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Black Balled

Dec 13, 2007

By gobstopper97

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How I got home from the hospital I?ll never know. The last thing I remember was leaving the delivery room, still in the green scrubs and walking out the front door. Looking down at my watch I realized that was three hours ago.

Almost in slow motion, I got out of the car and entered the house through the back kitchen door. Throwing the keys on the counter, I opened the refrigerator, took out a cold beer and poured into a tall glass.

As I sat at the counter, I could feel my cell phone vibrating in my pocket. Taking it out, I could see it was my dad?s cell number. Closing it, I set it on the counter next to the keys. Seconds later the home phone began to ring. ?Fuck, why won?t they just leave me alone?? The phone went silent after 10 rings and I unplugged it

Looking around at the kitchen I thought to myself, ?I really love this house.? It had taken me two years of sweat and hard work to take basically a dump and turn it into a work of art and for what?

I wanted; no I needed it quiet. No phones, no radio or TV, I just wanted silence for now. I had too much fucking shit running through my fucking brain right now and just needed to clear my head and make sense of today?s events. I also needed sleep but I knew that wasn?t going to happen anytime soon.

Finishing my first beer, I opened another. I can still hear Vicki?s words, ?Jim don?t fill up on beer because I?ve got a great dinner planned and I?ll expect you to be at your best for tonight?s activities.? She said with a wink. I?d then grab her from behind, cop a few feels and say, ?well I know what I want to eat for dinner.? Ninety percent of the time she?d win and I?d turn on the TV to watch the news while she fixed dinner but the other ten percent though, well lets just say, dinner was hours late.

After dinner and dishes it was time for desert. Being newly weds, I tell her, ?it?s an unwritten law that we were required to have hot sex 6 days per week.? ?Ya right? she?d say, ?and on the 6th day God rested too right?? Then I?d chase her around the house until I caught her and christened another room.

Shit those were the good days of newly wed bliss now gone forever. With two beers down, I need to take a piss bad. Hitting the upstairs bathroom I relieved myself and caught my reflection in the mirror. ?Jim my boy? I said to myself, ?you look like shit.?

Moving down the hall into the bedroom, I kicked off my shoes, stripped off my shirt and lay down on the bed, still unmade from last night. Grabbing her pillow, bringing it to my nose I inhaled. It still smelled like her. It was as though still in bed beside me.

Closing my eyes I remembered the good times. The weekend trips to the beach, the fun and laughter and the sex. Oh yes the sex, now that was worth remembering. Vicki was an old fashion girl who was not going to give it up until her wedding night. Having had my share of women, I thought ?ya right? that will only last so long. Most girls say that until you get them hot and into bed. However, Vicki was more stubborn than I ever dreamed.

While dating we did everything and I do mean everything but fuck. Vicki loved to give head and she was really good at it. As she put it, giving a guy a blowjob to get him off was a lot easier than fighting with him to keep her virginity. After all, in the end, it was all about getting off one way or another wasn?t it?

Some girls did it because they thought it was expected. Vicki did it because she really liked it. It gave her a feeling of power, in that, she would control when and if the guy got off. She loved to cup the sack with one hand and run her tongue up the ridge to the head a couple of times before she?d pop it into her warm wet mouth.

She was never in a hurry. At times I pleaded and begged her to finish me off, but she always did it at her pace. Vicki used just enough saliva to keep up a good friction but not too much as to lose the good feeling of being sucked.

She would keep her lips locked tightly together and push my cock between them. It felt just light a tight pussy. She?d moved up and down on my prick, slurping, moaning and finished each stroke by sucking on the head.

With one hand she?d be gentling massaging the boys and with saliva dripping down the sides of my cock, she?d use that to lubricate and rub my asshole. With the other hand, she?d keep a firm grip on the base of my cock. If I started to get too close, she?d stop sucking for a moment and squeeze the base of my cock to bring me back to earth. Sometimes she?d do this for what seemed like hours. Eventually she?d relent and finish me off.

