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Nicole's Class Reunion

Nov 15, 2001

By PeteStone31

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Nicole's Class Reunion
By Danny.

When Nicole's class ten year class reunion came aroud
this past summer, I was torn between going with her as
she wanted or staying at home.

One side of me wanted to just stay away lest her old
highschool boyfriend, Curt might be there.
On the other side, thinking of my wife being there
with Curt present and my not being around was
even worse.

Curt is the man I am most jealous over regarding my

Curt was Nicole's old highschool boyfriend, by her
admission her first lover, and the actual father of our oldest

Curt has never been involved in Timmy's life, never
actually seen him-except for a couple of pictures Nicole has
sent him so he could see what the child he fathered
looked like; AND except for a few phone calls and an
occasional letter; there has been no contact between
Curt and Nicole since she married me. I have raised
Timmy as my own, really do consider him my son, and
he thinks I am his father in every sense.

I might mention that Nicole's getting pregnant by
Curt, having his baby, and my raising Timmy as mine is not
a case of a man marrying a girl who already had a
child, but it is alno not a case of her having cheated on me
after we were married and getting pregnant with

What happened was Nicole cheated on me when we were

Nicole and I married in June, after my college
graduation in May, and very soon after our marriage,I got one
hell of a surprise!

I know this makes me look stupidly naive; AND I
guess I have to admit I was. BUT I married Nicole thinking
I had been her first when we made love for the
very first time when I had been home on spring break in March
that spring before we were married in June.

What makes me look naive no doubt to anyone who
would know that Nicole and I never had sexual relations
until that March, would be the fact that Nicole was
nearly six months along with Timmy at the time of our
wedding. AND , did not even know Nicole was

LATER. BUT, our lovemaking had been only in a
parked car, she had always sat astraddle me when we
had sex, and she had with her first pregnancy
Nicole did not really show that much until late in
her term.

tTrue, I did notice Nicole's clothes fitting
tighter, I did see some thickening around her waist, AND BY

And as she walked down the aisle to meet me, Not
even the high waistline white wedding gown she wore
actually concealed her bulging tummy.

I wondered why my bride almost looked pregnant,
thought how she could be since we had been having sex
for nearly three months, but I still was thinking
more along the lines that she must be gaining weight since
there seemed no way that she could be looking that
pregnant if she was three months along.

On our honeymoon, Nicole made sure to undress in
the dark to come to me, she rode atraddle me like
we had before, and she tried to hide her physique.
BUT she then tried to wear an interesing looking
swimsuit that had a smock type top over the bra on
top, but when it got wet, he molded to her body
clearly showing her protruding rounded tummy in


A I stammered and studdered, asking about her condition,
but I was worried about making her feel bad for
getting so heavy so soon being only three months
pregnant. But I did manage to ask her if we were going to be

Nicole instantly confirmed that we were. But as much
as I should have figured out the obvious; I was counting
in my head like a dummy when she said replied that
she was due right after Labor Day!

Nicole heard me counting months from March, cut in
and said, 'Don't bother.There's no use to pretend
Danny. We both know that I couldn't be due in
September from when we first started making love. There's
no use trying to lie to you now. I got pregnant in
early December.You were still not home from college for
Christmas. AND before you even ask. I'll tell you.
Curt's the father. Curt, my old highschool boyfriend, is the
biological father. He knows it. I felt I had to tell
him about it. He wants nothing to do with the baby or me so he
won't be causing us any trouble. And the only
question now is:'Do you still want to stay married to me? I hope
you do. I think we can have a great life together. I
wouldn't have marrried you if I did not think we could. But,
will you be able to forgive my cheating on you when
we were engaged, will you be able to accept this baby as
yours, and do you think you can live with me after

I agreed that I would. We never told our family or
friends about the fact that it was Curt who had knocked
Nicole up, not me, and we though they knew one part
of the obvious: that Nicole was six months pregnant at
the time of our wedding; everyone thought that we
had jumped the gun back in December, not in March, and
that I was the natural father.

I did feel STUPID though when I learned that
virtually everyone at our wedding had noticed Nicole's condition
and figured out she was very very pregnant.

It was really embarrassing for me when her father
had laughed and kidded us both that they had known since
February that Nicole was expecting. He patted me on
the back, laughed, and said:" Congreatulations, son.
We all know that the first one can come anytime. The
rest of them take nine months. When Nicole started
having morning sickness we thought we knew, but we
knew our daughter, and our new son in law were going to
make us grandparents very soon after the wedding.
Welcome to the family son. And grandpa's looking forward
our first grandchild."

We knew that at least her parents thought I was the
father, but hearing them talk about how they had figured
out their daughter was pregnant back in February,
when I was still oblivious when I married her in June made me
feel like a complete fool.

