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Judi's Breeding

Dec 16, 1999

By affinity

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Hi I'm BP, I've been asked by Geoff to tell the story of how my wife Judi became a breeding slut for Dr. James K.

Since marrying Judi she has had several lovers and a few casual encounters of the male kind but except for me getting her pregnant shortly after our marriage, she evaded getting pregnant until Doctor K. came into the picture. When not pregnant Judi weighs about 110 lbs and stands five feet, one quarter inch tall. During the years before she met Doctor K. I thought her 38 DD's were impressive but since Doctor K has been working on them she has nipples to match. When I say nipples, I'm not talking about over grown pimples, I'm talking about nipples that are two inches long and a half inch in diameter. How they got that way is part of the story.

I guess I should go back to where things got started. The hospital Judi worked for suddenly required all employees to have physical exams. Since Judi's schedule was busy, she kept putting it off until she was called in her supervisor's office and told she had to get her physical that day. Her regular doctor was out of town, so she had to see the doctor who was on call for him. Judi called me at work fussing about having to see another doctor, I told her not to make a big deal over it, she fussed that she wouldn't mind except he had to do a full gyn. exam. Trying to soothe her, I told her that he was just a doctor and seeing nude women was no big deal to him. She was still fussing when I said. "Good by" but went on to her exam.

When Judi came home after her exam, she was very quiet. After asking several questions and only getting vague answers, I shrugged the incident off. Several months later at the hospital Christmas party we were dancing when Judi pointed out Doctor James K. I whispered in her ear. "You didn't tell me he was black." Judi blushed as she told he was very nice. I nibbled on her ear and whispered."Very nice?" She pinched my ass playfully before saying. "Not that way" A short while later we happened to be standing in line for food when Doctor K. joined the line. We exchanged pleasant conversation with him and he commented on how well Judi dances. Having had a couple drinks and feeling adventuresome I suggested that he was welcome to ask Judi to dance later. Judi blushed and gave me a slight poke in the side but she gave no other sign of protest.

It hadn't been ten minutes since we finished eating that Doctor K. came to ask Judi to dance. Judi flashed me a questioning look then said yes, when I gave her a smile and a nod. For a big man Doctor K moved well and the two of them made a nice pair on the dance floor. As I watched them dance, I began to visualize the doctor fucking Judi. Several times I shook my head to clear the images but instead of bringing me back to the fact that Judi was just dancing with him, I began to imagine her, pregnant. Ever since our daughter was born, Judi had said she didn't want any more babies but if that was true why would she stop taking the pill for six months every so often? Years ago I had stopped trying to figure out how Judi's mind worked and just go with the flow. Over the years she had provided fuel for my fantasies by dating guys and occasionally having unprotected sex. My day dreaming was interrupted by Judi's laughter as she returned to the table with Doctor K. He pulled out a chair for J udi and then pulled out a chair for himself. With a disarming smile and charm, he quickly had me telling him our whole life story. I realized I had told him things I had never shared with anyone. After sitting out a dance Doctor K. asked why I wasn't taking Judi out on the dance floor. Never having been, much of a dancer, I would often enjoy watching Judi dance alone or with others. With that thought I suggested they have at it. Since I had taken a room in the hotel where the party was, I wasn't worried about how much we drank or what time we left the party.

About an hour later I noticed Judi was nowhere in sight. When I noticed, Doctor K. was also missing my mind raced with thoughts of her having sex with Doctor K. I wondered if his cock lived up to the idea that black men are better hung then white. Walking around the party I met several people I knew and one said he had seen Judi walk out on one of the porches for some fresh air. That person didn't say anything about her being with anyone which made me curious. I through the various rooms and patios looking for Judi or Doctor K. to no avail. Sitting back at our table, I began to feel awkward so I decided to go up to our room.

Cautiously I opened to door listening for any signs they had come here to play but the room was silent. Disappointed, I took off my suit and lay on the bed channel surfing. Sometime later a tapping at the door woke me. I opened the door and in stepped a disheveled Judi. She was obviously drunk and smelled of sex. Hustling her into my arms I closed the door behind us and helped her to the bed. Judi was mumbling and giggling as I finished taking her dress off.

Somewhere during the evening, Judi had lost her panties and sexy push up a bra, so she was now nude and showing signs of being well fucked. Unable to resist I climbed between her legs and aimed my cock at her drooling pussy. My cock fell in hardly touching the stretched walls of her sperm filled pussy. Feeling another man's sperm swimming in my wife's pussy sent me into a climax after a very few strokes. Judi opened her eyes and asked if I was mad. With my still hard cock swimming in the sperm cocktail I kissed her puffy lips and assured her I wasn't. She kissed me, then said she was tired and wanted to go to sleep.

Before I returned from washing the fuck juices from my cock Judi was peacefully asleep. Cuddling up to her I tried to go to sleep but visions of Judi and the doctor flashed thru my mind for what felt like hours.

Awakening to sunlight peeking thru the heavy drapes of the hotel, I noticed that Judi had kicked the covers off most of her nude body. Even after over ten years of marriage Judi's body still turned me on. Quietly laying next to her, my eyes travel from her pretty face to the dark mark on her neck. Dark Spot on her neck! I didn't put it there, the last time I had given Judi a hickey she gave me hell. Traveling further down her body my eyes encountered more hickeys. With so many, Judi must have let him. Why the change in heart? Why would she, let a stranger, do something to her that she wouldn't allow her husband do? Then I dismissed the whole affair to her having too much to drink. Curious as to whether Doctor K. had left similar hickeys on her pubic area, I leaned over for a closer look. "Holy shit!" I exclaimed. Startled, Judi awoke and asked me what was wrong. Pointing at her pussy, I told her it looked like someone had chewed on it. Looking closer, I saw slight traces of dried blood mixed with the dried sperm, especially around her clit. Judi lay back and a dreamy look came over her face as she said. "He did and oh, did he make me cum."

