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My Wife, the Biker Chick

Feb 26, 2006

By Parrot101

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My Wife, the Biker Chick

My wife and I have been married for over twenty years now
and about 5 years ago we started to juice up our sex life by
talking about our fantasies. She had been married twice before
and I had been married once before, so we had some
experiences to share that also spiced things up. My wife?s best
fantasy involved her being shared amongst a group
of 4 or 5 bikers and becoming one of their women for a time.
I always got off on this one when she told it because it
involved her being gangbanged and seduced by other men, two
of my favorite fantasies.

Since my wife had become overweight over the years and had
raised two children who are now teenagers, I never thought
anything would come of that fantasy and left it at that. About
two years ago though, she began to change. She started a long
term diet that she really stuck to and lost 40 pounds. A new
sexiness seemed to come from her improved sense of self
esteem and her sex drive really picked up. I could hardly keep
up with her, even though I started exercising too and even
jogging and bike riding.

I am fifty five now and she is ten years younger, so I was
expecting the dam to break some evening when we partied
(something we also had not done during our child rearing years).
When she hit her first weight-loss target, we went dancing at a
bar and she got wasted. She told me that night that the fantasy
about the bikers wasn?t really a fantasy.

Just prior to her first marriage she had a fight with her fianc?
and went out drinking at a bar with a girlfriend. They were
approached by a group of bikers and were in a mood to accept
their invitation to go out riding with them. One thing led to
another when they started to drink and smoke a few joints, then
they were banging them like mad.

Her girlfriend pretended it never happened the next day, but
Debbie still had a fire burning in her loins that hadn?t been put
out. She rode with the gang for about three weeks, fucking and
sucking them all at every opportunity. She said she was so good
at it the two of the other "mamas" in the gang started to get
jealous and fights started to break out. She decided it was time,
so Debbie returned to her old boyfriend and finally married him.

He never knew anything about this and
just thought she disappeared for awhile and was avoiding him.
Now I knew that she had been reliving this in her mind every
time we had sex and I was frustrated that I couldn?t give her
the pleasure that she had obviously had then.

I knew that since the more recent biker gangs were mostly into
heavier drugs and were more violent, I didn?t want to
risk approaching any of them in their environment. I loved
Debbie and wanted her to be happy and sexually satisfied, but I
didn?t want her to be in any physical danger.

For the next year I put the fantasy aside until I met an old
bartender buddy, Arty, whom I had known at a topless bar during
my single days. I barely recognized him when I saw him at the
liquor store, but we talked briefly and he suggested that I come
have a drink at his latest establishment. Since it had been twenty
years, I didn?t think we would have much to talk about, but I
dropped by and discovered that his place catered to the biker

We talked about this and he said that this was one of the new
wave of biker bars. These guys and their women were all from
middle class homes and worked regular jobs during
the week. One group of five, who happened to be in the bar at
the time, were partying with four women. Arty said that the
requirement for the women to be initiated into the
group was that they had to be married, and not to anyone in the

They told Arty that this was because they liked to have
unprotected gang-bang style sex and wanted no jealousy or
fighting in the group. I told Arty that while four women was
probably enough for this group, I thought I might get them a
fifth. He said they were looking for another one to initiate, but
they had tried out a few disgruntled wives that wandered into the
bar and none of them had made it past the first step.

I was thinking that this was Debbie?s chance to rekindle her
old fantasy and I could get off on it too. I asked Arty if the
group were mean or violent in any way. He said they were some of
his best customers and except for making passes at many of the
unfortunate women who wandered in, they never gave him any
trouble and never showed any cruelty towards the women they
picked up.

I had Arty introduce me to the leader of the group, whose
nickname was Monk. I told him about my wife?s past history
and he started to grin. I could tell he was interested. He
said to bring her by some night and he would check her
out. If she met the standards they would give her a test
ride, as he called it.

I was almost shaking in anticipation when I walked out the
door. I told Monk that I wanted this to be a surprise,
so not to let on that I had talked to him beforehand.
I wanted to just stumble on this group in Arty's bar.
I had some planning to do, because I knew that these guys
wouldn?t wear condoms, and Debbie was still a fertile female
that was not on the pill (I had a vasectomy a few years back).
I waited until she had just finished her period to
take her to the place under the guise of getting back
together with Arty after twenty years. Arty played the
part to the hilt.