In the eight years we have been married since then;
Nicole has never cheated on me.-
ME in one sense.

I say not cheated thechnically because she has not
again had an affair behind my back and tried to hide it from

Nicole actually has had another very passionate
affair a few years ago that lasted for several months, another
fling that lasted a few weeks, and another man that
she had sex with on four different occasions spread out
over a period of nearly a year.

But she never once lied to me about those extramarital
sexual experiences. She told me immediately about
how she had slipped up on her marriage vows with the
first man the very first time it happened.
I instantly forgave her, and when it happened again
with him, she again confessed, and I again forgave

Since then, ours has not been exactly an open
marriage. But Nicole has since felt that she does have freedom
to seek plesure in the arms and the beds of other men
if she so desires, and I have just accepted her
extramarital affairs

Nicole found an interesting word in the dictionary
a few years ago when she and I were discussing how she
openly cuckolds me and how I accept it. She showed
me the word "WITTTOLD"
A WITTOLD is defined as a man who accepts his wife's
infidelities, and we both think that describes
me much more accurately than CUCKOLD!


I did atttend. The reunion was the night of June30.

Luckily for me, Curt was not there.

What did happen though was that Nicole spent much of
the evening after the banquet dancing with
another old classmate of hers- JImmy!

They had also dated at one time, but according to
Nicole they had never had sex.

On the night of the reunion, they spent so much time on
the dance floor, bodies molding close, his hands
all over Nicole's sexy hips, and her short skirt riding
up so high at one time, that I actually say Jimmy's
hands on her bare hips just below the legs of her

I think I saw it coming the way they were acting, so when
Nicole came over to where I was sitting about 11
o'clock and said that Jimmy was staying in a local motel,
had not rented a car, taken a cab there, and said she
had offered him a ride back to his motel with us; that I
almost instincitively knew my wife was going to have sex
with Jimmy.
Nicole's instincts seem to be to mate with strong,
hardbodied men, and my instinct seems to be able to sense
when my wife is wanting to mate with another man.

I drove the car to Jimmy's motel, and Nicole had jumped in
the backseat with him when we got in the car.
Before I even pulled out of the parking lot from the
reunion, they had already shared a deep soul searching kiss in
the backseat and were quickly making out.

By the time I pulled into the motel parking lot, things
were getting hot and heavy in the backseat.

I tried not to look of course, as that would be
embarrassing to the two lust crazed soon to be lovers in the
and embarrassing to me also to possibly look a man in the
eye who knew I knew was getting ready to
make love to my wife.

But, I couldn't help glance back over my shoulder slightly.
And when I saw Nicole's leg up in the air and saw
Jimmy working her panties off that leg-the other leg
already freed- I couldn't help but look back evenmore.

It turned out hat Jimmy's first floor room he had mentioned
earlier inthe directions was on the backside of the motel
and happened to have a fairly well lighted parking place
right in front of the door. It's a good thing that there was no
other people wandering around right there because my wife
and her old boyfriend were too far gone in passion to
care about what anyone saw.

I was cautiously glancing back over my shoulder when I saw-
Nicole, pantiless, her short dress bunched
up around her waist, and saw Jimmy slip a finger in her hot
wet ready hole.

She was more than ready. She seemed to be burning up in heat.
She was moaning, hunching at his finger, and
muttering between the passionate kisses and moans. I saw
Jimmy pull his finger back out, it quuite wet with her juices, and saw a stringy
clear strand of her lubricating juice stretch like thin wispy eggyolk beteen two
of his fingers as his wet
fingers touched briefly.

It was clear that they were too far gone to even take their
lust crazed want for each other into the room. Nicole was
helping him unbuckle, and undo his trousers as he prepared to
fuck her right there in our car.

I won't say Jimmy had some fictitious twelve inch cock. It was
maybe seven inches or so- just a inch or two longer than mine, BUT IT REALY MUCH

Nicole did mutter,"Do you have a rubber, Jimmy? I'm at my
fertile time right now." But when Jimmy said he was sorry
did not have one, she did not stop him. Nicole just helped line
him up at her hole, lifted her top leg sligtly-
as she was lying someone on her back and on her side, and she

" Better try to pull out before you come then, Jimmy. I'm at the
middle of my cycle, I've been hot and wet like that all day
and I think I may be starting to ovulate."

Nicole's head jerked back, her mouth flew open, and her eyelids
flutters, and she let out a loud,'Arrrrghh!"
when Jimmy drove his thick cock in into to the hilt.

I felt my usual jealousy over my wife being possessed by
someone else, but even though I was jealous, actually
seeing it happen finally resulted in a reaction I never would
have considered possible. I always thought those letters
and stories aout men getting sexually aroused by seeing
their wives with other men had to be pure BS.

