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Summer School Teachers

Feb 8, 2013

By Rifleman1961

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I used to visit my grandfather Anders regularly when he was an old man and bound to a wheel chair. His brain was still sharp and he entertained me with stories from his life. He was a handsome man, tall and slim. He had done well for himself and lived a luxury life. My grandmother was dead and he had a maid and a private nurse to take care of him.

At my two previous visits in March -52 he had told me how his village situated in Dalecarlia, Sweden educated and trained the youngsters in lovemaking. He had told from his own experience as a boy in the village. He had promised to tell me about his experience as a teacher in this summer school at the village's mountain pasture and I was eager to hear it.

His nurse Charlotte wheeled him into the room. She was young and good-looking with a full bosom that she wasn't shy to show. Her nurse uniform was never fully buttoned up but always showed a good deal of very nice cleavage. This day at least one buttons less than normal wasn't done and she had a very low cut bra that certainly lifted her breasts. I saw a lot of very nice rounded breasts. She saw that I couldn't resist looking at her but she just smiled and bent over Anders to rewrap his blanket. When her breast nearly spilled out of her dress she smiled at me again. I got turned on directly.

Anders greeted me and we made small talk for a little while.

"Tom, I told you last time that I have been lucky in life and have had many women with my wife's approval. My mother-in-law was for many years the old broad in charge at the pasture. And my wife Ylva served as helper a number of times and I was now and then chosen to supervise the boys. So I spent several summers at the mountain pasture. Today I want to tell you how it all went the last summer my wife and I served at the pasture.

Charlotte, will you ask the maid to bring us some coffee and then you can listen too if you want."

This is the story Anders told us:

The village brought the cattle up in early June. There were to be three women, the old broad, my wife Ylva and her second cousin Inga, to run the place for the summer. Ylva was an experienced teacher. Inga was a little younger and it was her first time as a teacher at the pasture. To help and to teach they had four girls of nubile age.

I brought four boys up in late July when the harvest was finished down in the village. I really longed for my wife; it had been several weeks since we had been together.

We came to the pasture in early evening after walking a full day. The women and the girls were happy to see us. They had been lonely. They had prepared a nice evening meal and we had a good time. The evenings in this part of Sweden are long and light and it's hard to go to sleep. But eventually it was time.

There were several small houses and huts, all built for special purposes. The huts for sleeping had only one small door and no window so it was dark inside when the door was closed. My wife and her cousin shared one hut but the cousin giggling said she would leave us alone.

I made sure that the boys were tucked in properly for the night and then went inside our hut. My wife attacked me as soon as I stepped over the threshold. She was already naked.

It didn't take long until we very fucking. We were both very horny and came very quickly. We stayed embraced for a while. Then my wife wriggled free to go out and freshen up. Before she rose she whispered in my ear:

"Please, do me a favor. I have promised my cousin that you will fuck her. She is as horny as I am. We thought it would be unfair that I should get laid and she wouldn't. We both need to be calm tomorrow when we shall take on the boys. Fuck her and do your best. And show her what a real cock should look like." She giggled and squeezed my limp cock.

Now, nature has been generous and given me a big, fat cock that women like. And I have learnt how to use it to please a woman.

My knob twitched of anticipation from my wife's words. She felt it in her hand and laughed throatily. She didn't wait for an answer. She went out without bother to dress.

Almost immediately Inga came in through the door. She must have been waiting outside. She undressed rapidly in the doorway. Well - it was easily done, she only had to pull her shift over her head, and she was naked underneath. The soft light from behind her was enough to give me a good impression of her body. She looked good and she turned around to let me admire her. I immediately noticed her bushy pussy hair.

She knelt down beside me and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck. When flaccid it wasn't impressive but immediately it started to grow. She had to ease it out bit by bit when it got bigger.

She let go of my cock and kissed her way up to my lips. We kissed and then she laughed. She sounded horny indeed. She went back to my cock. I found her bottom and slit and started to caress her. Soon I found her wet pussy and began to finger fuck her. She moaned when she felt my fingers in her pussy and met my hand. She was experienced enough to keep up sucking my cock at the same time.

I let my fingers stroke over the inner front wall of her cunt searching for her sensitive spot. I must have found it because she moaned and writhed and came violently. She lost very little in her tempo on my cock, which by now was fully erect.

She recovered in no time and mounted me. She raised and placed the head of my cock at her pussy entrance. She gasped when she felt the size and hesitated a little. But then she began to impale herself but carefully. She was wet and my cock slid in easily but she had to press down to get her cunt to adjust to accommodate me. Once I was fully engulfed she began to thrust up and down, slowly at first but then more and more wildly. I got hold of her nice breasts and squeezed them and pinched her nipples, which she liked. Her moans became loud and she tried to muffle them. She reached behind and searched for my balls to caress.

