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Wife's on Facebook

Jan 1, 2009

By tom_tom1964

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My wife and I have been married for 18yrs, we have 3 children and life a normal busy life with family; running kids everywhere.
We don't get much private time together and our sex lives are pretty generic. My wife is 38 and she has kept her body in fantastic shape, she's blonde, 5'10" and her long legs support a 115lbs of lean body with a nice set of perky 36C cup tits.

Since we're not having a lot of sex there is really not much need for my wife to be on the pill and since we don't want to grow our family, a condom is always used during sex. In fact, I have only had sex with my wife 6 times without a condom and they were all while trying to conceive; 1 with the first, 4 with the second and 1 with the last. Otherwise, no way, she says that she hates the feeling of "that stuff" inside of her, that it makes her feel unclean, like she's wearing dirty underwear for the 3days afterward.

About a month ago a coworker of mine introduced me to facebook. Since our extended family lives everywhere else I opened an account and posted lots of pictures of our kids, we all stay in touch and communicate almost every day. A few days after I opened the account I discovered that I was able to reconnected with old friends from highschool, and since my wife's is planning her 20yr class reunion, next summer, I thought it would be a good idea to create an account just for her. I created an account, posted a picture of her that I knew she would approve of, and sent a request to link her to my friends page. The next time I saw my wife I was going to explain that she would probably start getting emails from friends in highschool. But the next time I saw my wife, she let me have it. She said why is Shelly Blah-blah sending me an email to be my friend, what have you done? I told her my plan for her facebook account but she said forget it, "I don't want it". I told her then don't reply to Shelly and I will delete your account this weekend.

When I got out of bed that Saturday morning my wife was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and reading her emails. She had a big smile on her face, she said good morning, she said, "honey how do I access my facebook account, I have some friends that I am trying to respond to?". I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to show her how to login, reply and communicate. She said this is pretty cool, she had already received 7 more hits from old friends and then she apologized saying it would be a great planning tool for her reunion.

Over the next week my wife continued to make comments about how much fun she was having with facebook and how she had already made contact with 40+ people from her class. That next Saturday morning the same thing, she was sitting having coffee and reading her emails. She hopped up from the kitchen table and said that she had some errands to run, with that, she ran upstairs to take a shower. About an hour later she came down stairs dressed like she was going clubbing. I commented that she looked pretty nice to just be running a few errands, she just laughed and said she was going to Macys as she went out the door.

After she left, I got online to check my emails and I logged onto my facebook account. I clicked on my wife's page to see how she was progressing and I looked to see her list of friends. Her friends network was pretty big but otherwise normal. What really shocked me were the things that were posted on her wall, WOW what a surprise! There were 3 black guys leaving some pretty graphic sexual innuendos on her wall; she obviously had a lot history with these guys. Now that my suspicion was up I thought I would do a little investigative work to learn more about these guys. I logged in using her user id and checked out the pages of all 3 guys. What I discovered was that these guys were all on the football team when they played for the State Championship. Now my wife was not a cheerleader so I'm not really sure how she seemed so involved with the games but on her wall was a reference to a promise. J.J. made a comment stating that he was only 8yards from scoring 69 points with my wife. He also said that he would have liked to put 9inches through the uprights. My wife's comments back to him were really teasing and instigative. She said that his hands were too busy with the ball but she would still like to see him score. The last entry that JJ made was this morning under what he was doing now. He said that he was going to Macys. Right then, it all came together. I was caught. I knew that my wife had gone to meet this guy. I was so turned on to think that my wife was being taken by another man.

A few hours later my wife came home and she looked a mess. The kids weren't at home so I followed her up stairs when she went to change her clothes. She went into the walk in closet to get undressed and I stood in the door watching her. She was being shy and asked if I would mind turning my back while she changed. I told her that I really wanted to watch and I kissed her on the neck. I reached down and lifted her skirt enough to grab and pull down her panties. I pressed my hard cock against her ass and dropped her panties to the floor. As she stood there I could see that the crotch panel was soaking wet. I made a comment of how wet she was and she made it sound like it was all about me. I turned her around, dropped to my knees, and put my head under her skirt. The smell under there was powerful, overwhelming and erotic. It was the pungent odor of used pussy. I looked down to help her step out of her panties and I grabbed the crotch panel. There was no doubt that this wetness was semen. J.J. had cum inside of my wife and her panties were full of the cum that had leaked out on her way home.

She spread her legs and I reached up to spread her lips as I moved in for a lick. I could see that her hair was matted, her lips were swollen, and her hole was red with irritation. I popped out from under her skirt and walked her back toward the bed. She flopped on the bed with her legs off the edge and I raised her skirt for another taste. It was sour and she was jumpy, she said to be careful because it was tender. When I spread her lips open I could see some thick white juice collecting at her vaginal opening. I grabbed her leg and flipped her over, I laid on my back and pulled her over me to mount my face. She lifted her skirt, straddled my face and then dropped it so I was completely under her skirt. As I spread her lips and gently sucked on her pussy a large glob of something oozed down my throat. I knew it was J.J's cum. I sucked her pussy to coax more of his seed out of her. I licked her clit and cleaned her pussy until she began to moan. She started rocking on my face and I knew she was going to have an orgasm. I stuck my tongue inside of her and I could feel her vagina spasm as I licked her insides.

She climbed off of me and moved into the doggy style position. He said now come here and fuck me. I went to get a condom out of the night stand and she said "oh honey, we're way past that now, come give me that dick". I stepped up, inserted my cock, knowing that I would blow a nut in about a second. I was surprised to find that Mr. big dick had made her pretty loose and that I could barely touch the side. I told her that I was going to cum and she said, she wanted my cum inside of her. I asked her if she was safe and she said, "No I'm not, but you are". I busted my nut adding my cum to the mix.

Afterward we lay there together and I said I really enjoyed her sitting on my facebook. She only laughed and said, "oh honey, we are way past that now". I said I can't wait to meet Sheldon and Al. She smiled and said "you will meet them, don't worry".

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