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Summer Breeds

Jul 22, 2005

By Matheus29sp

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One of the benefits of being in a community organization is when that community has its own big swimming pool and during the summer you can sit there looking innocent and just rate the hotties. Yeah, I am an equal opportunity hottie-rater; age, race, bank account ? none of them are factors. So it didn?t bother me one bit to start focusing on my latest ?find?, a really cute young auburn-haired girl named Cathy ? short for Cathryn. In this era of rapidly developing bodies on younger girls ? girls at an age when they used to resemble living stick-figures ? it amazes me what the right combo of genetics, athletics and proper fitting of a skimpy 2-piece has produced.

Don?t worry how old Cathy was when I first saw her?I wouldn?t confirm your guess or deny it anyway. Let?s just say she was a LOT younger than me but had never been near a cap-and-gown graduation ceremony yet. Okay? She was a bit over 5 feet tall, had short auburn hair and hazel eyes and was an incredible swimmer. From the neck up I?d rate her a 7 ? she had a big smile and that look that hinted at the fact she knew a lot more than she?d ever tell her parents. From he neck down to her waist she was another 7 ? her chest was still developing but was already big enough to show cleavage and, in her 2-piece, there was always the chance some nipple or areola would show. Although probably a good B-cup she was a FULL B-cup. But then we get to her from the waist down and there?s where she made me slobber. Cathy had a flat belly, narrow waist and then the most incredible thighs and ass ever molded. When she wore tight jeans my tongue got dirt on it from dragging on the floor.

In all honesty I don?t have a clue what it was that seemed to sort of ?click? between us. Maybe she liked older guys staring at her ? Cathy had her share of them alright. But it was more than that with her and me; something that told me she actually enjoyed my attention and although I was almost as old as her father, I know it wasn?t a father-figure attraction. At the pool we both went to, Cathy always made it a point to look for me and call my name. If I was sitting poolside she?d always show up and sit next to me and talk, always ending up rubbing our feet (and legs at times) together in the water. When it came time for her to jump in, Cathy made a point to get my attention and then bend over with that incredible ass in my face before diving into the water. That?s where things began but eventually it was the ?land activities? that took over.

The woman I was living with at the time put an ad in the paper for a parttime housekeeper ? just some vacuuming and general clean-up three days a week. To our surprise Cathy answered the ad, explaining she could use the extra money and since she was so local (she lived one block away) and readily available, the decision was made, why not? Anyway, I had off for the summer ? another benefit of the gravy job I had ? and when Cathy showed up that first morning for work I knew it would either be the best summer in a long time for me, or the most troublesome. Her hair was short but thick and done up ?Pebbles?-style atop her head. She wore a halter top that was maybe 2 sizes too small ? it barely covered her tits and came down to the edge of her ribs in front ? the back was all bare. And she had on a pair of cut-off jeans so short the underside of both asscheeks peeked out. Cathy greeted me with her big smile and walked in the house brushing against me intentionally. I gave her the tour and she checked the worklist left for her and started in.

It was natural to chat and that?s what we did a lot in between each set of ?chores?. I remained polite, always worried I would say something wrong, mis-read the obvious signs and a hundred other things that would land me in trouble, not to mention jail. But Cathy was quite blunt and friendly and willing to talk about anything. By the 3rd day we were talking about male/female attractions and she wanted to know what turned me on about a woman ? I told her ?thighs, ass, boobs?? and she laughed but never blushed. Midway through that 3rd day she was on the second floor and I was downstairs when I thought I heard her call me. I went to the foot of the stairs but nobody was up at the top and I figured I was hearing things. As I was about to leave Cathy strolled in to view, acting as if I wasn?t there, and untied her halter from behind her neck and let it fall. She stood there oblivious of my stare and proceeded to cup her tits and fondle them and examine the pink nipples very casually. After about 30 seconds she slowly fitted the halter back up and strolled out of view. My dick was hard as iron.