Her cunt was pleasantly narrow and she flexed her muscles to increase the friction. I felt that my release was building up. I grabbed her ass and tried to make her thrust with shorter strokes. She got the message and soon we both came. It felt nice to let my seed flow into her hot cunt. She sat down for a while and then thrust a little more but my cock got limp. She lay down on top of me and we hugged before she left me. I heard some rustle and female laugh and then someone straddled my face.

"You thought you were done for the night, didn't you?" I heard my wife say above me. "I want some more though. Lick me, I want to come again."

I held her by her hips and let my tongue lick her from the clit to the butt hole. I flicked her clit several times on each turn and concentrated more and more on that and also probed her cunt. It didn't take long for her to come and she lay content at my side and we fell asleep.

"Tom, that greeting felt really good. They had really longed for me, don't you think," Anders said. "And it set the stage for the stay." - When Charlotte had come back in after ordering the coffee she had disappointed me. Her uniform was now fully buttoned up and showed no cleavage. But her breasts strained against the material. -

In early morning I woke up and went out to pee. When I came back in and lay down the two women were waiting for me. They both mounted me. One sat on my cock and one squat over my mouth. It was too dark to tell who was doing what. But it didn't matter really. They were real horny again and it didn't take long until both had an orgasm one from riding my cock and the other from my licking the pussy. They switched places and this time we all came together. Shortly afterwards we heard the old broad blow the birch-bark horn for the cattle. That was also the signal to wake up and start the day's work.

I took the boys for a look around and we decided what should be done during the weeks to follow. Mending buildings and fences was the main work but also some harvest of hay. The women were busy milking the cattle.

In the evening the boys should be introduced by the women. The procedure was the same as when I was young. It started at the lake. I was told when to send the boys over there. I couldn't resist having a look for myself so I sneaked away to a hiding place a bit further away. The women were in the lake, beautiful in their nakedness. They were completely uninhabited and gave the boys and me a good show. They got the boys undressed and inspected their erect cocks.

After supper the women took the boys into two huts and introduced them to the female charms. I was chatting with the girls and the old broad.

Later when it was bedtime the women were horny again. The boys had aroused them but hadn't been able to give them properly relief. I was happy to service first my wife and afterwards her cousin.

During the next few days the women were busy with the boys. When the boys got more experienced they were able to satisfy the women. The women made sure they did! Since each woman was teaching two boys they were spent in the evenings but they took turns to take pity on me.

One afternoon I left the boys on the pretext of inspection a fence. But my real reason was that I wanted to take a look at the girls.

I went around the lake to the hiding place from where I had a good view. The girls were playing around in the shallow water, in the nude of course. They were in their prime of youth and all looked lovely.

Two girls stood out. One girl was taller than the rest with long legs and strong, broad shoulders. Her ample breasts made her upper body seem proportionate though. She carried herself with self-esteem; the shoulders held back showing her nice breasts. She had the typical Swedish light-blond hair, which also covered her mons. She was already impressive and would certainly become a grand woman.

The other girl was the best looking and had a great figure, curvy with full bosom and bottom. She was a brunette but her pubic bush was almost black. For being such a young girl her bush was already thick with long silky hair. Her breasts and ass swung and bounced when she moved. She was sexy.

"Tom, I must admit that the girls turned me on," Anders said. "Of course they were forbidden fruit. But I was a man in my prime age. I guess that's why Ylva and Inga made sure to get me laid every night." - Charlotte was sitting in a chair. Somehow a button in the middle of her uniform had come undone. -

The Saturday in the third week came. The boys had been at the pasture for nearly three weeks and had been taught how to behave with women. They had fucked every day and experienced both women. Now it was time for the girls to find out about the real thing. That was the entertainment for Saturday night.

At dinner the atmosphere was tense. The girls giggled between themselves and the boys looked shyly at them. They didn't know what would happen, only that they should be together.

When the work was done for the day and the cattle had been let out to graze we all gathered on the lawn between the huts. The sun was still up and it was a warm evening.

"You have been here to learn how to be a good husband or wife," the old broad began. "You boys have been taught how to make love to a woman and have got some practice. You have behaved well my helpers say, but you are not fully trained yet. You will continue in the week to come. You girls have got a thorough theoretical knowledge and also some practice with objects. But there is nothing like the real thing, the soft, yet hard and pulsating erect cock. And also to feel the reactions and strength of a partner and adjust to it. During the coming week you will be taught how to make love and be allowed to practice it with the boys. Tonight you will get acquainted with the male organ. You will learn how to arouse a man and how to give him head until he comes. You should take his come in your mouth and swallow at least some to taste it."

She paired the youngsters. They stood shyly at each other's side.

"Let us start," the old broad said solemnly. "Ylva and Anders, will you please get ready to demonstrate how the male organ functions."

