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Delicious Domination: Fae Shares Coy With Zoe

Jul 22, 2010

By shaitan

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The lanky Stud Puppy nervously knocked on the door of the huge mansion. ?Well, Hello!? It was Zoe?s beaming greeting. ?Come in!? She gushed taking both of Coy?s trembling hands in her big warm peasant woman?s hands. Coy tried not to stare at Zoe?s thick torso and stout thighs beneath her obscenely sheer gown. Her well toned 62 year old body radiated sheer animal magnetism. Coy blushed as his 8 inch love muscle stirred to life in his tight fitting lame slacks. Zoe stopped at the door way to a very elaborate master bedroom. She turned and put her hands on Coy?s flushing cheeks. ?You know why you are here, right?? Her sweet breath washed over Coy?s somber visage. ?Yes, M?am!? Zoe swept her powerful hands through Coy?s shoulder length bronze mane. ?Why are you here?? Zoe?s lips barely grazed Coy?s trembling lips. ?I am here to please you.? He stammered. ?You are a little nervous?? Zoe chuckled. ?Yes!? Coy nodded. ?I like that! I like lovers who are a little afraid of me. Afraid of not pleasing me. Fear is a very powerful aphrodisiac. You do want very much to please me, don?t you?? Zoe smothered Coy?s affirmative response with a big, hot, wet open mouth vulgar kiss.

?Take you clothes off for me. Over there!? Zoe pointed to the far side of the room. Coy slowly removed his shirt and lowered his slacks. Fae never let him wear BVD?s. He saw Zoe?s wet eyes go wide as his mouthwatering 8 inch penis bobbed into view. ?Very nice! I love men with big penises.? Zoe purred softly. ?Come to me!? Shedding her gown Zoe fell back onto the soft silky sheets with her bare feet almost over the end. Coy took a step towards the bed. ?Down!? Zoe snapped her fingers pointing to the floor. ?On your knees! NOW!? Her sharp command surprised Coy as he obediently thudded to his knees. Zoe smiled broadly. She saw how Coy?s big young penis flipped when she barked her order for him to crawl to her. ?See what a nice job Nan did on my toes?? Zoe slid the soul of her sweet smelling foot down Coy?s blushing cheeks. He instinctively turned his slightly parted lips to Zoe?s mature feet. ?Ahh, that?s wonderful. Fae has taught you well.? Zoe cooed happily as Coy reverently licked, kissed and sucked her painted toes one by one.

Then Zoe dramatically spread her large velvet skinned matronly thighs wide open as Coy worshiped the delicate bones of her alabaster ankles. Zoe saw his nostrils flare as the raw dank essence of her unbathed crotch overwhelmed him. She?d learned long ago that most men adored eating her stinky dirty pussy much more than after a shower. ?Baby?? She flashed her tongue. ?I know you can smell me. I kept my cunt really stinky just for you.? She purred as Coy kissed his way lightly up between her lush pouting thighs stopping to kiss the backs of her knees. ?Oh that?s divine!? Zoe gushed. ?Fae has really trained you well.? Coy frowned at the memory of those long, hot, sweaty nights kissing and licking the salty sweat from Fae?s mature legs and thighs. Then he was there. He looked directly into Zoe?s hot sex laden smoldering eyes gently rubbing his nose in her thick lush glossy black pubis. ?Show me!? Zoe spread her velvety thighs. Coy?s eyes never left hers as he daringly flicked her raging clitoris with his long pink canine tongue. ?Make me happy!?

For the next hour Coy?s exquisitely well trained lips, teeth and tongue swept Zoe away on a soaring series of pussy melting loin shattering orgasms. Coy slurped her entire plump mons into his cunt starved mouth. Then he administered a deliciously savage beating to Zoe?s tender succulent grown woman?s clitoris with his heartlessly cruel tongue. No one had ever done that to this mature woman. Countless men and women had begged to suck her cunt since she was a girl in Poland. But no one had ever devoured her pussy with the skill, devotion and creativity of Fae?s drop dead gorgeous man-child Boy Toy. ?Good boy!? She swooned like a love sick school girl. ?Eat my stinky gash! Suck hard! Eat me!?

