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Bill Fucks Linda

Oct 10, 1999

By floridawhitecpl

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by Bud

My wife and I had been married for 20 years and our kids were
growing and would be gone in a few years. Our sex life had been OK.
but nothing to brag about. I had a vivid imagination and had often
dreamed about seeing my wife get fucked by another man. She was a
virgin when we married and I had gotten her to tell me of a few
heavy petting sessions she had with dates before we met and married.

Whenever she told me of these exploits we always had great sex and
she seemed to cum a lot harder than usual. I believed that she also
had fantasized about fucking these men that she had only petted
with. I think she also wanted to try fucking someone besides me
because she had never fucked anyone else. We discussed this and I
asked her if she wanted to fuck someone else and she said no that I
was the best and she was happy with me. Then I pointed out that she
had nothing to compare me to and reminded her that I had quite a few
lovers before we met and married. It appeared to me, I told her,
that she had gotten the short end of the stick and I encouraged her
to have an affair. She couldn't believe I had said this and I told
her that our sex life was nothing to brag about and that the thought
of her getting fucked by another guy really turned me on.

We discussed this and although she did not understand how this could
turn me on to have another man fuck my own wife, she didn't say she
would never do it. I told her I had a desire to fuck other women
also and this was just a desire for something new after 20 years of
marriage. I encouraged her to keep an open mind and she admitted
the idea did excite her, especially the way I used the words fuck
and suck. I explained that for reasons I did not entirely
understand the thought of her fucking`someone else really excited
me. She agreed to explore the possibility and I suggested we visit
a local swingers club. After explaining what it was and that it was
only a place to meet other people with the same thoughts, she
consented to visit the club. The following week we decided to visit
the club, which was really a private club with a bar that was
located in a hotel, and as she dressed after her shower I noticed
that she had purchased some new underwear and was carefully dressing
in a very provocative skirt and blouse outfit with garters and a
french cut bra.

When we arrived the place was just like any other bar except that on
this particular Friday night and all other Friday nights it was a
private club that was frequented by swingers and a dues was
collected and there was a cover charge. We paid and went in only to
discover that it was just like any other bar except that there were
only couples being admitted. Later in the history of this club, and
at the urging of its members, single men were also admitted on
Friday nights. We met a few different couples and discussed all the
usual stuff, politics, jobs, kids and eventually even a little
discussion on sex. One of the couples we met were a couple our age
and the man, Bill, owned his own trucking company. The ladies name
was Dora and she did not seem to be as interested in us as Billl
was. We eventually agreed to leave with them to get something to
eat and on the trip to the restaurant in Bills big Caddilac, I sat
in the back with Dora while my wife Linda sat in front with Bill.

We sat close to our respective partners for the ride and it turned
me on when Bill put his arm around my wife. Dora told me during the
ride that she was not Bills wife, was his sometimes mistress and she
had not wanted to come to the club when Bill told her what kind of a
club it was.

I was disappointed because I knew my wife would not want to do
anything with someone who was cheating on his wife and had a
mistress. At the restaurant my wife and Bill sat together and I
could tell she was really excited by the prospect of getting fucked
by this new and good looking man, whose wife would be fucking me in
the swap. At the restaurant Dora made it apparent that she wanted
to leave and return to their hotel room to sleep because she was not
feeling well. My wife was obviously disappointed because she was
sure that would call off the swap if Bills wife wasn't included in
the deal. They left to use the bathroom and left my wife and I
alone. I told her he was married and she was not his wife and she
said that she could not do anything with him knowing that but, that
was O.K. because Dora obviously did not want to swap and that would
nix the deal anyway. I told her that if she would recall our
conversations I wanted her to fuck another man and Bill seemed to
fit that bill.

I got her to promise to not make a snap decision and that she should
think it over while we drove back to the hotel to get our car and to
keep an open mind. As we left the restaurant Bill again made sure
Linda was up front with him. He was obviously very disappointed
that Dora was not going along with his try to get her into swinging
and was also`very obviously turned on greatly by my wife Linda. As
we drove along I tried to interest Dora in some necking which I
hoped would lead to more, but she wasn't interested. In the front
seatthings were heating up as I could tell Bill was finger fucking
my wife. I made sure Dora was distracted so she wouldn't make a
scene. I was really turned on to be in the back seat of a car while
the driver, a strange man we had met only hours before, was finger
fucking my wife as he drove down the road. I could smell her wet
pussy and Dora finally realized what was going on and told me I was
sick to allow my wife to be used by another man with my knowledge
and help.

