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My Neighbor-Chapter Six

May 7, 2012

By higuy

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That night when I got home, which was Friday, Christy told me that her and Amanda had planned a "girl's night out" and I was going down to Seth's for a poker game. Christy put on a very sexy black mini-skirt and I questioned her if it wasn't a little to revealing. If she bent over even slightly you could plainly see her silky pink panties. She informed me that she was wearing whatever she wanted.

We both got dressed after dinner and went down to Seth and Amanda's. The other guy's were there already for the poker game, sitting around Seth's family room.

When we walked into the room every guy had his eyes on Christy. As she talked and moved around the room there was no doubt they were all given a free look at Christy's panties.

After the girl's left they all started telling me what a lucky guy I was to have Christy and how they would all love to spend some time with her.

"Would you guys all rather see a special tape I have than play poker?" Seth finally asked.

I quickly looked at Seth stunned! I surely didn't want him to show any of the tapes of Christy!

Seth looked at me and said, "Don't worry, it's not a tape that you've seen." And I was relieved.

As the tape came on the screen a guy, totally nude came on the screen with a girl in pink panties. There was no doubt in my mind that the guy was Seth even though you couldn't see either of their heads. I assumed the girl with him was his wife, Amanda. The two seemed to be kissing and hugging.

Then the girl's hand reached down and grabbed Seth's hard cock as she slowly started to kiss down the front of him. When her hair came into view I started to realize that it was in fact my wife Christy. I quickly looked at Seth with a questioning look.

"I only said it's one that you haven't seen. I didn't say it wasn't your wife." Seth said with a laugh.

"Holy Shit!" a guy named Harry said as my wife's face came into view, "It's fuckin Christy! It's Mike's fuckin wife Christy! You mean to tell me that you fucked her Seth?"

I realized that it was only a blowjob that Christy was going to give Seth. I still knew her well enough to know that she wouldn't go any farther with him.

"Holy fuck!" another guy named Sam said, "Look at those beautiful tits on her!"

All the other guys started to howl and cheer as Christy was now sitting on a foot rest in front of Seth as she slowly started to rub his big hard cock all over her face.

Soon she opened her mouth and Seth's hard cock slid in. She started to suck it like a women possessed! They guys all started to cheer as Seth grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth!

"Damn!" a guy named Roy said, "What a fuckin cocksucker! You're a lucky man Mike!"

Then on the tape I heard Seth ask, "Christy, can I eat your pussy?"

Christy let Seth's cock fall out of her mouth as she looked up at him and said, "Yes, but you have to promise not to try to put it in me and you have to leave my panties on, ok?"

"I would never do nothing you didn't want me to do. You know that." Seth replied.

Christy laid down with her butt on the foot stool, put her head on the couch and spread her legs as Seth got between them. Everyone was now staring at my wife's panty covered pussy.

Seth's head went down between my wife's legs and he evidently started to lick her pussy through her panties. My wife grabbed his head and started to moan loudly as he continued to lick her.

"Pull my panties aside and lick me bare!" Christy hollered out.

Seth moved his head back as he slowly pulled her panties off to the side of her pussy. The guys all hollered as her naked pussy came into view. Little did Christy realize that all these men were now staring at her pussy, a pussy that previously only I had seen!

Seth's face went down between my wife's legs again as he grinned at the camera and all the guys cheered.

Seth started to eat my wife as she started to holler and moan louder.

Then I heard Christy say something that I had never heard her say before, "EAT IT! EAT MY PUSSY, LICK MY CUNT!"

The guys all again started to cheer. My wife's leg were now high in the air as Seth continued to eat her out!

Then, after a while, Seth stopped and moved up so that his big hard cock was up by Christy's pussy. I watched as Christy started to struggle and I heard her holler out, "YOU PROMISED YOU WON'T SETH! YOU PROMISED!"

"I'm not doing anything." Seth responded, "I just wanted to let the head of my cock move around your sweet pussy hole. I promise I won't put it in. Just let me play around there for a while."

Christy seemed to relax as we all watched Seth's cock slowly start to rub up and down her panty covered slit.

"If you got that big dick in her she would be one wild fuck for sure." Roy said as the others all agreed.

