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Fantasy Goes Too Far

Sep 4, 2008

By plentypc

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After 17 years of marriage, my wife finally agreed to turn one of our fantasies into reality. I met Laurie when she was 19 and I was 35. She had only had sex with 2 other men. The first was a blowjob she had given an older co-worker when she was 16. The other was her boyfriend of 3 years who she was dating when I met her. Gene was a
boring guy who wanted to be a cop. As I found out later, he was very anal. Every time they had sex it had to be with the lights off and whenever he came his load always had to be deposited into a wad of tissues he held in his hand.

Needless to say, with me being freshly divorced and a single father of a young boy, I needed both a partner and some pussy! it only took me a month to have Laurie all to myself. A year later we were married. My wife is 5'9" with auburn hair, a nice round butt, and a great pair of 28c tits with big brown nipples. As the years progressed I our marriage, our sex life has gotten better and better. Laurie likes variety and her favorite position is doggy style. She sucks great cock but will not let me cum in her mouth. We have only tried anal sex a few times and that was when she was really drunk. One thing she is into is talking dirty during sex. She knows it turns me on and she will often tell me about getting fucked by strange men, sometimes 2 at a time or giving hot blowjobs to truck drivers or delivery men.

Anyway, about 6 years ago while i was fingering her, she suddenly exploded all over my hand. My wife had finally found the secret to female ejaculation. Her horniest time of the month is about a week after her period. She will easily have 7 or 8 orgasms during sex and we have to use a folded towel over the sheets to soak up all her pussy sauce. As i said, my manual manipulation of her pussy does the trick. Last year i bought her an 8 inch black rubber vibrator. She now enjoys fucking herself with it in a standing position with me laying on the bed. She loves to cum all over my face as she talks about getting fucked by her lover. she then will take my small 5 incher into her mouth and suck me off.

I have never had any reason to not trust that she would cheat on me. she has always said that she would never fuck another man.

Four months ago we rented a hotel room with a hot tub. We decided to play a game where I could ask her sexual questions about anything. After each question she would chug some beer.

Well after 20 questions, she was quite drunk and very horny. As I fingered her to orgasm in the hot tub, I asked her if the thought of a male stripper excited her. She said yes. Later in the conversation she said that she would probably jerk him off and maybe suck him off as well, but only in my presence. I asked her why and she said that with my permission it wouldn't be cheating.

A month later her birthday arrived and I had a real erotic surprise for her. A male stripper! Steve was 6' 3" tall and had a sculpted body. He was about 35 years old. I met him the day before and told him that I wanted the session to include some teasing of my wife. that would mean slow dancing with her, lots of compliments to her about her body, some ass rubbing and perhaps some kissing. He asked me if he should go all the way with his strip tease. I told him sure. He then hesitated and told me that his cock was about 11 inches long and that it might not be a good idea if Laurie got an up close look at it as things might get out of hand. I just laughed and told him that my wife had plenty of self control.

The next night Laurie and i had a fabulous diner at a nearby hotel. We headed to the bar for a few drinks and around 10pm we were back in our room. I had rented an oversized Jacuzzi suite that had a 2 person tub, a living room and bedroom. After some kissing and foreplay, Laurie went into the bedroom to change. She came out wearing her black crotchless suspender hose, g-string, stiletto heels, black lacy push up bra and her black satin knee high robe. I glance at my watch. Perfect. Steve would be arriving in minutes. i told her i had an erotic surprise for her. "what the hell did you do, Bob?" She seemed a bit annoyed. "relax honey, its cool." just then came a knock on the door. "That would be your surprise, honey"

Steve entered our room dressed in tight jeans and t shirt. I introduced him to Laurie who was staring daggers at me. Steve surmised there was quite a bit of tension in the room and in less than a minute he had us all laughing at a joke he told about a senior citizen couple he had visited the week before.

Anyway, back to the story. My wife settled down on the couch and I stood off to the side in the small kitchenette area. I had secretly placed a camcorder which had a perfect view of the action and I turned it on. Steve began by asking me to turn down the lights. He then started his routine. Basically, he did a lot of posing and flexing in front of my wife. He then slowly peeled off his t shirt and exposed his big chest muscles and rock hard abs. I could see Laurie was totally transfixed on this hunk of a man as minutes later he was down to his thong. He put out his hand and pulled my wife to her feet. "Dance with me, Laurie" he said. My wife looked at me and I nodded in approval. As he held my wife in his arms, I could see that every few seconds he would whisper in her ear and she would giggle. His hands were now on her ass and her arms were around his neck. He slowly started grinding his crotch against her and She closed her eyes. I saw him then kiss her a few times on the neck and heard my wife moan. She opened her eyes and suddenly her tongue was in his mouth and they were kissing passionately. I began to get much more jealous than I thought I would. Next he undid the belt on her robe and slid it off her shoulders. As it hit the floor he said "You have a very sexy body, Laurie. I would certainly never share you with anyone." This comment somewhat annoyed me. My wife shocked me with her reply. "Steve, I'll show you my big luscious tits, but only if I get to see your package."

I was stunned.

Before I could protest, Laurie was on her knees and had ripped off his thong.

My wife was suddenly face to face with the biggest cock she had ever laid eyes on. "ohh, my god. Is that real?" "Sure it is baby. Feel for yourself." Laurie slowly reached out and grasped the steely hard prick. She stroked his shaft and with the other hand felt his cum filled balls. she then looked me in the eye and aid, "bob, this is about to become the best night of my life and I'm sure, the worst night of yours." She stood up and led him into the bedroom. Just before she closed the door she said, "you should have put the camera in the bedroom you disgusting pathetic pervert."

For the next 2 hours I could only listen to the sounds of sex between my wife and her hired stud. The lines she uttered to him tore my heart apart."Yeah that's it, lover. fuck me like a real man. Ohhhhh, god nooooooo, arrrrghhhhh, Its so fucking big!!!! Fuck meeeeee! Ram that big bone in my fucking pussy! Im cumming all over your cock! Aaaarghhhhhh!!!!!! My wife must have cum a dozen times before I heard her say "Shove that prick in my mouth you fucker! I'm gonna drain your fucking balls." I slowly opened the door and watched my loving wife of 17 years on her knees sucking off this huge cock. Her eyes met mine and she pulled off his prick and said, "I want you to blow your hot load in my mouth and all over my face, Stevie."

30 seconds later he exploded in my wife's mouth. She swallowed the first few wads then jacked the rest of his hot lava load all over her face. She stood up and bent over the edge of the bed and I watched in horror as she begged him to fuck her asshole. As he spanked her hard on the ass and called her dirty names, my wife played with her clit and came two more times before he emptied his second load in her bowels.

A beaten man, I walked outside the hotel and smoked a cigarette, tears streaming down my face, knowing I had lost my wife forever.

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