But it really did happen to me. I got hard, and was
secretly rubbing my hard on as I quietly watched the erotic
backseat action over my shoulder out of the corner of my

It did not take them long.

I saw Jimmie hunching at my wife, her head tilted back, her
eyes closed, mouth open, "Uuuuuhhs, ahhhhs, ohhs,
Jimmie, Yes, Jimmie, Jiime honey. Oh Yes! Jimmie, Ahhhs and
Ooooohs" muttered in gaspingbreaths as
Jimmie's thick cock pistoned in and out of her juicy wet

I actually had my head turned to watch them by then; they
being so engrossed in their coupling they probably
wouldn't have even noticed me if I'd been in the backseat
right beside them.

In a few minutes, Jimmie, thrust balls deep into me wife,
arched his back, stiffened and groaned and he gave
short huching movements of his groin against hers.

When Jimmie did that, Nicole, let out a deep "Ahhhhhh"
shuddered, her eyes actually flickered back open, she
looked up at him, her eyes clearly locked on his, and a look
of wondrous happiness and satisfaction seemed to
come across her face.

Nicole's hands which had been grasping Jimmie's hands as he
hunched her then went to the sides of his face, she
raised her her up toward him and she begain lavishing him
with kisses.

Nicole, gasped, "Jimmie, Oh Jimme, Yes Honey. Oh Baby, I
love you baby, I love you Jimmie, Jimmie, I Love
You." Their mouths met then in a passionate kiss that
seemed to last and last and last. Finally they lay still,
Jimmie's prick- around which I had seeen white creamy come
ooze back out of my wife's overfilled vagina, was still
embedded deeply in her pussy.

I did turn around and avoid seeing their faces as they
recovered, and I preteneded to see or hear nothing as they
they exchanged soft kisseds cooed lovers coos with each
other, and quietly talked in voices no louder than a
meduim whisper.

I did hear Jimmie say to Nicole: "Sorry. I told you I'd
pull out, and I got too excited there at the end."

Nicole softly giggled as she responded, "That's
okay,honey. i wasn't exactly thinking very clearly there either.
You really sent me over the edge. That was incredible.
Baby, You are some kind of lover. I always thought you
were sexy and quite a man, Jimmie. And now I know what I
missed back in highschool. Jimmie, You are some

Jimmie asked Nicole." Are you going to be all right? I
mean you did tell me about you being afraid i might. UH!
Uh. You know. I have a wife back home. You have a husband.
I don't want to hurt my wife. Uh. There's your
husband, Uh. Well You know."

I heard my wife softly giggle and respond. "Don't worry
Jimmie. I won't damage your marriage. I don't want to cause
you any trouble. AND, as far as my husband goes? Well?
Uh? Well, honey I'll take care of that. I am sure
things will be okay. But that's sweet of you anyhow.
worrrying about the consequences of your coming inside of
But things will be okay. I'm sure. Don't worry. If it
turns out that WE REALLY DID just get pregnant, I'm sure
everything will be all right."

I then heard shifting and shuffling as they got
untangled and began to get dressed.

Actually there was not much dressing to do. Only
Nicole's panties had been removed, and Jimmie had only pulled
down his trousers and underpants to make love to her.

I did hear Nicole say, "My panties. Do you know where
they are I can't find my underpants"

Shortly I heard her continue, " Just don't worry about
them. I'll find them tomorrow. Afterall, we know there in this
car somewhere."

I could hear them whipspering to each other after
that, but I couldn't make out the words. I did get some idea
of the conversation though and got a surprise when
Jimmie got out of the car.

Nicole got out with him. She then came around to me
car door motioned for me to roll down the window
and she said," Honey,if it's alll right with you, I'd
like to stay here with Jimmie tonight. Could you pick me
up in the morning. I can then go by the house to get
ready to head up to the lake.

I was taking vacation time, and our boys had already
headed up to the lake with Nicole's parents where we
would be staying most of the week in their popup

My wife then leaned forward, gave me a quick kiss,
and said: " I'll see you in the morning, honey. I
really do want to sleep with Jimmy tonight. See
you then. I love you, honey'

I woke up at seven the next morning, showered, and
such, got dressed in jeans, loaded the stuff we were
taking to the lake, and called that motel and
asked for that room.

It was awkward hearing a man's voice answer, and as
I asked to talk to Nicole, I could hear her moaning
and sighing right then. From the sound of Jimmie's
winded voice and the soft groans and grunts I heard Nicole
making as I told her I was ready to come pick her
up, I realized Jimmie was fucking my wife right then.

A few minutes later I pulled up in front of that
motel room door.

