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Wife's Uncontrolled Urges

Jun 19, 2003

By aryshi

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Wife's Uncontrolled Urges
(m/f, i/r, cons)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note: The story below is a story in itself. However, it is also a
direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: Captive Wife II
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It had been two months since Karen had made that desperate search to
find her daughter, only to have missed her daughter's phone call by a
couple of hours. It had been a devastating trip, one that she had not
told her husband about so as not to worry him while he was out of town
on a business trip of his own. Her innocence in the big city had led
her into the wily snares of the lusting apartment manager, whom she
thought was helping to locate her daughter.

At the age of 37, Karen Atkinson had always been a model wife and
mother, madly in love with her husband Bill since meeting him nearly
twenty years ago. Still doing modeling jobs, with long silky blonde
hair, Karen maintained her perfect figure of 35-23-35 and had men's
heads turning wherever she went.

'Why did I ever make that trip alone? Why didn't I tell Bill of my
concern about our daughter and have him cut his business trip short?
Why did I lie about where I was and what I was doing? One lie led to
another and now I can never let on as to the despicable things that
happened to me!' Karen pondered. 'How can I tell Bill that I was
brutally violated by that evil man? That his pure and pristine wife has
now been soiled by another man's scum? That before it was all over, his
loving wife was begging to fucked senseless?' she wondered.

Having suffered through the long ordeal, the worry that she had been
impregnated by the evil man, Karen could now breathe a sigh of relief.
Throughout the entire time, she had blocked out the horrible events of
that dreadful trip. Now that the danger was over, Karen allowed bits of
that horrid week re-enter her mind, that of how she had responded to the
unwanted lovemaking and how she had even begged him for more.

What bothered Karen most was the wicked feeling derived from touching
herself, remembering that wild wicked thrill of satisfying another man
while being forced to talk to her husband on the phone at the same
time. When she had been forced to perform those filthy depraved acts,
Karen was abhorred by it all. But now, the wickedness of it all had her
getting all slick and wet between her legs, unable to stem the flow of
her love juices. It now seemed that she get her mind off such wicked
acts, craving for the wicked thrills that she derived from it.

Caressing her breasts, fingering her sensitive clit, Karen shuddered in
a climax as she recalled the time she told her husband that she loved
him over the phone. A time when her mouth was filled with another man's
cum. This seemed to always bring her over the top. Besides this
memory, another wicked one was the recall of fucking herself up on down
her violator's cock as she talked to Bill over the phone and not let on
to her husband that another man was squirting his hot load in her twat
at the very moment.

Lovemaking with Bill had always been quite enjoyable and satisfying,
giving Karen exciting climaxes. However, the climaxes she had exploded
to during that week of captivity far surpassed anything that she had
ever experienced before. Karen could only wonder if she would ever
experience anything like it again. She chided herself whenever the
thought crept into her mind of having sex with another man. Not any man
but a big muscular black man to be exact, one who not take no for an

For the next three weeks, Karen managed to stem the constant tide of
juices flooding her horny twat, rubbing herself till she found some
relief. On this Friday night, Karen was to accompany Bill to a company
party at an exclusive resort that had been reserved for the special
occasion. It wasn't to be a real formal occasion, allowing everyone to
relax and enjoy the occasion, but one where the women would be wearing
dress and heels. For the evening, Karen selected a nice light orange
dress and 3" white heels.

As Bill made the slowly pulled up the oval driveway to the entrance, the
car came to a stop where the valets awaited. As the door opened on the
passenger side, she turned to step out of the car. There before her was
a large ebony hand extended to assist her. Swallowing in nervousness,
she placed her petite hand into the large masculine one that closed
around hers. Now out of the car, it seemed that his widely grinning
valet was holding onto her hand far longer than necessary, actually
caressing her hand.

At the age of 50, Willie Norton was still trying to make ends meet,
working in a factory during the day and as a valet at nights. When the
bronze Lincoln town-car pulled up before him, Willie couldn't take his
eyes of the gorgeous blonde beauty that occupied the front passenger
seat. His cock twitched as he held her soft beautifully manicured hand
in his and noticed the shiver that coursed through her body. That look
in her eyes had been one he'd seen before, the look when a beautiful
white bitch was in desperate need of a big black cock.

It was a very nice dinner followed with dancing for those who wished to
do so. Of course, after awhile, the men seemed to gather into small
groups chatting about business. Meanwhile, the women made small talk
about inconsequential things. Bored, Karen made the excuse of needing
to go to the ladies room. Instead, she used the opportunity to get
outside and take a stroll around the fabulous grounds.

