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The Wife's Work Attire Change

Oct 10, 1999

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My Wife's Work Attire Change
by Iluv R. Moore

My wife always had dressed routinely for work. The closest thing she
ever wore to being sexy was her short shorts. I had encouraged her
to wear dresses with sexy panties and no bra, but she had always
said she could never do this without getting immediate over
attention in the hospital that she works. She must change into an OR
gown when she works, so the other women in the lockerroom would
certainly not miss her attire. However, last week Thursday when she
was leaving for work, I noticed that she was wearing a new
Bib-overalls, nothing overly sexy but a dress.

She came home from work a little later than usual and more tired
than usual. She decided to take a nap before going to one of our
daughter's summer sporting events. I had to drive my daughter to get
her there on time so I could not start any exploring, but this is
what I saw before I left. I went into the bedroom to gather what I
needed and there she was curled up on the bed. Since she was
sleeping quite hard, she was not aware of her dress. It was hiked up
to the bottom of her cute ass cheeks. I had a perfect view of sexy
transparent panties that barely covered her. They had thonged out in
the crack of her ass and bunched up by her delightful pussy.
However, I thought I noticed some staining from what I do not know.

Since I was off Friday and my one daughter, the laundry person for
the week, had to do some volunteer work in the morning, I
volunteered to help her with the laundry. I went downstairs and
immediately got all the clothes to sort. Of course, I was looking
for a certain pair of panties. When I found them I was able to
confirm that she had indeed soiled them. As my hands quivered, I
dared to raise them to my nose. I cannot believe that I have given
my wife the green light but she is afraid to indulge me directly. In
the middle of her panties, a slight discoloration showed signs of a
possible orgasm. The aroma was musty just like my wife's pussy and
the scent of sperm. It appeared that someone had given a healthy
load of love juice sometime yesterday at work.

On Friday, she put on the same dress again. I had to check this out
while things were hot. Since I am totally free on Friday to do as I
please (although I normally work on the computer at home), I took
some time off to shop with one of my daughter's near where she
works. I then said maybe we could surprise her. So, my daughter and
I waited in the parking lot. I intentionally boxed myself in to
"let" her escape. Sure enough, she came out to her car as one of her
male co-workers walked with her. They got into separate cars and
drove off in the same direction. I "cursed" saying that I missed her
and that we might as well head home and try again some other time. I
asked my daughter not to say anything because that would spoil our
future surprise. I tailed her the best I could on the way home,
thinking it had been a mistake to have brought my daughter. I was
very lucky when I saw them pull into a local bar. I continued
driving home without letting my daughter know what I had seen. All I
had to do was tell her to choose the radio station and her attention
from her 45-year old, sized 7 petite, 100% Italian mother was easily
diverted. Once home, I went back out in a hurry.

I pulled into a lot across the street having noticed there cars were
still there. I waited patiently and within a very short time they
emerged together. They looked around as if checking out who might be
watching, but the fact that the area was crowded also supplied me
with excellent unobtrusive cover. He walked her to her car. Once
again, they looked around and both climbed in to the back seat.

Although they were well-hidden in the shade of trees in the parking
lot, I could easily make out what was happening. I saw them embrace
each other and I saw her shaking her head no. They embraced more and
kissed passionately. I could only imagine that their tongues were
probing each others' mouths. After some time, I saw her lean back as
he was reaching in front of her. The next thing I noticed was my
wife's bare knees flexing up and down just above the height of the
window ledge. Her legs always bend this way when I finger fuck her,
so he must have been working her slutty pussy over. At this point, I
noticed that my dick was as hard as it has ever been. I guess I
wanted my fantasy to come true!

After a short time, I saw her push him away and thought...well...the
afterwork slut show is over. However, they began to talk quite a
bit. She nodded her head yes and bent over. Her head had disappeared
only to be seen once in awhile above the window ledge. He was facing
her the whole time. Next, I saw his arms extended above where her
the top of her head must have been. I only wish I could have gotten
closer to see my slut wife giving this guy head in the back of our
car in the late afternoon. I had to take my dick out and stroke it
because I was hornier than hell. I was careful not to expose myself.
It would be funny to get arrested beating off in a public lot while
my wife got away sexing away across the street!

She continued to keep her head mostly out of view for some time
until he raised her up and kissed her. He knew her secret. Once she
has had a cock in her mouth, her pussy begins to drip. I could only
imagine how her clit was now fully erect and excited. Without any
resistance, I saw him raise my little petite (119 lbs.) wife onto
his lap. At this point she started bouncing up and down on his lap.
My wife was fucking her co-worker in the back lot of a local
watering-hole. I knew she did not have the dress on for nothing!

When the rocking and rolling was over, I quickly vied toward home.
When I arrived, I found out the both our daughters had left notes as
to the Friday evening plans. I quickly called them and told them no
problem. I could not wait for my wife to come home.

When she arrived home, I captured her in the doorway. She was
squirming and saying that she had to go to the bathroom. I pulled
down my shorts and said that the kids were gone and we could play.
She was still very unwilling. I began to kiss her, fondle her, and
tell her how desirable she is. I asked her if she was having fun
taking such a big risk. She looked at me with horror and I simply
continued to say it was risky for her to be on her knees in the
kitchen, giving me a blowjob, with the side and front doors open.
Our neighbors could come to the door at any minute. She sighed a
huge relief and I was loving it. I told her I have always wanted her
to act slutty, so why not get down and suck me in our kitchen. She
smiled at this time, I suppose I had finally triggered the residual
lovemaking effect, and sunk to her knees. Once she has cock in her
mouth, as I have already mentioned, she needs to get fucked!

I let her suck my cock for awhile but could not wait to explore her
pussy. I finally got her up and moved her to the living room. I
closed the drapes as to not discourage her at all. I could not let
her escape because I knew she wanted to clean up. I kept kissing her
and feeling her. I reached down and discovered a fucking drenched
pussy. She said that I really excited her. I knew differently,
however, she felt she could get away with it. I kissed my way down
her body and she tensed a little as I began to lick her love hole.
It reeked of sex and had gobs of sperm matted in her pubic hair. I
told her that she must really be excited because she was
extraordinarily wet. She told me that our impromptu sex made her
that way. Normally, the kids are always around.

As I was savoring the flavor of her freshly fucked pussy, my mind
went back to the parking lot. My prim and proper wife finally
permitted herself to have one more man than me. After getting her
all worked up again, I sank my dick into her. The feeling, let me
tell you, of my dick sloshing around a cum-drenched fuck hole is
indescribable. Let me put it this way. Do you remember when you were
very young and you were getting one of your first pieces of ass?
Your girlfriend was probably saying "don't cum" while you were
fucking in her folks living room or some other risky place. This was
the sensation for me. I put my dick in and the feeling overwhelmed
my balls. I pounded like crazy but lasted only a moment. However,
like being young, my dick stayed hard and I slowly fucked her again.
I love my secret wife slut! I just hope she does more with more. I
would eat her out after she pulls a train!

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