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Watching My Wife

Jul 4, 2007

By Mikeycs281

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He was fucking her doggy style, his big black dick slapping into her
pussy, his balls pressing against her engorged clit as he buried his
shaft deep inside her with each stroke. Allison was lost in ecstasy,
her face flushing read as she gasped for breath and moaned

"Oh god that's it, fuck me harder. Hmmm yes, fuck me with that big
cock" She hissed as his strokes grew faster, until he was banging her
like a piston. "Oh fuck! Yes!" Allison screamed and I knew she was
cumming hard. As her body quaked he began to cum, holding his dick
deep in my wife's pussy as he filled her with his seed.

As he began to withdraw his softening penis I baked out of the
doorway, afraid of being seen. The last thing I saw was his dick slip
out of Allison's gaping pussy, followed by a trickle of his cum. He
had been riding my wife bareback.

As I crept out of the house I reflected on what I had just witnessed
and my reaction to it. Our relationship had been founded on love more
than sex, and recently, I admit, we had got out of the routine of
intercourse. My reaction to this lack of sex was prolific
masturbation. I never once considered that Allison would react by
fucking around while I was at work. And my reaction? Why hadn't I
stormed in and demanded a retribution when I came home from work early
to find my wife cuckolding me with a black stud? Well I am ashamed to
say it turned me on. My cock was throbbing hard as I watched and the
image of that big black cock sliding into Allison's pussy, wet with a
mixture of their cum played through my mind, both tormenting and
teasing me.

I drove around for a couple of hours, fantasising about what I had
just witnessed before eventually pulling up on the drive as normal. My
hand shook as I opened the door for the second time that afternoon.
But this time I was not greeted by groaning noises from upstairs but
by Allison with her normal warm hug and casual conversation.

That night we had some of the best sex in years.

Over the next few days life was shockingly normal. Despite what I had
witnessed I still loved Allison and wanted to be with her. The only
negative was I felt my secret discovery, and my fantasies of her with
other men could grow between us if I didn't find a way of sharing them
with her.

That weekend Allison had planned a day shopping with her sister. I
kissed her good buy and, as she pulled off the drive I booted up the
PC and started searching the web. The stories & pictures I found of
cuckoldry were a real turn on and, with my dick in my hand, I began to
understand more about the sub culture of wives and their willing
cuckold husbands. The more I read the more I wanted to be part of
this, and share Allison's need to fuck other guys. I found myself
reading stories of husbands sharing their wives, and personals for
wives seeking afternoon fun.

I did not recognise her picture at first. 'Sex starved young wife
looking for big cocks' was the headline to the ad. I clicked through
before I realised that the headless body pictured in a provocative
pose with legs splayed and pussy held open was my wife. '30 something
good looking wife needs a little extra while husband at work', the ad
went on, 'big black cocks preferred, but a picture guarantees a
response'. Below the ad was an email address and a link to a website.

My mind was racing as I clicked the link and 'OK'ed the adult content

The screen filled with an image of my wife, naked with her legs open
and a huge black dildo penetrating her pussy. Her face was obscured by
a pair of dark sunglasses (my Animal wrap arounds!) but she was
smiling to the camera.
'Welcum to my site!' the masthead proclaimed. I looked down the
navigation options, 'Biog, Gallery, Guestbook, Contact Me'
I clicked on Blog.

Another picture of Allison filled the screen. In this one she is
straddling a black guy, his dick buried in her pussy to the hilt. From
the perspective I guess he had taken the picture, and from the red
flushes across Allison's chest and neck I guess they had been fucking
for some time.

The text overlaid the image. 'I love my husband', the headline read,
'but I need that little bit extra'. It went on to describe Allison's
physical characteristics before listing her desires.

'I love big black cocks and VWE men', it read, 'I want to be treated
well but fucked hard. I am into most things except watersports and
pain. I love oral, anal and, with special friends, riding bareback'.

