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A New Years Party

Mar 29, 2007

By horngylatina

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I was sitting in my chair and getting bored while waiting for my
wife to get dressed. So I called out, "Come on, Jenny, hurry up,
or we'll be late for the party."

I then heard my wife Jenny answer me from upstairs. "Ok, hon,
I'll be down in a couple of minutes."
After about 5 minutes, my wife came down the stairs looking
amazing. My wife Jennifer stands about 5' 6" tall, and weighs
less than 120 lbs. My wife has mid back length blonde hair, and
after her boob job, a body to kill for. She had on a pirate
outfit, one that I was not allowed to see when she ordered it
weeks before.

Her pink tube top hugged her firm breasts, pushed up by the black
corset to show substantial cleavage. The corset continued down
into a short black skirt that barely covered her ass. The
ensemble was topped off by thigh-high black stockings with
crossbones above black spiked heels.
"Wow!" I said, eyes bugging at the sight of my wife. She had
never worn an outfit so revealing before! "Everyone's going to
go nuts over you."
"Well," she said bashfully, "I know you said you always thought
about me wearing slutty clothes, and now I feel like I can." At
this she grabbed her breasts and pushed them together. My eyes
popped out even further when I realized that she wasn't wearing a

Ever since her surgery, her nipples hardly ever get soft. Now
they were practically ripping holes through her thin top. Her
new boobs really changed her; while she hadn't been a prude in
our marriage, she never liked to show much when we went out. She
thought she was too fat to show her body off. Not any more, I

She walked past me, too stunned to get off the chair, to grab her
purse from the coffee table. She stopped, looked back over her
shoulder at me, and let a slow smile play across her painted
lips. She bent over at the waist, exposing her butt to me. I
got a raging hard-on when I saw how easily her panties were
exposed. Her underwear even had a little skull and crossbones
across the ass.
She turned away from me when she stood up, too embarrassed to
look at me.
"Let's go," she said, as she walked quickly towards the garage
door. Man, those high-heels really made her ass swing! I
started to get a little concerned about how hard it would be for
her to not show too much at the party.
As we got in the car, I looked over at her. Her face was flushed
and she was breathing quickly. I let my eyes continue lower to
devour her rock-hard nipples, and stopped when I got to her lap.
Even sitting in the car, I could see a peek of her panties under
the frill of her dress.
"Are you sure you want to wear that," I asked. "I mean, our
friends are great, and they wouldn't say anything, but..."
"I don't know," she replied, "do you think I need to change? I
just wanted to look sexy for you." She seemed about to bolt from
the car.
What was I thinking? I'd be the hit of the party with her; all
the guys would love it, and our group of friends would never
think of making her feel bad about wearing revealing clothes.
"Nahh...I'm just jealous. You look great." I started the car
and pulled out onto the street before she could change her mind.

Our friend's house was about an hour away. All the way there my
wife was constantly fidgeting in her seat. I noticed she kept
adjusting her skirt, but her hands seemed to linger on her crotch
every time. I can only imagine how hot she must be getting;
she's never really let loose sexually. We were both virgins when
we got engaged and we have yet to really experiment with anything
beyond straight sex.

When we got to the party, the host's wife met us at the door.
She handed Jenny a margarita, and me a pop. I don't drink, which
is odd since our group of friends are very heavy party drinkers.
It's always been fun for me to be the only sober one at our
parties, and the New Year's parties are always the wildest. I
was expecting a couple dozen people at this bash, only about half
I knew.

We were among the early guests at the party, so I got to see
everyone's reaction to my wife's outfit when they arrived. Many
a pants bulge was produced when they caught a glimpse of her
costume. Several guys quietly congratulated me outside of her
Throughout the evening, all the guys made sure Jen made sure she
had a drink in her hand at all times. I've never seen my wife
drunk, but as the evening wore on, I suspected I was seeing it
for the first time.