The teaching was taken seriously. My wife and I undressed. The old broad began telling how to arouse a man and my wife followed her instructions. I caressed my wife when possible. She kissed her way down my body before she knelt in front of me. She took my cock and began stroking it gently. She kissed the tip and sucked it into her mouth when it got erect enough. Suddenly she withdrew and held the cock straight out. I heard the girls gasp. They had never before seen an erect male cock and mine was something to see, long and fat. My wife continued to fondle it and wrapped her breasts around it. Then she knelt down in front of me again and began to suck on it seriously. All the time I heard the old broad highlight the proceedings. My wife looked up at me and smiled. She put more effort in and I could feel my orgasm building up. I told them all that I was near. My wife slowed down to give the old broad time to explain what was going on and how the girls could judge when a man was near to come. My wife resumed her doing and also took hold of my balls. The old broad explained how to caress the balls to help a man to come. My wife put all her skill in to finish me off. When I came she withdrew to let the girls see the flow of my come but positioned herself so she could direct most of my come into her mouth. Some she let splash on her face though. When I had finished she looked at the girls and swallowed my come. She licked her lips and then sucked my cock dry. She smiled and stood and we embraced.

I felt that her pussy was wet. I scooped her up and slowly laid her down on the grass. I got down on her and licked her pussy. It didn't take long until she came.

"You have seen how a woman can arouse and please a man with her hands and mouth and how a man can do the same to a woman. Now it's your turn to practice with the boys," the old broad said to the girls.

The four pairs slowly and shyly undressed. It was a lovely sight to see all these young naked bodies, so shy but eager at the same time.

The girls touched the cocks in front of them. They were a little shy to begin with and very careful in their touch. But they soon learned that the cock wasn't fragile. The boys were easy to arouse as soon as they forgot to be shy and only concentrated on the girl before them.

They all repeated the performance my wife and I had given. We adults were there all the time giving advice and encouraging the youth. All four couples soon reached the target. The boys came first and then went down on their girl.

"OK, now I think you all are finished," the old broad said at last. "You have done well. It's enough for tonight. Tomorrow you girls will learn how a cock feels inside you. But now it's time for bed."

"Tom, imagine the scene with four young naked couples, it was lovely to see," Anders said. - Charlotte was unusually calm sitting straight in her chair. At the other occasions she had been turned on. But another button near the hem of her dress had come undone. -

The following day work was done us usual. But the youngsters were tense, especially the girls.

After dinner we all gathered again.

"To night we will start the lectures how to make love for real. We will start with the most common position and during the coming nights we will study other good positions. And you are going to practice them," the old broad introduced the evening's activities.

"Ylva and Anders, are you ready? Good, let's begin with the most common position called the missionary." The old broad called us forward.

My wife and I undressed and lay down on a mattress. I had to make her hot before entering her and used my hands and tongue but it didn't take long. My wife liked being watched. She made sure that I got hard as well.

She signaled to the old broad that she was ready. She positioned herself on her back with slightly raised legs. The old broad explained to the girls. I entered her and fucked slowly for a while. Then the old broad had me to withdraw. She put a cushion under Ylva's hips and I was allowed to enter again. The old broad and my wife showed how a woman could change the pressure on her clit and the angle of her cunt by lifting her legs or put her feet on the ground and lift her hips and pussy. In the last part of the lesson they showed how the woman could put her legs around the male from the thighs to the waist and we ended it with her legs on my shoulders. By then I was eager to come and so was my wife. We fucked for pleasure and my wife changed her position without being told. It became a repeat performance and in the end we both came in a mutual nice orgasm.

After we had calmed down the old broad paired the youngsters.

We adults did as the night before. Watched and gave advice when necessary.

The boys hadn't yet much staying power although it helped that they had had their turns with the women earlier in the day. But all girls got an orgasm. Two of the girls shoved that they had got the hang of it and really liked to fuck. They made sure they got at least another orgasm. The two boys looked proud.

The old broad had the youngsters to sit in a tight group and discuss the experience. She gave some feedback and a few tips how to improve and get more out of it.

The next evening we rested. The girls were supposed to think about what they had learned so far and let it sink in. The old broad started to check out the boys, to see if they were properly trained and able to satisfy also an old woman. The first was invited to her hut and did well for himself judging from the cries of the old broad. My wife and her cousin tried to ignore it but they seemed pleased with their pupil. There was an official reason for her involvement but my guess was that it was a way to let her enjoy young eager cocks.

On Tuesday evening we all gathered again. This time we should practice fucking from behind. I knew it wasn't the favorite of my wife. She didn't like being submissive and being fucked from behind made her feel being out of control. But she let me have her that way now and then and she admitted that she liked the deep, hard penetration.

When the old broad called for us to get ready my wife surprised me. She pushed Inga forward. Of course I know from the previous nights that Inga liked it from behind. But that Ylva would let me screw Inga in public was a pleasant surprise.

"She has to get used to fuck before an audience. She might be the experienced teacher next year," my wife whispered to me

We started to demonstrate the doggy position and the possibilities it gave the man to fondle the woman's body and especially the breasts. We went on to the standing position with the woman leaning forward in different angles over a chair and nearly upright leaning against a tree. We ended up showing how to fuck with the woman lying face down with raised hips. Inga got so excited that she came in the middle of the lecture leaning against the tree. After a short pause we continued the demonstration. I got a very pleasant orgasm lying on her back after she had got her second.

