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My Diary

Oct 10, 1999

By Nepalm76

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My Diary

For my husbands pleasure (and mine), I chose his favorite
ensemble to wear for an evening of lascivious delight. My shoes
are my favorite "fuck-me's", black,five inch tall, spike heels
with ankle straps, my black thigh high stockings are seamed
nylon. They are attached to my black corset by lewd black garter
straps to frame my sopping wet fuck-hole encased in a pair of
filmy black see-through panties. The thick dark thatch of my long
cunt hair clearly visible through the thin crotch material.
Creeping around the sides of the panties and spilling over on my
thighs. The corset has breast cups which lift and squeeze my
tits together and outward for maximum display. My micro-mini
skirt is a shimmering blue which fits tight against my hips and
ass, barely covering the crotch of my panties. My blouse is long
sleeved satin, buttoned only high enough to cover my tits but
open enough to allow my swollen nipples to be clearly visible
from different angles. The erotic texture of the material
against my skin makes my nipples hard and protruding behind the
thin fabric. My long dark hair is coiffed to perfection, hanging
loosely down to my neck and shoulders. Around my neck I am
wearing a black ribbon choker with a cameo (to show my obedient
slut-slave mood). Many rings adorn my painted fingers and a
"slave bracelet" around each wrist. My jeweled earrings dangle
to frame my face in sultry evening make-up. Long eyelashes,
rouge, mascara, eyeliner, my lips coated with deep red lipstick.
And, musky perfume, the fragrance of strawberry mixed with
cunt-aroma. A whore wife must always appear as if she is ready
to take a swollen cock in her mouth for a blow-job and a hard-on,
or a tongue, up her cunt-hole at all times for her husband to

Downstairs, my husband waited for me. Entertaining two other men
and a woman, the extremely submissive wife of one and an
experienced slut-wife already. I knew my husband was showing
them video tapes of his sweet, slut-wife spreading her long,
black stocking clad legs and being gangbanged and mouth-fucked by
a group of men and women. And leafing through my album of slut-
photographs. Delightfully leering over pictures of me with other
mens cocks pumping deep in my fuckholes. Their cum leaking out
the sides of my swollen cunt-hole oozing down my thighs and
overflowing the distended lips of my insatiable mouth fuck-hole.
The lewd and dirty photos of his wife exposing her tits and
cunt-hole for other men to see and use. Photos of his sweet,
darling wife, being a slut and screwing her own fuck-hole with
her fingers or fucking herself with a long-necked bottle while
another man takes photos for his own collection. I knew they
were all masturbating as they watched me on the TV screen
drinking fresh cum from a champagne glass then exchanging a wet
French kiss with another woman. Seeing our tongues intertwine
and the white jism pouring out of my mouth into hers. The series
of scenes of his wife and a specially- trained Great Dane that
loved to lick my fuck-hole. The close-ups of the dog mounting my
submissive posture from behind, and the dogs long cock pounding
my cunt like a hot bitch, then more close-ups of me sucking the
dogs cock until it creamed, filling my mouth with an incredibly
long stream of dog-cum. I swilled it down allowing a portion of
the thick juices to drip down my chin to show how much I liked
it, sucking-off a dog's cock while being watched and videotaped
by my husband as his wife performs the lewdest acts imaginable.

I rubbed my finger across the slimey crotch of my panties to
transfer the pungent cunt juices thoroughly into the crotch
material so it will still be wet and fragrant after another man
has stripped them down to my ankles while my husband watches.
Later, when he removes them from dangling erotically from my
ankle, I will still be able to rub the crotch under my nose and
inhale my own cunt smell as I enjoy the attention of the group,
and my husband, watching his whore wife perform indecent and lewd
acts for their pleasure. And, I can lick the crotch of my
panties and taste my own fuck-hole cum on them. Wet, silky,
heavy with the odors of my slut-cunt, I can lap up my own
fuck-juices with my tongue, enjoying the taste of my own sweet

I hoped that, downstairs, my husband had setup the special
double-dildo device he constructed for me to demonstrate his
wife's lascivious prowess for an audience. Two erect,
flesh-colored, dildo replicas of big, hard cocks are mounted on a
white fur covered platform which is raised about eight inches
high, about four inches wide and is about five feet long. The
large dildos are placed so that his slut-wife can straddle one
dildo and mount it with her cunt, while the other dildo is within
reach of her mouth fuck-hole as she rests on her elbows and
knees. I can then impale my slutty-cunt on the first dildo and
wrap my lips around the other. Providing my husband, and his
friends, with a nasty, erotic view of his sweet wife screwing
herself on one dildo while she takes the other dildo in her
mouth. By reversing my position I can lick and suck the dildo
coated and wet with my own fresh cunt-juices.

