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Kathy's Decent Into Prostitution

Oct 18, 2006

By hah1000

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We were married young Kathy was 21 and I was 22. She was slim, 5' 8" with 38D tits and a nice firm ass, a real looker on my arm. I played soccer and the football club formed most of our social scene. With no kids we went there often.

Kathy often called at the club on her own, mixing with girl friends. More than once she was given lifts home by different men and had sex with them parked up in the car close to where we lived. At first I was totally unaware but as her reputation at the football club slut grew, I became aware of the rumors. I was angry and was determined to confront her.

Of course it was too late to stop. I was just about to become aware of how bad it was. When I asked her about it she freely confessed all and I realized for the first time how often it had happened. Kathy told me she had lost count of visiting football players she had fucked some times 3 at a time, and that she had her regulars, keeping three of my team mates happy on regular basis. It had developed to the stage of them calling around to our house, when I was in work. When she was telling me, I became aware that I had a raging hard on, the best I had ever had, we ended up with an all night fucking session. I was hooked on her telling me of her adventures.

Our relationship from here changed as we experimented with wife swapping and went to some great sex parties where Kathy was gangbanged. She had become a complete slut and was aware of her power over me. She often went out alone on dates and would demand that I eat her, at times she was dripping cum when she came home.

A friend of Kathy's was a part time hooker, and had told her about the extra sex and cash. Kathy then told me, and I agreed that it could put us in better financial shape. I had little
choice anyway. So Kathy's hooking career started. She already dressed provocatively and looked very much the slut she is. Once she started hooking she completely dressed the part, often looking outrageous in fish net stockings, high heels and micro skirts or hot pants showing her stocking tops and the skimpiest of tops showing her nipples.

She started as a street prostitute parading her beat in the roughest part of town, Easton, and St. Paul's. She wore no panties and often flashed her shaven pussy to potential customers. I remember one evening when she wore a long coat and only a pair of stockings underneath, flashing cars as they cruised by.

She charged the going rate (25 in those days) and was very busy often having over 10 and sometimes 20 customers a night. She would come home in the early hours her pussy open and puffy, well fucked. We would then have the best sex ever for me with Kathy telling me what she had done that night and offering her swollen cunt for my tongue. This was long before aids, and she told me that men often wanted sex without a condom, she said that was an extra 5 for her.

It wasn't long before she came to the attention of a local black pimp, Marlon. The first time he picked her up he paid as a punter and used her with a condom. He used this first contact to find out that she did not have a pimp on the street, and that she was married with a cuckold husband at home.

The next night he came back and told her to get in his car, this was not a request, it was an order. Marlon then told her that she would be working for him from now on. He made her strip and suck his cock then fucked her without a condom shooting his seed deep into her pussy. From here on in he would pick her up every night and relieve her of half her takings and fuck her in her ass or pussy and sometimes both. Then he put her back on the street seeping his cum.

As his control over her grew he would take her to ganja smoking houses where she was expected to service his friends. Sometimes up to 6 at the same time. She told me of course but I was powerless to help, Marlon was 6' 6" and looked pretty mean.

I would often walk her beat and watch her at work. For punters with no car she would take them to an alley, drop to her knees to suck them and eventually bend over for them to take her from behind. I often watched her being fucked.

Cathy just couldn't get enough of Marlon's long hard cock. She was quite willing to tell me everything. What amazed me was how many times, she had taken all 12" inches of the thick Marlon dick in every hole in her body, sucking his long rigid shaft and swallowing the large loads of white thick cum, licking his big balls, running her soft pink tongue up between his black ass cheeks, then darting it right into his tight ass-hole. Beside this, what had started as part-time hooking was now hooking every night. Marlon was taking half from her, but she still brought plenty of cash home. A sign of how busy she was.

Within a few months Marlon was calling to our house quite openly, I was witnessing the pimping of my own wife. I wasn't upset or jealous because this is what I had been wanting since I experienced my first raging hard from Kathy telling me she had fucked half the football club. To watch my beautiful wife be fucked by other men was now part of my life. It was so hard to believe Kathy had become this obsessed about Marlon, it wasn't as if she was short of sex. Her submissive nature was fully exploited by Marlon's aggressive attitude. He definitely had control. When he called she jumped.

You know the old saying, be careful what you wish for? Oh yes, I had got my wish, in a big way. I was hooked, I desperately wanted to be in the same room while my wife played her sex games with Marlon. I wanted to watch. I walked the streets more often, seeing her at work was a huge thrill.

When we were alone I told her I wanted to watch Marlon fucking her, she laughed 'no problem, he's a kinky bastard anyway'. The next afternoon when Kathy was waiting for Marlon to take her to her beat she seemed the perfect whore. Trouble was she wasn't mine anymore. The micro skirt she was wearing left nothing to the imagination! You could see her enormous tits, she was now 40DD after all the black cock, two large dark round nipples poked at the thin fabric of her top. The low-scooped neck just barely covered her nipples. I knew she had no panties on and what a turn on.

She heard his car pull up and went to let him in, I made myself scarce. About 10 minutes later Marlon called me to Kathy's bedroom. The door was open and Marlon's 14" long black monster was plunging in and out of Kathy's ass. "You want some action boy," He told me to strip, I did in record time. My 6" pink dick looked small compared to his but was rock hard. He ordered me to shove my cock in his whore's mouth. She had her eyes shut and was moaning loudly. As my prick brushed her lips she eagerly took it in. I was still watching Marlon's dick pumping my wife's ass. At each thrust she moaned loader. He announced ' I'm Coming' and proceeded to shoot huge amounts of spunk into her ass.

As he withdrew there was an audible suction sound 'plop'. He told me to fuck her up the ass and to leave her pussy as she was going to work. As I entered her spunk oozed out, the feeling of wet warmth was tremendous, Kathy was bucking and asking me to fuck her harder. I was surprised she could even feel my little dick after his monster, then again maybe she couldn't. Marlon had moved to the other end and was having his dick licked clean. I felt the rush and had the most intense ejaculation ever. My cum seemed a trickle compared to Marlon's, but boy was I happy.

Marlon was now urging Kathy to get ready, 10 minutes later they went off to work. She must have had spunk dribbling from her arse and she was going to walk her beat and be fucked all evening. Boy was I content. The dirty slut.......... The gorgeous dirty slut.

The start of this story was over ten years ago, I am still with Kathy who is still whoring for Marlon, but from a private flat. She gave up street walking after too many police convictions. I do what I'm told and often have the best sex. I am still required for cleaning duties most nights and occasionally get to watch and assist Marlon.

She is not as tight as she was but what a ride. In the last ten years she has had thousands of different cocks, most of them black as she worked the streets of Easton and St Paul's. She has been raped, fucked in police cells and vans to save arrest, gangbanged at parties, fucked in all holes at the same time, and been sold by Marlon for whole nights, away for days at a time sometimes, coming home she is often covered in dried spunk, but I'm still addicted to the dirty whore.

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