The youngsters had been paired in advance and began immediately to fuck with great ardor. It was obvious that all the girls had got the hang of it and enjoyed having sex. Nobody was shy anymore. Cries of pleasure soon filled the air.

"Tom, I really liked to fuck Inga in front of the audience and especially my wife. It is always a turn on," Anders said. - Charlotte still looked calm and sat straight in her chair. But now all buttons except the top three were undone. -

Wednesday evening we rested. The second boy was called to the old broad. My wife told me that she was a bit worried because he wasn't very good at it. He was very shy. And her worries proved right. It took a long time before we heard a small cry from the old broad. It was weak and nothing compared to what the first boy got out of her. The old broad told the women to give him extra lessons.

Thursday evening came and the anticipation from the girls was high. They didn't know what would be taught. This night we demonstrated positions with the female riding the male.

I lay on my back and my wife straddled me. She showed how to fondle my upper body with her breasts and how to let her pussy slip over my cock that lay along my stomach. She showed how her pussy lips could surround the cock. She made me hard and slowly impaled herself on my cock and started to fuck with long slow strokes. The old broad was standing at our side pointing out details. My wife let her upper body rest on my chest and then slowly raised her back and step by step leaned back. She ended up lying almost flat backwards supporting herself on her elbows and with her legs under my armpits. She came in that position her whole body trembling.

The old broad asked my wife to raise and change position to face my feet instead. My wife rose and again surprised me. Inga had been standing by and it was her already wet pussy that now engulfed my cock. She eagerly thrust up and down my shaft and slowly repeated my wife's performance leaning backwards ending up lying nearly flat on top of me. She sat straight up again and started some serious fucking. Soon she had us hot and we forgot that we had an audience. I grabbed her hips and met her thrusts. We both came in very satisfying orgasms close to each other.

Friday evening was fuck free. But the old broad summoned the two remaining boys into her hut, one after another. Ylva and Inga lingered around outside trying to look calm. But their release was very obvious on their faces when they heard the moans and cries from the old broad. The third boy was passing with flying colors and the fourth boy wasn't bad either.

Saturday night was to be the big finale. The boys hadn't been laid by the women that day and were thus more eager than usual. The girls had spent some time fixing themselves up. The dinner had been good. We all were in good mood.

"We have come to the end of our adult school," the old broad said. "You have been good pupils and are now well prepared for marriage life. Tonight we will show you something that is a little out of the normal and maybe you will never practice it. But it is good to have the knowledge about it if your future spouses want to try something new. Remember, marriage life can become dull but if you are innovative that can be overcome. Let's begin."

She looked at me and I stepped forward. I was expecting my wife to follow but she didn't. Neither did her cousin. Something was up.

"We will show you how the woman can take the man up her ass," the old broad said, a huge grin on her face. "It is not the most common way of making love but could be agreeable for a change. Neither is it commonly accepted so be careful if and when you suggest it. Now, Anders is huge and Ylva doesn't like it and Inga doesn't think she can accommodate him, so I will have the honor. Come on Anders, I am waiting."

She hastily undressed. I did the same but my cock wasn't standing at full attention. She knelt before me and took me in her mouth. She was good in cock sucking and had me hard in no time.

She withdrew and looked critically at my cock. She decided it was hard enough. She knelt and stood on her hands and knees and urged me to come to her. I knelt behind her and stroked through her slit. It was moist and her clit was a little erect. She was really looking forward to this. I knew that she liked anal fucking. I caressed her for a while. My wife was standing by with a jar of oil.

I dipped my fingers in the jar and began to probe her butt hole. A spasm went through her body when she felt my finger against her muscle. It was easy to get in and I soon added another finger and then a third. She had good muscle control and the muscles let my fingers pass inside with only little resistance. Mean while, my wife described the proceedings to the youngsters.

The old broad was ready. I stroked again over her clit, which now was fully erect. Her pussy was wet. I teased her for a while and rubbed her clit.

I withdrew and dipped my cock in the jar before putting the oily ram against her hole. She pressed back and moaned of anticipation. With short jabs I made my way inside her ass canal. It was hot and narrow and her muscle closed nicely around my shaft. It didn't take long until I was in to the hilt. My balls pressed against her ass cheeks. We started to fuck with long slow strokes leaving only my cock head inside on the outbound stroke.

I reached under and searched for her clit and stroked it in rhythm with the thrusts. The old broad responded and expressed her delight by moans and cries. She was noisy and that was a bonus. It is lovely to fuck a woman who clearly expresses her satisfaction.

I could feel the muscles in her canal flex and grip tighter around my cock. Her moans got higher and her cries more frequent. Her orgasm was near and there was no doubt when she came. She screamed and her muscles flexed hard and held my cock so tight that I couldn't move it.

