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Oct 10, 1999

By affinity

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Inter., Impreg., oral

Looking back, I realize, I was truly lucky. There were times I
had strong challenges, times when I wondered if I should have my
head examined, for pushing myself so hard. By the time I was
thirty-two I was able to retire and live off of my investments.
Somewhere in that mad dash I met and married Amber and had two

Amber is built for sex. Even after having two wonderful kids
she still looks like a teenager. Her B cup boobs are still so firm
she goes braless most of the time. Her belly is flat and her butt is
just as firm and shapely as a gymnast. Speaking about her boobs, the
only reason she wears a bra at all is to contain her huge nipples.
I'm not talking about her slightly cone-shaped areola, but her inch
and a half long nipples.

Amber's nipples caught my eye the first time I saw her, and it
was my treatment of those jewels that made her want to marry me. I
won't bore you with our early years except to tell you that we fell
deeply in love with each other and our love survived my mad dash to

Because we had thought that one boy and one girl was plenty
and Amber couldn't take the pill, I had my nuts clipped after Jenny,
our second child was born. Up until that time we used oral sex for
birth control.

One night when Amber had too much to drink she admitted that I
couldn't get her off with my cock. The climaxes she had during
regular sex were the result of me playing with her nipples. My male
ego was dented but not shattered. Amber did insist that my oral
skills were the greatest. She went on to tell me that she loved it
when I ate her pussy after fucking her. I admitted that I liked
doing it to. What I didn't tell her, was that I had begun to
fantasize that I was eating her pussy after a well-hung stud had
just fucked her, silly.

My fantasy began to take on a life of its own. At first it was
just a vague thought but that grew until I could visualize the huge
cock fucking Amber. One day I realized that the cock in my fantasy
was BLACK! I tried to deny that I ever had such a thought but that
just made the image stronger in my mind. Then one night after
partying I mentioned my fantasy to Amber. Instead of getting mad or
making a fuss she asked if there were men with cocks bigger then
mine. Truthfully I told her that there were a few men twice as big
as me. Amber put some of her fingers in her pussy and wondered out
loud, how it would feel to have a large cock in her. My cock lurched
at her words then I kissed her good night. The next night Amber
asked me to fuck her then she encouraged me to suck my sperm out of
her pussy. To say that Amber was more aroused then ususal would be a
gross understatement. She came four times as I sucked on her freshly
fucked pussy. As we cuddled, she softly asked if I still thou bout
my fantasy. Amber didn't come out and describe my fantasy but I knew
what she was referring to. I just took her nipple in my mouth and
sucked it like a baby would. Amber stroked my head and mumbled
something about me being wicked. I fell asleep dreaming about my
favorite fantasy.

I began to notice Amber checking out men as if she was trying
to detect what was being hidden in their pants. Vague comments about
well hung men crept into our sex talk but neither of us came right
out with what was clearly on our minds. Several times when we were
at parties, Amber didn't object when other men asked her to dance.
When she would dance with the better- looking ones, she would let
him hold her tightly and didn't object when he put his hand on her
sexy ass. Every time Amber would return to me, she would study my
face then brake into a grin when I flashed her a smile to let her
know I didn't mind her flirting.

Her flirting became bolder without her acting slutty and her
clothes revealed more over the next year. A few times, after one of
those parties, she would comment about one or more of the men she
had danced with. I knew by the wetness of her pussy that she was
getting turned on by her games and wondered if she would take the
final step and have sex with another man.

About the time I began to think that Amber would never go
beyond the flirting stage, we received an invitation to her high
school reunion.

Chapter 2
The Reunion

We left John and Jenny in the able care of our housekeeper and
flew half way across the country. It wasn't until we were seated on
the plane that Amber made a comment about being warm from scurrying
around the airport. Having said she was warm she slid her suit
jacket off. No big deal, right! Well her silk blouse didn't do
anything to disguise the fact that she was braless and has big
nipples. The man sitting next to her almost choked on the gum he had
been chewing and was having a hell of a time trying not to stare.
Meanwhile Amber, did everything she could to make her boobs jiggle
and her nipples dance.

