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Date Night

Sep 10, 2010

By randellrans

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Date Night I?ve been married to Jo Anne for 4 ½ years, the best years of my life. We do everything together. We make it a point to go out for dinner at least one night a week and usually take in a movie over the weekend. Spending time with her is easy, because she is just one hot lady. She stands about 5? 4? and certainly could have been a model if she were taller. She has that model look, thin waist, tight ass, medium sized boobs that stand up without a bra and a face featuring deep brown eyes set off with a smile that can melt my will with a simple flash. All of this is set off with slightly wavy brown hair that falls down just below her shoulders. Although just her looks would be enough to satisfy any man, she is also about the sweetest person I have ever met. The bottom line is I would do anything for this fantastic woman.

Our marriage is great because we are always thinking of new and exciting things to do. We have designated Friday nights as the night we try new things out. Some recent examples are attending a concert, bowling, watching a play, poker at a friend?s house and so on. Since we try to do something different each week, it becomes harder and harder to come up with new ideas. I believe that our last adventure was Jo Ann?s idea but I don?t really remember. Basically we decided that we would have a date night with a twist. Since we already go out on what could be construed a date every week anyway, we put a variation on the idea that involved some role playing. Our plan was for Jo Anne to go into a bar and I would come by a little later and attempt to pick her up. We agreed that she would not be easy and I would need to use all of my charms to convince her to come home with me. Actually this plan appealed to me because it made me remember how we had first met Although she was not easy, I actually did pick her up in a bar and was rewarded with the best sex of my life when I got her back to my apartment. The girl flat out knows how to suck and fuck.

The execution of the plan actually started on Thursday. Jo Anne went go to the mall and bought a new sexy outfit that cost me over $300. To my disappointment, she told me I would not be allowed to see it until we met at the bar the next night. We went over the details of the plan to ensure everything would happen on schedule. Basically, on Friday night she would go to a bar across town that neither of us had ever frequented. I was to arrive about 30 minutes later, introduce myself and put my best moves on her to convince her to come back home with me to fuck. I figured that this would not be a problem since I had already been successful at doing this exact thing and besides she is my wife. We both knew our parts in the role playing game and if played correctly would lead to a night of great sex. Oh, one last thing, she reminded me to bring condoms in case I did get lucky, ha ha. After all, she didn?t want to get pregnant from our little game.

Friday evening finally arrived and we were both excited about our date night. Around 8 o?clock, Jo Anne told me to get out of the house while she got ready. We decided that I should go down to our usual bar and have a few drinks while I waited. This sounded like a good idea because Jo Anne does not drink as much as I do and it would give me a chance to have a couple. Further, I was not supposed to see her sexy outfit until I arrived at our rendezvous. Our plan was for Jo Anne to arrive about 9 and for me to follow around 9:30. This way no one in the bar would know we were together and after I unveiled my great moves, we would be able to put on a little show of affection right there in the establishment. I expected that all of the guys in the bar would be jealous of what they knew I was going to get later that night. I was so excited about the plan that I urged Jo Anne to give me a quick blow job before I left but she told me I would need to be patient and would have to convince her to put out later. I left for the bar with a hard-on that actually made it a little difficult to walk.

I was so horny all I could think about was how I was going to get into her pants. The memory of our first night played over and over again in my head. I felt very lucky to be married to such a hot sexy woman. After arriving at our usual bar, I ordered the first of three vodka on the rocks. It went down easily but I was careful to take my time and savor the next two. Just as I started the second, Lisa, a girl I had briefly met at a neighbors party, sat down on the bar stool next to me. Lisa was not a stunning blonde but rather that girl next door. She had a good body, cute smile and a freckled face. I really hadn?t spent much time with her at the party but she acted as if we were old friends. She had attended the party with a date but I noticed she didn?t spend much time with him at all. She had blatantly flirted with just about every guy at the party except me. Now she seemed to be making up for lost time. As we talked, she made it a point to touch me. I know some guys don?t like this but it turns me on to have a girl continuously touching your arm or hand and occasionally letting her hand rub your thigh as she talks. Lisa obviously knew how to do this very well. In any event all it did was keep my cock hard the entire time I was at the bar. She finally asked where Jo Anne was at and I told her I was about to leave to meet up with her. Lisa looked me straight in the eyes and blatantly said if I ever got tired of just one girl we could hook up any time. I replied that Jo Anne and I were very happy together. She just smiled and said in that case maybe the three of us could hook up. As I was leaving, she passed me her number and said the invitation was good for either me or both of us any time. I walked out imagining all sorts of dirty thoughts. My cock just hardened up even more.

