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The Rise and Fall Of The Queen Of Hearts

Jun 24, 2013

By Davess

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The Rise and Fall Of The Queen of Hearts
A Golden Shower Universe story
Copyright 2013 by Stormbringer


Olivia Queen Hart turned her BMW on to her driveway and honked the horn twice. It was a little ritual she did to inform her husband that she’d made a sale. Sure enough, he came out of their lovely three story house with a broad grin on his face, their five year old daughter in his arms. “Congratulations,” yelled Joe.
He released Emma who ran up to give her mommy a big hug. Olivia caught her daughter and tossed her a good five feet up into the air, catching the giggling child and kissing her on the forehead. “Must have been a big one,” said Joe watching his wife. “I haven’t seen you grinning this much in months.”

Olivia’s grin broadened. “Pretty big Joe. You know the old Spencer mansion, the biggest house in the county.”

“Good grief,” said Joe. “Someone actually bought the Spencer mansion? That place was several million.”

“We’re looking at a fifty thousand commission,” said Olivia, running up to hug her husband.

“Wow!” said Joe, impressed. His penis stirred during the hug, Olivia had that affect on men. She felt it and pressed her body into it, making it extend even more. She then kissed him on the lips passionately and lovingly. They were going to have a fun night once Emma got to bed. “Dinner’s almost ready.”

“Great, let me go change,” said Olivia. She took Emma, carrying her giggling daughter inside.

Joe stood still, staring at his wife. He was always torn when she wanted to change. Olivia looked fantastic dressed business professional for work, but she looked amazing in anything so it was win/win for him. His wife was Joe’s exact height at six feet tall. She had long, naturally blonde hair, mostly straight, but with some curls, that fell down between past her shoulder blades curls nearly reaching her nipples when untied. For work, she wore it up and tied behind her head. She also wore black rimmed glasses to dampen the gaze her piercing blue eyes had on men. She didn’t need the glasses, but she felt it made her look more professional. She was wrong, it made her look like a sexy librarian or some student’s fantasy teacher ready to throw her glasses off, shake her hair down and strip down to a bikini.

She never dressed to show off her magnificent body either, but there was no hiding it and her clothes accentuated her figure. The short blue skirt showed off her stocking-less toned legs, her pretty feet tucked into blue shoes with short heels that put her a couple inches taller then Joe. She wore a white short sleeve top, that only showed off a little of the impressive cleavage her DD’s produced. A blue blazer covered her bare shoulders and top. She also wore a belt around her waist, her one point of vanity in her work outfits. Her breasts tended to balloon out her tops, making her appear chubby and she always wore the belt to show that she did have a thin waist and flat belly. Though not a fan of the male attention her body brought, she didn’t want anyone thinking she was fat either.

“Take a picture, whydoncha?” said Olivia, entering the house.

“I would if I had a camera,“ said Joe staring at her ass. The only fat on her body was in her breasts and rear end, both of which were proud and firm. Her ass thrust out and up, a perfect bubble butt. Her breasts thrust out and up too, no sag, no tearing of the membranes. As far as Joe knew, they would be that proud and firm forever, long nipples the width of nickels forever pointing up and out from her can sized areola. Magnificent!

Joe finished cooking dinner while Emma set the table and his wife came down the stairs having changed. As sorry as he was to see the sexy professional Olivia go, the arrival of the laid back at home Olivia was even better. Gone were the glasses and the luscious blonde hair was now cascading down her back. She was now barefoot, in sweatpants that hung low on her hips just above her trimmed blonde pubes or the crack of her ass. She had lost the bra and thrown on her favorite lounging around the house halter top. It hugged her thick semi erect nipples. Her belly was bare, sexy, trim and athletic. When she flexed, its tones and her abdominals would appear. Yeah, this was better then her work clothes.

“What are we having?” she asked.

“Spaghetti with meatballs.”

“Yeah,” giggled Emma, clapping enthusiastically for her favorite meal. “Daddy let me pick.”

“Breaking news,” said an anchor on the television as the three sat down at the table and started eating. “Hostage drama in Miami.” Joe ate and stared at the television in the living room. Olivia stared at her food and ate. “We now continue with our continuing coverage of the Miami Federal Reserve situation. What we know so far is that a large truck backed into the building several hours ago and disgorged an unknown number of assailants. Gunshots and screams were heard almost immediately. No one has left the building and News 11 has been informed that the building contains around thirty employees now undoubtedly hostages of the unknown assailants.”

“Are you hearing this?” asked Joe.

“I’m listening,” replied Olivia, continuing to eat.

“Wait, I’m getting confirmation from our News 11 chopper that there are two armed terrorists on the building‘s roof. John, can we bring up the pictures? Yes, here they are.”

Joe gasped. Olivia turned around and stared at the television. She stood up at the sight of the two black men. Their faces were hidden, but in build they might have been twins, if there were such a thing as identical twin bodybuilders. The men were stout and broad. They both wore identical clothing, combat fatigues and a black body armor vest over their bare broad chests. This left their big muscular arms bare. They each were carrying AK-47’s. One gave the cameraman in the chopper the finger and the other raised his gun causing the helicopter to veer away. The men had black ski masks covering their faces, but the white skulls painted on the masks gave away their identities, Samedi’s men.

“The men on the roof appear to be part of Baron Samedi’s imperial guard. As everyone knows, the Baron has not been seen in over a year and is believed to still be isolated on Hispaniola trapped by the US naval blockade.”

“You should go,” said Joe.

“I know,” his wife sighed. “But what if he is there?”

“You’ve resisted him before. You’re probably the only woman who can resist him.”

No, I’m not the only woman, thought Olivia, giving her husband a smile. She looked at the television. She had a bad feeling about this. The Baron was too smart for something like this. Surely he had to know that the presence of his Imperial guard would draw her or some other heroes out to stop them? His imperial guards were a match for the police, but not for her or nearly any other of the showered cheerleaders. The baron himself could handle most of the heroes sent after him and had even come close to besting Olivia on many occasions. Every time they fought was a struggle for her not to give in to his overwhelming manliness. Many other ex-cheerleaders had given in, but Olivia had the will to resist, except for those two times…

“I’d better go do something,” said Olivia, staring at the television. Memories of sucking the Baron’s cock haunted her even now seven years later. She licked her lips remembering mouthful after mouthful of the Baron’s hot delicious sperm pumping into her mouth. She happily swallowed it, picturing herself letting him take her in his strong arms, pushing that wonderful amazing black cock into her needy pussy. They would fuck for hours. Even as these thoughts poured through her head, Betty arrived, pulling her off the still spurting cock. She was ready to take a swing at her sidekick, but came to her senses just in time. Betty, one of the few woman that could truly resist the Baron’s sexual advances. Olivia Queen was like a recovering drug addict after that battle. She even entertained a fantasy of busting the Baron out of prison just so they could fuck, but that idea was insane. Now, in her home, staring at a replay of two of the Baron’s enhanced super soldiers patrolling the Federal reserve building, she felt a few tears roll down her cheeks as she remembered what it took to get her over her addictive need for the Baron’s black cock. Her brow furrowed and her lovely jaw clenched. “Lets do this thing,” she growled.

Joe followed his wife up the stairs and to their bedroom. She opened the closet, revealing a long row of her business clothes. She pushed the hangers back and pressed a panel on the wall. The back of the closet slid open revealing her uniform. “The view just gets better and better,” said Joe as his wife pulled off the halter and her large bosom sprang free. She pushed the sweats down and her panties, her muscles showing as she flexed. “What did I do with that camera?”

“Shut up,” she teased, smiling at him. She loved Joe more then anything. He was her high school boyfriend, but she’d broken up with him after the change. She loved him even then, but she feared she might hurt him until she got her abilities under control. He hadn’t had god pee on him after all. After five years doing the superhero thing, she’d gone back to him. Ten years after the golden shower and he still looked good at 28. She still looked the same as she did at 18, well not quite the same. As far as she or anyone knew, she’d watch Joe grow old and die and she’d never change and even worse, she’d watch Emma grow up, eventually looking older then her mother. Olivia stepped into her white one piece, pulling it up. “Someday, I’m going to retire,” she griped.

“Someday when there’s no wars or crime and all the shower villains have been defeated, you mean,” said Joe.

“Someday,” Olivia tied the red mask around her head. It just covered her eyes. Her suit was a white one piece bathing suit with a big red heart on her chest. She stepped into red calf high boots and pulled her red gloves on. A red cape added flair to the ensemble. The suit was specially designed for her not to fall off at high speeds. When she first appeared on the scene, her reputation for kindness and compassion had the public calling her the Queen of Hearts and she’d added the red heart to her suit.

The Queen of Hearts marched down her stairs, followed by her husband. Emma stood up from the table when she saw her mom suited up. The Queen opened the sliding glass doors and walked out on the deck.
Emma and Joe followed her. They’d bought a large private property away from any prying neighbors for her impressive exits. Olivia thanked god, someone had the foresight to destroy the ships’ manifest and the cruise lines computers so that no one could make a list of all the passengers that had changed. Those that had wanted to remain anonymous or disappear were able to. She and her family could have private lives and did, though she strongly suspected someone in the government knew who she was and kept an eye on her.

Olivia kissed her husband then stooped down, hugging and kissing her daughter hard. “Mommy be home soon,” she promised. She kissed Joe again before stepping back. The Queen of Hearts looked up at the sky. It was still light here, but would be dark in Miami. She stared at the clouds and blue sky, the sun making it’s way towards the curve of the earth. Her misgivings fled and she smiled. The Baron wasn’t the only one with a strong will. She could look up into the sky and will herself into the…

The Queen of Hearts felt the wind rippling through her hair. Ten seconds up, she left a sonic boom behind her, fourteen seconds off the ground and she was at the border between the Earth’s atmosphere and space.
The wind rippled through her suit, but it stayed on her body just like it was designed to do.

A far cry from the first time she flew.


Olivia Queen stepped out of the gangway and onto the deck of the cruise line and found herself milling with about 100 other eighteen year old girls. More young women were pouring onto the deck and there were a lot more to come. A total of 700 cheerleaders were on board for the annual high school senior cheer and spirit competition. That meant a lot of bikini clad young women waiting for the runabout to take them to the cruise line’s private island. Not to mention the 300 or so chaperones, mostly moms, older sisters and coaches along with 250 other passengers lucky or unlucky enough to share a ship with hundreds of young women. The 400 man crew had their hands full.

Most of her squad were waiting for her over by the railing. There were 15 members in her squad, the Washington Wildcats. The other squads all ranged from 14-17 girls. None of the girls were in uniform, they’d been competing and practicing all day yesterday while the ship sailed. Today, they were all in bikinis with a few in one piece suits. They greeted her as she approached. Olivia flipped her phone open and snapped a picture of the island just off the starboard bow. She could make out about fifty islanders from the Bahamas setting up cots, food, volleyball courts, etc. The island was uninhabited, but the islanders boated there whenever a cruise ship docked. She sent the picture off to Joe and then had a girl from a rival team take a group picture of her squad, also sending that off to Joe. Joe was her boyfriend of two years, the high school quarterback, voted most popular, man who took her virginity, and hopefully someday future husband.

Their turn for the runabout was coming up. “Where’s Betty?” asked Olivia. Betty was her best friend and the only squad member missing from the group.

“She’s over there,” said Tina, pointing. In three hours, Tina Little would gain the ability to shrink herself to nearly microscopic proportions. She would become know as Tiny Tina, the sensational shrinking woman. Tina would fight crime beside The Queen of Hearts based out of the Hall of Righteousness. For now, she was just Tina.

“Betty!” yelled Olivia, motioning for her friend.

Betty was a leggy redhead with fair skin, freckles, and bright green eyes. She wore a green bikini with a green wrap around skirt. She was standing beside the ship’s purser. He was a handsome very dark skinned black African from Kenya. The black crewman was smoking a cigar while he flirted with the pretty redhead. Betty winked at her friend and nodded her head at the black man, wiggling her eyebrows. She turned and ignored her squad mates returning to her conversation with the crewman.

“Girl wants a cock,” said Tina.

“From the looks of things, she’s gonna get one too,” sighed Olivia. Betty liked sex. Betty loved sex. Betty always wanted sex. She had a boyfriend back in school and he probably held the male record in their class for having sex the most amount of times of any senior, but when Betty went out of town, stayed overnight somewhere, or took a trip, she always looked for a replacement and she liked experimenting too. Her boyfriend was a jock, muscular and good looking, but her lovers were often something else entirely. Olivia was aware that Betty had deflowered a nerdy virgin. Olivia had once tried to sleep in a hotel room in Seattle while listening to Betty fucking a stoner she’d picked up at a concert. Betty had a short affair with a married neighbor, tried to turn a gay male friend, and now was about to check both black man and foreigner off her list of experiences.

The runabout came for them taking her squad along with about thirty other girls to the island’s docks. The next few hours were fun in paradise. Olivia and Tina hiked to the other end of the island watching the birds and little lizards that were everywhere. Olivia and the gang snacked on fresh fruit for lunch. They snorkeled out to a rocky outcropping seeing all kinds of fish, a nurse shark and even a baby manta ray. It was all quite wonderful and amazing to a teenage girl from rainy Washington state.

The Phoenix Flames challenged her squad to a game of volleyball. The Wildcats had just beaten the Flames in a spirit competition and the girls wanted a rematch. The game was friendly, but competitive and no one had any idea how much their lives were about to change.

Alarm bells were currently going off like crazy in NORAD. The asteroid as is often the case had not been detected until it lit up in the Earth’s atmosphere. It came in hard and fast over California. Someone watching the radar screens whispered, “Dinosaur killer.” Luckily, the meteor did not come in hard and fast straight down to cause a major extinction event. Instead, it streaked over North America, lighting up the sky, burning up in it’s descent as it shot over Georgia heading out over the Atlantic.

“What on Earth is that?” cried Olivia, holding the volleyball as she was about to serve.

The girls turned to follow her stare and gasped. Others on the island were noticing the bright light in the sky, growing brighter by the second. Their gaze followed the streak as it approached, flying above their island where it suddenly blew up.

The light turned so bright it hurt Olivia’s eyes and she had to shut them before she went blind. The noise of the explosion hurt her eardrums a second later and a second after that, the concussion hit throwing everyone down into the sand. The shockwave ripped some of the volley ball nets down, sent some beach umbrellas spinning threw the air. It knocked half a dozen girls off the runabout and into the clear water. It even rocked the ship where it was moored out in the harbor.

The pouring rain woke her up. Olivia lifted her head out of the sand and shook it to clear away the cobwebs. She opened her eyes, fearing that she might be blind, but was relieved to see light through them. In fact, there was plenty of sunlight despite the rain. There were no rain clouds in the sky, just the still glowing spot in the sky where the meteor had exploded. The rain was striking everything. It splattered on her bikini clad body, soaking her skin and hair. She heard moans nearby and several coconuts fell from the nearby tree that had almost been blown over. She rolled over on to her stomach and then climbed on to all fours. There would be injuries. People would need her help, but she was still stunned.

Olivia shook her head again. She felt strange, not bad, good even. She didn’t feel the least bit hurt. Right now, she felt stronger then she’d ever felt. She was still shocked. She threw her head back and up into the rain, letting it hit her face to wake her even extending her tongue to taste the water. But it didn’t taste like water at all. The rain was thicker then water, the consistency of shampoo or body wash. She opened her eyes. The rain was striking everything, golden droplets leaving little craters where it hit the sand. A nearby picnic table collapsed. The golden shower was eating through everything it touched. It’s acidic! The memory of chemistry class coming to mind. But why wasn’t it eating through her skin? The other cheerleaders were stirring and moaning. The rain hadn’t harmed them either. A coconut tree suddenly fell over and warning sirens sounded from the nearby ship. My god, Betty’s still onboard! She thought, panicking.

Olivia Queen closed her eyes trying to will the shock away. Her bikini top felt tight and it was growing tighter. Her chest felt heavier too. Olivia opened her eyes and looked underneath her body. Her breasts were large and swinging. Her perky little B-cups now looked like plump C’s. Breast flesh was sticking out around the tightening material as her breasts were still growing. Confused, Olivia looked out at the others. Tina was on her knees beside her. Her bikini was riddled with holes from the rain. Her breast flesh and long erect nipples were sticking out through the material. Tina’s bikini suddenly fell off her. They called her Tiny Tina because she was completely flat chested. Tina was holding her CC breasts as confused as Olivia was. Tina was also only three feet tall, but she didn‘t seem aware that she had shrunk. She seemed more concerned about her breasts. “Olive?” she asked her friend in confusion.

Enough was enough. It was time to wake up from this crazy dream. Olivia looked up at the sky. The fireball had receded and the rain had stopped. She looked up into the sky and willed herself to her feet. She sprang up and she kept going.

Olivia Queen’s bikini fell off her, weakened by the acidic rain and the accelerated speed as she soared up into the sky. She looked down in amazement at the receding island and then out as the Earth began to curve. Soon it was dark and the stars came out. She willed herself to stop flying and hovered there in space looking down at the round sphere of the earth. Something was flying directly towards her. Instinctively red beams of light shot from her eyes towards the object before she aimed them away at the last minute. She flew out of the way as the international space station flew past her. She waved at the Russian Cosmonaut staring at her through the window. He held his hand up, but didn’t wave. His mouth agape. No doubt he wasn’t used to seeing a nude buxom blue eyed blonde cheerleader hovering outside his window.

Olivia looked down at her body. Her breasts had quit growing at DD and her nipples had lengthened and thickened. Her rear felt thicker too. The rest of her body had tightened up. She’d always been trim and lithe, but now she was fitter with some muscles. She gasped for air, but nothing came. She couldn’t breathe!

Olivia looked down at the Earth and began her descent. She breathed a sigh of relief when the oxygen returned. Apparently, she still needed air, but could hold her breath a long time. She spotted the Caribbean and made a beeline for the Bahamas. Her vision had improved greatly. She didn’t know which island was hers, but her eyes zoomed in on each, checking them out until she found the cruise ship. And it was sinking!

Olivia pulled up as she neared the water and aimed herself towards the island. She came up on two boats pretty fast, letting her vision zoom in on them. One was an expensive fancy speedboat and the other a older fishing trawler. The trawler had sunk and stuck on a reef. The speedboat was leaning heavily to the side. More then a dozen black men and a few women scrambled over the boats. The scene was pure chaos. An albino with dreadlocks was on his knees on the trawler, head down as if in prayer. Another climbing up the side of the speedboat was shooting lightning bolts from his hands, seemingly uncontrollably and others were ducking his lightning. Standing on the apex of the sinking speedboat was a nightmarish vision from hell, an animated skeleton. The dark eye holes in the skull stared at her as she approached and flew over them. Their gazes met and that was her first sight of The Baron. His gaze followed her retreating body as she sped on to the island.