I stood over her for a while. When I felt her muscles relax I started to thrust into her again. She cried out when my first stroke hit her but soon she joined me with alacrity. We fucked nearly as wildly as if I had been in her cunt. She had no problem to accommodate me and she met my inward strokes hard although her big ass served as a shock absorber. She got noise again and I also felt my orgasm approaching. I caressed her clit and she got really wild. I had difficulties to stay inside her ass when she wriggled her body in ecstasy. But it made it for me too. I let go with a groan of my own that matched hers.

We had a very powerful and satisfying orgasm together. She fell forward on the ground and I rested on top of her for a while.

My wife came and smacked my ass, telling me to get off the old broad.

"Even if she is tough, you might crush her," she said laughing. "Let her up, we have to go on with the lecture."

When I rose I saw them all staring at us with lust on their faces. I understood that we had given a performance they had never expected.

"Tom, I guess that especially the girls never though that the old broad would have feelings like what she just had expressed" Anders said. "That made them think." - Charlotte had given up her composure. She had suddenly moved to a high- backed deep chair facing away from us. In doing so her totally unbuttoned dress had accidentally flashed open and revealed that she was naked underneath. I got a quick glimpse of her nice full breasts and bushy muff. -

The youngsters were as usual paired. They were told to chose a position of their liking and then fuck with as many variations as they could figure out.

"And you boys, make sure your girl gets at least two orgasms, " the old broad said. "And then you shall switch partners."

It was lovely to see these four young couples do their best to please each other and explore the possibilities.

"Have you seen those two, they really like it. And look how the girl handles that shy boy," my wife whispered to me.

A plain looking girl was paired with the shy boy. She obviously loved to fuck and was really good at to get her boy to do his best. The boy was shy but he was well endowed. But he had not yet realized what an asset he had between his legs. The girl encouraged him, praised his performance and was skilful herself. And she got rewarded. He gave her two orgasms before he entered her. She had her third together with him and a fourth when he licked her pussy after they had come. Then she used her talents to get him up and ready again and they fucked for a long time. How many orgasms she got during that session I don't know but they both looked totally spent and happy when they finished.

"She will be a good, loving wife for the right husband," my wife said. "And I bet she will be an excellent teacher at this place later in life. She really has got it."

The youngsters had a good time fucking all evening with rest in between. They mingled and switched partners all the time and had real fun. Ylva and Inga were busy handing out a special drink that made girls horny and helped the boys to perform. There was also special oil for the pussies for them to apply.

Ylva and Inga got horny during the night seeing all the pleasure going on. They gave me plenty of the drink and I had to serve them both several times with my hand, tongue and cock. But it was a pleasure.

We also had a big fire when dusk finally came. That added to the joy of watching the couples. But eventually the evening came to an end. We were all spent and wanted no more. The girls had taken care of their precautions and it was time for bed.

"Tom, I won't go into more details about this evening," Anders said. "I told you about my own experience as a boy last time and it is pretty much the same." - Charlotte was half lying in her big easy chair, her back at us. Now and then soft moans could be heard. -

Sunday was the last day. In the evening people from the village would come to help closing the pasture and on the Tuesday morning we would be going back home.

The shy boy passed his "exam" with the old broad just after breakfast. Inga and Ylva were happy. They had done their best to educate the boys who seemed to have got the knowledge required to be good husbands. The rest was up to them. And the girls were also well prepared. I had seen that a couple of them would become real good mistresses given a good husband. The rest would be above average.

In the morning after milking the cows the girls went to the lake for a last session with the old broad and the women. I sent the boys to bring back equipment from a remote part of the pasture.

I moved around doing small things. After about an hour one of the girls came looking for me. It was the curvy girl. She was barefoot and wore only a white thin shift. It left no question that she was naked underneath. Her black bush and dark nipples were clearly visible. She didn't seem to mind.

"The old broad asks you to join us at the lake," she said.

She waited until I had finished what I was doing and then walked a few paces ahead of me. Her body showed through her shift and she walked with exaggerated movements. She deliberately tried to arouse me.

She secretly looked over her shoulder to make sure I followed. Then she pulled her shift off in the stride. She made a half pirouette and walked backwards some paces. She gave me a good look at her full breasts and dark bush before she turned around again and on light feet ran ahead of me. Her hips wriggled and her ass bounced. She was a lovely sight.

When we got to the lake another adorable sight met me. All the girls and the women were naked letting the sun caress their lovely bodies. They had been naked a lot during the summer so they had a deep overall tan.

The old broad approached me.

"Anders, since you are here we would like to take the opportunity to teach the girls how to handle a big cock like yours. It's good for them so that they don't get shocked if they get an well-endowed husband. It's also good they get the experience so they don't overestimate the importance of such a big thing. I have told them that size itself is not so important as the way the man handles what he has got. You are willing to let them test your tool, aren't you?"

