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Such an Easy Fuck

Jul 25, 2005

By peritus

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My wife Jen has never cheated on me, but we have an active fantasy life. I like it when she tells me about the guys who fucked her before we got married. She's a really sweet girl, but in all honesty she was a big time slut in her late teens and early twenties. She fucked just about anyone. She says she's not real proud of how she was, but she knows it excites me so she tells me the stories. I even think she gets excited when she tells me.

One of my favorite stories is how she fucked Steve, her boss. I'm pretty sure her story is true. I know that how I reacted to her story is true. Jen was Steve's secretary for a while. He was a real jerk, and humiliated her at the office. At the same time, Jen was attracted to Steve. She told me she couldn't help it. She both hated the way he humiliated her, and was turned on by it.

Jen often wore short skirts, with garters and stockings underneath. Jen liked to wear sexy lingerie because it made her feel sexy. One evening, towards the end of the day, Jen and Steve were working fast to get a letter out. Jen was wearing a loose sweater over a yellow turtle neck. She had on a short wool skirt. Underneath she had on a bra, panties, garter, and black stockings. She wore 2 inch heels. Steve was at Jen's desk, reading the document over her shoulder, and chastising her for errors. She hated Steve's arrogance and rudeness. She decided to turn the tables on him. As Jen swirled in her chair, between the computer and the printer, she purposely opened her legs a bit, and allowed her short wool skirt to creep up her thighs. This made the tops of her stockings just visible below her skirt. As she worked, with Steve behind her, she let her skirt ride higher and higher up her thighs. Every now and then, a glimpse of her garter strap would be visible. Jen pretended like she didn't know what was happening. But she could tell that Steve noticed.

During Jen's performance, Steve spoke less and less. Jen could feel that he was looking at her legs and stocking tops. After a few minutes, Steve went back to his office. As Steve walked by, Jen couldn't help but steal a glance at Steve's crotch. He had a huge hard on. Jen decided to take the tease a bit farther. She went into the bathroom and took off her sweater and turtleneck. Then she took off her bra. She put the turtle neck back on, but left the sweater off. She looked at herself in the mirror. The turtleneck was molded to her small tits. Also, her nipples were visible through the thin material. She was getting turned on by this game. This made her nipples even harder, and more visible through the thin material. Seeing his big hard-on also turned her on.

She went back to her desk. Steve came out of his office, and she said something about taking off the sweater because it was hot. Jen caught Steve looking at her tits. She knew he was looking at her hard nipples. She stoled another glance at his crotch - - his hard-on appeared to be bigger. She was getting so turned on. She knew that her panties were getting soaked. They managed to finish the letter. Steve then said, "Jen, listen, sorry I was so rough on you. Listen, let me make it up to you, how about I buy you a drink?" Jen had a date with David, her boyfriend, that night, . She called him up and canceled, saying she had to work late. Then she went with Steve to a bar.

"What happened at the bar?," I asked. I was sucking on her tits, and teasing her clit with my hand. "We had a few drinks. We sat at the bar." Jen smiled. "He got a good look at my stocking tops when I got on the stool." "Then what happened?" "He asked me up to his apartment." "Did you agree to go?" "Yes." I was surprised, but incredibly excited. "This was your boss - - a real jerk. And you knew that he wanted to fuck you, right? And you went anyway?" My voice was hoarse, I was so excited. I moved down between her legs, and started to eat her out. She arched her body, pushing her pussy into my face, and stretched her arms above her head. She was enjoying my tongue. "I knew what he wanted."

I couldn't believe it. My wife just told me that on her first date with her boss, she agreed to go up to his apartment. But I shouldn't have been surprised. Almost every guy she ever went out with got into her panties on the first date. Including me. (On our first real date, she came up to my apartment after dinner. She was easy. The first time I came was in her pussy. A while later, I was fucking her again. After a while, I pulled out. I strattled her tits and feed her my cock. She took it, and I came in her mouth. But I couldn't make her cum from my dick, and I never have. She likes it better when I eat her out. The only time she has cum while we've been fucking is when she's played with herself at the same time. She's never said it, but I think it's because my cock is only 4 1/2 inches when hard, and not that thick.)

"Then what happened?" "He started kissing me." "Was he a good kisser?" "He was rough. It's like he forced his tongue down by throat. But he had good hands." "Where were his hands?" "At first they were around me," she said between breaths. "He was stroking my back. I remember, it felt good. Then he moved his hands to my sides, and he started stroking the sides of my breasts." "And you let him feel you up?" "Yeah, it felt good," she admitted. "So I let him play a little." "You liked him playing with your tits?" Jen knew I loved talking about her past lovers, and knew that I wanted to hear the truth, not made up stuff. Fortunately for me, she had an exciting past so never had to make up stuff. "Yeah, yeah, his hands felt good on my tits." "Then what?" "He took one of his hands, and he cupped one of my tits. He started playing with my nipple, rolling it between his fingers." "And it felt good, didn't it? Did you know then that you were going to let him fuck you?" "No - I stopped him when he started pulling my shirt from my skirt." "So he stopped?" "No. He just kept kissing me. I started pushing him off but then he pushed his hand inside my shirt and started playing with my nipples. He pulled my shirt up and started sucking on them."