The trawler was from Jamaica. It had been carrying trash bags of marijuana to give to the speedboat which was operated by a Haitian drug gang. Simon (pronounced See-mon) Selassie had just had every bit of pigment stripped from his body during the golden shower. He would return to Jamaica and quickly get voted in as President for Life with 93% of the vote. He kept mostly quiet and stayed in Jamaica, but someone in his crew apparently gained the ability to genetically manipulate plants. Soon a powerfully hallucinogenic and highly addictive type of marijuana was being delivered to Haiti and making it’s way into the United States.

The Haitians were different. They named themselves after voodoo gods and quickly took Haiti and the Dominican Republic after that. The lightening thrower was Shango, the Baron’s enforcer. Another could apparently turn ordinary men into the Baron’s muscular super soldiers. Samedi himself was nearly as strong and tough as the Queen of Hearts would turn out to be, though he couldn’t fly. He could make his entire body fade to invisibility with the exception of his skeleton. He usually appeared as a normal man, but was fond of letting his head appear as a living skull.

Olivia brought herself up and hovered above the once beautiful Caribbean paradise that now looked like a war zone. Most of the trees were down. The cruise ship had sunk and come to rest with it’s upper decks still above water and mostly intact, though it was riddled with holes weakening the structure. Everywhere were naked people, mostly girls. All had large breasts and great bodies. The male islanders she saw all had big banana cocks swinging between their legs. Most looked frightened. One of the cute lizards, now the size of a horse, pounced on a girl and found itself launched into the air as the girl threw it. Nearby snow swirled around a cheerleader, her skin had a bluish tint to it and her hair had gone white. Another lizard attacked her, but found itself riddled with icicles shot from the woman’s fingers. Frostbite, the woman who could only feel warm when sucking the heat and life from her male victims during sexual intercourse. Six years from now the Queen of Hearts would stop Frostbite from bringing about a new ice age.

One poor, tanned skin girl’s breasts had grown enormous, GG cups at least. She looked horrified at them, trying to hide the monstrosities, but her small hands could barely even hide the nipples which were constantly dripping milk. Olivia watched her stumble over to a male crewman from the ship. He was bleeding in multiple places and one leg was twisted at an ugly angle. The woman fell to her knees beside the man who was pleading for help. She looked down sadly at him, unable to do anything but comfort him. Then her breast milk dripped into his open mouth. His eyes went wide with shock and he leaned up quickly clamping a mouth over her swollen nipples, sucking away before she pulled back in shock at what he had done. She was even more shocked as he healed before her eyes. She looked down at him, then up at heaven for answers, looking even more shocked when she saw Olivia hovering there.

Olivia never knew her real name. She was an immigrant from Egypt and a Muslim. She wasn’t a fundamentalist or religious extremist in any way and had been wearing a fairly skimp bikini. Her breasts never emptied of milk and healed any wound or illness. Her milk couldn’t be bottled, but had to be directly sucked from the nipple to work. At first, she had trouble accepting that she had to expose her breasts, but came to see her ability as a gift from Allah. She would be teasingly called Cow after all the milk dripping from her udders, but took the name Hathor after the Egyptian cow goddess. Hathor would become the greatest woman Olivia ever knew. A woman of pure kindness and compassion traveling the world and healing the sick. Nine years after the Golden shower, she would be assassinated by Islamic terrorists as an abomination to god. The Queen of Hearts struggled through her grief while giving the eulogy at her funeral.

Olivia flew on over many strange sights, a girl with parrot wings, a fifty foot woman, a woman with a shark fin on her back and webbed feet and many many more, hundreds more. She aimed herself for the cruise ship desperate to find her best friend. The deck was so riddled with holes, the structure had become weak and collapsed. Most of the passengers and crew on the ship had just opted to jump in the water and swim for shore. Here and there bodies floated in the water or were impaled on jagged steel from the collapsing ship. Olivia flew around the ship searching for Betty, her eyes zooming in on the swimmers, but few had the flame red hair of her best friend. Finally, just as Olivia was passing a collapsed doorway, Betty stumbled through. Like everyone she was naked. Her pale freckled breasts had grown to DD’s, her pink nipples swollen and enlarged. The poor girl looked in shock. Blood was splattered on her face and chest. She looked up at Olivia flying down to her, barely appearing to comprehend what was happening. “Betty! Thank god,” cried Olivia gently landing on the weak deck in front of her friend. She ran up to hug her, but something hard poked her right in her blonde pubes a foot away from her friend. Olivia stepped back and both she and Betty looked down at the foot long black African penis sticking straight out from where Betty’s cute little trimmed red pubes used to be.

Black Cock Betty wasn’t the only she male to come out of the golden shower. There were ten couples engaged in sexual intercourse when the shower hit. As soon as the golden fluid hit the man, he ejaculated and dissolved, the woman found her clit growing into one of the large penises that all males present under the meteor explosion grew. Betty was the only white woman to grow a black penis. The others were all white couples with the exception of a black female crewman that snuck off the ship to meet her Bahamian lover and grew his black penis. All of the she males were traumatized by the event. Two would go on to commit suicide and one, Mad Maxine, a chemist that had been making love to her husband on their thirtieth wedding anniversary, would go insane and work on a bioengineering a disease that would kill off the entire male population so that everyone would know her pain. Maxine was defeated by Twisted Sista, the black cheerleader that could generate tornados along with Ignition, the cheerleader that could control fire and wore a bikini made of fire as her flames always burnt all her clothes off. Ignition burnt off the virus and Maxine along with it.

“He’s dead. He’s dead,” mumbled Betty. “What’s happening? Is this a dream? What’s happening?”

“More like a nightmare,” replied Olivia.

“He’s dead. Jesus, I have a penis! Don’t let the others see me like this. Please Olive?”

Olivia frowned. She didn’t know if she could pull it off, but she felt strong, like she could take on the world. She stepped closer to Betty and with no effort lifted her best friend in her arms. Olivia looked up into the sky and took off. She was worried that high speed might hurt Betty, so the future Queen of Heart took it slow. Betty buried her head in Olivia’s shoulder and sobbed. Olivia tried not to look down at the giant black cock, now soft, but huge and plump laying across Betty’s pale freckled belly. It was hard not to stare at it.

After dropping Betty off at home in Washington, Olivia traversed the entire continent in ten minutes flat returning to the island and taking more of her fellow Wildcats home. The Coast Guard had arrived and upon seeing the chaotic madness on the island was demanding that everyone remain under quarantine until they knew what was going on. Olivia ignored them, taking most of her friends home.


The Queen of Hearts flew in hard and fast towards the federal reserve building in Miami. It was dark, an hour before midnight and no one saw her fly in. Her telescoping eyesight took in the two guards on the roof, zooming in on them. She could make out the telltale bulges underneath their pants and their big muscles, definitely the Baron’s men. One of the Loa, La Sirene, could turn any man into a fit over muscled soldier for the Baron with a penis as large as any male that had gotten showered on by having sex with them. They were madly in love with and fanatically loyal to her and since she served Baron Samedi, they became his imperial guard as she slept her way through Hispaniola creating an army to serve her master.

They were no match for the Queen.

Olivia flew in so fast, they didn’t even know she was there until their heads were slamming against each others and they collapsed to the roof. The Queen landed on her feet just outside the door to the stairwell. She raised her foot to kick in the door and then paused, reaching out to test the knob. No sense causing unnecessary damage and it was unlocked. Very well, might be best to sneak in anyway.

The building was fifteen stories tall. The stairs descended the whole length of the reserve. They went down in a square, with landings and a door on each floor. The center of the square was open and went straight down. The Queen hopped the railing and dropped the fifteen stories, landing on her feet. She crept to the nearest door and exited into a hallway on the first floor. Her hearing detected noises all over the floor. Mostly moans and soft cries of pleasure. The Queen frowned. There were noises in the office right next to her. She checked the knob and opened the door.

A black man lay on the floor. His pants were down around his knees. They were dark and had a yellow stripe down the side. His shirt was open showing off a nice well defined chest of a man that kept himself in good shape. Olivia could make out a badge on his shirt. He was a guard. “You’ll never break into the vault,“ he said defiantly, but he looked nervous. Standing over him was a nude black woman and what a woman she was. She was absolutely stunning. She had dark black skin, African black, but her hair was straight with no kink. Her ass was a perfect round globe with two fit toned legs underneath, a sexy flat belly and perfect DD breasts. Her brown nipples were swollen and pointy. The perfect body only a showered could have. One of the Loa. La Sirene! Something big was up to get one of the Baron’s concubines to leave Hispaniola.

“I don’t want the gold, mon cherie. I want this lovely brown cock of yours,”” she said, straddling him and stooping, reaching down to caress his stiffening cock. She lowered her pussy down over it. “Feel how hot and wet I am for you,“ she moaned as his cock penetrated her to the hilt. “I feel you expanding to fill my pussy,“ she moaned. She threw her head back, breathing heavily as she worked her pussy around the root of his cock. “See how big and hard you are for me, cherie,” she whispered, raising herself off him. His cock slowly appeared, thicker and bigger then it had been. It kept coming and coming until the fat golf ball sized head plopped out of La Sirene’s pussy.

“What the…?” gasped the stunned guard.

“Nice isn’t it,” she whispered, pulling his foot long cock back up and guiding it back to her pussy. “This is where it belongs. Such a nice big cock for me.”

The guard looked amazed at the sight of his huge dark cock disappearing into the hottest pussy it had ever felt. He wasn’t even aware that his already fit chest was hardening, muscles growing, becoming more defined as the lovely woman raised and lowered herself over his cock. Then the pleasure was over as a red gloved fist uppercut the jaw of the black woman sending her flying up off his cock. She struck the wall and slumped down to the ground, her legs spread open.

The Queen had to pull her punch less she send La Sirene’s head flying up to the roof. “Probably should have interrogated her before knocking her out.” She winked at the guard.

“The Queen of Hearts!” said the guard in amazement. He rose to his feet, his cock still sticking straight out, an unbendable iron rod. Magnificent in it’s size and hardness. Olivia tried not to look down at it.

“How many hostages?” Olivia reached out for the man’s open shirt. She checked his nametag. “Eddie.”

“There’s about twenty left,” gasped Eddie. They released most of the men. The twenty remaining are mostly young female receptionists.”

The Queen glanced over at La Sirene. The Queen had only ever seen her in pictures and propaganda coming out of Hispaniola. She rarely left her palace in Haiti and then usually only when accompanied by the Baron. “Is he here?”

“You mean Samedi? Yeah, he’s here,” said Eddie gulping. “He’s very…”

“Impressive! Yes, I know.” Olivia shivered. The memory was fresh in her mind of her kneeling before the Baron, jerking off that perfect cock of his until he came all over her uniform. The second time had been worse, sucking his cock down her throat like a cheap whore until he filled her belly with his delicious sperm. Her belly growled at the memory and she took a quick glance down at Eddie’s newly endowed penis. She had nearly gone mad with lust for Samdi’s cock, but luckily had found an antidote. “How many guards?”

“Fifteen that I’ve seen, Queen. Do you need help stopping them?”

“Thanks Eddie, but I got this. Get dressed and run out the back door. I’ll take the guards out as I pass. Tell the police to storm the building as soon as the hostages run out.”

“Got it,” he said, looking down at his hugely erect penis. The sight of the beautiful Queen of Hearts wouldn’t make it go down any faster. “Will… will my penis stay like this?”

“No. I believe you have to ejaculate inside La Sirene to set it. Luckily, you should return to normal in a few days.”

“I see,” he mumbled, looking down at his big penis.

“Now get moving and stay safe,” she said, winking at him. The Queen of Hearts made her way to the door and slipped quietly through it.

Behind her Eddie was kneeling between La Sirene’s legs, lining his hard cock up with her pussy.


The Queen continued down the main hall nearing the vault. She peaked into a window looking into the vault room. The giant vault was closed. There were two of the Baron’s guards standing at attention before it. Her first thought was to break through the door and take the guards out with two punches before they could alarm any others. Instead, she tried the door to the room. The guards noticed her almost immediately, but instead of shooting, they lowered their weapons and put their hands behind their heads. “Smart move,” she told them, walking up.

“We were instructed not to resist if you showed up,” said one.

“Smart move. Who instructed you?”

“Our Baron, Samedi, ruler of Hispaniola,” they answered in unison.

“The Baron is here?”

“We have the great honor of being accompanied by our Baron, Samedi, ruler of Hispaniola on this glorious mission,” answered one.

“His glory is our glory. All hail Samedi,” said the other.

“All hail Samedi,” agreed the first.

“And what is the mission?” The Queen rolled her eyes at their fanaticism.

“The illegal blockade by the criminal country known as the United States has bankrupted the great nation of Hispaniola. We have come for the gold to take as retribution for the crimes against Hispaniola perpetrated by the United States.”

“And how do you propose to steal the gold?” she asked. “I see no one trying to crack the safe. I see no fantastic drilling machines or super lasers. The longer this standoff goes on, the more superheroes will be showing up on the scene.”

“Our Baron, Samedi, ruler of Hispaniola has a plan.”

“His genius knows no bounds. All hail Samedi”

“All hail Samedi.”

CLUNK! Olivia slammed their heads together and the two drones collapsed to the floor. “I was bored of that conversation anyway,” she muttered.

Olivia turned her attention to the main foyer and office area. The moans and groans of sex were coming loudest from that area. No doubt, the Baron had used his masculine sex appeal to get one of the receptionists to service him. The problem was, that it sounded like a full blown orgy. Curious, Olivia crept towards the closest door and opened it, peering through the crack. A full blown orgy was going dead on.

The twenty female hostages were all naked and engaged in various sex acts with the Baron’s men. Right in front of her eyes was an oriental woman with the typical thin Chinese body on her knees sucking one twelve inch black cock while getting a second shoved into her pussy from behind. The other women were all fucking and sucking the Baron’s men, seemingly willingly and definitely enjoying themselves. They were mostly white woman in their twenties with about 3 black women and a few decent looking older women. He’d kept the young attractive women to service his troops. His imperial guard were mostly naked too, though many had kept their skull emblazoned black ski masks on. Several were guarding the barricaded front doors, but even those had their pants dropped and hostages sucking their cocks for them. They were having sex in all manner of positions, doggy was common with plenty of women riding big black cocks, a few with a cock in their pussy and one in their ass, one pair was doing a 69 off to the side, and behind them, two women were kneeling, sharing a cock between them. At an given moment at least four of the women were crying out in orgasm. Olivia knew how great a foot long cock felt and for a moment, she envied them their pleasure.

Even the Baron didn’t have the will to compel all these women to service his soldiers. Something was going on here. She walked boldly into the orgy, her foot crushing something underneath her boot. Olivia lifted her red boot off the ground and looked down. It was nothing more then a water bottle. She bent and picked it up. Simon Seltzer Water read the label. Not a brand she was familiar with. Her eyes swept the room, seeing several dozen more of the empty water bottles. She sniffed at the opening of the bottle, but for all her powerful nose could detect, there was only water left at the bottom. Her nose did detect something else, pheromones. The Baron’s cock gave those things off like stink on a skunk and she immediately felt her vagina growing moist.

“About time you showed up,” said the Baron.

Olivia turned to face him. He was standing in a doorway. His brutish face was staring at her, the flat nose flaring as he breathed. His big lips were turned up in a smirk. He looked better when he was just a skull. He was wearing a black Punisher tee shirt with the white skull emblazoned on the chest. Funny guy! His pants were off. His giant thirteen inch steel hard black cock was rearing up proudly giving off those manly pheromones that women found so hard to resist. Indeed, one of the hostages was greedily sucking the end of it at that moment. “Samedi,” she growled, still staring at the woman sucking his cock. Sweat broke out on her forehead as she pictured herself swapping places with the hostage.

“Oui, my love. The one and only. Why so angry. Is it because of this?” He pointed down at the woman. “She means nothing to me. Just a fluffer, keeping my dick hard and ready for you, my queen. Mon pénis appartient à vous, ma reine. Get lost,” he said, pushing the hostage off his hard cock.

“But I want to please you, my lord,” she begged. “Let me suck you and swallow your cum.”

“You have pleased me, cherie. Now go service my men.” He glanced at the girl as she crawled off. “Now where were we,” he said, addressing the Queen.

“This part of the WE was about to kick your ass and your part of the WE was about to get their ass kicked,” she told him.

“Ahh, ma reine des cœurs, why are you always so violent? I’m a lover, not a fighter. Just give the word that you will come back to Hispaniola with me and rule by my side and I will release all the hostages. We shall make love every night and our children will rule this world.” He grabbed the base of his cock and shook it at her. “Tell me you don’t want this cock.”


“Tell me you don’t want this cock.”

“I do,” she whispered, staring at it. The Queen licked her lips with lust for it. Don’t do this Olivia. Don’t do this. She fell to her knees and reached out for that hard thirteen inch black cock.

It was their fourth battle. He pulled his penis out at every time they fought trying to get her to service him. The first time she saw it, it was like he took it out and slapped her in the face with it. She’d heard stories about it’s affect on women. She resisted and gave him a big uppercut to the skeletal jaw.

At thirteen inches, Samedi’s was the biggest penis on record to come out of the golden shower event. That wasn’t quite true as when the Yakuza crime lord, Yamashita Kazuko turned into his alter ego, the giant red rage monster Mr. Oni. His huge crimson penis was over three feet long, but that didn’t quite count. Olivia’s hand was shaking as she spit on Samedi’s swollen black cock head and began to stroke it with her hand.

Confronting him on a mini-sub was probably a bad idea. The confined space trapped his pheromones and made him hard to resist. Navy sonar had detected the sub trying to run the blockade. Samedi and Shango were trying to run a load of the super marijuana to the states when the Queen of Hearts showed up. She flew into the water, lifted the minisub out and flew it straight to the penitentiary for super powered individuals.

The Queen of Hearts stepped back and watched the main hatch slowly open. The first to emerge was Shango. “Je vais te tuer, salope!” he shouted, pulling an Emperor Palpatine and shooting lightning from his hands. The Queen calmly walked into the lightning. She felt it and there was a slight sting, but other then that, there was little effect. On her body that is, her specially made suit didn’t quite fare so well. The bottom front burned away exposing her belly, burn holes appeared in her heart and one side of the top burned away completely exposing her right breast, pure white and unaffected. She hurried up before her entire suit burned away and gave all the watching prison guards a show. Olivia grabbed Shango’s wrist and threw him off the sub and to the prison yard. Guards quickly surrounded him and dragged him off to the specially made cell that dampened his electrical powers. He’d been there twice before.

