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Under The Bed

Apr 26, 2012

By jands2gether

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I have had a sexual fantasy for quite some time that I have kept hidden from my wife. Until this very moment, I wasn't sure I ever wanted this fantasy to become a reality, so it was not something I could ever share with her. However, without knowing it, my wife is about to fulfill that hidden desire. I am under our bed right now, about to listen to my wife get fucked by another man.

I guess I should let you know some background about my wife, our relationship, and the events that led me to where I am at right now. My name is Randy and my wife's name is Jessica. We were set up by a mutual friend three years ago, when we were both 25 years old. Jessica is short, standing about 5 foot 2. She has long blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and a very pretty face. She has a big smile that draws people to her. Her body is certainly not one of a model, but she has curves in all the right places. It is the type of body that is just calling out for a good fucking. Her best asset is a set of 36D tits that are nice and firm, with perfectly pink nipples. Every time we go out, I catch random guys or friends of mine sneaking a peak at her luscious breasts. This never really bothered me. To the contrary, I was always turned on knowing that men lusted after her body.

I am a good looking guy with a nice personality, but I never had much luck with the ladies before I met Jessica. This is mainly because I was very shy as a teenager and young adult. I was not a virgin by any means, but I definitely did not have the experience with women that most 25 year old men have. I had some drunken hookups in college and some short relationships post college, but I never had any consistent sex up to that point in my life. Having the same need for sexual release that all young men do, I resorted to pleasuring myself quite often. Actually, one of my favorite ways to get myself off was by reading erotic stories on this very site. These stories allowed me to enter into world of sexual fantasy that I wished was my reality. Each story and scenario gave me the ability to imagine that I was the man in the story, pounding some gorgeous woman's pussy as she begged me to fuck her harder. The erotic fiction really helped fill the sexual void that I had at the time. Looking back, I think that my immersion into this world of sexual fiction is what eventually led me to where I am right now.

My relationship with Jessica progressed like most relationships do. We went out a few times and had a lot of fun getting to know each other. After our second and third dates, we fooled around a little bit but I only got as far as fondling her tits. Emotionally, I was just beginning to come out of my shell at the time, and Jessica had a really fun, outgoing personality which helped me with my confidence. After our fourth date, I took her back to my apartment and we fooled around like we had after the last couple of dates. However, this time things went further and we both ended up completely naked in bed. Jessica took control, slid down to my crotch and started fondling my dick. She started with just her hand, but soon began licking up and down my shaft. I was in heaven as she took me into her mouth for the first time. She gave me an incredible blowjob, working my shaft like a pro. We moved into a 69 position and I started licking her pussy as she gave me the best blow job of my life. I was glad to find out that her pussy was just as impressive as her tits. She was completely bald down there and her slit was picture perfect. She was getting very wet as my tongue explored her insides, moaning in delight as she was bobbing up and down on my cock. She suddenly stopped sucking me and told me that she wanted me inside of her. I think I had the condom on within 2 seconds after she said this. She propped herself on top of me, grabbed my dick and slowly lowered her pussy down onto it. I can still remember the feeling of my cock working its way deep inside of her for the first time. Despite the condom, it still felt great as her pussy impaled itself on my cock inch by inch. My dick is pretty average in length, about 6 inches hard, but it seemed to fill her up plenty as she began to ride me. We worked up a nice rhythm with her bouncing up and down on my cock and grinding her pussy into me. I reached up and started stimulating her tits as she rode me. Since this was our first time together, I knew that I was not going to last very long. I flipped her over and began pounding her pussy missionary style. As I was getting close to climaxing, she screamed out that she was cumming. Her pussy pulled my dick in even further and locked down on me as she came. That was about all I could handle as I exploded in the condom soon after, filling it with the biggest climax of my life. I stayed in her for a minute or as we both came down off of our orgasmic high. I still look back at that first time with Jessica as one of the sexual highlights of my life.

Within a year, Jessica and I were engaged. We were deeply in love with one another. We made each other laugh constantly and had a really terrific connection. Our sex life was healthy. The only thing she didn't let me do was cum in her mouth or fuck her in the ass. Other than that, she was pretty adventurous in bed. I certainly didn't feel the need to delve into erotic stories much anymore because my reality was so fulfilling.

