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He Took My Wife

Apr 8, 2010

By tma0

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She turned around. The teddy she was wearing didn't have a thong back but it still only covered about half of her ass.

I was getting so hard and from the look of the bulge in Dexter's underpants, he was getting turned on too. I then got up and lay on the bed. Ellen got on top of me and we kissed and embraced. "I love you," we said to each other. Then Ellen turned around and lay on top of me with her back to me. I slid off my boxer briefs and I could feel the silky smoothness of her lingerie touching me. Dexter got up and stood in front of us. He pulled his under shorts down to reveal his big black cock.

It was rock hard and sticking out. It was unbelievable how big it was. It looked like it was 11 inches or so and much bigger than mine which was about 4 1/2 inches hard. Dexter lay on top of Ellen, who was still laying on top of me. Dexter slowly pulled off Ellen's stockings, making sure he felt her legs good as he did so. Then he started to pull her teddy down. He started to caress her exposed breasts and then he pulled the teddy the rest of the way off her. When she had all her clothes off, I could feel her naked skin against mine. My prick was so hard and was between her ass cheeks. It wasn't in her asshole but was rubbing in the crack of her ass.

Ellen spread her legs wide for him as he knelt between her legs. He took his big stick and started to rub the head against her outer lips. Ellen then wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and tried to bring him closer but he hesitated. He wanted to tease her.

He continued to rub the head of his cock around her cunt. He then eased it in slowly, only letting the head go in. He pulled back out and repeated the process a few times. He was toying with her. "Oh gosh, put it in me, put your big black cock in me," she begged.

He eased it in again, this time going in only a couple of inches before pulling out. Again, he repeated that motion a few times. I wrapped my arms around Lori's midsection and I could feel her getting hotter and she was trembling. She wanted it bad.

Dexter pushed his dick in a little bit more until it was about half-way in. He pushed harder and his long tool sank in a few more inches, stretching my wife's tight cunny like it had never been stretched before.

I felt a twinge of jealousy but at the same time I was turned on by the fact someone else was going deeper into my wife than I had ever gone before. Dexter was very gentle and inched his cock in slowly until it was all the way in. When he pushed it in all the way he was motionless, just letting his large cock stay imbedded in her box, letting her get use to having such a big cock in it.

"It hurts," she said. "But don't stop."

Dexter started to move. He started working his ebony wand in my wife's sweet, exquisite pussy. His moves were slow and expert and my wife bucked her hips each time to meet his gentle thrusts.

He continued to pump her for several minutes until I could feel Ellen's muscles begin to contract. She let out a scream like she had never let out when she was with me. She shivered in excitement as waves of pleasure came over her.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she screamed.

Dexter began to move faster and began to pound her cunt and gave her a orgasm she had never before experienced. Finally after several minutes of pounding my wife into submission, Dexter began to thrust harder and harder as he was reaching the edge. Ellen began to cry, tears came down her face as she could no longer take his big prick anymore.

Dexter let out a big moan as he shot his load into her vagina and he kept his prick in until every drop was deposited inside her. He then withdrew and sat back down on the chair. Lori turned around to me and kissed me. "I love you," she said as she straddled me. My pecker went inside her very easily as she was stretched out from Dexter's big, thick monster.

Ellen was so wet and creamy with her own juices mixed in with Dexter's cum. "It feels so good, oh it feels sooo goood," I said as she rode my little dick. I raised my hips, thrusting my pecker into her slot. I knew I couldn't penetrate her like Dexter but I didn't care. I loved her and I loved her cunt.

I didn't last very long and came only after about 2 minutes but it was hardest I had ever came in my life. I was so excited I couldn't hold back. Dexter stood up again and I could see he was hard again. He came up behind Ellen and made her get on all four on top of me. He then stuck his big dick in her ass.

She whimpered in pain as he pushed his cock in. It was her first time getting fucked anally. Dexter was gentle when he fucked her asshole. He grabbed her by the hair and rammed his cock all the way in her.

"You're my bitch now," he said as he kept pounding her ass. She was crying now and screaming for him to stop and for me to make him stop. I couldn't do anything. I was so turned on. I tried to raise up and fuck her in her pussy but Dexter punched me in the face, bloodying my nose.

"She's mine, you little white boy!" he said. "Her pussy and ass belong to me!" He fucked her so hard, ripping up her asshole until she was bleeding. He finally came, thrusting until he could come no more. After he was finished, Ellen fell exhausted on top of me. Dexter looked at us contemptuously, got dressed and left the motel room.

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