My emotions, were going, crazy, lust, jealousy, hurt just to name a few. I couldn't blame Judi because I was the one to get her to have sex with others and had even tried to get her to go out with black guys several times. Hearing Judi, go into graphic detail of James sexual prowess didn't do anything to calm my feelings but my cock didn't care it was hard as a rock and its full six and some half inches.

Feeling me shift around on the bed Judi opened her eyes to see me positioning my cock to enter her pussy. Tenderly she asked if I would just kiss her pussy as she was too sore to enjoy fucking. Eager to please I put my mouth to her pussy and caressed her abused pussy until she begged for me to let her up.

I sat on the bed watching her sexy body as she went into the bathroom. My cock was still begging for relief ten minutes later when she emerged from the bathroom and announced that she was still tired and going to go back to sleep. To awake and aroused to go back to sleep I took a shower and dressed to go to the brunch that was part of the party package.

For an hour or more I ate a leisurely breakfast and read the newspaper as I pondered the night's events. Deciding that it was time to rejoin my wife I headed back to our room. Just as I was about to put my key in the door, I heard Judi howls, not howl of fear but one of sexual arousal. Pressing my ear to the door I could hear her moans and pleas, as she begged for more. My cock was hard enough to pick the lock but the sound of another room door opening made me hurry back to the elevator. My thoughts were in turmoil, as I went downstairs and walked around. Never did I think of leaving her or making a big fuss but now that she had a black lover how was I going to deal with it. In the end, I just went back up to our room and eased the door open, listening for sounds of sex. Instead of hearing sounds of sex I just heard the soft breathing of Judi as she lay sprawled on the bed. The sun pouring thru the partially open drapes was highlighting her sperm-covered pubic area. Standing at the foo t of the bed rubbing my cock thru my clothes I couldn't believe how turned on I was by the scene. Looking a little closer, I was sure I could see fresh teeth marks on her swollen labia, clit and around her nipples. All of that paled in comparison to the huge puddle of fuck juices on the bed. Judi opened her eyes and said "Oh you are back." Trying to hide my slight annoyance, I commented that I saw that her lover had come back. She pleaded with me not to be angry. She said. "He called just after you left, and told me he was coming over." My annoyance showed when I asked about the bite marks and him being so rough. Judi, immediately defended him, telling me he wasn't rough he just brought out the animal in her. There was something in her voice that told me to back off or we would have a huge fight.

As Judi got off the bed, I saw her wince and her hands touch her pussy. Blushing she opened her arms to me and pulled me against her nude body as she told me how much she loved me. Like always I melted in her arms and kissed her passionately. Several minutes later the two of us were in the shower laughing and giggling. When I came to her chewed labia, she looked at me and told me she couldn't stop him and it made her so hot. I asked if she knew that he had bitten her pussy lips so hard he had drawn blood, she whispered that she asked him to. Then she added that he takes total control of her during sex and it was like nothing before. Slowly standing up, I asked if she was going to see him again. Her eyes were pleading with me as she said. "Please, don't ask me not to." I told her I didn't want her hurt and she assured me she was all right except for being a little sore.

As I gently toweled Judi dry, I asked her why she let Doctor K. do those things to her when she got mad at me for doing much less. As I asked her that, I was kneeling in front of her looking at her pussy. Tenderly stroking my hair she told me that there was something about him that made her do things for him that she wouldn't do for anyone else. She just couldn't say, "no" to him. Holding out her hands she gestured for me to come into her arms.

Somehow Judi and I made our way back to the bed without breaking our embrace where we cuddled and talked. At one point, Judi asked me to get a mirror from her purse so she could look at her pussy. Instead of being upset over the teeth marks, in her most tender flesh she appeared to be proud of them. Then as she explored her abused flesh she spoke in a reverent tone as she said.

Damn! He did just what he said he was going to do. He said he was going to make me beg for him to make my clit so sore I wouldn't be able to wear panties for a week. Then looking at me, she added. James told me that he planned to keep my nipples and clit aching for more of his loving and that I wouldn't be able to forget him. Last night, I thought he was just boasting, as sorely as I am right now I have to admit that he was right. I hope that doesn't upset you.

As the last words came from Judi's mouth, she looked at my throbbing cock. Well someone is excited by the latest developments. She said as she guided my cock to her mouth. Judi then swung her pussy over my mouth as she sucked my cock with great passion. I got the feeling that if she saw more of Doctor K., I would be doing more pussy eating and less fucking.

After climaxing we cuddled and Judi assured me that she loved me just the way I was. I told Judi that having her have sex with others was a bit of a love hate thing. Instinct tells me that I shouldn't allow other males near my wife but the other side of me was incredibly aroused by it. Pulling me close, Judi kissed me tenderly before telling me that part of the thrill for her was doing something that society says is wrong, part it is, flirting with chance of getting pregnant. She then reminded me that she had stopped taking the pill after her last period. Immediately I said. "You mean, you might be pregnant?" She kissed me and told me to calm down as her period was due in a day or two and it was highly unlikely for her to get pregnant.