“Come out Baron,” said the Queen, looking down the hatch.

“Come and get me, my amour,” he replied.

The Queen of Hearts jumped down, her heart skipping a beat when she saw him sitting in the sub’s command chair, buck naked. The pheromones were so strong in the mini-sub that it was worse then the first time she saw his cock. This time it was like he was slapping her in the face with it over and over, her mouth watering as she tried to taste him. “Lets have at it, Baron,” she said, raising her fists, but staring at his cock.

“I don’t want to fight you, Queen.”

“That’s because you lose every time, Baron. I‘m tired of this.”

“Tired! You need a vacation. Fly me back to my palace in Port Au Baron and I will give you the most pleasurable vacation of you life. They say the female orgasm is a great way to relieve stress you know.”

“Knock it off, Baron.”

“I’d rather knock you up instead,” he replied. “Think about it, mon cherie. We are the most powerful beings to come out of the golden shower. We belong together. You and I, side by side, ruling the world.”

“Damn!” she whispered, still staring at his cock. It continued to give off pheromones, filling the tight confines of the sub.

“Gets in your head doesn’t it,” he said.

She nodded.

“Tell me you don’t want this cock.”

“I do,” she whispered, and that was how Olivia found herself kneeling before her most hated foe and spitting on his cock head while she began stroking it.

“I’m sure your pussy is quite wet for it my dear. You don’t need to lubricate it any more, unless of course you’d like to suck it. Why don’t you strip off that uniform and let me see you in all your enhanced beauty?”

Olivia’s hand was shaking as she jerked off his cock. Sweat was pouring down her forehead and it wasn’t just from the heat inside the sub. His cock was so hot and powerful. She could feel it throbbing in her hand. I bet his cum does taste good. I bet it would feel good stuffing my pussy. I bet our son would be magnificent. Damn it! I wish I wasn’t on the pill so that he could put a baby in my belly. She pictured him kneeling beside her, putting a hand on her swollen belly and feeling their baby kick as they stood on the balcony of his palace overlooking the blue Caribbean.

“Whoa there! Slow down a little,” said the Baron.

Her hand had started moving rapidly up and down the long shaft while she fantasized about it. There was her solution. She grinned in triumph. Her hand went into super speed, turning into a blur as she masturbated the huge cock as fast as her super strength allowed.

“Yeah, um, that’s good baby, but wouldn’t you rather do that with your pus… OH MERDE!”

Those huge coconut sized balls under the Baron’s cock suddenly emptied their load. The Baron’s first wad of ejaculate covered her big red heart. The second splattered all over her face. The third her chest, soaking the exposed breast and leaving his thick sperm dripping off her erect nipple. The fourth wad splattered on her lower face, a good deal of his hot sperm entering her mouth. It was as good as she imagined! She bent the hard spurting cock back down so that the remaining three wads hit her breasts and chest again. Each and every squirt of his hot seed was like getting a soda can’s worth of fluid splattered on you. She was soaked by the time his balls kicked into overdrive, producing more and more sperm. The Queen now looked like she’d taken a swim in a pool filled with vanilla pudding.

‘Umm, getting a little sensitive,” moaned the Baron, the sperm flying from his swollen cock head like water from a hose with a finger over the nozzle making it spray out.

Olivia quit stroking the big black cock and pulled back from it in horror. The monster blasted a few final wads before it finally began to soften. She grabbed the Baron by the neck and pulled him towards her. The black bastard leaned into her and kissed her full on the lips. She launched into the sky, flying up through the sub’s hatch while he continued kissing her before she pushed him away tossing the Baron into the yard as she kept flying up. She couldn’t let the guards see her like this. She flew up into the clouds and paused hovering, Her hand was still trembling as she reached out and pinched her sperm covered nipple. Her other hand found her crotch, her fingers pushing into her suit, feeling her heat and dampness. She pushed the suit’s crotch aside and moaned as her fingers entered her needy pussy. Her hand left her nipple, scooping up some of the Baron’s seed and shoving it into her mouth.

God, she was a fool. Why hadn’t she fucked him? It wasn’t too late. She could swoop down and rescue her lover before the guards hauled him off.

The Queen of Hearts fought to pull herself together. She felt like she was going mad with lust for her greatest enemy’s cock. She rose higher until she found a storm system and flew through the rain cloud to rinse his cum off her body. She then aimed herself towards Washington DC and The Hall Of Righteousness. She desperately needed someone to talk to.


The next time she had encountered the Baron, had been both the most humiliating and proudest moment of her life. She had kneeled and sucked him off before the United States Congress.

“Ah, my queen, right on schedule,” he laughed as she came down through the roof of the center of American government.

The Queen landed in a crouch and stood up straight. She brushed dust off her arms and shoulders. “Seriously, Baron? You think you can get away with this just block from the Hall of Righteousness?”

“Kill the Representatives,” he replied.

Startled Olivia jerked in surprise and shock. “Wait!” she held up her hand. Every congressman was seated in their chairs while several dozen of the Baron’s skull masked imperial guard held machine guns on them.

“Hold your fire,” replied the Baron and his men lowered their weapons. He yawned as the lovely blonde superhero looked at him in horror. “Ah, my lovely reine des coeurs, you look so surprised. You must understand that my people are starving. These are the men responsible for the blockade. I watched them debate on CSPAN.” He turned and addressed the room. “Lift the blockade or you die.”

“The United States will not be dictated to by a common criminal,” yelled the Speaker of the House, rising up from his podium seat.

“SIT DOWN!” The Baron’s will hit the Speaker who quickly sat back down in his seat. Samedi‘s head faded and his signature skull appeared. “How dare you call me a common criminal. I am quite uncommon.” The face returned. “Or… I can let you all go, if your greatest hero, your symbol of American power, the beautiful Queen of Hearts, gives me a blowjob.”

“Monster!” growled Olivia raising her fist, but holding herself back. The Representatives were mumbling and fidgeting in their seats.

“Those are my conditions.” Baron Samedi lowered his hands down to his black military style fatigues and slowly unzipping his pants. His lips curled up in a cocky grin as he noticed her eyes watching his zipper lower. “I see you haven’t forgotten my cock. You know you want it.” He fished around inside his pants and struggled to remove the huge slab of black meat that was rapidly swelling to a massive erection. Congressmen gasped in shock when they say the Baron’s famous cock for the first time. The Queen’s gasp was almost imperceptible. Her tongue appeared for a millisecond between her lips. Her heart rate increased and she knew that the Baron’s enhanced hearing could detect it. His enhanced sense of smell could probably even detect her pussy lubricating. “I can have any woman I want. Your incredible ability to resist this magnifique cock only makes me want you more.”

“Fuck you, Baron,” she replied, still staring at it.

“Later, after you surrender your will to me. For now, I just want a blow job.” He turned away from The Queen and the central podium, turning to face the assembled House. “Behold fools, the mighty black cock of Baron Samedi. This is not the cock of a man. This is the cock of a god. This cock demands to be serviced by the most beautiful woman in the world, your heroine, the Queen of Hearts. When the Queen of Hearts sucks my cock, you may leave with a warning. No one is safe, not you, not even the President. Lift the blockade and allow my Jamaican friend’s produce into the country or I will return and next time there will be no warning, only death.”

“All Hail Samedi,” shouted every one of the imperial guard in unison.

Samedi turned back to the Queen. “NOW SUCK MY COCK!”

He thought she was beautiful! Her looks pleased him and that made her happy and wet, oh so very wet. Olivia felt flushed by her body’s reaction to the Baron’s presence just as he put all the force of his mighty will into the order to suck his cock. Her knees trembled and gave way as she fell, kneeling before the Baron, his thirteen inch cock aimed right at her face. “Suck it,” mumbled a weak willed congressman. “Yes, suck it,” said another. “Suck that black cock,” said a representative with enthusiasm. “Suck it,” said the Speaker of the House from behind her. Olivia took her eyes off his huge cock to glance back over her shoulder at the speaker. He had clamped his hand over his mouth in horror. They knew the Baron’s power. None of the Congressmen would blame her if she did suck it. Hell, she wanted to suck it. His cock had haunted her dreams since the last time she’d given him the hand job. If she hadn’t discovered her unique temporary antidote, she just might have made the short flight to Port-au-Baron to spend the night servicing him. She walked forwards on her knees, reaching out to grasp his cock. She released it, pulling her hand back and yanking off her red glove. She wanted to touch it with her bare hand. She reached out for it again, now feeling it’s heat and pulse with her hand. Olivia trembled, feeling her pussy leaking like Niagara Falls as her need for it grew.

“I can’t wait to put it in you either,” whispered the Baron looking down on her. His broad nostrils flared as he smelled her arousal. “For now, I just want these fools to see their greatest hero servicing my cock. Fly home with me tonight and we’ll go about swelling that belly of yours with my baby.” Olivia nodded, letting her hand stroke up and down his cock. The Baron raised his voice so that the nearby congressmen could hear. “Pull that top down and let me see those titties.”

Olivia reluctantly released his cock. She reached up and stretched out the material of her top, pulling it down under her bare breasts. “Wow,” muttered a congressman.

“Wow indeed,” laughed the Baron. “Now start sucking, times a wasting. Those meddling gal pals of yours will be here soon.”

The Queen of Hearts ripped off her other glove. She grabbed his cock again with both hands. She bent forward and brought her lips up to the fat knob that topped off the huge cock. The pee slit alone was as big as a human eye. Precum dribbled out of it constantly. She kissed it on the pee slit, tasting his precum, a tremble of lust. coursed through her body, telling her she was doing the right thing. “Your cock’s so big,” she whispered before running her tongue all around the head.

“The better to please you with, mon cherie.” He looked down at the lovely woman. Her blue eyes looked up at him through her red mask. She was big and doe-eyed, all innocent looking. His cock had that effect on women. It’s presence made women act sluttily. Samedi had yet to meet the woman that didn’t become a horny bimbo when he waved his cock under their nose. They would do anything. The most uptight conservative old nun would willingly let him shove his cock up her ass if he would only ask. Everyone that had experienced the golden shower radiated sex appeal, but his tool was the most powerful. Even heroes like the Queen found it hard to resist. She had half the tip in her mouth now and was working her tongue all around it while stroking him. “You don’t have to do this,” he whispered down to her. “Stop now and I will surrender to you, no one gets hurt. Or if you prefer, you can keep sucking it.” Her answer was to push her head forward, his cock head disappearing into her straining mouth. Soon it was probing at her throat, pushing deep as she sucked more and more of his huge cock into her mouth. The Baron threw his head back and laughed in triumph, his face fading out and becoming a white skull.

Behind Olivia, the Speaker of the House stood. He banged his gavel down. Most of the congressmen couldn’t take their eyes off the sight of a beautiful buxom blonde woman now bobbing her head rapidly over a good seven inches of the world’s master criminal’s monster cock. The Speaker banged it again, slowly eyes turned towards him, even the Baron’s. Olivia was busy trying to cram as much of the Baron’s cock down her throat as she could. His pubes were rapidly approaching her nose. She found out later what the congressmen did for her. The Speaker of the House stood up straight and then turned his back on the Queen fellating the Baron. Beside the Speaker, the House leadership stood up and slowly turned their backs on them also. One by one all 435 members of the House slowly stood up in their seats and turned their backs on the sex scene. The Baron just sneered at them and their nobility.

In the balcony, a reporter and her cameraman had been filming the scene. It would be blurred for TV, but as she watched the noble act of the congressmen, she reached out and covered the cameraman’s lens. “Let the media show as much respect for the Queen of Hearts as the House is,” she told the cameraman who nodded. “It’s not her fault. The Baron is hard to resist.” The female reporter didn’t turn her back, but kept looking down on the couple. In her mind, it was her, not the Queen kneeling before the Baron, sucking his huge black cock.

“Oh Tres bien,” moaned the Baron as the Queen of Hearts kissed his pubes. A normal woman couldn’t take his entire cock down her throat. La Sirene could deep throat him and some of the other heroes he had seduced over the years. The showered were built for each other. When the showered had babies with a normal human, the baby was always normal, but as several showered had gotten together, their babies were all as gifted as one of their parents and sometimes both. That’s why they should stick together. That’s why he and the Queen needed to make babies together. Babies that would grow up to rule the world.

Outside there was a sonic boom and some other noises over the sirens of the police. “Damn!” growled the Baron. “It looks like we have company. Better hurry it up, my Queen before your friends arrive. Why don’t you go supersonic on that black cock?”
Olivia Queen grabbed the Baron’s hips and began sucking his cock at accelerated speed. She was as upset at the arrival of other superheroes as the Baron was. “Merde! C’est bien,” he moaned. She looked up at him, happy to know she was pleasing him, but there was only a white skull looking down on her. “Here it comes my Queen,” he moaned.

Olivia felt his cock stiffen and harden and then it jerked in her throat. Her belly nearly filled with sperm after one wad. Her pussy suddenly trembled, cumming in her uniform. She’d orgasmed just from having him ejaculating in her mouth. She pulled her head back wanting to taste him again. The head was still spurting cum even as it exited her throat and entered her mouth. Almost immediately, her cheeks bulged out and his seed spurted out the sides of her mouth. She gulped it as rapidly as she could. “More where that came from,” he groaned. “Look and see.” Olivia suddenly found herself stroking an almost invisible cock. The sperm filled inside of his balls were visible, pumping his seed up and around his bladder before it entered his urethra running the length of his invisible cock. She watched his hot seed shooting through the tube like milk in a crazy straw forward into her mouth. His testicles were huge, but they were pumping more sperm then they possibly could have held. They miraculously never emptied. Another gift from the golden shower.

Olivia’s belly felt like it couldn’t hold another drop. She leaned backwards, his cock flying free of her mouth, shooting another wad of semen at her face. His entire black cock turned visible again and she bent it down, letting it spurt hot seed all over her bare breasts as she stroked the thick shaft. It didn’t stop cumming until she released it.

Upstairs, the female reporter looked down at the Queen of Hearts rubbing Baron Samedi’s cum all over her tits. The Queen even raised her hands to lick his sperm up. “Dayumn,” whispered the reporter. “Not her fault,” she told the cameraman. “No woman can resist the Baron.”

“This woman can,” said a voice behind the reporter.

The reporter turned to see the stunning big breasted red head stroll into the room. “Bettikinetic!”

Betty smiled. She took the cigar out of her mouth with one hand, wrapped her other hand around the reporter’s back, pulling the reporter’s body into Betty’s and kissing her deeply. The attractive reporter felt the sizable bulge beneath Betty’s shorts. Betty left the stunned reporter speechless and breathing heavily. “It’s Black Cock Betty now. Call me,” said Betty, a calling card rising from her pocket and floating over to the reporter who was blushing. “I’m my own man now, so to speak.”

“New uniform?” asked the reporter checking out Black Cock Betty. As Bettikinetic, she was primarily known as the Queen’s sidekick and always wore a cheerleader uniform. The top was like a sport’s bra with a wild cat on it and it showed off her sexy belly, while the skirt was longer then a cheerleaders and she always wore biker shorts under it. The new uniform top was also like a sports bra. She had the profile of a black rooster displayed on her large bosom. Her pale freckled belly was still bared. She’d lost the cheerleader skirt and now wore just the biker shorts. The reporter gasped when she saw that the shorts prominently displayed the telltale bulge of what could only be a penis that might have rivaled the Baron’s in size.

Betty didn’t answer her. She strolled to the balcony and looked down. Olivia was still kneeling before the Baron, seemingly happily pinching both her hard cum soaked nipples. “She blow him this time?”

“Yes,” answered the reporter. “Hey..umm… where’d the Baron’s guards go?”

Betty pointed to the roof. The three members of the Imperial Guard that had been on the balcony level were slammed into the roof. Their machine guns out of their reach. Betty snapped her fingers and the guards fell back to the balcony with a crashing sound. Betty leaped over the balcony and slowly lowered herself to the ground.

The Imperial guard on the lower levels suddenly found their machine guns yanked out of their hands. The Baron whirled around as the guns flew up to him to hover several feet from him, their barrels all pointed at the black super villain. Their triggers pulled and every gun emptied their clips on full auto into the Baron.

Samedi closed his eyes, feeling the bullets strike his nearly impenetrable skin. The bullets couldn’t pierce his skin, but they did sting. He opened his eyes when the clips emptied, smoke rising from the barrels. The bullets had riddled his clothes to the point they fell off. He looked up at Betty hovering above him, his skin fading out so that he appeared as a skeleton. “Get her,” he ordered his guard. The guns flew back across the room to their previous owners, butt first this time, hitting ever guard in the head. The Baron’s entire strike force slumped to the ground within seconds of each other. “I’ll get you, bitch,” growled the Baron. While he couldn’t fly, he could leap nearly ten stories up. He braced himself to leap at Betty before she used her telekinesis on him.

“Not on my watch,” said the Queen coming to her senses. She spun Samedi around and uppercut the Baron’s skull. He flew up and under Betty landing and sliding several feet along the aisle between seats filled with Representatives.

The skeleton stood, rematerializing into the Baron. He turned to run just as a buxom brunette in a red bikini with a T on each cup over her large breasts entered the hall right in front of him. The T’s on Tina’s bikini cups had her jokingly and derisively called TT or Tittys because of the large C cups on the thin frame of the formerly flat chested cheerleader. She wore the bikini because she could easily slip out of it when she shrunk without getting trapped in her own clothes. That was precisely what she did when she found herself running full on into the Baron’s fist. She shrank fast, her nose just missing the Baron’s knuckles, slipping out of her bikini, the Baron’s huge floppy cock smacking her in the face as the now foot tall woman ran under his legs. “Wow!’ she said, shaking her head in awe. Now that was one big cock.

Samedi found himself flat on his face when his punch didn’t connect. He pulled himself up and raced for the exit. With some luck, he could just leap over the police blockade and escape without needing to come up with some elaborate escape plan to get him out of jail again. The Baron ran on through the exit towards the police barricade, preparing to leap, only noticing at the last minute two bare feminine feet on either side of him. Feet the size of buses! He looked up at the bare labia nearly 100 ft above him and pulled back before he jumped right into the giant pussy. “Fuck!” he growled in frustration.

Brobdinagia reached down and picked up the little man between her legs. She was, like Tiny Tina, another superhero with the misfortune of not having any clothes to wear when she used her powers. The giantess picked up the little man and looked at him. “Now that’s a big cock,” she said, appreciatively.

