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Apr 10, 2008

By tom_tom1964

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My wife and I have been married for 12 yrs. Over the past 2 years I have slowly been role playing with
her in the sack. When I come home from work early I walk through the house and act like I'm looking for
her boyfriend. I ask her where is he and she plays along like she doesn't know what I'm talking about.
I look in the sheets for the wet spot, feeling around and asking her how long he's been gone. She comes
into the bedroom to defend her position and I push her on the bed, pull her panties off and inspect her
pussy for the snail trail. I lick her twat telling her how used it looks and telling her that I can
taste the seed he has left. She get's excited and tells me how my dick doesn't measure up to his and it
get's her pretty hot for an intense orgasm.

I finally confessed to her telling her that I wanted her to bring a lover home and let me watch. She
asked me to describe my ultimate fantasy and I told her that I just wanted to see her get fucked hard.
She then asked "what about protection"? I told her that as long as we were talking about my fantasy, I
said that if she were back on the pill, I would like to see him take her bareback. She then said,
"well, since I'm not on the pill, that ain't gonna happen"! She said the concept sounded like it would
be a lot of fun and that it would add some spice our sex lives. The next weekend she started going to
the bar and looking for someone to pick up. She began staying out late, coming home ravished, and
telling me that she had not found the right guy, that was willing to let me watch. She said that her
males were afraid that I would wrap them in the head with something while they were in the middle of the

One night she came home late and I knew that she had been fucked. She told me that she found the
perfect guy and that he would be willing to let me watch them have sex. I was so excited I pulled her
panties down and I could tell right away that I was going to be in trouble. Her pussy lips were
swollen, red and looked raw. Her hole was gaping open as if she had been sitting on a large pole for
hours. I ate her pussy while she told me how Greg had taken her back to his place and ripped her pink
hole with his large cock. When I licked the opening of her vagina I could see the small flesh tear at
the bottom. She said that his cock was large and that he has split her open, that I should be careful
because she was sore.

A couple of weeks later, she called me from the bar and told me that tonight I was going to get to
watch. She told me that she had not given him any pussy for a couple of weeks and that he was so horny
he would agree to anything. About 1/2 hour later I heard them pull into the driveway. She walked in
with a 6'4", 275lb man that was black as the ace of spades. She said honey this is Greg, the guy I have
been telling you about. I reached out to shake his hand and it felt like I was shaking hands with a
giant. Greg said, that I had a wonderful wife and that he was happy to allow me to watch them make

I offered them both a drink but Greg said that he would take me up on that offer after he finished his
job. We went into the bedroom and Greg grabbed my wife's vanity bench and placed it in the far corner
of the bedroom. He said that he wanted me to sit in the corner and watch and that he didn't want me to
get up. He said he didn't want any jealous rages going on while he had his back turned.

Greg threw my wife on the bed, spread her legs and pushed her skirt up around her midriff. I could see
that her white silk panties had a large wet spot in the crotch panel, a sight that I have never seen for
me. He pulled her panties down, looked at the crotch and said "look how wet this bitch is for this big
black cock". He then threw her panties to for inspection. I immediately sniffed the crotch panel and
licked to taste her wetness.

Greg went back to work and spread her lips, opening her can't wide while he licked her pussy. My wife
was trembling, she pulled his head tight against her twat and had her first intense orgasm. She has
never cum that quickly for me. Greg slid up her body, moving to her breasts sucking them while she
reached to unbutton his jeans. Greg got undressed and it wasn't hard to tell that this dude's cock was
a lot larger than mine. His cock was about 8" long and about as big around as a polish sausage. My
wife grabbed his meat and pulled it toward her while he returned to sucking her nipples.

My wife reached into the nightstand drawer and grabbed a condom. She tore the package open and ordered
Greg to put it on and to give her some of that big black dick. Greg rolled the rubber on his shaft and
then placed the head of his tool at the opening of her vagina. My wife reached down with both hands and
guided his rod in while he eased it into her hole. Greg took a couple of short cycles in and out before
he slowly pushed until he bottomed out. He left his cock bottomed out for about a minute allowing my
wife to get adjusted to his size. He then cycled it our slowly a couple of times before picking up the

My wife was laying on her back taking Greg's large cock while he was pounding away. I couldn't believe
the rate at which this guy was hammering my wife's pussy. He had way more stamina than I do, in fact I
was about to cum just watching them. My wife wrapped both legs around his waist and pulled him tight
against her while he fucked her though her second orgasm.