As if drawn by a magnet, Karen found herself nearing the front entrance
where she had gotten out of her car. She was hesitant, nervous as she
saw a couple of the valets milling about as all the guests were inside
the reception area. Then she scolded herself, asking 'What in the world
are you doing here? Go back into the reception hall!' Whirling about,
determined to head back to join her husband, she gasped loudly as she
was looking right into the muscular chest of the valet who had opened
the car door for her.

"Can I help you, ma'am?" Willie Norton asked with a wide grin on his
face. He had gone for a drink of water and was about to rejoin his
cohorts out in the front when he had spotted the beauty slowly walking
along the path. He knew what she was in need of from the very moment he
had seen her, convinced of it once he held her jittery hand as he
assisted her out of the car. Willie certainly aimed to see that this
lovely beauty got what she needed and he had the right equipment, which
was rising to the occasion at that very second.

Speechless for a few seconds, Karen then stammered "I ?????I ????was
hoping to get something in my car! But ???.but ?????..I don't want to
trouble you! I ????I can do without it!" Panting in nervousness, Karen
quivered with the muscular valet being so near to her. But a moment
later, after hearing him respond "No problem, ma'am! Let me escort you
to your car!" Karen found her hand was in his as he led her along the

In the dimly lit parking lot, Karen's heart pounded as she found herself
alone with this self-assured man. She felt so weak in the grip of this
strong and confident man, feeling that he had seen right through her and
knew of what she needed most. At that thought, Karen clenched her
thighs tightly together but was unable to stop the flow of juices from
escaping to saturate the crotch of her panties.

With the parking lot secured, keys were left in the car and doors
remained open. As Willie led the sexy beauty between the cars, he asked
"Is what you need in the backseat, ma'am?" He heard her stammer in
response "Y ???..yes ????yes ???..I need to get my sweater in the
backseat!" With it being a rather cool night, Willie knew it was not
the sweater that she really needed to warm her up and he intended on
getting her really hot.

As the back door of the car was opened, Karen stepped towards the
opening when she was pulled by the hand and found herself immediately
against the muscular valet. Seconds later, wide thick lips were
covering hers as the man's thick tongue was delving between her lipstick
coated ones. With the thick tongue exploring her mouth, Karen responded
by flicking her pointed tongue up against it.

A moment later, the sweater that Karen had mentioned served as a pillow
under her head as she lay stretched out upon the back seat of her
husband car. Large callused hands were caressing her calves, knees,
then were pushing her dress up to touch her soft thighs. The hands
slowly retreated back down her legs, causing her to shiver as her juices
oozed from her slit. One heel was slowly removed and thrown to the
floor of the car, then the other followed.

Karen shivered as she realized that this man obviously had a foot fetish
from the way he was licking her soles and now sucking at her toes. It
gave her a wicked thrill, now pushing her petite feet into his man's
face, feeding onto his fetish. Then she heard the distinct sound of a
zipper being undone. Seconds later, her feet were being drawn down and
she sucked in her breath as it now felt like a large log between the
soles of her feet as the valet began to fuck between them.

Willie was beside himself, his cock beginning to leak out in excitement,
greasing the beauty's sexy feet as he fucked between them. He knew he
had to take a break or he'd be starching that beautiful dress of hers
and he did not want his hot spunk to go to waste, though the thought of
sending her back to the party in such a condition was one to consider.

Reaching up, sliding his hands along her soft creamy outer thighs, he
grasped the waistband of her panties and slowly began to pull them
down. Willie smiled as the pair of peach panties appeared and he
proceeded in stripping it off the sexy beauty. Then he spread her legs
slowly and began licking his way up to her golden treasure, stripping
off his shirt in the process. As his nose was tickled by the soft
golden curls, Willie felt the beauty shiver as he gave her a swipe along
her loveslit with his hot wet tongue.

"Ahhhhhhh ?????..ahhhhhhh ????ohhhhhhhhhh ???ohhhhhhhhhhh!" Karen cooed
as the thick tongue delved between her tender lips. "Ohhhhh, Goddddd
??????ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she whined loudly as the probing tongue flicked
upon her sensitive clit. "Aahhhhhhhhh???????yesssss
?????..yesssssssss!" she cried out as the teasing tongue burrowed its
way up into her now creaming slit, driving her nearly out of her mind.
"Arrghhhhhhhhhhh ???????ahhhhhhhhhh!" Karen moaned loudly, arching her
convulsing body up into the face of the man slurping up her juices.