Inside the House, Betty slowly lowered herself to the ground before The Queen of Hearts. “Olive,” she said, nodding.

“Betty,” said the Queen, watching Betty’s eyes stare at her sperm covered breasts as she pulled her uniform back up and over them. “Thank you.” Olivia approached her former sidekick and best friend. She reached out and took the cigar from Betty’s mouth. “There’s no smoking in here,” she said.

Betty smirked. “Better get back to the Hall and clean up before the press sees how messy you are.”

“Right,” said the Queen.

Black Cock Betty reached up and touched her ear as a message came through her receiver. “They got him. The Baron’s in custody.”

The Queen of Hearts turned to face the podium. “Mr. Speaker and members of the House of Representatives, Baron Samedi is in custody. You are all safe.”

Every congressman sprang to his or her feet, applauding the Queen as she sped past them down the aisle. They turned their bodies to follow her movement. An uproar was heard outside as the Queen exited the building. Shouts and applause so loud they were heard inside by all the representatives came from outside.

Betty shook her head as Tina walked up. The Sensational Shrinking Woman was normal sized again, nude and holding her bikini. Tina bent down to pull the panties up her long lean legs. “Seriously! You saved them,” said Tina.

“I know, I’m used to it,” answered Betty, staring appreciatively at Tina’s buxom lithe body.

“Help me with my top?” asked Tina, lifting her curly brown hair up above her neck.

Instead of tying the bikini string, Betty reached around Tina’s back and squeezed her breasts, kissing her neck as she pinched her nipples.

“BETTY!” said a shocked Tina, shrinking three feet to escape the grabby hands. She grew normal again, pulling the panties back up as she grew. “What’s gotten in to you?”

“Nothing! Sorry just kidding around,” apologized Betty. “Let me get the string for you.” This time she tied the string around the back of Tina’s neck. She smacked Tina on her rounded ass when she finished.

Tina jumped forwards and turned towards her old friend. Her eyes widened and she gasped at the sight that greeted her eyes. The telltale bulge under Betty’s shorts had swollen and grown, struggling to rise and escape the tight confines of her shorts. “What the…?” stuttered a confused Tina.


“Tell me you don’t want this penis,” repeated the Baron.

“To be quite honest, I’m over you,” said the Queen. Her lips curled up in a smirk. “Now are you going to surrender peacefully or do we fight?”

Samedi’s brow furrowed. “Perhaps, it’s time to show you something, mon cherie.” He slipped backwards into the room.

“I know your game, Baron,” said The Queen following him into the room. It was an executive office and the couch apparently folded out into a bed. The Baron had already opened the bed. He walked over to sit down on it, pulling off his tee shirt as he did so.
“You think that the stink your cock gives off will be stronger in this tiny room. No doubt you’re surprised that I’m not kneeling between your legs right now.”

“Oui my Queen, I’m quite surprised actually.”

The Queen of Hearts tilted her head back, displaying her nose plugs. “I slipped them in the second I detected your pheromones.”

“Well played,” said Samedi, smiling and softly clapping his hands. “But I strongly suggest that you remove them, Olivia Queen Hart.”

The Queen of Hearts was preparing to leap into battle to subdue the man. The use of her secret identity hit her in the face like a ton of bricks. She froze in horror at the implications. “How did… what did you call me?”

“No more games, my love,” said the Baron. “Did you see my associate over there?” He held his hand out to point at the executive’s desk.

Olivia’s eyes had been on the Baron. She hadn’t noticed the albino sitting behind the desk. The dreadlocked white skinned Jamaican rose and bowed. “Simon Selassie! You two are working together?”

“It’s pronounced See-mon, mon,” he replied in a pronounced accent, “Or Emperor Selassie if you prefer.”

“I didn’t think you ever left Jamaica?” Shortly after the golden shower, a dense fog had enveloped the island. The fog was impenetrable to radar or satellite imagery. One U.S. coastguard vessel had penetrated the fog, quickly turning around and coming out, the crew completely stoned out of their minds. The dense fog was pure marijuana smoke! Soon thereafter, speedboats filled with the new super hybrid marijuana began emerging from the fog bank, heading for Hispaniola where Samedi’s men took over transporting it to the American East coast. The drug was so addictive and powerful, that the U.S. responded by blockading both island nations. Olivia had flown through the smoke on a scouting expedition for the DEA once, holding her breath. Other then field after field of marijuana, there had been little unusual about the island.

“Trust me, mon. I was quite happy on my little island.” There was an open laptop on the desk. Selassie turned it around to face her. The screen was blank. “But your illegal blockade is hurting my people. All we have are a few crops and fish to feed my entire island. My people are starving.”

“You rule a nation of pot smokers,” she replied, tartly. “They’re always hungry.”

Simon just smiled. “Spare me the lecture. Da ganja is part of our religion, mon. We’re not going to quit growing it or selling it either for that matter.” Simon paused and grinned at her. “Now I suggest we get down to business.” He pressed a key on the laptop and an image appeared. The image showed the outline of a house through an infrared lens. A red figure was downstairs watching television. Another smaller red figure was sleeping upstairs in a bed. “Look familiar, mon?”

The Queen of Hearts felt her stomach tighten. “Yes,” she replied, softly.

The Baron stood off the couch bed. He touched a communication device in his ear. “Frapper position de force par,” he said. “A strike team of imperial guard is prepared to storm the house, Olivia. Now you’re fast, but are you fast enough to reach them in time? Do as I say and Joe Hart can go right on watching his live news coverage of the hostage drama at the Miami Federal Reserve building.”

“Hey, dats dis building, mon,” chimed in Selassie feigning surprise.

“I’ll kill you for this, Baron,” growled The Queen of Hearts.

“Se déplacer dans le bâtiment,” said the Baron, nodding towards the live feed on the laptop.

Olivia turned to look at the screen. The camera was bobbing, approaching her home, her husband, and her sleeping daughter. Glowing red figures with guns appeared on the screen all moving towards her home. “WAIT!”

“Démissionner,” ordered the Baron and the camera began retreating from her house.

“What do you want from me?” she asked, through gritted teeth. Olivia was cursing herself for leaving the Hall of Righteousness. Members all carried ear communicator’s like the Baron’s and she would have been able to contact Betty and the other heroes if she still had hers. Betty’s telekinetic powers could have sent the Baron’s strike team hurling up into space.

“Simple,” replied the Baron. “Une, remove those damn nose plugs.”

“And two, drink dis, mon,” added Selassie, placing a bottle of water on the desk. It was the same water that she’d seen empty bottles of out in the foyer where the orgy was still going on. Simon Seltzer Water.

“If I do this, you won’t harm my family?” she asked, reaching up and pulling the nose plugs out. “Aaahh!!” she squealed, her pussy spasming as the stench from Samedi’s still hard cock hit her. She pictured herself kneeling before him, he was slapping his cock across her cheeks and her head was following it trying to capture the head in her mouth so she could suck him off.

“You have my word on it,” replied the Baron watching the Queen’s long nipples harden under her uniform. “Little Emma needs her bed rest after all.”

“You’re a monster,” she gasped, staring lustfully at his cock. Maybe they were finally going to fuck? She shuddered as her pussy started dripping with desire. No, she could resist him. “Threatening a little girl is low even for you, Baron.”

“Amazing, mon,” said Selassie to the Baron while he stared at the obviously aroused woman. The Baron’s effect on women was truly amazing. He picked up the bottle of water and tossed it to the Queen.

Olivia snatched it effortlessly out of the air. “What’s in this? I’m immune to poison.”

“Just drink it,” said Simon.

The Queen of Hearts, used her telescoping vision to zoom in on the water. At first, she saw nothing unusual about the water. It was pretty pure, with only a few microscopic life forms swimming around. She’d learned not to examine her food too closely long ago as when she did, she quickly lost her appetite. It was hard to focus on just the water in the bottle and then she saw it. A microscopic tadpole wiggled in her view. “What the hell?” It didn’t look like any microscopic life she’d ever seen before. There were a couple more in the water too.

“Drink up, lay-dee, or Samedi will order the attack.”

Olivia looked at the laptop and the IR image of her family on the screen, then over to Samedi’s cock, she looked at Selassie, the bottle in her hand as she unscrewed the lid, then back to Samedi’s cock. She brought the bottle up to her lips and chugged the water.
“There I did it. Now call your men off Baron.”

The Baron brought his finger up to his ear mike. “Withdrawl et retour à la base,” he told his men.

Olivia didn’t speak French, but it sure sounded like he was calling his men off. The screen on the laptop went dark as the cameraman turned off the link. The Queen of Hearts sprang into action. The entire room shuddered as her speed approached the sound barrier. Her fist hit the Baron hard in the stomach right above that big beautiful cock of his. Samedi was caught off guard as he doubled over, going transparent down to his skeleton. Olivia looked down at her nemesis. She could see the ear microphone seemingly floating in the air next to his skull. She reached for it with two fingers and plucked it out of his ear. She crushed the mike between her thumb and forefinger. Still at superspeed, the Queen of Hearts, raced back to grab the nose plugs off the ground and replaced them, blocking off the Baron’s cock stench.

“I swear on the lives of everyone on Hispaniola, that that will be the last time you punch me, bitch,” growled the Baron, slowly straightening back up, but clutching his stomach.

“Don’t be so sure about that, Samedi,” she replied with a grin. The Queen of Hearts pulled her arm back, red gloved fist clenched and aimed at his flat nose. She was about to pound that nose to a pulp when she suddenly had a strong urge to itch her head. Olivia blinked and stumbled backwards. Olivia scratched her blonde hair. She saw several floaters appear in her eyes. Only instead of a dot flying across her vision, these were dots with wiggling tails. She blinked and they were gone. Her head still itched, but the itch was deep in her skull, like something was biting her brain. “What did you do to me?”

Simon Selassie, Emperor of Jamaica, walked towards her. He leaned forward and stared her in the face.

“Semen sez, relax,” he told her.

Olivia sighed as all the tension, stress and worry about her family drained from her mind. She hadn’t felt this relaxed in a long time.


Simon Selassie stared at his skin. No one else had all the pigment suddenly slide off their body in the weird rain. He looked at the other boat. It was sinking as was his. The water between the two boats was covered in floating marijuana. The rain had melted the bags, leaving clumps of his precious ganja floating. Had Samuel Idi betrayed him? Was he trying to keep both the money and the pot? Jesus, there was money in the water too, but the rain had ripped it to shreds. “Idi, what is going on?”

Samuel Idi was climbing up the side of his boat as it sank. He was nude, the rain had shredded his clothes like it had all of them. “I don’t know,” yelled Sam back. He climbed to the top and turned to face Simon.

Simon’s eyes opened wide in shock. “Now dat is one big cock, mon?”

The Haitian drug dealer had just been thinking the same thing about Selassie’s penis. He looked down at his own penis and was surprised to see that if anything it was even bigger then the Jamaican’s and his was black and beautiful unlike Simon’s now colorless cock. At least today wasn’t a total bust. He reached down to touch his big black cock and was horrified to see skeletal hands reaching for it. Then his cock faded away. Sam looked up and screamed.

Simon looked at the nightmarish horror on the other boat. “Kill dat ting, mon,” he ordered one of his men.

His man picked up a machine gun, but it fell apart in his hands as the rain had weakened the metal. He looked at Simon and shrugged, just as a bolt of lightning hit him from behind. Simon watched in horror as one of his enforcers skin turned black and the smell of burning flesh hit him. The man crumbled to the ground. The sinking trawler shuddered as it came to rest on a reef. Simon Selassie fell to his knees and looked up at the sun as he prayed. God answered him by sending an angel. The most stunning blonde woman as naked as he was flew over him, heading towards the island. She locked eyes with the living skeleton that had been Sam Idi and the angelic vision flew on.

The speedboat sank forcing Sam and his crew to swim over to the trawler. The lightning man had gotten his powers under control as had Sam, the human flesh appearing over the skeleton. Sam Idi sat on the deck, staring at his penis, while making his hands fade to skeletons and back over and over again. Simon couldn’t take his eyes off the lovely black woman in Sam’s crew. Sam checked out Simon’s two sisters, Mary and Juana. This morning his twin sisters had been rather plump and flat chested, now they had DD’s and were stunning. Everyone was now fit with muscles and big cocks or in the women’s cases large breasts. “We have been blessed by god,” said Sam suddenly, his enormous cock was hardening. Mary was even reaching out for it, like she wanted to touch it.

“We haven’t all been blessed,” answered Simon, nodding to the burnt remains of his crewman.

“Sorry,” apologized the man that would rename himself Shango after the voodoo god of lightning. He held his hands apart and watched the lightning fly between his palms.

“Brother, watch this,” said Juana. She held hands with her nude twin. Both girls pursed their lips and smoke started bellowing out of their mouths. The smoke ball hovered in the air, a bulbous mass of smoke. Mary held her hands out and the ball of smoke changed shape, appearing as a fish. She wagged her fingers and the fish’s tail moved like it was swimming. “It only works when we hold hands,” said Juana.

Simon stood, sniffing at the smoke. He walked closer to it, the fish swimming around his head. Mary giggled. Simon quickly stuck his head into the smoke fish and inhaled. His red albino eyes were more bloodshot and he had a stupid grin on his. He was stoned out of his mind. “Dats pure ganja, mon,” he said, happily.

“Ya brudder mon,” added Juanna. “We was smoking dat big joint when the rain hit.”

Another hour passed and Simon slowly came to his senses. Mary and Juana continued to play with their powers. As individuals, they were nothing but gorgeous black women with stacked bodies. When they held hands, however, they could blow pure marijuana smoke and it kept coming and coming. They created a gigantic octopus, airplane, and a long sea serpent before they quit playing.

Simon stood up when he saw something in the distance. A boat was coming towards them. He turned to inform Sam of their rescue, but Idi was sitting in the prow, his body normal, but his face a white skull, getting a blow job from the woman in his crew that would rename herself La Sirene. Both the Haitians and the Jamaicans seemed more interested in the blow job then in their pending rescue.

“We’re about to be rescued,” said Simon. He turned waving his hands at the approaching boat. It was a Bahamanian police boat.

La Sirene gurgled and gulped on Sam’s immense load of sperm. “Oh Sam, it’s so good,” she moaned, letting her tongue flicker out to lick the cum off her chin. She bent back down and ran her tongue around the swollen cock head. “I can’t wait until you fuck me with that thing.”

“Stand up fools and try to look normal,” said Simon. He stared at the skull headed man, the man with lightning shooting several inches from his eyes, his sisters, holding hands, smoke pouring from their nostrils and his own albino skin. “Forget dat last part.”

“We take the boat and head for Haiti,” said Sam, standing up.

“I got this boss,” said lightning man. He crackled, the very air around him electrified.

“NO!” cried Simon. He didn’t want to see any more people burned to a crisp. “Mary, Juana, you got dis?”

“Ya brudder mon, we got dis,” replied his sisters in unison.

“Is everyone alright,” came a voice through a speaker on the approaching boat.

Simon watched the Bahaman police officer lower his speaker and stare at the crew in shock. His shock turned to horror when a giant smoke snake reared up the side of the boat. The snake opened it’s jaws and swallowed the man. The smoke spread out engulfing the entire ship. The marijuana cloud lifted, dissipating in the air. The smoke couldn’t harm anyone, but the ship’s entire crew were so stoned, they could barely move.

They transferred the police crew to the stranded trawler. Sam Idi was amazed that he could lift the Bahaman men with little effort, even leap twenty feet between boats with little effort. Other men in the group appeared to have super human strength too.

They took the boat to Haiti where the two groups parted ways. From there, a small sea plane had Simon, his sisters, and the rest of their crew safely home in Jamaica.

The only news for weeks was about what was being called the Golden Shower. Some of the infected people were rounded up. Others easily escaped. The cruise ship itself was burnt to the waterline, it’s manifests and computers fried. The cruise lines headquarters’ computers were fried too. The FBI began recreating the manifests by checking with the cheerleading organization that ran the spirit competition, the airlines that had flights to Miami up to three days before the ship departed, hotel registrations, etc. When the entire building housing the FBI response team melted soon followed by more FBI buildings around the country, a truce was called. Most of the people that had changed were able to live anonymously if they chose, though most came out.

The news was all Golden Shower until the coup in Haiti and Baron Samedi took over. A week later, muscular Haitian troops invaded the Dominican Republic and the new nation of Hispaniola was born ruled by Samedi and the Loa. No action was taken against them.

Simon Selassie sat in a chair on his veranda overlooking the blue Caribbean sea. His robe was open and his huge pale white cock had flopped out. The thing was starting to rise primarily because his hand kept wandering down to it. It got hard a lot. He was a fifty year old man, but his cock was acting like it had back in his early teens. He had the body of a much younger man too. He grabbed his stiffening cock, his hand starting to stroke it. He never masturbated. Well, he had when he was younger, but he quit as soon as he lost his virginity and discovered pussy. Then when he got some money and power, he had all the pussy he ever wanted. Since the incident on the island though, he’d been a little uneasy asking for a woman to service his hideously white body. He looked like a monster, creepy skin, weird eyes. His need to cum was starting to overcome his ban on masturbating. His hand started stroking faster, but he was interrupted by a knock on his door. “Enter,” he yelled, closing his robe, but there was no hiding the bulge from a foot long cock.

Mary and Juana Selassie entered the room, their eyes falling on his bulge and quickly looking away. The sisters had always been close, but since the shower, they were almost never apart. “Here it tis, brother mon,” they said in unison, holding up a bag.

Simon held out his hand and caught it as Mary tossed it to him. He held up the bag and looked at the cannabis seeds. “So this is the new hydrid?” They looked like normal seeds to him.

“Yes, brother,” they said.

“Excellent,” said Simon, looking at the seeds in wonder. The twins had developed a weird kinship with marijuana. Not only could they breathe clouds of potent marijuana smoke, but upon touching their first live plant, they had sensed they had the ability to move things around in the plant on a genetic level. They’d rearranged the plant leaves to triple the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol and other psychoactive components in the plant. The plant was now much more addictive and produced stronger hallucinogenic effects. These were the first seeds to come from the plant they had played with. If things went according to plan, they would have a new super species of ganja to sell.

“We may have a solution to dat problem too, brother, mon,” said Juana, nodding at the still massive bulge under his robe.

“And what might dat be,” he answered frowning.

“Queen Akamatsu is here to see you,” said Mary.

“I prefer Sister Akamatsu,” said an older woman stepping into the room behind the twins.

Simon rose from his chair. “Que… Sister Akamatsu, to what do I owe this honor?”

