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Slow Dancing With A Stranger

Mar 4, 2008

By jiminny1941

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The hotel bar had the same qualities of so many others
I've seen before: dim lighting, over-priced drinks, and
clientele that consisted mostly of travelers with no
idea where else they should go. I took my drink from
the bar and found a table where I could kick back and
relax. As the alcohol started its work on my nerves, I
watched couples on the small floor dance to the canned

One dancer in particular caught my attention: a tall
raven-haired beauty. She was dressed in a skin-tight
black sheath slit up one side to mid thigh; high enough
to show where her garter straps attached to her fishnet
stockings. Every time I saw her on the dance floor she
was with a different partner. When each dance ended she
returned to her table across the room and sipped her
drink. Soon another hopeful gentleman soon showed up
and claimed the next dance with her.

Watching her on the floor with yet another partner, I
toyed with the idea of going to her table when the song
ended, and asking her to dance. I wondered if she would
press her body up against mine as she was doing with
the guy she was dancing with now.

When the song finished, the gentleman slid his arm
around her waist and walked her back to her table.
Slowly his hand slipped down until it cupped her fanny.
She smiled, moved out of his reach and sat down.

While I contemplated my lonely evening I ordered
another drink. Returning my attention to the dance
floor I watched another couple trip the light

"Mind if I join you?"

Startled, I turned to find the woman I'd been watching
earlier standing next to my table. "It would be my
pleasure," I said as I stood to pull a chair out for

The woman's last dance companion walked to the table
that had been hers, sat down, and stared at us. From
the look on his face I could tell he wasn't pleased
with the recent turn of events. He got up and walked to
my table, stopped and eyed the woman.

"Sorry," the woman told her former companion.
"I think the lady's promised the next dance to me," I

"My mistake," he said as he backed away. The woman and
I both watched him walk up to the bar maid, settle up
his tab, and leave.

"Oh, you can almost smell the testosterone," said the

"I'm sure you could catch up to him if you really
wanted to," I replied.

"No, I think I prefer the current company. My name is
Karen. What's yours?"


"Well, Todd, what brings you here?"

Karen listened intently as I explained to her that I
was on a business trip and how lonely I felt being in a
strange town. As I talked, Karen's hand reached for
mine and fingered my wedding band.

"Why, Todd, you're married," she said in mock surprise.

"Does that matter?"

"Not to me anymore than it does to you."

"Good," I said, taking her hand in mine. "Then, let's

Karen definitely knew how to arouse a partner while
dancing. She started by slowly brushing her breasts
against my chest as we swayed to the music. Her nipples
outlined beneath the black fabric proved that those
actions were as much for her pleasure as they were for
mine. Her lower body pressed in closer to mine,
brushing my crotch as she moved her hips. She was
having fun and so was I.

Several dances later, my hands were familiar with the
only bump under her skin tight dress. I hoped that
later that evening I'd get a chance to confirm that her
garter belt was the only thing she had on under her

We went back to my table and ordered another round of

Our flirtatious conversation kept the fires burning
within while we sat side by side. As we talked, I
placed one hand behind her in the gap between the
chair's back and seat, while with the other hand I
caressed her lower back with my open palm. Karen smiled
at me as she leaned forward on the table, just enough
to lift her rear end a bit and allow my hand to rub

I was too busy enjoying what I was doing to notice
Karen's hand heading for my lap. My heart skipped a
beat as she started to run her hand up and down my
growing erection. Karen grinned at the shocked look
that came over my face as she unzipped my pants and
slipped her hand inside my trousers. She deftly opened
the fly on my underwear and released my hard-on from
its confines.

The crowd had thinned and I was grateful for the room's
dim lights, especially when Karen began running her
fingernails up and down my shaft under our table.

"I think it's time we took this someplace a little more
private," Karen said.

I started to zip my pants up, but then Karen stopped
me. "We're not going far, and you won't have to walk
too close to anyone. But if anyone really takes a good
look, I want them to know what we're going to do."

She wanted me to walk across the room with my cock
sticking straight out!

Her eyes challenged me and she smiled wickedly. "Your
choice," she said. "Either follow me, or return to your
room and take care of your condition yourself."

At this point I was far too aroused to refuse her
demand. If Karen had bent over the table and hiked her
skirt up, I think I'd have taken her right there in the
middle of the bar. Still, I followed close behind her
as she went through a doorway with a sign reading
'RESTROOMS' above it. We headed straight into the
ladies room.

"Don't worry," Karen said, "there are only a few female
customers here tonight. If we used the men's room you'd
either have to fight them off or agree to a gang-bang.
And while that does sound like fun," she said with a
sexy smile, "I don't want that tonight. Tonight I only
want you. Here and now."

Karen pushed open the door to the Ladies room and
pulled me inside. She slipped into my arms and I backed
her up against the sinks lining the wall. We exchanged
quick and passionate kisses as we started undressing
each other. I unzipped Karen's dress, letting it slide
to the floor as she ripped open the front of my shirt,
sending buttons flying.

