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Junior High 1977

May 11, 2011

By stothead

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When I was a little girl I lived in a predominately black neighborhood and played with mostly older black boys. My father deserted the family when I was 7-years old and left us very poor. My two older sisters wouldn't let me hang around with them and my younger brother?s and sister were much younger than I was, so I started playing with all the black boys in my neighborhood. Boys being boys, I was conditioned to think like them about everything, including sex. They were all very sexual, so me being the only little white girl in the group, I got pretty use to being completely naked and groped by all the black boys I played with from the time I was 8. My one friend Dee, who was my age, had an older brother Anthony who was 12. Dee and I use to tag along with him and his friends and they eventually got me to do some pretty dirty things. They started fucking Dee when she was 10, so she thought it was a normal thing. I knew my older sisters didn?t do that stuff, but Dee made it seem like no big deal. Being so white, so young and so na?ve, surrounded by much older black boys didn't give me much of a chance with the amount of peer-pressure they put on me, so I ended up naked on many occasions! This stuff went on for a couple of years and as we got a little older the requests and the groping didn't really bother me, in fact I kind of liked it! I knew things had changed the one day when Anthony and three of his friends brought me into the woods and took it to the next level. They had me take off all my clothes and lay down on a picnic table, where they proceeded to take turns finger-fucking me. They tried to force me to fuck, but I got really scared, so they backed off and made me give them hand-jobs. As I said, being younger, naive and having no supervision made me the perfect little white girl to experiment on and trust me they experimented! It was a few days after the hand-job incident when Anthony brought me over to his house to take my virginity. Anthony was 16 and it was a few weeks before my 13th birthday, so I was 12 when it happened. I really liked Anthony, so I didn't fight him at all. I took off my clothes and did whatever he wanted. We kissed, he sucked my tits (what little ones I had at that age) then he fingered my pussy and asshole like he and all the older black boys did to me on that picnic table, so it seemed normal. Then he stood up, pulled his pants down, climbed on top of me and told me to spread my legs. He slowly shoved his huge black cock inside my white, very tiny, pussy. He told me to keep my legs straight up in the air while he pumped in and out of me. He only did that for about a minute before his body stiffened and he grunted "Oh fuck! I'm going to cum! You got a tight white pussy girl and it?s going to make me cum! I ain?t pulling out your pussy neither! I?m going to cum right inside that little-white-pussy of yours! You hear me? I?m going to cum right inside that white pussy"! I was young and naive, but I wasn?t stupid, so I screamed ?Please don?t! I could get pregnant Anthony?? At that moment he gave one final thrust and I felt these warm multiple blasts squirting inside me as he said ?I don?t fucking care if your stupid ass gets pregnant?! He finished emptying inside me then he got up, pulled up his pants and said ?get your skinny-white-ass home before your momma comes looking for you?! Naturally he told all the neighborhood boys that he just ?popped the little white-girls cherry?, so I had these older black boys calling my house all night long trying to get me to come out outside. The only one I did talk to that night was Anthony's little sister, and my best friend Dee. She was laughing and told me all the guys were going crazy. She also told me that I am not supposed to let guys cum in me because I could get pregnant. She said ?tell my brother and his friends they either use rubbers or pull out when you do it with them from now on or they can?t do it to you, okay?. I was now really scared thinking I might be pregnant and being informed by my best friend that I was now expected to start letting all the older black boys fuck me. Dee comforted me and convinced me I wasn?t pregnant and luckily she was right. She also convinced me that spreading my legs for her brother and all the other black boys in town that let us hang out with them was going to make me the coolest white girl in our junior high. She said ?those boys be fucking black girls all the time, even me, but they all want you now, you know, you being white and all. I?m just telling you, so you know why?.

