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A Hot Wife’s First Time

Mar 28, 2007

By Kimmy Lee

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Most women wouldn't even dream of becoming a cuckold couple. In fact
most women my age consider it as being a whore. But to me it is so
much different. I'm 46 and I have kept myself in fairly good shape. I
have always enjoyed the attention of men and have had no problem being
a little bit of exhibitionist. Over the years I have inherently
understood when to bend down or over to catch the attention of a
certain man.

I remember my first cuckold experience. I loved sharing the fantasy
with my cuckold boyfriend, he would tell me sexy comments about how my
lover would please me and how stretched my pussy would become by
having a real cock. Well fantasy led to reality and when that night
finally came it was so intense that I could feel my juices flowing
down my legs as I walked to the car. My short skirt flew around my
legs making the liquids grow cold with the air. I looked at my
boyfriend and hoped that he could tell how turned on I was. I wasn't
sure if he was turned on or just nervous, but I thought to myself,
"Hey he wanted it and I wasn't going to turn back now." The ride was
quiet, leaving us both to our own imaginations. All I could think
about was the pictures he had sent. He was tall, handsome and best of
all well hung. I couldn't believe that I was on my way to sleep with
this man. I thought I would feel embarrassed, ashamed or upset, but I
just felt aroused. My body was shaking and I couldn't stop fidgeting.
Rick kept glancing at me and several times he laid his hand on my
thigh and told me it would be ok. I felt re-assured and knew at that
moment he was excited to.

When we reached the pub we gave Jack a call to let him know we were
there. My legs felt wobbly and I could hardly stand as I walked to the
door. We ordered a few drinks and waited. Rick tried to ease things
for me and get me relaxed but I just kept looking at the door. Shortly
later Rick excused himself to the bathroom. While he was in the
bathroom Jack called to let me know he was there. I got up and
flattened my skit. I tried to look as best as I could but soon gave up
and walked to the back. He was standing by the door. He was wearing a
nice t-shirt and some jeans that fit his body nicely. He was fairly
tall and very handsome. My heart skipped a beat. He looked way better
then in the pictures he sent. We introduce each other and I led him to
the table. Just like Rick and I discussed, I walked in a sexy fashion
with my fuck me pumps moving slowly as my ass swayed back and forth. I
could tell he was looking because I turned around suddenly and he
turned red instantly. I just smiled letting him know it was ok.
When we reached the table Rick had returned and was standing up to
greet him. I gave Rick a big smile to hopefully let him know that I
was defiantly into Jack. We sat and talked for awhile, Rick and Jack
seemed too really to get along and it made it a lot more comfortable
for me. After eating and talking awhile I figured that we had broken
the ice and it was time to see where this all was headed. I was
getting anxious and the more I looked at Jack the wetter I was
becoming. I asked them if the both wanted to play some shuffle board
and they agreed. When we were playing it just started out like casual
game. We joked and teased but I knew it would get no where if I didn't
start something. I began to lean against Jack giving Rick a sexy "I
want him" look. I teased him by standing close to him and letting him
get a glimpse down my breasts and ass. It was fun and I began to enjoy
it. I think they both did too. Jack finally took the hint and started
flirting back.

Several times I would lean in to him and I would feel his hard cock
against my ass. I could tell immediately that he was huge and his
pictures did do him justice. When Rick went to go use the bathroom
again I had him lean over and I whispered in his ear, "Do you want me
to fuck him"? Rick looked dead into my eyes and said, "Hell Yes"! My
heart raced and it made me smile. When Rick got back we got our stuff
and planend to follow each other to a hotel. It took awhile but we
found one. I was pretty quiet in the car but I assured Rick that I
really wanted to do this. My mind was racing and the thought of Jack's
big cock verses Rick's 4 inches was almost too much. I wanted to pinch
myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

When we got to the hotel things seem to jump into place quickly. We
talked about what we did and didn't want to do and next thing I knew
Jack and I were kissing. Rick started touching me and rubbing in
between my legs and I already wet. I couldn't believe how much I was
turned. The both of them touching me was driving me crazy and I
couldn't think straight. I wanted to scream out but someone was always
kissing me. All I could do was moan. It seemed like I was lost under
their spell. I just closed my eyes and let go and enjoyed the
attention. Suddenly Rick moved me to the bed and I looked down to see
Jack with his HUGE cock in his hand. Oh My fucking God the man was
hung like a horse. I had never seen anything like it and I felt like
virgin all over again. I couldn't help myself and reached down to grab
it. I wanted to feel it in my hands, I wanted to put my mouth on it, I
wanted him inside of me. I think Rick was just as excited as I was
about Jack's big cock because he took his little thing out and began
playing with himself. The contrast in size was unbelievable.

Jack was very respectful and didn't rush anything. I stroked him for a
bit and then slipped my eager lips onto the head. I tried to take him
deep in my mouth but it was useless. I had never enjoyed sucking dick
but this night all I wanted to do was please this man. Finally in one
swoop Jack grabbed me rolled me onto my back and ended up between my
legs and had my panties off. There I was my skirt lifted and legs
spread waiting for him to slip that monster inside me.
He slowly eased his tip into me and I nearly exploded. That in itself
almost made me cum. I wanted him deeper inside me; I didn't know if I
could take all of him but I was going to try like hell. As he pushed
it in further I pushed back against taking it. It hurt but it was a
good pain. I put my hands on the back of my knees and tried to spread
my legs further for him. I my head was squirming back and forth as he
kept driving that huge fucking cock deeper and deeper. I kept looking
at Rick wanking his little dick like a mad man. Jack just kept moving
back and forth like he was a man on a mission. It was all too surreal.

All of a sudden I started cumming and Jack began pounding my pussy
harder and harder. It didn't hurt anymore and I felt his hands sliding
under my ass cheeks and gripping them tightly. I could feel his body
getting tense and I began cumming again. My pussy was gripping his
thick cock as my body began twitching below him. Then I felt him
explode inside of me as he screamed out. God I could feel his hot cum
just flooding the walls of my pussy. I had never felt anything like
that in my entire life. I began cumming again underneath that great
body of his. I was heaven. We laid there for what seemed like an
eternity and I could feel his cock slowly going down inside me. I
looked over and Rick was sitting in a chair with cum all over himself.
I finally came to my senses and started to panic, I realized Jack
didn't wear a condom. We were all so caught up in the excitement no
one thought about it. Jack rolled off and looked at me and asked,"
What's wrong"? I laid there and thought to myself, "Why ruin the
moment, it was done, the only thing to do now was to live out another
fantasy". I motioned for Rick to come between my legs. He was going to get on top of me and try and to fuck me but I put my hands on his
shoulders and pushed him down between my legs to clean me. Oh well,
that's another story for another time.

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