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My Wife's First Black Man

Oct 10, 1999

By tony tinker

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My Wife's First Black Man

My wife's name is Kattie and so that I can keep the guy's name
anonymous, I will call him Jim. My wife had never fucked a black
guy until her first time with Jim and she was very nervous about
doing it. She is from Scotland and her snow white skin is a deep
contrast to the skin of a black man. But the time was right and Jim
was in the right place at the right time.

I had corresponded with Jim for several weeks, after meeting him
through an on-line dating service, and I conviced my wife that even
though he was black, he was a nice guy and seemed like a gentleman
at the very least. My wife had never been with a black man, but
very shyly she agreed to meet him.

We met him at a nice resturant that is near where we live and he was
everything I had hoped he would be. He was well educated, very
friendly, had a good sense of humor, was clean cut, he was good
looking and he was very black. My wife and he hit it off right away
and I noticed when while he was talking to her he let his hand come
to rest on her knee. After some more talk I could see that Jim's
fingers were just under the hem of her skirt touching the inside of
her thighs. Kattie continued talking like she didn't notice and
soon I could only seen the guy's wrist as the rest of his hand was
under my wife's skirt! My wife had worn an all purple outfit that
night and the skirt was pretty short. Because of that I knew that
the tips of Jim's fingers were probing against her panties as he
spoke to her. Also the way Kattie squirmed around in her seat
showed he was having an effect on her.

My wife suggested then that we go someplace where we could be more
private. I think she was worried that if things kept up Jim would
have her dress pushed up pretty soon right here in the resturant.
So we paid the check and went to a local hotel.

When we got to the room, I poured them some wine and they sat in two
chairs and talked again, but not for very long. [1]Very soon Jim
had his hand back under my Kattie's skirt and he was kissing her on
the neck. My wife turned her face to him and opened her mouth
willingly as he probed her mouth with his toungue. Jim picked her
up then and carried a very excited woman to the bed and laid her
down. He took his shoes off then and and joined her on the bed and
their lips locked in a deep passionate kiss.[2]

The top that Kattie had on was like a suit top but had a zipper down
the front and I knew he had been looking forward to pulling that
zipper down as I watched his eyes light up as he gazed upon my wife's
breasts now hidden only by the deep purple bra she wore. Their
kisses really became passionate then and soon my wife's bra, which
opened from the front was undone and this black guy was sucking on
Kattie's nipples [3]while one of his hands pushed her dress high on
her hips and probed between her legs. I knew she was enjoying it by
the way her body gyrated on the bed and she would arch her pelvis
into his probing hand.

My wife's hands were busy too. [4]She opend the front of Jim's
pants and pushed one of her hands down into his pants probing for
what she wanted to have between her legs. Jim helped her some and
soon his pants were off and Kattie was pulling at the waistband of
his undershorts. Her eyes lit up as the black shaft sprang out of
his underwear[5]. His cock was about eight inches long and quite
thick. I watched as my wife held it in her hands and ran her
fingers over the head of it making a drop of precum ooze out which
she used to lubricate her fingers rubbing his cock.

Jim moved between her legs then and I went around to the end of the
bed to get a better view. I could see Kattie's very white fingers
guiding his black rod into her pussy[6]. She moaned as he entered
her for the first time feeling filled up by his tool. At first he
slowly withdrew and then pushed back into her several times before
setting up a medium rhythm with Kattie moaning and [7]shuddering
with his fucking. He had only done this for a short time when he
came the first time. Jim pulled out of my wife's dripping pussy and
shot a load of cum all over her pussy[8]. She was surprised and a
little disappointed because she thought that was going to be the
end of it, but his cock was still jutting out rock hard and he
rammed it back into her cunt with a force that made her groan.

Jim pulled his cock out of her then with a loud plop and directed
her to get up on her hands and knees so he could fuck her doggie
style. Kattie did as she was told and thought she was ready to
receive him. At first it was just a normal doggie fuck [9]but he
had her put her head down and moved her into a position with her ass
high in the air and then he went up on one knee and drilled her
hard.[10] Kattie gasped and wiggled trying to get away from the
impaling she was getting but he held her waist tight in his hands
and pumped his cock into her pussy as deep and as fast as he could
hammer it.[11] My wife started cumming then and she continued to
cum for almost the whole time he drilled her like that. Jim shot
his load again, but this time he filled her pussy with his cum and I
watched it run out of her pussy as he filled her up.

Kattie got her vibrator then and she now directed him and showed him
how to press it just so against her clit so she would build again to
orgasm[12]. Jim was patient and soon Kattie was moaning once again
as he held the vibrator against her clit and finger fucked her at
the same time. Kattie did not even notice as he slipped two fingers
into her tight little ass hole with two also in her pussy[13]. Then
she started to cum again and I could tell it was a deep one by the
way her belly shook with each wave of the orgasm.

Jim again moved between her legs but this time he put his hands
under her ass and lifted her up off the bed and started to hammer
his cock into her pussy[14]. Kattie was still cumming from the
vibrator and this new stimulation made it just keep going. I could
hear my wife trying to gasp for breath as wave after wave of orgasm
washed over her from the rod that was pumping into her. Jim held
her legs high [15]and wide and my wife made an erotic sight with her
white skin stark against his ebony body. She was loving it and her
small hands slipped around him and pulled his ass into her with each
hard stroke he drove into her. I could see she was still cumming
and her face was a mask of lust as she got fucked by this black
stud! Finally Jim arched his back and I could tell he was shooting
his load into her again and I was awe struck by the sight of my wife
holding his body firmly against her so he would pump every drop
into her!

When Jim was done and moved off her, Kattie moved down on him and I
gasped as I watched her take his cock into her mouth and lick the
cum off the end of it[16]. The sight of my wife taking his black
cock into her mouth was very erotic to me and made me touch my cock
watching her.

Jim fucked Kattie twice more that night and both times my wife had
intense orgasms. [17]She said later that the thought of being
fucked by that black stud nearly drove her to the edge. Kattie and
I have had several 'encounters' since then but none with another
black man. Not yet anyway, Kattie has said she is looking forward
this time to the next one.


P.S. For those of you who may be interested in seeing the video of
this encounter with my wife's first black man or any of her other
videos, contact me at hawkeye@tstonramp.com

If you wish to see the pictures that illustrate this story, please
download the file 'wifblk.zip'. Then when referred in the story to
a picture, load up the corresponding pic.

For example, when referred in the text to [1] look at the pic

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