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Jewish Glory Hole Wife Pt 3

Aug 21, 2008

By goldiemt

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Let me catch you up on what has happened. My sweet little Jewish wife, Beth wrecked my uninsured car, or at the very least put the mechanic?s son through college with what I had to pay to get it back on the road. To show she was sorry she said she?d do anything to make it up. She wound up indulging my fantasy to see her with a black cock, by performing a hand job and blow job through a glory hole I had made in our basement. But she?d go no further, she did not even take his load in her mouth, letting it splatter all over her blazer.

Things got a bit more complicated, I had secretly tape what was going on, and jerked off watching it for months. My wife however, lent her friend Erica the lap top. Erica, the opposite of Beth both in personality and body, big boobs and bold to my wife?s tight small tits and a bit shy, confronted me about the video, to my relief she said she?d play my ?hot-wife? and even get fucked by the lucky stud behind the wall (no pun intended), which she did, even taking care of her ?husband?, me. After it was all done she said she?d help persuade Beth to take that huge black cock into her pussy. And that is where the story picks up?..

?Are you kidding me? Really?? said Beth over tea with Erica.

?Look I am not saying it is right, but it kept the marriage together, and she seemed to enjoy it. And nobody knows except us.? Erica said after telling a story of someone she knew, testing the waters for how my wife really felt about interracial sex. ?Besides I heard they were this big.? said Erica holding her hands about a foot apart to show what size she thought the black guy was.

Beth, to Erica?s shock held her own hands slightly more apart. Erica acted shocked. Beth told Erica the story of the glory hole to Erica, after swearing her to secrecy.

After she was done Erica asked why she did not let him fuck her. ?It is wrong, he?s black and my husband was??

?Right there and cheering you on. Do you realize after that your husband would practically be your slave? Not only that but getting a big dick like that in you? I?d love to have a chance to do that.?

?Do you really think it would help our marriage?? asked Beth.

?Well from what you told me your husband was turned on after what you did before, imagine how he will be after you do the other thing??

Beth said she?d have to think about it some more.

?Well don?t think about it too much. Marriages can come apart. If you don?t do it he will find some cute woman who will.? said Erica. Then Erica told my wife jokingly that she?d like to try it, without her husband knowing of course.

Later that night when my wife went to pick up the kids Erica phoned me and told me what had happened, including that she might take another go at the glory hole again.

That night when Beth came upstairs, and after the children were put to bed, she cuddled up close to me, asking me if I had enjoyed watching her in the basement. I told her I did. She asked me if it had turned me on to watch her play with the big black cock that had poked through the hole. I told her it did as she pulled my own cock out of my pajamas to play with it.

She asked me if I was disappointed that she did not let him cum in her mouth or get fucked by it. I told her I understood she had her limits. She then asked if I would be up to having her try it again. To experiment a bit more with a black cock. I asked her if she was kidding and she told me she was not. She did not know how far she would go, but she said she?d like to try.

?You?d like to see that big cock. I don?t know, get rammed into my mouth, until he finishes. Right? Me, your own wife swallowing a big load of hot sperm from a black guy. Right?? She said opening the top of her pajamas. She pressed the head of my cock against her small firm little tits as she pumped it.

?And of course for some insane reason you want to see me wither and scream in ecstasy as a black cock violates my pussy. Am I right?? I whimpered she was.

She smiled at me and said, ?Well then, this Friday the kids are going over to their grandparents house, and Saturday you are going to get your wish. I am going to let that big black cock, as long as it has a rubber on it, pound my pussy until it is sore. Unless you object.? I shot my load over her tit. She smiled and said she did not think so, enjoying the dominance she had over me during that moment.

That Saturday morning Beth and I had one of our hottest fuck sessions ever, she teased me about the big cock that was going to fill her hole and I better enjoy how tight it was now. I knew I owed Erica big time for this.

Finally the time came, I told Beth not to dress up special, that it would be more of a turn on for me to see her in the pajamas she wore every night, that it would remind me about what she was about to do.

We went downstairs to the basement. Half was my office, which was divided with a wall and had a separate entrance so I could get the tax deduction for it. After a few minutes of waiting we heard the door open and close and feet go down the stairs on the other side of the wall. Beth was a little nervous and I did not know if she would go through with it or not. Then we heard a knock at the wall, I knocked back, we heard a zipper unzip and then saw that huge black cock flop through the hole. Beth hesitated a moment then she went up to the wall. She took some lube in her hand and rubbed it into her palm, then I watched her reach out and grasp that huge cock again, in her little white hand.

Her fingers encircled it and she pumped it up and down. I could never get tired of that image, my own cock was fully hard just watching. She used both hands to pump that massive black shaft. Then she undid her pajama top and pressed the head against her hard nipple as she jerked the shaft. I wanted to come then and there.

