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Aug 10, 2012

By sico_tiko

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It all started when I was caught wanking to a video of a threesome � involving two guys and a girl. My wife would poke fun at me at any opportunity for perhaps being bi-curious. She was a demanding woman who always had had a higher sex drive than myself.

The slightly degrading remarks she made would often gear her sex drive up, this tended to work out good for me until slowly over a course of around four months she started becoming more and more humiliating, she began speaking about introducing a third member into our sex lives as well.

I obviously agreed to this as I clearly liked the idea, she however said she wanted it to be a well-hung black guy and she had been conversing with people online that had told her about the cuckold lifestyle they lead and she really liked the idea of it.

She spent an evening slowly explaining the basics of cuckolding and I found it a real turn on, I found when my wife humiliated me when she caught me wanking and continued to make fun of me a real turn on too I just didn�t realise others enjoyed it so when I found out it was common I was more upfront with my wishes for being degraded.

The next few months my wife slowly limited our sex lives down to a more regular amount in anticipation and my wife hunted for her potential mate, after much delegation with several guys (and to cut a long story short) she found a suitable black bull that suited her.

They essentially groomed each other online, the bull described several �techniques` as he and she put it to me that he had used in previously similar situations, these were never discussed with me my wife would simply state that he had told her another interesting technique and that she was looking forward to it or that he and she had thought out another technique.

So the big day came. My wife had persuaded me to dress up like a sissy, wearing a white thong and bra set, a silly wig with lipstick and make up on with high heels and a dog collar with lead. I loved the idea in all honestly so I didn�t take much persuading to agree to that! She claimed it would make him feel more at ease. If I knew what he had planned I would have been trying to make him feel more awkward. My wife had dressed up too, in a matching thong, bra and high heels.

As we sat we sat and waited my wife said that this guy had a lot of experience with cuckolding before and he was really into the idea of involving the husband in as many ways as possible, she said this like a warning but I thought �what the hey, just more sex for me!� � in hindsight what a wrong thought.

The doorbell eventually rang and I went to the door, it was him. I had seen pictures of him but he really was scarily huge. He started laughing at me dressed as a sissy and pushed past, he went into the living room and commanded me and my wife onto our hands and knees as he undressed. He got completely naked and then sat back on one of our sofas.

My wife and I were awestruck by his massive semi hard cock that was clearly uncircumcised, matching this was possibly the biggest set of balls I have ever seen hanging like conkers bellow his manhood. He had rough long pubes on his scrotum and above his cock, but the rest seemed pretty well trimmed, this seemed odd to me but all was to be revealed. There was also a faint odour in the air of body odour, but I wasn�t sure if that was I and my wife being nervous or him.

After my wife and me had admired his package he stood up, his cock still semi hard but already measuring what must have been around 8�. He began explaining to my wife �Slut, I am not here to make friends with you or your wimp ass husband, I am here to satisfy myself and if you guys get pleasure from it, good for you.�

He then spoke to both of us, laughing, �I was told you were into humiliation, well I have some tricks to show you guys. See these?� he said grappling his sweaty pubed nut sack in his hand �They haven�t been emptied in about two weeks because I was looking forward to this so much.� He then raised a leg onto the sofa so we could see his arsehole as he still held his ball bag �see all these pubes? Notice how they are longer in certain places, well that�s because they are there to get in your way, to go up your nose, tickle your throat or hold any kind of juice or smell that will help me mess you two up�.

I was beginning to wonder what I had gotten myself into, this guy seemed like he wanted to rough up my wife real bad! Then he continued, �And do you smell that?� He leaned forward his undercarriage forcing his balls nearer to my wife and I and, and damn right we could smell it, the stench of sweaty, rough ball sweat overcame both of us, the air seemed thick! �That�s because I haven�t showered in around a week, especially for you two cunts!�

This man was clearly a horrible piece of work, and I felt sorry for my wife, until he grabbed my shoulders without warning and pulled me towards him, with his legs still spread and one still hyped he demanded that I lick clean from his arsehole to his balls while he �got acquainted� with my wife.

I was forced to overcome the smell, almost chucking at the stench to even get between his knees. I was scared, really scared, I had never had a sexual encounter with a guy before, I didn�t know what to do, I had lost whatever turn on I had had previously due to the smells and image of this mans darkened ass hole with wirey pubes poking out.

He felt my delay and threatened me, he claimed he would have me and my wife both �hurt� if we didn�t do as he said. I could hear my wife purring to his motions, obviously turned on by his control. Then I heard her moan, �just do it shitbag� and he giggled with her �that�s more like it�.

I slowly began to lap at his arsehole, I tasted shit, pure shit and it made me almost be sick, I heard his laughter boom, �I haven�t wiped my arse in a day or two either� and then he reminded me I had a lot of ground to cover. Here I was, tongue stuck in another mans arsehole who had no desire to clean himself, pubes tickling my nose and mouth while he sat and fingered my wife.

By the time I reached his balls he and my wife were groaning. I was told that I had to take each nut into my mouth separately. Then he wiped his greasy cunt soaked fingers under my nose, laughing. He and my wife then told me to lay down while they got comfy.

He remained standing, while my wife was forced to repeat what I had just done. I was shocked as he grabbed her hair, asking her degrading questions, generally humiliating her. Then he looked at me and told me to crawl here, as I did he grabbed his uncircumcised cock and began to stroke the skin over the bulbous head. He grabbed my head and demanded that I lap his cock.

This was disgusting, his cheesy cock was then forced into my mouth and he asked me disgusting questions while telling me that my wife was busy with his sweaty arsehole.

I could feel him begin twitching so he took his cock back from my shocked and de virgined mouth and forced my wife into the doggystyle position on the floor. He instructed me to get into the 69 position under her, but to move back so I could tounge his asshole while he fucked my wife.

I could have cried at this point, humiliated by a bull that forced me into gay sex acts and now I must, in his words, �deep clean his ass hole while he dee fucks my wifes�. I have never had anal with my wife so I hoped he wouldn�t.

He began to vaginally fuck her, he forced me to watch this without doing anything but kissing his balls occasionally. I wasn�t turned on, and my wife and him laughed at me for this, I just wanted this over it was degrading. Then he slowly picked up the pace and my wife climaxed, it was a big one but I have heard her have bigger.

�You weren�t meant to go then, your punishment is to get ass fucked slut!� He bellowed before ripping his mad 11� tool out and plunging it into her ass, the cum juices from her slopping into my face in the process. I was devesatated that this guy took my wifes ass virginity.

Now the fun began, he forced her to rock back and fourth while I licked his disgusting, sloppy, shitty arse hole � inside and out. This lasted about ten mins until he forced himself lower onto my tounge and he started to groan, I felt his balls lift from my neck and he bagan pumping and pumping non stop into my wifes asshole.

After a few minuites of cumming, he slopped his semi hard cock out of my wifes ass accidently lashing spunk all over my face and around both her holes. He then wanked a little, aiming it at my face to lash a few stringy left overs all over my mouth and eyes. I felt humiliated, I never signed up for this. He laughed as he then rested his bell end on my lips, he made me lick it while he just laughed, looking at the devestation he caused. He told me to slurp the left over from his cock while he held his foreskin back so I could get to his cheesy ridge with the pent up shit from my wife and general dirt he had gathered.

He then made me suck all his cum from inside my wifes ass hole, as well as lap up the thick, globby bits he dumped around her ass and pussy. All this while he made my wife continue the clean up blowjob I had began.

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