I had a hard time keeping a straight face as I watched out of
the corner of my eye. Twice during the flight Amber got up to go to
the toilet. Each time she would stand and face the man next to her
as she stepped out to the aisle. Each time his eyes would dart from
her nipples to me to see if I was going to kill him for looking at
my wife's nipples. Upon her return Amber would give him another up
close view before sitting and kissing me. When his eyes would meet
mine, I would smile then pretend that nothing had happened. I don't
know if that guy was glad to get off that plane or not but I hope he
was going home because he was going to need help, getting his cock
to calm down.

In our rental car Amber giggled as she talked about the poor
guy sitting next to her. I told her she was lucky he didn't rape her
in front of everyone. Amber cast me, a naughty grin as she told me
the lump in his pants wasn't big enough.

No sooner had I closed the door behind the bell boy in our
hotel room when Amber began stripping my clothes off as she begged
me to eat her pussy. Damn! Her pussy almost drowned me, it was so

Dressing to go to cocktail party I got another thrill. Amber
took out a slinky dress I had never seen before then as I watched
she slid into the dress without putting anything else on. Smoothing
the dress she spun around and cheerfully announced "Look no panty
lines." I quipped. "No panties." Amber, winked and grinned as she
slipped her feet into her high heels.

Driving to the reunion I teased Amber about making all the
men, drool and the wives mad. She just grinned and me and teased her
nipples with her fingers, making them obvious. Never before had I
seen her so wanton. Her eyes were glittering with merriment as she
promised not to embarrass me, then said well maybe a bit. Just
before we went into the meeting room I had to duck into a mens room
and adjust my throbbing cock.

The guys and gals had a hell of a time not staring at Amber's
out thrust nipples as she er took me around introducing me to people
she had gone to school with. A few of the other women were also
dressed to thrill but in my eyes none were as sexy as Amber. Several
guys were obvious in their gawking but Amber pretended not to
notice. As the evening wore on the group of men surrounding her
stayed about the same size. One would leave and another would join,
many of those that left headed to the mens room. In a way I felt
sorry for them but I also felt a tinge of jealousy at not being part
of the action. One guy was so enchanted with her he tried to follow
her to the ladies-room.

About an hour before the party was to be over Amber came over
to tell me that we had been invited to Allen's house when things
broke up. I knew Amber had a pretty good buzz on and normally I
would have suggested that we go back to our hotel room, that night I
just smiled and said that was fine. Since Amber had been drinking
heavily switched to plain soda early on.

I followed a string of four or five cars to Allen's as Amber
snuggled against me and asked if I was having fun. I told her I was
having fun watching the effect she was having on the others. Amber
kissed me then asked if I minded her spending so much time with the
others. Assuring her I was fine I told her to have fun.

At Allen's, Amber picked up where she had left off. The mood
had changed and the subtle sexual undertones had turned into
overtones. Hands touched places they shouldn't in public and no one
noticed, couples danced way too close and people kissed hotly. A gal
named Peggy drifted in my direction and started a conversation with
me. After a couple minutes she asked me if I was Amber's husband. I
told her I was and she asked if I it bothered me to see Amber
flirting with the other men. Smiling softly I told her I was having
fun watching and no one was getting hurt. Peggy pointed out that one
of the guys that had been drooling over Amber was her husband Jake.
After a couple minutes of watching the others act silly Peggy said.
"Jake is all talk and not much action, after all it is hard to be a
stud when you're a needle dick."I looked at Peggy anew, surprised at
her comment. Peggy wasn't bad looking, plain, maybe a few pounds to
spare but pleasing. Listening patiently Peggy told me that time her
husband drank he thought he was Mr. Stud but most of the time he
never scored and when he did they laughed at his needle dick. As
Peggy spoke there was a twinkle in her eyes and a slight smile. She
went on to say that when he sobered up he would do anything to get
back in her good graces.