I enjoy being watched while another women joins me on the device.
We each spread our legs and kneel or squat over the dildos
inserted up into our hairy cunts while facing each other so we
can kiss open-mouthed and squeeze each others tits for the
entertainment of our audience of voyeurs, and my husband, to
enjoy and masturbate as they watch. I know it always especially
pleases my husband, when he gets to watch another man
ejaculating onto his wife's and another woman's tongue as they
touch and swirl around inside each others mouths allowing us to
share the sticky, white semen. He loves to see his whore wife
with a mouthful of another mans cum.

Defiantly teetering on my lewd high heeled, fuck-me shoes, I
stood in front of the full length bedroom mirror to check my
appearance. I lifted the hem of my skirt to play with my cunt.
I slid my hand down under the waistband of my panties and slipped
my index finger up inside my fuck-hole as far as I could bury it.
Pumping my finger in-and-out and rotating it around inside my
fuck-hole, screwing myself, I watched my image in the mirror and
became even more excited at the prospect for this evenings fuck
party. Finger fucking myself while I watched my own hand under
the crotch of my panties made me smile at the lascivious image
before me. "I'm a cocksucking, cunt-eating, slut-whore-wife who
loves to have her husband watch her perform dirty sex acts for
him and other men", I thought to myself. "My husband likes to
see his wife letting another man use her mouth for a fuck-hole".
Only he doesn't know how much his wife really enjoys it too.
When I taste one mans cum spurting into my mouth while another
man shoots his load up in my cunt fuck-hole, my body shivers with
my own orgasms of pleasure.

When I open my eyes to see my husbands eyes looking back into
mine, I am convulsed by many additional climaxes causing my cunt
to squeeze harder on the dick screwing my cunt fuck-hole, and my
cheeks to expand with the flood of cum filling my mouth.
Fellating another man, for my husband to see, while being
mercilessly fucked by another man is my most filthy passion
and lust. Then, do I truly feel the power of my womanhood and
defy the daytime image of a demure, precious, naive sweet wife
who becomes a dominant/submissive slut-whore-cunt wife who
thrives on being watched and admired by her husband as she takes
multiple loads of hot, cum into all her fuck-holes .

Tonight I plan to let my husband see his wife kneeling between
the two other men awaiting me downstairs, my head back and my
mouth open wide and inviting. I will be kneeling astride the
other woman's face so her tongue can eat my cunt as she
finger-fucks herself with her legs spread wide. Her knees drawn
back and lewdly spread, her stockinged legs and spike heels
raised to afford a clear view of her finger probing her wet cunt
while her thirsty tongue extends upwards into my creamy cunt
fuck-hole. I'll cup my hands beneath my tits and squeeze them
together and outward emphasizing my ample sized breasts.
Occasionally flicking the nipples with my fingertips to make them
stand out erotically. My hips revolving and humping against the
other woman's face. Fucking her face and cumming on her
outstretched tongue just like the men would be doing to me. I
will keep my eyes trained on my husbands face, watching him
watching me all the while imploring the men on each side of my
face, "Jack-off into my mouth together. I want my husband to see
his whore wife taking a load of cum into her open mouth from two
men at the same time". Filling his sweet wife's cunt-mouth with
gobs of cum. I want him to see how his wife lets other men screw
her mouth good". Tonight will be very tasty for me. I plan to
get all my fuck-holes filled with other mens cum and to have my
cunt stretched wide so it will be nice and loose and juicy and
velvety soft for my husbands cock. My husband enjoys screwing
his wife when her cunt is still full of another mans cum.
And later, while the men rest and regain their strength, the
other woman and I can put on a show for them. We can
passionately kiss, feel each others tits, finger-fuck each other,
we can sixty-nine, so they can watch us eat each others cracks.
After we've both been fucked in our cunts by all the men there,
we can sixty-nine again and suck the cum out of each others
freshly fucked holes. And be sure to record it all on our video
camera so my husband can show it to his friends and others who
want to enjoy his slut-whore wife.

Fascinated, I watched myself in the mirror. Listening to the
voices and sounds from the group downstairs. I see what excites
my husband so much. I am a total woman. Dressed in my black
stockings and spike heels, ready to be fucked and to suck cocks
and cunts while my husband watches. I am my husbands demure
companion and his high class whore all in one. By giving his
wife the ultimate of sexual fulfillment, he receives the pleasure
of knowing and sharing in hers.