?You like me doing it like this.? she said, I was not sure if it was to him or me. She let his cock rest underneath her chin. Then she leaned forward and kissed that fat black cock head softly. She stretched her mouth and took that mammoth piece of meat into it. Her face was all distorted and her lips were airtight around the shaft.

I noticed her nipples were rock hard. She reached down and undid her pajama bottoms and slid her hand in and started to finger herself as she sucked his cock. After ten minutes of sucking she told me he did not seem to be anywhere near finishing. I told her maybe he was holding out for something else.

My wife got up and he pulled his cock inside, probably to put on his rubber. I told him to wait, I had an idea. I pulled down my wife?s pajama bottoms. ?Oh no! Not without a rubber.? She said. I told her to relax I was not going to have him go inside of her without one. I backed her against the wall so she straddled his cock with her pussy above his shaft. He pulled his shaft in and out, Beth lowered her pussy so the top of his cock rubbed her pussy lips back and forth. Her eyes shut and her lips made a little ?o? as her cunt coated his cock with her juice. She closed her legs around his cock to get more friction. It looked like Beth had grown her own black cock. She put her own hand around his cock and jerked him off. I could not believe my wife?s pussy was touching a black dick.

Then it happened, Beth came, she was not faking it, she had an orgasm, from another man?s cock. I was so excited I wanted to fuck her then and there. She jerked his shaft furiously until she could hear him moan, then she got off of him and took his cock deep in her mouth, she made a face, and that is how I knew he shot his load. She sucked it the best she could, gagging a bit. Then he withdrew his cock to recover.

Beth took some ginger ale to wash the taste out of her mouth. We kissed deeply, I told her how sexy she looked taking that big black cock in her mouth. I fingered her wet pussy. It felt so tight.

The man stuck his rock hard cock back through the hole quicker than we felt possible. Beth looked at me and asked if I was sure, I told her I was. She went over to the glory hole. She turned around to face away from it sticking her ass out. I knew I might have to help position her. He made one or two false starts, then when he was lined up just right he slowly pushed his huge rubber encased African cock into my wife?s tight little brown haired pussy.

Beth?s face was all contorted as the huge head pressed and pressed until it finally slid in, the sight of it was too much for me, I pulled out my own cock and started to jerk off. ?Ughh!? she said as it slid deep into her. She moved closer to the wall and he started to thrust.

?Oh it is so fucking big.? She screamed ?Oh it feels so good.? She hesitated and then said, staring straight at me, ?I love black cock! I love it.? She cried. ?I feel so wicked.? I helped her by fingering her clitoris as she was rammed making her cum again and again.

Then I started to jerk off my own cock and shot a load all over her back, she did not seem to notice. His thrusting got faster and faster until he moaned and came, when he pulled out the rubber looked like it was going to break it was so full.

I held Beth in my arms, she was all sweaty and trembling. I told her how much I loved her. She kissed me deeply and then said she wanted that cock in her one more time. She got on her knees in front of the glory hole and slowly sucked him off until it was rock hard, she had me get one of the office chairs. We adjusted the height to make it as high as possible and wheeled her against the hole, her legs high in the air. I watched for the second time as my wife got penetrated by a black cock. Her nipples were rock hard the whole time he was fucking her.

I had to hold the chair against it flying backwards as she was pounded. I pulled out my cock and shoved it down her throat and brutally throat fucked her. I came in her mouth and she swallowed my whole load all the while moaning from the fucking she was getting from the black guy?s cock.

My wife then asked me to pull the chair back. He fell out of her. She told him to hold on. She went up to him and pulled the rubber off of his dick. What was she doing? Was she going to take him inside of her naked? That could not be. Then I realized. She got on top of his cock like before, but this time she rubbed her pussy back and forth over the top more aggressively than ever. She bent the cock upwards rubbing it across her belly. Then when he got close to cumming she got on her knees jerking him off came letting the cum get in her face, hair, neck and tits.

Panting and sweating she stood there on her knees. He blew a kiss through the slot, she turned around and called for him, she kissed his lips through the glory hole even putting her tongue in his mouth before he left.

After some rest my wife and me fucked the whole afternoon through. She asked me if her black fucked cunt felt any looser, I told her a bit, she told me that I asked for it, and got it. As she was riding on top of me she told me she was ready, ready for what I asked her, not knowing what she could have meant. She told me she wanted to meet her black lover in person. I asked what about him not knowing what she looked like, she said she had an idea I would like.

In the next story my wife gets a big black surprise in a hotel room, and then in the next one after that her and Erica team up for some glory hole action that leads to some even hotter lesbian dildo sex.

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