Peggy and I chatted as we watched. A tall well built black man
joined to group around Amber and when someone put a slow song on he
asked Amber to dance. Amber, accepted and stepped away from her
admirers. In seconds my wife had her body pressed against his as I
leaned over to quietly ask Peggy who he was. Peggy whispered back
that he was Bobby B. and that he had just retired from pro football.

The way Amber was looking at Bobby I knew there was something
different between her and him. Bobby's hands were all over Amber's
ass as she rubbed her body against his. When he tipped his head to
kiss her, she met his kiss willingly. Peggy Whispered in my ear that
I was in trouble now. She said that unlike her husband, Bobby was
dangerous, he could have charmed the virgin Mary out of her
virginity. I laughed and told Peggy I wasn't worried, Amber would
get cold feet and come running back. Peggy shook her head and warned
me again.

A little while later I noticed Amber had disappeared, looking
around, I also noticed Bobby was also missing. Curious, I excused
myself and wandered off to see if Amber was all right. Not finding
her downstairs, I made my way upstairs. At the top of the stairs I
saw a light under a door and was about to knock when I heard a
toilet flush and water splashing in a sink. A minute later one of
Amber's classmates came out and smiled as she said. "Next" I flashed
her a grin and decided that I did need to relieve myself. Emerging
from the bathroom I thought I heard a moan. Seeing no one I eased
down an unlit hall and came to a door that was slightly ajar.
Listening carefully I heard the unmistakable sounds of sex. Holding
my breath I eased the door open enough to peek in. There on a bed
was Bobby, his naked ass humping between a pair of white legs. There
was just enough light from a street light for me to see his huge
glistening bare cock pumping in and out of a shaved pussy. Then I
hear er call out to Bobby to fuck her harder, to ram his horse cock
in her pussy until it hurt. For a second a voice told me I should go
in there and pull him off my wife but that voice wasn't very
convincing and my feet held me there just watching. Watching! Holy
shit Amber was unprotected. As my cock leaped to attention, I tried
to remember when Amber's last period was. Oh shit! It had been the
past weekend. Then Amber said something to Bobby about pulling out
before he came. I sighed, a big sigh of relief. That relief was
short lived. Even though Bobby was already pounding her so hard I
thought the bed was going to break, Amber wanted more and her
fingers gripping his humping ass said she meant it. When Bobby tried
to pull out, she dug her fingers into Bobby's ass and humped her
pussy against him. Seeing Bobby's balls pumping his sperm deep into
my wife's unprotected womb, caused me to come in my pants. Before
Amber and Bobby recovered their senses I eased out of the room and
went back t o the bathroom to try to clean myself up.

After splashing some water on myself to make it look like I
spilled something on me, I rejoined Peggy. Naturally she asked if I
found my wife. I told her she must have stepped outside for some air
but I was sure she would be back soon. We laughed about me spilling
a drink on myself and other small talk. Ten or fifteen minutes
passed before Amber and Bobby rejoined the party. Amber gave me a
weak grin just before she was surrounded by her admirers. Bobby was
hovering around her, like a stallion around a mare in heat. Not an
hour later she and Bobby disappeared again. Peggy had gone to the
bathroom so she wasn't there to see me slip up the stairs to spy on
my wife. Sure enough they were back in the same room. This time
Amber was on her knees sucking on Bobby's cock. When she took her
mouth off his cock I was stunned to see, at least ten inches of
thick cock standing straight out from his loins. Bobby helped her to
her feet then after a brief kiss he had Amber bend over and put her
on the bed. He then lifted the back of her dress and drove his
massive cock straight into Amber. Amber moaned, then begged him to
fuck her. Bobby said something about breeding his white pussy and
wanting to see her knocked up. When Amber begged him to knock her
up, I almost fainted with shock. They fucked like wild animals
breeding, no passion just raw mating. Again I slipped out as their
climaxes wound down.