A few days after Anthony fucked me, I was walking home from school with Dee when two high school seniors, pulled up along side of me and said "hey white-girl hop in?! I nervously said ?for what?? They looked me up and down, smiled and said ?we want to take you for ride". I wasn't stupid, I knew that really meant "hop in white girl! We want to fuck you"! At first I said no, but Dee said ?do what they want Holly, go ahead?! That combined with the usual peer-pressure got to me and I ended up getting in the car. They immediately started asking me about Anthony and made it clear they wanted to fuck me too. Too make a long story short we drove over to County Park where I proceeded to spread my legs for the both of them. The only rule I had was that they couldn't cum in me, which they both agreed was fair. I went to a Catholic Junior High School, so I basically pulled up my sweater vest and took off my skirt, my bra and my panties and let them take turns fucking me. They flipped a coin to decide who was going to fuck me first and this boy, who was nick-named ?Big-B? because he was a 6?2 220-pound line-backer on the high school football team, called tails and won. I was barely 5-feet tall and weighed about 90lbs, so I knew I was going to be in trouble, especially when he pulled out his enormous black cock that was twice the size of Anthony?s! He shoved his cock about half-way inside me, looked up at his buddy and said ?her fucking little white pussy is so tiny I don?t think my dick gonna fit?! The other boy, named Mike, laughed ?it should be tiny man, little white-girl only 12-years old! I?m telling you, just shove that shit in there, she ain?t gonna break?! They took turns fucking my pussy and did it so hard and so rough that they almost knocked the wind out of me a few times. I moaned uncontrollably with every thrust and that really turned them on. Big-B was plowing me like an animal, biting my neck and squeezing my nipples like he was trying to twist them off. Mike was all excited watching B fuck the shit out of me and asked ?do you like getting fucked by some big black dick Holly?? As I grunted ?YESSSSSSSS? Big-B pulled out of my pussy and shot his load on my pubic hair and all over my stomach. I asked if he had anything for me to wipe it up with and they laughed "nah, just rub into your body like suntan lotion, you'll be fine", so I did. Mike than got on top of me and took his turn. His cock was big, but no where near the size of Big-B?s black monster. He pulled out as well and shot his load all over my belly and as soon as he was finished they both watched me rub their baby-batter into my body like it was lotion. I could tell it turned them on! I was putting my Catholic school girl uniform back on when Mike laughed and said ?Shit, girl you way too you tight! If you want to hang with us nigga?s we need to break that little white pussy of yours in girl?. They both started laughing and then they asked me if I wanted to go out on Friday night with them. For some unknown reason I said ?okay?. I knew the only reason they wanted to take me out was so they could both fuck me again, but I was okay with that. That Friday the two of them picked me up at my house about 7 o?clock, along with Anthony and this boy JJ who I sort of knew, but never met. We drove around for a while and then went to JJ?s house because his parents weren't home. That was the night I drank beer for the very first time and got wasted! We were all sitting in the living room watching TV when Anthony started kissing me. I was pretty tipsy, so I just went with the flow and let him basically strip me naked and fuck me on the living room rug in front of the other three. I made it very clear that I would give them all what they wanted, but they couldn't cum inside me. Turns out they were way ahead of me! The four of them were banking on me fucking them all, so they went to the drug store and bought rubbers before they picked me up. I proceeded to let them take turns, as they called it ?pork my little white pussy? for the next two hours and each of them got to ?pork me? twice. The first time they used rubbers, the second time they pulled out and either shot their loads all over my tits, on belly or in me face. I rubbed it into my body like lotion, which really turned them on. Anyway, in 8th grade I had to be in by 9:30, so I got dressed and they drove me home. It was that 7ththru 8 th grade stretch that was a crazy time when I got fucked at least once a day by a minimum of one older black boy for a year straight! By August 19th1976, my 13 th birthday, I had probably been fucked more than 1,000 times by 16 different boys, all of them black. I fucked at least one boy every single day for a solid year, so my once tiny white pussy was well broken in by 16 different big black dicks! The older black boys loved me because I was white, pretty and I had a 9:30 curfew. They would pick me up about 7:30, fuck the shit out of me for two hours, then drop me off and hang out with their friends for the rest of the night. Sometimes, when they were really drunk, they would come to my bedroom window late at night and force me to sneak out. They wouldn?t leave until I did, so it was easier to do what they wanted rather then risk having them wake-up my mother. Sometimes there were two, sometimes three and on a few occasions there were five boys, waiting in the car for me. I look back now and realize it was stupid on my part, but at the time I loved the excitement and I loved the attention. My introduction to anal sex happened when Anthony and JJ came knocking on my window really late one night when I was sound asleep. They were really-really wasted and wouldn?t take no for an answer, so I snuck out and got in their car. I was pretty tired and wanted to get it over with, so as soon as they parked I said my usual ?just don?t cum inside me okay?, and after an awkward pause, Anthony flashed a devilish smile and said ?Oh we definitely cumming in you tonight baby?! I got scared and said ?You can?t cum in me! I don?t want to get pregnant?! Anthony held up a jar of Vaseline and said ?you won?t white-girl, not with the type of fucking we got in mind?. I looked at them confused not understanding what that meant when JJ said ?you ain?t going to get knocked-up because we?ve fucked that lily-white-pussy you got so many times it?s getting boring, so tonight we going fuck you in that little white ass of yours, prison style! Anthony added ?I decide to go buy you some Vaseline, because we friends! This way we can lube your tiny- little-white-shit-hole up real-real good, so we don?t hurt you, you know what I?m saying?! I didn?t know what to do or say, so I just mumbled, ?You?re not serious are you?.

