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Barbara's Cuckold Story

May 21, 2012

By cosmicato

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Barbara's Cuckold Story - 12
by Hotmombarb mhotmombarb@aol.com)


David tells Barbara that he wants to be her cuckold.
(MF, intr, orgy, cuck)



This is a true story by a drop-dead gorgeous mid-
thirties housewife (so I've been told) who has been
proudly black owned for the past three years. Many of
the details may not be as graphic as you would like,
but I am putting this together from three years of

Thursday I received a e-mail from David, he would have
seen my comments about Carla's Zebra Club and about
their cuckold husbands, and he would have watched me
having sex with James. I thought it would be a 70/30%
chance that he would change his mind about joining the
club, and a 50/50% chance that he would continue
allowing me to have sex with James.

I opened the e-mail. It was quite long for him, but it
answered all the questions that Carla, James and I had
about my husband's position on my having sex with James
and his position on being a cuckold.

He wrote; "Your video was certainly first class xxx
porn. You, James and the cameraman, all could of have
received an award. It made me feel like I was there
watching, especially with the close-up shots of you
sucking his cock and you looking at the camera, and of
him spreading your once tight pussy with his huge cock.
I hope your still seeing him when I get home so that I
can see you do it again live. When I first suggested to
you that we should try swinging, I fantasized about
seeing you in scenes like that. Too bad for me that you
didn't get into inter-racial swinging before I left."

"We've always been sexually open with each other and
swinging and having an open-marriage hasn't affected us
negatively yet and I hope it won't in the future. As
for me being a cuckold and being submissive to you and
James or someone else. I've been in a leadership role
most of my military career. My superiors tell me what
they want me to do, and I tell my men what to do. I've
read a lot about cuckolds in the past few days, and the
only difference between what I do now and being a
submissive cuckold is that I won't be telling someone
else what to do.

"As to orally pleasuring or cleaning James or any of
your other lovers, I've had bi experiences in my
younger years, and though I didn't much like sucking
cock, I did like the taste of their cum and them
getting me off. I'm still alive and it didn't kill me
to suck their cocks. It may be humiliating to those
outside of the club, but it will accepted among the
other husbands, their wives, and their lovers.

"Most marriages break-up due to finances and sex. Our
finances are fine and I intend to keep our sex life,
alive and well also. I hope you don't think any less of
me because of what I'm saying, but I want to keep our
sex life strong. Yes, I will be your submissive cuckold
in our sex life, but we'll keep the status quo in all
other aspects of our marriage. I want you to be
sexually satisfied first, my needs will always be
second, that's why I suggested we try swinging with

"Ok? Let me know what you think."

Wow, I read and re-read the second paragraph about five
times and I still couldn't believe what I was reading.
I had to call Carla. This was really breaking news, and
I didn't really know what to do next, she had called
the shots so far and had been right on everything.

Carla recommended I send three inter-racial and three
cuckold sites to David for him to view, to get a better
insight as to what to expect. She said to let him know
that I never thought he would be so open minded. She
also asked if it would be ok to give David's e-mail
address to a few of the cuckold husbands, so they could
tell him how much they are into their lifestyle.

I did as Carla said, and asked him to be specific as to
what type of cuckold would be off limits to him and
what he wanted from the lifestyle that we were entering

David wrote me back two days later, again shocking me
with some new revelations which I was never aware of.

He wrote. I first started having thoughts about inter-
racial sex when I went to a bachelor party two years
age and seen a porn movie featuring a white wife and a
black salesman having sex. I thought it was the hottest
thing that I ever saw, and I began thinking about it
every day. I started seeing you in my fantasies,
caressing, kissing, sucking and fucking a well endowed
black stud, and I started surfing web sites for inter-
racial sex and white wives talked about cuckolding
their husbands, and husbands who wanted to be cuckolded
by their wife. I began researching those sites also,
and found out there were many types of cuckolds and
cuckold lifestyles.

I was a wanna-be cuckold and wanted to be a willing
cuckold. As I learned more about being cuckolded, I
found that I wanted to be a voyeur cuckold, that I
wanted to know how you'd act with another man having
sex with you. When we became swingers and I seen
another man's cock exposed to me, as it fucked you, I
wondered what it would be like to suck it and taste cum
again, after it had your cunt juices covering it, and I
wanted to try bi sex again, adult style. I found the
thought of being cuckolded by you a aphrodisiac, even
though there would be a bit of jealousy and humiliation
incurred on my part.

You're a very beautiful and sensuous woman. I haven't
lost any of my desire for you, but I have lost my
sexual imagination about you sexually that I had in the
first few years. Now I need something new to put that
spark back in sex, and being cuckolded by you is
probably the next step.

