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Oct 10, 1999

By audeo

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I've been married to Jacqui for five years. We'd been dating for a
couple of years before that. Jacqui married me when she was
nineteen. We met through our interest in amateur dramatics. Jacqui
joined a small theatre company that I was a member of. We rehearse
once or twice a week. It wasn't until last year when we got a new
director that we started performing more interesting plays. Before
it had all been musicals etc, but now we moved onto more adult
themes. It wasn't suddenly all sex and violence, but we started
doing plays with a bit of nudity or bedroom scenes.

We all enjoyed the change. At first it didn't really affect Jacqui
and I as we normally only had small roles but things changed last
year when Jacqui was given an important role in a new play. It was
only late one evening while we were reading through the script at
home that we realised that the role called for Jacqui to appear
naked in some scenes. In several others she was required to only
wear underwear and towards the end of the play she would get
involved in a love scene with the leading actor which would mean him
stripping Jacqui first down to just her panties and generally
groping her all over and then removing her panties and supposedly
making love to her in a bed.

This caused both of us to think deeply as to whether we wanted to be
involved in this. In the end we decided that as the play was in good
taste and that the love scenes had artistic merit it would be
foolish and prudish for Jacqui to say that she wouldn't do them.

I think it actually added a bit of spice to our relationship because
certainly later that night as I mounted Jacqui my thoughts were of
my pretty, young wife being naked amongst our fellow actors, some of
whom we regarded as friends. I think Jacqui found it exciting too
because she was very wet when I entered her but, unfortunately, the
excitement was too much for me and I came in her after only a couple
of minutes. I finished Jacqui off by using my fingers and tongue on
her clit and pussy. This is very effective with Jacqui. She has very
prominent pussy lips which are very sensitive, they hang at least an
inch down from her hole, and her clit is also very visible,
standing clearly out from the surrounding folds of skin even before
she is aroused.

We both derive great pleasure from the attention I lavish on her
pussy lips. I can spend hours sucking and pulling on them to
elongate them even further. Jacqui often keeps her pubic mound
shaved and this only accentuates her long, hanging lips even

It was while I was using my mouth on her that evening that I
realised that not only would Jacqui be naked amongst our friends but
she would also be revealing to everyone the fact that she shaves her
pussy. Strangely I found the thought exciting. It had never occurred
to me before that the thought of my wife being seen naked in public
and being groped by another man would be erotic to me but we both
had a good time in bed that evening.

Over the next few weeks we had many rehearsals and it was kind of
strange to see my wife in the arms of another man, in this case the
lead actor Ken. We hadn't had a dress rehearsal yet so Jacqui hadn't
had to strip off in front of everyone but the thought of her doing
this kept us very active in the bedroom.

We were both very excited after coming home one evening after we had
spent a few hours rehearsing the scenes where Jacqui has her breasts
felt by Ken in the play. Although she had her clothes on for the
rehearsal and we were only really going over the dialogue, Ken still
used to opportunity to give Jacqui a good feel. From where I stood
at the edge of the stage I could see Ken caressing and stroking
Jacqui's breasts through her blouse. At one point he ran his hands
down over her ass and lifted her short skirt at the back and we
could all see his fingers briefly slip inside the edge of her
panties. There was no objection from Jacqui and certainly everyone
else on the cast was enjoying seeing my pretty wife being felt up by
her handsome partner on stage. I was finding this exciting too, and
I had plenty of time to watch them as I only had a small part to
play in this production.

Each evening when we came home from the hall where we had been
practising we would go straight to the bedroom where Jacqui would
immediately lay on the bed. I would spend the next hour or so with
my face between her thighs as I gnawed and sucked on her juicy cunt
lips. Quite often I would not even get to fuck her. Jacqui would
have several orgasms while I ate and sucked at her sweet
pussy.Sometimes she would rub me off afterwards, sometimes not.