On our way home Judi said she didn't want any more kids and I told her if she did become pregnant by one of her lovers I would still raise it like my own. Walking in our house, we were happy with our relationship and were ready for anything our unusual sexual interests might bring our way. Life returned to normal and Doctor K. receded into my memory, until Thursday right after dinner. I answered the phone and was surprised to hear Doctor K. ask to speak to Judi. Handing the phone to Judi I told her it was Doctor K.. She flashed me a surprised look as she said "Hello" As she talked to him she cupped her boob and stroked her nipples then touched her pussy. Further in the conversation I heard her tell him she was having her period. She listened then mentioned using tampons and listening for a while. Covering the mouth piece Judi looked at me and said doctor K. is taking me dancing tomorrow night. Dumbly, I nodded yes as I was too stunned to speak.

When Judi hung up from talking to Doctor K. we stood in silence looking at each other before Judi told me he was coming for her at 7:00. Not knowing what to say I adjusted my stiffening cock and went to surf the net. Later in bed Judi gave me a hell of a blow job before going to sleep but said nothing about her date.

In the morning I told Judi I would get dinner ready as soon as I got home. Smiling, she said. "Oh, don't worry about me it'll just be you and Kelly, Doctor K. is taking me to dinner."

Judi was in our bathroom when I got home, standing with one foot on the toilet lid inserting a tampon in her freshly shaved pussy. Smiling, she put her foot back on the floor and hugged me. She whispered "Thanks" in my ear then gave me a loving kiss before returning to her preparation for her date. Ten-year-old Kelly popped her head in the bathroom and asked where mom was going. Taking Kelly in my arms I told her mom was going out with a friend and it would just be just us for dinner then I asked her to help me fix dinner. Chattering happily, Kelly ran off to the kitchen, as I watched, Judi put on her garter belt and stockings. Judi took a pair of panties from her drawer and stuffed them in her purse before slipping into her dress. Kelly's beckoning call from the kitchen prevented me staying in the bedroom longer.

I was just about to put our dinner on the table when Doctor K. pulled in the driveway. Kelly noticed it too and yelled out. "Mom, your friend is here for you." She ran to the door and opened it even before Doctor K. could knock. From the kitchen I could hear her ask Doctor K. if he was mommy's friend and if they were going out to dinner. I heard Doctor K's commanding voice tell her, he was, then he asked her name and how old she was. Judi ran into the kitchen and gave me a quick kiss before running to the door. As she moved, her boobs danced in her dress telling the world that they were untethered. My cock leaped to attention as a voice in my head said. You know that she is going to get fucked. Judi and Kelly said their goodbys then the door closed.

Paying attention to Kelly's conversation was difficult as my mind kept going back to Judi and the doctor. Watching a tv movie wasn't much better but at least Kelly was entertained. Later when Kelly came to kiss me good night she asked why her mother got to go out with her friends and I had to stay home. Unable to think of a good answer I told her it was because her mother was better looking. That made Kelly laugh and call me silly. Well it may have been a silly answer but it got me off the hook. I tried watching another movie but the movie wasn't very good so I went and surfed the net looking for stories of other cuckold husbands. About one A.M. I gave that up and went to bed. Sensing Judi's presence, I opened my eyes to see her walking in our bedroom. When she left, she had that "come fuck me look," now she had that I've been really fucked look. Watching thru half opened eyes I saw her peal her dress off. In the dim light of the bedside light she cupped her right boob and inspected it . When the fingers of her free hand touched a dark spot near her nipple she winced but instead of frowning a faint smile came to her lips. Her nipples looked as though they had been nursed on by an army of babies. Breathlessly I watched as she grasped that nipple and pulled. Judi gasped sharply then a shudder shook her.

God, I'm really getting hooked on his pleasure/pain and kinky sex. The more depraved he gets the better I like. I hope Geoff doesn't make a fuss.

Moving closer to the bedside light she pealed her panties off. As her panties came off I could see her pussy was covered with half-dried fuck juices tinted with menstrual blood. My eyes popped wide open when Judi spread her legs and gently pulled her labia to the sides. Like her nipples her clit looked like it had been well used. I thought back to the few times I had gotten carried away when sucking on her clit and how angry Judi got when I didn't stop. From what I could see Doc. wasn't one to take a "no."Judging from the number of hickeys around her clit, Doc wasn't fussy as to whether he was nibbling on her clit or just pussy flesh. My wondering if it hurt was answered as Judi cautiously touched her bruised clit. Her sharp intake of air was followed by.

Christ, he really gave you a workout. I guess wearing pants or panties is going to be out of the question. Poor Geoff, will just have to settle for blow jobs for a few days.

As I listened to her talking to her pussy, I realized that while Judi wasn't smashed she was quite drunk or high on sex. Softly I said. "Oh you are home." Judi jumped in surprise as she put her hands in front of her pussy. Slightly slurring her words she said you won't believe what he did to me. My cock got even harder then it was as my mind raced trying to imagine what they had been up to. Judi saved me from straining my brain by telling me that he put some sort of milking machine on her nipples and clit while he fucked her doggy style for over a half hour. Seeing the effect her words had on my cock she crawled between my legs and began to make love to my cock. When I made a move to pull her pussy to my mouth Judi begged me not to. After sucking me to a great climax, she told me that just air moving over her clit was enough to make her climax painfully. We kissed and fell asleep, cuddled in each others arms.

