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Wife At Amateur Strip Night

Apr 6, 2000

By spk088

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Wife at amateur strip night By Jenny

I don't know exactly how I got into the situation I'm in now. It just
happened thats all can really say. My name is Jenny I'm 30 years old,
married (at the moment) and have no kids. I was leading the average life of
a suburban housewife. Nice House, car, and maybe a little bored, which was
understandable since my husband was on the fast track, working a lot, taking
trips out of town, ect.

What happened to change my life was that a girlfriend called me and wanted
me to go out with her. It was a Thursday night and my husband was on one of
his out of town trips. She wanted me to meet her at a bar downtown. I don't
work so it was a welcome diversion to get away from the tube for a while. I
wasn't dressed that provocatively, a white blouse and skirt with heels. I
looked good but not slutty or anything. I mean I wasn't out trying to get
picked up.

When I got to the club I couldn't find her, so I sat at the bar and kept a
watch on the door. After about an hour she still hadn't shown up. At that
point a man sat next to me and wanted to buy me a drink. I said why not. We
sat there and talked for a while. He was a tall handsome Black man. About
6'3, with a short haircut and huge hands. We talked about ourselves and I
told him I was married, which didn't really scare him off or anything. We
soon moved to a table that opened up and resumed our conversation. I kept
looking for my girlfriend but never showed. After a while I went to the
restroom and called her from the phone in the hall. She had a flat tire and
had trouble getting anyone to fix it so she decided to stay home and figured
I would call. She asked if I wanted to come over, but it was getting late
and I figured I would just head home.

When I got back to the table my gentlemen friend, James, had ordered us
another round. I tried to beg off but he was very insistent that I at least
finish this round. When that was done I stood up and thanked him for a
pleasant evening and said I had to be getting on home. It was about 12:30pm.
He said he was really sorry to see me go, and asked if I might give him a
ride to his car, as he had ridden over with a friend. It wasn't too far out
of the way so I said ok. I felt a little funny giving a black man a ride in
my car, but thought it would be ok, as he was so nice.

We got to his car and it was parked in another club, which turned out to be
a topless dancing club. I said what was he doing here looking at all the the
other women? I was acting hurt. He laughed and said the other guys he was
with wanted to go, and he kept his eyes closed the whole time. I mentioned I
had never been in one before, and he suggested we go in for a drink. I
protested, but he was very insistent and we went in.

It was very dark and smoky and there were women dancing all over the place.
On various stages and even in front of men at their seats! I had never seen
anything like this before. Our drinks arrived and the waitress asked if I
was going to be in the amateur contest at 1:00am. I said no way, but James
said yes she is. She told him to have me report to the stage door in 5
minutes. I started laughing and told him there was no way I could get up on
stage and dance like that. He told me to look around. How many other women
did I see in the place that weren't dancers? I looked and saw maybe two
others at best. He said, now do you think they are better looking than you?
I told him that wasn't the point. I was a married lady, and I didn't think
my husband would approve. He said my husband was in Atlanta and he wouldn't
need to know and he was probably at a strip bar as we were speaking anyway.

Then the DJ announced that the amateur contest was next and all contestants
needed to meet at the stage door. I saw two other women heading that way.
James was whispering in my ear to do it do it. I got up, fueled by the
drinks and walked back to the door. When we got backstage, the manager told
us the rules and we drew straws on the order to dance. I drew the second
place slot. I stood back stage and heard the crowd yell as the first girl
started to dance. The way it worked was you danced one song with your
clothes on, then stripped in the second song and then danced a third with
your g string on (or in my case my panties) and then you come back to the
back, then they call you back out to judge it.

When my turn came I went out on wobbly legs and started dancing around the
main stage. Guys were sitting all around and cheering and stuff. I hardly
realized how quickly the first song went by. I started the second song by
unbuttoning my blouse and taking it off, then unzipping my skirt and
stepping out of it. I had on a white bra and black panties. I took my bra
off and turned around and the guys were all cheering and looking at my
titties. It was very arousing to me. When the third song started I danced
out to the edge of the stage and tried to spot James in the crowd. The stage
lights made it hard to see him but I did finally spot him waving me on.

