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Jewish Glory Hole Wife

Jan 3, 2008

By goldiemt

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JEWISH GLORY HOLE WIFE By Dr. Bone who Sez: ?Ya gotta be an adult to read the story below.

My wife Beth was on her knees in front of the glory whole in my home office. She looked up at me nervously and asked ?Are you sure?? I nodded even as I knew the secret web camera I had set up was recording the whole thing. Then she took a deep breath and moved her head forward slowly towards the big black cocking front of her.

How did it come to all this? Let me go back a few weeks. First off I love my wife Beth; she is a great mother and wife, but when it came to driving. That is where she flunks.

I told Beth not to move the new car until the insurance paperwork was done, and what did she do? You got it, she backs it out of the driveway and was hit by a hit and run driver. When I came home that night the car was back in our garage, as if that would undo the damage. To say I was mad would be an understatement.

I took the car to my mechanic, the bill would be just under five thousand; and as we all know, the car is never the same afterward. It especially hurt that it was brand new. I told my wife the news and she could see how upset I was. ?Please honey it was an accident. Don?t be angry, I?m sorry.? But it all fell on deaf ears as I was so angry.

After a week she said the magic words ?Look I?ll do anything!? I gave her that look and she said ?Oh! Really?? she knew what I wanted, I wanted to see her jack off a big black stud while I watched, and maybe suck his cock also. Why only that? Why not have her fuck him also? I knew what Beth?s limits were. She was a bit prejudiced to begin with. Not that I wouldn?t like to see her uptight little cunt hole spread wide by a black stud.

Beth is in her early thirties but she could pass for somebody in her twenties, she is Jewish with small breasts and wears glasses. She has a tight little body (despite having two children) which she hides underneath her conservative, prudish clothing. Her face is cute with a small nose, brown wavy hair and blue eyes. In bed she can under the right persuasion be a little tigress.

She thought about it and said she might, if I could arrange it so the guy did not know what she looked like. This was on the off chance he might know her. I suggested a blindfold. She said he could peak out of it, and she wanted to be into total control. She also rejected him being tied up. I went downstairs and thought for a bit about it in my home office; and then the perfect solution came to me in a flash.

A few days later I led Beth downstairs to my office. ?What do you mean you found a solution to?what is that hole doing in the wall?? Beth said commenting on the hole that I had drilled in wall from my office to the other side which was our basement. For tax purposes my office had to have a separate entrance from the rest of the house. So when I built my office downstairs I divided my basement in half; with two separate entrances to the street.

I came closer to my wife and reminded her, she said she would make up for what had happened to the car if she could be anonymous; and if she could be in total control. Well now she could.

?You mean right now? There is a guy at the other side of the wall?? I told her yes and asked her if she was going to keep her promise.

She asked me who he was and I told her I thought she wanted to keep it confidential. In actuality the guy was someone I knew from the gym. He was banging the owner?s wife and was quite the swinger. I told him my story and he had agreed. From the locker room and the shower I knew he had a monster sized dick. My wife, who had never seen a black cock before was in for a big surprise. Also little did she know I was also secretly filming what was going on.

She hesitated and I reminded her the children would be home in another hour or so. She thought about it, then slowly she timidly walked over to the hole. I explained to her some people called this ?glory hole? as I knocked on the wall I told her to get ready. The guy on the other side knocked back and then he put his cock through.

My wife?s eyes went wide with amazement, it was, as she later told me, the biggest cock she had ever seen, she had heard stories but she had not believed them. She stood there frozen for a moment and then I put my hand on her shoulder and guided her closer to him.

Part of the thrill was that she was fully dressed, even wearing her glasses, she had just come home from work and now she was in the basement walking up to a huge black cock sticking out from a glory hole. My own cock throbbed in my pants from just watching.

She looked at me and asked me if I really wanted her to do this. I told her more than anything. She looked at me again with her blue eyes and asked me if I was sure. I told her yes.

She nerved herself up, and then slowly she reached her hand forward, it seemed to take a million years, but then I watched her tiny hand, the one with the wedding ring on it, encircle this huge black cock. I could not believe she was actually doing it. She held it a moment then gave it a light, cautious yank, looking at me to see if I would object. I kissed her deeply coping a feel off her small tits. She began to pull on his cock. ?You are not going to tell anyone. Are you?? She asked a bit scared. I laughed and told her of course not.

?Its so big! If my mom saw me do this she?d kick me out of the family!? she exclaimed as she rubbed it. She took to using both hands on that huge shaft.

?Yeah could you imagine that inside of you?? she looked shocked and said that would never happen. I guided my hand up her skirt. She asked me what I was doing, then she felt my fingers rub her pussy through her panties and pantyhose. She told me to stop, I asked her what harm it could do.

Then I got up and went to my desk taking out a bottle of lube, I squirted it into the palm of her hands and she coated his cock with it making it glisten. I told her how sexy she looked pumping that huge black cock. She told me I must never tell anyone about it. I promised again I would not. I could see her stare at it in awe, it was not even at its full monster size yet.