Deb had worn a very sexy black leather short skirt
and a white blouse tied in a knot at the waist with plenty
of cleavage showing. She was wearing a black lace pushup bra
with several buttons open on her blouse. Those 38DD?s were
just looking to jump out at someone.

I had told her that I had driven by once on the way home
to check out where this place was and I had seen a few Harley
hogs and choppers parked out front. I think that intrigued
her and was the reason for the sexy clothes. When we walked
in it wasn?t five minutes before the group in the corner
turned and began staring at us. When Monk turned and smiled
at us I knew he approved. This was going to be a night to

After we settled in at a table and had a couple of drinks, Debbie
mentioned the good looking guy in the corner with the biker group.
I could tell her juices were starting to flow. She said they
didn?t look quite like most biker gangs she had seen in the
past because there weren?t a lot of tattoos and long hair.
I said welcome to the new millennium and having to keep a job
to eat.

After Debbie made eye contact with Monk, it was only about
one more song before he came over and asked her to dance. She
stared and smiled over her shoulder as he dragged her off and
said ?Is this ok?? I pointed to the tent in my pants and
answered that question without speaking a word. Debbie danced
with every member of the group in the next two hours and downed
several drinks in the process. She was obviously hornier than
she had ever been in the last few years as she began gluing
herself to the guys and humping their thigh with hers.

When Debbie went to the bathroom Monk wandered over and I knew
what he wanted to talk about. He said they wanted to take her
to their ?clubhouse? for a trial initiation. He said I wasn?t
invited. I said could you take video so I could see it later?
He said they filmed all their bitches ?first times? and that I
would get a copy.

When Debbie came back she went over to Monk?s table and they
talked for awhile, she then came over to me and asked me if she
could go with them. I asked her if she was ready for the fucking
of her life, she smiled and said ?You bet!? I followed them out
the door and saw Debbie slide in behind Monk on his hog and ride
off with the others. She yelled back to me not to wait up. Yeah
right! Like I expected them back tonite instead of tomorrow.

Well Sunday about 10 am, Debbie rode up out
front behind Monk and got off the bike. She gave him the sexiest
French kiss with plenty of tongue and he stuck his hand up her
skirt as he did it. I hoped the neighbors weren?t looking out
the window! She approached me in the front walk and
slapped big kiss on me too. She smelled of come! I dragged her
in the house and we raced up the stairs to the bedroom.

I undid her blouse, but there was no bra! ?A souvenir
for Monk.? she said. After I sucked her nipples and licked them,
I stuck my hand under her skirt. No panties either! ?Another
souvenir!? she said. She was shaved! I fingered her cunt and my
finger went in easily! It was slippery with her juices and
obviously the sperm from the gang! She unzipped her skirt and
got on the bed, legs spread. ?Eat me baby!? she said. I dove
in, my hardened tongue almost as stiff as my cock.

I spent the next tent minutes and two orgasms worth swabbing down
her outer lips and inner fuck hole. She said they fucked her
again this morning so I would have some cum to taste. She
straddled my head and put her cunt right over my mouth.
As she contracted her vagina, several wads of the white, sticky
stiff plopped into my waiting mouth. I was in cuckold heaven!
She then gave me some of the best cock sucking I had ever had.

She must have learned a few things this weekend too, like
how to swallow a dick! I didn?t want to spew my load in her mouth
this time so I flipped her on her back quickly, so I could plumb
the depths of my new slut wife. I slipped in the slippery tunnel
and began to realize that these guys must have been hung. She
was quite loose. The thought of my lovely wife servicing those
bikers with her mouth and cunt (and probably her ass), had me
coming in no time.

Afterwards we talked and she told me that she would tell me all
about the last 24 hours as we viewed the tape. Unfortunately I
would have to wait until Tuesday to get a copy from Monk at the
biker bar. He wanted to talk to me anyway, she said. We spent
the rest of the day in the sack and had our two teenagers
wondering what had happened to mom and dad.