Leaning up, Willie licked and smacked at his slick lips, loving the
taste of this beauty's sweet honey. Eagerly, pushing his pants and
jockeys down to his ankles, Willie then shuffled up between the creamy
white legs as he shucked at this throbbing cock. With the beauty all
wet and juicy, no further preliminaries were needed as he ached to sink
his cock into the beautiful white bitch.

Placing his blunt cockhead at the entrance to her oozing slit, Willie
let go of his thick cock and grasped her the top of her trim hips.
Rearing his hips back a bit, keeping his cockhead nuzzled at the edge of
her slick slit, Willie then slammed forward with all of his might.
"Ahhhhh ????babyyyyy ????so fuck'n tight!" he groaned as the tight grip
on his cock caused him to shudder. He gritted his teeth and smiled as
his brutal lunge elicited a loud scream from the petite blonde beauty.

"Awwwwww ???????.awwwwwwwwwww! Ohhhhh ??????.it hurtsssssss
??????ohhhhhhhhhh, so biggggggggggg!" Karen moaned. It hurt but this
was exactly what Karen had been craving for, wanting to feel a big black
cock fucking up her horny twat again. This big cock within her brought
back the memories of that trip she had taken to find her daughter, when
she had by violated by the apartment manager. "Yes ??????oh, God
??????.yesssssssss! Fuck me ????..fuck me ?????.fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!"
she begged.

Willie heard the beauty's pleas to be fucked and he certainly aimed to
please, slamming his muscular frame into her time and time again. As he
felt her soft smooth legs wrap around his waist to pull him back into
her, Willie couldn't help but wonder 'Damn, this little bitch is hotter
than a firecracker! As soon as I opened her door and saw the bitch, I
knew she was hot and horny for some big black meat!' he told himself.
"Aw, baby ????..so tight! So fuck'n tighttttttttttt! Ahhhh,
yeahhhhhh!" he groaned as he slammed in and out of her tight juicy twat.

"So good ?????so good ?????.ohhhhh, so gooddddddddddd! Oh, God ??..oh,
God ???????yes ?????..yes ????.fuck meeeeeeeeee! Ahhh, God ???????..I'm
cummingggggggg! Cum with me ?????shoot your hot cum in
meeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Karen pleaded as her body shook and rocked in the
mind-shattering orgasm that she had desperately sought. An orgasm like
that only achieved on that fateful trip Karen had taken the other month.

Willing to please this hot little white bitch in any way she pleased,
Willie certainly was only to happy to pump her full of his hot potent
seed. He was not about to pull out anyway, not at this point in time
even if she had second thoughts about taking his seed in her. "Ahhhhhhh
??????.yeah, baby ??????gonna cum ????.gonna cummmmmm! Oh,
yeahhhhhhhhhhhh ????????.take it all, bitchhhhhhh!" he yelled as he
slammed deep into her mound as his cockhead exploded his spouting seed
deep into her womb.

After sharing a deep passionate kiss with the muscular valet, Karen
shuddered in a moan as his long thick cock slipped out of her widened
cuntlips. "Oh, I must get back to the reception before I'm missed!
Please, can you show me the way back?" Karen asked her lover as she sat
up and reached for her panties. Seeing a blob of their love juices on
the leather seat, Karen used the crotch of her panties to wipe up the
evidence before slipping her feet into the garment. After putting on
her white heels, she placed her hand into the helpful valet's as he
assisted her up from the car.

As they neared the reception hall, Karen wished that she didn't have to
go back in, wanting more of the hard cock that she was once again
caressing through the valet's trousers. Leaning to one side, Karen
could make out her husband still talking to a group of men where she had
last seen him. Leaning up, she gave a kiss to her escort as she felt
his cock growing from her touch. "Let me thank you properly for
escorting me back!" she whispered to him.

In the darkness of the night, hidden behind some shrubbery, Karen got
down onto her knees as she unzipped the man's trousers. Reaching in,
she fished out the growing cock that had given her so much pleasure
earlier. It was her turn to give him pleasure with her mouth as she
opened her lips wide to engulf the thick cockhead. "Ohhhhh, babyyyy!"
she heard him groan from above as she began to devour this meaty cock.

