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Persuaded Wife to stray

Oct 5, 2012

By neo1964

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Let me introduce myself. My name is Lee and Iím married to a wife who has a passion for extra-marital lovers who possess thick cocks.

We have been married for over 20 years. During this time my wife, Isabelle, has had sex with 24 men. Some she has had full intercourse with, and with others she has had oral and masturbation sessions. I have many accounts that I could give you, all memorable.

Isabelle, is now 48 years old. She is very attractive, with short blonde hair, sexy green eyes, a size 12 figure and a huge sexual appetite. From the earliest days of our relationship I had the desire to see her fucking other men. Initially, I expressed this wish during our love making, encouraging her to tell me stories of fantasies in which she would go out to bars and clubs, get chatted up by strangers and eventually end up in their bed with her opening her legs to allow their tongue, fingers and cock to penetrate deep inside her cunt.

We did this for about 2 years before she plucked up the courage to make it into reality. We hatched a plan in which she would go out clubbing with her friends, find a man that she was attracted to, let him buy her a few drinks before bringing him home to fuck in our marital bed. To make this less of a shock for her potential lover, she would tell him that I was working away out of the area. Unbeknown to him, I would be in the next room listening to them fucking like wild animals!
Isabelle took her time preparing for her night out. Showered, shaved legs and pussy, sexy make-up and slutty clothing, all which made my heart race. What I found to be the most exciting was during her preparations it was if I didnít really figure in her thoughts; she was on a mission to find a stranger for her own sexual pleasure. She kissed me good-bye at the front door and hurried to her awaiting taxi.

As the hours passed by I became increasingly turned on at the thought of how her night may be progressing. Was she already in the company of a suitable man, were they laughing and joking, becoming increasingly more relaxed and intimate, kissing, groping and touching? I was hard at the notion of some stranger being like this with my wife, after all, when married this kind of behaviour is generally off limits. But here I was, hoping that another guy would be experiencing all the things with my wife that I should only experience.

At approximately 2 am, a rather drunk Isabelle phoned me to say that she would be home in 15 minutes, along with her soon to be lover. I went and made myself comfortable in the spare room, not before opening wide all the internal doors in the house so as to get the best chance of listening to their encounter.

Soon after, I heard a taxi draw up outside the house, and the sound of Isabelleís high heels on the pavement and her laughing with a man. I recall that my heart was beating so hard that I thought I was going to pass out, the burst of adrenaline around my body was amazing. I was all the more turned on at the fact that I was not really in control of the situation; my wife was acting on the permission that I had given her.

They went into our living room and Isabelle talked to him for a few minutes. She then came upstairs and into the room were I was waiting. She hugged and kissed me, clearly drunk, and told me that Ritchie, who was some years younger than her, was going to fuck her in our living room. She went back down the stairs to her horny stud. It was quiet for a few minutes, while they were kissing and undressing. I knew that Isabelle would be dressed in her sexy black underwear with stockings and suspender belt. Soon after, I began to hear her familiar moan, which told me that Ritchie had penetrated her wet cunt with his stiff dick. The sounds of their sex increased in volume and pace. I could clearly hear the creaking of the sofa as he drove his cock relentlessly into her wet vagina. For my benefit, I would imagine, possibly for her own, Isabelle frequently called out his name, urging him to fuck her deeper and harder. By this point my own cock was stiff and I was slowly masturbating not wanting to waste my orgasm, but save it for her when Ritchie had left.

Their sexual act lasted for about 30 minutes, before I heard Ritchie groan, telling her that he was going to cum inside her. Isabelle had timed her last orgasm to coincide with his, and the two of them simultaneously came. I was in absolute heaven.

It didnít take long for Isabelle to send Ritchie on his way, all happy and spent of his seed. She came into the room where I was waiting and deep kissed me, her tongue snaking into my mouth. The thought that another man had just been inside my wife was overwhelming. She was giggling at the sluttiness of her behaviour and I couldnít help but push my fingers into her dripping pussy to feel the produce of their orgasms. She was full of his fertile sperm mixed with her own cunt juice. I scooped some of the mixed cream out of her and offered it to her to eat. This she did, and licked her lips.

That night when we were fucking she gave me a full account of what went on. For me, the fuck was heightened by the idea that she had allowed some man to empty his sperm deep inside her cunt, and mine had to wait until after their own pleasure.

This was just the start of our new sexual life. Much more followed. If you are interested, I would be happy to submit here news of what my whoring wife has got up to and, in fact, still does to this day.

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