In the morning Kelly knocked on the bedroom door and reminded us that we were supposed to take her to a friend's to go skating. Like a good father I crawled out of bed and got dressed. Just as we were going out the door the phone rang. Thinking Judi had gone back to sleep I picked up the phone on the third ring. Just as I was about to say, hello, I heard Judi speak. The voice that answered her was none other then Doctor K. I couldn't believe how easily he got Judi to agree to him coming right over as soon as he heard Kelly was going to be out of the house. The total conversation couldn't have been two minutes. Carefully I hung up at the same time he did so they wouldn't know I was listening. Nervous that Kelly would see my erection I hurried out to the car keeping the front of my jacket bunched up. I didn't have to go very far to drop Kelly off but then I didn't know what to do. I had always wanted to see Judi with her lovers but usually she found a reason that I couldn't be with her.

Should I go home and just walk in on whatever they were doing or quietly slip in and peek, I decided on being sneaky.

Parking on the street behind our house I walked thru a vacant lot and slipped into my workshop. After knocking the snow and dirt off my shoes and taking my jacket off I eased my way into the house. At first I thought I had beaten Doctor K. but then a soft moan told me I hadn't. For a second, I hesitated then hearing faint noises from our bedroom I slipped my shoes off and headed down the hall. Peering in our bedroom, I saw Judi sprawled out and Doctor K. sitting beside her on our bed. On the bed beside them was a fancy aluminum case with clear tubes coming from it, connected to clear plastic cups on her nipples. Judi was staring intently at her nipples as they pulsed up and down in the suction cups. Every time her nipples were pulled by the suction Judi would moan softly.

That looks just about right. In time you will be able to take more. Doctor K. said.

Judi stiffened then quivered with a climax, her soft moans turned into soft grunts in time with the machine. From the movements of her body, I was sure she was still having climaxes and it didn't look like Doctor K. was ready to turn off his machine. After a few minutes' Judi managed to ask why he was doing that to her, in between her grunts. Doctor K. calmly told her that he likes big nipples and clits and since he had decided that he was going to make her his private assistant, he was going to make her nipples and clit bigger and more sensitive. Judi shuddered again with a climax as she gave up trying to resist the machine.

Doctor K. sat watching Judi for a few minutes then reached in his pocket. His hand emerged holding a syringe and a small packet. Wiping a spot on her thigh he told her she would feel a sting but it would quickly go away. I panicked and burst in asking what he was doing to my wife. Cool as an ice cube he looked over his shoulder and told me to come in. Still blustering I demanded to know what he was doing.

Your wife belongs to me now. As of now, she no longer works for the hospital and since I've almost doubled her salary you shouldn't have much to complain about. You've already established that you like other men to have their way with your wife so I've taken control of her sexually. Her job is to please me. Her salary is to compensate you for any minor inconveniences that may occur and for the legitimate work she will be doing for me.

Who . . . what it in the syringe? I managed to ask.

Oh this, this is Prolactin, it will make your wife's breasts produce milk without her being pregnant first. There are also some hormones to make her nipples grows and increase her sex drive.

Then without waiting for my approval he wiped the spot on her thigh again and drove the needle into Judi's flesh. Her eyes flew open as she looked to see what was going on. She looked at me then at the syringe then said. "Geoff, he's a doctor, he knows what's best for me." What could I say?

Honey it's all right, come in and be quiet then you can watch James make me cum.

Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity, I sat in a chair near the bed. No sooner had my butt, settled in the chair then Judi whimpered loudly. Somehow I restrained myself from jumping up. To my surprise Judi made no attempt to stop the Doctor, instead she as me to come and hold her hand as it was really hurting. I glanced at Doctor K. and he nodded that it was OK. My cock went from limp to rock hard in an instant, I realized that from the first time I had talked Judi into having sex with another man this is what I really wanted to see. I wanted to see her totally dominated and the fact that Doctor K. had some kinky things in store for Judi made it better. I told myself that I would have to talk to him just to make sure he didn't harm Judi.

Judging from the force of Judi's grip on my hand the injection Doctor K. was giving hurt, however the look in Judi's eyes was of flaming lust. Judi and I watched as Doc. pulled the empty syringe out of her thigh. Smiling at me he told me to gently rub her thigh to help it be absorbed. As I rubbed Judi looked at me with more love in her eyes then I had seen the day Kelly was born. I was smart enough to realize that Dr. James K. was the catalyst and that for better or worse he would be a part of our lives for a long time.

Being so wrapped up with the unspoken communication with Judi that I didn't notice Doc had undress and was now rejoining us on the bed. Doc gave Judi a playful swat on her leg and told her, it was time for her to ride the black stallion. Although she was still connected to the sucker machine, Judi didn't hesitate getting up and letting Doc, lay down. As he laid on his back, his cock stood almost straight up looking like and old fashion Coke bottle. The size and shape of his cock held my attention as Judi fitted the pinkish head into her dripping pussy. If I wasn't seeing it, I would have never believed she could take anything so thick in her. When it was half way in her and she had the thickest part in her she let herself drop, forcing a grunt from deep within.

After Judi settled into a steady rhythm Doc looked at me.

Your wife is the hottest woman I have ever found. When she is hot, enough pain just sends her higher. Pinch her breast and see what happens. Hesitantly I reached for one of her jiggling boobs and grasped some flesh between my fingers. Up till then Judi hardly noticed me, without missing a stroke she smiled at me and cupped the boob I had my fingers on. Afraid of hurting her my pinch was feeble but it was still enough to make her body tremble with a small climax.

Mark me, like James does, make me cum hard, make my tit bleed.