"Ohhhh, baby! Ahhhh, yeah ?????..ohhhhhh, suck it!" Willie moaned.
This was the most exquisite cocksucking he'd ever experienced. Never
had he expected this innocent looking bitch to give him this kind of
blowjob. "Ahhh, baby ????.yer the fuck'n best ??????best I've ever
had! Gonna cum ?????.oh, God ???eat it ??????eat it all! Yeah, that's
it ????.suck it up ???..ohhh, so fuck'n good!" he moaned as she sucked
his juicy bone dry.

Moments later, Karen sipped on a glass of champagne to disguise the
smell and taste of male spunk in her mouth. Moving to where her husband
stood with the group of men, she slipped her hand into his and snuggled
up to him. Then she pulled at her husband's arm, telling him that she
was dying for a dance with him.

On the dance floor, Bill was surprised how his lovely wife molded her
sexy body up against his. And when she tilted her head to his for a
kiss, whispering "Ohhh, I love you, honey!" Bend down to kiss his wife
soft creamy lips, Bill was surprised as Karen's pointed tongue flicked
between his lips then dallied with his. Married for so many years and
his lovely wife was still so sexy and hot for him, Bill felt proud of
himself for being such a stud.

Bill teased her, saying "Oh, baby ????.when I get you home, I'm going to
strip your panties off and eat up alive!" Bill always teased her with
such lewd comments even though Karen had never allowed him to go down on
her, telling him it was such a 'filthy' thing to do. Her response took
him off guard and hard immediately when she said "Oh, honey
????.promises ????promises! You've got me so hot and bother that I'm
all wet already!"

Kissing his beautiful wife again, enjoying the feel of her creamy lips
and the tongue teasing, they moved together as one on the dance floor.
Bill enjoyed the sexy feel of his wife's lithe body rubbing up against
him as he let his right hand slip down a bit to cup her shapely ass
through her dress and panties. He wished they were now in the privacy
of their home, wanting to strip his sexy wife's dress off and then slow
peel off her silky panties. He would not have been so anxious if he
knew that at the very moment, his beautiful wife's panties were sopping
wet with another man's cum.

An hour later, with his arm around Karen's trim waist, Bill walked with
her along the pathway towards the front entrance. Handing the stub to a
parking attendant, they then awaited the arrival of the town car. As it
pulled up in front of them, Bill walked around the car towards the
driver's door to tip the young man while the elderly valet opened the
passenger door for Karen.

A moment later, with seatbelts strapped on, Bill anxiously began the
drive home with his beautiful and loving wife. A loving wife indeed as
Karen certainly had him fooled. A wife, who upon entering the car had
deliberately let her hand stray to caress the valet's bulging crotch
that contained the long thick cock that had given her so much pleasure
on the backseat of the car. And at that very instant, his wife was
opening her purse to slip in the note reading 'Call me anytime you need
some good o'l black meat! Willie (402) 554-2319!'

Back at home, standing in their bedroom, Bill embraced his sexy wife for
another passionate kiss. Turning her, he began to unzip the back of her
dress, then pushed it off her shoulders to let it fall onto the floor.
Undoing the clasp of her bra, it too soon fell to the floor as Bill
reached around to finger the budding pink nipples. Then his hands left
her breasts, traveling down her trim waist to the waistband of her peach

Moving over the top of her panties, Bill felt Karen's body shiver from
his touch as he neared her mound, then heard his wife shudder "Oh, Bill,
I'm so wet down there! You got me so excited dancing with you
earlier!" Indeed, he had gotten his lovely wife quite wet, feeling the
dampness having seeped through the crotch of her panties.

"Bill, nooo ???..no!" came his wife's pleas as he quickly slipped his
middle finger under the legband of her panties and into her mushy quim.
Then his finger sought her sensitive clit and began to finger fuck her
in earnest. Never before had he felt Karen so sopping wet, feeling so
proud of himself for getting her so turned on. But that wetness was
really a combination of her love juices along with the huge load of cum
deposited there by the black valet. A moment later, the drenched
panties were sliding down the sexy legs to puddle at her feet.

With Karen lying back upon the bed, Bill knelt between her legs and
began nuzzling at her inner thighs. Edging up a bit, licking and
leaving a wet trail, Bill expected his wife to grasp him by the hair and
pull him back as she always did when he got close to his goal. But
instead, his nose brushed up against her soft curls as he extended his
tongue out to lap as the leaking slit. He felt so proud of himself in
making his wife squirm and coo "Ohhhhh ?????.ohhhhhhhh, honeyyyyyy!
Ohhhhhhh ?????Godddddddd!"