Eventually the time came where we had a full dress rehearsal, or in
Jacqui's case it should have been undress rehearsal as she spent
most of the day and evening absolutely naked. It was mid morning on
a Saturday and the first scene we went through was where Jacqui gets
naked out of a bed to meet her on-stage lover Ken. Jacqui arrived on
stage wearing a loose gown which came down to mid thigh. I had
wondered why the hall was so busy on that morning as at least half
of the men present had no real need to be there. I then realised
that they had turned up to see my wife strip off on stage. All eyes
were on Jacqui when the time came for her to shed the gown and get
under the covers. I thought she might have slipped into the bed
while still wearing it and then taken it off under the bed covers,
but no, she removed it in front of us all and actually stood facing
us absolutely naked.

I knew that all the men in the hall were looking at her body, there
were about fifteen of us hanging around that Saturday morning. As
she stood before us, raised as she was a few feet up on the stage, I
knew that I wasn't the only man to let his eyes drift down past her
full breasts to her shaven pussy with her cunt lips clearly hanging
down between her white thighs.

Jacqui seemed to revel in the stares of the men and was in no hurry
to cover herself up. Eventually, however, she got into the bed and
the rehearsal commenced. For the rest of that day until we went home
in the evening Jacqui didn't put her clothes back on. All the men
were treated to the sight of my wife displaying herself openly. The
bedroom love scene with Ken is only a couple of minutes in the play
but seemed to take hours to rehearse that day as Ken was allowed
time after time to feel her breasts and ass and then lay her on the
bed and eventually lie on top of her to simulate sex.

I'm sure all the men watching were turned on by the action on stage,
because every man loves to see a pretty girl being made love to. I
know I was turned on too by seeing my young wife naked with another
man. Several times I had to adjust my trousers, especially when Ken
lay naked on top of Jacqui and began moving his body up and down for
realism. We all noticed that Ken was sporting a semi hard on when he
dismounted from Jacqui each time and on one occasion I could see his
thickening member lying between her engorged pussy lips, which was
partly due to Jacqui raising her legs around Ken's waist, which
wasn't actually called for in the script.

Our director called for a coffee break as Ken lay between Jacqui's
spread thighs, his buttocks rising and falling gently. It was my
duty that day to do the coffee and it was a peculiar feeling handing
mugs of steaming coffee around as my wife lay in bed with another
man. As I took theirs over to them I noticed that Ken had pulled the
covers over their naked bodies but that he was still lying on top of
Jacqui. I also noticed that Ken's body was still moving up and down
in the simulation of sex, perhaps more so than it was earlier. Ken
turned to me and grinned as I placed their mugs by the side of the
bed. I knelt down by the head of the bed intending to talk to Jacqui
during the break and it was then that I noticed the flushed look on
her face. It suddenly dawned on me that they weren't simulating sex,
Ken was actually fucking my wife as I knelt beside them. I felt such
a fool for not realising sooner what they were doing. I felt
humiliated and didn't know quite what to do. In the end I did
nothing and just knelt there as Ken's movements under the sheets
became more and more obvious. At one stage Jacqui began to make
small crying noises as Ken brought her to a climax. It is to my
shame that it was me who covered her mouth with my hand to quieten
her. With my hand on her mouth I could feel her shudders as the
orgasm took her, I could also feel the vibrations as Ken ejaculated
into her at the same time.

It must have been obvious to everyone else in the hall what was
going on. I felt totally humiliated by the situation but I also had
a raging hard on in my trousers. Ken actually said thank you to me
as I took my hand away from Jacqui's mouth. There was further
humiliation as, a few minutes later, Ken pushed the covers back and
lifted himself off my wife. I think all the men present probably saw
him slip his long cock out of Jacqui's hole. He certainly wasn't
hiding anything as he walked across to the front of the stage to
talk with his mates. His foreskin was pulled back and the head of
his cock was glistening with his and Jacqui's love juices. There was
even a small string of cum still hanging from the tip of his cock.
He was making it clear to all his friends that he had just fucked my

Like the cuckolded husband that I was, I helped my freshly fucked
wife to her feet. Worse was to follow, as I took her hand to lead
her away to the cloakroom I noticed that there was a large wet stain
in the centre of the bed. Ken's cum had already started to run from
my wife's stretched pussy and more of it ran down her thighs as we
walked to the side of the stage. At one point Jacqui actually put
her hand between her legs to stop the flow dripping onto the wooden
floor of the stage. Her hand came away coated in Ken's cum. I was
shocked when she absentmindedly put the fingers to her mouth to
clean them.