We could both feel it building up. When I exploded, she kept slurping and sucking way past the last spurt until I had to pull her mouth away because it was way too tender for her to continue. Vicki always swallowed and never missed a drop. She?d jump up, give me a peck on the lips and announce, ?my turn.?

Vicki was always shaved smooth. She said she liked the feeling of nothing getting in the way of something touching her. She loved to have me use a fir mitten on her breasts and pussy before I did anything else. She just liked the feel of the mink glove being lightly stroked over her entire body.

When I could see she was starting to get wet, I?d take a few drops of massage oil and put them on both breasts and on the lips of her pussy. For a moment, I?d just let them drip down the nipples and the top of her slit to her hooded clit. With my fingertips I?d spread the oil first around each nipple. I?d twist each, making sure the oil had worked completely in and the friction had done its job of making the puppies stand straight up. I would finish by applying a little tongue action and gentling massaging her small breasts. Vicki didn?t have a models body more so that of a teenage girl. 34B?s, a slim waist and slightly wide hips; I think they call them baby making hips. Not a 10 but I loved it just the same.

I worked every square inch of her upper body over at least 10 times before moving to her honey pot. By now she was dripping from her pussy on to the sheets of the bed. I remember saying to myself, ?payback is a bitch girl.?

I moved down to the foot of the bed and pulled her down to me. The bed was too short and I wanted to be comfortable because I?d be here for a while. Kneeling on the floor, I spread her legs and draped them over the end of the bed. Her pussy was so wet it glistened. I ran a finger from her clit to her asshole and she just raised her ass to give me better access. This was going to be fun.

I started licking all around the outside of her pussy, which drove her nuts. She?d try to maneuver her pussy to where my mouth was so I?d lick her slit and clit. Having a hard time licking due to all the movement beneath me I felt it was time to go to the next level.

I drove my tongue all the way into her tight box right up to my lips. I heard a small gasp and the next thing I knew, I had a pair of hands at the back of my head pulling me closer if that was possible. Vicki ground that wet snatch all over my face to the point of putting a light glaze over my entire face.

Wanting to gain control of the action, I pulled legs up and over my shoulders. This gave me better access to the entire area. I began by licking her slit, from her button clit to her puckered asshole. When I wasn?t licking her clit, I was pulling the hood back and massaging it with my thumb.

God she was hot and now flowing nonstop. I kept this up for about 15 minutes and could tell she was really close. What drove her over the edge was when I stuck the first of two fingers in her pussy.

She climaxed almost immediately. I could feel her muscles tighten around my fingers and wished that my dick were in there instead of my fingers. Moving up, dick in hand, I placed it at the entrance to her pussy. Just as I was about to drive it home, Vicki sits up and announces, ?not yet big boy.? ?After we?re married you?ll have plenty of opportunities to break it in, but not now.?

?Fuck, I was almost there.? We cleaned up, talked for a while and fell asleep in each other?s arms.

Vicki moved in one month later and in less than four months we were married. It was a small wedding with just a few friends and family.

For my bachelor?s party Vicki had one rule, no strippers in the house. My two brothers got me drunk and took me to a strip club where I passed out. I?d never been much of a drinker and mixing beer and brandy was too much. The girls from work took Vicki out and I understand had one hell of a wild night. Looking at both of us the next day, you could see we weren?t party animals.

The wedding night was everything I?d dreamed it would be. It was romantic, sexy and an all out fuck fest for me. I got into a pussy I?d been waiting to tap for 6 months and even though I was pretty drunk I thought I performed gallantly.

Vicki on the other hand was almost shy. I thought by the time we hit the bed she?d be stripped down and jumping my bones. Maybe losing her cherry was hitting her a little more emotional than I thought. She got undressed and said she needed a shower but would only be a minute.

I lay on the bed for what seemed like hours. When she finally came out she turned out she turned off the lights and slipped into bed. We hugged, kissed and I licked her pussy until she was hot and flowing. I got in-between her legs and being very careful, slipped my dick in. All the way in, with one stroke.