Then on the tape we heard Seth say, "How about if I lay on my back and you climb on me and play around with it with your pussy?"

Christy must have agreed because the both got up as Seth laid down. Then I was amazed to see that Christy slowly peeled off her panties and climbed on top of Seth.

"Holy Shit!" Sam said, "This girls got everything! Look at that fuckin Ass!"

I watched as Christy climbed on top of Seth as he held his hard cock up in the air for her. There was no doubt that the head of Seth's cock was now in her pussy as he let go of it and Christy started to move her ass back and forth on him.

Her ass wiggled and shook as she moaned loudly moving her pussy on his hard cock. Slowly but surely it appeared that more and more of Seth's cock was going up her pussy! I watched as my wife's body shook with a very intense orgasm.

Then she got off and said, "It's better if you are on top playing." Seth gladly moved as my wife again laid down on her back and Seth climbed between her legs.

Soon the head of his cock was again in her pussy, but now we could all see it. Seth was holding my wife and her face was visible over his shoulder.

Seth's cock started to slowly sink deeper and deeper into my wife's pussy. She started to shake her head no as she screamed out, "NO, NO, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME! PLEASE! I'M MARRIED!" But her eyes clearly started to roll back into her head and her mouth hung open wide as she started to gasp out loudly.

Then again I heard my wife say something that I thought she would never say.


"Put what in you Christy?", Seth questioned my wife.


"My what?" Seth teased her.


With that we all watched as Seth's hard cock slowly sank deeper and deeper into my wife's cunt! Christy's eyes were now wide open as was her mouth as she felt Seth's cock slowly fill her up! She was gasping as if she couldn't take it!

Then her head fell back as Seth grabbed both of her legs and put them over his shoulders giving us all a clear view of his cock deep in my wife's pussy. Then Seth started to slowly slid his hard cock in and out of my wife's pussy as she started to make noises like she was crying!


Seth started to then slam his big cock into my wife's wide open pussy hard and fast, giving her the fucking of her life as she screamed with appreciation!

Finally he pulled his cock out of her and stood up. We could all again see my wife's face as she laid there with her pussy gapping open. She had a hurt and questioning look on her face as if to say "Is that it?"

"Get on your hands and knees on the couch and then put your head down on the couch with your ass up!" Seth commanded.

My wife did as she was told and Seth got behind her upturned ass. My wife was looking back over her shoulder at Seth as if wondering what he was doing. I realized that her and I had never done it quite this way before.

Seth guided his hard cock to my wife's pussy and then he grabbed her hips and slowly started to sink it deep inside of her. My wife's eyes and mouth again both opened wide as she took Seth's entire cock up her pussy.

Seth then started to fuck her like a man possessed! He pulled on my wife's hip hard and he continually buried his big hard cock into her sweet little upturned pussy! The guys were all cheering him on!

Then while we were all watching the video Seth, who was sitting next to me, stood up. He very slowly unzipped his pants and reached inside. All the guys stopped watching the video as he slowly pulled his hard cock out of his pants.

"Sorry guys." Seth said, "I couldn't stand it. This bad boy just had to come out." He stood there and slowly started to jerk on his cock as we all continued to watch him fucking my wife.

My mouth started to water as I watched him slowly playing with it. He slowly turned towards me so that his hard cock was between me and the TV.

Sam, who was sitting on the other side of me said, "Hey Mike, why don't you suck Seth off. After all I'm sure you've eaten your wife's pussy after he gave it a good fucking. So what's the difference, its just like you've already given him a blowjob anyway."

Some of the other guys laughed at what Sam had said and Seth said, "Yeah Mikey why don't ya. Its just like Sam said, its like you've already sucked my dick anyway. Besides I could use a good blowjob as I watch myself fuckin the hell out of your wife!"

I stared up at Seth and then down at his cock. My mouth continued to water. I wanted to suck his cock, I wanted to suck it bad. But I couldn't! I couldn't let all these other guys know that I was a cocksucker.

"Seth," I said, "You better find someone else to do that for you. I'm not interested at all."

"Your not huh?" Seth said, "Well we'll see about that!"

I wondered what Seth meant by that statement.

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