Akamatsu was a tall, lithe woman, nearing seventy. She was quite attractive for her age. Her dreads were piled on her head and although mostly white, there were still traces of her former lustrous black curls. She cupped her hands together in prayer and bowed at Simon. He bowed back. She straightened. “I would suck your cock, Seeemon Selassie.”

Simon sat back down in his chair. He took in the older woman. Akamatsu had represented Jamaica in the Miss Universe pageant and had been considered one of the island’s greatest beauties, but that had been fifty years ago. She was still trim, but her belly sagged and she had stretch marks from bearing her husband five children. Her bosom was full and large, mightily impressive when held by her bra. The eyes of much younger men would still dwell on her large cleavage. Unrestricted by her underwear, they would sag down, her once proudly up thrust nipples now pointed downwards. Back when he was a teen and masturbating daily, Simon had often used a worn old picture of Akamatsu in her Miss Universe swimsuit to jerk off too. A Rasta wife was known as a queen, serving the needs of her husband or king. When Akamatsu’s husband died, she’d dropped the Queen and took to calling herself Sister Akamatsu. She was Jamaica’s holiest woman, spiritual guide, midwife, and many other things. As far as Simon knew, she had been celibate since her husband died and that had been fifteen years ago. “This cock,” he said, opening his robe so that the twelve inch white snake sprang up in all it’s glory.

Akamatsu’s eyes widened at the sight of it. “So it is true,” she whispered.

“What?” he asked. “That it doubled in size or that it’s disgustingly pale?”

“Both,” she replied. “But it is not digustin’ mon. I believe dat Jah has chosen you and given you a gift to bring down Babylon.”

Simon looked down at his cock, mighty and rampant, beautiful, but for the paleness. If it had been the dark black it had been before the golden shower and this big, he might have agreed with her. Albinos were regarded traditionally as inferior. They were hunted in Africa, their body parts used for magic potions and sex with albinos was supposed to cure HIV leading to the raping (and infecting) of many albino women. “You’re not planning on biting it off or you?” he asked, half jokingly.

“No Seemon,” she answered, smiling reassuringly. “Jah had designed the penis as the perfect delivery vehicle for his seed.” Akamatsu let her robe fall to the ground. It was red, green, and yellow, the traditional colors. Her body was old and wrinkly. Her belly did hang slightly over her panty. She unhooked the bra and her breasts did collapse downwards, the membranes keeping them proud and firm having long broken. She bent slightly to slide the panty down her legs. She smiled wryly as Simon removed his robe entirely. Her eyes took in the defined chest and abdominal muscles. “You see yoself as a monster Seemon, but you are magnificent. Much more so then this old body.”

“You are still a great beauty Sister Akamatsu.”

“May I suck your cock, Seemon Selassie?”

“It appears ready for you, Sister.”

“May I have a glass of water?” asked Sister Akamatsu.

Simon nodded at Mary and Juana, still standing in the room regarding the strange proceedings. They snapped to attention, hurrying off to fetch the holy woman a glass of water. When they returned, Akamatsu had her hands on the massive colorless cock, slowly stroking it, staring at it with awe. She looked up and nodded gratefully, taking the glass of water from the twins.

“Leave the good sister and I alone,” said Simon to his sisters. He leaned back. There was a loud plop in the glass. The woman had removed her teeth. He shivered when her tongue touched the tip of his cock. It twirled around the tip. “Dat’s good,” he told her.

“Forgive me, I am out of practice,” she said, her mouth engulfing the large cock head.

“Nothing to forgive,” said Simon. He leaned back and started to enjoy the blowjob as she took his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. He truly had no sexual desire for the old woman. Simon was used to being serviced by young women in their teens and twenties, even white American women. White women with secret desires to sleep with a native Jamaican or their daughters willing to put out for a little ganja time with a Rasta man. Despite his lack of desire for the woman, his cock showed no sign of wilting, be it a gift of the shower or a lack of any sexual activity in the weeks since the shower, he couldn’t tell nor did it matter. It was a good blow job. There was something to be said for Akamatsu’s lack of teeth.

Simon may not have had any sexual desire for the old holy woman, but he sure did when she was a young beauty queen. He sat back and closed his eyes, picturing the woman she used to be. The young beauty contestant, smiling and pretty in her one piece. She had a thin waist and a large bosom with a nice rounded ass. He’d never seen prettier. He jerked off to that old photograph dozens of times. He only stopped when one large wad got out of hand and splattered all over the smiling woman, ruining the photo. He’d seen her after that, he was still in his teens and she was late thirties. She was smiling and playing on the beach with her husband and three young children at the time. She was in a bikini, still fit and lithe. Her belly was starting to bulge and sag and her breasts were worn from breast feeding. Not the perfect body she’d had fifteen years earlier, but still fantastic for her age. He’d stayed on the beach and watched her for hours before going home and tossing one off to the image of the bikini clad woman on the beach.

Simon smiled. His number one fantasy woman was greedily slurping on his cock albeit about forty to fifty years behind schedule. He could feel the sperm welling in his balls. They too had grown to match the size of his cock. He’d never felt such pressure before in his balls. He felt a fool for abstaining from sex for so long. Who cared about his skin color? If any of his young women didn’t want to have sex with an albino, then his money would at least make them pretend they did. “JAH!” he moaned as the long needed sexual release grew closer.

“Yo magic cock grows bigger, Seemon,” cried Akamatsu, taking her mouth off his cock, but still stroking the hard shaft. “Give me your seed.“ She returned her mouth to the head.

“Here it cums,” he groaned.

The sperm shot up from his balls and into his shaft. His cock jerked, the first large wad of his semen entering her belly. His cock jerked again and again, his balls continuing to pump semen into her. Akamatsu tried to pull off, but he grabbed her head and pushed it up and down his cock. As long as she kept sucking his shaft, he kept pumping sperm. A weird gift that all the showered males had, he would later find out. Finally he released her when he sensed that her belly would be full and his sperm had nowhere else to go. Sister Akamatsu fell back on the floor gagging, fighting from coughing up the inordinate amount of semen. “There’s so much,” she gasped.

Simon looked at the old woman, lying nude on his floor, her chin covered in his white seed. “938 million 756 thousand, and 338 sperm to be exact,” he informed her. And he could sense everyone of them.

Akamatsu looked at him in shock. Her belly was distended, bloated from so much semen. It suddenly went down as all his sperm left the seminal fluid and entered her blood stream. The woman waved her hands before her eyes, seeing his sperm swimming in her pupils. She started itching uncontrollably. Her expression turned to one of horror. “I was wrong, you are not gifted by Jah. You are a demon! Aaarggh!”

Simon frowned, clenching his fist. Akamatsu curled up in the fetal position on the floor, shaking and moaning, still itching. His sperm was in her system, attached to her nerves, her brain, everywhere. She rolled over on her back. He watched the wrinkles disappear. Her belly lifted and firmed up, her stretch marks healing. Her nipples rose, her breasts firming up again. She grimaced and Simon could see new teeth growing in her old gums. Lustrous black color rose in her white dreads, climbing from her scalp to the tips. She rolled over on her stomach, pushing herself up on all fours. Her divine black ass full and rounded staring at him. His cock rose again as he stared at her ass and at the lovely young twat beneath it. She was wet, her labia glistened with arousal. Akamatsu pushed herself to her feet, the twenty year old beauty queen turned to look at him, confused and unsure over what had happened to her. “What have you done to me?” she asked, staring at her proud DD breasts.

“You are reborn,” said Simon proudly. “My gift to you for opening my eyes. I am gifted by Jah as only the son of Jah can be.”

“You may bare the holy name of Selassie, but you are not the son of Jah.”

“I am the son of Jah!” he roared. 43,456,127 sperm attached to her brain wiggled at his words.

Akamatsu fell to her knees before him. “Forgive me son of Jah,” she cried, grabbing his cock and kissing the head and shaft repeatedly.

Simon Selassie looked down at the stunning black woman. This was much better then having an old woman suck you off. “Arise child. You are forgiven.”

“Thank you, my lord,” she said, springing to her feet.

Simon looked at the nude woman. Jamaica’s greatest beauty eager to do his bidding, now believing he was the third coming. Her nipples were swollen and hard, two firm pencil erasers. There was 345,657 sperm beneath the brown skin in one nipple and 346,197 in the other. “I like your nipples, but they could be longer,” he said, pinching and pulling on them. His sperm did what they did, wiggling, expanding the cells, telling them genetically to grow bigger. He didn’t care how it worked, only that it did. He pulled them out to an inch long before releasing them. Akamatsu looked down at them perplexed.

He could sense every sperm in her body. He could change her body, her mind, her personality. Just a few sperm could change a mood, make you happy or mad. He would lift his ban on masturbating. He would jerk off in the water supply all over the island. He would buy a bottled water plant and spread his sperm infected water all over the island. He would be a dictator, but one that ruled over a content and happy people.

Simon took her by the arm and led her towards his bedroom. “You will spread the word about me,” he told her. “To all your followers all over the island. Tell them that I am the third coming of Jah.”

“Yes, Seemon Selassie,” she replied. “It shall be as you say.”

They entered his richly furnished bedroom. The large King sized bed had seen a lot of action between Simon and his young women. It was going to see a lot more. “Get on the bed.”

Sister Akamatsu complied, looking nervous. “Ah my lord, Seemon Selassie, ah I have taken a vow of celibacy when my husband died. If you wish, I will gladly suck your cock again.”

He laughed. “I think it’s time you break that vow. Slide back and spread your legs.”

“But Seemon, my husband?”

“Is long dead and you are reborn to serve me.” He kneeled between her legs, bending his cock down to touch her clearly aroused clit and labia.

Akamatsu squirmed at the touch of his cock. She looked up at him in awe. “Is that what Seemon says?”

“Yes, that is what Seemon sez,” he answered. “Seemon sez, beg me to fuck you.” Sperm wiggled in her brain again.

“Please fuck me, my lord. Please fuck me,” she moaned. “Let me serve you, my lord.”

Simon held his cock down at the entrance to her wet vagina. She was squirming around it, desirous of having him inside her. “Semen sez, cum,” he told her without moving.

Akamatsu’s eyes flew wide open. Her jaw dropped. A loud squeal escaping her throat. Her hips bucked upwards, taking part of his cock head inside her. Hot fluid shot out of her, running down his pale cock. Just the heated entrance of her pussy was gripping his cock head trying to pull him deeper inside her. “That was amazing my lord,” she gasped. “Please fuck me now.”

Simon laughed maniacally. He pushed his cock in. “Semen Sez you’re about to have the best sex of your life,” he told her.


“Take those nose plugs out,” ordered the Baron.

Olivia sighed and smiled at her nemesis. “No, I don’t think so,” she replied calmly still feeling relaxed.

“Semen Sez, take the nose plugs out,” said Simon.

Olivia’s brow furrowed and she winced. Her head itched again. She reached up and removed the nose plugs. She took a deep breath of the Baron’s cock stench and smiled.

“How much control over her do you have?” asked the Baron.

“Not much, yet,” replied Semen Sez. “Not a lot of sperm in the water. Just enough to control some moods, control minor behavior. .

“What have you done to me?” asked the Queen, calmly. She reached out and touched the Baron’s hard cock, slowly caressing it. “I want to suck it again.”

“I know, mon cherie,” he said. “Later, there will be all the time in the world for you to suck my black cock. If you need to suck cock so badly, why not try out mon bien ami, Simon here?”

“No, I want to suck your cock.”

“Semen Sez, suck my cock,” said Simon stepping up to her. He was stroking the pale white shaft and it was rising again.

Olivia scratched her head and looked down at the hard fleshy white rod. Her lips parted before she closed them again, shaking her head. “No, I only want to suck your cock, Baron. Your sperm is yummy!”

Samedi smiled affectionately at her. The more a woman smelled his cock, the more they began acting like bimbos. The Queen could resist more then most women and the fact that she was already acting a little slutty suggested that her will had been weakened.
“Very well then, suck my cock.”

Olivia fell to her knees and took the Baron’s cock in her mouth. He threw back his head and moaned as her tongue teased his cock head and she began taking him down her throat. She moaned contentedly too. Her moan turned to a whine when the Baron stepped back, his cock springing up, glistening with her saliva. “Gimme,” she begged.

“Take care of the Emperor’s cock first and then you may have mine,” he told her.

“Oh, alright then,” said the Queen. “Bring that thing over here,” she told Selassie.

Simon took a step forward, quickly feeling the tip of his cock engulfed by her hot mouth.
“JAH!” he moaned in delight. “Dis woman is good. She be deep throatin ma dick mon.” Simon grunted as Olivia bobbed her head. “I can see why you been wantin her all dese years, mon. She‘s a natural.”

The Baron snorted watching the Queen of hearts sucking off Semen Sez. “She’s had practice,” he told Simon. He didn’t like sharing her with the albino. Semen was an ugly freak, but he needed the Rastafarian at the moment. Still, he didn’t have to watch her suck him for a long time it he didn’t want to. “Queen, you can have my cock again as soon as you get Simon off. I suggest you speed it up.”

“Gack!” Selassie choked at the Queen of Hearts went supersonic on his cock. Her head was a blur. “Jah mon, suck dat cock, beetch.” Within seconds the sperm was welling up in his balls. His cock jerked, sending the first load of his semen into her belly. She slowed, sucking his jerking cock normally now.

“Keep sucking Queen,” ordered Samedi. “Swallow as much of his cum as you can.”

Olivia wrapped her lips around the head, jerking the pale shaft, taking more of his seed into her mouth. It was good, but not as good as the Baron’s semen. She gulped it down until her belly felt bloated. She finally released his cock, getting a big load of his semen splattered on her face before his cock quit spurting. She licked her lips, tasting his seed, rolling it on her tongue and letting it slide down her throat. Simon stumbled backwards and collapsed in the chair at the desk. He was panting. The Queen turned her attention back on the Baron. She frowned, her belly was distended with Simon‘s sperm. “I’m sorry, I swallowed too much, but you can cum on my tits if you want,” she told him, yanking her shoulder straps down and pulling her white suit down under her large breasts. Her nipples were pointy and hard.

“Was that enough, Simon?” asked Samedi.

Semen Sez threw back his head and laughed. “Enough? Enough? Ha Ha Ha. She just sucked a new record out of ma cock, mon. 1 beelion 879, meellion, 327 thousand, and 23 sperm. I should say, dat is more then enough.”

Olivia felt funny. She blinked, forcing herself to her feet, pulling her suit back up to cover her breasts. She felt funny. She no longer smelled the Baron’s cock. All she smelled was sperm. She wrinkled her nose. She felt funny. Not normal. She scratched her belly with both hands. It was bloated from all the semen she’d swallowed. As she scratched, her belly went back down to it’s normal flat toned shape. Her belly didn’t feel as full now, but the itching was spreading all over her body. She scratched everywhere, bending over and heaving up a little of his semen. Olivia gasped for breath, standing up straight, using her will to fight off whatever they’d done to her. “You two will pay for this,” she hissed. They both responded by laughing.

“You asked what we did to you,” said Samedi, his skull shining through. He paced before her, hands clasped behind his back. “You’re familiar with nanobots I’m sure. Think of Simon’s sperm as a type of nanobot. He can sense them. He can control them and by controlling them, he can control you. He can mold you any way he wants.”

“That’s insane,” she cried, closing her eyes. She reopened them. There were dozens of wiggling floaters in her vision now, no not dozens, hundreds.

“Here let me show you,” said Simon stepping closely. “You have lovely breasts, Queen, but I prefer bigger ones. Semen Sez grow.”

Olivia groaned. Her breasts swelled for the second time in a decade. She watched in horror as her perfectly formed DD’s ballooned up. Breast flesh began spilling over the tops of her uniform. Half her areoloa had popped out as well as one nipple.

“Enough Simon, her breasts were perfect,” ordered the Baron.

“Simon Sez stop.” He reached out and cupped her new EE’s. “I prefer dem like dis mon, but she needs bigger nipples to go with da breasts.” He pinched her nipples and twirled the hard knobs. They elongated, stretching out about an inch and fattening up. “Now dese are perfect, mon.”

“Alright,” conceded the Baron, licking his lips. “They are.. not that bad.” He turned to look at Olivia. “He can do just about anything to you, mon amour. Simon not only controls your body, but your mind also. He can make you forget your husband and daughter.” He paused while Olivia gasped in fear. “He can make you madly in love with me. He could make you obsessed with killing every other member of the Hall of Righteousness. He tells me, he can even take away your powers.”

“Semen Sez, strip for us.”

Olivia’s eyes widened as she removed her mask, showing her face to the two men. “You’ve… you’ve won, Baron. I’m powerless to stop you. Just strip me of my powers and make me normal again.” That would be a dream come true. No more fighting crime and battling super villains. She’d grow old and die, selling real estate and watching Emma grow up, while she and Joe grew old together. “You’d eliminate your greatest enemy. I‘d never oppose you again.” She wiggled her uniform down over her hips, revealing only a sexy skimp panty that her husband had bought for her (and himself) on Valentine’s day. It was a frilly red heart that matched the one on her uniform.

Samedi smiled or at least she thought he did. The skeletal jaw just opened slightly. “You’d like that wouldn’t you? But I think a better plan would be to turn my greatest enemy into my greatest ally. You wondered how I’m going to get the vault and the gold out of here? You’re going to do it. Then you’re going to lift the criminal naval blockade
against my county and then you will rule by my side and bare me the most powerful children on the planet. Together we will be invincible and our children will rule the world.” The skeletal jaw opened wide as the Baron threw his head back and laughed maniacally. He stopped and turned his attention back on her. “Tell me Olivia Queen Hart, are you on birth control?”

“Yes,” she hissed at him in horror, rolling her red gloves off. At least she had time to figure out a way to defeat him before the birth control wore off.

“Simon,” said the Baron.

“Semen Sez, you’re ovulating,” replied the albino.

Olivia stepped back from the two villains. Her hands fell to her abdomen. Her ovaries ached for a moment and she flushed as her hormones raged through her body. She felt herself becoming even wetter. She bent over to unzip her boots. She looked up at the Baron, pleadingly while she slid one boot off her foot. “Emma? My husband?”

“You have my word that no harm will come to them. They will be safe.”

“Thank you for that,” she told him, gratefully. Olivia bent over and slid the panties down her hips and legs. She now stood before the two villains, completely nude. “How did you find out my secret identity?”

“I told them,” said a familiar voice behind her.

Olivia turned her head as the buxom red head stepped into view. “BETTY!” Olivia’s shock turned to horror as the truth hit her. Betty was infected too. “They got you too, Betty. I’m so sorry. We’ll get through this together. I promise.”