Feelings his wife's fingers now grasping his hair as she arched her
mound up into his face, Bill feverishly tongued his squirming wife,
eating her as if it was his last meal. He could not believe how wet she
was, lapping up more and more of the honey oozing out of her slit. "Oh,
Godddd! Oh, God, Bill ????..eat me ????eat me! Oh, yes ???.suck it
????.eat me ?????ahhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssss!" he heard his wife
scream. As Karen arched up into his face, Bill rubbed his face into the
slick juices, slurping up all she had to offer.

As Karen settled back down onto the bed, Bill licked his lips and
shuffled up into position. Then he felt his wife's fingers upon his
cock, guiding him into position. Pushing forward, Bill felt his cock
being enveloped in her hot wet pit. It was not a very long fuck for him
once his wife's sexy legs were wrapped tightly around his waist and she
began humping back at him. In fact, it was the shortest fuck ever for
Bill, coming in his wife after just a bit more than a dozen strokes.

Lying back, Karen felt so wicked at what she had done. Not only had she
had sex with another man that night, she had the gall to literally rub
her husband's face in it, then to make love to Bill with her pussy still
filled with the valet's cum. With Bill cumming off so fast, Karen did
not reach another climax but it thrilled her to see how excited her
husband was with her soiled with another man's seed. Her husband
snoring at this point, she rubbed her clit as images of her backseat
tryst had her shivering in a much-needed orgasm.

Over the next three months, Karen managed to stifle that nagging itch
between her legs, resorting to the use of a vibrator that she had
ordered through a magazine. In two short weeks, after constant use,
Karen had to admit that it had more than paid for itself viewing the
number of she had put it to good use. To keep Bill from discovering her
secret, she kept it well hidden in a shoe box.

Karen knew that eventually she would need to get the sexual relief that
desperately craved for, thinking that she needed to find a way to get
the satisfaction without taking any more risk of discovery. Often, she
would look at the note that the valet had given her before she had
departed from the resort. She was tempted to call him many times but
always managed to quell the urge by immediately resorting to her trusty

Unknown to Karen was the fact that Willie Norton had constantly thought
of her also, always dreaming of that fantastic fuck in the backseat of
the car and the blowjob she had given him. She did not suspect that the
valet knew where she lived, that he had gone back to the car and written
down her name and address from the car registration. Nor would she ever
imagine that the muscular valet soon planned on paying her a visit.

With Bill being such an avid fan of pro football, equipped with a big
screen television set and surround sound, Karen knew that Bill and his
two friends would be in the entertainment room till all the games were
done. Bill and his friends took turns being host during the Sunday
games and this was Bill's turn. Karen didn't mind, especially since
Bill took care of all the food and beverages when his turn came, leaving
her to be free to do as she pleased.

With Bill and his friends cheering on their favorite team in the
entertainment room, Karen decided to do some gardening in the front
yard. Dressed in a pair of shorts and a blouse, she slipped on a pair
of tennis shoes. Going through the kitchen, she opened the garage door
as she was going out to the front yard from there after getting her
gardening tools on a nearby shelf.

Unknown to Karen, a pair of eyes observed her every moment from a car
parked across the street. Having driven out early that morning, Willie
Norton had sighed in disappointment when he observed two cars drive up
and park, seeing two men walk up to the front door and enter the home.
Seeing each guy carrying a six pack of beer, Willie correctly guessed
that they were going to be watching the football games on television.

Willie was just about to pack it all in and head on back home when the
garage door suddenly opened. Immediately his cock gave a twitch and
began to swell up in his pants as he spied upon the blonde beauty
standing in front of the town car that he had nailed her in. With her
husband and his two friends in the house, Willie knew he was certainly
flirting with danger if he approached the sexy wife at this time. But
he want not thinking straight at the moment, in fact he was using his
other head in making this decision.

Looking about for her pruning shears, Karen finally found it behind some
empty plastic pots. Reaching in and retrieving it, Karen then
straightened back up. Then a shivering fear coursed throughout her body
as she noticed a large shadow upon the wall, indicating that someone
else was in the garage with her. Whirling about, she was face to face
with large muscular valet, who's grinning black face told her what he
was there for when he said "Hi, Mrs. Atkinson! Remember me?"

Karen had certainly recognized the valet from the resort, the man who
had given her the best fucking in months. "How ?????how did you know
where I live? Please ????please ?????you must leave! My ????my husband
is home with some friends! It ????..its too dangerous here ???..we
???.we'll get caught!" she stammered.

