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Fuck Weed

Mar 11, 2009

By segcuckold

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Chase Markman had to admit it, his wife Mindy looked happier than he had seen her in a long time as she rode beside him in the resort limousine. The morning sun shone warm and bright into the vehicle and a light breeze from the sun roof gently ruffled her sun dress. Chase wished that the breeze showed off a little more of her shapely legs, but he was happy that the V-neck of the dress showed off some of her cleavage. He felt the slight stirring of his cock. Perhaps this vacation idea would rekindle some of their marriage's lost spark.

Mindy was 42 years old this year, but really she looked closer to 24. She had married Chase as soon as they had both graduated from University and had their first and only child, now a beautiful 18 year old high school senior, a year later.

Nobody would have recognized Mindy five years ago to look at the beautiful fit women that stood basking in the sun. After the birth of their daughter Mindy put on a lot of weight ballooning up to 180 pounds. But several things conspired in the last few years to change that.

Chase noticed that the bellman, a muscular black fellow, was checking out his wife while he opened the limo door for them. There was no doubt that he would have loved a shot at her, although she would never consider any kind of relationship with a black man, let alone sex. She wasn't openly racist, but it was a result of her upbringing, and the part of Texas they now lived in. The doorman noticed Chase looking at him look at his wife. He just smiled and nodded as if to say 'well done'.

"Wow, I'm impressed, this place is very nice." Mindy commented as they paused for a moment along the long shaded walkway leading to the expansive two story lobby of the resort. The wooden building was painted a rich cream color with dark green trim and was surrounded by lush greenery and flowers. There was a wonderful spicy flavor to the air. "Mmmm, it smells wonderful too." She made a bit of a face as the muscular black bellman walked between them on his way with their luggage.

Chase was happy to see that the expensive resort was making a good first impression on his wife. He had scrimped and saved for over a year to afford this vacation, and it had been so long since he was able to do anything like this for her.

About six years ago Chase lost his job in a high tech firm and the family quickly fell into crushing debt. They were literally weeks away from being forced out into the street when Mindy's father stepped in to relieve them of their debt. His only condition was that his daughter and the family move back to Texas to be near him. Much to Chase's chagrin he was forced to take a job in her father's business selling overpriced parts to military contractors.

Mindy, and her mother, decided that they would only live in a pricey Dallas suburb well beyond Chase's income forcing him to accept the additional shame of having her Daddy buy them a house too. So all Chase could do was keep his head down and push government payment forms while his father made sure he knew that what he thought of his loser son in law.

"I think you'll really enjoy it here honey." Chase said as they continued to walk up towards the lobby. "I have us set up for a special dinner tonight by the beach, a massage tomorrow, and a snorkeling cruise on Tuesday."

"I can see the beach, there beyond those beautiful flowers." She answered, obviously relaxing after the long plane ride.

"And they have a gorgeous pool set up." Chase added, hot tubs, a relaxing pool, a splash pool, and a lazy river pool that takes us all through the gardens."

There was one plus to the whole arrangement back in Texas though. Their new home, located in the lush gated community of Eden Gardens, was filled with sexy well maintained trophy wives. They all tended to fit the same mold, big hair, big boobs, and perfect tanned bodies.

Mindy quickly made friends with a couple of the local wives, started going to the same trainer, and in a matter of months had regained her athletic size 3 body, with one exception. After having a baby, and carrying so much extra weight for so many years, her breasts no longer had the youthful bounce that used to hypnotize men. But a $35,000 loan from Daddy, more debt for Chase later, and Mindy's breasts were a stunning D cup. Her new breasts looked perfect, and topped off her athletic figure perfectly.

That's what made it even worse. Mindy's born again Christian friends looked upon sex as a chore for their fat old husbands, a chore that bought them the jewelry, cars, vacations, almost whatever they wanted. This attitude rubbed off to some extent on Mindy, that and her new found religious fervor. At the prodding of her new friends she joined the church and started spouting the same mindless dogma.

They walked into the lobby of the resort. The lobby featured a giant tropical reef tank along one wall serving as a focal point for the lounge area leading up to the lobby bar and the gourmet restaurant's entrance.

"This is really beautiful honey." Mindy said taking in the long line of flowers that led up to the check in desk. "You must have really scrimped to afford this honey."