The later it got, the more brazen she became about her body.
This was the first time our group of friends had seen her since
her tit-job, and no male could take their eyes off her. I even
caught some of the women peeking at her obviously hard nipples
poking out the thin fabric of her top. She was constantly
putting her hand on guys' arms and tossing her hair. I don't
know if it was intentional or not, but she kept bringing her
partners' attention to her chest whenever she adjusted her corset
under her breasts, which was often. Every time she did that, it
exposed a little more of her tits to view. After a while, the
amount of cleavage showing was pretty amazing; I'm surprised
nobody said anything. A couple times I even saw glimpses of her
areola before her elastic top slid back up to cover it. Once I
even caught her flashing her butt at a group sitting around the
kitchen table. She was laughing, and didn't think anything of
it, but boy, was it hot to see my tipsy wife showing off her

Eventually we drifted apart, following our own conversations.
After about an hour, I realized that I hadn't seen her in a
while. I disengaged from my current conversation and went
looking for my sexy wife.

I found her standing with a group of people around the bar in the
basement. Most of the partiers were hanging out in the living
room where the music was. She was standing against the bar,
leaning over it and talking to a woman on the other side playing
bartender. The way that she was standing, with her back arched
some, caused her skirt to ride up even more, showing the bottom
of her panty-covered ass cheeks.

I stood back in the shadows under the stairs and watched her. I
could tell she was feeling no pain, and in fact I could see her
eyes were glazed over and her motions were slowed.
I was surprised when a guy in a mobster suit I didn't recognize
moved up behind her, reach over her shoulder for a drink on the
bar, and press himself against her rear. She not only didn't
complain, she actually pushed her butt back against his crotch!
I couldn't decide how I was going to handle it, but before I
could make a decision, the whole group yelled something and
tossed back their shots.
When they all slammed their glasses back down on the bar top, he
leaned back into her. I decided to see how she would react.
About that time someone turned on some music downstairs.
Amazingly, both my wife and the stranger started grinding into
each other in time to the music.

The group broke up and started drifting away from the bar, all
except for my pirate princess and her goodfella. They continued
to sway to the music when he moved his hands up to her hips. I
thought for sure she'd say something then, but she didn't. Soon
after, his hands drifted up along her sides, over her back, then
on to the top of her shoulders. She was still leaning forward
towards the bar, and had yet to look back at the newcomer.
I looked around to see if anyone else was watching, but the
handful of people still downstairs were all occupied, and most
were pretty blitzed. I looked back over to my wife and her
groping admirer.

I just about dropped my pop when I saw he had reached around and
had both his hands cupping my wife's tits! I started to run over
and clock him when he slid his hands down her breasts, bringing
her top with it! I was stunned at his audacity and her

He fondled her firm tits, rolling the nipples in between his
fingers. I heard her moan, and noticed that her eyes were
closed. She slowly straightened up, arching her back, keeping
her ass planted against his crotch and reached down between her

This guy couldn't believe his luck! Here was a smoking hot woman
grinding herself against him in a skimpy pirate outfit. He
dropped his hands down to his own pants, freeing his cock from
their confines.

I took a quick look around to see who was watching. So far,
their show was unnoticed by anyone downstairs. I looked back
just in time to see her bend over and pull down her panties to
her ankles.
Unbelievable! I just stood there, open-mouthed, and watch this
stranger slide his dick into my wife's cunt in the middle of a
New Year's party! I heard her moan out loud as he slammed his
cock into her, holding her to him by her tits. At her groan, he
quickly pulled her top back up and stopped moving.

I looked around, and noticed
several people looking over at my wife and her new friend. They
didn't seem to be too concerned, just curious what caused the

Turning back to the scene of my unfaithful slut, I caught her
stepping out of her panties, kicking them away, and leaning
forward onto the bar top. Her lover leaned forward, seemingly
asking if she were okay. The watchers decided she was fine, and
went back to their activities.

My cuckolder saw the same thing and decided to continue. He
moved his hands back up to her boobs, pulled down her top, and
started humping into my wife's snatch. From my position, I could
hear her grunt every time he bottomed out. I could see her right
hand feverishly working her clit as her left arm supported her
upper body leaning against the bar top.

I could still see her, eyes closed and face flushed, as he picked
up his pace. Very soon she started panting and almost whining.
As he slammed his cock into her for the final time, her hand
stopped its movement on her clit and her knees buckled, almost
dropping her to the floor. The mobster stranger held himself in
her as he twitched, shooting his load deep into my wife's cunt.
The man considerately pulled her top back up before he pulled out
of her dripping snatch and tucked his dick back into his flashy
suit. He leaned over, kissed her shoulder, and walked up the
stairs, not even thanking her for the fuck.