My face was burning with embarrassment at the episode but I was also
so turned on that when we reached the cloakroom I pulled Jacqui
inside and, without bothering to close the door properly, I turned
her around and bent her over the wash basin. I kept one hand on her
back as I released my penis from my pants and in one movement I
slipped straight into her from behind. I couldn't believe how wet
she was. I was also amazed that she seemed so loose, there was
little or no feeling from the walls of her cunt. Ken must have
really stretched her when he fucked her because my rock hard cock
was hardly touching the edges. I thought I might have difficulty
cumming in such a large, stretched hole but it was when I glanced
down and saw my cock covered with another mans cum that I suddenly
started shooting my load into her.

Jacqui and I got ourselves cleaned up after that. We had a quick
kiss and cuddle and she said she was glad that I'd fucked her after
Ken because it showed that I wasn't mad at her. We kissed again and
made our way back to the stage.

The remainder of the day went by fairly quickly. It was later, when
we got home, that we next spoke about what had happened. I admitted
that it had turned me on. Jacqui, for her part, admitted that she
found Ken very attractive and had been fantasising about him for
some time. She apologised for acting like a slut in front of our
friends, but I surprised myself by saying that I liked her acting
like that. I asked Jacqui what it felt like to have had another cock
inside her as she had been a virgin when we had met. She told me
that although she still loved me, she also loved the feel of Ken's
much larger cock inside her. She said he had really filled her and
that she could actually feel him inside her which she couldn't
always with me. We made love well into the night with Jacqui
eventually bringing me off with her hand because she said she felt
too sore to have me inside her.

From that Saturday onwards there was very little pretence that Ken
wasn't actually fucking my wife at every opportunity. Whether it was
as part of the rehearsal for the play or during the breaks in
between Ken would shove his fat cock up my darling wife. After each
rehearsal of the bedroom scene the sheets would need to be changed
as Ken deposited his spunk up my wife and a spreading wet patch
would be evident on the bed.

Often I would go home on my own as Ken drove Jacqui off to his flat
to continue their lovemaking on into the night. She would come home
to me in the early hours of the following morning with his cum still
running down her legs.

I had stopped fucking Jacqui myself by this time. First of all she
was getting no pleasure from it because she couldn't feel my little
cock inside her stretched hole anymore. Secondly, she had developed
a habit of sliding her shaven pussy over my face as soon as she
returned home to me and I would shoot my load onto my stomach as I
sucked her long cunt lips into my mouth. The taste and feel of
Ken's spunk as it ran from her hole and dripped from her raw looking
lips onto my face was too much and my hand would drift down to my
hard cock and I would bring myself off with a few strokes.

It had taken only a matter of a few weeks for me to change from a
normal married man to this stranger who waited at home while his
wife went off with her lover and then performed oral sex on her
after she returned. Our week long stint at the local theatre went
well and we got rave reviews from the local press. Apparently they
liked the realism of some of the scenes. Jacqui was now a changed
woman. She loved the attention she was getting and she admitted
later that exposing herself on stage before a couple of hundred
people really turned her on. I'm not sure if the audience realised
that she was getting fucked on stage each night but the rest of the
cast and stage hands certainly knew. I only found out later that she
had let two other men have access to her body during the run of the
show. One was the director, Gavin, the other was Ted who worked the

Since that show approximately half the cast have had sex with my
wife, some on a regular basis and others as a one off. All our
friends are aware of Jacqui's infidelities and most of them are also
aware that my sexual preference these days is to use my tongue on my
wife's well fucked cunt. There is nothing more pleasurable than the
feel of Jacqui straddling my face with her slimy cunt and seeing her
raw red pussy lips running with another mans cum.

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