Anthony finally said ?don?t be scared, you know we ain?t going to hurt you?! I have no idea why, but I felt obligated, so. I proceeded to coat their cocks and my asshole with Vaseline, and then bent over the backseat. JJ and Anthony did odds-and-evens to see who went first and JJ won. JJ slowly started rubbing the head of his black cock on my asshole and then forced it in. Once he got it up inside me he rammed my asshole so hard all I did was moan ?OHHHH-OHHHH Your cock is too big-stop-stop?, but he just told me to ?shut the fuck up?! With every thrust I grunted and groaned until his body stiffened and he yelled ?That?s a tight little shit-hole we got here on this white girl, yo? as I felt blast after blast after blast of cum exploding deep up inside my asshole! As soon as he pulled out my ass I felt raw and swollen. I tried to make Anthony just fuck my pussy, but he refused. Anthony rammed his big black cock in and out of my asshole like an animal and I yelped with every thrust as he moaned in my ear. He finally squirted what seemed like a gallon of hot cum up inside me. As soon as he pulled out his cock I felt my ass start gurgling, so I slid out of the backseat just in time and squatted down as their cum poured out of me. After I stood up Anthony grabbed me and gave me a huge hug and said ?You a cool-ass little white-girl, know that Holly?? That made me so happy I promised to give my ass up again. Once Anthony and JJ told the others about fucking me up the ass it became the main goal of every black boy I was friends with. Black boys would take me out and I would spread my legs and ass for them. I?m not going to lie, I loved getting fucked! The excitement, the anticipation, the penetration and the constant attention was like a drug to me. In 8th grade my mother had my doctor put me on birth control pills even though she didn?t have the money to afford it, for two reasons; first was because I use to get such awful period cramps and second was because she knew all the older black guys in town were fucking the shit out of her little white daughter and she didn?t know how to stop it. Luckily my grandparents and my Aunt helped her pay for them. Once I was on the pill, not only did my cramps get better, but my tits get bigger and my body really filled out! More importantly I could now let every black guy that I fucked cum right inside my little-white-pussy without me worrying about getting knocked-up. Of course every once in awhile Anthony, JJ and few of the other regulars still wanted to fuck me in my tight little white ass, but it was no where near as much as when they had to pull out or wear a rubber. I found out that the guys just hated wearing rubbers! The only sexual act I hadn?t done up to that point was suck a dick, but that changed one night when I had my period! I went on a date with Anthony and Dee?s oldest brother Phil who was 22 and fresh out of prison for dealing drugs. One night when I was over her house hanging out with her family, he pulled me aside when no was watching and asked me if I liked getting fucked by big black dick! I said ?kind of?. He asked me to sneak out one night to meet him for a date. I obviously had to sneak out because he was 22 years old and there was no way my mother would have let that fly! I told my mother I was going over a friend?s that night and then went to meet Phil. He picked me at the park by my house with two of his friends and off we went. One of the guys turned back to look at me and said to Phil ?yo man, when you said we?re picking up a white girl that?s friends with you?re your sister, I didn?t think you meant your little sister?! Phil laughed and said ?relax, Holly?s cool and she loves big black dick, don?t you baby? and then turned back to hand me a bottle of Boones Farm Apple wine he bought me, which I polished off while we drove around! Once that was done I drank two Colt 45?s, because that was all they had. To be honest I got drunk quickly and felt very comfortable with them! We were all laughing and having a blast until Phil said ?so Holly, we?re going to head over to my place so me and my boys could fuck you, is that cool?? The mood changed when I gave them the bad news and said ?I?m sorry, but I can?t tonight. I have my period?. Turns out he had promised his friends they he had a little white girl that they could fuck and take Polaroid pictures of, so I now ruined their night. Phil just got really pissed off and said ?Oh that?s fucking great?! Just fucking great?! He immediately pulled the car behind this building into a secluded parking lot and him and his two friends basically pushed me down to my knees and took turns shoving their big black cocks in my mouth. I will never forget Phil grabbing the back of my head and saying ?open that fucking mouth and suck on my black dick! And you better suck it like you mean it! Shit! You tell me you got your fucking period at the last minute! Shit, you better fucking suck my cock, so I get my money?s worth out of that wine I bought for you! That?s it! Suck my dick and make me cum, so this night ain?t a total fucking loss?! I did what I was told until his knees buckled and he exploded in my mouth. It wasn?t easy either because Phil?s dick was the biggest one I had ever seen! It made Big-B?s seem small! It had to be 10 inches long and as thick as a beer bottle. When he came I had no idea what to do, so I swallowed it and kept sucking. He