When we returned to the motel Bill parked in the parking lot next to
my car in the back lot. I told them I would walk Dora to their room
if he wanted to have another drink with us and Bill and Linda agreed
to wait in the car while I walked Dora to their room. She was really
pissed off at Bill but he didn't seem to care nor did I. When I
returned to the parking lot I could make out Bill and my wife making
out in the front seat. I silently approached the car from the
passenger side. The windows were down because it was a comfortable
Spring night. Bill had Linda's tits out and was sucking her nipple
as he finger fucked her. He saw me approach and I waved to him to
continue as though I were not there. Linda did not know I had
returned and was very distracted by what Bill was doing to her. She
was very clearly enjoying herself immensely. Because we were in an
isolated area of the parking lot we could see if anyone approached
us so I leaned against my car and took out my dick and jacked off as
I watched my wife getting finger fucked by this stranger.

What a tremendous turn on this was to me and although I didn't
understand why I was enjoying seeing my wife with another man I knew
I had never before been this turned on. I continued to watch as my
wife took out Bills dick and bent down to suck it into her mouth. I
came all over the side of Bills car when I saw this. Before long I
was hard again and opened the passenger door to get in. When I did
this it startled my wife, who did not know I had been watching, and
the interior light came on. She turned to me with saliva on her
lips that were red from the sucking she had been giving him. Her
blouse was open with her beautiful tits hanging out and her skirt
was around her waist with Bills fingers still inserted in her very
hairy cunt. She was startled and there was a look of fear on her
face as she realized I had caught her with another man.

I kissed her and told her I loved her and that I wanted her to
continue what she was doing because she was obviously enjoying it
immensely. She looked at me quizzically and I told her that at that
moment and in her present state of arousal and undress she was the
most beautiful thing on the face of the planet. She gave me a
knowing smile and turned to Bill and kissed him. She asked if he
would like to come home with us for a "nightcap" and he said he
would. She wanted to ride with him and so I followed them. It was
apparent that he continued to finger fuck her all the way to the
house and occasionally she would dip her head to his lap and suck
his cock. I had my cock out jacking off all the way home because I
was so excited at the prospect of watching my wife fuck this
stranger and making my fantasies come true. She was very clearly
really getting into it and enjoying herself. Inside the house I
checked on the kids while Bill and Linda got fresh drinks and went
to the family room. By the time I got there they were on the couch
making out. Linda again gave me that startled look and I again
reassured her that if she was having a good time she should

They did continue and I sat on the love seat across from them and
watched as they slowly undressed each other and licked and sucked
every inch of each others body. I watched as she slowly engulfed his
cock in her mouth and as he laid her back and ate out her cunt and
ass. I stepped forward and inserted my dick into her mouth and let
her suck me off while he ate her. Next he laid her back on the couch
and got between her legs to begin fucking her. I got down close so
I could get a good view and then I reached out and took his dick,
saying "let me do that" as I inserted his cock into my wife's pussy
and he slowly started fucking her. Nothing had ever excited me as
much as that moment when I placed the strangers cock at my wife's
pussy opening and watched as his dick began fucking her.

I had to leave quickly because one of the kids was getting out of
bed and coming down the stairs. By the time I got things settled
Bill was leaving as my wife kissed him at the front door while stark
naked. I commented on this after he left and she said she felt so
wonderful and free that she didn't care if the neighbors saw. She
had been a real slut she said and had thoroughly enjoyed it. We got
in bed and I told her that I wasn't done and when I stared to go
down and eat her pussy she told me she had not washed after Bill
came in her. I told her that excited me and proceeded to suck his
cum from her pussy. It really excited her that I wanted to eat a
man's cum from her freshly fucked pussy.

About a month later I returned from a business trip and Linda told
me she had to have the telephone company send and a repair man out
because there was a problem with the phone wiring in our house. She
said the repair man was very good looking and he had somewhat made a
pass at her. She knew she was safe because our daughter was home at
the time and, besides, he didn't come on really strong, just made
subtle hints and looked at her tits as they talked while he repaired
a bad phone jack. She admitted she hadn't done anything to
discourage him and did in fact stay in the bedroom where he was
working and talked to him as he worked. She also said she was
wearing a sun dress, because it was a hot summer day, and the dress
had only thin spaghetti straps with a low neckline.

She also said that she made sure he got a look at her tits. She
told me it had really turned her on to tease this cute guy and flash
her cleavage to him. That night in bed as I was licking her tits
and pussy I asked her if she would like to have the phone repair man
doing this and she said "yes". After we finished our sex session,
which included a lot of talk about what she and the repair man would
have done together if they had been alone, I asked her if she would
like to fuck the repair man. She said she didn't want to make me
mad at her but since I had awakened her hidden sexual desires she
had realized she did, in fact, desire to fuck other men, and
particularly the phone repair man. I told her I could not explain
why, but, the thought of her fucking someone else really did turn me
on, as I had told her before. She said that she really enjoyed our
night with Bill, but, because we hadn't talked about it and I hadn't
asked her to go to the club again that she was afraid to be the one
to bring up the subject.

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