About 20 minutes later we were both in the kitchen together and Cathy was sitting up on the counter. As usual talk steered its way to boys and girls and Cathy commented that she could never get ?into? guys her age. She then proceeded to tell me that she had been told that the average size penis was really only around six inches. I blushed and Cathy giggled. But she swore she was serious and sat there looking at me innocently, asking if it was true. When I stammered Cathy grinned and winked and asked if I was an ?average guy? ? a question I answered by saying I didn?t think so based on her definition. ?Wow, let me see,? she asked, like we were discussing if there were clouds in the sky. I was hard, of course ? you had to be deaf and blind if you weren?t! ?I?m not gonna go running out and telling people,? she swore, looking right at me. ?I really want to see it.? With so blatant a request I wasn?t going to pass it up. I pulled out my cock and showed her!

Cathy got down off the counter and stood there with me, gently wrapping one hand around my cock, holding the shaft firmly. Her hand started moving, pumping me slowly. ?I like it,? her voice was very soft and quiet and she looked into my face. ?Is this the right way?? she asked. ?Show me how you like it best.? I let my pants slide down and took her free hand and cupped it under my balls. ?They?re so warm,? she began caressing the sac as she pumped. ?This feels really sexy,? she whispered and when I looked at her she closed her eyes and leaned forward. Our mouths met and Cathy opened hers wider and her tongue was suddenly all around the inside of my mouth. She groaned and took her hand from my balls and put her arm around my neck and just moved tight against me. We tongue-kissed like that until we were both breathing hard and when we paused for a breath Cathy unbuttoned my shirt and took off her halter, pressing her tits against my bare chest as she kept stroking me. ?I love the way my tits feel,? she was whispering in a husky voice. She reached down and unbuttoned her cutoffs. ?You can go inside,? she whispered and went back to French kissing me.

My hands went inside her shorts and filled with those luscious, plump asscheeks, squeezing them and working over their soft smooth skin. Her tiny panties were so tight it was hard to get my hands between her thighs and Cathy slid her tongue from my mouth and whispered ?Suck on me?? she leaned back to give me room to lean over and begin sucking her tits. The hard nipples got sucked and flicked with my tongue and Cathy groaned, holding my head. ?Yesss,? she was moaning, ?suck them so good. Damn that is so good.? But doing it meant she couldn?t grip my cock. I was still feeling her ass and thighs, sucking deep on her tits and Cathy lifted my head. ?Do you wanna do more??

In my bedroom Cathy just stripped and jumped into the bed ? like she owned it. The moment I joined her she had her tongue back in my mouth and her hand back on my cock. But this time Cathy spread her legs ? and I mean spread them wide?knees bent in opposite directions. Her pussy had a dense patch of dark brown hair covering it and as I finger fucked her, she was gently rolling her hips and her tits wobbled on her chest. Cathy?s clit was swollen tremendously and the instant my thumb touched it she began climaxing. She sobbed and groaned and whimpered until I figured she wanted me to withdraw but when I tried she snapped, NO!?

I left my finger up in her ? she was definitely not virginal ? and the girl kept rotating her hips laying there just enjoying the feeling. Pussy juice was flowing so heavily the underside of her ass was slick and sticky and Cathy finally squeezed my dick and whispered in a raspy voice, ?Do you wanna put it in me?? I kissed her and knelt between those open thighs, our eyes locked on each other. ?You like it?? she asked?and I looked at that pussy, opened wide, the lips swollen and clit erect. ?I like it lot,? I assured her. She reached down and gripped my cock, pushing the head into her hole. When I pushed in, Cathy stiffened and closed her eyes tight, mouth open. ?Oooohhhh,? she let out a long breath. ?Put it all the way,? she was gritting her teeth. I grasped her small waist and worked the cock up into her in small thrusts. Finally I could go further, was fit tight against her, and I laid on top of her as easily as I could. ?I want to fuck you,? I said into her face. Cathy nodded, wide-eyed. ?I want it,? she whimpered back. So I started off slow, in and out. She was so wet it was easy to pick up speed, to start to almost glide in and out. Cathy had her arms draped over my shoulders and her belly jutted up at me, hips rotating, ass churning in the bed.