Downstairs I bumped into Peggy coming out of the kitchen.
Something made her look down at the lump in my pants. With a
mischievous look she took my hand. Looking quickly around the room
she said come with me and dragged me out to the back yard. Once we
were cut off from the house by some shrubs she turned to me and told
me I needed help with a bulge in my pants and she was hungry. I
tried to protest but Peggy told me to shut up. She said her husband
was too drunk to be any good to her and she was dying to feel a hard
cock between her lips. Further protests were pointless as she was on
her knees with my cock deep in her mouth.

Peggy may not be much to look at but she, sure knew how to
suck a cock. In less then five minutes she got what she wanted. I
thought that once I came that would be all but she kept sucking and
licking as she held me in place. To my total surprise she was able
to suck another load from my balls. Then she got to her feet. I
started to say something but Peggy put her finger to my lips and
told me that her husband doesn't come a lot and she likes the taste
of sperm. She took my hand and asked me to take her back to the
party. As we walked across the lawn Peggy said that if I enjoyed
what she did for me I could repay her by just acting as if nothing
had happened and talk with her until she was ready to go home.

Back inside Amber was dancing with Allen as Bobby watched her.
It was plain Bobby had the hots for her and Amber was still in the
partying mood. About three in the morning Amber wobbled over to me.
Her hair was messed up and the smell of sex was thick about her. I
introduced her to Peggy and said that Peggy and I had fun chatting
and watching everyone getting smashed. Amber giggled and said that
it was a great party but she was getting tired. As I got up, I
noticed sex juices drooling down her thighs. Peggy noticed also, and
flashed me a smile as we said good night.

Amber reeked of sex as she cuddled up to me for the short
drive back to our hotel. She didn't say much, other then to ask if I
had a good time. I put my arm around her and toyed with her nipple
as a quiet way of telling her nothing was wrong between us.

I was thankful that no one saw us going up to our room because
Bobby's sperm had leaked out of her pussy and wet the back of her
dress. The sights and smells of her were making my cock stiffen as
my mind replayed scenes of Bobby's huge cock pumping her pussy. By
the time I closed the room door behind us I was ready to fuck my
wife. As she stopped to kick off her shoes, Kicking off my pants, I
guided Amber to the bed. She started to fuss but my cock found its
mark and my mouth closed over hers. Oh shit! The feel of another
man's sperm swimming in her pussy was great. My normal sized cock
was just flopping around in her stretched pussy but I still came
quickly. No sooner had my cock added to the mess in her pussy then I
slid down her body and pressed my mouth over her pussy. I could
easily taste Bobby's sperm mixed with the other juices and found I
wasn't upset with the turn of events. I did wonder what Amber was
going to do if she was pregnant.

My thoughts were interrupted by Amber asking if I liked how
she tasted. Her answer was a muffled yes as I spoke into her pussy.
Amber asked if I knew she had sex at the party. I nipped her clit
with my teeth before telling her I suspected that she had, but now I
knew for sure. Amber asked if I was mad at her. Teasing her clit
with my tongue and lips gave me some time to think up a good answer.
Hell! I didn't know what to tell her. My mind was spinning with the
events of the evening. Amber climaxed when I reached up and tweaked
her nipples as I teased her clit.

Moving up to lay along side Amber I noticed the love bites on
her boobs and how swollen her nipples were. She saw me looking the
love bites and tried to cover herself with the sheet but I pushed it
aside and told her it was too late to hide the evidence. Amber
sighed deeply then told me she had been very naughty and begged for
me to forgive her. Hugging her, I told her, it was all right. She
was silent for a few minutes before she told me she had let a man
come in her without any protection. I kissed her and said I knew
then asked if she had fun. Amber looked at me strangely then asked
if I was going to divorce her. I kissed Amber again and asked why I
would want to divorce her, after all it had been my fantasy to have
her fucked by another man. She began to cry as she tried to tell me
that she might have gotten pregnant. I said "So what" then I
reminded her that we had talked many times about her having sex with
someone else and I wasn't upset that it happened. Amber asked what
hould do if she was pregnant. My answer was a hug and a kiss. Amber
shook her head in bewilderment as she tried to collect her thoughts.
Turning out the lights I pulled the covers over us and held her.