Tuesday seemed to never come but finally did. I had Arty pour
me a draft beer and waited for Monk and the group to show. Only
Monk showed a bit later and I wondered what was wrong. He
reached in his jacket and pulled out the tape as he approached

?Your old lady is the sexiest bitch I have ever had!? he said.
He handed me the tape and said that it was going to be hotter
than most any porno film I had ever seen. My dick twitched at
the thought. He had Arty get him a beer and sat on the bar stool
next to me.

He looked me straight in the eye and asked me if it would be ok
if Debbie rode with the group. I said ?how often?? (thinking of
her wifely and motherly duties.) ?Oh about every two or three
Saturdays,? Monk replied. I said that would be ok as long as
she wasn?t out all night every time. Monk told me that the rest
of the gang were almost all family men too, and this was their
secret life, so they were in somewhat the same boat as

They usually partied Saturday afternoons and wound it up by 10 to
12 pm at the latest. I said it sounded ok to me, I just wanted
Debbie to be ok with it. He then started to compliment me on
her sexual talents. He said while many had written about it,
he had never met a girl that could deep throat his 9 inch fat
cock without gagging, until Debbie, that is. I hadn?t had a
sword swallowing episode from Debs in many years myself, so I
figured she must have really had her motor running last Saturday

He also complimented me and said he enjoyed her ability to
relax and lubricate her pussy while they were fucking and had
taken his whole 9 inches to the absolute hilt. He said his dick
was in heaven the whole time they fucked. I could now hardly
wait to get home and view the tape. He said not to worry, that
he would protect her on future trips when they rode and not
let any other bikers outside of the gang have her unless she
was really ok with it.

I had accepted my role now as her come sucking cuckold husband
and was really loving it. My occasional lack of erections in
the past due to a medical condition I had were going to be
fewer because of my reborn slut of a wife. I could feel
one coming on now as Monk seemed to smirk at me. So we parted
with a beer toast and I rushed home to prepare for
our VCR porno entertainment for the evening.

When Debbie came home she saw the wine on the table and the
tape case sitting by the TV. She took the wine glass I filled
for her and toasted to our new sex life. We sat next to each
other on the couch and I stroked her bare leg all the way under
her skirt to her thighs as the first scene came into view.
My hand reached her pussy lips as I saw her on the screen dirty
dancing with Monk.

One of the other guys came up behind her and they sandwiched her
as they all ground together. My fingers touched a bare pair of
vaginal lips just as Debbie unzipped Monks pants onscreen. Her
juices were flowing like a river. She looked glazed and wanton
in the scene as her lips pursed out and wrapped around the head
of Monks? fat 9 incher. Debbie told me the day before that she
had measured it that night. In fact she had measured all the
guys just to confirm Monk?s statement that all gang members had 8
inches or more to get into the group.

The camera zoomed back out and another cock came into view. It
was even longer than Monk?s, but a bit thinner. Debbie said,
?That?s Kenny?s dick. It felt great in my asshole later.?
Debbie was then alternately licking and sucking each one of them
as two of the other three guys and three girls looked on. Vicky,
Kenny?s ?hot mama?, had to go home because of a family emergency
with one of her kids. I assumed that the third guy was perating
the camera. He kept it rolling through both of their orgasms and
the cum show Debbie was giving with her tongue.

The camera panned over to Monk, sitting in a chair and stroking
his dick, getting it warmed up. The next scene was a different
guy, the cameraman I assumed, getting his suckjob and some
deep throating from Debbie. I was fully erect now and Debbie had
my hard prick in her hands gently stroking it. Somehow my pants
had been unzipped and my magic wand popped into the open air.
Debbie was a pro at this! My quiet, soft-spoken housewife was
sucking cock like a nympho movie queen.

The camera faded to black and then came back to life. The tall,
thin guy who had been getting blown was now between my wife?s
naked thighs rubbing the head of a long, thin cock up and down
Debbie?s cuntlips. The head was starting to shine and the camera
panned to Debbie?s face and she had her lips barely parted and
her eyes mostly closed in bliss. She then said in a fairly low
voice "Slip it in."

She was laying on her back with a pillow beneath her hips and on
a throw rug. She flexed her hips upward as Tim, (whom I met later), pushed the head of his cock inward. The outer lips on Debs pussy flexed inward , then popped around the shaft as it plowed inwards. "Ooooooohhhhhh godddd!" she moaned.