Hearing my sweet wife saying those things, sent my cock into a cum spitting climax. Doc urged me to do as she asked. Again I didn't want to hurt Judi but I couldn't deny her release so I sucked a mouth full of her boob between my teeth and started closing my jaw. Judi grabbed my head and held it against her as she trembled like a leaf in a storm. Vaguely I heard Doc. moan and say, he was coming. It was then I noticed a faint taste of blood in my mouth. Judi was cooing, telling me how good that felt. Releasing her hold on my head, she brought my mouth to hers. As we kissed, her tongue searched my mouth then she moaned and guided my hand to the boob I had just bitten. While that was going on, I felt her hips begin to rock. When we came up for air, I glanced at the boob I had just bitten. Strangely I felt as though I was the one who had the huge climax, I felt proud that I had give Judi such great pleasure.

Proudly, Judi showed Doc her bruised boob like it was a great award. He grinned and said that he guessed I would be allowed to help out from time to time. I was on cloud nine.

I didn't have time to contemplate what had happened as I was asked to try her other boob. Judi gave Doc a glowing description of what I was doing to her boob and how hot it was making her pussy. When I felt her climax, I came in my pants again. After our climaxes passed the three of us collapsed with Judi in between us.

Doc rolled on his side looking at us for a few minutes before he said. "Yes I think this will work." Judi and I looked at each other, then to Doc, not understanding his comment. Doc chuckled and said. "I think it would be great to have Geoff get you ready for me." I wasn't quite sure, what he meant but after the things we had already done together I wasn't going to say, no.

For three more hours I watched Doc make Judi cum repeatedly. I was told to suck on her nipples and clit while Doc fucked her and was told to clean her pussy in between sessions. After the last fuck session, Doc hopped in the shower as Judi went to fix lunch. Judi, started to get cleaned but Doc told her to stay as she was. Judi gave me a grin and a shrug as she headed toward the kitchen. What a sight she made as her marked boobs jiggled and Doc's sperm drooled down her thighs.

Doc stood in the door watching Judi then announced that Judi would no longer wear clothes in the house. Judi shot him a questioning look but remained silent as she looked from me to Doc. What about our daughter, what are we going to tell her? I asked. With a slight grin, Doc told us she should do the same. She shot me a glance that I couldn't decipher so I didn't pursue the issue of clothing.

After eating Doc thanked me for being a good host then told me to use the machine on Judi's clit and nipples as much as possible. He then took Judi in his arms and kissed her as he fondled her boldly. As he stepped out the door, he said he would be in touch.

Chapter 2

Judi and I had a couple hours to talk about the changes in our life before Kelly called to be picked up. Remembering the comment Doc had made about Judi not working at the hospital any more Judi called to see if she was still on the shift roster. The nurse she spoke to asked if she was joking, everyone knew she had gotten a great offer to work with Doctor K.. There was a strange look on Judi's face as she hung up the phone and she whispered. "It isn't a dream, it is true."

I offered to go pick up Kelly but Judi said she wanted to do it. I was still pealing off my cum soaked clothes as Judi hurriedly showered and dressed. Dashing off to get Kelly, Judi blew me, a kiss and told me she loved me.

As I stood in the shower washing the smell of sex off my thoughts wandered to Kelly and how we were going to deal with her seeing Judi and her sex bruises. I chuckled nervously to myself as I realized that was just the tip of the iceberg. How were we going to explain the sudden openness of our strange sex life?

Hearing the chatter and laughter of Kelly and Judi as they came in the house helped settle my nerves. Even though my cock does take control of my brain on occasion I didn't want to hurt my daughter. All serious thought was interrupted by Kelly running to me and throwing her arms around me. She then launched into a five minute recap of her day as I tried to follow what she was talking about. As Kelly and I finished our conversation Judi appeared wearing nothing but an apron. Kelly laughed and told her mother that her bottom was showing, in reply Judi wiggled her butt and smiled as she went back to doing her house keeping.

After Judi tucked Kelly in bed, I asked Judi what she had told Kelly. Smiling Judi told me that she just told her we had decided that we didn't need to wear clothing in the house as long as we didn't have visitors. Then she added Doc. was a special guest and we didn't need to dress when he was visiting. Nothing more was said as we went back to watching a movie on tv.

When the movie ended Judi said, it was time for her to go back on the "Machine." Heading toward our bedroom she glanced over her shoulder and asked if I was coming. I rose from my chair and followed her sexy butt into our bedroom. The smell of sex was still heavy in the air and the cum stains were quite visible on the sheets. Judi went in the bathroom to get ready for bed as I looked at the "Machine, "I saw that the machine could be set to work like a milking machine or just straight suction and it could be programed to come on at a certain time and then go off. My thoughts flashed back to that morning and how Judi looked as the "Machine"milked her. I also thought about the times, I had watched Kelly suckling Judi's milk filled boobs and wished that it was me drinking Judi's milk.

Emerging from the bathroom Judi caught me holding the suction cups as my mind wandered to thoughts of milky boobs.

Dreaming it was your mouth instead of a machine?

Startled, I turned to see her big boobs pointing at me, the teeth marks, faded but the bruises quite prominent. Panning my eyes upward I was greeted by her warm smile and sparkling gray/blue eyes. Judi came into my arms and we rolled around on the bed until my stiff cock was poking its head between her wet pussy lips. Breaking our kiss Judi told me to put a rain coat on it if I wanted to enter her. Reluctantly, I fumbled in the drawer of the night table but came up empty handed. I tried pleading that since she had just finished her period it would be all right. Playfully Judi crossed her legs as she informed me that the only thing she would let me stick in her puss was my tongue and I would have to settle for a blow job. I knew I wouldn't suffer much but I gave her a little pout just for a bit of sympathy. My ploy for sympathy didn't work but Judi did give me a hell of a blow job as I watched the "machine," milk her nipples and clit.