My full bladder awakened my about nine in the morning.
Carefully I slipped out to bed and into the bathroom. Amber was
still sleeping as I slid in beside her. As I started to pull the
sheet back over her, I paused to look at the love bites on her
boobs. Once I had done that and got scolded, I wondered if she
scolded Bobby.

My stirring awakened Amber, kissing her sleep filled eyes, I
pulled her against my body in a tender embrace. She returned my kiss
before asking if we had sex before going to sleep. I assured her, we
had and had even talked after that. She said "then it wasn't a wild
dream?" Teasing I told her I wasn't sure what she was talking about,
I was the one who wasn't drinking and dancing with everyone. Amber
gave me one of her annoyed looks then asked if she had mentioned
anything about Bobby. Wanting to see her squirm a bit I said that
she had told me all about Bobby. Amber looked shocked as she fumbled
for words, tears came to her eyes. Amber started to sob that she had
really fucked up our lives and didn't see how I could possibly
forgive her. I asked her if anyone forced her to do anything. She
told me that she had been drinking and began thinking about my
fantasy. From their things just happened. I asked if she enjoyed
what she did when she did it. She sputtered a minute then admitte
had enjoyed it and hadn't made any attempt to stop it. My lips
stopped her, from saying more. After a few minutes, Amber said she
guessed she would have to get an abortion. I didn't say anything as
I continued to hold her. Now I was the one who was afraid of messing
up our marriage.

We must have dozed off for a few minutes because I awakened to
see Amber walk into the bathroom. The sound of the toilet prompted
me to get out of bed and see if Amber would wash my back. As we
washed each other, my mind whirled with thoughts of the consequences
of her partying. I knew that Amber didn't like the idea of abortions
and was surprised she had even mentioned it. Having a mixed race
child has its own problems then the idea of putting the baby up for
adoption came to mind.

I was so deep in my thoughts, Amber had to tug on my cock to
get my attention. I shook my head and asked her what she said.
Before I could answer she asked if I was thinking about her, being
pregnant. Hearing her say the p word did something strange to me, my
cock became awake. My eyes went to her flat belly trying to see if
there was a baby growing in there. No, check that I was hoping there
was a baby growing in her. Suddenly the thought of my wife having a
black baby turned me on more than anything I could ever think of.
Somehow I told Amber about my true feelings. I also told her I would
support her choice as to what she wanted to do about the pregnancy.

Nothing more was said about the night before as she showed me
around where she grew up and marveled at how much had changed. It
wasn't until we were getting dressed to go to the reunion dinner
that I asked if she wanted to have sex with Bobby again. Amber said
yes very quickly then tried to take it back. I took her in my arms
and told Amber it was all right, all I asked is that she didn't hide
it from me. Then I suggested she bring him back to the room later
and fuck him all night. Amber kissed me wildly, as she told me I was
crazy but loved me, more then anything.

Chapter 3
The Dinner

The dress Amber wore to the dinner was just as sexy as the one
she wore the night before and like the night before she was nude
under her dress. Since the dinner was being held in our hotel we
didn't have to worry about driving but as we rode the elevator down
stairs. I wondered if Amber would wait until after the dinner was
over to get Bobby's cock in her pussy.

In the dinning room we selected a table and by the time I had
returned with cocktails Bobby was seated next to Amber and Peggy was
across from them. Peggy gave me a warm smile and introduced me to
her husband, who seamed to be nice enough. Bobby rose and introduced
himself. I was surprised at his polished manner. I had assumed that
being a jock he would have been crude. At our table Amber insisted
that I sit next to Bobby. While we ate Bobby and I chatted and I
found I liked him.