Chase shuddered inwardly at her last comment. He hadn't told her that this was a time share promotion or that they'd have to sit through a sales presentation, or at least he would anyway. He was afraid that she would flip when she found out and give him the cold shoulder the whole time they were there. On the other hand, he thought as he watched his wife's hips sway seductively, given how beautiful the resort was he might just have a shot at getting laid this vacation.

Mindy used to really enjoy sex with Chase, lots of sex. But now sex had become a rarity, usually when Mindy had been out with the girls and had a few too many drinks. Her new body made it even worse. Chase had never really minded Mindy's weight before. But now with her newly hot body he wanted her more than ever, only to be rebuffed more times than not. And when her equally nubile friends visited Chase usually had to step out of the room after a few minutes lest his growing erection become embarrassingly noticeable.

"Welcome to Glamity Bay Island Resort!" The pretty young woman behind the desk greeted them with an excited smile. "I just know you're going to love your stay here. Here, have a cookie, they're fresh! Oh, and my name's Jenny"

She handed Chase and his wife a fresh backed cookie, similar to a chocolate chip cookie, but a little spicier. Chase tried his best not to stare at Jenny, but he had a hard time considering the shapely girl was dressed in a wrap around skirt with a slit that showed the full length of her shapely and tanned thigh, and a bikini top that left little of her large firm breasts to the imagination. He couldn't help but feel his cock stirring in his Bermuda shorts.

"You guys must be the Markman's, Chase and Mindy, welcome!" She paused to give them a blazing smile. "We have you listed in the Kali Cabana, right near the hot tubs! It's beautiful there, one of my favorites! Don't you just love the cookies? Would you like another?"

Chase hadn't realized it, but he'd eaten the whole cookie, it was very tasty. Soft, warm, gooey, and there was that little taste of spice that kind of made his tongue tingle. He noticed that Mindy had finished hers as well, which was unusual given her diet and fitness regime.

"These are so good!" Mindy answered enthusiastically. At first Chase thought that she was mocking the overly bubbly girl, but quickly realized that she was being serious. "What's in them that makes them so yummy? Oh, and yes I'd love another!"

Jenny took another cookie and, reaching over her large desk, handed it to Mindy who immediately took a big bite of it. Chase's eyes almost bulged out of his head as the pretty young desk clerks breasts strained against the thin Lycra, her nipples clearly outlines on the flowery material.

"Well, it's pretty much a standard chocolate chip recipe; everything is all natural and made from scratch, flour and sugar from the local islands, and the chocolate is the very finest imported from Belgium. But what really make them so unbelievably good are the local spices in the recipe, including an extract from these lovely flowers that grow only here at Glamity Bay. Your cabana is named after them, the Kali flower.

The flowers grew all around the resort in both the well tended gardens, and growing wild. They sprouted from a lush green leafed base that sent a thick column of white flowers a foot or more into the air. Mindy leaned close to the cut flowers on the reception desk and inhaled deeply.

"Oh my goodness, these smell heavenly..." She said as she buried her face in the plant to take another deep breath. Chase watched as his wife's nipples hardened against her dress and goose bumps spread across the perfect skin of her breast. "You should smell them..." she said turning to Chase, she had an odd look in her eyes, he couldn't quite place it. "They smell so wonderful."

Chase had other worries; his cock was hardening by the second and starting to press against his shorts. "Why don't we sit down dear? Let's get checked in and we can enjoy the flowers all day!" Bending over to hide his hard on he held a chair for Mindy as she sat down before sitting down, legs crossed, hands folded in his lap.

"Right, we'll get you checked in!" Jenny continued as she pulled their file up on the computer. "You're here for the 4 night introductory visit." Chase cringed inwardly, he was afraid what Mindy was going to say when she found out this was a time share presentation. But much to his relief Mindy was once again examining the flowers, breathing their scent in deeply. "I see you're signed up for a massage tomorrow and snorkeling the day after."

"Yup! Great!" Chase interrupted, hoping to avoid mention of the time share until the end of the trip. "And we have that special dinner on the last day." Mindy looked up. 'Oh crap' Chase thought as his erection deflated.

"Oh, no Mr. Markman," Jenny said with a big smile, "the presentation dinner is always on the first evening. That way Mr. Finny can explain all of the features of the resort and what an amazing value it is. That way you have the rest of your stay to explore and decide if you'd like to own a piece of Glamity Bay Resort. It's completely no pressure"

"Own a piece of it?" Mindy asked; an undercurrent of anger was noticeable in her voice. "You mean to say this is a time share?" It was all crumbling around him. Chase knew he couldn't completely hide the reality from Mindy, but he hoped that after a few romantic days at the resort she wouldn't care. Well right now, she cared, a lot.

