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The One Off

Dec 13, 2000

By Oral Hubby

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The One Off
By Dchatterly ?1999

(Story Inspired by THEATER By RLM - mblmr@hotmail.com - there is no point in hiding it)

The two of us had not been out together for more than a year, so when the
opportunity arose for a chance to got out for our wedding anniversary, we
suddenly found ourselves pondering on the best way to spend such a rare

Since it had been so long, we both felt it best to give the pubs and clubs a
miss - so deliberated and finally opted to go and see a film - something we
used to do quite often before getting married. It would be nice to cuddle
together, perhaps even in the back row with an added fumble and feel if the
film didn't manage to catch our attention.

I watched her get changed for the night out, and found it so difficult to keep
my hands to myself as she teased me openly by parading around in black
stockings, a G-string and a flimsy low cut hold-up bra. She was in no doubt of
the effect her choice of underwear was having on me - no doubt at all. Soon
though, she covered all the items that had taken my attention with her outer
garments: a neat skirt with a risqu? split - especially in that it occasionally
revealed a flash of the dark stocking tops and the soft fleshy skin above them.

She struggled to button her shiny red blouse to conceal her cleavage, and
smiled at the look of amazement written on my face - gawking, like it was the
first time I had witnessed her this way.

"Gosh my titties must be getting bigger," she said, almost whispering, knowing
I knew and had appreciated this fact openly in the months leading up to now.

Finally she had to leave the two the middle buttons barely buttoned at all, but
just managing the task of holding back the splendid swell of her breasts - I
could never recall them looking as good. "You don't think this is too tight do
you?" She asked, to which I shook my head eagerly. She gave me a twirl and
smoothed her hands down each side of her skirt, flattening the folds and
feeling the suspenders hiding beautifully underneath. You wouldn't have
thought she was merely dressing for the cinema, but I certainly wasn't

My turn to dress now, but my imagination never got further than a pair of well
used jeans and an equally bland shirt. Oh well, at least one of us looked good
enough to eat.

We were both excited by the prospect of having this time alone together, more
so however that after the film we would also get to be alone back home.
These days this was equally rare, as with three children it was becoming
almost impossible to find a willing baby sitter. But tonight was a one off - a one
off that we would have to take full advantage of.

The Cinema was strangely quiet for a Saturday night - perhaps a sign that the
film we were to see wasn't going to be any good. We arrived just as the lights
were dimmed and quickly chose seats a few rows down from the back.

When our eyes adjusted sufficiently, we could see that there were no other
people sat nearby us. Two couples sat in the back row, but the rest were quite
well spaced out across the rest of the seats. I was happy that no one was
near to us and was surprised when she asked if we could get closer to the
screen. I was just about going to tell her that was a bad idea when she rose
and walked slowly down the aisle allowing her hips to undulate and show off
the tightness of her skirt, obviously expecting me to follow. She stopped at a
row that had people already seated. I followed a few steps behind but was not
quick enough to stop her from choosing this row to sit.

Two men blocked her path. She smiled, excused herself and squeezed past
them allowing her bum to rub against their legs. I followed. A few men
watched her as she lowered her body into onto a seat and crossed her legs.

When I finally caught up and took residence in the seat next to her, I noticed
the split in her skirt was positioned away from her legs, exposing a generous
expanse of one leg - lusciously exposing a few centimetres of thigh. The light
reflected off the white flesh, but stopped where the dark stocking top began.

The two men seated a few seats down the row turned to stare. Their eyes
were glued to my wife's legs, especially her half-exposed thighs. I stared at
the screen where I realised I had missed the beginning of the film. I was about
to complain about her moving seats without waiting for me when I realised
that I had an erection due to the simple sight of her stockings. Or was it due to
the fact that other men had also seen the sight of her legs and perhaps had
even had a feel of her rear as she squeezed past them?

I looked back to the two men, situated two seats away from us, but realised
their attentions had turned to the screen as a dimly lit scene had rendered the
room almost completely dark. I saw their faces by the light from the projector,
but anything lower than that was too dark to focus on. I tried watching the film
for a few minutes but my mind had wandered and held the image of her
crossed legs.