moaned ?OHHHH YAAAAA?good girl! You swallow that shit and keep on sucking my dick until I tell you to stop?! After he was satisfied he zipped up his pants and said ?okay, who?s next?? I was not happy about it but I sucked both of his friends off too. After I blew them all and swallowed their loads, Phil said, ?okay Holly, time to take your lily-white ass home and next time I pick you up make sure you ain?t on the rag?. I had been fucked hundreds of times, by lots of different black guys, but Phil was the first one to make me feel like I was just some stupid filthy whore! Don?t get me wrong, none of the black boys ever treated me like I was some white princess, but they always treated me like I was just one of the boys, except white with tits and a pussy. They were my friends. When he dropped me off at my house he said ?Alright next Saturday night we?ll try this again?. I looked at him and said ?No we won?t asshole? and slammed the car door! He jumped out of he car, with friends laughing, and started yelling at me like I did something wrong. I tried my best to give him my tough-girl attitude, but he could tell I was ready to cry. He hugged me and said ?what?s a matter with you Holly?? I told him ?I knew you took me out because you wanted to fuck me and I was ready to give you what you wanted because I thought we were friends, but once you found out I had my period you and your friends got mad at me and treated me like I was just some stupid little white whore you could abuse. Then you basically forced me to suck your dicks, which I did for you, even though I?ve never done that before just so you wouldn?t be mad. It?s obvious you don?t really like me and think I?m just a stupid whore or something, so fuck you! Fuck you Phil?! He held me tight for a little bit and then said ?you?re right! I?m really sorry. Listen I was really horny and really drunk and I know you?re a lot younger than me, so I?m sorry. I don?t think your stupid or a whore and I know you?re my little sister?s best friend, so I apologize okay, we cool now?.

Naturally I forgave him and went to his apartment that following Friday night where he proceeded to get me drunk, take Polaroid pictures of me naked and fuck me in my mouth, my pussy and my ass for two-and-half hours straight. I will never forget him on top of me, staring in my eyes, slowly pumping in and out of me with his gigantic black monster cock. When he was ready to cum the first time that night he was about to pull out, so I said ?its okay Phil, I?m on the pill, just cum right inside me?. That sent him over the edge and he groaned ?oh my God your little white pussy feels so good? as he unloaded in me. I held his head, kissed him and kept whispering ?that?s it cum in my pussy, I want to make you to feel good?. He looked at me and said ?wow! That was the best sex I ever had?! When we were both worn out and drained and the sex was over he held me in his arms while we watched TV. I had to finally go home for my new 10 o?clock curfew, so he pulled about 50 yards from house because he obviously didn?t want my mother to see him drop me off. He gave me a nice soft kiss before I got out of the car and asked me if he could pick me up again tomorrow night. I told him it was my 8 th grade formal dance and that it didn?t end until 10 o?clock so I couldn?t. I was double dating with Dee and didn?t want to screw her over. He was obviously disappointed, but he was very sweet and told me he would miss me. I went to the dance with Dee and our dates and we had a blast. I wore this long burgundy dress with white silk around the shoulders and not only was I the only white girl that went, but I think I looked pretty damn hot! Right before Dee?s father picked us up, I went out in back of the school with my date Rodney, where I pulled down panties, lifted up my dress, bent over a picnic table and let him fuck me from behind. When I got home after the dance my mother was playing cards with my Aunt and Uncle, so I sat with them for a while and talked about the dance before I went to my room about Midnight. I was still in my dress when I heard knock on my bedroom window and saw Phil. I was shocked, but happy! He wanted me to sneak out and go back to his apartment with him. Trust me he didn?t have to twist my arm! I hopped in his car and off we went. He made me chug two beers and try for third, but I couldn?t finish it. He asked ?so did you let that punk-ass Rodney fuck you at the dance tonight?? I blushed and said ?that?s none of your business?. He laughed and said ?come on! Tell me! Did you let that chump pork you or what?? I didn?t answer and after a minute of silence he said ?well did you let the stupid mutha-fucka pork your skinny white ass tonight or what?? I finally said ?if really want to know, yes I let him pork me! Happy?? His reply was ?Nah, that don?t make me happy, but I?ll be happy after you do what I got planned for tonight?! When we got back to his place there were 4 black guys, all in their twenties, hanging out drinking, listening to music and looking at porno magazines that were full of nude white girls. Phil noticed that I got scared and said ?relax Holly I won?t let anything bad happen. You my girl now and I?ll protect you?. One of the guys handed me a beer and we all did a shot of Southern Comfort, smoked a joint and then I was forced to chug beers. I ended up doing a few more shots and got totally bombed as