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Getting Ready For Date Night Pt3

May 14, 2009

By freewales

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As you may know if you have read my earlier posts, I fantasized often about my wife having sex with another man. After sharing my fantasy with her it then became something we both enjoyed to increase our pleasure during lovemaking, until she finally listened to my urging her on and dallied with another man. That dalliance soon became a regular encounter and standing date.

At one point back when we first met Lara asked me how often I wanted sex. Every day, I told her. And we used to have sex almost that frequently. However now with her new sexual empowerment she orders me to masturbate in front of her almost daily while I lick her pussy, instead of getting my leg over. Sometimes this is after she has had sex with her boyfriend, John, other times it is before one of her dates so I can warm her up, while other times it is just to watch me release ? I think that somehow reaffirm her power over me as I masturbate and look longingly at her body.

This is because Lara knows that to really keep me horny she shouldn?t withhold my ability to cum, but rather keep me cumming more frequently. When I haven?t cum for a while I?m actually less horny. But when I cum often my glands become sensitive and I sport a continual hard-on. Lara often aids me by telling me stories of her encounters or by sharing details about her lover. Apparently as much as I am under her spell she is under his.

Often I will lie on my back while Lara sits on my face. This leaves my hands free to rub her nipples and stroke myself while letting her orgasm and push the fluids from within her vagina into my mouth. Truth be told I love being able to do this while looking up into her eyes. We share a bond with her gazing down at me and me looking back up at her. But when she recounts a tale for me while her legs are wrapped around my head I almost need to be able to lip read at the same time?

She has a way of sharing an experience of her having sex outside our marriage and turning it into a fantasy on which I hang on every word. She describes how he commands her and she becomes submissive to his desires. He toys with her and draws out the foreplay making her beg. Lara will be only a few words in and I know that she expects me to move between her legs. I?m only too happy to oblige.

One time recently I had moved between her legs and was gently sucking on her clit. She rolled me over in one motion so her crotch was on my mouth and her knees were beside my head. Lara's pubic hairs tickled my nose. Slowly she started to slide her groin forward and back, grinding her pussy into my mouth and nose. Lara proceeded to tell me the tale about the first time she ever went to John?s house for sex.

When he opened the door to his house he pulled her to him and kissed her very passionately. From the first moment he made it clear that he was in control of her. She said his hands roamed over her body on top of her thin dress like he owned her. It really turned her on to feel him cup her breasts and buttocks. He took her hand and guided her into his home to the living room. She didn?t pay much attention to her surroundings since she was studing his shoulders as he led her. John sat her down on the couch and prepared a drink for her.

When it was ready he sat beside her and handed her the glass. As she sipped John made small talk about being glad that Lara decided to come over while he put one arm around her and another on her lap. He told her how beautiful and sexy she was. She said he was staring intently in her eyes and it made her heart flutter to think why she was there. So she looked down for a moment and put the glass on a nearby table.

Lara looked up at him again and he moved his hand up to her chin to steady her as he leaned in for a kiss. Then Lara told me that there was something about the way John kisses her that just causes her to melt. He really took control of her, putting his hand on the back of her head and holding her firmly to his lips.

Throughout this account I lay beneath my beloved, trying hard to keep my tongue between her pussy lips as she gently rocked. One of my hands was stroking my cock while the other reached up her lean body to rub a breast. My wife, however, barely showed that she was telling a tale of her infidelity. Rather she had the facial expressions of a woman telling a typical story to a girlfriend except all the while directing her story to me below her, where my head happened to be squeezed between her thighs.

Lara continued to tell of their kissing and John taking liberties with his hands. He wasn?t the only one whose hands were wandering though. My wife was rubbing his cock through his pants. She then described for me how she pulled out the cock that had fucked her one short week before that night and proceeded to stroke it to make it grow. As Lara?s story got steamier her mannerisms changed. She looked down into my eyes as she spoke and ran her hands through my hair. Lara said that she then knelt between his legs and started to suck his cock. She was bearing down on me more as she rocked back and forth on my mouth.

She knelt between his legs with her eyes closed and her hands around the cock in her mouth. As she worked her hands back and forth over the cock she was sucking, she heard a click. Opening her eyes she found John with a digital camera, snapping pictures of her as she gave him a blow job. As this point in the story I was very surprised to hear the next part: she didn?t even slow down. My wife just let him take pictures as she sucked his cock.

This is when my wife stopped and looked down at me. ?You see, honey, even if I didn?t want to go back I would have to. He took a lot of pictures of me and many of them are of me naked and having sex with someone who obviously isn?t my husband. I have to do what John tells me to do. I was afraid to mention it to you before because I didn?t know what you would say.?

She continued, ?John has been the one directing me to make you lick my pussy before and after my visits to him. He has ordered me to make you lick my pussy as often as you can manage, and to make sure you masturbate as you do so. He says it?s what you want and that it is your place in this relationship.?

Lara went on to tell me about John cumming on her face and then taking some more snaps of it dripping off her face. After letting her towel off he slid her dress straps from her shoulders and disrobed her. Together they went hand and hand, naked, to his bedroom.

Lara looked down at me sucking on her clit and said that her boyfriend had printed several of his favorite pictures of her for me. She was going to his house again and that I was to enjoy masturbating in private to pictures of her fucking John. That thought left me incredibly horny but I wasn?t quite close enough to cumming yet. Something told me anyway that I shouldn?t orgasm in front of Lara without ensuring that she did the same or being told to.

My wife then proceeded to climb off me and get off the bed. I sat up a little. Juices were all over my mouth and I?m sure it was red from abrasion. My hair was a mess from her hands.

?John says that he wants you to finish the story yourself today, honey. You?ve now got the pictures of me sucking his cock and getting fucked really thoroughly.?

Lara looked down at my cock oozing precum. ?I hope you?re ok with how this changes things between us darling hubby. This is what you said you wanted, after all - me enjoying another man. And I am quite happy with how this arrangement has turned out. John?s cock is definitely bigger than what I had before. It?s at least three inches longer and definitely bigger around than what you?ve got in your hand.?

My wife picked up her purse and pulled out several photos she had stuffed into it. There were pictures of Lara looking like she was sucking to save her life. Others were taken as if her legs were on the photographer?s shoulders and looking down at a fat cock halfway inside her. I?m slightly embarrassed to admit that the length sticking out of her was almost the entire length of my cock. He must be stretching her out significantly than when I got to fuck my wife. There were pictures of my wife in more positions than I had ever even tried with her. In many of them you could see her body sweating from the intensity of the lovemaking. Some of my favorite pictures were of her well used cunt, dripping cum. In all the pictures of her face she looked delirious with pleasure.

?Don?t wear yourself out? my wife said as she walked out the door.

If you like this and want me to write more, email me at boxthorn1 at hotmail dot com.

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