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Black Intruder

Feb 14, 2012

By Master L

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My gorgeous wife of 15 years and I had just returned from a much needed romantic dinner at an exclusive restaurant. Due to our busy lives we have not had the chance to be intimate in over 2 months. Tonight was the night. Our 5 year old was over at the grandparents for the evening. We have been talking about having a second child before my wife gets a bit too old.

I am 37 years old and my wife is 35. My name is Barry and my wife's name is Gail. We married young and waited to have our first child. We now wanted a second. Although she has gained a few pounds since the first child, my wife is a knockout. She stands about 5'3" and weighs about 135 lbs. Her long red curly hair flows perfectly about her lovely face. She has thick lips and big green eyes. She has some meat on her luscious ass and a magnificent 36d chest. A perfect hourglass figure. She always has her nails long and painted, very sexy. Her only imperfection is that she started to smoke after our first child was born. Even though I didn't like it, I could live with it because the rest of her is perfect. I love her now more than when we first got married.

We got home from our dinner and went right upstairs to our bedroom. My wife lit some candles and had that look in her eye.

"Honey, can you do me a big favor? Can you just run across the street to the corner store and buy me a pack of cigarettes? I didn't realize that I am out."

"Dear, you have got to be kidding. Right now?"

"I know darling, bad timing. But I will change in my sexiest nightie and be waiting for you when you get back."

How could I argue with that. The store was only 2 minutes down the street. I went downstairs and out the front door and headed to the store. I went in and bought her a pack of Capri 120s and headed back to the house. I was gone about 10 minutes. When I got to the house, I realized I forgot to lock the front door.

I scurried up the stairs. "Here are your cigarettes, honey." All of a sudden I felt a thud on my head and blacked out. I was not sure how long I was out. When I awoke, I was tied to the chair in our master bedroom and I had a gag in my mouth. I tried to get loose but I was tied up tight. My eyes came into focus and then I realized what had happened.

I saw my wife sitting on the edge of the bed. She was wearing a long black negligee with a slit up the side. Her long beautiful red hair was flowing down the nightie. She was staring directly at me. Then I could see HIM. Going through my wife's jewelry box was a big black man, no make that a kid. He looked to be about 19 or 20 years old. He was thin but very tall, probably about 6'4". When he was finished getting all my wife's jewelry, my wife said "You got what you came for, now can you please leave us alone?"

He looked at my wife and said " I will decide when I have everything I want, not you lady. Now be quiet and just sit there."

"Then do you at least mind if I have a cigarette. I am very nervous."

"Go ahead, but don't try anything."

My wife opened the pack that I just bought her. I saw her put a Capri 120 up to her mouth, her hand shaking. Just then, this big black kid came over and lit it for her. My wife sat at the edge of the bed, smoking her cigarette. Even in her frightened state, she looked incredibly gorgeous sitting there.

I then saw my wife look at me and then look at the nightstand by her bed. That's right, we kept a stun gun in there. The burglar must not have looked in there yet. If only my wife could get to it before he does. It doesn't appear like this guy is going to leave anytime soon.

Just then he walks over to my wife. "After I am done here, I might spend a little time on you lady. You are one fine looking piece of ass." My wife look petrified, looked at me for help, and didn't say a word. I tried to wiggle free but I was helpless and gagged.

Shit, was this guy going to rape my wife. She needs to try for the stun gun soon. Just then, the young man started walking towards the nightstand. My wife look panicked and didn't know what to do. If he found the stun gun, we were cooked.

Gail then stood up and asked the invader, "Excuse me, can I have another light?" She put the cigarette in her mouth and he came over and lit it for her. My wife inhaled deeply and blew the smoke in his direction. "I am going to enjoy you in a while lady."

As he turned his back to her, she moved her lips silently to me and said "I love you. Trust me. And then looked at the nightstand again.

She then said "Why wait?"