When the band started to play Amber asked me to dance with
her. I don't care much for dancing but since I hadn't danced with
her the night before, I said surely. As Amber snuggled against me,
she whispered. "Should I be good tonight?" I kissed her and asked if
she had her room key. She said she did and I replied that she should
have fun. The look in her eyes and the steamy kiss told me that I
wouldn't be sorry.

Amber whispered that Peggy's husband had been hitting on her.
I told her what Peggy had said about her husband which caused Amber
to laugh and grind her pubic mound against me in a teasing manner.
As that dance ended Amber kissed me hotly and told me she loved me.
No sooner had we returned to our table then Peggy's husband asked if
he could dance with Amber. I looked at Peggy as she smiled at me and
rolled her eyes. I told Peggy's husband it was up to Amber. Amber
flashed me a grin that told me she was going to tease the hell out
of him. As amber and Peggy's husband made their way to the dance
floor I watched Bobby's eyes take in Amber's every move. Bobby must
have felt me looking at me because he shifted his gaze to me and
gave me a slightly embarrassed smile. I met his gaze and asked him
questions about where he lived and what he does for a living.

It surprised me to learn that Bobby only lived a few miles
from us, is divorced and has his own successful business. We got so
wrapped up in our conversation, I didn't realize that Amber had
returned until she stood next to us. The mischievous look Amber gave
me told me she had teased Peggy's husband but was ready for more
action. Amber asked what we had been chatting about, then asked if
one of us was going to dance with her. Bobby looked at Amber then
back at me waiting to see what I was going to do. Causally I
suggested that Bobby dance with her as she had so much fun dancing
with him the night before. Amber caught my meaning and grabbed
Bobby's hand. Touching Bobby's arm lightly and told him to have fun
that I prefer to watch. Amber grinned at my comment then led Bobby
to the dance floor.

Sitting at the table I watched Amber melt into Bobby's arms as
they danced like lovers. The sight of Bobby's big black cock pumping
Amber's womb full of his sperm flashed thru my mind, reminding me
that Amber might already be pregnant with his baby. The stirring of
my cock in my pants suggested that I wasn't upset by that
possibility. Good lord, could I really want my wife to have babies
by another man? Could I really want her to have a baby with another
man who was also black? Had I gone crazy? My thoughts were
interrupted by Peggy sitting next to me.

Peggy calmly announced that her husband was back at his old
tricks. I almost said something stupid but stopped myself by
remembering that my wife would probably wind up in bed with Bobby
and take another load of his sperm in her unprotected womb. Peggy
watched Amber and Bobby dance as she softly commented on how well
they danced. I told her I was surprised Amber had taken a liking to
a black man. She touched my arm and said. "I hope for your sake she
is on the pill and makes him use a rubber." I heard myself reply
that Amber wasn't and didn't. Peggy gave me a look of total surprise
then asked. "Why?" I told Peggy that I didn't know why other then
Amber and I were turned on by the risk. We got into an in depth
conversation of the ramifications of such a relationship and
possible effects on any children involved.

We were so busy talking about Amber and Bobby I didn't notice
that they had disappeared. Peggy noticed me looking around then
softly asked if they had disappeared. I nodded yes then she touched
my hand and whispered that she would love to help me if a problem
comes up. I knew she was offering to drain my balls again so I
thanked her and excused myself. As Peggy let go of my hand she asked
if I was going to watch. I nodded yes and headed for the elevators.

Stepping out of the elevator my cock stirred and a tremble
shook me. I was so nervous I don't know how I got in our room
without alerting Bobby but then I really don't think he would have
stopped as it was plain to see that he was well on his way to a
climax. Seeing that a lamp had been left on I wondered if Amber had
done that for my benefit or she had just been in too much of a
hurry. Either way it suited me. Never in my wildest dreams did I
imagine a scene as erotic as what was before me. With the light I
could truly see Bobby's well-muscled ass driving his magnificent
bare cock into Amber's unprotected pussy. Amber had given up all
pretense of asking Bobby to pull out before he came. Her pleas for
his sperm were reinforced by her fingers pulling on his ass and her
legs way up in the air.