well as high for the first time! All the older black guys were really funny and really nice and I was having a great time with them. I was sitting on Phil?s lap when he whispered ?so Holly, how bout you do me a favor and let me and boys here do a little gang-bang with your lily white-ass?? I smiled, kissed him and slurred ?sure, if that?s what you want?! He stood me up and slowly stripped me naked and then laid me down on the floor. He shoved his gigantic black cock inside me and whispered in my ear ?Hey Holly, tell my boys, so are all you niggas ready to fuck my tight little 13 year-old white baby pussy tonight?! I whispered ?no way?, but he begged ?PLEASE! It will drive them boys absolutely crazy?! I was pretty wasted from the pot and alcohol, so I figured what the Hell, so I slurred ?I?m going to let all you guys stick your big black cocks in my tight-little-white-pussy and you can all fucking shoot your cum right in me because I?m on the pill?! Phil was right! I swear I thought some of them were going shoot their loads just from hearing me say that. It was funny, because one of the guys said ?the only problem with that sweetie is if your momma finds out a bunch a twenty-year-old nigga?s fucked your tight-little-13-year-old-white-baby-pussy we?re all going to prison?! I slurred ?she won?t find out, trust me?! Phil made sure they knew I could be trusted and they started passing me around and not quickly like the high school boys! They enjoyed the show, so the five of them proceeded to fuck the shit out of me for the next few hours! Every one of them came in me at least twice and Phil and this big muscular guy Lance shot four loads in me! I sucked their dicks, licked their balls, let them fuck my tiny-white-pussy and bent over and let a couple of them try to stick it in my really tight-little white-ass, but most of their cock?s where WAY too big and they didn?t want to hurt me! They shot their loads in me and took Polaroid pictures of it all. It was wild! That was the night I had my first orgasm! I had a total of three that night! Lance made me get on top of him, but he didn?t put his cock inside me. Instead he had me grind my pussy on it until I had the most intense orgasm. He kept telling me ?that?s it sweetie! You slid that little white pussy back and forth on my big black dick until you feel real good?, while the other guys smoked a joint and cheered me on. All this time I was just letting the black boys get off on me and had no idea how amazing it felt to get off on them, which I actually did two more times that night! They guys had a little blow-job circle and Lance and Phil finger?fucked me and rubbed my clit, while I went from cock to cock to cock sucking them and licking their balls. It was amazing having cock after cock in my mouth as they rubbed me to multiple orgasms! By the time they finished using my body I was basically numb and practically unconscious. Phil took me into the bathroom to clean me up and was being very sweet and caring. He kept telling me how beautiful I was and that if I was his age he?d marry me. I told him he spoiled me because I didn?t think the high school boys could make me cum like they did. He said ?Well Holly, I want you to stop fucking all them boys anyway. I want to be in charge of that little white pussy of yours! You only gonna fuck me and whoever I tell you to fuck from now on, you cool with that?? I said ?so you want to be my boyfriend right?? He said ?ya-ya, I want to be your boyfriend, but if you want to be my girlfriend that means I own that little white pussy of yours, you know that, right?! I had daddy issues, since my father deserted the family when I was 7 years old, so I told him ?Okay, you promise to take care of me and my pussy is all yours to use anytime you want?! We hugged and I felt his cock get hard, so I got down on my knees and started to suck it. After a few minutes he told me to stop. He laughed and said ?thanks Holly, but you drained every drop of cum I had in my body, in fact I think you completely drained every one of them nigga?s here tonight?! He drove home, or at least up to my neighbor?s house and before I could get out of the care he grabbed me and said ?I got some thing very important I need for you to do for me tomorrow, you know some girlfriend shit, so I need to pick you up at the park about noon time and don?t be late?. I asked ?What do I need to do?? He said ?you need to do what I tell you to do, since you my girl now right! Well I need to let some boys from Newark that I do business with use that little white pussy of yours tomorrow, so I need you to promise me you?ll give them mutha-fuckas every penny?s worth for me alright ?? I said ?okay, I promise, but how many boys are we talking about?? He said ?don?t worry about how many! How ever many there is that?s how many I need you to fuck, understand?? I replied ?umhum, I?ll do it for you, promise?. By the time I climbed back thru my bedroom window, it was almost daylight. Luckily my mother didn?t hear me, so she still had know idea I was sneaking out to get fucked by black guys. I tried to fall asleep, but I couldn?t! Phil needed me to fuck a bunch of guys for him, but how many and why?!?!?

This story is based on true events, but I?m not sure if it?s interesting enough. If you want to hear more e-mail me at Holly.Jovi@yahoo.com and I will continue it.

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