“Olive please. You’re being ridiciculous.” Betty came to stand beside the two villains. The skull headed man, the albino, and the dick girl all stared at her. “The Baron’s cock doesn’t affect me and I won’t drink or touch anything the Emperor has been around.”

“NO! Betty, you’d never betray me. I don’t believe it,“ cried Olivia, but the expression on Betty’s face remained cold. “Why Betty, why would you do such a thing? We were best friends once.”

“Yes, we were. Once.” said Betty, silently. “Best friends forever, Captain and co captain of the Washington Wildcats, The Queen of Hearts and her loyal friend, Bettikinetic, fighting side by side while you took all the glory.”

“That’s what this is about? You’re jealous!”

“No, you bitch. I’m not jealous. I was happy fighting by your side. I loved you. I loved you and you rejected me to go back to Joe. You used me and then you treated me like a… like a SIDEKICK!”


Betty watched her nude best friend fly off to go rescue more of their squad from the island of madness. Her windows rattled as Olivia broke the sound barrier. She lived with her parents in a good neighborhood and they usually left the back door unlocked. It was cold and drizzling, Washington state being a world away from the Caribbean. She went to check the door, the ugly black penis slapping on her thighs as she walked. The hideous tip almost reaching her knee.

The door was unlocked, thankfully. Olive hadn’t seemed bothered by the weather, but she’d nearly froze to death on the flight here. Her parents would be at work so she was safe. Still half frozen, Betty snuck up the stairs to her room. Her bed was made, the curtains and bedspread all in pink. A teddy bear, a stuffed unicorn, and some other stuffed animals were seated on her bed, patiently awaiting her return home. She hurried to the upstairs shower and let the water get as hot as she could stand before stepping under it, finally starting to feel warm. Betty wondered if she might be able to scrub off the nasty golden fluid that had turned her into a monster. She grabbed a bar of soap and ran it all over her new body, scrubbing all around the hideous male sex organ between her legs. It didn’t work and Betty slowly slid down into the tub, crying under the shower.

She stayed under the shower until the hot water ran out. Freezing again was worse then feeling sorry for herself, so she turned the water off and dried her nude body off. Her breasts weren’t so bad at all. She would have loved them and so would her boyfriend or he would have if she didn’t have a black penis dangling between her legs. Her boyfriend wasn’t of much concern to her. She was planning on dumping him anyway before college where she intended to play the field. He was always a little insecure about his penis anyway and wouldn’t be able to take having a girlfriend with a penis twice his size. Betty laughed at that, a little hysterically. The thing between her legs was hideous. She was as pale white as any red head of Irish decent could be and the penis was as black as coal, African black, the color her Nigerian lover’s cock had been. They’d looked so hot together, the contrast between their skins being the sexiest thing she’d ever seen. He wasn’t going to be her last black man. Then the ceiling of his cabin had started melting away and she got rained on. She’d never forget the look on his face as he dissolved beneath her still bouncing hips. He died and she stole his cock. Only it wasn’t his cock. His cock had only been half the size of hers and half as thick too. The thing between her legs was a true monster and would have looked normal on a horse, not a man.

Betty felt pressure on her bladder. She sat down on the toilet, jumping off as soon as her penis touched the cold water in the toilet bowl. She crinkled her nose in distaste as she reluctantly wiped her penis off with the wash cloth from the tub. She then stood beside the toilet, grabbed the base of the thick penis and relaxed her bladder. The big black cock jerked and then it sprayed some urine all over the toilet seat. She got it under control, aiming the stream in the bowl, watching the steady stream of urine from her penis turn the bowl yellow. She pictured all the times, she’d been forced to sit in a nasty port-a-potty or squat in the woods when hiking. Well at least she wouldn’t have that problem anymore.

She heard a car pull up in the driveway and quickly ran to her room to get dressed. The television came on downstairs. The news coverage was all about the meteor explosion on the island. Betty tiptoed downstairs. Her mother and dad were huddled together on the couch looking worried at the news of the disaster. They didn’t know much yet, but some helicopters were taking long distance pictures of the island and the half sunk cruise ship. Her fourteen year old brother was sitting beside them. He was fidgetting. “I’m sure she’s fine,” said her dad, reassuring her mother.

“I am fine,” said Betty, stepping off the stairs. Her parents and brother sprang to their feet looking shocked, but relieved to see her. “Ah.. We didn’t go. Tina got caught with a joint and we got kicked off the trip.” Her dad was staring at her bosom, frowning as was her little brother, though his jaw was hanging open and his eyes were wide open. She’d thrown on a tank top. One that had fit, yesterday, now her big boobs were holding it up so high, her belly was bared and the bottom of her tits were showing. The longer nipples and outline of her areola were on display too. If Betty could turn any paler, she would have as she realized, that she’d just thrown some sweats on and it wouldn’t be hard to notice a big swinging banana cock under the material. She was suddenly grateful for the boobs as their eyes never left them.

The spell was broken and her mom flew into her arms, hugging her tight, but Betty held her crotch back from pressing against her mom. Luckily, no one noticed her bulge.
“You must be famished,” said her mother, who’s answer to every problem was to feed it.

“No mom, but I’m thirsty.

“I’ll get you some iced tea.” Her mom ran off to the kitchen.

Her dad forced his eyes off her chest though her brother’s were still glued on it. Her dad looked up into her green eyes. “Are you okay, Bidi?”

“No daddy,” she whimpered, starting to cry and flying into her dad’s arms, keeping her hips back so that she didn’t push her penis into him either.

“There there Bidi,” he whispered, patting her back. “Everything will be alright. Everything will be fine. Do you want to talk about it?”

No,” she pushed off him. “Not yet.” Her brother had finally peeled his eyes off her breasts and was staring suspiciously at her crotch. She turned away from him just as her mom sat a glass of iced tea down on the dining room table. “Thanks mom,” she said. Betty walked over to the table, held her hand out reaching for the glass. It slid several inches into her hand.

Everyone saw it. Her dad gulped. “How are the others?”

“I don’t know. Olive is fine. She… she flew me here.”

“I see. Call her as soon as you can. You need to get your stories straight. You were here all weekend. All the girls were. We’ll talk with the parents. We don’t want the authorities to know you were on that island.”

“Thanks Dad,” she said, gratefully.

That night, she sat in her desk chair at her computer. Olivia had just agreed to the plan. No one would know. Her television was on. The news stories were getting weirder. One news copter caughter a buxom nude woman with brightly colored macaw wings flying past it. A coast guard copter had been destroyed by a water spout caused by a naked black cheerleader whose lower end was a twirling tornado, just like the Tazmanian devil on the cartoons. The tornado girl had hit the water, sucking it up in a waterspout that rose to hit the copter. It probably wasn’t intentional. The waterspout flew off to the mainland. Everyone had large breasts or penises. The news videos blurred them out. Beisde her TV screen, the stuffed animals on the bed were doing a waltz, leaping over each other, playing.

Betty turned back to her computer and looked at the wikipedia entry for telekinesis.

The next morning, Betty awoke slowly, stretching luxuriously. She reached under the covers to grab her penis, stroking it once before coming to her senses. She threw the covers back and looked at the erect monster. She had morning wood! She still felt disgusted when she grabbed the base and held it up, but she didn’t look away from it either. It was hideous, springing out erect from her pale feminine body, but truthfully, it was a lovely penis. The thing was steel hard and so firm it was unbendable. It gave off heat and she could feel the pulse inside it where she gripped it. The head was as big as a golf ball with a large flare. She figured it was a foot long, and later when she got more used to it, she did measure it as 12.75” from the base above her large-each bigger then a tennis ball- black testicals, 12.5” from the base in the front. She wasn’t sure what was the proper way to measure an erect cock. Thankfully, it was circumcised like the Nigerian’s had been. She hadn’t liked the looks of the two uncircumcised men, she’d slept with, but their cocks had felt plenty good inside her. She started to cry again when she realized, she’d never feel another cock inside her ever again.

When she finished crying, her penis was still hard. It ached even and several times, she caught herself reaching out to touch it, even stroking it a little. She pictured herself riding her black lover, looking down in horror as he melted beneath her and she vowed never to masturbate her ugly cock ever.

A week later, Betty held a crying Olivia to her bosum. She stroked Olivia’s blonde hair soothingly. Breaking up with her boyfriend hadn’t been hard. She’d just been with him because he was fun and was pretty good in the sack. Olivia on the other hand was devastated breaking up with Joe. She loved him and had planned on marrying him. He was equally devastated and crushed when she wouldn’t tell him why she had dumped him. Olivia was scared of her new found strength. She feared she might hurt him unless she got her strength under control. If she ever got it under control. She’d already pulled the door off her car and nearly fried a neighborhood cat with her eyes.

After the NSA paid them a visit, the girls decided it was time to leave home. The government was snooping around. Everyone was suspicious, a little scared of the big breasted cheerleaders. Olivia was their leader. She had them train and practice, saying that they needed to use their powers for good. Gain the trust of the people and you gain their acceptence. It was a good speech. They practiced just as they had as a cheerleading squad, learning to work together. Tina experimented with size changes, Olivia tested her strength. She could lift an elephant with one hand. Betty could lift one with her mind. Betty lifted boulders and threw them hard and fast at Olivia, who punched them into dust.

After several months of practicing, twelve girls in cheerleading uniforms calling themselves The Wild Cats appeared on the scene. They all wore masks around their eyes. Their uniforms were plan cheerleading outfits, not related to their school as they didn’t want to be linked back to their hometown. Their skirts were short, their bellys were bare. Betty wore biker shorts under her skirt to hold her cock down and to help hide it.

They began fighting crime. A nude masked blonde woman would fly in at supersonic speed to throw her body over a bomb, absorbing all the energy when it went off. Children trapped on the roof of a burning building found themselves magically lifted into the air and slowly lowered to the ground as a red headed woman in a cheerleading uniform hovered nearby. Terrorists plotting their attacks never noticed the half inch tall woman listening in on their plans. And so on. And so on. Soon they went from fighting crime to fighting off super villains almost as strong as themselves. Other cheerleading squads formed their own teams, like Femme Force, and some of the girls turned their powers to evil.

A year after the golden shower, Betty stood on the roof of the newly designed Hall Of Righteousness. Her eyes roamed the skys for any sign of the Queen of Hearts. Olivia had left thirty minutes ago to circle the globe. There, up in the sky, a streak at first, then a woman’s body appearing as she slowed down. Soon a grinning Olivia was landing beside her on the roof. “It worked,” she shouted.

“Obviously,” answered Bettikinetic. This was the first time Olivia had ever flown at super speed and come back with clothes on. The new form fitted white swimsuit with the red blazened heart on the chest had held up. “Congratulations.”

“No more nudity,” cried Olivia, throwing her fist in the air.

The others had new uniforms too. Betty was the only one left that still looked like a cheerleader. “It’s time,” said Betty. “Lets head downstairs.”

“… and so, to counteract this growing threat, I give you America’s secret weapon against the threats that the meteor shower produced, The Righteous Squad! Parrot girl, Brobdinagia, Tiny Tina,…” As the man said each woman’s name, they stepped forward to applause from the crowd. The streets of Washington DC were as filled with citizens looking to catch a glimpse of America’s protectors. “Bettikinetic, the Queen’s sidekick, and the Queen of Hearts, leader of The Righteous Squad.

Betty smiled and applauded. “Why do they always call me your sidekick?” she whispered.

“I don’t know,” said Olivia, waving to the crowd. She stepped up to the podium. “Thank you, Mr. President,” she told the speaker before turning to address the crowd. “And thank you for coming and thank you for putting your faith in us.”

“WE LOVE YOU QUEEN,” shouted multiple members of the audience.

Betty applauded and smiled with the rest. She always remembered that day as one of the best in her life. Washington treated founding day like it did inauguration day. There were parties and balls all over the city. The girls traveled from party to party meeting and greeting the Capitol’s rich, powerful, and famous.

They arrived back at the Hall of Righteousness late and drunk, except for Olivia who had a much higher metabolism. They were all tired and quickly retired to their rooms after saying their goodnights. Betty pulled her top off as she entered her room. She quickly dropped her skirt and wiggled out of her biker shorts. Looking at herself in the mirror. Her cock was already rising with anticipation.

Betty leaped onto the bed and opened the nearby drawer, taking out some lubrication and a box of tissues. She reached over to a nearby table and pressed a button on her laptop. The porn came on right where she wanted it. The white actress was on her knees sucking a black cock that would have impressed the hell out of Betty before the shower, now she saw it as small. Betty squirted lube in her palm and began stroking her cock.

Her vow against masturbation had only lasted three months. Her cock was getting hard all the time and her balls ached for release swelling bigger and bigger with each passing week. One morning, she laid in bed at her parents and stared at the posters of boy bands and a male pop singer on her wall. She started jerking her cock. At first, she thought she’d just jerk it off for a bit, but she quickly passed the point of no return, her hand moving faster and faster along her giant shaft. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. And it got even better. The first time she ejaculated, a long stream of white seed shot up from the dark black tip of her cock, rising nearly four feet in the air before falling to splatter on her belly and breasts. “UNHHH!” grunted Betty, falling several feet down to her bed. She’d been so engrossed in jerking off, she hadn’t realized she was levitating off her bed.

Instead of wiping up the spermy mess, she’d tried lifting all the semen off her body with her mind, but she had trouble with liquids. Instead, she levitated a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom and broke off wads of paper, wiping herself clean. She thought about jerking off a lot that day and her cock much to her consternation kept getting hard. She was an eighteen year old girl with an eighteen year old boy’s sex drive, doubled because she’d gotten peed on by an exploding meteor. The cat was out of the bag and masturbation became a daily routine.

It didn’t take long for her posters of boy bands to lose her interest. She turned to porn on the internet and she found she liked it. She read sex stories and downloaded movies everyday. Her crime fighting activities were mostly long periods of boredom interspersed with short incidents of adrenaline pumping action. She had plenty of time to play with herself.

Betty tried to find movies with good looking studs in them, quickly deciding that the female actresses should be hot too as good looking people fucking was better then one or no attractive people having sex. Something clicked in her, the first time a black male porn star appeared on the screen. She jerked her cock off while staring at the black stud taking the white actress doggy style. Her tastes went all interracial from that point. Black and white porn was the only kind she read or watched. One day, without even realizing it, Betty fired up the computer and started jerking off to an interracial blowjob. The man was standing, holding a camcorder straight down his fit black body and at a lovely red headed actress sucking his cock which was impressive for a normal human‘s. She was looking up into the camera as she sucked him. Betty found her black cock superimposed over the one on the screen as she jerked it. Suddenly, instead of pretending she was the female actress like she always did, she was now the male feeding his cock to a horny slut. From then on, she was always the male in her fantasies.

Six months after the Hall had been founded, Betty found herself in her bed, preparing to masturbate when she noticed a package sitting on her desk. She picked it up with a smile. The Righteous Squad swimsuit calendar had come out. There was Olivia on the cover in a skimpy bikini, fists on her hips like the hero she was. The others were arranged behind her. They were all wearing identical, American flag bikinis. Betty was the only one different, adding a flag patterned pair of low hanging sweats to hide her penis. Her eyes roamed the picture, it was good as were all the pictures in it. All the proceeds went to a fund to build new housing facilities for powered individuals at maximum security prisons. It had been a fun day, posing for photographers. Modeling had been a profession she considered.

The first picture was one of Parrot Girl. She was in the flag bikini, perched on a branch, her brightly colored wings spread open behind her. Parrot Girl was wearing her Macaw headed helmet, the beak curved down to protect her nose. Her head was turned looking off in the distance. Bettikinetic was laying on a beach set, hovering over her chair, a mixed drink hovering beside her. Betty thought she looked great and if she hadn’t ended up with a huge cock, she might have pursued a modeling career. Brobdinagia was posed on a giant fake beanstalk.

And then there was Olivia.

The Queen had her mask on and the patriotic bikini. She was posed as any swimsuit model would, on her knees, magnificent body fully on display. Her hands were in her hair, holding it up. Normally, the pose was one women did in the breakers, small waves rolling over their legs, their skin glistening in the sun. Olivia was on the moon. The caption on the calendar page explained how The Queen had flown the tripod mounted camera to the moon and the photographers had remotely controlled it from earth. She could hold her breath for a long time and had brought a portable oxygen tank along with her.

Already semi-stiff from anticipating getting off, her cock started hardening as she looked at the sexy picture of her best friend. Betty grabbed the hand lotion from beside her bed, squirted a generous dollop into her palm and began stroking her cock looking at the sexy picture of Olivia. She felt a little guilty jerking off to a picture of her BFF, but it also made her feel a little naughty and she liked feeling naughty. Her hand started moving faster up and down her thick shaft. Betty used her telekinetic power to strip the bikini off her best friend. Olivia gasped in surprise, her nipples hardening in the presence of Betty’s manly cock. The Queen of Hearts kneeled and took Betty’s cock in her hand. “I love your big black cock, Betty. I want to suck on it and then I want you to fuck me!” Betty’s hot seed blew from the tip of her cock covering Olivia in sperm or more precisely, the calendar picture of Olivia. Betty panted heavily as she came down from her orgasm. The calendar page was dripping with cum. She was going to need a new calendar.

After that, Olivia became a favorite source for Betty’s masturbatory fantasies, not the sole one, but the most common. She jerked off to pictures of all her fellow heroes, some actresses, and models, and even some female villains. One day, she was slowly jerking off to a nude picture of Olivia on her tablet. There were many on the internet captured back before she’d gotten a suit that would stay on her. She was pretending Olivia was sucking her cock. In her fantasies, the Queen could always deep throat her and absolutely loved sucking her cock even though she knew that Olivia hadn’t particularly cared for doing oral on a guy back when she was with Joe. Betty had rather enjoyed it, not because she liked choking on a piece of man meat, but she liked it when men became putty in her hands and a good blow job could get a guy to do anything for you. Betty wanted to know what it felt like having her cock sucked. It felt amazing jerking it off and the way men reacted to a blow job must mean it felt even better.

Betty quickly sat up in the bed when something dawned on her. Her cock was a foot long! She sat on the edge of the bed and put the tablet on the floor between her pretty little white feet with her nails painted green. Her cock head scraped across her cheek, leaving a slimy trail as she bent to put the tablet down. She grabbed the base of her cock and looked at the picture of Olivia nude. The Queen was flying, coming in for a landing and the camera angle was aimed upwards. Betty bent down just a little and let her tongue twirl around the head of her cock. The pleasure was electrifying!