I had spent a little too much time talking to Lisa and didn?t arrive at the across town bar until almost 10:00pm. I was surprised to find it so busy. This was definitely a major pick up bar just as advertised, perfect for our game. I made my way past the dance floor and the band over to the bar but could not actually get close because there were so many people crowed up to the bar. I looked around and finally spotted Jo Anne sitting on a bar stool surrounded by three guys paying close attention to her. It was obvious why. She was wearing a short light blue mini skirt that rode up to the top of her bare thighs and it just barely covered her pussy. It was easy to see her matching blue panties. I was too far away to actually tell, but they looked as if they were a little transparent. There was no question that her silver silk blouse was transparent because her tits were unmistakably on view and the nipples pushed out as if they were going to poke a hole in the material. Yes, Jo Anne was clearly the hottest girl in the bar and was receiving attention from every guy there. I noticed that most of the guys were standing back just a bit but one guy was definitely dominating her attention. He was a little intimidating standing about 6?4?, muscular, dark hair, dressed immaculately and a square handsome. The perfect alpha male for a pick up bar.

I finally pushed my way through the mass of people to join her admiring crowd at the bar but could not actually stand right next to her because of the competition. Eventually I made eye contact with Jo Anne and she smiled briefly but then turned her head back and continued talking to the handsome stranger. All I could do was watch. Jo Anne was very involved in whatever they were talking about but what I noticed was that she was touching him as they talked just like Lisa had done with me. I hadn?t planned on this and was staring to get a little jealous. I finally managed to get another drink and tried to push myself closer to Jo Anne but was not successful. A guy I had just displaced saw me looking at Jo Anne and said, ?Don?t bother.?

He further explained to me that Jack was the guy talking to her and that Jack always was able to fuck the hottest girl in the bar. He basically said Jack could have any girl he wanted any time and it was obvious that Jack was going to fuck this hottie at the bar. I told him I doubted him and leaned in a little closer to hear what they were talking about. I expected to hear Jack?s pick-up lines but was surprised to hear Jo Anne being the one coming on to Jack. She was telling him how hard the muscles in his arms were as she rubbed them with her hand. She then moved her hands down to his thighs and repeated how muscular he was as she slid her hand up his thigh and gently rubbed it across his crotch. She smiled and commented that he was hard all over. Jack didn?t? answer with words, he put one of his hands behind her head and pulled her into him and brought their lips together. It was not a short kiss. Everyone in the bar seemed to watch as Jo Anne?s head tilted back, her eyes closed and their tongues glided in and out of each other?s mouth. At the same time, Jack?s other hand slid up Jo Anne?s bare thigh, under her short skirt and slowly started rubbing her pussy though the blue panties. It was now apparent to me and everyone else in the bar that the panties were indeed transparent. Through all the noise in the bar, I heard Jo Anne make that little uh uh sound she makes when she comes. As their lips parted, I heard Jack tell her that they needed to get out of here. They left the bar arm in arm with Jo Anne not even glancing back at me. I stood frozen as I watched them leave. The guy I bumped into earlier nudged me and said, ?Told you so. She?ll get the fucking of her life and Jack will add those cute little blue panties to his collection?.

Somehow that snapped me out of my trance and I tried to follow them out of the bar. As I exited, I scanned the parking lot but could not see them. Just by luck I heard a door slam way over by the back side of the lot. Since I could not see anyone in any of the cars, I guessed that they might be in the van backed up to a dirt mound. I made my way over to the van and climbed the mound behind it. A street light in the parking lot lit up the inside of the van as if it were daylight. I looked in the back window and determined that it was indeed them. I was no further than 5 feet away and could not only see everything happening but could also hear because the side windows were both open. My first thought was to burst into the van and save Jo Anne from this bastard. Of course he would probably kick my ass but the real reason I stopped was because I heard Jo Anne say, ?Oh God, I?m so horny. Please hurry up.? Hearing those words from my sweet little wife seemed to paralyze me. I just sat there watching.