When I tried to put my mouth on her boob, I was told not to put a mark on her. I started to fuss about it, Judi firmly told me, that could only happen when James was with us. After climaxing, Judi asked me, to program the Machine to keep her mildly stimulated all night then kissed me good night.

The next morning I overheard Kelly asking Judi why her nipples were so red and big. Judi told her it was because Doctor K. was helping her boobs make milk again. Kelly opened her nightgown, exposing her chest with just nipple buds on them and asked if the doctor could do the same to hers. Judi chuckled and told her she was too young.

That was the first day that Judi truly went around the house nude. Kelly wasn't so bold and wore panties and asked why I had put a tee shirt on. I mumbled something about my shoulder being sore and she said that was OK. After breakfast Kelly asked, more questions about what the doctor was doing to make her boobs make milk. Judi took Kelly into our bedroom and showed her the "Machine."My cock jumped as Kelly asked what the third suction cup was for. I knew that Judi's blush was probably the same color as her hair as she tried to explain that it was making her clit bigger. When the two of them emerged from the bedroom over an hour later Kelly's little nipples and clit showed signs of being well sucked. That afternoon they disappeared in the bedroom again. An hour later Kelly came to show me that she was making her nipples bigger too. Quickly, I dropped the magazine I had been reading, in my lap to cover my stiffening cock.

Doctor K. called after dinner when I handed the phone to Judi she disappeared into our bedroom for over an hour. Again when Judi emerged from the bedroom it was clear the machine had been working on her nipples. Judi informed me that James was picking her up in the morning to take her to her new job. My cock stiffened as kinky images danced thru my mind.

Life settled down to a routine as Judi settled into her new job and to my surprise Judi didn't come home every night dripping sperm. That is until Friday that evening, me got home before she did and when she came thru the door I knew she had been well-fucked but I was surprised not to see sperm running down her legs. Before I could say anything, Kelly came running in and hugged her mother. Still in Judi's arms, Kelly asked why she had to work so late. Judi blushed and told her, Doctor K. had something special for her to do at the last minute. As she told Kelly that she gave me a telling look. I knew that she had been fucked. When Kelly went back to her homework Judi, took my hand and led me to our bedroom.

Stepping in the bedroom Judi eased the door closed and asked me to sit. Nervously wringing her hands, Judi said.

I have to tell you something and I hope you don't get upset. James is breeding me. He started today and is going to keep doing it until my belly swells. He wants me to have his black baby.

Having told me that she lifted her skirt. Dangling from her pussy was a tube with some type of special plug on it.

He put an inflatable dildo in me after filling my womb with his sperm. He'll be by tomorrow to give me more fresh sperm. My cock unloaded in my pants! A smile came to Judi's lips as she noticed what my cock had done.

I guess part of you isn't upset, how is the rest doing? She asked.

Kneeling I looked at the small part of the dildo sticking out of her pussy, judging from the redness and swelling Doc had fucked her hard. Not seeing any fresh love bites on her crotch I was sure there would be some on her boobs. Placing my hand on her belly Judi said.

I know that you, kind of wanted me to get pregnant again but I don't know if this what you had in mind when you talked me into dating other guys. I don't think I could stop this if I wanted to but I'll do whatever you what.

Tears were streaming down Judi's cheeks as she spoke those words. Getting to my feet I hugged her and said I loved her. After a few minutes her crying stopped and she asked what would happen to the baby. I told her if she wanted to keep the baby I would raise it like it was mine, if she wanted to give it up for adoption that was fine too. She kissed my passionately as my cock rose to poke her belly. Breaking our kiss she opened her blouse.

It's too bad you weren't there to see it, he had me hotter then last Saturday, Look!

As Judi asked me to look, she opened a nursing bra that looked too big even for her thirty eights. Pulling the cup aside she revealed her nipple encased in a suction cup. Around the edges of the areola was a series of hickeys but my eyes couldn't get over how big her nipples were inside the suction cup.

Softly Judi spoke. All along, this is what you wanted, you wanted a strong man to breed me and do other things. You wanted to see a man make me "cock crazy."

Judi's didn't sound upset or threatening, instead it sounded like she just realized what I had been hinting at. Our eyes met and seeing no anger, we embraced passionately, neither speaking. Then I slid to me knees lifting her skirt, my lips pressed to her flat belly as my hand rose to touch her plugged pussy. Judi's fingers stroked my hair as she spread her legs. Faintly I heard her whisper. "Look at my clit." Easing down her body my eyes came to rest on her clit, instead of being hidden in the folds of skin it was sticking out like I had seen when the machine sucked it. Looking up in a questioning manner at Judi, she smiled as she told me James had injected her clit with something that will make it much bigger. I switched my gaze back to her clit and saw a tiny prick mark at the base of her clit stalk. The nest thing I knew my lips were wrapped around her clit as I tried to nurse it like a nipple. Judi held me tightly to her clit as she moaned and thrust her clit at me. Moments later her body trembled with a strong climax as she held onto me. Even as her legs gave way, she held me to her as she slid to the floor, still I nursed on her clit. I could sense another climax was building, so I increased my efforts and she screamed out so loud Kelly came to the bedroom door to investigate. Hastily I got to my feet and adjusted Judi's skirt to cover her pussy as Judi covered her boobs.