Seeing her enjoy this first new cock in years, had my stick
pulsing. I felt a warmth and looked down. Debbie had taken me
in her wet mouth in conjunction with her penetration on the screen.
I tensed up and came in a flood into her mouth. She swallowed it
all. She had never swallowed all my cum before. This biker
slut stuff was fabulous!

Tim was coming on the screen too. Debbie was flexing her hips
upward saying "Oh shit, fuck me, cummm in meee!" Tim?s butt
clenched and he spasmed, pumping her full of spunk that started
to seep out around the coupling of his cock and Debs stretched
pussy lips. He collapsed on top of her and Debbie let out a sigh.

Their rest break was short lived, though, as Monk stepped in
and pulled on Tim?s shoulder, telling him to get off. As he
pulled out, Debbie looked up at Monk with a lustful grin while
he positioned himself between her thighs. He held his large
organ up to her entrance and bathed the head of it in the foamy
come that was bubbling out of her gaping cunt. Her expression
of lust for Monk and the picture of her just-fucked pussy would
forever be burned in my brain. This was what she had fantasized
about for the last 5 years (or longer).

He stroked her just a couple of inches and she gasped.
"Deeper!" she begged. He penetrated her about halfway this time.
"More!", she said more insistently. He then shoved the whole
length into her. All 9 inches was buried and she began to spasm
in another orgasm. This one caused her to close her eyes and
wrap her legs around Monk?s waist, locking them together behind
his back.

"You like Monk?s cunt stretcher, eh!?" "Oh, yessssss",she hissed
through clenched teeth. As I watched the scene, Debbie whispered
in my ear that she was addicted to his cock now and would have
to have it on a regular basis. I just nodded numbly as my
dick began to twitch and grow again.

Debbie got on her hands and knees in front of me on the bed as
we both watched the tape. She pointed her pussy at me and I
bathed the purple head of my cock in the precome that
was oozing from it. I shoved it and it slipped in effortlessly.
She was still fairly loose from all the big cocks earlier
and I stroked in time with Monk?s fucking her on the screen.
I didn?t last but about five minutes, though, before I lost
my second load. Monk?s stamina, though, was incredible, as he
fucked Debbie for another 15 minutes, in every position I could
think of.

Debbie seemed to enjoy riding him face-to-face with him sucking
on her nipples the best. He came that way and almost bucked
her off. The cameraman moved around and got a zoom in shot of
the come running down Monk?s shaft as he continued to plunge
into Debbie. It took another 5 minutes for him to wind down
and admit he needed a break. The other three who hadn?t had
Debbie were anxious to get their staffs buried, but Debbie said she
needed a breather and something to drink.

After she guzzled a beer, she was flat on her back and spread
saying "Someone fill me up." At this point I was thankful
I had at least planned this during a fairly infertile part
of Debbie?s cycle. She soon had buckets of come coming out
of her as the three took turns. They all had her twice over
the next two hours of tape.

The crowning piece, was when Monk had her above him, riding
like a cowgirl as Tim slipped his slim cock into her ass.
She came twice during the five minutes that lasted.
I was proud of how she wore them out and held up during it all.

I told her that I had never been more in love and lust with her
than I was right then. We collapsed into a deep sleep until the
next morning.

Two weeks later, I dropped Debbie, with her diaphragm in place,
off at the bar and she rode off with Monk?s gang.
She came home at 2 am, cum and whisky on her breath and a small
tattoo on her ankle that showed a Betty Boop girl and the words
"Bad Girl". She was the happiest I had ever seen and when I sucked
her pussy that night, she told me she loved me and her new

She?s been out with Monk and the gang about every two or three
weeks since then and says they are attending a biker rally next
month. I hope they get lots of good action in the camcorder.
I wonder if Debbie will get plowed by any new cocks? Maybe from
a black biker gang? It may not be the life for everyone, but we
have never been happier.

I never realized how lusty my wife was until we started discussing
it. She was afraid I would be mad or she would hurt me if she had
told me the truth about her checkered past earlier, but the way it
worked out, we now communicate better than we ever did. She is
not afraid to tell me anything now.

If you have had the fantasy, try it for real, guys, I was glad I did!

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