Jack just smiled and replied, ?Don?t worry baby, I?m going to fuck you like you?ve never been fucked before.?

With that said Jack ripped the front of her silk blouse open sending buttons flying in every direction. Even from where I sat, I could see how turned on Jo Anne had become because her nipples stuck out further than I had ever seen. Jack must have noticed the same thing because he immediately lowered his head to her breasts and started licking and sucking. Jo Anne?s tits are an onramp to her sexual pleasure. Just like when I suck on them, she leaned her head back, closed her eyes and a slight moan escaped her lips. Jo Anne was in her pleasure zone for sure. Jack became a little more aggressive and began sucking harder leaving marks everywhere his mouth was attached. He pulled his head back and finished ripping her blouse all the way off. Jo Anne responded by opening his shirt and rubbing his muscular chest. She slid her hands down his chest to open his belt and unzip his pants. As Jack lifted up to allow Jo Anne to slide his pants and boxers down it became apparent to me why the tent in his pants in the bar appeared so large. A hard nine inch cock popped out standing straight up in the air. My eyes opened almost as much as Jo Anne?s not because of the impressive nine inches but because of how thick it was. It must have been as thick as a beer can.

Jo Anne gasped, ?Wow, I don?t know if I can handle that?

Jack replied, ?Oh, you?ll handle it slut, because this is what you came here for. You can start by sucking it.?

Jo Anne seemed a little surprised by his harsh talk but completely complied as he pushed her head down towards his pole, he continued, ?I know that you are married but I?m sure you can?t get cock like this at home. That?s why all you fucking little whores come to me. Now suck like you never have sucked before. Earn the right to get fucked like the slut you are.?

Jo Anne didn?t answer but opened her mouth as wide as she possibly could and fed the first four inches into her mouth. I could see that she secreted gobs of saliva to on his erection in order to slide it in and out of her mouth.

Jack said, ?That?s good but you can do better.? as he pushed the back of her head down on his pole.

Jo Anne couldn?t say anything even if she wanted to because his cock drove its way to the back of her throat. I couldn?t believe that she could take the entire thing but quickly her mouth pushed against his hairy base and massive balls. I was even more surprised when he grabbed her hair and pounded the enormous cock all the way in and out of her throat over and over again. It was as if he was using her head to masturbate himself. Suddenly he yanked her head away from his cock and she gasped for air. Jack pushed her onto her back, pushed her legs up, lifted the blue skirt and slid the blue panties down her legs. Jo Anne lay on her back with her legs open for him and naked except for the skirt now bunched around her waist.

He smiled and said, ?Now for the best part. I?m going to train this luscious little cunt to crave my cock. You can start by begging for me to fuck you.?

To my surprise, Jo Anne responded, ?Oh God yes. I need your cock! Fuck me, fuck me hard. You can have this pussy anytime you want it.?

My position on the mound was just right as she spread her legs even wider and pulled her knees back waiting to accommodate him. Jack accepted the invitation by crawling up between her legs and positioning the giant head of his penis against her dripping little hole. Jo Anne couldn?t wait and reached down between them, grabbed his cock and guided it into her cunt. The head was so big that it actually made a sound as it entered her. It took a while to work the entire thing into her tight little hole. She was lucky she was so wet or it could have been painful. As I watched inch after inch disappear inside her I finally realized that I was just sitting there watching another man fuck my wife. For some reason, I was not jealous. I felt happy for the pleasure she was receiving. It was around this time that I realized that the condoms were in my pocket. I was confused as to what to do now. I didn?t want her to become pregnant from Jack nor did I want to interfere with her pleasure, so I didn?t do anything. Actually, I did do something. I pulled my cock out of my pants and began stroking it as I watched Jack pound her pussy.

Jo Anne was truly getting the best fucking of her life. Jack was pushing that fat cock in and out of her pussy so fast that it almost seemed to be a blur to me. Jo Anne was almost wailing as she reached one orgasm after another. I have never been able to make her come like she was coming now. After about fifteen minutes of this hard sex, Jack decided to make her do some of the work. He pulled his rod all the way out of her only to hear her complain she needed more. Jack rolled over on his back and Jo Anne wasted no time in climbing up on top of him. This actually gave me a better view than before as I could see directly into the junction of their crotches. Jack?s giant pole was rubbing along the outside of her slit. Jo Anne sat up, leaned back, grabbed his cock and pushed the head against her cunt.