Never one to make a scene with the "help" Mindy listened politely to the pretty young receptionist asking a few questions. But Chase could see the anger building. He was really going to get blasted when they got to their room, and he doubted he'd see any sex for months after this. He sort of zoned out as he watched the two pretty women talk as his once hard penis tried to crawl back into his body.

He was distracted as the door behind Jenny opened and a beautiful woman dreamily stepped out of the plush office behind. He couldn't help but notice that she was dressed only in a small bikini that showed off every inch of her beautiful body. She noticed the three seated by the reception desk, smiled crookedly at Chase and turned back to call into the office.

"I can't thank you enough for taking care of me Mr. Finny, you're wonderful."

A black man dressed in an expensive linen suit came to the door and kissed her on the cheek. "Any time my dear." He said in a heavy island accent, "Whatever I can do to make your stay a full one."

"You must be the Markmans, I'm sorry I wasn't here to greet you when you walked in the door, I'm afraid I had to take care of another guest who had a rather urgent need. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Beauregard Finny the General Manager of Glamity Bay Island Resort. " The man took Chase's hand and shook it before reaching over to take Mindy's hand and kiss it. Mindy smiled at the gesture. "Mrs. Markman, you seem upset. And you see it is my one and only job to make your stay here the most wonderful and enticing experience you can imagine. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Mindy seemed somewhat disarmed by the charming black man. "Well, Mr. Finny, it's just that my husband neglected tell me that this vacation was just a time share condo scheme. Frankly, I really have no interest in a time share at all, although your resort is very beautiful."

"Ah, I think I understand Mrs. Markman. But please forgive your husband. I happen to know that Glamity Bay Island Resort was recommended to him by one of your good friends, Mrs. Jordon. I think she just wanted you to enjoy the pleasures that you can only find here just as she does." Finny continued with a smile.

It was true; Anna May Jordan had recommended the resort when Chase had asked a few of Mindy's friends. He was happy to see that Mindy, now holding and gently smelling one of the copious Kali flowers, was beginning to smile and nod as she listened to Finny. Perhaps the vacation wouldn't be a total loss after all.

"I think I understand now Mr. Finny," Mindy finally seemed calm again, "but I don't want to waste your time with a sales presentation..."

"It's really not a sales presentation Mrs. Markman..." Finney interrupted.

"Oh, you can call me Mindy, Mr. Finny." Mindy shone a dazzling smile, very unusual given her general dislike of black people.

"And please, call me Beau, or Buddy as most of my friends call me." Finny's broad smile seemed to grow even wider as he leaned in close to Mindy. "We don't do sales presentations, there is absolutely no pressure. In fact, my job this evening is to show you an entertaining evening, share a little about the resort, and cook you and your husband a gourmet dinner in one of our private beach retreat."

Well, that depends..." Mindy moved a little closer to the other man, "How good a cook are you?"

"Ha! I promise I am a very good cook and that I will prepare an evening you will never forget!" Finny said with a laugh. "I promise there will be no high pressure sales, well, no sales at all really. Just some great drinks, fantastic food, and big fun!"

Mindy smiled and thought for a moment. "OK, deal, we'll see you tonight."

The couple took their key cards from Jenny, who insisted on hugging both of them, not that Chase was complaining, and they strolled behind the bell boy as he walked them to their room.

Mindy leaned over to speak quietly in Chase's ear. "Beau seems very nice. Not at all like I would expect being, you know, black. He's very nice, and clean, and seemed very well spoken."

Sensing a chance to redeem himself; Chase leapt in, "See honey, I knew you'd love this place. Anna May was right!"

"Oh, you're not out of the woods yet mister." Mindy scolded sternly, the anger returning to her eyes. "I'm still pissed at you for telling me this was a vacation when you knew damn well that it was a time share presentation. Beau seemed nice, but I can't believe he's not going to make it hard tonight."

"I'll tell you what's already hard this afternoon." Chase tried to interject some levity. And besides, it was the truth, he was nursing a semi hard erection that, if he wasn't careful, was going to harden again and make an embarrassing tent in his shorts again. "What do you say we christen the room as soon as we get in?"

"Oh don't be gross Chase." Mindy retorted as the black bellman opened the door for them. "You aren't getting anything from me until I see how it goes tonight."