I thought I?d have a hard time sticking it in, her being a virgin, but it went in with ease. We fucked away for hours. I don?t know how many times I came that night. Vicki moaned and thrashed beneath me and finally wrapped her legs tightly around my waist. I had wild women on my hands and it was worth the wait. We fell asleep sometime after two am I think. I woke up twice to make sure she was next to me and it wasn?t a dream.

I got up late the next morning. Vicki was already in the kitchen making coffee. I came down, snuck up behind her and kissed her on the back of the neck. ?Good morning Mrs. Davis? I said. She turned around and asked,?Was last night everything you thought it would be?? ?Yes it was, but shouldn?t I be the one asking you that question women??

She said it was wonderful making love fully with me for the first time and that I was everything she?d ever dreamed a husband would be. I told her that I loved her more than anything else and that we were going to have a beautiful life together. Then I chuckled that she could now get rid of that big vibrator because I thought it was going to be my job to break in that new pussy. Vicki just stared at me. ?It?s a joke hon, don?t get so uptight.? I dropped it after that.

Marriage was wonderful. She started to redecorate the bachelor pad into something a bit more feminine. With three bedrooms, we could have a guest room and one for any future additions to our family.

I?d hoped that we would wait a bit but the first month after the wedding Vicki missed her period. Thinking she was just a little late due to everything that was happening, we didn?t think anymore about it until the pregnancy test turned out positive.

Even though it wasn?t planned, I was overjoyed. ? Fucking cheap ass rubbers,? I thought to myself. At least now I?d be taking her bareback until the baby was born. Vicki, her mother and mine were beaming. The first grandchild was always a huge event.

By the middle of her eighth month all the work was done. Redecorated and even stocked with baby clothes; we were ready. We wanted the sex of the baby to be a surprise so we never asked the doctor. The only thing we knew is that the baby was going to be big. With a big baby, my chances were good that I?d have the baby boy I was hoping for.

That night the cramps started and her water broke on the way to the hospital. Everyone showed up there an hour after I called them. I had gone through the baby classes and was planning on being in the delivery room to welcome my son.

Vicki was in a lot of pain and had no intentions of doing a natural birth. We were in the labor room six hours before they wheeled us into the delivery room. Damm there were a lot of people in the delivery room. I was told to stand next to my wife?s head and be her coach. We pushed, we breathed, we bore down and finally I heard the wail of the baby.

The nurse looked at the doctor and then at me. I asked if everything was ok and if he had all his fingers and toes. The doctor said yes and that it indeed was a boy.

In the next split second, my life ended. The nurse lifted up the baby and my heart stopped. It was a boy, but he was dark skinned. I asked what was wrong with him and why was he so purple. The doctor then said, ?he?s not purple Mr. Davis, he?s black.? With that, I just walked out of the delivery room door. I could hear Vicki screaming something in the background, but I just kept walking.

So that?s where I am right now. It looks like someone got into my wife?s virgin pussy before me. Some black bastard got in there and stretched her out good before I had my chance.

Sometime during the next hour or so, I fell asleep, clothes and all. I woke up with a shit taste in my mouth and a headache to boot. Not being a drinker, four beers did the trick. Walking downstairs I noticed someone in the kitchen.

My dad said, ?thought you may need some coffee this morning so I picked us up some.? ?I let myself in, saw you were asleep so I just read the paper.? ?I knew you?d be up eventually.? He handed me my cup and I sat next to him at the counter.

My dad has a dry sense of humor and today was no exception. ?Any plans for today?? He asked. ?I just need to pack up a few things and get them out of the house? I replied. ?You want to help?? ?Sure, why not, I don?t have any pressing plans for today.? Without so much as looking at each other we both knew were each one of us stood. No questioning, no judging or discussion, he was there to help and support me in whatever I decided to do.