Well, I had no objections. I had lusted after these girls for weeks now but I had never thought I would get an opportunity. But now I was offered one and with my wife's approval!

The old broad led me towards the girls. They gathered around me, a little shy to begin with.

The plain looking girl was brave. She tugged at my clothing and soon had me undressed. Hesitantly she reached out for my cock but as soon she had her hand around it she got bold. She started to fondle me. When my cock didn't react fast enough she knelt before me and took me in her mouth. She licked and sucked me with a skill that surprised me. She had only practiced it a few times before, on a real cock that is.

She got problems keeping my growing cock deep in her mouth. She withdrew and smilingly looked up at me. Then another girl knelt beside her and started to lick. Soon all four girls were kneeling before me and took turns fondling, licking and sucking on my cock.

The old broad stood by, watching. After a while she interrupted the girls.

"Girls, girls," she said. "Don't get him too excited. You have a lot more experience to get from him. Anders, will you lay down and let the girls straddle you, please."

That wasn't a request but more an order. But it promised heaven so I willingly obliged.

I lay down on my back. The girls watched my proud erect cock. The same girl as before was the first to approach me and stood by my side. I put my hand on her leg and let it slide upwards on the inside. She opened her legs to give me access to her pussy. I stroked over her lips and felt that she was hot and wet. I caressed her pussy and clit for a while not knowing what she was supposed to do.

The old broad came forward.

"Now girl, mount him and impale yourself on his cock. That's the best way if you are afraid that he is too big. You have control in that position."

The girl didn't hesitate after that. She knelt over me and put my cock at her entrance. She lifted herself slightly and then slowly inserted my cock in her hot cunt with careful but determined movements. I saw lust in her face. She thrust up and down but had no real problems to accommodate me. Soon she had all of me inside and she started to fuck with long strokes. Suddenly she sat down, flexed her inner muscles and cried out. She came. She fell forward and rested on my chest until the other girls dragged her off me.

Another girl stood over me, one leg on each side. I reached up and found her pussy. In her position it was easy to stick a finger in her cunt and caress her clit. It was the lovely curvy girl with big breasts who had teased me on our way to the lake. It must have aroused her as well. She was ready to fuck. She louvered herself and shuddered when she felt my cock at her entrance. She was narrow and she had to work me inside slowly and a little at a time. But in the end she also was able to accommodate me in full. After that she didn't need more than a few thrusts before she came, maybe my hand on her clit helped as well. She hugged me and then rose.

The tall girl was next. She straddled my head facing my feet. She put her cunt over my mouth. She wanted to be licked which I did. She responded by licking my balls and put my cock along her face. She sucked my balls into her mouth one by one. I could feel that she was ready when she rose, turned around and knelt over me. She impaled herself on my cock with short slow strokes, very determined but carefully. She cried out a few times but in the end she had taken all of me in. She grinned when she realized that and laughed throatily. Then she fucked. Not careful but with long hard strokes. I felt my cock head bump into her but she didn't seem to mind. She was in her own world. I reached for her breast and her clit and that made it. She came while screaming high.

The last girl seemed to be shy. She approached me hesitantly and just stood beside me. I tried to reach her pussy but she didn't open up. But I could feel her wetness anyhow. She was aroused but to shy to show it.

I sat up and dragged the girl down. She fell and lay on her back with her legs opened. Her pussy was bared for me to see and caress. I soon discovered that she was wet and ready. She moaned high when I stroked her pussy and clit.

"Come to me," she whispered. "Take me, I want it this way," she begged.

I looked at the old broad who nodded.

I knelt between her legs and started to enter her. I made it very slow, watching her reactions all the time. But she wasn't hard to penetrate. Maybe she was shy but she was roomy. Broad hips gave plenty of room. She had learnt how to lift her legs and adjust to the penetrating cock. I was fully inside her without much trouble. She only moaned a couple of times. I rested when I was fully inside but now she wanted action. She started to buck under me and lifted her hips. She was strong. She lifted both of us in the air. I got the message and fucked her with long hard strokes. I didn't take long until I heard her moan and she bucked wildly. A spasm went through her body when she came.

She lay motionless under me, her legs straight. I tried to move but she wanted no more. I withdrew and looked around. The girls were sitting near by, watching. They looked content. Suddenly I saw Inga and my wife. They looked aroused and so did the old broad. I saw the three of them exchange glances and my wife nodded.

The old broad came up to me. She took my cock and jacked it a few times. Then she knelt facing away from me, standing on her hands and knees. Her rump was up in the air.

I looked at my wife. She smiled and gestured to me to go ahead. Did she allow me to fuck the old broad? Yes, she clearly did.