I'm not hoping to have you taken from me by some
unknown lover, I love you, and I'm trying to take the
steps necessary to have a fulfilling marriage, and for
us to live together forever.

If you haven't done so already, sign us up for the
club, I believe it's something I need.

I wrote him back and told him that I signed-up for the
club, and upon me completing the first meeting, I would
become a princess of the club, and when he completes
his first meeting, he would become a willing cuckold
guest member. I also told him of Janet's parties,
whereas at Carla's parties, where the husbands could
only sit and watch, at Janet's parties they would be
used there as they would used at home, to please the
wife and her black lover.

Half of the men, women and husbands were from Carla's
parties and half I never met, but they were into the
more extreme cuckolding, and the men are all a lot
younger. I'll have to see if I can get invited to
Janet's next party, and get first hand information on
what goes on there. Maybe while I'm there, I'll see if
I can get speared by some of the new young black studs.
Would you like me to sign-up us up for her parties too?

I'm really not surprised that you found watching inter-
racial sex such a turn-on. The first time I had sex
with James, I had incredible multiple orgasms. I
thought it was because it was my first huge black cock,
or the sight of his black cock entering my white pussy,
but I had the same multiple orgasms with his friends
who had 8 or 9" cocks.

I think it may be the color contrast of our bodies and
gentiles and that they can seem more dominate, which a
woman needs sometimes. Anyway, given a choice between
having a black lover or a white one, I'd have to choose
black. I'm hooked on black now seeing that you approve.
I was holding back before, so that I could give it up
if I had too when you came home. I agree with you
though, about cuckolding you only during sex and not in
the other parts of our marriage.

Meanwhile James and I will scheme on how we should best
cuckold you, so send me what's off-limits and we'll
consider it, so that so we don't include it in your
training, ha, ha, ha.

I called Janet and got invited to her party the next
week and I asked if I could take a video to send to
David and she said sure.. James and I spent Friday
through Sunday together and we discussed David's coming
out of the closet about inter-racial sex and
cuckolding. He said David would be sure to ask for more
videos and pictures, and that we should send videos of
Carla's and Janet's parties, and of me getting blacked
and servicing three guys at a time to show him how much
of a slut for black cock his wife has become.

I asked James to take me to Janet's party, but he said
he was going to take advantage of the night off, to go
out with the guys, and besides he said he would
probably get jealous watching me have sex with those
young studs.

"Now I've got two cuckolds to subjugate. I never knew I
had such power," I said.

James said, "Your now a Queen Slut remember?" We

Carla and her husband volunteered to take me to Janet's
party, and she said her husband would shoot the video
if I became involved with someone.

We arrived at Janet's house, and again I was in awe, as
the wives were again beautiful and sensual, the black
men were young and well built, and the husbands didn't
look like the type to be cuckolds. We went into Janet's
bedroom to undress and then joined the others. We had
fifteen minutes before the party started so we mingled
around with the others, and I talked with some of the
husbands to get their view on their cuckold status and
duties that they to perform at the parties. Again the
room was filled with black and white naked bodies,
awaiting for pleasure and to give pleasure.

I talked and videoed Edward and he told me that it was
his idea for his wife to take a black lover, because he
only had a 6" cock, and he knew that she would have
more and better orgasms with a bigger cock than his. He
said he knew the odds of finding a bigger cock for her
were less with a black guy than a white one. She
finally relented as long as she stayed on birth
control. After she had her first said sex with a black
guy's big cock was better than she ever had before. Her
first black lover suggested she attend one of Janet's

Most of the young black guys were arrogant and
domineering, and liked to show-off to the wives what
submissive wimps we were. It was hard to swallow, but
as long as I was in the company of the other willing
cuckold husbands, it soon became easier to submit to
their demands.

I talked to three other husbands, and though their
reasons for joining were all different, they all
accepted their role as cuckold wimp husbands. I told
them about my husband, and they said he'll fit into the
group nicely, considering what he told me.

I checked out the black guys there, and Janet said they
were all young, from 18-28 and had 8-9" cocks. She said
the youngest was brought into the group by his brother.
They love fucking the wives of white men, and having
them swoon over them in front of their husbands, and
they love to rub it in to the husbands that their own
wives prefer to have sex with them, because their
young, black, well-endowed, shoot more cum and can fuck
them for hours. Also their more dominate with the
husbands. I definitely wanted to try 2 or 3 of these
young studs tonight before I left.

The party started, and I started taping the activities.
The majority of the husbands were almost immediately
brought into play by the wife's black lovers, having
them suck cock, eat pussy or kneel with their face
inches away as their wife sucked the black spear before
them. A few of them shot their hot creamy loads of cum
on the husbands face to further humiliate them.

Others were making the wives profess their need and
love for black cock as the husband sat and watched and
listened. I filmed the activities for at least a hour
and a half, making sure that I got the husbands in the
picture to make sure that David was aware of what is
expected and how he would be used.