Betty took her cock head in her mouth and licked all around it. She began sucking her cock while her eyes stared down her shaft and the big full testicles splayed out over her mattress down to the nude picture of her best friend. She decided one thing pretty fast. Getting a blow job felt good! Real Good!. She could only bend her back enough to take maybe half of her cock another inch or two if she strained her back muscles, but that wasn’t really necessary. Her jaw was straining too. She’d deep throated plenty of guys and that was about the length of half her cock, but the added thickness really stretched her jaw and throat out. It didn’t feel quite right, but then it should be some slut on her knees sucking Betty’s cock and taking it down her throat balls deep too, not Betty herself doing it.

The sperm welled up in her balls. Betty bobbed her head faster. She relaxed her throat just as the cum shout out across her tonsils. It was as hot as she remembered male semen tasting. Betty pulled back, letting her cum fill her mouth. She’d never cared for the taste of her boyfriend’s ejaculate, but hers was different. Her cum tasted good and she’d heard the same from girls that had hooked up with male superheroes. Not only did it taste good, but you could apparently live off one of the showered’s seed. She kept the head in her mouth, stroking her mighty shaft with her hands, gulping her cum down as fast as it flew from her cock head. She’d keep cumming as long as she stroked her cock, but eventually her belly filled and she released it, keeping her lips pursed over her pee slit to get the last few wads. Betty looked down at the picture of Olivia. It had faded out now, so she tapped it with her toe to make it bright again. “You don’t know what you are missing,” she told the picture of her friend.

Betty’s cum became a regular part of her diet after that. She’d lean over and blow herself at least once a week, often more. Mostly, she’d just masturbate like normal, but while arching her back and aiming her cock head at her mouth instead of pointing it straight up. Her hot seed would blast all over her face, most of it flying into her mouth. Sometimes, she wanted more scooping it up off her cheeks or breasts and into her hungry mouth. But what she really wanted was to be feeding it to someone else.

“Someday, baby,” she promised her cock while kissing the head. She was getting hornier and hornier for some physical contact. The problem was who could she hook up with? Lets face it, she was hot. A guy would be easy to bring home, but what kind of guy would stay with her after finding out she had a penis more then likely twice as big as his own? No, she wanted a woman. Preferably a white woman. Yeah, she wanted a white woman sucking her black African cock. One who’d willingly suck her cock and then beg to have Betty shove it balls deep in her white pussy too. She’d just cum, but her cock reversed course and started hardening again. The kiss on the head quickly turned into a blow job as she fantasized about the first time she’d take a white woman. Betty was unaware at that time, but she was about to get her wish in just a few weeks when the Queen of Hearts, in a moment of weakness gave Baron Samedi a hand job.


Betty stretched out like a cat before she threw herself down on her bed. She was topless, her heavy breasts were so proud and full, there was no sag and she didn’t need to wear a bra. She enjoyed being mostly nude in the privacy of her own room. She was wearing baggy shorts that did a semi good job of hiding the large bulge under them. She was thinking about Olivia or maybe Parrot Girl, but her mood was for something a little more xxx rated then staring at bikini pictures of her friends. She reached out towards her laptop to bring it out of sleep so she could check out some new interracial porn she’d recently downloaded. The female star was a big breasted blue eyed blonde that reminded her of a slutty version of Olivia and the black stud had a dick bigger then any she’d seen on a regular man. Her cock was already hardening in anticipation.

Before her finger came down on the button, there was a loud thump upstairs. Betty paused. There was another thump and another. Only the Queen of Hearts made those noises. Olivia always landed on the roof and usually just jumped down the stairwell, going from landing to landing. Betty suspected something was up, she slipped her hand out of her shorts and pulled her hand away from her computer. Sure enough, there was a loud knock on her door a few seconds later. “Come in,” she called, sitting up immediately when she saw the state of The Queen’s suit. “Oh my god, Olive! Are you alright?”

“No,” Olivia sobbed, tears rolling down her cheeks as she came into Betty’s room.

Betty stood up. Her eyes fell on the full beautiful DD exposed breast with a fully erect nipple. The Queen’s suits were nearly impervious, but the fabric surrounding her breast was blackened. Her belly and navel were exposed too with burn holes in her big red heart. “Shango?”

Olivia nodded. “And the Baron.” She stared into Betty’s green eyes, tears still rolling down her cheeks. “Betts?” The Queen looked so ashamed right then and there. Her cheeks turned red.

Betty’s senses took in some other less obvious signs on her best friend. There were flaky stains on the Queen’s heart. Dried flakes covered her breast too, the erect nipple, her chin, and the Queen’s tears were cutting rivulets through more splattered flakes. Bits of Olivia’s hair were clumped together by the sticky material. Betty knew instantly what it was. Her own body had looked like that this morning when she let her cock cum all over her face and chest. “What happened?”

“Oh Betts, I jerked him off,” cried the Queen, throwing herself into her best friend’s arms.

Betty hugged her best friend tight, slowly caressing her silky blonde hair. “It’s alright Olive,” she whispered. Betty felt her nipples harden. Her naked pale white breast was pressed hard against Olivia’s bare breast that had been exposed when Shango’s lightning burned her power suit. Bettikinetic’s paler pinkish nipple was hard and poking against the Queen’s rosier nipple. Olivia’s nipple was hard too, but not from their contact, she was still aroused after her encounter with Baron Samedi. Something else was stirring too. Betty broke their embrace even as her cock swelled up with blood from pressing against the Queen’s crotch. “You’re a mess. Lets get you washed up.”

“Ok,” mumbled Olivia, still in shock over the afternoon’s events.

Betty took her hand and led her over to her bathroom. The knobs turned themselves on and the shower door slid open at a thought from Bettikinetic. Betty felt the water, to make sure the temperature was right. She turned to look at her best friend. The Queen of Hearts was pulling her suit out and down. The burn marks were gone and Olivia’s belly was no longer visible. The self healing suit was busy repairing itself. Soon, if she hadn’t been stripping, the suit would be covering her breast again. It was an impressive piece of tech, self repairing, it clung to her body tight enough that it didn’t fly off when she went supersonic, and it’s colors never faded.

Betty gulped watching Olivia strip. Her cock extended an inch when both the Queen’s breasts appeared. They were truly magnificent. Strange, but Betty had always hated big breasts before the golden shower. She and Olivia had even been mean to one of the girls in junior high school that had developed boobs early. Now, she was very fond of her DD bosom. Her nipples had grown particularly sensitive and she often pinched one while jerking herself off.

Olivia sat on the toilet and pulled her red boots off leaving her finally naked. She put her head in her hands and cried.

“Come on, honey. It couldn’t have been that bad,” said Betty, feeling a little impatient. Geez, it was just a hand job! Betty had jerked off a chubby Poindexter back in high school in exchange for him writing a research paper for her. He hadn’t been the least bit attractive and whacking his little prick hadn’t been any trouble at all.

“That’s the problem, Betts. It wasn’t bad! I liked it. I like his cock. It gets in your mind. I wish I had sucked him off. I wanna go bust him out of prison and take him back to Haiti so that.. so that… so that we can fuck!”

Betty’s cock plumped up hard at that. Olivia wasn’t one for dirty talk. Betty couldn’t even remember the last time she’d said fuck let alone talked about it. As far as Betty was concerned, Olivia was borderline asexual. She hadn’t even been with a man since Joe and that was three years ago. “It’s not your fault, Olive. The men on the island all have that effect on women and the Baron’s the strongest of all. That you were able to resist him at all, shows just what an amazing woman you truly are.”

“You think so?”

“I know so. He’s nailed at least five heroes. He even posted that video of him taking two members of Phoenix Rising last year.” Phoenix Rising was a rival super hero team group to the Hall of Righteous. The former cheerleading rivals to the Wildcats, the Phoenix Flames had formed the own team. Their leader, Flame Phoenix, a woman with the ability to grown flaming wings and fly. She could set anything on fire that she touched and often wielded a flaming sword. Like Ignition, the flames burned off her clothing, but unlike Ignition, Flame Phoenix couldn’t generate a flame bikini and her body heat burned off all her body hair. She was forced to fight nude. She was one sexy bald headed bitch and the image of her clearly in ecstasy riding the Baron’s huge cock with smoke rising from her erect nipples while her teammate Echo kneeled and licked the Baron’s balls had been a favorite jerking off video of Betty’s since. Echo was a tanned, dark skinned Native American girl with Apache blood and sonic powers. The video started with both girls kneeling and sharing the Baron’s cock while he winked at an obviously hidden camera.
Embarrassment over the video had broken Phoenix Rising apart and both Flame and Echo had been quiet this last year. “Get in the shower,” ordered Betty.

Olivia forced herself up off the toilet and listlessly stepped into the shower. She moved herself under the shower spray and just stood there letting the warm water hit her. It didn’t look like she would be washing herself, so Betty bent over and slid her sweats down, stepping out of them. Her cock sprang free and up, in it’s semi plump, semi erect state. It stuck out, but it’s size and heaviness had it bending down. A little stimulation and it would swell with blood sticking a foot out from her pubes. A little more stimulation and it would be angling up, rampant, swollen, hot, and ready for action.

Betty stepped into the shower behind Olivia, her cock sliding along Olivia’s hip as she moved behind the distraught blonde. Showering together was not that unusual for the two women. The entire Washington Wildcats spirit and cheer squad had showered together after practice. Betty, Olivia, Tina, and some of the others had showered together after gym class from ninth grade on. Betty and Olivia often sunbathed topless outside Betty’s parents, even frolicking in her pool topless until they realized that they had been giving Betty’s old man neighbor a show probably weekly for several summers. Nudity was nothing new to the two friends, but they hadn’t been nude together since the shower.

“Let me get the gunk out of your hair,” said Betty, bending to grab her shampoo. She squirted a dollop in her hand and started washing Olivia’s blonde hair. Olivia moaned softly and bent her head back as Betty massaged her head, concentrating on getting the dried sperm out of the front of her hair. The tip of her cock pressed hard into Olivia’s beautiful round ass cheek. Betty pulled her hips back, but the shower was too small or her cock was too long or both. The skin on skin contact with her nude friend wasn’t helping her cock go down any. The head continued to slide along Olivia’s ass cheek. Betty gulped as she looked down at her foot long black cock. It was sticking straight out now and was only a few inches away from Olivia’s pussy.

Betty let the shower rinse the blonde beauty’s hair of all the shampoo. She grabbed a bar of soap and ran it down Olivia’s back to the crack of her ass, up and down, watching the spray of water rinse the suds down her long back. “Turn around,” ordered Betty. “Let me get your front.”

“Thanks Betts,” mumbled Olivia. “You’ve always been there for me.” She inched her way sideways to turn around and face the voluptuous redhead.

“Hey girlfriend, you’ve always been there for me too.” Betty grabbed the washcloth and ran it over the soap. She daintily scrubbed Olivia’s neck, chin, and cheeks before deciding they was no more trace of dried sperm. Betty took the soap and ran it over Olivia’s chest, then down over the breast that had been exposed. Dried flakes of sperm coated the breast, turning stringy as the water hit it, though most of the stream was blocked by Betty’s body. “Besides, that’s what sidekicks are for,” she added. Her hand holding the soap slid across Olivia’s nipple. The plump long nipple bent, then sprang back. Olivia closed her eyes and sucked her lower lip into her mouth. The Baron’s pheromones stayed in your nostrils for awhile after encountering him. Olivia would stay aroused and horny for some time yet, maybe days. The thought of her best friend’s pussy being wet and eager sent another surge of blood flowing into Betty’s cock. Betty looked into Olivia’s eyes as she ran the end of the bar of soap in a circle around the rip of Olivia’s areola. Olivia’s face scrunched up harder at the additional stimulation, her lip came out of her mouth and her lips parted slightly as if she were about to moan. Betty dropped the soap. She reached out and touched her friend’s breast, using her hands and the water from the shower to rinse the suds off Olivia’s nipple. This time her fingers flickered over the Queen of Hearts’ distended nipple.

Olivia’s eyes were open now. She looked down at Betty’s hand on her breast and then down between their bodies. Betty’s eyes followed her gaze. They were a foot apart with Betty’s hard black cock sticking straight out between them. The fat bulbous head of her cock was pushing into Olivia’s thick blonde pubes. “I don’t remember it being so big,” she whispered, hard to hear under the shower, but Betty made out her words. “It’s nearly as big as the Baron’s.”

Olivia stepped back to get her crotch away from Betty’s cock head. She stooped, reaching out for the soap and freezing when she saw Betty’s big black cock bobbing before her face. “Sorry,” apologized Betty. She was trying not to tremble at seeing her best friend’s mouth so close to the tip of her cock. “It gets like this all the time. I can’t control it.”

“It’s so big!” Olivia reached out for it then paused holding her hand back. “Can I touch it?”

Betty watched her cock leap in anticipation. “Sure,” she said, trying to sound nonchalant.

Olivia’s hand moved the final inch or two. She grabbed the golf ball sized cock head then pulled her hand back like she was afraid it might bite. Her fingers came back to squeeze the head, then grip the shaft, running down it’s length to the root. She released it for a moment, noticing that it had grown even more swollen and was now angled upward. “What’s it like, having a penis?” she asked, her eyes running down the length of the shaft, the dark black pure African skin color merging into Betty’s pale white skin. Betty’s pubic hair was curly and black, turning redder the higher up it went. “Do you still hate it?”

“No,” said Betty. “I don’t hate it anymore.” She watched her friend’s hand return to the shaft. Olivia was examining every inch of it, the big blue black veins, the ridges and bumps, the large flare around the head. Betty was the only person who had ever examined her cock so closely. “This may sound weird, Olive, but I love it. I love my big black cock. I can pee standing up and just about anywhere I want. I don’t have woman problems anymore. I.. I actually like this better then I was before. My only regret is seeing that Kenyan die… I can’t even remember his name.” Betty sobbed once as she remembered seeing the handsome black man dissolve beneath her as the golden rain melted through the decks to strike the two lovers. He’d ejaculated as he died and as a horrified Betty had sprung up off him, her new penis had swung up, hard and swollen like it always got right after coming.

“I’m sorry Betts.”

“It’s alright.” Betty looked down at Olivia still holding it with fascination. She wasn’t stroking it anymore. Olivia still had the bar of soap in her other hand. “Why don’t you clean it for me?” Olivia looked slightly startled and looked up at Betty. “It needs to be washed regularly,” added Betty by way of explanation.

Olivia shrugged. She brought the soap over to Betty’s shaft and began running it along the huge black cock. She used her other hand to work the suds into the flesh, pumping the thick black sausage with her soapy hand. Much more and she’d be jerking it off, her second black cock hand job of the day. She shrugged in horror/lust as she remembered masturbating the Baron’s magnificent cock earlier. “Do you play with it?” she asked, hoping she wasn’t being to forward. The two long time best friends were sharing a very intimate moment after all.

“All the time. It’s so hard not to touch it when it gets like this. If I were alone I’d be playing with it now.”

“Is it really that different?”

“I don’t know really,” said Betty thinking about it. I loved orgasming as a woman… before I changed that is. Now when I cum, it feels a lot better, but I don’t know if that’s because I’m gifted or that’s how a normal man feels when he cums.”

“All clean,” said Olivia, taking her hands from the blood engorged shaft. She stayed on her knees staring at it.

“It feels good jerking off too.” Betty was disappointed that Olivia had stopped. “It felt good fingering myself as a woman too, but not this good.

“Are you going to finish it off?” asked Olivia.

“Yes,” said Betty. “It’s almost impossible for me not to at this point. I so understand why men are such pigs now.”

“Should I leave then?” Olivia looked up at her. “Or could I stay and watch?” Too weird? Too forward? She wondered. “Sorry, I’m just curious is all.”

“Alright,” said Betty. She let the shower wet her hand. Her pubes were still sudsy, so she added some suds to the mix and started slowly stroking her cock. Olivia stared at it with fascination. “Stay like that and you’re going to get messy again.”

“Just aim it away before you blow.” She leaned closer, watching Betty’s white fist rise to the end of her black cock before falling back to the base.

Betty was feeling bolder. Olivia appeared almost mesmerized watching her jerk herself off. She decided that she wouldn’t turn away, but would cum all over the real Olivia’s face and nude body just like she’d cum all over the calendar picture of Olivia. She’d just claim it was an accident. Then she had another idea. “It even feels good when I touch it. Did it feel good touching the Baron’s cock?”

“A little. It felt right for some reason. Like it was my purpose to be on my knees stroking his huge cock. I wanted to put it in my mouth and then leave with him to do other things with it.” Olivia frowned then winced. “I still feel that way.”

“Show me how you stroked off the Baron,” ordered Betty. She released her cock and thrust it closer to Olivia’s mouth.

Olivia pulled back her head in surprise. She reached out to grab Betty’s cock almost like she was going to push it away, but then she didn’t let go and her hand started stroking it.
“I started slow,” she whispered, her hand gliding up and down the smooth shaft of Betty’s foot long cock. “Then I started going faster.” Her hand picked up speed. “God Betts, yours is so much like his,” she gasped, staring at the cock. “I wanted to do anything for him. I had no will of my own. There was just me and the COCK. I wanted to service his cock. I wanted to suck it.”

“Did you?”

“No, I figured a way to beat him. I used my super speed.”

Betty jerked in shock when Olivia’s fist went supersonic on her dick. “Alright, alright. Slow down girlfriend.”

“Sorry,” apologized Olivia. She slowed to normal speed, but didn’t stop jerking off her friend.


“Yes. If I hadn’t used my super speed to jerk him, I would have sucked him or worse. Should I stop now?”

“Soon,” said Betty. “One last question, did any get in your mouth?” She watched the lovely blonde tremble as she kept staring at her hand gliding up and down the mighty shaft. Olivia didn’t respond, but she could tell that she had. “I only ask because one time when I was jerking off, my semen accidentally flew into my mouth,” she lied. There was nothing accidental about it. “It was good. So good. I never tasted anything like it. Nothing like any of the boys I’d sucked off before I changed. This was something special. Addictive almost.”

“You taste like the Baron?”

Betty smiled. “I guess so. You can stop now.”

Olivia let her hand pump up and down another half dozen times before she let it go. She seemed almost reluctant to release it. The blonde superhero stared at Betty’s cock. It was as swollen and rampant as it ever got at this point. “I like your cock,” she told her friend.

Betty trembled now. She told many a boy those same words, but had never had someone else tell her that. Her cock was fucking aching with it’s need. “Do you still want to suck off the Baron?”