After coffee, dad went out to the garage and brought in a box of lawn and leaf trash bags and we went upstairs. I tossed and he bagged. In a matter of an hour, we?d filled up 20 bags of clothes and shoes. ?Anything else you want to get rid of?? he asked. ?Not right now, let?s just take these to the curb.? Garbage bags are awkward to carry and it took us ten trips to clear them out. ?How about a beer?? I asked.

As I popped the top of two beers, I noticed he was on his cell phone. Hanging up, he said he?d made arrangement to have the clothes picked up. ?Thanks for helping dad.? ?I don?t know if I could have done it alone.? ?No problem, I was glad to help.?

With that, he got up saying something about getting home before my mom woke up and to give her a call when I got the chance. ?She?s worried about you and wanted to make sure you didn?t do anything crazy.? ?I?ll just tell her your moving on with your life and leave it at that.? With that he left.

Twenty minutes later, Vicki?s dad and brother were at the curb picking up the trash bags; so that?s who dad called.

There was only one room left and that was the nursery. That was going to be the hardest. I took down the crib, dresser and all the clothes and piled them up on the back patio. I had no idea what I was going to do with them; I just wanted everything out of the house.

It was 8:00 before I turned my cell phone back on. I had 22 messages and 15 voice mails. One by one I deleted then all except a voice message from my boss who said that he heard what happened and to take off as much time as I needed. ?Just fucking great,? I thought to myself, it must be all over town by now.

It wasn?t until Sunday morning before Vicki called. I figured it?d taken her two days to get discharged and probably now knew what had transpired since the hospital. I picked up the phone and said nothing. I could hear her crying and all she said was ?I?m so sorry Jim.? ?I never meant for this to happen.? ?I need to see you honey.? I was so fucking mad by now I just said ?Vicki, you have no fucking idea how I feel right now.? and hung up.

Vicki called another five more times before I finally picked up again. ?I need to see you? she said, ?but I?m afraid.? ?Come over after 5:00 and we?ll talk? but don?t expect anything.

At ten to five, Vicki pulls up into the driveway and lets herself in. ?That?s another thing I?ve got to change, the locks? he thought to himself. ?I?m in the kitchen? I called out. If I looked bad, she looked worse. Her face looked shallow and white and her eyes were red from all the crying she?d been doing. She started with how sorry she was and that she was as surprised as I was and that it wasn?t planned and so on and so on until I told her to shut the fuck up.

?I just want to know why and when, that?s all? I said. Vicki again said it was an accident and that it wasn?t planned and only happened once. ?It was the night of my bachelorette party.? She proceeded to tell me how everyone was doing shots and getting pretty wild. The club had a male review that night and by the time the guys went on, most of the group was feeling no pain.

?They put me on stage and all the guys were dancing around and rubbing themselves on me.? ?All the girls were screaming and handing me dollars to put into their g-strings.? ?This went on for a while until one of the dancers picked me up and carried me to a booth in the back.? ?He told me it was time for my massage that the girls had chipped in for.? ?He turned me around and started massaging my shoulders and back.? ?It felt so good.? ?I was so drunk that he had my shirt opened and his hands all over my breasts before I even realized it.?

?By now his g-string was gone and he was stroking this monster of a black cock, it was the largest dick I?d ever seen.? ?It had to be 12 inches long and 2 inches around.? ?I had no intensions of fucking him but he was getting me so hot.? ?His hands were playing with my pussy under the table and I was too light headed to even stop him.?

?Like always, I thought if I got him off that would be the end of it.? ?It took both of my hands to handle this monster.? ?I strained just to get the first few inches in my mouth.? ?He kept pushing it deeper and deeper until I had about 8 inches down my throat.?

?I thought he was about to go off, when he picks me up and sits me on the edge of the table.? ?I know I said no, but he lifted up my skirt, pushed my panties to the side and shoved his cock in me.? ?I know I was screaming but he just kept pushing more and more of it into me.? ?I don?t know how long it went on, all I know is that I could feel him pounding all 12 inches into me.? ?When he eventually stopped and pulled out, I could she his cum dripping out of my pussy.?