That was until a conversation I had with Jessica a couple of weeks before our wedding that was a turning point in my life. We were watching the Seinfeld episode that revolved around the possibility of George having a threesome with his girlfriend at the time. Jerry decided that he wasn't capable of being a threesome guy. In the spirit of the moment, Jessica asked me if I had ever been in a threesome. I told her no, I never had the pleasure of two women at the same time and I certainly wasn't interested in sharing a girl with a dude. I casually turned the question on her, asking if she ever had a threesome. Her answer, surprisingly, was yes. My dick twitched the moment she responded. I tried to play it cool and act like I wasn't that interested in her response, but inside I was going crazy. The same part of me that got turned on by other men checking out her body was the one that wanted to hear about every detail of her threesome experience. I probed subtly, and found out that her threesome was with two men, but after trying to get more details of the event, she said she didn't want to talk about it. I dropped the subject, knowing that I was not going to get any more info out of her at the moment.

For the rest of that day and the weeks that followed leading up to our wedding, I couldn't get the idea of Jessica being with two men out of my mind. I kept wondering how it all played out. Did she get picked up at a bar and taken home by two guys? Did a man that she was dating let his buddy join in the fun one night? Was she taken advantage of while she was drunk? I was consumed by all of the possibilities. I wondered whether the two men just took turns fucking her, or if they spent the night double penetrating her. The next time we had sex, I pictured that night in my head as I thrust into her tight snatch, imagining that I was one of the men double teaming her. The fantasy was such a turn on, and the sex we were having was amazing. Little did she know that it was because I was imagining her with a cock in her mouth as I took her from behind.

My curiosity about my Jessica's threesome continued in the lead up to our wedding. I began to browse Literotica once again, reading stories about "loving wives" whenever I had the chance. The stories acted as fuel to my already burning fantasies. After reading story after story, the fantasy became less about Jessica's past threesome and more about the idea of her being with another man. Even on the night of our wedding, as we were making love for the first time as husband and wife, I was imagining that it was my best man that was pounding her pussy, not me. This was after I read about a story with this similar scenario on this site a week earlier. I couldn't believe where my mind was going with this. I had just married my dream girl, and all I kept thinking about was other men fucking her brains out, pumping their cocks in and out of all of her holes and covering her in cum. What was wrong with me?

The fantasy continued long after we returned from our honeymoon. Each time we fucked, I would imagine that it was another man's cock inside of her gorgeous mouth and pussy. It got to the point that I couldn't get off without this fantasy in my head. I felt guilty about this, but there was little I could do to stop it. My mind had gone to a place that there was no coming back from. Every time we went out to dinner with our other married friends, I was wishing that one of the other husbands would bend my wife over the table, lift her dress and fuck her like mad.

Things only got worse once the honeymoon stage of the marriage wore off. Her once strong sexual appetite began to shrink and we were only fooling around once a week. Meanwhile my libido was through the roof. I began to pleasure myself more and more when Jessica was not around. Almost exclusively, I was reading stories about loving wives. Wives that willingly or unwillingly had sex with other men. Whether the story was about a wife cheating on her husband with his best friend, or getting raped by the mailman, I couldn't get enough. I encouraged Jessica to run errands or go out with friends as much as possible. This gave me the time alone I needed to jerk off while reading stories about cheating wives and cuckolded husbands.

One Saturday, with Jessica out doing some grocery shopping , I took my customary seat in front of the computer and was about to go to the Literotica site, when I noticed that my wife left her Facebook account open and logged-in. I was about to close her session of Facebook, but couldn't resist the temptation of taking a peek in her message inbox first. I went to her inbox and scrolled through the typical messages between girlfriends making plans, saying hello to old acquaintances, etc., before a message caught my eye for some reason. The subject was "Where you at?" and the message was from a friend of Jessica's named Harris. I could see that the message was sent using Facebook mobile, so Jessica and Harris obviously wrote to each other from their mobile devices. I clicked on the message thread and read the following exchange:

Harris: "What section are you in?"

Jessica: "With hubby in section 127...Where you?"

Harris: "One section over, 126, row 7"

Jessica: "Restroom?"

Harris: "Great seeing you. You look amazing! Lunch soon?"

