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Soccer Mom Cucks Hub In The Parking Lot

Jun 28, 2007

By Kimmy Lee

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The soccer mom in her late 30 and early 40s must be the typical
profile. My wife and I had been married for 15 years, 2 kids and our
sex life was getting pretty boring. I had cheated her on her twice and
as I found out later after the cuckolding she cheated on me 3 times.
She was 37 at the time and I was 42. I found a Hot Wives site on the
Net and become fascinated with the idea of my wife being with another
man. I also had thoughts of swinging. My wife had taken care of herself
over the years but had gained a few extra pounds since the kids. She
still looked pretty good but had turned a tad conservative.

She later told me after her last affair she had decided to stop of the
monkey business and focus on being a "good mother" and "wife". During
this period I introduced the "Hot Wife" fantasy in the bedroom. At
first she was kind of cool to the idea but warmed up as time went on.
One night in bed after pestering her for about a month she looked at me
said "alright I will go along with this but its just fantasy". I agreed
and she loosened up and things got pretty hot in fantasy land.

We would use our male friends but I noticed the hottest turn on for her
was when we started doing stranger type of fantasies. Meeting guys at a
bar or restaurants and fucking them in a hotel room was her favorite.
Around the same time I discovered a cuckold site on the net. At first I
didn't think of myself as a cuck but the more I read I saw the
characteristics and though I didn't want to admit it I was small and
enjoyed being submissive sexually. I began using more and more larger
dildo?s on my wife and object at all. In fact she always came with the
dildo?s but rarely with my dick.

I brought up the cuckold scenario and to my surprise she wasn't prudish
about it at all. She even went to several of the sites and educated
herself. One idea she enjoyed was me taking her shopping for sexy
clothes. Which I gladly did and we had so much fun picking out her new
slut outfits. We even went out to a few bars with her dressed sexy and
she danced with guys and when we got home we would fantasize about her
fucking them.

One day I told her I wanted her to do this for real. She got mad and
things were strained for the next few weeks. I sent her flowers from
work on a Friday afternoon apologizing with a note asking her to go out
that night . When I got home she had sent the kids to my parents and
was dressed in her bar outfit already drinking. I looked at her kind of
odd and said "what's up". She said, "this is what you wanted isn't it
Mark,?" You want me to dress like a slut and go find a man don't you?"
I thought it was one of those set up questions your wife asks you like
"honey I don't like my new haircut what do you think?"

I hesitated and she said take me to dinner and then drop me off at the
lounge. You can either wait in the car or come home until I call you. I
didn't want to wait and when I tried to object she said "take it
leave it". I could tell she was a little tipsy already. Finally I
figured she was just bluffing and went along with her. We find a small
place and got a bite to eat I drove to the lounge. It was a Holiday Inn
Lounge that had DJ's and Live Bands for an older crowd like us. I
pulled into the parking lot and she said, "Drop me off at the
entrance and I will call you later". I started to get a little upset
by this whole charade and told her so. She finally agreed that I could
come in later but she wanted about an hour to see what happened. I was
told to sit at the bar not approach her and if nothing happened she
would approach me. For the first time I realized she was serious.

My heart started racing, she grabbed her purse and leaned over and
kissed me and said "I mean it Mark don't screw this up or I will never
do it again" and she left. My head was spinning because I did not
expect this from her. I thought she was teasing me the whole time. I
tried to drive around but I felt my first cucky angst and could not
concentrate. I was jealous, hurt and excited all at the same time. I
finally drove back to the parking lot and sat. I started rubbing my
dick thinking about her inside there and wandering what she was doing.
I thought about some of the guys she had danced with before and we had
fantasized about afterwards. Part of me wanted her to do something but
I have to admit another part of me did not. Deep down I hoped that this
was another form of teasing.

I waited an hour exactly and walked into the lobby. My hands were
shaking and were weak. I wasn't sure what I was going to find when I
walked in the lounge. I did a quick scan of the room and didn't notice
her. The place was packed but I did find a spot at the end of the bar
and sat down and ordered a drink.

There was a band that night and they were playing a slow blues song and
the dance floor was crowded. I turned my chair to look for her again. I
was scanning all the tables around the dance floor and she was no where
to be found. I started to get worried when I noticed a large black man
in the middle of the dance floor towering over my wife. I was fucking
floored. Out of all this things I thought about for the last hour this
was the last thing I expected. We had never fantasized about a black
man and there she was in his arms. They were getting very friendly. He
was caressing her hair and she was up against his body moving in slow
rhythm to the music.

I got scared and my angst went through to roof. The song stopped and
they went back to a table and sat very close to each other. I wanted
her to stop this right now! It was hard to see what they were doing
through the crowd but I could see that she was laughing and smiling as
he was touching her hand. I tried to get her to notice me at the bar. I
wanted to get her attention and get her away from him so I could tell
her to stop. She was to infatuated with him and never noticed me
sitting there alone. I sat there in a daze for a few songs telling
myself all kinds of things. I finally convinced myself she was just
flirting and would not do anything. I needed to calm down or I would
screw this up.