At the first sounds of their climax I slipped out of our room
and returned to the party downstairs. Peggy caught my eye and
motioned for me to join her outside. Rationalizing that I needed to
do something about my throbbing cock before returning to the party I
followed Peggy. Peggy took my hand and softly said that it looked
like watching my wife get knocked up was a big turn-on for me. No
sooner were the words out of her mouth then she apologized for being
so catty. I squeezed her hand and assured her that she was right.
Without any more talk we stepped into the shadow of some bushes and
Peggy dropped to her knees as she unzipped my pants. I swear she
sucked my cock out of my pants and into her mouth without using her
hands. Peggy didn't just suck my cock, she made love to it. Her
mouth did things beyond my imagination.

Having drained my balls of that load Peggy rose to her feet. I
thanked her and asked what I could do for her. She grinned and told
me I just had but I could escort her back to the party. When I tried
to say any more Peggy just put her finger to my lips and said. "Just

Back in the dinning room Peggy's husband was still flirting
with any of the women he could get to stand still as the others
partied on. Stopping at the bar for a drink, I got talking with a
non-classmate husband and comparing notes on the party. While we
were chatting, I saw Amber return. She had taken some time to fix
her self up as she didn't look like she had just gotten out of bed
but her cheeks were still flushed with sex. I excused myself and
went to greet Amber. Amber pressed herself against me as she kissed
me hotly before asking if I enjoyed the show. I nibbled on her ear
as I told her I almost came in my pants. She giggled and told me she
had seen me watching and hoped that I enjoyed it as much as she did.
I assured her that I had without telling her about Peggy's help.

To my surprise Amber didn't go back to the room for the rest
of the evening. Several times I did see her talking with Bobby away
from the dance floor. When I asked what was going on Amber just
grinned. Later as things began to wind down Amber told me to wait
ten minutes then come up to the room. I was a bit puzzled as Bobby
had left before Amber.

Standing waiting for the ten minutes to pass, Peggy came over
kissed me then wished me luck as she slipped me a piece of paper.
Clutching the paper I watched her help her drunk husband stagger
off. It wasn't until I got on the elevator that I looked to see what
was on the paper. On one side was, Mr. & Mrs. J----- and their
address, on the back was a short note thanking me for being such
good company and that if I was ever in their town to call. I tucked
the note in my wallet just as the elevator opened on my floor.
Instantly my thoughts shifted to Amber and Bobby, wondering if both
of them would be in the room. Carefully I opened the door and was
greeted by sucking sounds and moans from a man. Silently I eased the
door closed before peeking into the main part of the room. There on
the bed was Amber nude. Her sexy ass aimed right at me as she sucked
on Bobby's cock. To my surprise Amber lifted her mouth and called
for me to get nude and join them. If I hadn't been so surprised, I
have come in my pants.

Bobby was just as nervous as me but Amber wasn't going to miss
out on that opportunity and skillfully directed us until we got over
our nervousness. In minutes she had me sucking her nipples and
teasing her clit as Bobby fucked her doggy style. Needless to say,
Amber climaxed really hard from our treatment. So hard she collapsed
on me, almost smothering me. When Amber recovered enough to speak,
she told me that she wanted us to get used to each other as we would
be seeing a lot of each other in the future. Bobby and I looked at
each other not knowing what to say but that wasn't a problem for
Amber. Amber announced that since she was probably already pregnant
with Bobby's baby there was no need for her to stop having sex with
him. She added that she didn't want the baby to feel out of place,
being the only dark skinned person our family so she wanted Bobby to
knock her up at least one more time. Bobby and I grinned at each
other then turned out the lights before sexing Amber again

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