Jessica: "Definitely!! Looking forward to it"

My heart was racing as I was reading all of this. I was confused, attempting to put together the pieces. I saw the messages were sent in the evening on April 5th. That was last week. I remembered immediately that my wife and I went to a baseball game that night. She was on her Blackberry for most of the game, which is not unusual. In the middle of the fourth inning she said she needed to go to the bathroom. I offered to go with her, but she said that wasn't necessary. She told me to stay and enjoy the game. She was gone quite a long time, about 20 minutes. When she came back she said the line was really long for the ladies room. She also mentioned that she ran into an old friend of hers named Harris. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but I now realize that she neglected to tell me that her "running into" Harris was not random. It was a pre-arranged meeting. Nor did she mention any plans to meet him for lunch. I was really angry. I couldn't believe what I was reading. How could she arrange to meet some other guy when she was out with her husband? And then make plans to go to lunch with him? Even if it was innocent and non-sexual, the fact that she was not being honest with me made me furious. During all of this, I neglected to notice that my dick was hard as a rock. In a flash, my anger dissipated. I had been fantasizing about Jessica fucking another man for the last year and now I am reading secret messages between her and this guy Harris. Isn't this exactly what I wanted? I decided to search her inbox for other messages between the two of them. There was only one other thread and it was from two months earlier, in February. The message was titled "Long time" and read like this:

Jessica: "Hey you...long time, no see. How is everything?

Harris: "Hi Jess. So glad you found me on FB. I am doing good. What is up with your last name being different?"

Jessica: "I got married silly. How are things going with the ladies?"

Harris: "Damn, looks like I missed my chance. No girl has treated me as good as you did sweetie. Any chance your husband would let us go out on a date together, ha ha"

Jessica: "Not likely, stud...You shouldn't have stopped calling me...It could have been me and you that were married"

Harris: "I know...I'm an idiot. You look great in those pics on your page!! Jimmy probably printed them and has them taped on his bedroom ceiling. He was obsessed with you after that night we all got together."

Jessica: "I know...Poor Jimmy. That was fun...wish my sex life was still as interesting now. Let's try to meet up some time, k? ttyl"

I must have read the two messages 30 times over the next couple of minutes. I had to get all of this straight in my head. Jessica and Harris obviously had gone out with each other before her and I met. She liked him enough to suggest that he blew his opportunity to marry her. He had the balls to ask her jokingly whether I would mind if she went out with him. She considers her sex life with me boring. And the biggest revelation of all...It was Harris and this guy Jimmy that tag teamed my wife.

My heart was racing a million miles an hour. I immediately turned my attention to my dick which was about to explode after reading all of this. Like a madman I started pumping away, thinking about Harris and Jimmy filling out my wife like an application. It was a very short jerk off session. Within a minute, I was shooting a huge load all over myself. After I cleaned myself up, the phone rang. It was Jessica calling to let me know she would be home in a minute. I went over to the computer, closed Facebook, and sat in the living room watching TV, trying to act nonchalant. Jessica walked in the door and asked for my help with the groceries. As soon as we put all the bags down in the kitchen, I took her face in my hands and gave her a passionate kiss and told her how much I loved her. I had never found myself more attracted to her than I was right then. What was wrong with me? How could I love my wife, yet get so turned on by her flirting with another man. I was like a drug addict from that point forward. I needed to know if she was still talking to Harris. Were they actually going to meet for lunch? Had they already?

The next day, Jessica told me she was going to meet her friend Tammy at the mall for some shopping. I immediately wondered whether she was really meeting Tammy, or if she was meeting Harris. I went to the computer, downloaded and paid for one of those key stroke logging programs. I was hoping to track her key strokes and find out the password to her e-mail and Facebook accounts so that I could monitor her messages. As I was downloading the program, I couldn't help wondering whether Harris or some other dude was balls deep into my wife at the moment. I called Tammy's husband Darren, who I am friends with. I made some small talk, but what I really wanted to know was whether Tammy was at the mall with Jessica. When I asked what he and Tammy were up to, he did confirm for me that Tammy was at the mall. I quickly got off the phone with him, trying to figure out whether I was glad or disappointed that Jessica was really out with her girlfriend.