My heart raced as I clicked on the Gallery link.

Gradually the screen filled with pictures of my beloved wife being
fucked by other men.

My dick throbbed in my hand as I clicked through the images of my wife
cheating on me. Pictures of guys cumming over her face, of their seed
dripping from her pussy; of black cocks penetrating her pussy and ass
and finally, pictures of two guys fucking her at once, one in her
pussy and one in her ass. The last picture, taken from between her
legs showed thick white sperm dripping from her pussy and ass as she
smiled down to the camera. This last picture tipped me over the edge
and my cock exploded, sending hot streams of cum cascading over the
keyboard and screen.

I cursed and reached into my pocket for my handkerchief but a gentle
cough from behind me made me freeze in my tracks. I spun round on my
chair, my now flaccid cock still hanging out of my trousers, and saw
Allison standing in the doorway.

"So you know then?" she said as I stood up. Then she just ran towards
me and hugged me, bursting into tears as she did. I held her for ages
as she sobbed on my shoulder. She just kept whispering, "I love you"
and "I'm sorry" over and over.
"It's Ok", I whispered as she began to calm, "I don't mind".
She sniffed a little and looked up at me, her face smeared with tears.
"What did you say?" she sobbed.
"I said I don't mind"
"So you're not going to leave me?" she sobbed.
"No way!" I held her close, "you saw me playing with myself, those
pictures turned me on"
"Really?" She looked at me quizzically.
"Yes", I said, really" and holding her tight I explained how I had
watched her and how turned on I was at the thought of watching her
"You serious?" She asked when I had finished by saying I wanted to
watch her fuck other men.
"Sure am", I reached down between her legs, slipping my hand up the
gypsy skirt she was wearing. Instinctively she opened them a little
and I began to massage her pussy beneath the material of her panties.
"I want to watch you take a big cock in here", I whispered, pulling
her panties to one side and running my finger along her now sopping
wet slit. "I want to watch another guy slip his cock in you and fuck
you hard", I continued as I slipped two fingers into her pussy and
massaged her clit with my thumb, "I want to see you cum again and
again as you are fucked by one, no two, huge black cocks".
"God I love you", Allison whispered as we collapsed onto the floor,
fucking there and then, still fully clothed.

We were both so exited we wasted no time fulfilling our newly
discovered fantasy. With my cum still dripping from her pussy Allison
logged onto her secret email account and showed me her list of
contacts. She played with my cock, and I with her pussy, as she
explained she had fucked ten or more guys over the last few months. I
got her to describe the guys she had on her contacts list and explain
who was who in the pictures. She showed me her secret gallery of
hundreds of images taken of her fucking. Finally she showed me her
contacts list and picked up the phone.

A few hours later, as the sun began to set, the doorbell rang.

"Are you sure you want this?" Allison asked as she went to open it.
"Yes", I replied, although my heart was beginning to race.

Allison was dressed in a tight black dress that showed her figure to
the max. She wiggled her hips a little as she went to open the door. I
heard the door open and a muffled conversation before the door shut
and she lead a tall black guy into the living room. He raised his
eyebrows a little on seeing me but didn't say anything. Allison
introduced me as John and sat the black guy, Carl, down on the sofa
opposite where I was sitting. He had no idea who I was.

He accepted her offer of a beer and his eyes followed her out of the
room as she went to fetch them, leaving me alone with her lover. It
was a strange feeling knowing this guy was here for one reason only,
to fuck my wife.

"So have you fucked Allison before?" I asked casually.

"Yeah", her replied, "couple of times"

"Is she hot?"

"Best pussy I've had in a long time", he replied, "you fucked her
before?" He asked.

"Yeah", I replied smiling as Allison returned to the room.

"He sure has", Allison interjected, "but obviously not enough!"

"Sorry Carl, I should have told you", she continued, "John's my husband"

"Holy shit!" Carl said, jumping to his feet looking frightened.

"It's Ok" I said.