Opening the door, I was greeted by a concerned daughter. Judi sat up and held her arms open to Kelly as she assured her she was fine. Kelly insisted she had heard her mother cry out. Judi held her tight and told Judi that we had been playing and something I did, made her cry out. Kelly leaned back from her mother slightly and said. "Oh you were having sex."Judi and I burst out laughing and Judi hugged Kelly. Kelly kissed her mother and then me then pausing in the door she asked why we had our clothes on. Without waiting for an answer she disappeared down the hall. She was still sitting on the floor smiling and shaking her head in amazement/amusement as she looked up as she flipped up her skirt and asked how she was going to explain her pussy plug. Offering my hand to help her to her feet I suggested Judi just do as we have always done and tell Kelly, tell the truth. Judi got to her feet and said. "What, tell her James is trying to knock me up?" I kissed her and said she could just tell her that he was helping us have another baby. She hugged me and told me that she knew there was a reason she loved me so much.

Having stripped Judi looked at me and said. "Well, aren't you going to take your clothes off?"Sheepishly I took my clothes off. Feeling a bit strange, I noticed she still had the suction cups on her nipples. Seeing my gaze, Judi grasped one and tugged on it and it popped free. Grasping the other, she pulled it off also. Damn! Her nipples looked great, I started to grab one, with my mouth but Judi fended me off, telling me it was time to fix dinner.

Approaching the kitchen I heard Judi talking to Kelly, she was trying to explain the plug in her pussy without getting too detailed but Kelly kept wanting to know more. I almost burst out laughing when I heard Kelly ask to see the plug. Judi sputtered trying to think of something to say then told Kelly that Doctor K. was the only one who could take it out. Not to be put off, Kelly asked if she could watch him take it out. Taking a deep breath I put my poker face on and entered the kitchen to see if I could rescue Judi.

Kelly turned to me and asked me about the plug in her mother and if we used one when we made her. I gulped and told her that we were younger then and didn't need help. Just as I began to think that I had dodged that, Kelly asks me if her nipples are big enough. Trying to be diplomatic I told her that they were already as big as many women's but not as big as others. She then asked if I was glad mommy was having her made bigger. Without hesitation I answered yes, Kelly then said. "Well, I'm going to have Doctor K. make mine bigger too."Judi and I, almost swallowed our tongues. Neither of us wanted to touch that discussion so Judi told Kelly to get the table set for dinner and pour drinks. Judi and I exchanged looks as I ducked out to wash up.

Conversation during dinner was of more normal subject matter and both Judi and I were caught off guard when Kelly asked to borrow Judi's "Machine." Judi told her she would think about it.

No sooner had Judi and Kelly finished cleaning the kitchen then Judi led Kelly into our bedroom. Hearing their moans and giggles, was too much for my curiosity, I eased down the hall and peeked in. There on the bed was Kelly laying on her back with the suction cups on her nipples as Judi played with the suction controls. Looking closer I noticed that the third tube coming out of the Machine was disappearing between Kelly's legs. Judi's eyes sparkled as she looked at me, Kelly was too busy to notice. My cock began to stiffen even though I had mixed thoughts about Kelly's involvement. Returning to the den thoughts of how Kelly was going to fit in with Doc's designs on Judi rattled around in my head.

Sometime later Kelly came in to say good night, acting like normal. After Judi said good night to Kelly she came and snuggled her boobs around the back of my head as she asked what I was doing. Cupping her big boobs against my face and ears, I mumbled that I was enjoying her boobs. Judi made one of her slightly annoyed sounds but my ears were too full of boobs to hear what she said. I released her boobs and pulled her into my lap. Judi and I began talking about where all of this was going and how to keep Kelly from being hurt. We had been talking for a while before I noticed my hand was stroking Judi's belly. When I started to take my hand away Judi put her hand over mine as we both looked at her belly and at the tube to the plug sticking out of her belly.

Softly Judi began speeking. When he is with me my brain turns to overheated pussy. I'll do anything he wants and am powerless to stop. I knew I should have made him use protection but as soon as I felt his cock, I didn't care.

Judi turned her head to look at me, tears streaming down her cheeks. I assured her that I would stand by her and I wasn't upset with anything that had happened. She guided my hand down to her plugged pussy without taking her eyes off mine. My cock pressed against Judi's ass when my fingers came in contact with the plug that was keeping her belly full of a black man's sperm. Tenderly we kissed, as I wondered if the sperm had found an egg and done their deed. Judi almost bit my tongue off when she climaxed from my fingers toying with her clit. As Judi recovered from her climax, she asked why I did that. I assured her I was just as surprised as I didn't consciously think about it, I guessed that feeling the plug in her did strange things to me. Without another word we went, hand in hand to take a shower. As soon as we got in bed Judi got on her hands a knees, positioning herself so I could see her plugged pussy as she made love to my cock with her mouth. After my climax Judi cuddled up a s we exchanged "I love you's" before falling asleep.

The ringing of the phone jarred us from our deep slumber. Kelly's friend called to make sure Kelly was going to play in their game. Judi slept as Kelly and I rushed off to her game. When I returned, Judi was in the shower. Just as she stepped from the shower, I heard a car pull in the driveway. Opening the door I greeted Doc cheerfully as he came in carrying a doctor's bag. Hearing us talking Judi came out with only the towel she was using to dry her hair. After giving Judi a hug and kiss, Doc said that he was here to give Judi several injections. Judi looked at his bag and asked if one of the injections was going in her thigh. Grinning Doc. patted his bag and said. "How did you guess?" Judi made a funny face then asked if he was going to give her an injection with his big black cock. Doc grinned and told her he had to make sure his baby was firmly planted in her belly. Judi grabbed his hand and led him to our bedroom.