I told her I wanted her to kiss his cock head. She made a bit of a frown but then she leaned forward, she held his cock in one hand in the middle, it was so big it bent slightly from its own length. She stared at me and asked if I was sure I wanted her to do it. Breathlessly I nodded.

She bent forward and gave the cock a quick peck on the head, the guy behind the wall even laughed for a second. Then holding it steady she kissed it again, this time a bit longer. I encouraged her to kiss it again, but this time on the shaft, she held it up and did so. Then she went back to rubbing it.

I told her I wanted to see her take it in her mouth, Ruth protested saying it was too big, I told her she could do it. I went behind her and pulled down her panties and pantyhose and fingered her wet pussy and asked her again.

?Would it turn you on?? she asked quietly, I told her almost as much as seeing that big shaft in her. She thought for a moment and then slowly she dropped to her knees. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as wide as she could. I watched as that fat black purple cock head was encircled by her lips and entered her mouth.

I could not take it any more I took out my own dick and went over to her wanting her to pump it; and to my shock (and a bit to my pleasure) she said ?No! You will have to take care of it yourself, this is almost too much for me to handle.? Then to make a point she took the cock back in her mouth as far as she could, she got the head in and some of the shaft. I could not believe it. I loved the way her lips were wrapped around it air tight.

Her shyness receding a bit she ran her little pink tongue all over his shaft and I could hear him moan from behind the wall. She held up his shaft and licked the main vein, as her hand, went down and she fingered her pussy.

This was so hot, I was glad I had three hidden cameras recording the whole thing. I would jerk off about this for years.

After another ten minutes she said her hands were getting tired and what should she do. I explained that most black men had such control over their cocks that they could go hours without cumming. I asked her if she was going to let the load go in her mouth, she said no, then I asked her to let him cum on her clothes, she thought about it and gave a reluctant okay.

She started to jerk him off faster but he still would not cum, now this was cheating but I had talked to him about it, ?Honey I think he wants to cum on your tits, let him.?

She said, ?I am not opening my blouse.?. But after another few more minutes of jerking him off she finally gave in, partially, she pressed the head of his cock against her clothed breast, so the head rested right in the middle of her it and jerked him off for all she was worth.

?Come on finish! Come on blast it all over me!? she pleaded near exhaustion. Then he gave a big moan and his hot seed splashed her blouse, startled she aimed it slightly up and it hit her neck then arced over her shoulder staining her blue blazer?s back with his hot spunk.

I was jerking off my own cock, and did like I did when watching a porn movie I timed my cock to cum right as the main star came; I came up to her splashing her hair and the back of her neck. ?What are you doing?? she cried. I told her I could not take it any more and had to shoot my load.

She pumped his dick for anther few minutes then when he was limp he pulled his cock back through the hole. For a second I could swear she looked disappointed. We heard him walk up the basement steps and the door closed shut behind him as he left.

?Well did this satisfy my promise? You forgive me for the car?? she asked. I looked at my wife all sweaty; covered with drying spunk like some porn starlet, and I nodded my head.

Then I felt my cock rise harder than it had ever been. I picked her up from her knees and tore the clothes off of her and threw her onto my desk. Scared she asked what had gotten into me as I licked her sweet wet pussy, I got up and shoved my cock into her.

As I rammed her I told her how sexy she looked handling that big black cock. I told her how much I wanted to have turned her around, and pulled down her panties and watched that big cock stretch her out.

?Did you like pulling on it? Sucking on it? Did it make you feel sexy?? I asked her as I fucked her, she said a bit.

?Was it bigger than mine?? I knew the answer but I wanted to hear her say it.

?Yes!? she said.

?Much bigger??

?Far bigger than yours.? She said a bit bitchy. I blew my load in her but kept pumping and within minutes of my orgasm it grew hard again. I turned her around on her stomach and pulled her hips upward raising her ass high in the air and entered her from behind. I savagely rammed her.

?I want to one day see a big nigger cock fuck the shit out of you. Say you will think about it.?

?I will! Oh shit! Oh! Shit! Oh! Shit!? she began chanting as she came, then I came again, deep inside of her.

We laid together for a moment then I pulled it out of her. When she went upstairs to clean up before the bus dropped off the kids; I gathered up her cum stained clothes and put them away and shut off the cameras. The next weekend I jerked off home alone putting together the DVD from the three cameras.

Now my wife had a new weapon, in her sex arsenal. She would, when she wanted me to cum, but what was not in the mood herself, tell sex stories of her and her black lovers. At first they were a bit awkward but as time went on they got better and better, and nastier too. I even talked her into taking a big black sex toy into her pussy to show what she would do with a black stud.

Did she ever give in too the urge to have a black lover, eventually, but before that her fat assed friend Erica would first, but that is another story for another time.

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