I moved my hand onto her thigh and pushed the split in her skirt even wider.
When it was well above the tops of her stockings, I slipped my hand
underneath and felt her firm thighs as my cock looked for some room in my

The film graced us with a bright scene, and I secretly observed that both men
to her left were now watching intently as I played with my wife's legs. Their
eyes shifted back and fourth from the screen to her thighs. I wasn't sure if she
knew they were watching. She uncrossed her legs and crossed the left leg
across the right exposing a wider expanse of the delicate flesh of her thighs. I
wondered if she realised that one of these guys now had a pretty obvious
erection. Unlike me - he wore loose fitting suit trousers - and as the screen lit
up I caught a glimpse of him placing his hand on his lap, either to conceal his
excitement or to have a squeeze in acknowledgement of it. My wife cleared
her throat, and I felt her thigh quiver slightly to my touch. I was now aware
although not quite sure that the man had actually began to move his hands
over the erection under his trousers. By this time, it was obvious he had lost
interest in the film but still he was attempting to not make his sneaking-a-peek
look too obvious.

I felt my wife's hand close around my own concealed cock. "Hmmmmm
you're really hard, she whispered, snuggling closer to my cheek. "I can feel it
throbbing." She traced a hand over the front of my jeans, concentrating upon
the erect shape below, but still looking towards the screen. I was throbbing
and now quite leaking considerably inside my pants. I had to shift in my seat
to gain a more comfortable posture as it strained to find any room within my
jeans. I finally had to unbuckle my belt to allow a bit more freedom, then
move my own crossed legs nearer to her hand.

I looked to my wife's left and was now shocked to see that the man whose
interest had not swayed was making more obvious motions across the front of
his loose trousers. My heart almost burst at how blatant his stroking had
become. As the light on the screen changed constantly from light to dark, I
was never afforded more than a split second to see exactly what he was up
to. But the fact remained, this guy was touching himself while he watched my
wife touching me. I felt like I was going to cum and had to close my eyes and
concentrate to keep from exploding too soon. As my wife continued to gently
massage me - now inside the crotch of my jeans - I noticed that she was also
looking at the sight to her left. When the man saw that she was watching him,
he moved over the two seats to the seat next to her.

I turned my attention back to the film, removing my hands from my wife's legs
and enjoying the feeling of her fingers upon me. I was startled when she
leaned over and whispered in my ear, "He's playing with my thigh, honey." I
looked over at the guy. He was staring directly at her almost exposed thighs,
oblivious to the fact I could see him. I couldn't see his hand in the dark, but I
could see that his arm was moving in slow circles. He was obviously playing
with my wife's thighs.

"He's moving up my thigh, Honey. Ooooohhh that's nice. He's trying to get
his hand between my legs now. Aaahhhhhh".

My cock throbbed even harder as I began to notice the man stroke up and
down the length of her thigh, gradually moving her skirt further up than I had
dared. He lightly rubbed the front of the G-string she wore and pressed his
fingers into the junction of her thighs, but her crossed legs kept him from
reaching further.

"He's trying to get between my legs, now, Honey." she moaned in my ear.

I tried to see as much as I could without distracting the moment, and now saw
his other hand moving up onto the sides of her breasts and playing with them
through the thin material of her blouse.

"Oohhh. He's playing with my tits now. Oh, he's got his hands on both of
them - pinching my nipples. Ooouuuuhh, His other hand is on the underside
of my thigh now. He's trying to get me to spread my legs for him. Should I do
it? Should I spread my legs for him? God, my tits are being squeezed so

Even in the dark, I could see my wife's hardened nipples pressing outward
against her the tightness of her blouse. The man had pulled her blouse much
lower so that almost half of her tits were now bulging out the top of the
garment. Her nipples were just barely covered by the low cut bra.
I was aware that he was whispering to her, but couldn't hear what he said.
She nodded, then her hand left my cock and moved away. A moment later,
she groaned as she felt the size of his cock through his trousers. I saw her
arm begin to move as she stroked back and fourth.

"He's big. Really big. I mean HUGE. I can hardly get my hand around it. God
what a cock! It's as hard as steel. Wow!"

My wife's blouse was now unbuttoned and pulled below her swollen breasts.
The man's hand was moving furiously upon them, forcing them upwards. He
pinched the nipples through her bra. When she moaned, he reached into the
bra and one after the other freed her breasts from the bra cups. With her bra
bunched underneath, they were pushed almost obscenely up and out. As her
naked tits were stroked and squeezed, the guy slipped his hand inside her
panties and tried to move between her legs. My wife's hips were making
circular motions, but she still kept her legs closed.

The second man down the row had now moved to the seat directly in front of
my wife. He made no effort to touch her, but just stared intently at her
gorgeous legs and tits, enjoying the show much more than the one on the

My wife's breathing was becoming laboured, almost a pant. The man now
ordered her to spread her legs for him.