When my turn was over, I went backstage and waited for the judging The
manager told me to stay in my panties as the guys would want to compare us
when it was over. When it was we went back out and the manager held his hand
over our heads in order, and I WON! I kind of bounced around a minute, then
the manager told me I got to dance at the other stages, that was how I made
my winning money. I didn't know if I wanted to do that for sure, but he told
me I could make some serious money in the thirty minutes the bar was open so
I said OK.

He was right. The guys were tipping me with dollars and 5's and 10's and by
the time 2:00 hit, I was 95 dollars richer. When I got dressed James was
waiting for me and gave me a big kiss. He told me how hot I was and how much
I turned him on. He asked me to go home with him that night. Since my
husband was out of town I said OK. I know it was wrong, but I was so turned
on about being nasty I just had to have some real cock. I followed him to
his his apartment which was very nice, and we after I went to the bathroom
we fell into each others arms and went straight to his bedroom.

I wasn't disappointed. His cock was huge compared to my husbands. It hit all
the right spots and I had orgasm after orgasm. When I woke up the next day I
peeked under the covers and looked at it again. It was still huge, even
flaccid. He woke up as I was getting dressed and told me he wanted to see me
again sometime. I told him again I was a married lady and It was strictly a
one time thing. He just laughed and said we'll see.

I had many an orgasm thinking about that night. Alone and with my husband.
It always got me hot. About a month later I got a package in the mail. I
opened it up and there was a video tape, You guessed it, the bastard had
turned on a tape machine while I was in the bathroom. I put it in the VCR
and there I was in living color, having a screaming orgasm underneath a big
Black buck. There was a note that said Thurs. night at the topless bar .
12:00 mid. Thats all it said. The good part was that my husband was out of
town again and I could get out there without him knowing. The bad part was I
didn't know what James had in store for me.

I found out when I got there. He wanted me to dance the amateur contest
again. This time he had 3 friends with him. I sat at the table with them
while I tried to talk some since into James, but he was having none of it. I
asked him what I had to do to get all the copies of the tape, and he said I
would have to do what he wanted. And now he wanted me to dance topless for
him and his buddies. I did the amateur night contest again, and won again,
then danced at the stages and made about 75 dollars this time. When I got
outside James and his buddies were waiting for me.

When we got to his apartment he had me do another strip tease just for them,
then he had me suck all their cocks as they sat in the living room. After
that one by one they all fucked me in the bedroom. He had the camera sitting
open without a tape as a way to reassure me that they weren't taping this
time. When I had fucked them all he threw my clothes and the video tape of
our first session at me and told me to get out. I wanted to use his shower
but he told me to go ahead and leave the way I was. I was filthy. Covered
with come and smelling like sex. When I got home I took a long shower and
tried to wash the ugliness away.

I tried to act as normal as I could when my husband was around. But inside I
was dreading that he would contact me again. I was right to worry, because I
received another package a month later with more pictures of me. This time
at the strip club. He had a note in the package threatening to tell my
husband everything if I didn't meet him again at his apartment this time.

This time the mood was very ugly. He told me that my pussy was his now and
he was going to use it anyway he felt like. I started crying and he told me
to shut up that if I wanted out of this situation I had to find someone else
for him to use as a "ho". I told him I didn't know how I could do something
like that to one of my friends. He said I had better shut up and start
sucking his cock then. As I was sucking him off I was thinking this was all
my girlfriends fault. If she hadn't stood me up none of this would have
happened. As he grunted and sprayed his cock all over my face and hair I
told him maybe I could get my girlfriend to fuck him.

We made a plan where I would meet her at a bar and then we would try to get
her into a threeway then he could blackmail her and she could take my spot
in his "harem". The plan worked perfectly. She had always wanted to try a
black man, and when he hit on us at the bar she went for him hook line and
sinker just like I did. We went back to his place and all got in his bed. He
was like a stallion that night. Fucking us both and telling her to eat the
come from my pussy. I left the two of them alone after 3:00am and went
home, where I successfully managed to shower and get into bed without waking
up my husband.

True to form a month later my girlfriend got a tape in the mail.

Guess what she's doing now?

I hope every day that the mailman leaves me alone. I haven't gotten any more
packages since Beth started seing him and his friends.

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