I thought about this morning and my encounter with our renter. A
young Black college student who recently began renting our garage
studio apartment. I know he has at least two white girlfriends
who visit him separately. Last night one of them stayed
overnight and left in the morning. I decided to visit him soon
after she left on the pretense of stopping by to see if
everything was okay with the apartment. Seducing a virile young
man is always a special treat for me. Sometimes after a brief
encounter, I don't tell my husband until much later as a surprise
and a reaffirmation of his slut-wife's personality.

Wearing only my robe, a pearl necklace, and fuck-me high heels,
and carrying my morning cup of coffee, I knocked on his door and
felt my cunt juices begin to flow down my naked thighs. He
cautiously opened the door a crack and I could see he was wearing
only a towel wrapped around his waist. I firmly pushed the door
open and let myself in while making small talk about being sorry
to disturb him so early but curious to know if the apartment was

Seeing my coffee cup, he poured a cup for himself at the kitchen
counter while I seated myself at his breakfast table. Clearly he
was nervous and shy and I carefully kept the conversation mundane
for while until he comfortably seated himself alongside me at the
table. I let my robe slip open a bit a few times just to gauge
mood and see if his eyes followed the dishelved collar.
Encouraged by seeing his eyes drift down towards my tits, I began
to query him about his girlfriends.
"Do you have any problems dating white girls?" He replied that
he felt that some white girls seemed to seek him out for dates
perhaps because they are curious about Black men.
"Curious about what aspect?" I leaned forward to emphasize that
I was delving into the subject of sexuality. He stammered a bit
and I took the iniative and opened the subject brazenly.
"Do they wonder what it's like to be fucked by a Black cock?" I
knew that would either scare him out of his wits or start him
thinking that maybe this horny white cunt before him was anxious
to find out for herself.

His attitude loosened up considerably once the innuendo was now a
declaration. "Yeah", he said leaning back and letting the towel
stretch tight against his hips causing a large bulge to be
visible beneath. "They like me to be a sugar-daddy to them, I
Why do you ask? Are you curious too?" Now he was drawing a line
and daring me to cross it.
"A hot white slut like me can never get enough Black cock up my
pussy", I coolly replied looking him straight in the eye. "And
I've found that it's usually nastiest to get my hungry
whore-holes fucked by one first thing in the morning". With that
I let my robe fall open completely. Placing my hands, palms
outward, between my knees, I dramatically parted my legs exposing
my glistening cunt for his eyes. I spread my legs and leaned
back in the chair, sliding my ass forward on the seat to
emphasize my intentions. I calmly inserted my middle finger up
into my cunt-hole and began finger-fucking myself right before
his eyes.

"Did you fuck that little white cunt that left here this morning"
I asked blatantly. When he answered yes with a confident smile I
continued, "How would you like to see this white slut-wife
licking her cunt juices off your cock before I let you bang my
sweet white cunt good and hard?". I let him watch me for a while
as a I continued finger-fucking myself before him.

Alternately looking directly into his eyes and down at my own
finger gently masturbating and getting myself off for his
"I like to watch a man jack-off while he watches me play with my
pussy. Take your cock in your hand and show me how you like to
masturbate. Jerk your prick for a white slut, cunt whore. I
want you to show me what your going to use on a piece of
cunt-meat like me when you fuck my brains out." His hand drew
aside the towel and I saw his huge dong begin to swell to
erection. Wrapping his fist around the base and sliding it up to
the big cockhead, I watched it continue to stiffen and grow
longer. Black mens cocks always seem to be longer than white
mens. Or was I just imagining and anticipating it. Perhaps it
is just the thought of "forbidden fruit" that made the moment
seem so lewd that I was enjoying. I used one hand to cup and
lift one of my tits, raising it high on my chest. With my eyes
still on him, I lowered my head and extended my tongue to
encircle my erect nipple. Then purposefully engulfed the pink
bud with my lips and made deep sucking sounds. I sucked my own
tits and finger-fucked myself as he watched.
"Look at me.", I commanded, "I want you to see a white man's wife
being a slut-cunt for another man. Don't worry about my husband.
Just think about how your going to screw his whore-wife's cunt."
Reaching between my legs with both hands, I used my fingers to
stretch open my cunt lips so he could see my swollen pink nether-
lips invitingly offering him the deep dark hole of my very hairy
cunt. Above the slimey wet opening, my blood engorged clitoris
stood out from its semi-sheath lewdly displaying the heightened
level of my sexual arousal.
"Does it turn you on to think about fucking a white guy's wife
while he's at work? Would you like to see a white guy's
whore-wife wrapping her lips around your cock and letting you
screw her mouth?"
With that said, I slid to my knees in front of him. I took his
stiffening long cock in my hand and began to rub it all over my
face. I could smell the young girls cunt aroma on the sides of
his now firm, hard dick. I looked directly up into his eyes as I
submissively kissed the tip of his cock. Then I licked all
around the head and up and down the sides before hesitating
briefly, gazing defiantly at him and, letting the head of his
shining black prick slowly slide past my wanton lips and deep in
my mouth.
Raising and lowering my mouth on his dick, I occasionally let my
tongue protrude from the corner of my mouth alongside his black
shaft to add to the sight of this white slut letting her mouth be
used for a cunt.

