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Van Gets A Tattoo

Nov 22, 2011

By kqci

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I had stayed at home when my wife had gone into town shopping. When she came home she looked at me with a mischievous expression, I looked at her quizzically and she sat down raising her skirt to the top of her stockings and showed me a fresh tattoo on her thigh. I said wow; we壇 talked about her getting a tattoo before, but never went through with it. Then she said never mind that one, what about this one. Raising her skirt even higher she showed me another tattoo above her newly shaven bush. But it was地t the tattoo that caught my eye, it was the swelling around her pussy. I thought it must have been from the tattoo, but sex was on my mind and I kissed her on the lips. Then my mouth went down to her pussy, I love giving her head and I started kissing and licking at her poorly bruised vulva and dipped my tongue into her. What I tasted shocked me, it was the salty taste of a mans sperm and we had地t had sex for a few days so I knew it was地t mine. Then I began to realise the dimensions on who ever had fucked her must have been gigantic as the swelling was massive and her cunt was puffed out and gapping hugely and I could see massive amount of creamy white spunk inside her. I looked up at her and she just smiled down at me, we had fantasised about her being fucked by someone else, but that痴 all it was.

I was immensely turned out, my nudger was like a piece of rock and I just plunged it into her. She moaned but it was地t because of my insertion, but because of how sore she was. I came very quickly and then kissed her. I told her to tell me everything, better still to write it down.

Wilbur and I have talked about me getting a tattoo for a while, even almost got one done on Blackpool years ago, but I bottled out at the last minute. Then on this occasion I had been shopping and I passed this tattoo parlour and curiosity go the better of me and I walked in for a look around. The proprietor was there and he asked me if there was anything I fancied, looking at him, he was a right hunk, I was地t sure what he was referring to. I asked him how much they cost. So he went on told me that it depended on size and what inks he used, the more expensive ones were better because they did地t fade. He then asked me where I would want it, again I looked at him for innuendos but he just smiled. I told him I would地t want it where anyone could see. He told me to step through and have a look at some of his work; explaining that the pictures on the wall were just that and the one he wanted to show me were actual photographs of people. So he followed me through to the room where he did the actual tattoos. On the walls were eight by ten colour photographs of men and women that he had practised his art on, some of the images were spectacular and it made me want one more and more, I knew Wilbur would love it if I surprised him. Layne poured a glass of wine for us both and told me to sit down, the chair was well padded and very comfortable. He asked what I would like and I told him I love animals and birds, a bird then he said, what痴 your favourite. I told him how about tiny wren, ok he said and looked deep into my eyes and asked where. I blushed and raised my skirt up to the top of my stockings and pointed to the top of my thigh, I was so embarrassed. I could地t speak. I washed his hands, prepared the inks and my thigh, stroking and kneading my leg, he told me I had beautiful legs and I told him, my husband thought so too. He just looked at me and smirked.

He then marked the outline and started with the needle I cried out at first, but it was more in shock than discomfort. I liked the feel of it though. All the time he was holding or swiping ink or tiny amounts of blood away, but it felt more like caresses then anything. At one time I was watching him concentrating on his artwork and he put his hand over my love mound and delicately stroked my pussy though my knickers, it felt divine, I knew I should have stopped him but I did地t want to divert his concentration. But I felt my self flush and guessed he must have seen the dampness there. He never said anything about it though, just carried on with it. It only took about fifteen minutes and he stood back and produced a mirror so I could study it. Well what do you think he said? I was wonderful and told him so and asked him how much I owed him. You can have that one for free he said, but I told him I could地t possibly and insisted on paying him, okay he said I値l let you pay me but only if I can do another one. I was shocked at first, but then I thought in for a penny and agreed.

