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Aug 30, 2007

By gbgkille81

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You see I married a man who has a very small penis. It has been a nightmare
having to endure his pathetic attempts to please me sexually. Damn, where
can a girl get some BIG cock....possibly big Black cock?

One day I happened to notice a moving van parked in front of the vacant
house at the end of our street and the "For Sale" sign had been removed. New
neighbors? Well I just I will have to go over there and be a good neighbor
and welcome them to the street! It might be nice having a new girlfriend to
go shopping with! So boring in the suburbs.

Since Howard was working a late, knew there might be a chance to masturbate
with my new 14" Black dildo. My pussy was still dripping wet from watching
that adult XXX video featuring that porn star with the big Black cock
fucking a White housewife! Wow, I wish I could be her for a day or two. Of
course Howard had to handle his cock and balls ,or should I say the three
little balls that spit a dribble of cum, while watching the video and
telling me he would love to see me get some big Black cock of my own!

As I looked out the window I could see just the moving guys taking out
furniture and other boxes from the moving van and going inside the house. "
Oh well, maybe I will stop by later on in the week and say welcome."

Next thing I knew, I heard my doorbell ring. I went to open the door
forgetting I was my robe, and saw the most handsome Black man standing
there. "Hello, I'm Anthony, your new neighbor!" he said in a deep sexy
voice. "Can I use your phone? Mine isn't turned on yet." He seemed to look
right though that robe as he stood there.

My hands motioned him into the house, I was almost speechless! I did manage
to say, "I'm Rita". Once Anthony was in the house, I bought him the phone
and asked if he would like to use the study for his call. "Sure that would
be fine" he said. Could he hear my heat beating out of control or sense my
pussy becoming extremely wet? "Of course not", hearing a voice in my head. I
showed Anthony to the study and he made his phone call.

I was sitting on the couch in the living room and asked Anthony to join me
for a drink. He sat down next to me, he put his hand on my thigh and said,"
Let's fuck". "I noticed how wet your pussy was and I want to drink your
juice!" He spread my legs wide open, pulled the robe back off my shoulders,
and devoured my box until I was streaming hot white cum into his awaiting
mouth! Anthony knew how to use his big 12" monster cock inside my cunt and
ass too!

Howard will be tasting Anthony's cum when he is licking my pussy tonight,
because he shot hot loads deep inside! Soon I will be fucking Anthony's
massive hard Black cock in front of Howard that cuckold husband of mine!

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