?You want me shooting in you?? I asked, gritting my teeth. Cathy looked up at me with those big eyes and nodded silently, her face tense and concentrated on the feeling of being deep-fucked. Those smooth, firm swimmer?s thighs came up and held me between them and my balls were sticky from her juices. ?Do?I?feel?good?? she was panting the words. I assured her she did. ?I?want?your?cum,? she hissed. The bed creaked and rocked and I reached down to grip those soft asscheeks firmly. ?Unh?unh?unh?? Cathy grunted in rhythm to my thrusting. ?I?m gonna cum,? I grunted, the sensation catching me off-guard. Cathy squeezed her eyes shut and sighed, ?Give it to me?? and the semen just blew out of my cock. I could feel each pulse of sperm into that heaving, furry fuckhole. I couldn?t stop?I was jetting ropes of sperm, almost a steady string until our fuck movement became squishy. That?s when we just collapsed together in the bed, sweaty, breathing hard and felt the semen running from her sloppy hole down into her asscrack. I was addicted to this girl.

Every day Cathy came over we?d close the front door, run upstairs and undress and begin fucking. I once figured I was pumping three to four loads a day into Cathy?s pussy ? deep in her. Once in awhile she?d suck my cock, waiting to the last moment before taking her mouth away and kneeling under the cockhead so the semen would spurt right on her tongue. But what we both liked most was fucking. I think we fucked in every position and Cathy never waivered from taking me deep when I shot my load.

Even during the school year Cathy would stop at the house when we arranged the time ? usually twice a week. On Halloween night I got out of the house and drove to the 7-11 a few blocks away where Cathy waited in the shadows. She slid into the car and we drove to a tree filled spot a block away and parked?you had to almost stand beside the car to see it. After we had French-kissed and Cathy opened her top for me to feel her tits, she kissed my ear and whispered, ?I?m pregnant.?
I was stunned ? for a second anyway. I had this notion in the back of my head it would probably happen. We?re talking about The Seed Blaster now, right?

?I?m gonna have a baby,? Cathy said, putting my hand on her belly. ?I got a home test kit and it was positive so I went to the clinic and it got confirmed.? She had to stop a moment as I was getting her pants down and she was opening her thighs as wide as she could. ?The doctor said about three months,? her voice was excited and even whispering she could hardly control herself. I was between her legs and Cathy fit my cock up in her. It fit perfectly, sliding in deep right away. She started fucking on my dick immediately, urgently. ?Mmmmm,? she was moaning, eyes closed, ?it feels so good.? Her hands went through my hair and she looked up at me in the darkness. ?Fuck me, daddy,? she hissed, ?fuck me with your baby in my belly.? All I was thinking was about another baby made. I was quite proud although m success would require another move to prevent personal injury. I grunted and sent another load of semen into the girl?s already knocked up belly.

Cathy didn?t begin to really show until early in her fifth month. Nobody else knew yet and it was a turnon to feel the gentle bulge beginning to show and have Cathy jerk me off and splatter a load over her stomach. Her tits grew faster than her belly, getting to a full C cup almost overnight and the nipples got bigger and darker. I?m not sure what happened when she finally told her parents she was pregnant but she held off until late in her sixth month. That was good since it gave me time to figure a way to move quickly and far. I saw Cathy the evening before I left ? she sneaked out and we met at a very private spot ? she wore a maternity top, her belly so swollen and heavy I figured se was carrying twins. Her tits were D cups at the time and she noisily sucked my dick and took a big load of semen, actually making bubbles with the syrupy sperm for me before eating it all.

I was gone the next day?not even my live-in friend knew where I had gone although some close contacts in the area later left me a message that Cathy delivered healthy twin boys in early April ? time enough to et in decent shape for summer at the pool and plenty of time to get fitted for a cap and gown ? but not that year. Whatever she told her parents, I wasn?t sought out. I found myself sitting in a mall watching females stroll past and wondering if I?d get another shot ? literally ? ay Cath?s egg again. That?s about when I spied my next potential little mother ? but that?s another Seedblaster tale.

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