I had drunk a few glasses of his wine by then which had made me a little giddy as it was strong and I知 not used to it. He pulled me up and lifted my skirt to my waist my arms were around his neck to steady myself and I asked what are you doing. Need you like this for this one he said and pulled my knickers off! He then sat me down and pulled me forward so that my bum was on the edge. I did地t have clue what was going on but he was all business like, even when he spread my legs and got between them! This has gone far enough I told him; He laughed and told me was all right that he needed to get into this position for this kind of tattoo. He then sprayed foam over my pubic hair and without so much as a request began to shave my most private area. This is going to be fantastic he told me that he was going to photograph it and put it on his wall. He said he was going to put a doe there and when it grew back it would appear that it would be looking from it and I could shave it if I fancied a change.

Then the tattoo began once again, it felt so very naughty to be doing this with a perfect stranger, but I was so turned on I did地t want it to stop. I even let him rub his finger through my lips and he said matter of factly that I appeared to be somewhat aroused, that was an understatement! He slyly put his finger in me, but by now I did地t care and just moaned as he finger fucked me. Oh just fuck me I told him, shocked at my language, I never use words like that. Well I finished here and I am some what aroused myself he laughed. He pulled his pants down and produced a penis a little longer and slightly thicker than my husbands. He put his hands around my neck and pulled me forward, I thought he was going to kiss me but he aimed my mouth at his dick, I had never had another man in my mouth other than my husband but my mouth opened automatically and I stared sucking him off. He cried out that it was beautiful but after only a few minutes he told me he wanted to cum in me and dropped to his knees and plunged straight into me, it was my turn to cry out as I enjoyed the moment of penetration. He quickly got into a rhythm, but after only a minute came with a groan

滴i Bro, only me, then a man came though the curtains and observed the scene, Layne had withdrawn and there I was my hips rocking desperate to be fucked, oh no you致e not done it again have you. Layne smiled sheepishly, his brother then looked at me and said it was up to me, did I want him to finish the job. I never even thought about it, here I was about to let a second perfect stranger fuck me in a matter of minutes. Please, I begged. He dropped his pants and told me he壇 need a little help to get started, with no hesitation I leaned forward and put a second strange cock into my mouth and I mean strange because though it looked large even when soft, it quickly swelled to enormous dimensions until I could地t fit it in my mouth. I could地t believe it, I had heard of ten inch cocks, but not ones that had a girth like this. I was more than apprehensive when he got between my knees and pulled may pussy lips apart and gently entered this battering ram into vagina. 笛esus Christ I called out as I felt this huge cock stretch me to almost painfully; it was just as well I壇 had a good bit of lubrication preparation from Layne prior to this onslaught. I was gripping the arms of the chair as he pushed more and more of his thick cock into me. Pleasure I had never before experienced flowed through my body, as I felt more filled than I ever had before. I felt my orgasm rapidly build up inside and I screamed out as I came my pussy clenching him so tight that could not move, as I came I noticed a flash of light, Layne had photographed his work, alongside with a massive cock buried deep inside me. His brother slipped out of me and stood me up I reached for my underwear, but he said he might have satisfied me, but that he had地t been satisfied yet. He bent me over the side of the chair and reintroduced his weapon to my pussy, once again I moaned out with pleasure as he took me. Layne who had regained his erection was pointing it towards my mouth and for the first time ever I experienced what is a called a split roast, they seemed to time they池e thrusting as one forced his cock into my vagina the other withdrew from my mouth, then as Layne forced his cock into my throat his incredibly well endowed brother withdrew, it felt like I was skewered on one gigantic cock that was sliding through me, this could地t last long and another mighty orgasm built up in me till I was moaning arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, especially when mighty cock with one almighty lunge, thrust himself so deep inside me that I could地t breathe and then Layne cockhead was buried down my throat gushing cum into me front and back. My whole being went so rigid as I came again that I almost passed out.

Once they withdrew I quickly put my panties back on, Layne smiled and said that was the best payment they壇 ever had. As I walked through the door he said, 鼎ome back anytime

Makes me horny every time I read it, so I knew I had to share it with you guys. I want to watch it happen now, but I知 not sure if I can convince Van to go back there, but if she does, I値l be sure to share it!

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