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Caught Wife Sucking

Nov 5, 2006

By mechatom

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My wife and I have played with the idea of seeing her have sex with another man. The idea died out, but a few days ago it became a reality.

One day I came home early from work. My wife does not work and spends the day shopping and surfing the web. Well one day I took the afternoon off early. I drove home and opened the door only to find my wife jump from the couch, and there stood my next door neighbor with his dick straight up. I was mad at the sight that I saw but at the same time turned on. She apologized to me. I thought about how turned on I felt and told her that she may as well finish the job. The neighbor asked me, are you sure? I told the guy you may as well, since she was already sucking his dick before I came home.

So there my wife stood in front of me, kneeled down sucking this guy's cock, while I watched! I could not believe what I was seeing. She had her hand wrapped around his cock, and I could see that she left her wedding band on. She took his cook all the way in her mouth. I had a little of jealousy and horniness, but was OK. The guy released his load in her mouth and soon cum was dripping from her mouth.

From there I decided it was my turn. She began to suck me. The neighbor watched and before you knew it he was hard again. My beautiful wife climbed on top of him. I could see his cock enter her wet pussy lips, her eyes closed as he entered her. She began to ride him like a slut; I could see her wild side come out. I couldn't believe my eyes! My wife was fucking someone in our house! I could see that see was enjoying it and I smiled at her. My wife began to get tired so they began to fuck her doggie style. My wife was in ecstasy. Soon the neighbor had came all over her ass. She turned around and licked his cock dry.

I thanked the neighbor, and told him that I hope we could do this again soon. He told me that my wife wore him out..

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