As I followed Judi and Doc toward our bedroom, I noticed how he studied her sexy butt. A smile lit my face and my cock stirred as the realization hit me that I was about to witness my wife getting bred by a black man.

After entering our bedroom Judi dropped to her knees and removed Doc's shoes and pants. When his cock sprung free, Doc asked her to tell him what she wanted, him to do to her. My loving wife, looked up at him and told him, she wanted him to make her boobs full of milk for the baby she wanted him to plant in her belly. I felt my cock stiffen even more and leak pre-come as I struggled to get my underpants over its hardness.

In response to Judi asking Doc to impregnate her he told her that she needed to be a big girl and let him give her a shot. Judi pouted a bit but didn't hesitate to spread herself on the bed face down. Doc flashed me a grin as he took aim at her ass cheek with the needle. Judi grabbed my hand firmly but the look in her eyes was of lust, not pain, as Doc emptied the syringe in her butt. This time Doc didn't ask me to rub where the needle had stuck her, he took the task upon himself. Soon his hands were all over Judi's pale butt, teasing, probing and rubbing. There was no question that he was turning Judi on because she was moaning and whimpering as she pushed her ass up at him. Abruptly, he stopped playing with Judi's butt then he asked me to hand his bag to him. Breathlessly I watched as Doc removed the plug from Judi's pussy. Seeing that most of his sperm had been drawn into Judi's womb, he invited me to look. For the first time I saw Judi's cervix. Seeing a faint trace of white fluid was drooling out of the small opening my cock jumped to full hardness.

Now that I had inspected my wife's pussy, he turned Judi over and knelt near her head as he teased her mouth with his thick cock. She tried to catch the head of his cock but each time her lips touched it he pulled back playfully. That teasing just-made Judi more determined, Doc was grinning as he would let her taste his pre-come, then pull back. Soon Judi was begging for his cock. Clearly that is what he wanted but he wanted more. Frustrated, Judi was ready to do anything to get what she wanted, when Doc told her she would have to earn the right to suck his cock she said she would do anything. With his shiny wet black cock teasing her lips he told her she had to beg him to knock her up, beg for his black baby. Judi glanced at me briefly then began begging and pleading like a drug addict for a fix. She must have said the right things because Doc moved between her legs and fitted his cock into her pussy mouth. Still, he played with her, pushing his cock in a couple inches then back. Jud i was going wild, bucking her hips up trying to get more of his cock as he told her to keep begging. My wife would have given him her soul right then.

Suddenly, Doc rammed his cock hard into Judi, knocking the breath out of her lungs as the cock head was pushed right to the entrance to her womb. Her legs went around his ass as the two of them began fucking like animals in heat. Passion was not a part of what I was seeing, just raw breeding lust. My wife asked him to get her pregnant a dozen different ways as she occasionally glanced at me. As they got closer to climaxing my wife looked at me, her eyes sparkling as she said. "Geoff, James is going to knock me up." "Do you want him to knock me up.?" Holding her hand, I leaned in and kissed her passionately before whispering in her ear that I wanted to see her belly swell with a black baby more then anything. Looking up at Doc, she told him, I wanted him to knock her up. Doc grinned and told Judi she was meant to make black babies. I think Judi was too far gone to hear the babies part, then her face tightened as her pussy took control of her body. The room shook from the force of thei r climax as I moved around to witness his black balls pumping sperm thru his thick black cock into my wife's pale white pussy. My cock exploded, spraying sperm all over the bed, as I watched my fantasy, play out before me.

In the afterglow of their climax, my eyes drank in the eroticism of seeing Doc's black flesh contrasting with Judi's pale white skin. Knowing that his sperm might be fertilizing Judi's egg kept my cock from going soft in spite of my recent climax. Judi's soft bedroom talk was directed at Doc but her words weren't lost on me as my cock quickly regained full hardness. Her words must have inspired Doc as his hips began moving. Judi looked at me and said. "Sweetie, he's going to breed me again." Moving close, I whispered. "I know, he is going to make your belly swell and your boobs leak milk."Having said that I kissed her lovingly.

Doc's strokes lengthened, then he pulled out and had Judi get in the doggy position. He told me to put the milker on her as he stuffed his cock back in her pussy. My words can't do justice to Doc's masterful fucking and the way that Judi reacted to him. Never, in the years that we had been married had I gotten Judi so fucking hot. Their raw lust was hot enough to burn the sheets. I felt my hard cock bobbing as I worked, putting the milker on Judi but I focused on building Judi's lust until it overflowed into a massive climax.

As Judi felt my put the last suction cup on her, she begged to suck my cock. Hurriedly, I laid so I could watch Doc's cock working up a froth around their union. Judi's mouth on my cock felt like magic velvet as she made love to it. Other then let me feel Doc's cock pumping in her, she wouldn't let me touch her any other place. My balls started to tingle as I noticed that Doc's strokes had changed to short jabs as he kept his cock deep in my wife. I don't know who signaled their climax first but the three of us climaxed amid grunts, groans and outcries. Seeing the ripples of his sperm race down his cock into the fertile womb of my wife, I was quite sure that very soon Judi's belly was going to be swelling.

This is just the beginning of Judi's new sex life please let me know if you want to hear more.

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    Great story. I hope my wife gets black pregnant.

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