"He wants me to spread my legs. Should I spread my legs? Do you want me
to open my legs and let them play with my cunt? Should I spread for them or

"Tell her to spread her legs" It was the first time I had heard the guy speak.

"Do it, I said instantly. "Spread your legs,

She obeyed. Her legs opened wide. She lifted one over me while the guy to
her left lifted the other one over his own legs. She was spread wide open. Her
hips churned as her eyes closed and her hips thrust upwards.

The guy in front stared directly at my wife's crotch, watching the hand of the
man beside her. It stroked her belly, slowly and sensuously, causing her to
grind her hips back and forth under his touch. My own cock hardened
painfully when I saw the hand move inside her panties and begin to stroke the
length of her slit. The other guy leaned over the seat until his eyes were only
a foot or so away from my wife's cunt. He stared at the bulge in her panties
where the hand was playing with her. Tearing his eyes away from the erotic
sight, he glanced upwards and smiled at me.

"Get her panties off so I can see her cunt. Please, take off her panties", the
man moaned under his breath.

I reached over and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and allowed
the man access to her swollen soaking hole. He started rubbing her. She
gyrated her crotch against the probing fingers. In less than a minute, she was
throbbing, about to cum. Her hips arched upward; we both felt her cunt throb
as her orgasm exploded and spread to her throbbing vagina making it clench,
pulse and throb in hard spasms.

"Oouuuuu..you're making me cummmm. I cummingggg!", my wife hissed
through clenched teeth, so as not to disturb the other people in the cinema.

He continued to play vigorously with her breasts as her own hands once again
found the front of his trousers. She was unzipping them, and forcing her hand
inside his crotch. Her panties were still splayed to one side. "Oh God," she
moaned again. "It's so big."

He hooked his fingers in her panty waistband and pulled them down her legs.
He managed to get them off one leg and they bunched uselessly about her
other ankle. "Spread her cunt open for me", he shouted to me

"Like this?" I replied as I opened her lips for him to see.

"Oohhhh Yeah! Like that."

He took a long look at her wide-open lips. She continued to fiddle with his
trouser front until finally his cock sprang out from the restriction of his
waistband. Her eyes looked directly at me, she was flushed - a deeper red
than I had ever seen her being. Her legs were open wide but still behind the
row of seats.

"Oh fuck," she muttered, biting her lip tightly.

I now looked at the cock she had in her hand and gulped at how thick and
swollen it was. The smooth shiny helmet was free from the skin and it
glistened with the moisture of his excitement. Her fingers barely managed to
meet as her hand grasped onto it tightly.

"So do you think you would like to try that out for size?" The man whispered to
my wife.

She never replied but the look in her face said it all. Her free hand moved over
to my own crotch where she tugged inside my jeans and pulled out my own
straining, leaking penis. She emulated the grasp she had upon the stranger,
one cock in each hand - only her hand encircled mine with room to spare.

I though this was getting totally out of hand, so I pulled my wife
to her feet and indicated that we should leave. The man who she'd been
touching looked disappointed.

"Oh come on," he protested. "Not yet. I'm about to cum. Lemme do it before
you have to leave. Please, just a little bit more. Please", he begged.

My wife looked at me and smiled. "It would be cruel to leave him like
this, Honey. Just a minute. It'll only take a few seconds. He's
already about to cum." Turning to the man, she said, "Come on, shoot your
big load over my tits. You want to cum on my tits? Go ahead. Do it! Cum on

She knelt in the seat directly in front of the man. His cock was
just above the level of hertits. She cupped her breasts and held them up for
him. Cum dripped from her nipples. The man's hand manipulated his cock
rapidly. His hips snapped back and forth as he surged toward orgasm. "I'm
almost there.. Oohhhh I'm about to cum. Please. Let me cum on your cunt.
Please. please , let me cum on your cunt."

She leaned back with her head almost on the seat and lifted her legs to put
them over the back of the seats in front of her, with her feet wide apart to
spread herself completely. "Spread wider", the man begged. My wife opened
herself as wide as possible exposing the gaping hole of her wet and
overheated cunt.

"Can you see my cunt now? Look at it. Oohhhh yesssss.. Look at my
cunt. See how wet it is from feeling your hard huge cock. Can you see how
open I am for you? Go on, cum on me, cum right on my cunt. It's waiting and
wanting - look at how wide it has made itself for you. It knows how much you
would fill me up."