Mindy disappeared onto the porch overlooking the hot tub while the bellman set up and started to put away their clothing. Mindy ran back in as he was about to open her suitcase. "Oh hey, no! Um, thanks anyway though." She said nervously as she closed her suitcase. "I like to do it myself."

"No problem Ma'am, whatever you wish." He said with a big smile before putting the rest of the cases in the storage cupboard. He accepted Chase's proffered tip and started out the door. "If there's anything you or your lovely wife need, anything at all, just call me, anytime day or night." He handed Chase a card with his name and extension on it.

As soon as the door closed Mindy shuddered. "Ew. I can't stand the thought of that black man rifling through my underwear, probably drooling over my panties. He just can't wait to fuck a white woman I bet." She disappeared into the bathroom and Chase heard the shower run.

He wandered around the luxurious suite, checking out the plasma tv, reading some of the pamphlets on the table, and poured himself a shot of bourbon on ice before walking out onto the patio. He leaned on the wall and looked at the spacious hot tub and the well tended garden that surrounded it. After a short while a beautiful blonde arrived from a nearby kabana and dipped a toe into the bubbling water. Chase almost dropped his drink at the sight of the girl. Her tiny bikini barely contained her big breasts and her thong only served to accentuate the small patch where her pussy was, and the fine shape of her ass.

"Hey there neighbor!" She said brightly either unaware, or not caring about Chase's lecherous stare. "I haven't seen you here before, first time?"

"Uh, yeah, it's my first time here..." Chase stumbled, unable to take his eyes off her hard nipples as they poked against the thin material. "I mean, my first time ... and my wife of course ... her first time too, uh ... we just got here."

"Great! Your wife will love it here; she'll never want to leave." She said as she lowered herself into the hot bubbling water. "We should get together later, I'm Candy"

'You certainly are.' Chase thought to himself painfully aware of his hard cock pressing against his shorts. Ever since he got here it seemed like he was constantly horny. It must be the lush location or the fact that this was the first vacation alone together since their daughter was born. "Yeah! Sounds great, we'll keep an eye out for you later."

Candy leaned back in the hot tub, this having the effect of thrusting her barely contained breasts upward as she settled into the hot water. After a few moments Chase noticed her breathing deepen as she spread her legs under the foaming water. Behind the patio wall Chase reached into his shorts and started stroking his hard cock. After only a minute or two Candy's breathing was heavy and her eyes were closed as she arched her back with a moan just barely audible over the noisy bubbles.

Chase retreated back into the room just as Mindy shut the shower off. If she had caught him with his hands down his pants while leering at a busty blonde in the hot tub she would have killed him, probably divorced him. He sat down in one of the nice leather chairs in the sitting room to wait. When she finally came out she had the bath towel wrapped around her beautiful body, her ass just exposed. She turned to rummage through her drawer. Chase couldn't resist, he dropped his pants, snuck behind Mindy and slid his hard cock against her butt cheeks. The sensation of her firm ass against his throbbing shaft was almost enough to send him over the edge.

Mindy screamed in surprise and jumped away from Chase. "Put that thing away, don't be dirty!" she scolded, "There is no way you are coming near me with that thing today!"

Chase stood there, cock literally in hand, and begged. "But honey, I'm dying here, you look so hot, we're on vacation, and it just won't go down. How about it, just a quicky?"

"Why don't you take that disgusting thing into the bathroom and take care of it yourself you pervert!" She reached over, grabbed Chase's erection and squeezed it hard as hard as she could. "Don't think you brought me to this time share place just to be your personal slut." She let go of his cock and slapped it.

Chase's cock started spewing cum. Unable to control himself Chase rubbed the swollen head of his cock until his shirt and hand dripped with cum and ran down his arm. He had never done anything like this before.

"You pig!" Mindy yelled, incensed. Without another word she quickly threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top and threw open the room door. "I'm starving after that lousy plane ride. I'll be in the restaurant having lunch. If you think you can control yourself long enough you can get cleaned up and meet me there!"

She slammed the door as she stormed off leaving Chase waddling over to the shower trying to make sure no cum dripped onto the floor. He had no idea what came over him to make him so uncontrollably horny. Still, he managed to clean himself up, get dressed, and make his way to the restaurant located just off the main lobby.

Spying Mindy seated by a large picture window overlooking the large front garden munching on a large salad. He was surprised to see her look up and greet him with a huge smile as he approached.

"Hi honey!" She said happily greeting him. She looked a little glassy eyed and her voice had a soft, sultry quality to it. Chase wondered how many drinks she had with lunch.