I let out a deep breath and looked back at the partiers left in
the basement. Most of them were still oblivious to what had just
transpired, but one younger guy dressed as a Scottish warrior was
sitting wide-eyed, gently rubbing his obvious hard-on tenting his

My wife stood leaning against the bar, panting and recovering,
for a few seconds longer. With a deep breath, she stood up,
straightened her top, and then bent back over at the waist to
pick up her discarded panties. Her naked ass was pointed
straight back at the watching Scotsman, wide open and freshly

The young man stood up from the couch and adjusted his boner as
my wife slowly stood up. She looked back over her shoulder at
the boy with the sluttiest look I've ever seen on her face. My
wife primly pulled down on her skirt, still holding her panties
in her hand. As if covering her ass with her short skirt would
hide the fact that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

My newly-discovered slut started to turn towards the kilted
stranger when she caught sight of me hiding under the stairs. We
both started as we realized we were both caught. Neither of us
moved until the young man approached to within a couple feet of
her and said something I couldn't hear.
She continued staring at me as he repeated himself. I moved my
hand to my raging hard-on as I slowly nodded my head. Her eyes
shot open in surprise.
That little whore got such a Cheshire grin on her face as she
turned towards her new suitor that I almost popped off in my

I couldn't believe what I was seeing! She stepped forward
towards him until her tits were pressed against his chest and
leaned in to whisper something in his ear. She stepped back,
lifted the hem of her skirt, exposing her completely shaved
snatch! That little slut! She was always well-trimmed down
there, but she had never completely shaved before! Then she took
her panties and wiped the cum leaking from her pussy! I think I
actually groaned a little when she did that.

The warrior's eyes widened as she turned him to block the view of
the remaining people then tucked the underwear into his belt
pouch. I almost felt sorry for this kid; she was playing him so
He was tenting his kilt so much; I wondered what he had under
there. Apparently, so was my wife, because she reached down,
under the hem of his kilt, and lifted it so she could see what
weapon he had underneath. When the heavy material cleared his
rod, my slut wife gasped out loud. His prick was monstrous! It
looked almost as long as my petite wife's forearm!

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and turned, having
forgotten the fact that there were other people present.
Unfortunately, my whore's reaction brought the attention of all
the people in the basement. My heart jumped in my chest when I
saw four sets of eyes watching my wife's exhibition. I didn't
want my group of friends to find out about her proclivities. Two
of the sets belonged to men, and the other two belonged to a

Worry I shouldn't; the middle-aged male vampire was sprawled on a
futon, smiling and rubbing his crotch with abandon and the
Raggedy Ann and Andy couple were necking and groping openly,
avidly watching the live sex show my sweet wife was putting on.
The last set was narrowed out of another young man, standing by
the pool table dressed as a ninja. He looked like he wanted to
join in the fun, but was hesitant.

I turned back to my wife, trying to make sure I stayed
unobserved. She was leaning forward, entranced by the snake she
was stroking in both hands. Her head was down as the man brought
his hands up to fondle her breasts. He pulled the material down,
exposing her nipples to view of all. Apparently, she took this
as a request and leaned over from the waist, holding his prick in
both hands. Both hands couldn't cover the length of his shaft,
and neither would they completely wrap around his girth.
Still bent ninety degrees, she opened her mouth in a perfect, red
"o" and lowered it over his log. She started sucking slowly,
jacking him off as she did so. The kilted man moved around so he
could lean back against the bar while this beautiful pirate blew
him in front of a room full of people. By turning, he allowed
the room to fully view her exposed ass.
Jen the whore, as she now was, knew this as well. Her slit,
already moist from her earlier fucking, started juicing up even
more with this exhibitionist act.

After about a minute of increasingly rapid sucking, the buccaneer
wench sank down to her knees in front of him, never releasing his
cock from her mouth. She dropped her hands off his cock, one
massaging and pinching her breasts, and the other starting to
work again on her cunt. She soon inched back from him, arching
her back and allowing everyone to easily see her fingers
alternately working on her clit and pumping in and out of her
bald snatch.

Taking a chance on missing something, I glanced over at the room,
trying to discern the mood of the witnesses to my wanton whore.
All the guys had their cocks out, with Raggedy Ann stroking her
mate's as he played with her crotch under her skirt.