Once again, I couldn?t believe her tight little pussy would be able to accommodate such a large tool. As the head started its penetration her pussy opened up wider than I had ever seen it before. From my perspective, I could see everything. As his cock slid further and further inside her, I couldn?t figure out where all of it was going. It had to be hitting the wall of her cervix and maybe even going deeper. All I knew is that it was going places my cock would never be able to reach. Being on top, Jo Anne had control over the pace this time. She would slowly lift her cute little ass as high as she could leaving only the tip of his cock inside her and then slam down on his pole as hard and fast as she could. His cock was so wide and her pussy lips were so tightly stretched around it that they would actually extend out on the up strokes. Her juices gleamed as they dripped down on his cock. All the while as she used his cock to pleasure herself, Jack was gnawing on her tits creating more and more bite marks. She didn?t seem to notice or care. From my position, I couldn?t see her face this time but I knew she was still having non-stop orgasms from her moans. All of a sudden, Jo Anne had the biggest orgasm I have ever seen. I thought she was going to pass out.

?Fill me with your seed. I need my cunt filled,? she screamed at Jack.

?Not a problem, slut, that?s the idea here,? Jack snugly replied.

With that, Jo Anne fell forward across his chest and Jack started to come inside her fertile hole. He was pumping his semen inside her as his massive balls would grow and then contract as they propelled their sticky contents deep into her cunt. After he finished emptying himself, his balls looked smaller as their contents had obviously been transferred inside of Jo Anne. The two of them lay there not moving for about two minutes. Finally, Jo Anne slowly lifted up to disengage the cock that had given her so much pleasure. I could see the mixture of her juices and his come dripping down his cock. When the head of his cock came out of her pussy, it actually made a big popping sound. Jo Anne lay on top of him and it looked like her hole was stretched big enough to fit my fist inside. More come started dripping out of her cunt onto Jack?s cock. I have never seen anything so erotic in my life. Porno films couldn?t come close to this scene. Jack pushed Jo Anne off of him and said,

?Clean that mess off of my cock you dirty little slut.?

Jo Anne didn?t answer but just leaned over and started licking the juices from his dick. There was quite a bit to clean but Jo Anne was careful to take it all into her mouth.

?Not bad for a married little whore,? said Jack. ?If you want more, you can come back by any time you like, and I?m sure you will like, ?Jack said as he smiled knowing she would.

?That was the best sex in my entire life. But as you know, I am married and in love with my husband so probably will not be back,? Jo Anne answered.

?That?s what they all say. We will see. After all, you did say probably,? Jack replied almost in a snicker.

That being said, Jack dressed, slid Jo Anne?s blue panties around his arm, handed Jo Anne her torn blouse pulled her out of the van and then headed back to the bar.

?Say hi to hubby,? Jack shouted back as he disappeared into the bar.

Jo Anne just stood there naked from the waste up as she tried to figure out what she was going to do and say. I helped her decide by walking down next to her and saying, ?Let me help you.?

I helped her get dressed as best as she could without panties or bra and her silk blouse lacking any buttons at all. We walked in silence back to my car and I drove her home. Once in the house I took her to the bedroom and undressed her and lay her back on the bed. We just held each other for some time. I finally broke the silence by telling her that I had watched the entire thing.

She replied, ?I know. I saw you up on the hill.? ?What are we going to do,? she asked.

?Well, the first thing we are going to do is take care of my hard-on,?

Sliiped out to van

Could see in from hill street light just right

Ripped buttons off blouse

Raised skirt fucked her hard for twenty minutes orgasms big cock

Said thanks and left her in van

Could not go back in because hickies all over tits and blouse open

He put panties on around his arm and went back in bar


Went over and consoled her

She cried

Told her I still need to pick her up

Used nice lines was hard for 4 hours

Fucked her in back seat of car

She said would do anything to make it up to me

Said I had a plan for next date night

Asked her if she remembered Lisa form the party

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  • Blzbubb wrote 768 days ago:

    JoAnne was never sorry in the least and often went out and found Big Cocks to fuck with relish and gusto. She slowly Emasculated hubby and made date night a highlight of their marriage.

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