A couple days later, I left work early to get home before Jessica did. This gave me the opportunity to check the key logger for her password. Sure enough, after pulling up the program, I was able to see what she typed in for her password for both her Yahoo e-mail, as well as Facebook. I was in. From here forward, I would be able to see any messages that she sent to or received from Harris and any other guy she might be flirting with behind my back. I checked Facebook first and found a message thread between her and Harris from yesterday. It read:

Harris: "Hey hot stuff...When can we do that lunch?"

Jessica: "Hi...So glad you still want to. How about this Friday? I will tell my boss that I have a lunch meeting with a client. You want to meet me at my house instead of a restaurant? That way we can catch up without all the noise...How about noon?"

Harris: "Sounds great...You going to cook me something special?"

Jessica: "Of course...I definitely remember what you like :-)"

Okay, this is definitely more than innocent flirting, I thought to myself. I think my wife is planning on having sex with this guy. One the one hand, the idea of it all was exhilarating. This was playing out just like one of the many stories I had read. However, reality was starting to set in and I wasn't sure that I enjoyed being a character in a real life situation like this. Even though I have been hiding my sexual perversions from my wife, she was still my wife for God's sake. I loved her more than anything. Although our sex life was not what it once was, we were still best friends. I still wanted to start a family with her and grow old with her. I wasn't sure if I could get past the idea of her infidelity just because it made my dick hard to think of her with another man.

At this point there was no way I could confront her about any of this. There was no proof that she had cheated on me yet. I could be making more out of this that it was. Lord knows my mind has a hard time reconciling fantasy with reality. Plus, I wasn't exactly keen on her finding out that I fantasized about her having sex with other men and hacked into her Facebook account. I decided that the only way to come to any resolution about all of this was to somehow witness what went on between her and Harris on Friday.

The next day at work was a Wednesday. I went to our HR representative and asked for that Friday off. I had plenty of vacation days available, so he said it was not a problem. The next two days seemed like an eternity. I tried to initiate sex with Jessica both Wednesday and Thursday night to no avail. She had a "headache." I wanted to ask her if she really had a headache or if she was just saving her pussy for her meeting with Harris on Friday. I wisely kept my mouth shut.

I didn't get any sleep Friday night. The alarm went off at 6 a.m. just as it always does and Jessica popped out of bed with an unusual bounce in her step. She was already in the shower when I went to take my morning leak. When I looked in the shower, I saw that she was shaving her pussy. She didn't keep her pussy as well-groomed since we got married so I couldn't help but wonder why she was shaving today. I got in the shower after her and by the time I got out, she was dressed for work. Her choice of outfit for the day was certainly a little more provocative than usual. Her typical business suit was replaced with a dress that seemed more appropriate for a Saturday night out on the town. The dress had a plunging neckline that exposed some serious cleavage. Much of her 36D bust was on display. The dress was also much shorter than her usual attire, cut at about mid-thigh. The "fuck me" heels and red lipstick she put on today did nothing to ease my worry about what was going to go down that afternoon. I have to admit that she was looking pretty fucking hot. It took all my willpower to not rip her clothes off and fuck the shit out of her right then and there. Instead, I asked why she was so dressed up today. She told me that she was meeting an important client for lunch and he always gave her more business when she dressed sexy. I told her I understood, and that business was business. We left the house at the same, as we always did. Before getting in our cars, I went to kiss her goodbye but she pulled away, saying she didn't want me to mess up her lipstick. I accepted this and we both started up our cars and backed out of the garage. She made a left down the street, and I went right, just as we always did. However, today I parked the car a couple of blocks away and walked back to our house. Entering the house, I couldn't help but think that this home might never be the same after today.

I turned my attention to figuring out a way for me to observe her and Harris. I couldn't hide in the closet, bathroom, or any other room for the matter for fear that they would see me somehow. I realized that the only way for me to be close to the action would be to hide under the bed. Our bed was elevated and had a bed skirt that hung down to the ground, so I would be hidden and I would have enough room underneath it. The downside would be that I wouldn't be able to see anything, but I would hear all of the action.