"Yes, don't worry Carl", Allison said soothingly, "John knows and is
ok with it".

She moved real close to him and, with her body pushed against his and
her hand on the bulge in his jeans, she said, "He wants to watch us".

"No shit? Carl said looking at me. I just nodded.

Allison began to gyrate against him and rubbed his dick through his
jeans. She pushed him back on the sofa and kissed him as she unhooked
his belt and began to release his fly buttons. Carl soon forgot about
me and lent back in the sofa as my wife eased his dick out of his
jeans. I was stunned how big it was. I know my dick is quite small at
5 inches but seeing his monster dick in Allison's hand made me realise
there were some things I could never give her.

Allison looked over to me and I nodded my approval. She opened her
mouth and slowly took Carl's huge black cock deep into her throat. My
cock throbbed at the sight of my beautiful wife going down on his huge
black cock. I had expected to feel pangs of jealousy, but I did not, I
just felt an intense sense of love and desire for Allison. As she
sucked his cock Carl slipped his hand up Allison's skirt, pulling it
up over her ass, and began to finger her pussy, first running his
fingers along the length of her slit before plunging his index finger
into her tight pussy. Allison groaned with delight and, still sucking
his dick, began to pull Carl's Jeans and t-shirt off. When he was
finally naked she stood and pulled her dress over her head.

"Are you ready for this?" She asked me.
"God yes honey", I replied, "fuck him hard while I watch you"

This was all the encouragement she needed. She knelt on the sofa
facing me and guided Carl's huge black cock towards her pussy. I could
no longer bear the throbbing in my boxers and released my cock into my
hand as my wife impaled herself on Carl's manhood. Then, as I stroked
my cock, my wife began to fuck her black lover, smiling at me as she
slid up and down his pole.

Allison fucked him in a number of positions while I watched. She was
watching me most of the time and my presence seemed to increase her
pleasure, driving her to increasingly violent orgasms. After a while I
could not hold back any longer and went over to the sofa to get a
closer look. Carl was laying along the sofa with Allison riding him
cowgirl. As she fucked her black lover I gave her a passionate kiss,
before kneeling near her and watching close up as Carl's dick pounded
into her pussy. As he fucked her I put my hand on Allison's tummy and
felt his big cock moving within her. I knew I was about to cum and
sensing this Allison grabbed my dick and took me into her mouth.

As soon as I felt her hot lips on my dick I began to cum, pumping my
seed into her mouth as Carl fucked her. As Allison was swallowing the
last of my cum Carl grunted that he was cumming. I watched closely as
he filled my wife with his cum, his white seed oozing out of Allison's
pussy as they continued to fuck.

My face was only inches from Allison's pussy as she lifted herself off
Carl's shrinking member. She sat on the edge of the sofa and motioned
me closer. Her pussy was still gaping from the big cock it had taken
and I could see his cum deep in her black hole. As I watched a drip of
his cum trickled out of Allison's pussy and she reached down and
scooped it in her fingers the licked it off greedily. Hen she scooped
up some more cum on her fingers, but this time she held it towards me.

"Smell it", she suggested. I took a deep sniff of the scent, then
surprised myself by sticking out my tongue and tasting it. Allison
gasped at what she saw and looked down with such list in her eyes it
spurred me on. Ever since I had started looking at the cuckold
websites I wondered what it would be like to taste another mans cum on
my wife's pussy. Now was my chance.

As Allison held her pussy open with her fingers I began to lick her
out, scooping Carl's cum up with my tongue and swallowing it down.
Allison began to play with her clit and was soon cumming hard as I
licked her out. Her orgasm drove me on and I licked her hard and deep,
trying to reach deep into her pussy with my tongue.

Finally, inspired by a picture I had seen on the net, I scooped the
last of Carl's cum on my tongue and pulled Allison's face towards
mine. We kissed passionately sharing the taste of Carl's cum, knowing
our life would never be the same again.
To be continued???

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