Looking back at my delectable little cocksucker, I had yet
another shock. With both her hands occupied pleasing herself,
she was sliding her cherry lipped-mouth up and down the length of
his shaft, nearly deep-throating him! She had never attempted,
much less succeeded in doing that to me!

I pulled out my own cock as she blew him, taking probably a foot
of meat down her throat on each thrust.
Within moments, she reached up, grabbed his shaft and started
jacking him off into her mouth. Her other hand reached a
frenzied pace on her clit as her body stiffened, then started
jerking with her own climax. As soon as the guy saw this, he
reached down, grabbed her tits, and shoved his cock down her
throat. They both shuddered for moments as their mutual climaxes
hit, his filling her throat with cum and hers caused her to
actually drip onto the floor.

She pulled off his prick, continuing to suck, as she drew a deep
breath through her nose. As his massive tool escaped her lips'
clutches, there was an audible "pop". She gave that beast one
last kiss and stood up. His kilt dropped down, covering his
deflating member.

She turned as the ninja walked up to her, cock in hand, and asked
her something. I heard her say "later" to him as she turned back
to the now-sated man she had just blown. She reached into his
belt pouch and removed her panties.
She bent over yet again, proudly displaying her open cunt to her
fans once again, and wiped up the newest crop of juices from her

She turned back to the young ninja, dug her hand down into his
pants and opened up the top of them. Her slutty smile reappeared
as she shoved her panties down his trousers. She mashed her tits
into his chest, tilted her head up, and gave him a hard, wet,
open-mouthed kiss.
"Later," she repeated, voice husky. She turned to me and licked
her lips, causing me to shoot all over the floor.
With that, she ascended the stairs above me, giving me a great
shot of her bald beaver as she went to get something cold to
drink upstairs. I tucked my dick back into my pants and looked

The ninja was standing there, stunned and holding his crotch.
Raggedy Ann and Andy seemed to have both climaxed; they were
gently making out on their pillows. I just caught the vampire
zipping up his pants, and saw him wipe his hand on the futon
cover. Ewww...I made a mental note not to sit there in the
Unfortunately, the mood broke with the star attraction gone. The
couple settled into each other's arms as the vampire slowly
walked to the bathroom and closed the door behind him. Oh, that
poor ninja! He found a chair facing away from me and sat down
heavily in it, holding my wife's underwear and looking at them as
if he couldn't believe what had just happened.
I took this as my cue to leave, slipping up the stairs without
alerting anyone that I witnessed the debauchery of which my wife
was the star.

Upstairs, the party continued unabated, no one aware of what my
wife just did beneath their feet. I looked around for her,
finding her chatting and laughing with a group of our close
friends in the living room.

I went up the stairs through the dining area to the kitchen and
grabbed a drink. The music blared, easily heard throughout the
upstairs. Walking back through the dining area, I stopped by the
china hutch and looked out over the living room. The dining room
was about four steps up and separated from the living room by a
wooden banister.

My sweet wife showed no signs of the wanton acts she just
performed, even without wearing panties and her skirt barely
keeping everyone in the room from ogling her shaved snatch and
round ass. I shook my head, wondering if I imagined the whole

Just then, the ninja came up the stairs, caught sight of my wife
and stopped. He touched his pocket, bulging where he kept my
little slut's underwear. Jen saw him and caught his eye. He
started towards her, and was stopped when she subtly shook her
It was sad to watch his shoulders droop and his head drop when
she rebuffed him. The man in black turned dejectedly and walked
outside onto the patio.

I wandered over to a chair at the window in the dining area
overlooking the back yard and saw him approach a big man wearing
a toga. He pulled the big guy over to a bench just outside the
area of the porch light. I could see them from my vantage point,
but the crowd around the fireplace on the deck would have a
difficult time seeing them with the shadows and the intervening

I had an idea what he was talking to the other guy about,
chuckling as he waved his hands animatedly, describing how my
wife whored herself out to two strangers. He even reached into
his pocket and pulled out my wife's sopping underwear. The big
guy looked skeptical.