Another slow played and they got up and started dancing. She had her
head pressed into his chest as he caressed her hair as they moved to
the song. At one point she leaned her hard back and he leaned over and
kissed her softly. I knew I was in trouble at the moment because she
kissed him back. There was my "fucking wife" making out with a
black man in front of everyone. I thought about going onto the dance
floor and cutting it but I was too nervous. Then I thought maybe I
should just go home and wait for her to call me. I was tormented and
had no idea what I should do. I saw him whisper something in her ear
and she laughed. She leaned her head back again and he was talking to
her and she was nodding yes to whatever her was asking her.

The song ended and he took her hand and walked into the lobby. I
panicked and almost fell off my chair trying to follow them. They
walked out of the lobby into the parking lot. I waited in the lobby for
a few seconds not wanting to be too conspicuous. I walked out the
entrance and looked left and then right. I saw them getting into an SUV
at the end of the parking lot. I thought "oh fuck their leaving this
had gone too far". I reached into my pocket and pulled at my cell to
call her and tell her stop it. Her phone rang and rang but the bitch
didn't answer it. As I stood there like a fool I realized that they
weren't leaving either.

What the hell were they doing? I was just standing there and I wanted
to get closer. My car was parked in the row in back of them about 10
cars down. I decided to get in my car to see if I could see anything. I
couldn't make much out just some movement. I thought about driving by
and maybe she would see the car and stop whatever the hell she was
doing. I was a ball of confusion and then as luck would have it a car
in the row in front of them pulled out. I had never started my car so
fast and pulled out and went to the spot and parked. I tried to adjust
my rear view mirror to see in the front of the SUV. I could see better
but it was still hard to make out what they were doing except for

Finally my eyes adjusted and I could see their silhouettes in the
mirror and there was certain spot near the middle of the dash where a
street light was shining in and I could make them out. I could see she
was leaning over to the driver's seat kissing him. I took a few deep
breaths and tried to calm down. I knew I wasn't going to stop whatever
was going to happen without making a fool out of myself and my wife. I
started this and I needed to just accept it and wait it out.

I watched through the mirror and started rubbing my dick. Maybe they
would just make out. I noticed a couple come out of the lobby and began
walking our way. My heart felt like it was going to explode as I
worried they would see them. The couple stopped and got into a car and
I thought "whew". I don't know what I was worried about them getting
caught or me spying on them, I was crazy.

I looked back in the mirror and my wife was gone. I looked around the
parking lot and didn't see her anywhere and looked back in the mirror
and all I could make out was him sitting in the driver's seat. Then I
saw the outline of her ass pop up over the dashboard in the driver's
seat. The bitch was on her knees leaning over sucking his cock and he
was leaning back enjoying it. "Who was this woman", I thought to
myself. I saw him reach his hand over and rub her ass and she was
moving to his touch.

I tried to relax and began rubbing my dick again. I couldn't believe
what a slut she was and the more I thought about it the harder my dick
grew. I sat here for a few minutes trying to observe as much movement
as I could and imagined in my mind what she must have looked like with
his big black cock in her mouth. I noticed some movement and the
driver's door opened and he got out. I thought to myself finally they
must be done but I didn't see her. He opened the back door and got
into the back seat. She must have crawled into the back seat. I started
to get frustrated because now I couldn't see anything and I could
only imagine what they were doing. I was getting pissed and was hoping
she was only sucking him when I noticed the SUV begin to rock. The
bitch was fucking him.

I just sat there paralyzed for awhile watching the SUV rock. I thought
about just leaving and going home and leaving her there to find her own
way home. I sat there for what seemed like an eternity. The SUV finally
stopped moving and I tried to see what was going on but I could not
make anything out. Eventually the book door on the driver's side
opened and they both got out. I could see her trying to straighten
herself when he leaned forward and kissed her and then he got into the
SUV and drove off. I noticed her walking in back of the SUV as he drove
away. She was looking for me. I got out and yelled at her, she looked
up and began walking toward the car. I didn't want to make a scene in
the parking lot so I got back into the car and waited for her. She got
into the passenger side and her hair and make up was all messed up. She
smiled at me as I sat there stewing. "I didn't know you were here
honey" she said giggling. She was about half drunk. I was always
someone who held everything inside. She reached over and began rubbing
my dick through my pants, I wanted to pull away but she leaned into me
a kissed me. I could smell his cologne on her and her breath tasted
salty with alcohol on it. She kept rubbing my dick and I found myself
giving into her. She whispered into my ear "I did it baby" and all
I could do was groan. I reached under her skirt and her panties were
gone and her cunt was soaked. She leaned back and moaned softly "oh
baby". I wanted her right there and there. I slid my two fingers into
her gaping pussy and looked at her and demanded, "Did you fuck him,
did you fuck him slut". My voice was rising as I shoved my fingers
angrily into her cunt. She came right back at me raising her voice,

"Yes, I fucked him and enjoy it, your wife was a fucking slut". I
almost dropped my load right then and there. I leaned over top of her
in the seat as I shoved my fingers to the hilt and said, "You fucking
whore, you left me waiting while you sucked and fucked his big black
cock" She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her lips and
kissed me. She began cumming like crazy in the seat shoving her tongue
into my mouth. The intensity in the car was unbelievable. She opened
her eyes and said to me, "Take me home and fuck me you bastard"!

That night I became a cuckold.

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