Then the regale queen regained some composure as Coy?s hot worshipful mouth slaved away devouring her dilated cunt. Thighs curled around Coy?s skull she cell phoned Fae. ?Hi! Fae? Zoe. I have your Boy Toy Stud Puppy up to his ears between my big fat thighs eating my snatch like a pig. He is absolutely divine. I just wanted to call and thank you for sharing him with me!? Then she hung up. ?Baby? Baby?? Zoe gently tugged on Coy?s pussy juice damp chin.. ?Baby?? She kissed his lips softly. ?Whew! Your handsome face stinks like my filthy dirty crotch!? She teased him happily tugging on his magnificent semi erect penis. ?Baby wanna? make Momma? happy?? Coy blushed as Zoe boldly man handled his semen leaking manhood. ?Yes, very much!? His somber answer enthralled the haughty cock starved dowager. ?Then let?s do it right!? She took complete control of Coy?s great big rock hard horse cock in her huge matronly hands. She rubbed the tip of his raging hardon up and down between the lips of her sopping wet freshly eaten vagina.

Coy?s head snapped back from the luscious friction of Zoe?s mature pussy. He?d never had sex with a woman as old as Zoe. She took command of Coy?s head with her other hand pulling his lips to hers. ?You will do what I want you to do when I want you to do it, understand me?? She squeezed his jism drooling penis with a surprisingly firm grip.

?This is my cock now, understand?? Coy nodded frantically. Then Zoe began to slip his fantastic young love muscle very slowly, dramatically into the boiling cauldron of her cock starved pussy. ?Ahhh,,,yess!? Zoe inched Coy?s enormous young organ deeper and deeper into the angry jaws of her cunt. He moved his hips. ?No! Stay!? Zoe dug her sharp talons into the tender defenseless flesh at the nape of Coy?s sweaty neck. ?I?m going to pussy whip you now! I am going to turn the powerful muscles deep in my cunt loose on your big young cock. You will never forget how those ruthless muscles cruelly beat your pride and joy to a pulp!? She swirled her arms up over her head. The raw sharp lurid odor of her hot steaming armpits took Coy?s breath away. It robbed him of his human decency.

?Smell that?? Zoe slurred crudely. ?Smell my hot dank stinky pits?? There were tears in the corners of Coy?s craven eyes. ?Oh dear! Baby wants to lick the nasty sweat from my raunchy armpits while the muscles in my old lady vagina savagely beats your young rock hard horse cock like an animal?? Coy bent his face deep into Zoe?s lurid smelling armpit licking the salty stubble gently with his reverent tongue. ?Thank you Mistress Zoe.? He sobbed shamelessly as Zoe turned the muscles deep in her snatch loose on Coy?s semen drooling penis. His head snapped back, sweat poured from his fearful cheeks. ?No! Don?t you dare come before I give you permission.? Zoë snarled darkly at Coy. He lapped and kissed the sweat from her pits with worshipful lips. ?I am sorry.? Zoe adored his obedient sniveling as her pussy crushed and mauled his penis with powerful ripples up and down the shaft of his cock buried deep in her vagina. She heard the desperate little birdie cries in Coy?s throat as he staved off orgasm after forbidden orgasm. Fae?d never tortured his organ like this astoundingly demanding lush skinned Matriarch. ?Suffer! Suffer for me.?

Zoe kissed Coy?s haggard wet lips softly seeing the veins throbbing wildly in Coy?s neck. She knew that he could not hold out much longer. She loved pussy whipping his cock to death with her remorselessly cruel cunt. And she wanted him to never forget fucking her mature pussy. But it was time for him come. ?NOW!? Zoe slapped Coy very hard right square in the mouth, ?I want your balls NOW!!? She slammed her finger all the way up Coy?s tender asshole crudely pumping it in and out slapping him again. ?NOW BITCH!?

Zoe lay there blissfully happy with the Boy Toy?s performance. Fae had worked on him for days and nights on end training this big cocked lover how to please a mature woman. ?You have made me very happy.? She cooed rubbing noses pecking Coy?s trembling lips. ?I hope to see you again?? She asked a little sheepishly. ?I?d like that very much? Coy?s adoring eyes and obedient tone send a thrill through Zoe?s loins. Coy went to his knees to kiss Zoe?s feet then he kissed the Matron?s hands. ?Very very much!? He groveled softly.

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