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My Shy And Sexy Wife

Jan 9, 2008

By dingo2014

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We had married nine years ago. My wife Lee was a country girl and had only a couple flings in high school, one had resulted in sex? the kind in a back seat of a car, quick and unsatisfying she told me one day. Nevertheless, she had acquired a good appetite for relaxed sex with me, our marriage was a good one. We had a boy and a girl. Lee had a "girl next door" sexuality about her? she had real breasts, probably about 37 almost D cups. She wasn't one of these slick porno mag looking babes with giant round boobs. Her hair was dark brown and her dark eyebrows gave a hint to the abundance of hair down south. She wore her hair straight and to mid-back. My wife seemed satisfied with just about everything in her life. Even my 6 inches.

We liked to play tennis at a park near our home. There was a playground close by where we could watch the kids. They we're old enough at 8 and 9 to be trustworthy without close supervision. Lee always wore a short light blue tennis dress. She had to use sunscreen as she was very fair. The dress extenuated her lovely tapered legs and sometimes as she returned my volleys, you could see her filmy panties as the hem came up.

On the other side of the tennis courts was a basketball court. It usually had a game going of what looked to be twenty something guys, mostly black. You could hear their jeers and chants to one another as the games were highly competitive. My wife and I often smiled and giggled when they started insulting one another? some of their humor was comedy club funny. My wife's breasts would bounce and sway as she laughed? she never ever wore a bra. My wife beat me two sets to one. She was very athletic and it came as no surprise.

As we walked to the car, we passed the basketball game. There was a dark black player, about an inch taller than my six foot one. He watched my wife as we walked by and I was shocked when she returned his gaze. I noticed his nylon gym shorts had something hanging below the lower confines of the loose fitting garment. I couldn't believe the tip of his penis was hanging out. Neither could my wife apparently, as she coughed and smiled nervously. Soon in the car, she shifted her weight around, saying the seats were hot. I hesitated bringing up the little scene at the courts, just to observe her. She remarked the player looked like the one actor.

Later at home we ate and curiously a Denzel movie was on HBO. The kids went to bed early. My wife had her silky robe on with the panties she wore at the park. She seemed caught up in the movie or something as she hardly talked. We went to sleep soon after the movie ended.

In the middle of the night, I felt her slide over and roll and get on top of me. She was naked and had taken off her panties at some point. Her lovely brown big nippled boobs were distended at the ends and brushed my face as she scrambled to locate my cock and get it inside her. She was saturated as her face came down and her tongue probed my mouth as my penis pushed up inside her. Then she lifted herself up and arched her back and rode me like a rodeo queen, rotating her hips and grinding her pubic bone into my groin. She lifted her hand over her head which pushed her breasts forward and lifted them. I reached up and pulled and pinched her nipples as she did. Her stomach muscles worked with her keegel muscles to milk my prick and as her right hand reached around to milk and pinch my testicles, I unleashed a flood of semen into her. She groaned, sighed and talked sexy talk urging me on, throughout the hot sex. It was a good thing I had gotten a vasectomy as this was her fertile time.

The next day I had to work the afternoon shift, so we couldn't play tennis. Her cousin came by and after going shopping, they had brought the kids along so they could stop and play tennis before going home. As they arrived, the daily basketball game had just broken up as they didn't even have enough for 3 on 3. The player who had caught her eye before, stopped by as Lee and Karen were getting ready to go out and volley for serve. His name was James and the shorts were gone or maybe under his workout pants. He was very proper and made the ladies smile with his little quips. He urged them to play and he stayed and watched. Lee looked over at his handsome face as he watched, but she was smiling too much and behind in the game. Soon she was ahead, but her cousin sprained her ankle and it looked like the game was over for today. James offered to play and Lee acted like she wasn't so sure. He offered to beg. She laughed. They played.