I knelt and put my cock at the entrance. I had seen and smelt that she was aroused. Her inner lips protruded. I slid in easily and she met me hard when I thrust into her. She had marvelous muscle control and used her inner muscles to tighten her cunt on my outbound strokes. Then she varied her grip around my cock. My arousal started to rise and I banged real hard into her. She began to cry out loud, just the way I had heard her do when she fucked the boys. I knew she was on her way too. I reached under us and found her clit. I rubbed it rather hard knowing that she wanted it a little rough. I banged harder into her. It did it. She screamed, her tune rising from deep to a very high pitch. She flexed her inner muscles real hard and kept me deep inside when we both came.

We kept our position for a while. Then she raised her upper body and I put my arms around her. I found her heavy breasts and fondled them. She obviously liked to be hold and took this opportunity for a little body contact.

"Thank you, I needed that," she whispered.

She sighed and we parted. My wife came over to me, smiled and hugged me. She was aroused and we went into the water for a swim and a clean up. All the others followed.

"Tom, that was a marvelous adventure, wasn't it?" Anders said. "My dream came true. I was allowed to enjoy all four lovely girls. And it was topped by the old broad and her excellent cunt." - Charlotte was still moaning in her chair. -

I lay on my back in the sun and lazily watched all the lovely naked females around me. The warmth of the sun got into my body. I hadn't had that many opportunities to be in the nude and had some catch up to do compared to the women. The heat from the sun felt very pleasant on my cock, which reacted by growing. No real erection though but it got visible longer and fatter where it rested on my stomach.

I looked at Ylva and Inga. My wife was after several children still an eye-catcher and the best looking of the two. Inga was shorter and a bit sturdy. Her body was strong and especially her thighs were very muscular.

I dozed and dreamed pleasant dreams. I noted back in my head that the girls and the old broad left. Ylva and Inga were talking but eventually it got quiet. I assumed that they had gone back to their duties as well.

My dreams got even more pleasant. I dreamed that my wife caressed me with her breasts and fondled my cock. I felt my cock being engulfed in her mouth. I woke up realizing that it must be more than a dream. I looked up and saw that Inga was kneeling beside me sucking my cock. She looked at me and smiled.

"Inga has always thought that taking a cock up the ass will hurt not to mention a fat thing like yours. I have told her that it can be done but she hasn't believed me. But she saw last night that the old broad had no problems whatsoever," I heard my wife say in a low husky voice beside me. " I have promised that you will volunteer if she wants to find out. Don't you?" She giggled. "Not that she was hard to persuade, even if she is a butt virgin, rather the contrary," she added. "The old broad and you gave quite a performance last night and this morning have made us horny again."

"Of course Inga, I will be glad to be at your service," I giggled.

I lay back and let Inga do the work. She was good at sucking cock but I was in no hurry. I enjoyed and tried to held back, causing the erection to grow slowly. But at last I was as hard as I would get.

Inga realized that as well. She mounted me and sat down on my cock. She demonstrated her strong thighs by sitting on her heels effortlessly. Her pussy was hot and slippery and she slid down on me with little difficulty.

And she began to fuck me. Her strong thighs and squatting position allowed her to move up and down forcefully on my shaft. I helped as much as I could by fondling her breasts and clit. She soon got her sought after orgasm.

She rested only shortly. She then rose and went down on her hands and knees.

"Come on, take me in the ass but be careful," she begged hoarsely.

I knelt behind her and stroked my cock through her crack and up over her clit a number of times. I withdrew and put my thumb over her butt hole and pressed. She shuddered when she felt it but pressed back. My wife was suddenly there and put some oil on my fingers. I probed with one finger and eased it inside her with little resistance. Two fingers were harder to get inside but her muscle relaxed after a while. The same procedure with three fingers took slightly longer but wasn't a problem in the end.

Now it was time for the real thing. My wife put oil over Inga's butt hole and my cock. I placed it at the brown entrance and pressed gently. Her muscle flexed instantly blocking the way and Inga shuddered. I kept the pressure up though and her muscle gradually and slowly began to loosen up. Inga tried a few backward pushes and I slipped a little way in. Inga got bolder and pushed back real hard at the same time as I used a few short jabs. Inga cried out when I suddenly slipped in past the muscle with my cock head. I held still and felt the muscle grip tight just behind the head. I reached under Inga and found her breasts to fondle. She liked it. Then I searched to find her pussy and when I gently stroked over her clit she pressed back against me, causing my cock to slip further up her canal. She moved carefully back and forth and soon she had got all of me up her ass canal.

Inga let out a cry of proud and delight when she felt my balls at her ass. She kept still accommodating all of my cock in her ass.

"Ylva, I did it. He is in my ass to the hilt and it feels great. I am totally filled up. But I was able to accommodate him. Oh, I love to have this big cock up there," she exclaimed triumphantly. "Anders, fuck me but go slow."

I started to fuck her starting with short slow strokes but gradually using longer strokes until I nearly withdrew on the backstroke. She was tight but her canal was slick and I only had to use moderate force to get back in.

She moaned more and more and it didn't take long until she came. I had kept my hand over her pussy, caressing her all the time. Her inner muscles tightened when she came and held me steady but soon they relaxed.