He stood up and looked down at me enjoying my ministrations. I
placed my hands behind his ass cheeks and encouraged him, with
gentle pressure, to begin fucking motions in my mouth. I raised
my mouth from his cockhead and said, "Put your hands on either
side of my head. Hold me by my hair and screw my mouth fuck-hole
with your prick. Or you can pump my head up and down on your
cock and masturbate with my mouth. But I want you to save your
black cum for my sweet white whore's cunt this time. Next time
I'll let you cum in my fucking-mouth as much as you want".
Later, in his bedroom, I spread my legs wide and let him screw
the hell out of me, repeatedly encouraging him to "fuck me", "use
me for a cunt-meat whore, baby", and he filled my cunt with
plenty of his black cum jism.
I left him lying on the cum and sweat drenched sheets with a
promise to let him fuck my whore-holes again soon. Then I went
back to my own bedroom and lay on my husbands side of the bed. I
took his pillow and propped it under my ass and masturbated,
playing with the warm cum still inside my well-stretched
I knew my juices would soak the pillowcase with our mingled cum
and my husband would sleep with his face against his wife's and
another man's cum. I'll tell my husband all about it in detail
soon. But not until I've had that young Black cock stuffed up my
snatch a few more times. My husband gets really turned-on when I
tell him his whore has been fucking a secret guy now and then.

I'll describe for my husbands imagination how his slut-wife let a
Black guy screw her face, fuck her cunt and then shoot his sweet
load of semen down her willing throat. I'll tell my husband how
his black cock thoroughly skewered my fuck-hole repeatedly. Then
I'll tell my excited husband how his wife coerced her Black lover
into inviting his Black friends over to gang-fuck me. I'll put
on a show for all the Black guys and perform lots of dirty sex
acts with them. I'll make sure that they make videotapes of me
and take plenty of fuck-photos to show my husband and add to my
I know he'll really enjoy seeing me getting fucked in my mouth.
White slimey semen dripping from the corners of his wife's mouth
and seeing his wife's hot cunt ravaged by numerous Black cocks.
I like to be a white-slut-whore and let them use me however they
like. My husband loves my whoring ways and I love to not
disappoint his expectations. Perhaps I'll keep it a secret for a
while longer and just enjoy my discreet liaisons and getting my
pussy well screwed by Black men. Some of those Black boys have
extremely long dicks and I like it when they really stretch the
walls of my white whore-hole making me scream for more cum. I
think that would be best for now. My special treat for myself
and my cunt's own pleasure. I'll be seeing him again this
I'll ask him if he has some buddies that would like to share a
white whore's pussy. I know he does and I know they will. I
can't wait to show him and his friends what a good little white
slut I am.
My hot, slippery cunt is nearly ready to cum on my own finger. I
slowly withdraw it from my smelly cunt-hole and let my skirt fall
into place. Wafting the finger under my nose, I can appreciate
the aroma and inhale it deeply into my nostrils. Then, slurping
it on my tongue. "My cunt tastes delicious tonight, but perhaps
a little cock-cum will add spice to my slut-hole. The more, the
better to season his wife's fuck-hole to perfection".
One last lewd smile at myself in the mirror, opening my mouth
wide and sticking out my tongue. Flicking it in the air like an
evil serpent seeking fulfillment, then I turn to descend the
The tapping of my outrageous spike heels on the staircase will
signal my approach and heighten my husband's anticipation. He
won't have long to wait. "I'm cumming downstairs now dear," I
thought to myself, " I hope you and your friends are ready.
Your slut wife is".

(to be cunt...inued)...........

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