Willie smiled at the trembling beauty, reaching out to take the pruning
shears from her hand and placing it back on to the shelf. Reaching up,
he then pressed the button on the wall behind the nervous wife. The
loud grinding of chains could then be heard as the garage door came down
to close shut, enclosing him alone with the sexy blonde beauty in the
dimly lit enclosure.

Reluctantly, Karen was being pulled by the hand along the side of the
garage, next to Bill's car. Then she was pulled up against the muscular
valet as he planted a deep passionate kiss upon her lips. She
desperately tried to show no emotion but as the thick tongue delved
between her lips, she could not resist flicking her pointed tongue up
against his, then her hands moved up to caress his muscular arms.

Without waiting to be told, Karen quickly began to unbutton her blouse
as she watched the muscular black chest being bared. One foot upon the
heel of the other shoe, Karen stepped out of her tennis shoes as she
began to undo the button of her shorts. A moment later, her lacy white
bra and panties lay upon the cold cement floor. Seeing the well filled
jockeys as the valet's pants fell to the floor, she knelt down to caress
the thick bulge that she knew would soon be giving her pleasure.

A moment later, lying back on the wide leather seat, Karen opened her
arms and legs wide to welcome the visitor to her home. This was exactly
what she had been dreaming about for the past few months. "Ohhhhh
????.Goddddddd ????..yessssssssss!" she moaned loudly as she was
penetrated without any preliminaries. "Ohhhhh, Godddddd ??????.so
goodddddd ???????.so bigggggggggggg! Ahhhhh ????.yes ???..fuck me
?????fuck me ????..fuck my brains out!" she chanted.

This was just what Willie had been dreaming over the past few months.
This was the hottest bitch he had ever come across and she was certainly
living up to his expectations. In and out, Willie hammered the sexy
beauty, loving the feel of he soft ivory white body up against his tough
ebony one. He gritted his teeth to stem the urge from cumming too soon
as the feel of her tight cunt gripping him was nearly too much. So
tight in fact that Willie realized that she must really tightened up
since he had reamed her out at the resort. "Oh, sweetie! Tell me what
you want, Mrs. Atkinson!" he goaded.

"Yes ????.oh, yesssss ?????screw me ????..fuck me hard! Ohhhhh, deeper
????deeper ?????..yes ?????oh, yessssssssss!" Karen pleaded, spurring
him with her heels to encourage him to slam himself harder into her.
Arching up, humping herself up to her thrusting lover, Karen shivered as
she was at the throes of a wild climax. "Ohhhh ????..ohhhhh ????.yes
????faster ????.ohhh, I'm going to cummmmm! Ohhhh ????.cum with me
??????shoot your hot seed in me!" she whined.

It was a wild simultaneous climax for the two lovers that rocked the
large car from side to side. Karen squeezed her arms and legs tightly
around her virile lover, moaning "Yessss ????.yessssss ???..I'm
cumminggggggggggg! Yes ????yes ????..fill me up ?????.fill me up with
your cum! Knock me up with a little black bastard! Ohhhhh
????.yesssssssssss ????ohhhhhh, its so hottttttttttt!"

An hour later, in the darkened garage, the two lovers had switched
positions on the backseat as Karen rode the thick sturdy cock that was
embedded up her horny twat. Nearing that goal of another much needed
orgasm, Karen was about to cum when suddenly there was light coming from
the just opened door connecting to the kitchen. Clutching the top of
the seats in desperation, Karen held herself still as her body

Fear set in as Karen saw her husband enter the garage and was thankful
that he had not bothered to turn on the garage light. There would
absolutely be no way that she could explain to her husband what she was
doing naked in the backseat of his car with a huge black dong stuffed up
her twat. Shuddering as she creamed onto the now spurting cock, Karen
watched as her husband opened the freezer door to get a bag of ice.

Heart pounding madly as she watched her husband disappear back into the
house, Karen had to admit that it was the most thrilling and wild fuck
that she had ever had. Not only had she been fucked out of her mind by
a big black cock, the fear and wicked thrill of nearly being caught by
her husband had her creaming as never before.

Late that afternoon, after Bill's friends had departed, Karen hugged her
husband and asked if he had an entertaining day. When Bill tried to
apologize for neglecting her, Karen shushed him, telling him that she
liked for him to have his friends over to watch the game and assured him
that she also had an entertaining day. Then Bill told her that when
time permitted they should escape for a weekend. Karen gave him a kiss
and suggested that they spend a weekend at the plush resort where the
company had the dinner several months ago.

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