I was thrilled to find that my earlier guess about what
was under Karen's dress was correct. She stood before
me in garter belt, stockings and shoes. The tan lines
around her breasts and groin clearly showed the shape
of her favorite bikini.

Karen kissed her way down my chest until her kisses
reached my already open slacks. She pulled them, along
with my underwear, down to my ankles then took my
engorged member into her mouth.

I was lost in the sensations of what Karen was doing to
me. She kissed and licked my shaft and cock-head as she
stroked my thighs and butt with both fingers. Karen
kept that up for a while, then pulled away and sat on
the sink. "Now it's your turn, Todd," she said as she
spread her legs apart.

I dropped to my knees. My attention focused on Karen's
clean shaven sex, I brought my mouth to her moist
opening, savoring her scent and taste, as my tongue
entered her. She moaned softly in pleasure encouraged
me as I continued to probe her with my tongue.

As I sensed Karen's excitement grow, I moved my
attention further up her slit to her hooded clitoris.
She grabbed my head with her hands, and held me in
place as her orgasm hit.

After she released her hold on me I stood up and pulled
her away from the sink. Turning her around I said, "Now
spread your legs and bend over."

I stepped up close behind Karen, my erection sliding
easily into her wet hole. I watched us in the mirror as
I took her. I started slowly, driving in deep, then
pulling out until only the head of my shaft remained
within her? then going in deep again.

I enjoyed the erotic sight in the mirror. Karen's
breasts swung freely to the rhythm of my strokes. I
started driving into her faster and harder, my pent-up
desires taking control.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a slight
movement. I saw the reflection of the pretty blonde
barmaid in the mirror, standing just inside the rest
room door, her attention focused on us. My fear was
that she'd blow the whistle and I'd have to find a new
hotel room for the night. When I saw her hands I knew
it was all right.

One hand tweaked her nipples through her blouse, while
the other hand was busy under her skirt.

The bar maid noticed me staring at her in the mirror and
her face blushed with embarrassment. She froze. When
she realized I wasn't going to say anything, nor stop
what I was doing to Karen, the bar maid's hands started
to move again, pleasuring herself while she watched us.
I turned my attention back to the reflection of Karen
and me in the mirror.

I'd never acted in the roll of exhibitionist, and
suddenly I found myself excited by the fact I was being
watched while a voyeur pleasured herself. The
additional thrill brought me even closer to the edge.
The tempo of my thrusts into Karen continued to
increase driven by a burning fire that began deep in my
groin, signaling my rapidly approaching orgasm. I
gripped Karen's waist and pulled us closer together,
straining as deeply into her wetness as I could get. My
orgasm hammered through me and began cumming inside
Karen, my hot seed mixing with her own wetness.

My breathing slowly returned to normal as I pulled out
of Karen, then glanced toward the door. I was somewhat
relieved to see that our companion had already made her

"That was wonderful, Todd," Karen said as she picked
her dress up from the floor.

"You won't find me arguing about that," I replied and
began to put my clothes on.

I stopped Karen as she grabbed some paper towels to
clean up the wet evidence of our encounter that was by
now coating her inner thighs and running down her legs.
"Fairs fair," I told her, "I came in here exposed, I
want you to leave that way. If anyone gets close enough
to see, or catch the scent, I want them to know what we
just did."

"Well, I guess that's only fair," Karen said. She
dropped the paper towels and slid her dress back on.

Heading for the door, Karen looked back at me, smiled
and said, "If you're going to be in town a few more
days, maybe we'll run into each other again."

"Maybe," I replied as I finished buttoning my shirt.

Cautiously exiting the ladies' room, I saw Karen leave
the bar. When I went to settle my bill, the same
bar maid who had watched us was at the register. She
smiled at me. "I guess I don't have to ask if you had a
good time tonight," she said.

"No, in fact, I found your establishment rather

I pulled a hundred dollar bill out of my wallet, handed
it to her and told her to keep the change.

"Thanks, and do come again," she said with a big smile
on her face.

"Oh, I certainly hope to." I turned and left the bar.

As I somewhat expected Karen was nowhere to be seen in
the hotel lobby. I made my way to my room, replaying
the night's events over in my mind.

The next morning I awoke with the familiar feeling of
my wife's' naked body against mine.

"Did you have a good time last night?" my wife asked.
"Yes, the hotel has a very nice bar downstairs," I
"And such a nice ladies room," my wife said grinning.

"Karen, I wish you had told me you had something like
that in mind," I scolded.
"You know you would have never agreed to exposing
yourself in that bar and then doing it in the ladies
room if I hadn't got you so hot."

"True enough," I replied laughing. "But I almost
thought we were done for when I saw the bar maid in
there with us. What would you have done if she had
wanted to do more than watch?"

"I was so horny by then I think I'd have let her have
you," Karen said. "But of course if I had, I would have
insisted you take me into the men's room tonight."

"Oh you think so?"

Karen smiled simply. "I love you Todd," she said then
moved on top of me.

"I love you too, baby."

Memories of the previous evening still fresh in our
minds, we began to make love.

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