A hand on my shoulder startled me. I turned and saw my wife
standing next to me, concern and embarrassment warring on her
"Are you okay?" She was quiet and shy, afraid of my response.
Instead of replying, I put my arm around her back and lifted the
back of her skirt. She gasped and turned her head, aware that
anyone behind her could see her exposed ass cheeks. When she saw
nobody, she turned back towards me, waiting for my answer.
I continued to say nothing as I slid my hand between her cheeks,
down until I felt her dripping pussy. She gasped as I pushed
three fingers into her hole. I started working them in and out,
churning up more juices. In moments she was beginning to breathe
heavily and leaned forward across me, resting her hands on the
window sill and putting her tits across my face.
With my other hand, I reached up and pulled her top down,
exposing her nearest nipple to my mouth. I started sucking as I
worked her pussy into dripping wetness.
Her whole glistening, splayed snatch was visible to anyone
walking behind her, as high as her skirt rode. I smiled as I
thought of what a total exhibitionist whore she had turned into;
here I was, in our friends' dining room visible to anyone who
would look up at us from the party, sucking on her tit and
finger-fucking her.
"Oh," she moaned, as her thighs started quivering, indicating the
onset of a new orgasm. "That poor guy," she said, nodding
towards the ninja and the big toga-wearer outside the window.
"Should I have fucked him, too?"
I jerked, nearly popping again. My wife has never cursed around
me, not even during sex.
"Well?" she asked. I could feel her quivering more now, so I
added another finger. She gasped at the new intrusion, surely
feeling stretched now with nearly my whole hand inside her. "I
don't know if I'm up for it after you get done with me; I'm
getting sore." I didn't answer, instead reaching for her other
tit and popping it out into the open. She started trembling
"Hmm," she breathed in my ear, "I've already sucked one guy off,
and I let another fuck my pussy. Maybe I should let him take my

All my motion stopped. Not only had I never butt-fucked my wife,
but she had never entertained the idea. This cock-whore across
my lap whined and started moving her hips, trying to get my hands
moving again, eager to cum.
So she wants to get fucked in the ass, huh? Okay, let's see, I
thought. I pulled my hand out of her cunt, split my fingers into
twos and pressed them back into her; two in her pussy and two in
her asshole.
My slut stiffened at this unexpected intrusion, gasping in
discomfort and pulling her tit away from my mouth. She rose up
off the window sill, grabbed both of her tits and jerked wildly
as a massive orgasm crashed over her.
I held on to her, guiding her to my seat as I stood, blocking the
view of her from the party below.
"Hey, is Jen okay?" my best friend Erik called from the living
"Yeah, she just tripped," I yelled back, quickly pulling up her
top to cover her exposed tits. She was sprawled on the chair,
legs spread and holding her crotch as her orgasm wound down.
"She's not used to these heels."
I thought about straightening her up more, but hell, she started
this. If she doesn't care who sees her goodies, then that's her
choice. I moved away from her, going down to the party, letting
her recover on her own.

Holding my drink, I joined in the conversation with the group. I
looked up at the clock, surprised that it was nearly midnight.
One half hour to go until the new year.
Soon I noticed my wife come down the stairs, careful to keep her
skirt from uncovering her bald slit. It was quite the evolution,
being that we were lower than her, and had a good shot up her
skirt as she descended from the dining room.

She joined us, looking fresh and newly-made-up. She must have
used the time to touch up her cosmetics, because she looked
great. Thinking of what she did earlier tonight to those guys
started to get me hard again.

Pretty soon she excused herself, saying she needed some fresh
air. She milled towards the back door until she found a spot
nearly hidden from view of the party. I moved until I could see
her looking at a curio cabinet.
She looked over her shoulder, saw that I and only I was looking,
and slowly withdrew something from her purse. She held it up,
obviously letting me see the bottle of lube. Knowing it drives
me wild, she bent over and exposed her ass yet again. She
reached back with one hand and spread her cheek, letting me see
her asshole itself. With the other hand she slowly shoved the
nozzle past her sphincter and squeezed some lube into her
She quickly removed it, straightened up, and walked outside with
it still in her hand.