Jessica told Harris to come to the house at around noon, so I waited until 11:30 to take my place underneath our bed. Good thing I got under there when I did because I heard the garage open and close a couple of minutes later. I heard Jessica enter the house. Her footsteps got louder as she approached and entered the bedroom. She was alone. She put her purse down on a chair and went in the bathroom, presumably to freshen up for her impending guest. At 12:00 on the dot, I heard our doorbell ring. I peeked out from under the bed skirt and saw Jessica legs walking toward the front door. I think my heart stopped beating for about ten seconds as the door opened and Jessica welcomed Harris with a hello and big hug. I heard her ask him if he wanted a drink. Hey said yes, and they both walked into the kitchen. I couldn't make out much of what was being said. It seemed to be just small talk. After a couple of minutes, I heard their footsteps coming toward the bedroom. That was my cue to stop peeking under the bed skirt and get comfortable in my hiding place.

That is the background on how I ended up under the bed. The following is what happened above me:

"Are you sure he doesn't know?"

"Are you kidding? I could be fucking half the neighborhood and he wouldn't know a thing. We used to spend all of our time together, but lately he does nothing but push me to go out while he stays at home."

"Did you get all dressed up for me? Or, do you usually go to work looking like a woman on the prowl?"

"It was for you silly. Although I should get sexed up like this more often. I would probably get promoted faster. My boss can't take his eyes off of my tits even when I am wearing conservative clothes."

"If I was your boss, I would have made you my personal assistant a long time ago. And we would definitely be having lots of closed door meetings, if you catch my drift."

They both laughed. I wanted to gag myself. I can't believe this goon is dropping sexual innuendo to my wife on our bed. As much as I despised this man right now, the talk between him and Jessica was definitely causing a tent in my pants. Whatever mixed feelings I had about all of this in my head, my dick was only thinking one way.

"What would we do in these meetings, boss?"

"Well, you probably would spend much of your time under my desk doing some dictating."

"That sounds fun. Dictating is one of my favorite things to do."

I could hear them both take a sip of their drinks.

"I can't believe I let you slip away. We had so much fun when we were together. I still think about you every time I am fucking some random skank."

"Should I take that as a compliment?"

"Hell yeah, you should. Jess, you are the sexiest woman I have ever met. Your tits, your ass, your tight pussy...Being with you was the best sex I have ever had."

"You know you are the best I have ever had as well."

"Better than your husband?"

"No contest. Things with you were exciting. When you were inside of me, my whole body was on fire. Not to mention that your cock is about twice as big as Randy's." That one stung. I know I am not the biggest guy in the world, but to hear my wife put down my penis size to another man was tough to hear. "Having sex with Randy has become an inconvenience. I try not to do it very often, but sometimes I have to let him stick it in there just to get him off my case. The lack of passion really is my fault, not his. It used to be good with him. I don't know what happened. Maybe it was getting married. The finality of it all. Something definitely changed in our sex life and it has become so bland.

"Is that why you got in touch with me? You need some spice in your life?"

"I definitely need something to make me feel alive."

"Should I have invited Jimmy over as well?"

"Ha ha, asshole. No, I am not looking for a threesome...At least not yet. That night with the three of us was fun, but I think my double penetration days are done. I am a wife you know"

So, Jessica did get DP'd during her threesome. I couldn't believe it. This was all getting to be too much. Right above me, my wife is talking to another man about the state of our marriage, and reminiscing about having two cocks inside of her. I wanted to crawl out from under the bed and end all of this. Beat the shit out of Harris and confront Jessica. I almost did so, but before I could, I heard what sounded like kissing. I tried to focus my ears on the sounds I was hearing about me. I heard a couple of clinks. They must have put their drinks down on the nightstand. Listening closer, I definitely made out the familiar sound of lips coming together.

"Wow. It has been a long time since I have had another man's lips on mine other than my husbands."

"How did it feel?"

"Amazing. I feel so dirty though."

"That's good. I want you to feel dirty. That is what is going to make this so good."

After that little exchange, they went back to kissing each other. I could actually hear her breathing more intensely as they continued. The bed began to shift around above me as his tongue was presumably exploring my wife's mouth.

"Take that dress off and let me see that beautiful body."

I heard a zipper. Jessica was taking her dress off just like he told her too. Meanwhile, my earlier idea of stopping all of this was a distant memory. My cock was hard as a rock and I was loving every word, every sound I was hearing. Under the tiny slit between the bed skirt and the floor, I was able to see my wife's dress fall to the floor. She was now on top of the bed in only her bra and panties, making out with this man.

