served, I'm going to
slip a couple of my sleeping pills into Russ's cup! I'll expect you in
my room within a half-hour after Russ goes to bed, unless you want a
real turn on with me fucking you right next to where Russ is sleeping!
Put on a nice sexy negligee for your Pop, huh sweeite!"

With the sound of the bathroom door opening, Eileen found herself alone
again before the kitchen sink. Squeezing her thighs together, she felt
her love juices flowing, oozing out of her slit into the crotch of her
panties. She looked down at the front of her blouse and swallowed as
she gazed at the nubs of her stiff nipples obvious visible, poking out
through her thin lacy bra and blouse. She couldn't believe what had
just taken place, that Pop was basically blackmailing her in exchange
for his silence.

Eileen was glad that Pop and his son were deeply engaged in
conversation, over Russ's golf game, during dinner. With Pop knowing of
her terrible secret, she blinked back the tears as she played back the
recent events that had just taken place in the kitchen. She shivered,
steeling her body as she felt Pop's foot touched her leg, then began
caressing her under the table. Eileen knew she was just getting in
deeper and deeper but she knew that she had to buy Pop's silence, no
matter what the price.

When Russ asked "Ready for some coffee, Pop?" Eileen shuddered in seeing
Pop smile with a wide grin and reply "Coffee sure sounds good right
now!" At that point, Eileen excused herself to go to the kitchen and
pour the coffee. Then she as she was entering the kitchen, she heard
Pop tell Russ "I'll go and give your lovely wife a helping hand, son!"

With Pop carrying the tray out to the den, Eileen watched as Pop handed
Russ a cup of coffee, the one that had been laced with sleeping pills.
Sipping her cup of coffee, she watched as her husband consumed his
entire cup. Ten minutes later, she saw Russ's head nod as if he was
about to doze off and then saw him give a big yawn.

Gathering up the coffee cups, Eileen took them to the kitchen and placed
the dirty dishes in the dishwasher while Pop and Russ chatted in the
den. Then, as Russ indicated he would be hitting the sack, Eileen
immediately followed behind him in her desire to postpone the
inevitable. As Russ got ready for bed, Eileen opened her dresser drawer
and hesitated as she gazed down at her white negligee.

Eileen was glad that Russ was too drowsy and ready for bed to notice
that she had slipped on her sheer white negligee, something she would
only wear when she enticed him to bed for some lovemaking. In bed, she
wondered if she had the nerve to go through with what Pop was demanding
of her but realized that she had no choice in the matter. She shuddered
in shame, not for what she had been caught that afternoon but because of
the way she was now squeezing her thighs together at the wicked thought
of Pop fucking her.

'Oh, God ?????I must be a nymphomaniac! I ???.I just can't seem to get
enough of it! Oh, God ????.I can't go through with this ?????..not with
Russ's father! Maybe ???maybe I can talk him out of it!" she wondered.
Closing her eyes in shame, Eileen could not help but to clench her
thighs again at the wicked thought of knowing that yet another man would
go to blackmail to possess her body.

Russ was in a deep sleep within ten minutes after getting into the bed
but Eileen was hesitant, waiting the full thirty minutes before making
her way out of the bedroom and down the darkened hallway. Hand on the
doorknob of the guest room, Eileen nervously turned the handle and
slipped into the room. "Pop ?????..please, Pop ????..I ?????.I can't go
through with this! You ????..you're Russ's father!" she stammered as
she faced the direction of the bed, her eyes filling with tears.

Little did Eileen suspect that Pop was awaiting her arrival right behind
the opening of the door. "Ohhhhhhh ????..!" she gasped at the feel of
Pop's hands upon her shoulders, feeling a shudder course throughout
body. "Pop ?????Pop ????..please, Pop! I ????.I'm so ashamed at what
took place today! Please ????please don't tell Russ ????..please, Pop!"
she sobbed.

"Pop ????Pop!" she shuddered as she felt Pop's hands move to slide down,
caressing her bare arms. Shivering, Eileen closed her eyes as she
leaned her head against Pop's chest, then leaned her body back against.
Weak, Eileen could no longer concentrate as Pop's hands now cupped her
breasts through her sheer thin negligee. "Oh, Poppppp
????ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as his thumbs teased her sensitive nipples
to hardness.

"You were a very naughty girl today, Eileen! A very ???..very naughty
girl! Shame on you ??????making love to that young black stud on the
very bed you share with my son! What would Russ say if he learned that
you begged to be fucked by a big black cock? That you're really nothing
but a two-bit whore that's got to have a cock up her cunt? Isn't that
right, sweetie?" Pop taunted as he caressed her now pointed nipples as
he nuzzled his face at her neck.