Now I was ready for some of that young black cock for
myself and I wanted that 18 year old to be my first. He
was about six feet tall, medium build but athletic and
had a 9" cock. I waited until he was done pleasing one
of the other wives, put the camera down and I moved in.
While I waited for him to rejuvenate, I stroked and
sucked his cock while we talked. He said his name was

I asked him, "How do you like being a young stud and
being privileged to have all these hot housewives to
fuck, while all your friends are dreaming about having
one girl to fuck?"

"Well somebody has to keep your cunts lubed. If your
husbands could keep you satisfied in bed with a 6"
dick, you wouldn't be looking for us black guys to do
it for him right? My brother said you women love black
cock after you've had it once, and can't get enough,
and you love young black cock even better after you've
had it," he said.

"Well," I said. "I've been fucked several times by big
black cocks, and black is better, but I'll have to let
you show me that young black cock is better when you
get it up again."

"I'm ready now," he said, as he stood up and waved his
almost erect nine inches in front of me. "Show me how
much you love sucking black cock."

I reached out with my hand.

"No, not that hand. Your left hand. Only use your left
hand, if your white bread husband were here, I'd want
him to see his wife's hand with the rings that he
bought wrapped around my big, hard, black cock," he

My left hand took hold of his member, my fingers just
barely reaching around. I looked at my hand on his big
phallus; I felt his life blood pumping through it.

I began to stroke slowly... to pump it up and down. My
fingers caressing the purplish helmeted head, scraping
the sensitive underside of the head.

"I see you like my cock. You must or you wouldn't be
cumming like you are," he said gently. "I am pleased
you like it because it also means you want to suck it.
Don't you? You've always wanted to suck cock haven't
you? But most of all you've wanted to suck a Black one.
Think about it. Be brutally honest with yourself. Isn't
this true?"

I could only nod my head in agreement. I didn't know
why but I did want to suck his cock. I knew it was also
true I had and always would want to suck a Black one.

"Kiss the head of my cock. Feel the head penetrate your
lips. Feel the helmet pass between your teeth... Suck
on the head, wrap your lips around my cock, he motioned
gently. Isn't the head in your mouth wonderful? Swirl
your tongue around the head. Take a little more into
your mouth. Let your tongue glide along its length. A
hard cock in your mouth is good. You love it don't

I did as he said and it was as he said. It felt
wonderful and I did love it as I licked and sucked and
swirled my tongue around his cock. I tried to get as
much of it into me as I could. I choked as it touched
the back of my mouth, my gag reflex kicking in. I
stroked him with my left hand as I bobbed my head up
and down on his cock, my tongue swirling around the
head, my mouth slavering over his cock head, covering
it with my saliva. I loved being controlled by men like
James and Andrew and being told how to submit my body
for their pleasure. It made feel like a total slut for
black cock and yield myself to their pleasure.

I worked on his cock for what seemed like was an hour
and I felt his scrotum tighten in my hands as I rolled
his balls with my fingers. Without further warning his
cock spewed forth a hot stream of gooey white liquid
with a forcefulness that took me aback. I gagged as the
load of cum splashed against the back of my mouth and
the entrance to my throat. I pulled my head from his
cock and received four more explosions of his cum in my
face, up my nostrils, in my eyes and even my hair.

"Uggghhh!" Cum flowed out of the head of his cock
running down the side of his shaft over my hand,
coating my wedding rings on the 3rd finger in a layer
of sperm! I looked up at him with cum dribbling form my
mouth on to my chin and then onto my tits. My face was
covered in cum.

"You are beautiful, to beautiful to waste yourself on
puny white cock cocks, you truly deserve bigger black
cocks, and a lot of them. I'm glad you discovered the
joys of having a black cock fucking you. You're a
lovely cock sucker," Andrew beamed.

I wiped the cum from my face and licked it off my hands
with my mouth and tongue. Andrew told me to go clean-up
and then we would continue, but I told him that I was
ready for him now, and that I wanted to have his cum in
me and on me until we were done.

"Well get ready, this young black stud is going to take
that pussy of yours to heaven," he said.

And take me to heaven he did. As soon as I reacted with
moans to the right rhythm, he maintained that rhythm,
giving me multiple orgasms. I wanted this young buck to
fuck me all night, but I had other plans for him. I
told him not to leave before seeing me later, and give
me his phone number.

I fucked two others, and they also were very good, but
much more vocal. They would make mocking comments about
David, wishing he was here to see me getting fucked by
my favorite kind of cocks, big black ones, and have me
tell him that he has nothing to compare to their big

Andrew gave me his e-mail, home phone and cell phone
numbers, and told me to call soon.

I told him that I would call very, very soon.


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