"Um, hi Mindy." He answered tentatively, gingerly taking his seat across from her. "Listen, honey, I'm really sorry about before. I don't know what came over me."

"I'm sorry too Babe." She said reaching over the table to take Chase's hand. "I understand that you sometimes have trouble controlling those carnal urges, and I was parading around you in that little towel. Please, try and control yourself though, OK?"

"Yes dear, like I said, I have no idea what happened." Chase answered contritely. "How is the food?"

"The food is fantastic!" Mindy answered as she stuffed a huge forkful of salad into her mouth, crunching loudly. "You really have to try the salad, it's wonderful. They use that native plant in the dressing, and the flower petals and leaves get mixed into the salad too. It's absolutely scrumptious!"

Chase called the waitress over and ordered a salad just like his wife's. He tried very hard not to stare at her breasts as she knelt by his chair, but apparently the standard uniform for the resort was a bikini top and a wrap around skirt. But when Chase looked back up at Mindy he found her gazing out the window distractedly munching on her salad.

He found himself staring at his beautiful wife as she absentmindedly forked salad into her mouth. Well, more to the point, he stared at her beautiful breasts pressed against the tank top as her chest slowly rose and fell, her nipples hard in the breeze of the overhead fan.

Even when the waitress arrived with his salad, and even seemed to linger with him, flirting, Mindy didn't look around. Chase took a big bite of the salad; his wife was right, it was delicious. He continued to stare at his wife as he ate until, without realizing it, he had eaten most of his bowl.

"So I thought maybe we could hang around the pool this afternoon." Chase finally said.

"Hmm?" Mindy looked over at her husband not really hearing him. "What did you say?"

"The pool. I thought we might relax by the pool this afternoon." He repeated.

"Oh, sure, yeah, the pool." She replied dreamily, a smile on her lips. "I noticed you didn't pack my bathing suit though."

"Honey, that old bathing suit is years old, it's 10 sizes too big, at least." He said with what he hoped was an ingratiating tone. "I figured you could buy a brand new suit to show off your hard won physique."

The truth was that even when it fit, Mindy's bathing suit looked a nylon potato sack. Chase really hoped his wife would get a skimpy bikini to show off her hot new body.

Mindy sort of stared at him, a grin on her face, for quite a while before she realized he'd stopped talking. "Oh, um, ok, sure, I can see what they have here. I hope they have a nice one piece, not too revealing. I don't want the staff here staring at me. OK, I'll see you at the pool in a few minutes; order me a drink would you?"

She just sat there, staring off into space again while the waitress took their empty salad bowls and dropped off the check, along with a couple of the hotel's signature cookies.

"Well..." Chase started to stand up, "I'll see you at the pool in a few minutes."

Again it took Mindy a few moments to respond, like she had forgotten where she was.

"Oh! Cookies! I love these cookies, mind if I have yours?" She said with a big grin. "Right, bathing suit, see you at the pool in a few." She skipped off through the restaurant happily munching on one of the cookies as she went.

Chase dropped by the room, quickly changed into his bathing suit and headed to the pool. Moments after he sat down a pretty young black waitress came over to see if he needed anything. Again, she was dressed in a bikini top and a short wrap around skirt, both of which showed off her fit body. He couldn't be sure, but when she knelt down to take his drink order Chase was pretty sure she wasn't wearing a bathing suit under the wrap.

"I'm thinking about something tropical, fruity, and with lots of kick, maybe like a Mai Tai?" Chase asked the waitress. In the back of his mind Chase figured that if he kept feeding Mindy drinks and got her drunk enough, he might get laid tonight.

"I know just the thing, our house specialty, The Glamity Bay Zombie." She said with a broad smile, almost as if she understood his plan. "It's got vodka, 3 kinds of rum, a local liqueur, and a dash of Champaign in a mix of local fruit juices."

"Sounds great, get me two of those as soon as my wife arrives." Chase said trying to steal another look into the shadows between her thighs, "And bring two more fifteen minutes after that."

"Whatever you like sir." The girl said with a big smile. Chase wondered, were all the girls paid to flirt with the guests? He watched her hips sway seductively as she strolled away until he noticed his cock getting hard again. Not wanting to piss Mindy off any more today, he decided it was best lay back and close his eyes.

"You wouldn't believe that place!" Mindy interrupted Chase's dozing as she arrived a few minutes later. She stood in front of him wearing an oversized Glamity Bay t-shirt. "The bathing suit shop had no selection! All they had were skimpy bikinis, no one pieces! And they were so expensive!"