The burglar turned around and faced her with a big grin on her face. He started to walk towards my wife. My wife looked extremely nervous. He walked very close to her, towering over her small stature. He then reached down and planted a kiss right on her lips. My stomach felt like I was going to throw up. As he was kissing her, I saw my wife turn subtly lead them to the nightstand, there lips still locked. Just as they were about 2 feet from the nightstand, the black intruder pulled away and stepped backwards.

"Drop your nightie, bitch. I want to see what I am getting."

My wife stood there for a moment, frozen in time. Then she took both her straps and moved them down her shoulders. The long nightie fell to the ground around her feet. My wife stood there, completely naked, long red hair hanging seductively on her shoulders. I was mortified. She walked towards the intruder and tried to walk past him toward the nightstand, saying she needed the ashtray. As she took a drag of her cigarette, the black man took the cigarette from her and placed it on the ashtray. He then pushed her on the bed. As my wife lay there, figuring her next move, the big black kid started to get undressed. He took off his shirt and then his pants. He was standing at the side of the bed just in his underwear. He then dropped his boxers.

My wife had a look of panic in her eyes. Before her was the largest blackest cock. It must be about 12 inches long and so very thick. My wife was frozen. This black man took my wife and laid her down on the bed. He then slowly laid right on top of her, his cock laying on her stomach, hard as a rock. As this big black man started kissing my wife's neck, I saw her take her arm and stretch it towards the nightstand. It was getting close. The black man proceeded to start and suck on my wife's nipples. I struggled to get free but I was not successful. As he sucked, my wife's hand reached the nightstand drawer handle. It appeared that she was beginning to open the drawer. Suddenly, the black man reached for my wife's arm and put it around his neck and said, "You will need to hold on for this baby."

I was so focused on watching my wife's arm at the nightstand that I didn't see that He had his 12 inches lined up at the opening of my wife's pussy. He then began his penetration.

"No please don't. I beg you. Please don't. My husband is..."

I watched in horror as this man invaded my wife. After a few minutes, he had all 12 inches deep inside her. He just lay on top of her. I could hear my wife's heavy breathing and soft moans. Then it happened. He started to slowly go pull out and then go back in.

"Shit, you are so big. I can't believe how much of you is inside me."

"Get ready for the pounding of your life baby."

He then started to pick up the pace. He went down and put his lips on my wife's. She clenched them tight for a few seconds and then I could see her start to respond. She was actually kissing him back.

His cock kept going in and out, in and out. I looked at my wife's nipples and they were huge, standing at attention. As the black intruder moved his lips down to her erect nipples, my wife started to moan loudly.

"Oh fuck me. Fuck me hard. I have never felt like this. Oh shit..... I am cumming already. Oh no, here I cum....Aggggghhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk. Shittttttttt."

My wife's body was spasming as she had her first orgasm with another man, a huge dicked black man. As she continued through her orgasm, this guy didn't miss a beat. He kept fucking her and fucking her. My wife forgot I was even in the room. My heart sank and my stomach ached.

After a few more minutes of fucking, she was cumming again...."Shit lover, I am fucking cumming againnnnn babyyyy. Fuck meeeee. don't stopppppp babbyyyyy."

They continued to fuck for an hour. Just then I heard him start to grunt. "I am going to cum baby deep inside you."

"Yes lover, I want to feel your cum shooting inside me. Please cum in me."

Just then, his hips picked up pace and I could see him grimacing as he began his cum onslaught inside my wife.

"Shit baby, I can feel you shooting in me. I have never felt....Oh my god, I am cumming again... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

They came together for what seemed like hours but was actually a few minutes. He lay on my wife exhausted and I could here her whisper something to him. "Derrick" he said. They began to giggle. He then got off my wife and she lit a cigarette. smoking in the afterglow of satisfying sex. He got of the bed, came over to me, said the night was just beginning and punched me in the face again. I blacked out for the second time....

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  • ReaderX wrote 1018 days ago:

    Worthy of additional chapters.

  • Blzbubb wrote 1167 days ago:

    Maybe in the next chapter She can Use the Stun Gun on her Cuckold while Derrick Face Fucks Him.

  • adair4more wrote 1189 days ago:

    Very hot. I've had that fantasy.

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