?The next thing I knew, Sally from work was helping me off the table and asking me what happened.? ?I was so ashamed I said nothing only that I just wanted to go home.?

?I came home and took a long hot shower and thought I?d cleaned all his sperm out of me.? ?You were already in bed and asleep so I just climbed in bed next to you and went to sleep.? ?I told no one what happened between me and the dancer and tried my best to forget what happened.?

?When you turned up pregnant didn?t you think something was a little wrong since I was using protection all the time?? ?I was just hoping that we screwed up and that it was yours.? ?I?m sorry, I just don?t know what to say anymore.?

I could feel the anger bubbling up from inside. ?You fucking whore, you played the blow job game one too many times and got burned.? ?Deep inside I think you wanted to get fucked by that big bull after seeing his cock.? ?Hell you put yourself in that situation and got fucked, case closed.? She wasn?t even looking me in the eye anymore. ?How?s your new black baby boy?? ?I bet the family is really proud of you now.? I was saying anything now just to hurt her way she?d hurt me. The only difference, I felt nothing for her anymore and she still held out hope that we?d work through it.

?Vicki, why are you even here anyway?? ?You cheated on me, lied to me and made a mockery of our marriage.? ?I think that about covers it don?t you??

What she said next put me over the top. ?You know, we weren?t even married when it happened Jim.? I lost it. ?Two weeks before our wedding and your whoring around but that?s not cheating?? ?If you needed cock that bad you could have asked me, I would have gladly given you all you needed.? ?At least now I know why you were so damm stretched out and sloppy on our wedding night.? ?I guess you can?t expect a tight cunt after taking a bull cock that size.? ?Shit your probably tighter now after giving birth than you were on our wedding night.?

With that I backed Vicki against the wall, lifted up her skirt and ripped off her panties. I then stuck two fingers up her dry cunt. ?A little dry isn?t it, don?t you want me baby or would you rather have that big black dick again?? I could hear her whining, saying please don?t and something about stitches but I didn?t really give a shit.

Pushing Vicki to her knees, I said ?let me see how you sucked that black dick and shoved it between her lips.? I was doing nothing more than face fucking her. She?d gag a little; I?d pull it out and then shove it back in. She sure knew how to suck a dick but I had other plans. Pulling out, I pushed her over the kitchen table and pulled her skirt up over her waist. She screamed as I shoved it all the way into her dry cunt. ?I know it?s not 12 inches but you?ll just have to be satisfied with my 8 inches.? This wasn?t love making, but something just short of rape. I spit down on her asshole and shoved a finger up her brown hole as I pounded her.

As I pulled out, I noticed that my dick was coated with not only her juice but blood also. I placed it against her asshole and with my thumb and index finger, shoved the head in. Her whimpering turned into another scream. ?Nothing better than a virgin ass when there?s no virgin pussy around? I said.

I pounded her ass for what seemed like 10 minutes and then switched back to her pussy. By now she was just lying there taking whatever I was giving to her without any resistance. I could feel I was close and proceeded to pound her as hard as I possibly could.

When I exploded, every once of hate and sperm shot into her pussy. It was as though a huge weight had been lifted. It was done, finished and finally over. I pulled out and sat down on a kitchen chair, pants still around my knees.

Vicki gingerly stood up and pulled her skirt down. There were tears in her eyes but at this point I no longer cared and she knew it. ?I think I?ll leave now? is all she said and walked out to her car and drove away. I went out to the patio and poured lighter fluid on the crib and dresser and set them ablaze. Now it was totally over.

I went back to work on Monday. Even though I could hear the whispers behind my back, I didn?t care. I threw myself into my work and moved up the corporate ladder and within three years was a regional manager.

Vicki took her son and moved away somewhere. I guess my parents knew where but they never said. Rumor has it, she had another son, this time a white one, about nine months after she left town.

I have a new girl now who?s not saving it until she?s married thank god. I try not to think about the past but when I do, I sometimes smile to myself. ?Vicki really did know how to give a great blow job.?

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