"It's OK honey, don't worry about the price, you're on vacation now." Chase said trying to calm her down.

"But honey, I just paid $330 for a square foot of stretchy fabric!" She said gesturing to the bikini underneath the t-shirt. "At least they didn't charge me for the t-shirt."

The waitress arrived just then to drop off the drinks. She had heard Mindy's rant and decided to help calm her down. "Don't worry Mrs. Markman, everyone here wears a bikini." Mindy started to protest, "And you obviously have a beautiful body."

Mindy paused for a moment; she seemed to really enjoy the compliment from the pretty young waitress. "Do you really think so?"

"There's only one way to find out!" she replied enthusiastically, "Take off that baggy t-shirt and let's have a look. There's nobody else around."

Mindy looked around the pool area, there really was nobody else out there. "Well ... I guess I can try."

Mindy pulled the t-shirt over her head revealing her absolutely spectacular physique showed off perfectly by a tight purple bikini. Chase was speechless at the sight of his beautiful wife presented in such a sexy fashion. He felt his cock rise in its own salute, pressing against his swim trunks.

The waitress was impressed too as she oo'd and ah'd over the statuesque woman. "You have a perfect body for this bikini, if you don't mind me saying Mrs. Markman."

"Do you really think so?" Mindy asked, glowing at the woman's attention. She turned around, bent a little at the knee, and thrust her perfectly shaped ass out. "Doesn't it make my ass look big?"

"Not at all!" the waitress bubbled, "It shows it off nicely." The waitress adjusted Mindy's bikini bottom, running her fingers under the tight material. Chase had to sit up at the sight of her dark skin against his wife's pale flesh. "Only you should have gotten the thong bottom, it would make your bum look even better. Turn around Miss, let me fix your top." Mindy turned around and stood quietly as the pretty young black girl reached up and started adjusting her bikini top.

"See here, you need to give the top just a little slack so the material doesn't pull too tight." The waitress adjusted the straps and slid her fingers under the material. Chase's mouth dropped open as he watched the young woman sliding her fingers along his wife's big breasts making Mindy's nipples harden. Mindy stared down at the younger woman almost in a trance, her eyes slightly glassy and her mouth hanging open. Chase watched as his wife's breathing deepened and her skin began to flush as she obviously became aroused.

"I think your husband really likes your new bikini Mrs. Markman." The waitress said as she looked at Chase's obvious erection with a smile, pulling her hands away from his wife's body.

Mindy absently looked over at Chase's goofy expression without really understanding. "Oh, hey honey, so you like it?" Chase could only nod as he tried to cover up his hard cock. Mindy turned back to the younger woman, "Thank you so much. I feel much better now. I only wish I had as beautiful a body as you."

"It's my pleasure Mrs. Markman." The waitress answered, her eyes appraising the older woman's body. "But I think you're wrong, I wish I had a body like yours."

Mindy smiled as she sucked down her drink, slowly sitting back down on the chaise as if she were coming out of some sort of trance. She handed the empty glass to the waitress. "Um, can I have another one of these?"

"Certainly Miss, I'll be right back."

Mindy stared at the girl as she walked off. "She's quite pretty, isn't she?"

"Um, I hadn't noticed." Chase lied, wondering what was up with his wife.

"I think this place is agreeing with me after all." Mindy said as she lied back to sun herself, "I'm feeling wonderfully relaxed, almost tingly."

Mindy closed her eyes and stuck in her earphones just as the waitress arrived with her new drink. Mindy thanked her and then watched her as she walked over to a newly arriving couple. The new couple consisted of a beautiful young blonde, hardly in her twenties, and an older, balding, pot bellied man. Mindy continued to watch the pretty black waitress as she left the pool area for the bar.

Chase continued to watch his wife in amazement, his cock throbbing in his pants, as Mindy lay there, her hard nipples pushing against the thin material of the bikini, and even her erect clit visible sticking up from slight camel toe formed by her bottoms. After Mindy started working out so much and losing so much weight her clit became more prominent as her body fat dropped. When she was aroused her clit appeared more prominently, and was much more sensitive, at least it seemed to be the few times they'd actually had sex since her weight loss.

Despite his arousal Chase found himself dozing in the sun and falling asleep just has the next round of drinks arrived. It seemed like only moments had passed when the waitress gently shook him awake. Judging by the darkening sky, though, significantly more time had passed.

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