"Wow Jess. Your body is amazing."

"Really? Thanks. I was scared that it was not as good as you remembered."

"Are you kidding? You are even hotter now than you were back then. Why don't you take that bra off and let me get a good look at those gorgeous tits."

I heard my wife unclasp her bra and then saw it tossed right on the floor right next to her dress. Neither of them talked for a few minutes. It sounded like they were in an intense make out session. He probably is fondling her tits during all of this, I thought to myself. My cock was getting more and more uncomfortable in my pants. With them immersed in their making out, I figured I could quietly slip out of my pants and boxers to give it a little breathing room. Trying not to make a sound, I unbuttoned my pants and slowly unzipped them. I was so nervous that they would hear me, but they must not have because they continued uninterrupted. I pulled my pants and my boxers down to my knees and my cock leapt out of its constraints. I wrapped my hand around it and slowly started stroking myself. I made sure to go slow because I didn't want to blow a load. Plus, if I worked it too hard, it would be difficult to hear what was going on above me. Speaking of above me, there seemed to be a break in the action as things went quiet for a second.

"Your tits are incredible. You sure, you're okay with doing this."


"Good. If we are going to do this, we are going to do this right. I am not your husband, so don't hold anything back."

"I don't want to. I want you to fuck me like you used to. I want to be your slut"

I haven't heard Jessica talk like that in a long time. Her words made my already hard member get even stiffer. They bed began to shift again and I heard sucking sounds.

"Oh, God. Yeah, that's it baby. Suck on my titties. Your mouth feels so fucking good. Mmm."

I heard similar sounds and words for the next few minutes. During all of this I was gently giving my dick a tug up and down. I wished that I could see what was going on. I wanted to see my wife lying topless on our bed, getting her tits sucked by another man. Her beautiful pink nipples must have been rock hard at this point from the stimulation. I wanted to see her face as she was telling him how good it felt. While these thoughts were running through my head, the sounds above me changed. The sucking turned back into kissing sounds. I figured they had gone back to making out.

"That's it. Work your way down there."

The kisses I heard must have been Harris kissing down her belly, making his way down to her pussy.

"Take my panties off."

Within 10 seconds, a pair of black thong panties joined the pile on the floor next to the bed.

"Yeah baby. Play with my pussy. Your finger feels so good inside of me. Fuck yeah."

"You like that shit. What would your husband think if he knew another man was playing with your pussy right now?"

"I don't give a shit. Just keep going. Don't stop. It feels so fucking good."

"I want to taste that pussy baby. You want my tongue inside of you?"

Jessica's breathing was getting heavier as Harris was fucking her with his finger.

"Yes, oh God yes. I want you to eat me so bad. Keep fucking me with your finger too. I am getting so wet for you lover"

Harris didn't respond. All I heard was a combination of sucking and licking sounds. He was eating my wife's pussy while exploring her insides with his hand. I could hear his finger going in and out of her wet pussy.

"Mmm...Yeah. God your tongue feels so fucking good. I am such a naughty girl. I am your naughty girl. My pussy is yours baby...Nobody else's"

Harris came up for air.

"That's right bitch. It's my pussy. Not your husbands. I own this shit. It is so wet for me. My finger is drenched. You love having another man's finger inside of you, don't you."

He went quiet. The licking sounds continued.

"Oh God Harris. My pussy is on fire for you. You make it feel so fucking good. That's the spot. Oh God, don't stop...I am so close. You're going to make me cum. Don't fucking stop. Yes...Yes...Yes. Of fuck, it feels so fucking good. Oh shit, I'm cumming! I'm cumming for you baby! Mmmm...Oh fuck. Baby it feels so fucking good. Oh God, I'm cumming all over you...Don't stop"

Jessica's breathing started to come back to normal. There was a slight break in the action. She had just cum while being eaten out and finger fucked by another man. Little did she know that her husband was right under her listening to the whole thing transpire.

"God damn, baby. That was so fucking good. I haven't cum that hard in years. Most of the time I have to fake it for Randy."

"I love eating your pussy. You taste so sweet. How about you get down her and return the favor. My dick needs some attention."


I heard clothes being taken off. Since Jessica was already naked, I knew she was undressing Harris. His clothes ended up on the floor next to hers.

