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Bless You Dark Wanderer

Feb 12, 2006

By annastrangex

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As a 35 year old white man who dreams of being forced into a sex change at the hands of a gang of black studs and then forced to be a sex slave, porn actress and prostitute/whore for the rest of my life.

When I discovered your site, I praised God that there were people like you showing white women of the world their true calling from birth... to suck and or ride black cock until they fulfill their need to shoot their cum inside us. Your site brings me into such a horrible depression it tells me that it's perfect. White women should be knocking down your door to discover the glory of a black man filling them with their cock and their cum.

The stories suck me right in and make me wish I was those women. The videos show me nothing more than women who should end each video by dropping to their knees and thanking God they were born a woman so that they could feel a black man's semen being shot inside them.

I know this will probably be of no interest to you but perhaps you know someone who might want to read it. This is my secret fantasy I've shared with no one... not even my closest friends. Not even the girls who know that deep down I want to be transformed into a woman physically.

I'm sitting in my apartment when there's a knock on the door. I open to find three large black men standing there. They don't say a word as they walk into the room. They don't need to.... I know my place. Two of them sit on the couch while one stands directly in front of me. I slowly sink to my knees and unzip his pants to bring out his huge cock. I have never sucked a cock before in my life... I've never been with a man even to jack him off... but I'm about to begin to fulfill my destiny in life.

I pull down his underwear and I'm shocked at the size of his soft cock. I place my face against it and smell his scent... the scent of the black man that will be in my nose until the day I no longer breathe. I start to kiss his cock and it becomes hard quickly. I lick it... I open my mouth as he grabs my head and holds it steady. He guides his cock into my mouth and begins to slowly face fuck me while the other men begin to talk.

They're owners of a porn site and porn film production company. They have a contract for me to sign which says they will completely fund a total sex change for me in return for me spending five years as a "contract girl" performing in films and live in locations of their choosing. In addition, I will be taken to their offices where the next day I will be given the largest breast implants that can legally be given in the US... meaning I go from no breasts to DD cup breasts overnight. This way, they say, "there's no way you can ever go back to being a man."

As I'm sucking cock like the woman I am inside, I feel a jab in my ass. I didn't notice one of the men had moved behind me but he stuck a needle into my ass and injected me with something. I'm told that it's my first shot of estrogen and that I will get them daily for the next year to so I can develop the curves of a real woman.

By now the stud I'm sucking starts pumping into me faster and I realize he's about to cum. I taste his pre-cum and realize what's about to happen... I'm about to fill my destiny with the first load of black cum in my mouth. Then he fills my mouth with his warm cum. The other two guys cheer and one asks me if I'm sure that I want to become a woman and a whore at the beck and call of the men.

Cum running down from the corners of my mouth I smile and ask where I sign the contracts. I sign the deal and they tell me to strip naked and they wrap a trenchcoat around me. They make me leave all my idenfication and belongings behind as they put me in a car.

I'm taken to some city that I don't know because they blindfold me. As we travel, we stop at a run down motel where one of the guys takes me and takes my anal cherry while the other two go out. They come back with a women's razor and shaving cream, makeup and clothes. They tell me to go into the bathroom and I shave my body like a woman's. I come out and all three of them take a turn with me while they make phone calls setting up photo shoots and my surgery for the next day.

They take me to a doctor who owes them a favor and he gives me the breast implants and liposuctions to make my body look more feminine. Over the next year, I keep taking hormones which make me a woman while making dozens of hard core interracial porn and many extreme kink videos. The guys make a ton of money off me.

Then, I'm flown to Colorado where I have the full transformation completed. The day after the doctor says I'm cleared to have sex in my new pussy, I'm filming a video where I take black cock in all three holes like a real woman.

Of course, there's so much more to this story including tales of humilation where they make their new white slut do things like pee herself in public in front of their friends just to show they have total ownership and control of me. Black men will think of me as less than a human being... just some warm holes to shoot cum in. All women will think I'm a worthless piece of shit... but especially black women for taking their men.

Anyway, I know that it's all a hopeless dream and I'll probably end up killing myself sometime in the next few years because life is just meaningless if you're not a white woman impaled on black cock. But if you ever run into a porn producer that would want to experience the ultimate in power...taking a white man and forcing him to lose his manhood and then become nothing more than a cheap slut... pass along my e-mail address.


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