She bucked under me wanting more. We fucked real hard until I felt that I was on the way. I told her and asked for permission to come.

"Please do," she cried, "I will come with you."

I fucked for my own pleasure and let myself loose. When I came and let my come flow into her canal she came as well. She pressed herself back at me; her inner muscles flexed and squeezed the drops out me.

She fell forward and I rested on her back, still buried in her. Her ass cheeks were soft to rest on. She wriggled slightly under me to make my cock move in her canal until I slid out of her.

"Tom, I must say that it feels good to successfully introduce a woman to something new," Anders said. "Inga really liked to have my cock up her virgin ass. She later got devoted to it, I tell you." - Charlotte was moaning and writhed in her chair. -

We stood and I put my arms around the waists of my two women. I kissed them both and the three of us went into the water to freshen up. I caressed their bodies and breasts. They giggled and let me do it for a while. But eventually my practical wife put an end to it by saying that either I stop or I had to make love to her as well. And that I wasn't able to do for the time being. We went out of the water to dry and get dressed.

"Inga, what do you say. Shall we have the boys to fuck us this afternoon in the way we talked about? Did the experience this morning wipe away your doubts," I heard my wife say to Inga in a low voice. But I got the feeling that she intended me to hear.

"Well, I don't know. Let's think about it a little more," Inga whispered back.

After lunch Inga and Ylva had a session with the boys. They also were at the lake. I had got curios about what they intended to do. My wife had refused to tell me although she had let me hear her question to Inga. But lust filled her eyes when I asked her and she smiled and winked at me. So I went to my secret hiding place to see what they had planned.

The women talked to the boys for a while. I couldn't hear clearly because they sat close together and talked in low voices. Then suddenly they all started to undress. It was quickly done, they didn't had much clothing on. The boys began to fondle the women and to stroke their cocks and soon they all had a nice erection. Inga and Ylva tested their hardness by sucking each one for a while. Then the women lay back and urged the boys to go down on them. The boys paired and one caressed the upper part and the other the lower part of their bodies. I could hear from the moans and cries that the women liked it and the boys soon got them over the brink to orgasm.

The women rested only shortly. They got together whispering to each other. Lustful smiles spread over their faces when they nodded, parted and went back to the boys.

They talked to the boys for a little while, explaining something. The semi-erect cocks suddenly went up to full mast and I heard the women laugh throatily. Inga took two boys by their cocks and led them a few paces to the side. My wife stayed with the other two boys. The women made sure the cocks were hard.

They had one each of their boys to lie down and mounted him. Once they had impaled themselves on the cocks they leaned forward. They said something to the other boy who approached and put the cock at the women's butt entrances. They had selected the boys with the slimmest cocks to take them in the butt. The boys humped for a while before they slid in but once he was inside all three in each pair started to fuck. The cries filled the air and it didn't take long until they started to come. Not simultaneously, I noticed, both boys in each pair came before the woman did. Afterwards they all looked happy and content though.

I met Inga and Ylva when they came back from the lake. They said that the boys had behaved themselves and had been given a new experience. They said that it had been pleasant for them too.

"So, now you like being taken in the butt?" I asked Inga, as innocently as I could. "And being taken in the pussy as well," I added giggling.

Inga blushed and looked at my wife. She just laughed.

"So you liked the show?" She said. "I thought you would be peeping."

In the evening village people came and we had a pleasurable dinner. The following day we closed the pasture for the season and went back to the village.

- - -

"Tom, what do you say about that," my grandfather Anders asked. "Wasn't that a wonderful way to get a lot of women with the permission from the wife? Oh, by the way did I tell you the name of the old broad? Her name was Karin, the woman who was my teacher at the pasture when I was a boy. She also became my mother-in-law. That happened now and then in our village. But no harm done. She knew what was in store for her daughter."

"That was quite an amazing story," I said. I was aroused "What happened then?"

"Oh, my wife and I moved from the village and then the war came. It seemed that the tradition died during that period. Pity, wasn't it?" Anders said. "But now I think we have had enough for today. Good by, Tom. See you soon I hope. Charlotte, it's time for our little cuddle and nap."

Charlotte had been moaning in her chair. Her moaning had reached a peak and then she was quiet. Now she rose to wheel Anders out of the room. Her dress was completely undone but she didn't care. She had to walk around some furniture to come behind Anders' wheel chair but did nothing to keep her uniform dress together. When she moved it opened up and gave me a long unobstructed view of her body. She looked marvelous and her muff bush glistened.

She got behind the wheel chair and started to push. She took the long route to the door to have her back to me. I was a little disappointed at first. But suddenly the dress was tucked to one side of her body. Her backside was totally naked. She had to lean a little forward when pushing the chair. She wriggled her hips and her ass cheeks bounced. Her thigh muscles stretched when she pushed the chair the few steps to the door. She was stunning also from the back. In the doorway she turned her head and smiled at me. Then they were gone.

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