"Jesus. I forgot how fucking big it was. I don't even know where to get started."

"I know a good place...Your mouth."

"Ha, ha. Don't worry. It will be in there. I am just going to have to figure out how I am going to get my mouth around it. I am used to my husband's little thing."

"Your hand feels nice. Work that cock baby. That's it, lick it."

Even though she hadn't given me a blow job in months, I still remembered what great head she gave. She usually starts by licking the shaft. She usually will suck on my balls as she her strokes with her hand. After that, she likes to tease the head with her tongue before beginning to take the shaft in her mouth.

"Mmm. You are such a good little cocksucker, aren't you. You like the taste of my dick, don't you slut."

"Yes, it tastes so fucking good. It's so big."

"Yeah, use that tongue baby. God, that feels so fucking good. Your mouth is so hot on my balls. That's it. Work that shaft whore. You like sucking those nuts don't you."

"Yeah baby...They are so big. I need you inside my mouth. I want you to fuck my mouth so bad baby."

Jessica didn't speak for quite some time after saying that, but the sounds she was creating with her mouth were quite familiar. As I listened to her slurp and suck, I knew that she was bobbing up and down on Harris' dick. He wasn't saying much other than the occasional moan. He must have been lying back, enjoying the show. He was watching my wife go to town on his dick, and I was listening to it. Other than the sounds of her giving head, it was quiet for about 5 minutes. Finally someone said something.

"Why did you stop?"

"I don't want you to finish yet. I want to save that big load. I want that big cock in my pussy baby. I want you to fuck me so hard."

"Hold on, let me get a condom out of my wallet."

"No, no condom. I want to feel your cock in my pussy. I want the big piece of meat unwrapped."

"Fine with me darling."

The bed shifted as they got in position. I still had time to stop this, but I was way past the turning point. Fact is, I didn't want to stop it. If anything, I wanted to get out from under the bed and cheer him on. The idea of my wife with another man was no longer just a fantasy. It was happening right above me, and I fucking loved it.

"Take it slow. I am not used to something that big. That's it. Rub on my pussy. Get that head nice and wet for me. God, I want it in me so bad."

"You feel my head inside of you? You are so damn tight baby. No wonder you want my big cock. Your husband is not doing this pussy the way it should be done."

"It feels so good. I am so fucking wet for you baby. Stick it in there."

I could feel the bed slowly beginning to rock up and down. Harris was getting his dick further and further into Jessica's tight pussy.

"Oh fuck, it's so big. It feels so good. Don't stop. Get deeper. It's your pussy....Fuck it good."

"You love it. You love my cock inside of you, don't you. How does it feel to have a real cock in your pussy again?"

"Amazing. Damn, you're stretching me out so much. It hurts so good."

"I am only half way in. Wait till you take the whole thing. You ready for it slut? You ready to take the whole thing in your tight snatch?"

"Yeah, baby. Fuck me hard and deep. I want it so deep inside me. Fuck my brains out!!"

With that the bed rocked violently.

"Owww!!! Oh fuck!!!"

"You okay?"

"I'm fine...Don't fucking stop. Fuck me baby. Fuck me hard and fuck my deep."

The bed rocked up and down to the rhythm of their fucking. I didn't see Harris' cock but it was obviously a monster and Jessica was taking it like a champ.

"Your dick feels so fucking good. Fuck me like the whore I am baby. Abuse that pussy. Yeah, that's it, just like that. Harder baby, harder"

"Oh fuck yeah. You take that cock so good. Your pussy is amazing. It's so tight...Squeeze me. That's it. Squeeze that cock inside that pussy, you fucking slut. Your husband has no idea what I am doing to this pussy. He has no idea what a slut he is married to. Your pussy is mine. I am going to fuck you whenever and wherever I want."

"I want that so bad. I want your cock to be in me all the time. Oh fuck. Yes, yes, that's it. Oh God, I'm cumming for you again!! I'm cumming all over your cock baby!! You feel it? My pussy is yours."

"Cum on that dick whore. You wanted some excitement didn't you? How does it feel to have another man's dick making you cum?"

"So good. Don't stop. Ohhhh! Yes! Keep going... Harder. Fuck that pussy. Fuck that pussy!!"