Lee easily won the first two games and she was giddy from running this handsome guy all over the court. He came up to the net and signaled her over. He asked her if they could play best three games out of five. She said "sure". He insisted on a bet. She told him she didn't gamble. He answered that he didn't want her money. He wanted to play for a date. She told him she was married. He told her he guessed that and wanted only to take her to lunch. She agreed figuring she would only have to win one more game. She lost the next...it was two games to his one. "What do I get if I win she asked? "A kiss" he answered. She said "Oh Boy" He said; "don't call me boy". They laughed. Soon it was 2 to 2. He was a natural athlete. She was perplexed. He came to the net and signaled her again. She came over. He offered a side bet. Her panties or his gym shorts to the winner.

Later at home after work, I undressed in the bathroom. Lee was asleep. Curiosity got the best of me as I checked out her panties in the hamper. They had a buildup in the crotch part...not enough to be cum, but it was interesting. We both slept soundly. In the morning we ate breakfast and Lee seemed apprehensive. I finally asked her why she was so quiet. She told me then about the basketball player and how they had played tennis yesterday. She told me about the lunch date and asked if it was 'ok' with me. I told her "of course"...as it seemed harmless. Two days later they met. He was a physical therapist and they ate next to the clinic where he worked. They talked a great deal and laughed and made arrangement to do it the following week. Whatever he was bringing out in her was provoking wild sex for us. I didn't mind. After a month of weekly lunch dates one morning Lee said she wanted to talk.

She was very nervous and was flushing. I asked what was wrong. She just came out with it...no ceremony. "Since I have never had sexual intercourse with any grown man other than you...I am curious to be with James". I was shocked. My blood boiled. I nearly came in my pants without touching myself. She seemed so shy and hurt over my reaction. We we're both silent, but then I assured her it was alright. She could go ahead and ball James. I would just deal with it. The night seemed like it would never come, but then, all at once, it was here. It was warm out and she wore a flouncey little flowered number with cowgirl boots. Her cleavage was exposed a little in the scoop top. Her hair was up and perfumed. She was ready for it and clearly wanted it. A woman who knows she wants sex is a thing to behold and she wanted it bad... not from me, but from James. She asked if I was sure... even if she fell in love with his penis and didn't want mine as much. A part of me knew that?s what would happen, but I still said "yes"

I was miserable and joyous as the hours went by. At 2:35 am she walked in. The kids were fast asleep as they had been for hours. Lee looked radiant, but worn out. Her hair was askew, but her clothes seemed unwrinkled...meaning she hadn't spent much time in them. She went back and put her robe on and got some bottled water. She said we could talk in about 15 minutes as soon as she settled down.

We talked. They had played strip poker and he lost. She was soon face to face with a huge uncircumcised cock. She asked if she could play with his foreskin. She had never seen anything like his cock and she was soon breathing hard as she sighed she slowly shut her eyes as it slid into her mouth. She came when her lips closed around it. She told me it felt so taboo and thinking about me at home with the kids, yet her doing this with him. Sucking and licking his foreskin with her tongue, putting his balls in her mouth, one at a time and being urged down to lick his asshole as she got off on the nutty musky masculine perfume as she tongued the veins, licked the head playing hide and seek with it, then bringing it all the way out to lick the pee hole.. then letting the glans slide back.

He returned the favor as he took off her dress and urged her to keep the cowgirl boots on. She had a full bush which turned him on. That and full pussy lips and a large clit. He ate her until she screamed to be fucked. "Ball me" she begged. And he did. He didn't use a rubber and his nuts we're full of fertile sperm. They fucked. They rested...three times over and over. james played with her breasts and pulled on her nipples hard and teased her about the one long black hair growing out of her nipple.

What Lee couldn't believe is that James was so hung she couldn't keep him from entering her womb. It hurt like hell the first time, but after he had pumped his first load of sperm into her, it wasn't as bad. She felt so alive, so much a sexy woman, so fulfilled. She also knew she was pregnant with a half black baby. She also knew she couldn't promise she would stay with me. I told her "I know".

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