When Nicole did not immediately come out, I
throught dreadfully about having to g up and knock on that door.
Even though they'd had sex in the backseat of the
car with me in the front the night before and I'd heard my
wife coo I love yous, heard her soft even giggled
talking about possibly having gotten pregnant right then, and
I'd even seen Jimmie's priick going in and out of
my wife's pussy; the thought of having to go up to that door
and ask my wife to go with me just as she was
finishing having sex with another man was humiliating to
think about.

Luckily for me, the door opened in about ten
minutes and Nicole appeared.I could also see Jimmie behind
her. He was doing something , and when she turned
around to face him, I realized he had been zipping her
dress up for her.

Nicole then gave Jimmie a long tongue probing
passionate kiss good bye. I had my window down and heard
her say, "If you ever get into town again,
Jimmie. Please give me a call. Good Bye Sweetheart.I'll never
forget last night. It was one of the best nights
of my life. Good Bye, Honey."

Nicole said little when she got in the car. She
was clearly exhausted. She leaned over with her left
shoulder and back against me, folded her legs
together up on the seat toward the cardoor, and seemed
drousliy content.

Nicole needed to go home and get her clothes of
course, and she told me she wanted to shower and clean
up before heading to the lake. As she
showered, I noticed the dress she had been wearing had what had
to be a whitish crusted comestain on the back
from pulling it back down the night before, adnd the
left side of the skirt part she had been
sitting on riding back to our house was wet and smelled like come.
i didn't need to ask her. Jimmie had obviously
fucked her that moring, and I felt virtually certain he
probably nailed her one or more other times
during the night.

We pulled through a Mc Donald's drive thru on
the way out of town to get coffee and breakfast sandwiches
and Nicole had her seat reclined and was
sound asleep very quickly when we were on the road and had
finished eating. As my gorgeous, 5-4 118
pound wife with her dishwater blond hair, pretty face, and sexy
body was sleeping, I noticed the crotch of
her skin tight blue jeans became damp as she slept.
Even after showering and changing, it looked
like Nicole still had Jimmie's come leaking back out
of her well fucked pussy.

We were at the lake all week. Not a word
was said about the night of the class reunion. There was
no reason for Nicole and I to talk about it
of course - as I was already in the know, giving her no
reason to inform me she'd been with another
man. AND we certainly didn't want the boys or her
folks to know of course.

With the lack of privacy in that camper,;
there was no sex for Nicole and I that week of course, and the
next time we actually got to make love was
the following Sunday night.

When we did, Nicole reached for my hand and
took the condom package I was getting ready to
open, looked in my eyes and said,"Let's skip
that, honey. I've been thinking .I'd like to have
another baby. That's okay with you isn't it?"
From the look on her face, and the smile she had,
I had the feeling that it didn't really matter
what I thought. And, Although; the fertile time of the month
and the ovulating talk, and the "Don't worry
if we just got pregnant," comments I'd heard
the previuos weekend had got me to thinking
back and I had remembered that Nicole's last
period really had been two weekends before
the night of that reunion and that her fertile time
should have been the weekend of the reunion
and should be far past by the time we gotback
from camping, I made love to Nicole that
night without using that rubber trying to give her
that baby she's suddenly decide she wanted to
have.We'd said after our second son was
that two children was all we wanted to have,
had never talked about another child, but I had
a feeling that the decision might not even be
mine to make.

In late August one night, Nicole whishpered in
my ear right after the boys were in bed that she
wanted to see me in the bedroom. When I
entered, she was wearing a sexy see through
nightie, and had a candlelit on each of the
two nightstands beside our bed.She lavished kisses
on me, helped me undress, then cuddled up to
me when I sat beside her where she beckoned
for me to sit on the bed.

Nicole then huskily whipered in my ear as she
looked at me in the eyes with a naughty
smile. "I have some news,honey. You're going
to be a daddy again. Guess what? I'm

I looked her in the eyes, held her in my arms,
and said, "When are you due?"

Nicole gave me an even naughtier smile as she
replied, "Honey,I think you know the
answer to that. But let's see. Hmmmm! Let's
see now. Oh yes! M The start of
my last period was June16. You then add two
weeks, that's June 30, or it could be
July 1. You then go foward nine months. That
would be April First. That's April Fool's
Day.'" Giggling."That's really something.
That's the date we established when I was
at the doctor. So. It looks like we will be
having a new addition to our family next April.
ON APRIL FOOL'S DAY if the baby is on time.

It is now November and Nicole is four and a half
months along. Her tummy has a definite
rounding to it and is starting to show some
bulge.Nicole loves to lie beside me at night
and have me rub cream on her tummy to try to
reduce stretch marks.

And she told me last week that she names picked
out for the baby if it is a boy or a girl.
If we have another son, Nicole says she wants
to name him James Nicholas and if we
have a girl she wants to name her Jamie Nicole.

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