Greg then flipped my petite wife over to allow her to spend some time on top. She quickly dismounted
and moved down to place his tool in her mouth. She sucked on his cock for a few minutes then she asked
him, "are you ready to fulfill his real fantasy"? Greg said what fantasy" My wife then grabbed the
rubber at the base and pulled up on it, tearing the condom off his cock, while saying "this fantasy"!
She then went back down and sucked on his cock for a couple more minutes before straddling his hips and
mounting his tool in reverse cow girl. She was now facing toward me and she said, "do you like seeing
that big black cock splitting your wife's tiny pussy"? She said look how much bigger this dick is that
yours? She pumped up and down telling me that she could feel him deep inside of her and that he was
splitting her pussy.

My wife continued to ride Greg's pole while periodically checking his condition. She would say, "let
me know when your ready to cum baby, I want to suck that load out of those balls and I can't be having
any black babies running around this family". Greg told her not to worry, that he would looking
forward to dumping his seed in that married white mouth. My wife bounced on his cock until her legs
gave out. Greg announced that he was ready to flip. My wife dismounted and laid in the missionary
position. Greg put both arms under her back and held her head in both of his hands. It looked like she
was just laying in his arms. My wife bent her knees toward her head and Greg entered my wife without
touching his tool.

Greg began knocking the bottom out of my wife's cunt at an incredible rate. I could hear his balls
slapping against her ass and I could hear her gasp for air each time he bottomed out. Greg was pulling
my wife downward with his arms while he was bucking up toward her with his lower body. It looked like
he was doing crunches in the gym. He continued this pace for a minute or two and then my wife asked him
if he was getting close. Greg confirmed saying almost. Greg started taunting her, asking her if she
liked that big nigger dick? He said, here's something you'll never get at home". "You like that, don't
you baby"? I could tell that my wife was getting close to her 3rd orgasm. She said, "yeah baby just
keep given me that dick, don't you dare stop". Greg kept it up and started to say, "are you ready baby,
are you ready"? She said "almost baby almost". Greg said "okay baby, okay, where do you want it"?
She said, "right where it is baby". Greg said "where do you want it baby, tell me where you want this
nigger's cum"? She said,"inside, I want your cum inside of me", "give me that cum baby", "I want to
feel that seed deep inside of me". "Please give me that cum, I want your baby, please give me that
nut". I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My wife said, "honey, please tell him, tell him that it's
okay to cum inside my pussy". I said, "Greg! Give it to her, Cum inside my wife, seed that bitch"!
With that, I could hear them groan. My wife announced that she was cumming and Greg let out a large
groan. He pushed his cock down to the base and I could see his nut sack pumping his viral seed into my
wife. My wife kept saying "oh Greg, I can feel it pumping, I can feel it on my cervix, it's so warm".
"I want your babies"

They stayed coupled for about 10 more minutes and Greg's limp dick slipped out of my wife's womb. Greg
got up and was dripping with sweat. He asked if he could take a shower and he went into the bathroom.
I got up and went over to get a closer look at my wife. Greg had sucked hickeys all over her tits and
his seed was starting leaking from her vagina. I laid on the bed and move down to get a closer look at
my wife's twat. When I got close she grabbed my head and pulled it into her pussy and said "lick it".
Lick it up little boy. I began licking her to clean up everything I found. My wife rolled over and
straddled my face, pushing on her tummy to purge the contents of her womb. A large glob of Greg's goo
dripped into my mouth.

My cock was so hard and I wanted to fuck her used pussy so bad. I move back up and tried to enter her
womb. My wife, reached into the drawer of the night stand and handed me a rubber. She said no rubber,
no pussy. That was a privilege that's only for Greg. I rolled on the rubber and took my sloppy

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