Jen has incredibly sensitive nipples, so it didn't surprise me when she said, "It felt so good. I guess I stopped trying to stop him." "Then what happened?" "He pushed me back into the couch. He was rough. He got between my legs. He took his hands and pushed my skirt up. It happened so fast." "He stuck a finger into my pussy. Then he started rubbing my clit with his thumb. I remember - he was rough. He just pushed my panties aside." "You liked it rough, didn't you?" Jen didn't respond. She didn't have to. She has a rape fantasy. Not that this was anything close to rape, but I knew she liked it rough. She liked the guy taking control. She kept telling her story. "He must have used his other hand to do his zipper, because before I knew it I could feel his cock at my pussy." "Did he stick it in, did he?" "Yeah, yeah."

Her voice was hoarse as I worked my tongue on her clit. "Yeah, right there, faster, yeah, yeah, he stuck it in, he stuck it in, oh yeah."

Jen's eyes were closed, and my tongue was moving fast over her clit. She was fantasizing to the memory of fucking Steve. I knew she was loving my tongue, but I couldn't resist. I moved up from her pussy, and stuck my dick into her. She softly sighed - I knew she was disappointed that my dick had replaced my tongue. She immediately squeezed her hand between her body and mine, and started playing with herself as I fucked her.

"Was his, was his cock big? Tell me." "Yeah, it was big. And thick." "Was he bigger than David?" "Oh, god, yes!" I knew that David had a tiny dick. "Was he bigger than me?" I knew what the answer would be, but it excited me to hear her say it, and she knew that. "Yeah - - yeah, Steve was bigger. And he was good! Oh, god, he was good! He knew how to use that big cock!" "Did you cum, did you cum from his big cock?" "Oh yeah, oh yeah, his big cock, I came, he made me come with his big cock, it was so good!!" It hurt a little to hear Jen say that, as she moved her fingers over her clit while I fucked her, knowing that I couldn't get her off with my cock, but it excited me, too. "Did he cum?" "God yes! He had a huge amount of cum! I thought it would never stop!" "Then what - then what? Did you spend the night?" "No, he said I couldn't - - but I gave him a blow job before I left. I got dressed and then he started kissing me again. Then he pushed me down to me knees. I knew what he wanted, so I just did it."

That was too much for me. I closed my eyes. I fucked my wife to the image of Steve, dressed except for his pants down around his ankles, on top of Jen on a couch, with her long blond hair disheveled and flared on the couch, her shirt up over her braless tits, her hands on his chest, her skirt hiked up around her waist, her stockinged legs spread, her heels in the air. I saw his hands on her legs, feeling the softness of her stockings and the lace of the stocking tops and garters. I imagined his big cock stretching her pussy. I imagined Jen pushing her ass forward to meet each thrust. I imagined her eyes tightly closed, getting closer and closer to the edge as his big thick cock rammed into her pussy. I imagined his cock shooting his cum into her pussy. I imagined her body shuttering as she had a huge orgasm. I imagined him pushing my future bride to her knees and fucking her face with his cock. I imagined him looking down at his scretary between him legs, with his cock in her mouth, smirking at her tiny tits, at the runs in her stockings, and I imagined him arrogantly congratulating himself, thinking that he now owned her in bed just as he owned her at the office, thinking of how easy she had been, thinking that all it takes is one drink at the bar and she lets him fuck her, and she blows him and swallows his cum, just a few hours after humiliating the hell out of her.

And I kiss her hard on the mouth and pretend that I can taste Steve's cum, and I have a great orgasm. But she didn't cum yet. My dick started to get soft and even though I tried to stay in, it slipped out. Somehow, that interrupted her playing with herself, and she stopped. I knew she had not cum. I could have moved my hand to her pussy, or went back down on her. I could have made her cum. But for some reason, I didn't want to. It felt so good, in a weird way, to leave her unsatisfied - - knowing that she would have cum from Steve's dick, but she couldn't cum from mine. I turned over in the bed and pretended to go to sleep. But I knew what would happen, because it had happened before. After Jen thought I was asleep, she'd get out her big 8 inch dildo and fuck herself to an orgasm. I knew tonight she would fantasize about fucking Steve.

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