They began to really go at it. The bed was bouncing up and down and the slapping sounds between their bodies as they fucked got louder and louder. I was starting to pick up the pace of jerking myself off. I had to stop now and then because I didn't want to make myself cum yet.

"Jess, I'm so close. Your pussy so tight. I'm going to cum soon baby. Where do you want it? On your tits or all over your face?"

"Inside of me."

Those three words made my heart stop. She wants him to cum inside of her. I know he isn't wearing a condom. Her pussy is going to be filled with another man's cum. Somehow my dick got even harder.

"Are you on the pill? What about you getting pregnant?"

"No, I am not on the pill. I don't give a shit. I just need it inside me. I want you to fill me up so bad. If I get pregnant, I get pregnant. Randy doesn't need to know it is not his."

"Alright...I'm close. Work that pussy baby. Pull that cum out of me. I am going to fill you up so good. Here it comes baby, here it comes. Mmmmm. Yes, oh fuck yes. You feel it? I am cumming in you Jess. You feel it, you fucking slut?"

"Oh God. Yes baby. Fill me up. Your cum feels so fucking good in my pussy. Fuck, I'm cumming again too. Ahhh...Mmmm...I'm cumming baby!!! "

The simultaneous orgasm was actually between the three of us. Right as Harris was planting his seed in my wife, and she was experiencing her third orgasm of the afternoon. I shot the biggest load of my life all over myself and the bottom of our mattress. Over the last half hour, I heard my wife become a filthy whore. She sucked and fucked Harris until he exploded inside of her.

"Holy shit!!! That was amazing. I haven't had multiple orgasms since you and I were dating."

"I haven't cum that hard in a long time either. Your pussy feels like the fucking ocean right now. I need a cigarette. Hold on, I am going to pull out."

"Wait, stay in me a little longer. I am not ready to be without your cock yet."

Things were quiet for a couple of minutes, until I heard a plopping sound. He just pulled out of her cum filled pussy.

"I need to go get cleaned up. I am going to take a shower. I need to call work and let my boss know that my lunch meeting ran long and I won't be back at the office today. You can go outside and smoke that cigarette if you want. You should also go make yourself a sandwich. You are going to need your strength stud. After I get out of the shower, you are going to fuck my ass."

"Really? You only let me go there that one night with me, you and Jimmy."

"Well, all that talk during sex wasn't just talk. I am your whore now and I am going to let you have me any way you want, whenever you want. Let's do it in the living room though because I want to get these sheets washed before Randy gets home."

With that, I felt them both get off the bed. Harris went into the kitchen and I heard my wife call up her office. After lying to her boss, she made another call.

"Hi sweetheart. I guess you are not at your desk. I just wanted to call to say how much I love you. When you get home, I want to talk to you about something. I think it might be time to start trying to make a baby. Sorry to say this on your voicemail, but I am just really excited about the possibility and I want to talk about it with you. Love you."

Sneaky bitch. She still has Harris' cum dripping out of her pussy while she left me that message. I was excited to hear her getting fucked by Harris, but I was starting to wonder whether I could go on living this way. The excitement would surely wear off soon. And there certainly was no way I wanted to raise a kid, always wondering whether it was mine or not. As these thoughts raced through my head, I saw the bed skirt begin to shift. Oh shit, she is changing the sheets. I saw her feet walk around the bed as she began to remove the sex soiled sheets. As she got to one corner, the sheet got stuck on the mattress. She bent down to get the corner off and the bed skirt got lifted during the process. Leaning down to adjust the bed skirt, she saw me. We looked right at each other. She didn't say a word. Neither did I. She was obviously shocked. We just stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity.

"How's it going in there? Why aren't you in the shower yet?" Harris called out from the kitchen.

Jessica looked at me and cracked a wicked little smile. She turned and said, "I am getting in right now lover. You better get that cock ready for my tight ass."

With that she stood straight back up, walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on.

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  • PaulPines wrote 1119 days ago:

    GREAT story! Loved the build-up, and having her see you and go back to her lover was the best. Keep it up, and write more! Cuckold Paul

  • Graybeard wrote 1123 days ago:

    I know it's just a story but this husband needs to grow a set and leave his cheating slut wife . Nothing wrong with sharing but all the nasty shit she said about her hub is over the line and trying to get preggers by her b/f and letting hub think it's his really is low .

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