Turning to my friends, I left as well, saying I needed to use the
restroom. Instead, I went up the stairs and went to the window
overlooking the back yard bench.
I got there in enough time to watch her work her way through the
throng milling around on the deck and head across the yard to the
bench where the two guys were still talking. Man, she still
looked awesome. She was putting extra swing in her slow step as
she approached the now-staring guys, causing her skirt to swish
and repeatedly flashing her bald cunt. As soon as she cleared
the bushes separating the men from the party on the deck, she
reached up and pulled down her top, letting both her tits pop out
into the cool night air.
Needless to say, with this vision of whorish beauty bearing down
on them, both the big toga guy and the young ninja had all their
attention riveted on her. I could see the ninja nudge his friend
with his elbow, as if saying, "See? I told you so."
I don't know what I was expecting, but it surprised all three of
us when she walked right up to the guy in the toga, reached down
and opened his legs, then dropped to her knees between them. She
unceremoniously flipped up his toga, pulled aside his boxers, and
started sucking his dick, right if front of the young man,
ignoring him.
Ninja-boy stood up, not sure whether he should leave or join in.
Her ignoring him was obviously messing with his mind.
That little cocksucker started deep-throating the big guy's tool
with little fanfare, sliding her mouth down to his bush on every
thrust. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts,
encouraging him to maul them.
No man could last long under this onslaught, and soon I could see
him grab her head and force it all the way to the base of his
cock, pumping another load a jizz into her throat. I thought I
could see her swallowing frantically, trying to keep any from
This time when she pulled off, she didn't immediately stand up.
Instead, she slowly slid his meat out of her mouth and licked it
clean, gently tucking it back into his shorts and tugging his
toga down to cover his crotch.
The big Roman leaned back, a huge disbelieving smile on his face
as my slut wife stood up and teasingly pulled her top back over
her stiff nipples.
She and I both glanced at the ninja, nearly in tears in his
sexual frustration, and smiled.
Turning around as if to leave him behind and un-satisfied again,
my wanton wife stopped, bent over at the waist, reached back and
spread her ass cheeks. He stared at her open asshole in
amazement and started to walk towards her with his hands on his
crotch, ready to release his meat.

Just before he pulled down his pants, she stood up, looked over
her shoulder and gave him a huge, whorish smile. Rather than
leaving him to suffer, she turned towards him and embraced him.
He stood there in dismay until she raised her head to his ear and
started whispering something. Nodding, he let her lead him by
the hand back inside.

I looked at my watch and noticed that we had just minutes until
the ball drop. I grabbed my drink and went down to the living
room where champagne was being doled out.

Unfortunately, I got roped into talking with some more friends
and missed my wife's triumphant return. Luckily, she was able to
work her way through the crowd and to my side just as the ball
dropped and started a new year. She grabbed my head and gave me
a long, wet kiss. Thankfully, she had rinsed her mouth out, so I
didn't have to taste another man's cum on my wife's lips.

Our host, our friend, put on a driving song and urged everyone to
get out and dance. I looked at my little slut and noticed her
looking up at the dining room. Following her gaze, I saw the
ninja upstairs, bouncing to the beat and rubbing his crotch,
pleading with his eyes to my wife.

With a last kiss, my wife pulled away from me and walked up the
stairs to her next lover, preparing to take a cock up her ass for
the first time. It was obvious to anyone looking that my wife
wasn't wearing underwear as she went up. It was also obvious,
even several feet away to see that she was worked up and ready to
get fucked; you could see her glisten.

She swayed up to him, grabbed him by his bulge, and led him over
to the banister separating the party from the dining room where
she now bent towards me. He moved behind her, still swaying to
the music, and pulled out his cock.

I looked around. Nobody was paying any attention to the two, and
with the music, no one but me heard her grunt when he shoved his
cock up her greased ass unmercifully.

Turning around, she had a grimace of pain on her face, but kept
her body moving with his as if they were both dirty dancing.
Nobody knew just how dirty.

I stood there for two songs, watching as this stranger sodomized
my wife in front of me, making a whore out of her and a cuckold
of me. Watching as this black-clad man fucked my wife in the
ass, taking her anal cherry while I stood there. Watching as she
alternately groaned and winced in pain, then shook with orgasm
after orgasm. His invading cock worked in and out of her butt
hole until he quivered with his own impending orgasm and grunted.
My wife looked me straight in the eyes, stood and lifted her
skirt so I and anyone around could witness as he slammed his
stiff prick deep in my whore's ass and held it there while he
emptied load after load of cum into my wife's gripping rectum.
She dropped her skirt and stood up with a relieved look as he
pulled out of her well-fucked ass.

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