The man squeezed his penis causing the bloated head to expand and redden.
Carefully, he pointed his weapon directly at my wife's exposed cunt. Edging
forward to bring the cockhead within a few inches, he began to stroke himself
hard and fast. My wife stared directly at the slit in the end of the man's penis.
Suddenly it opened and the thick stream of cum jetted out. It flew through
the air in a direct line toward the open hole. The first blast struck her clitoris
quickly coated the hard organ with a thick layer of semen. Part of the blast
landed in her pubic hair. She reached down with her fingers and spread her
cunt lips wide open. Aiming his cock, the man spewed the second stream
straight between her hole. Finally, the man seemed to be empty. My wife
dismounted from the seat, pulled her skirt down, carefully replaced her tits
inside her blouse and said, "Ok, I'm ready. Let's go."

The man followed us to the car in the car park at the back of the cinema. I got
in the driver's seat and waited for my wife to get in. I could see her outside
surrounded offering the man a soft kiss and whispering something to him.
She was laughing as he replied something directly into her ear. He was
holding her hand whilst speaking to her
wife was an incredible sight. Right in the middle of a public
parking lot, she had her tits exposed, her skirt up over her hips.
Cum still coated both tits and several streams were running down her

I knew that she was certainly not going to allow him to fuck her in the car park
where anyone who walked by could see. Sooner or later, she was going to
get in the car and we would leave. I waited, but she still did not get into the
car. Finally, she stuck her head in the window. She smiled at me but didn't
move to get in.

"Come on, Honey. Get in the car." I crooned. I was eager to get her home
and take advantage of her obvious state of arousal.

"I can't get in the car," she replied.

"Why not?"

"I'm being fucked."

"What do you mean you're being fucked", I said with outright confusion in my

"He's behind me. He's fucking me. He's holding my hips and ramming himself
in and out of my cunt from behind - just how I like it. He won't let me get in
the car until he finished fucking me."

With the complete darkness in the car park I could barely see the figure of the
man behind her. I knew this was her favourite position, and the fact she was
looking at me directly through the window as she was being taken suddenly
made me tremble with excitement.

"I was going to get in the car when he pushed my head through the window
and made me spread my legs. Then he started fucking me. God, he's really
ramming it into me. He's fucking me.. He's fucking your wife's cunt in public.
Ooohhhhh what if someone comes by?" Her face contorted with the
enjoyment of being fucked from behind. "I'm being fucked," she reiterated.
"Oh, he's so big, really big. He's got it in deep.. aaaahhhhhh I'm getting
fucked well and good. Meeeeee. Oohhh fuck, he's coming inside my cunt. I
can feel him shooting his big load into me."

I watched my wife's body rocking back and forth as she so eagerly accepted
his large cock deep inside her. Her mouth opened in a silent groan; her eyes
squeezed shut; her tongue flicked rapidly over her top lip and she beckoned
me to kiss her through the window. I moved over towards her, knowing I
needed to give her a long kiss. Our lips touched, her tongue swept over the
inside of my mouth. He moaning continued and she gasped as I suspected a
climax shot through her.

Behind her, pussy juice spewed out of her tightly plugged cunt as
thick streams of cum erupted inside her hole.

I knew she was feeling a long decent fuck, I could hear the guy also groaning
about how good her body was. His hands were visible, grabbing her breasts
from behind.

Uggghhhhh! Damn, he's fucking me hard -fucking meeeee. I'M CUMMING,
OH MY CUNT IS THROBBING He's making me cummmmmm. Your wife is
cumming with another man's thick cock stuck up her pussy. Ooohhh he's
getting ready to shoot into me. Look at him holding my hips and pounding it in.
Can you see how hard he's fucking your wife? His cock's getting bigger now.
I can feel that big dick slamming into the very bottom of my cunt. It's getting
bigger He's throbbing inside me. It's getting ready to shoot. NOW.NOW.NOW!
The cum's going in! He's put one big load into me. He's still ramming me.
He's throbbing."

He eyes bulged widely as she began to shake. Then the movement
decreased and she planted soft kisses on my lips and face - smiling and
groaning with delight. Before I knew anything else, I realised that I too had
ejaculated, albeit still within the confines of my jeans. As I recovered, the car
door opened and she sat down on the passenger seat next to me. Her skirt
was still splayed but her G-strong was back in place - only soaking wet on the

As we drove home, I rested a hand on her lap and eased a finger inside her
G-string. Her gaping lips gave away just how much she had enjoyed this
experience. "Mmmm, " she moaned. "So that's what a big cock can do."

After that night, our life entered a new phase where the `one off's' became
more then `one-off's'.

Please send comments, remarks, complaints, praise, disgust, good cheer, .and whether you
actually think there is more to life than waiting to die. DChatterly@Simpsons.com
1999 All rights reserved ?Dchatterly

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