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Chat With Me And Fuck My Wife

Aug 20, 2009

By cool

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CHAT WITH ME AND FUCK MY WIFE By Bhuralund@gmail.com

It was one of those nights when I initiated sex my wife was so
that she refused. I was really frustrated at her behaving like this
so I
decided that I would make her sleep and jerk off to online prono. She
is a
light sleeper and doesn't like me to surf porn so I cracked three
pills in orange juice and tequila cocktail and made the same for me
(without the drug of course). We toasted and within 20 minutes she
was out
like dead wood.

Anyway, we were in the living room and I purposely removed her
and her bra, leaving her lying there just in her nightie which is open
the front. I enjoyed fingering her pussy even though she had told me

I got my laptop right there and started surfing smut. It was a
going when I entered a chat room. Someone who thought I was a female
chatid is love70) started messaging me about how he would like to meet
and how he would make me feel like I am in heaven and so on, I was not
hot about it but just to settled my curiosity about how guys chat up
for sex I went along pretending I was a woman, his chatid was
and he sent me a picture of his cock which was like a horse cock, big,
black, uncut and very very thick...after about 20 minutes of chatting
started feeling very horny and when I saw my wife spread eagled I
oh why not punish the bitch for not letting me have enough sex. So I
messaged dark_horse and asked him if he wanted to meet up. He was all
for it and fortunately lived just 10 km away from us. So I gave him
address and told him that I had been drinking so I hoped he wouldn't
if I was slightly tipsy.

He said he will be with me in ten minutes, he signed off.

I quickly arranged a camcorder and kept a bottle of tequila next to
wife's head and an empty glass. And I hid in the attic which is
from the living room via a narrow staircase. Although it is very dark
nothing can be seen when someone is sitting down, if you strain your
you can see it very clearly. But there was no other place so I left
door slightly ajar and went to my hiding place.

Within five minutes, dark_horse arrived. He rang the bell and when
one answered, he pushed the door open. He looked around and when he
saw my
wife lying on the couch, he moved there. He moved closer and called
around by saying hello, hello, but how could she answer? Then he
tried to
shake her sleep off. But no success. Finally, he went out making me
oh darn he is backing out. But within minutes he was back and this
time he
had three other men with him. I panicked but they all looked very
and strong to my 5.9" frame so I stayed put lying down in the shadows.

All four of them were probably Indians with dark brown skin and
moustaches. Their hair was oiled and a faint smell of coconut oil
the room.

The four men started playing with their cocks. The first one, sat
next to my wife and started fingering her pussy which was already wet
because of my fingering. Soon he had three fingers in my wife's
large pussy. One o his friends removed her nightie althogether and
mauling her ample breasts. Another had taken out his brown uncut cock
his pants and was busy rubbing it on her lips. Soon he was able to
his cock inside her mouth and started fucking her mouth like a pussy.

Dark_horse, too took out his horse meat, and started rubbing the
head of his angry cock leaking precum over my wife's pussy lips. And
slowly he pushed it inside the pink folds of my wife's faithful
pussy. He
fucked her with deep strokes for the next 15 minutes and finally
dumped his
entire bucketful of sperm load in her pussy. He was replaced by his
and soon all four had dumped their loads in my wife's pussy.

Then they relaxed and started chatting. One of them stood up and
stretched and that's when he saw me. First he was slightly take aback
he understood the situation and climbed the attic and dragged me down
my hair.

"See this faggot husband of this woman was the one who messaged you
invited you to fuck his wife," he said as he pushed me down on my
knees in
front of dark_horse, who was grinning.

"Oh ho, so you like to see macho cocks fucking you wife's pussy?
Then maybe you also like to taste cock yourself?," he said slapping my
cheeks with his massive cock and leaving trains of cum on my cheeps
even lips. "But we only like to fuck pussies, we are not faggots that
will spoil our cocks by making cocksuckers like you chew on our potent
cocks...so what should be do with this cocksucker, guys," he asked his

One of his friends laughed and said, "we are going to fuck his
pussy again...and it looks so messy with all our sperm inside, so why
we make him clean our sperm with his tongue and clean his wife's pussy
for us to fuck again."

Dark_horse apparently agreed to him and pushed me down on my wife's
filled freshly pounded pussy. As I licked the first time, I knew this
what I was missing in my life and I knew I would always be hooked on
sperm now....

The end.

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  • canyahelpme wrote 158 days ago:

    I loved it

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