Clenching her fists in an attempt to steel her willpower, Eileen
shuddered as tingling sensations shot throughout her body as Pop's
thumbs caressed and flicked at her stiffened nipples. She swooned as
her body weakened, leaning back further to lean upon her husband's
lusting father. "Oh, Pop ????????ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned, then shook
as she felt Pop's hard manhood pressing up against the small of her

Now totally helpless in the arms of her father-in-law, she raised her
arms up as Pop pulled her negligee over her head and off her arms. As
she lowered her arms, she felt Pop's hands now cupping and caressing her
bared breasts. Then she felt his hands leave her breasts to slowly move
down her trim waist, feeling his thumbs being inserted under the
waistband of her lacy panties. Slowly her thin and last protective
garment was being drawn down over her hips, causing Eileen to quiver as
the flimsy garment fluttered down her legs to fall at her feet.

"Ahhh ????ahhhhh ?????..oh, Pop ????.ohhhhhhhh!" Eileen moaned as his
fingers made contact with her soft curls. This she felt Pop's fingers
sliding over her soft bush in search of her now juicing slit.
"Ohhhhhhhhhh ????????ohhhhh, Pop ?????..Pop ?????ohhhhhhhhh!" she moaned
as Pop dipped a finger into her oozing quim in search of her sensitive
clit. "Oh, Godddddd ????ahhhhhhhhh!" she cried out as Pop's search
touched upon its coveted treasure.

Nuzzling at his daughter-in-law's tender neck, then nibbling at her ear,
Pop then used his wet tongue to trace the inner outline of her ear.
Turning her towards him, they then embraced for a deep passionate kiss.
Wanting to tease and taunt his sexy daughter-in-law, wanting her hot and
horny for him, he whispered in her ear "You like being a naughty girl,
don't you honey? Think how naughty and wicked it'd be to let your
father-in-law make love to you! Think of your father-in-law's hard cock
sliding up your hot horny hole! Imagine how wicked it'd by to be
knocked up by your father-in-law, sweetie!"

A moment later, having been pulled to the bedside, Eileen tried one last
ditch effort to pull her hand out of Pop's grasp. "Pop ????.Pop please
??????I ???I can't have sex with you! It ?????.it's so ????so wrong!
You ???you're my father-in-law! I ????..I just can't have sex with my
husband's father!" she trembled.

Her hand being pulled forward further, Eileen gasped as her fingers came
into contact with a hot fleshy shaft. Instinctively, she wrapped her
slim fingers around Pop's throbbing cock, squeezing it hard in her
fist. Slowly at first, she began to pump Pop's cock up and down in her
fist. 'Maybe ?????..maybe if I get him off this way he'll be
satisfied!' she thought and prayed as she began to pump faster and

With Pop's arm still around her, pulling her up onto the bed, Eileen
shivered in finding herself in quite an awkward position. Panting in
nervousness, she worried 'Surely Pop wouldn't dare do such a thing!'
Pumping faster and faster, trying to bring Pop off quickly, she then
felt shuffling beneath her as her legs were being spread further apart.
She next heard Pop's voice "Put your sweet lips on me, honey! That's
not sex! Even the president said so!"

Licking her lips, she wondered if she dared comply with Pop's wicked
suggestion. Opening her mouth slowly, she bent her head forward as she
extended her tongue out in search of Pop's cockhead. In the darkness,
Eileen's extended tongue made contact with Pop's pulsing cockhead and
felt the slick slippery substance beading at the top. She lathered the
thick cockhead with her tongue, spreading out the slippery ooze upon it,
then dipped her head down to engulf the entire cockhead into her mouth.

"Mmmfhhhhhhhhh ????????mmmpfffffhhhhh ????.mmmpfffffhhhhh!" came
Eileen's muffled groan as her body quivered when Pop pressed his face up
between her legs and flicked his tongue into her juicing slit. She had
now lost any remaining thoughts of right and wrong, thinking now only of
the pleasure she was receiving between her legs. Faster and faster she
bobbed her head down on the pulsating cock in return, releasing her
gripping fingers so she could take his entire length into her mouth and
down her throat.

Eagerly, both tried to please each other as they went about eating each
other out in the classic '69' position. Only muffled groans and sounds
of slurping could be heard in the guest room as the two lovers went to
town on one another. Moments later, the young daughter-in-law pressed
her hips down into the face of her husband's father, her body shaking in
the aftermath of a mind-shattering orgasm as she fed him her sweet
honey. At that very instant, Pop was arching his hips up from the bed,
determined to feed his son's lovely wife with the entire length of his
manhood as it began it spurt out its hot juice.

Twenty minutes later, embraced in each other's arms, the two lovers
kissed passionately with tongues teasing and dueling with each other's.
Soon they were joined together as only a husband and wife should be, a
union that was far too close for a man to be with his son's lovely
wife. As Russ Hunt lay in a deep sleep down the hall, his lovely wife
was entertaining their guest for the evening, wrapping her long sexy
legs around him as she begged "Oh, Pop ?????yesssssss ??????ohhhhhh
?????.fuck me, Pop! Fuck me hard ??????.fuck me hard ?????..treat me
like the whore I really am!"

End of Story.

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