“Yes,” whispered Olivia. She still yearned for the Baron’s cock, but there was something almost as good right before her eyes. Betty gave off pheromones too, hell they all did, not as strong as the Baron’s, but everyone that came out of the shower event was incredibly attractive to members of the opposite sex. Betty’s pheromones were starting to effect her, replacing the Baron’s in her nostrils. “I still want to suck off his… your cock.” She grabbed the shaft again and pressed her lips hard against the black cock head, kissing it. She hoped and prayed that Betty wouldn’t hate her for doing it. Betty just grabbed the sides of her wet hair and held Olivia’s head against her cock. Olivia’s tongue came out and twirled around the cock head.

“Do it Olive. Do it! Suck that black cock,” she ordered, the same words the Kenyan sailor had said to Betty when she had kneeled before him. He’d called her Red, probably didn’t remember her name. Betty’s eyes nearly rolled up in her head when she felt her best friends mouth engulf her giant cock head. This was better then she imagined. “It’s ok Olive. I got just what you need, baby. Together we can beat the Baron. Suck that cock deeper baby. UGGHH!” Betty threw back her head and moaned. She quickly lowered her head, not wanting to miss the sight of watching her best friend in the whole world sucking the thick black cock down her tight throat.

For someone with next to no practice sucking dick, Olivia was doing a good job. She’d given in to her lust and pent up frustrations, practically jamming Betty’s cock down her throat. Olivia had the base in her hand and was bobbing her head rapidly while Betty’s hands on her head helped guide her along swallowing more and more. The cock head was pushing deeper and deeper, past the uvula, tonsils, and as far down as the esophagus.
“Oh my god Olive, it’s so good. I can’t believe it.” Betty laughed with joy. This was the happiest moment of her life. “I can’t hold back. Here it cums.”

Olivia had the taste of the Baron’s seed in her mouth. She had no intention of letting any of Betty’s go to waste. She pulled back until just the swollen head was in her mouth. Her fist took over pumping the big shaft. She fought the urge to use her speed on it. She thought she was prepared, but the first blast caught her off guard. Betty’s hot seed struck the back of her throat, filling her mouth and bulging out her cheeks before she could even think to swallow. She pulled back, gagging, sperm flying from her mouth and catching Betty’s second load in her face. She clamped her lips back over the tip, this time gulping as the black cock exploded. She moaned in pure pleasure when she tasted her friend’s cum on her tongue. Betty’s seed did taste as good as the Baron’s. It was the best thing she’d ever tasted. She pumped Betty’s cock, swallowing every load. She didn’t want to stop, but she knew Betty would continued cumming as long as she stroked her shaft. The Queen of Hearts didn’t want a belly so bloated with sperm, she’d throw it all back up. She forced herself to release it, keeping her lips around the head as she let go with her fist. She got another mouthful and pulled back. Another wave of hot sperm fell down upon her face. It splattered on her chin, her chest, her breasts, and pointy erect nipples. Betty’s cock was out of control. Her eyes were closed from all the sperm on her face and still striking her occasionally so she couldn’t see that Betty had grabbed her cock and was jerking it off so that she thoroughly covered Olivia’s nude body with her seed.

Finally, the sperm shower ceased. Olivia wiped her eyes and opened them. She trembled again when she saw Betty’s mighty black cock sticking out in front of her. It was bending down now, spent and depleted, but still gigantic. “Sorry,” she apologized. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“Oh honey,” said Betty smiling and obviously not upset. She pulled the Queen up to her feet and kissed her on the lips. Olivia was a little surprised. They had kissed before, often even, but always on the cheek. “Olivia that was wonderful, the best thing I ever felt. Next time the Baron gets in your nose, feel free to suck my cock anytime.”

Olivia blushed. “I can’t believe we just did that. I don’t want things weird between us.”

“Don’t worry,” said Betty, taking the washcloth and cleaning the sperm off Olivia all over again. This time it was wet and messy not dried flakes. “Best friends forever, right?”


“It was good right?” asked Betty.

“So good,” agreed Olivia, smacking her lips, still tasting her friend’s delicious cum on her tongue.

“There, all clean. Lets go dry off.”

They exited the shower. Both girls dried off. Betty took a towel and dried Olivia’s blonde hair. Olivia tensed up at her touch. She wasn’t quite as into this as Betty was. Betty smirked and moved the towel down to Olivia’s shoulders. She rubbed them. The Queen of Hearts couldn’t help herself and moaned. “Feels good.”

“You’re really tense,” said Betty. “Go lay down on the bed and I’ll rub the stress out of you.”

“I should probably get going. But hey, thanks for being there for me.”

“Nonsense. Get your ass over there and lay down on your stomach. My bed was made for you anyway.”

Olivia’s eyes looked over at Betty’s bed. The sheets hadn’t changed much from the old Betty. They were soft pink and feminine, several teddy bears and a stuffed penguin sat on the pillows. Betty had always liked penguins. She’d slept side by side with Betty many nights in a similarly decorated bed. “What do you mean it was made for me?” she asked, eyes going back to stare into Betty’s green ones before moving back to the bed and then on to the door exiting the room.

“It’s queen sized,” said Betty, smacking her ass. “Now get over there.”

Olivia Queen looked back at the door before heading over to her friend’s bed. She climbed on it kneeling. “Lose the towel,” ordered Betty. Olivia had wrapped a towel around her nude body when they left the bathroom. She loosened it in the front and pulled it off before lying down on her stomach. “You won’t regret this,’ said Betty. “I’m great at relieving stress.”

Betty straddled Olivia’s legs. The blonde tensed up again. Especially when Betty’s cock fell between the crack of her luscious ass cheeks. The big black cock was so long the head rested in the small of Olivia’s back. Betty leaned down so that the long nipples on her breasts nearly touched Olive’s back. She reached out and started rubbing the blonde’s shoulders. Olivia tensed up at her touch again, but quickly relaxed and let out a soft moan of pure pleasure.

Betty worked Olivia’s shoulder muscles and did her neck. The stress fled Olivia’s body and the Queen completely relaxed under the massaging hands of her best friend. She leaned further down, this time her nipples and tips of her breasts pushed into Olivia’s back. “You think that’s good. Wait until you feel this,” she whispered in Olivia’s ear. Betty sat back up and leaned back. She took her hands off the Queen’s body. She stared down at her cock, resting against the flawless skin of the Queen of Hearts. The Queen’s ass cheeks indented. The pushed down flesh moved around in circles, the depression moving out, squeezing her hips. A wave of depressed flesh moved from the small of her back up her entire back to her shoulders again. Olivia’s hair moved as her scalp got rubbed by invisible hands. The Queen couldn’t help moaning this time. It was a loud exhale of pure pleasure. There was only one person in the world that could give a massage with their mind and that was Bettikinetic. Olivia moaned again, this time it sounded almost orgasmic. It felt as if her entire back from the tip of her head to her toes was getting rubbed by dozens of strong hands. Her feet, calves, thighs, ass, hips, back, shoulders, arms, elbows, neck, head, and forehead were all getting rubbed. Betty watched Olivia completely relax as all the tension left her body. She was half asleep, she was so relaxed. Betty lifted herself up and pushed herself back. “Now roll over,” she told Olivia.

Olivia grunted a complaint. She was ready to go straight to sleep. She did reluctantly roll over though. Betty didn’t straddle her this time. She just hit her again with her mind. Olivia jumped as this time her feet, calves, knees, thighs, hips, stomach, breasts, chest, and forehead, felt the firm massaging hands of invisible ghosts.

Betty smirked in delight. Olivia’s half lidded eyes were rolling up in the back of her head. Normally, she would have been happy to do this for her best friend or any of her former cheerleading teammates and best friends. This time, she had an ulterior motive.

The pressure on Olivia’s knees grew. Instead of just rubbing them, the pressure was pushing outwards. Slowly, Olivia began opening her legs. At the same time her legs were opening and her breasts were getting rubbed, invisible fingers began softly pinching and tugging on the Queen’s nipples. They’d softened in her relaxed state, but the teasing pressures had them hardening again. Her nipples pulled out, her entire areola puffing up as her arousal came back.

Betty looked down between her friend’s open legs. Moisture was appearing on her pussy lips. Her clit was swollen and engorged too. The invisible pressure was now applied to Olivia’ clitoris. It hardened even more as her pussy lips depressed. “Ohhhhh!” groaned Olivia. She was writhing on the bed now. Her labia spread open almost as if an invisible cock were pushing into it. “OOHH!! AAHH!!” Olivia’s hand flew between her legs and she started teasing her clit. Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be dreaming, having forgotten Betty was with her or that it was Betty doing this to her.

“Noooo,” whispered Olivia as her hand was pulled away from her needy pussy. “Yyeesssss!!” she hissed as Betty pushed her face between her friends legs. Olivia’s hands came and grabbed Betty’s red hair, pulling her head deeper into her pussy. She raised her crotch into Betty’s thrusting tongue, humping her like crazy. Not only was Betty’s tongue rapidly lapping up Olivia’s pussy lips, but she was sucking her swollen clit between her lips. Her mind was now massaging the inside of Olivia’s pussy too while still pinching and tugging on the Queen’s swollen nipples and squeezing both her breasts. Olivia’s body jerked and jerked again. The Queen sat up, her eyes flying open to look down her body. She stared in amazement at her nipples being pulled on and at her undulating belly. Her bright blue eyes met Betty equally bright green ones above her blonde pubic hair. “I’m cumming,” she gasped, nearly wheezing. “I’m cumming. I’m… I’m… CCUUMMIINNGGGGG!!!” Her hips bucked up into Betty’s mouth and she fell back again, eyes closed, head slamming from side to side. Olive’s hands grasped the bed sheets, squeezing them tight as she writhed all over. Betty lapped up her friend’s orgasmic fluid as fast as Olivia squirted it out.

The orgasm wiped the Queen of Hearts out. Betty took advantage of her friends near comatose state. She sucked Olivia’s clit into her mouth one last time before sliding her tongue up along the side of the Queen’s blonde bush. Betty kissed up her abdomen, planting one on Olivia’s sexy navel before letting her tongue slip inside her belly button. Olivia moaned softly and writhed a little as the tongue left her navel and moved up her ribs. The tongue slid up the bottoms of her breasts. It found her nipple, twirling around the areola before flicking the hard red nub back and forth. Betty gently bit down on Olivia’s hard pointy nipple before sucking her entire areola into her mouth. She kissed over to Olivia’s other breast and did the same to that nipple. Her cock slid along the blonde’s thigh working it’s way upwards as Betty wiggled higher up on Olivia’s body. Her kisses and tongue passed over Olivia’s shoulder bone and found her neck. The Queen of Hearts squirmed and opened her legs wider. The thick knob at the end of her hard black cock pressed against Olivia’s slick labia. Betty trembled as her cock felt the heat emanating from Olivia’s wet pussy. This was the moment she’d been waiting for. She thrust forward, her cock slid up along Olivia’s clit and thrust up above her blonde pubes. Betty paused and wiggled her hips, not sure if she were in or not. Realizing she wasn’t, she pulled her hips back and probed forward again, her cock sliding along Olive’s thigh to slap across the side of her pussy.

Betty closed her eyes in concentration. She fought the urge to just jab her cock forwards and hope for the best. She’d had some of her lovers do that to her in the past and it had hurt at first. Betty the slutty cheerleader usually had to reach down and grab the boy’s prick, guiding into her warm pussy. Olivia still appeared mostly out of it and wasn’t going to do that. Betty was essentially a born again virgin from a penis owner’s perspective. She could sit back and try to guide her cock into Olivia’s pussy, but she was BETTIKINETIC, master of telekinesis.

Betty felt outwards with her mind. She could feel objects with her brain as easily as she could with her fingers. She felt her cock and Olivia’s soaked pussy lips. She pushed between the lips, feeling her sliding inside Olivia’s pussy. Her best friend raised her hips slightly up into the invisible finger, moaning and writhing with arousal. Olivia’s pussy lips spread open as Betty’s cock was pulled down, the head pressing up against the opening of Olivia’s pussy. She could feel even more heat on the tip of her cock. She held her cock there, poised to enter Olivia’s pussy. Betty pushed down on the bed with her hands and pushed forwards with her hips. Her cock head slipped into Olivia’s pussy.

Betty’s eyes opened wide, her mouth hung open in surprise. She stared down at Olivia’s beautiful face. Her friend’s eyes were closed and her head was tossing back and forth. Betty had no idea it would feel this good. There was so much heat and wetness and the fit was so snug. Olive’s pussy was gripping her cock like a vice, a tight fit, yet still easy to work her cock around inside it. She pushed deeper, feeling Olivia open for her. Every instinct told her to jab her cock in as deep as it would go and pump it in and out as fast as she could until she came. It took all her self control to take it slow. Betty so understood now what it had felt like to be one of her inexperienced male lovers. The first time with her high school boyfriend, he’d gotten about half his penis in her before he yanked it out and came all over her red bush. Each time thereafter he was a little better. The nerd had cum in her mouth after about twenty seconds. He recovered quickly and lasted about five minutes inside her pussy. She’d been most impressed with the stoner. He’d had a stupid grin on his face, but he’d paced himself and managed to last a good fifteen minutes. Then there was the black man, older then her by about ten years, very experienced and skilled at lovemaking. She wouldn’t have been surprised if he hadn’t fucked at least one female passenger on every cruise. Betty had his cock, a bigger version of it, but still his cock and she vowed to do him justice by becoming as skilled a lover as he was. Now that her cock had found it’s way into it’s first pussy, there was no way in hell she would be giving up this feeling.

Olivia finally opened her eyes and Betty was disappointed by the expression on her friend’s face. There was both lust and horror in that expression. “Betts! Your thingy is in my…”

“Pussy,” whispered Betty, pushing another inch inside Olivia. She may look like this was bothering her, but her crotch still lifted up to receive that extra inch. “My cock is in your pussy.” Betty leaned down to kiss Olivia, but the Queen turned her head away.

“This is so weird,” gasped Olivia.

“But it feels good right?” Betty was still shocked by how good it felt. Olive’s pussy was so hot. She realized that it would be body temperature, 98-99 degrees, but it felt even hotter. She wondered what it felt like to Olivia. Joe was only a thin six inches. Betty knew, she’d fucked him once before Olivia and Joe had decided to go steady. The biggest Betty had even taken was a hard seven and she had at least that much buried in Olivia at that moment. Plus, the added thickness must feel even better. Despite her curiosity, Betty wouldn’t have changed places with her for any reason whatsoever.

“Yes, but it’s just so weird. We’re best friends and you’re a woman.”

“Not entirely a woman, Olive,” she reminded her oldest friend. “And we’ll always be best friends and now lovers too.” Betty could never understand why Olivia was so different from her when it came to sex. The blonde was uptight and quite content with just Joe as her lover. She never masturbated at least not the Betty ever knew and the girls had discussed it once at one sleepover and discussed which boys they thought of when they did touch themselves. Olivia had remained out of that conversation. “Just relax and give in to the pleasure.”

Olivia didn’t look entirely convinced, but her hips were now constantly lifting up into Betty’s crotch, essentially humping her dick. Betty decided to cheat a little. She reached out with her mind, pinching and tugging Olivia’s nipples and clit even as her erect nub slid along the top of Betty’s shaft. Olivia started thrashing her head again, her humping increased. Betty’s telekinesis grabbed her chin and held it still so that they were looking in each other’s eyes. She brought her lips back down. This time Olivia couldn’t turn her head. Betty kissed her lips and slipped her tongue into Olive’s mouth. Olivia half closed her eyes and moaned. Her tongue flickered back to tentatively touch Betty’s, then their tongues were dueling. Olivia opened her legs wide and wrapped them around Betty’s hips, pulling her friend down on her, their bodies held apart by two pairs of large DD breasts now mashed together, nipple on nipple. Betty’s cock slid in balls deep and Olivia trembled beneath her as she came again.

Feeling Olivia’s pussy spasming all around her cock and a fresh wave of her cum running down her cock had Betty finally losing it. Betty’s hips bucked as fast as she could move. Olivia broke their kiss so that she could scream out in pleasure. Betty buried her face in Olive’s neck as she slammed her cock in and out of the blonde’s hot pussy. “Cumming! Cumming!” gasped Olivia, digging her fingers into the red heads pale white back. “CCUUMMINGG!!”

“FUCK!” grunted Betty. “Me too. Your pussy just feels so damn good.”

“YYEESS!! AAAaaahhhHHH! Ohmygod!” Olivia clutched her friend as she came all over the foot long black cock still thrusting in and out of her. Betty suddenly stopped bucking and stabbed it deep. Her cock jerked. “No,” gasped Olivia. “Not in me.”

“UUGGHH!” The first spurts of her hot seed shot into Olivia’s womb. Her cock bucked again, sperm striking the walls of Olivia’s womb and splashing around until the pressure had it shooting down out her stretched cervix. “UUNNHH! AARRGH!”

“Not in me,” whispered Olivia again. Then everything changed. Betty’s spurting black cock had Olivia cumming again, right on the heels of the previous big one. This one was even bigger or she’d just had one long continuous orgasm filled with peaks and ebbs of extreme pleasure. She was being seeded by her best friend’s big black cock and it was the best thing she’d ever felt.

Betty wanted to keep cumming, but her sperm really had nowhere to go other then to squirt out between their conjoined crotches. She had another masculine urge. This one she gave in to. She continued working her cock in and out of Olivia’s pussy while sitting back up on her knees. She yanked her spurting cock out grabbing her black shaft in her dainty white hand and jerking it as fast as she could. Her balls worked overtime, sending wave after wave of semen to splash down on Olivia, covering her from head to belly button. The blonde arched her back, lost in the moment and letting her friend cum all over her. She even had her tongue out catching more of the delicious sperm in her mouth. Betty aimed for the tongue. She wanted Olivia to drink more. She wanted to mark Olivia as her territory. She wanted to cover every inch of the Queen of Hearts’ body in her seed, but if she didn’t stop, she’d probably drown the blonde in cum. Reluctantly, Betty released her cock which gave two final jerks shooting more sperm out to fall on Olivia’s soaked body.

Olivia was moaning licking her lips. She appeared to have no objection to being saturated with cum. She’d given in to the pleasure like Betty had wished. Olive’s hands were even busy playing with her own nipples, rubbing cum all over them, pinching and tweaking them. It was the most sluttish, Betty had ever seen Olivia act and she liked it. There was hope for her yet.

“Oh my god! What happened?” asked Olivia. She looked down at her body like she didn’t recognize it.

“We happened Olive,” replied Betty smiling.

“That was so nasty.” Olivia looked down at her body. The situation had turned from erotic to messy and disgusting. It had been hot having Betty cum all over her, but now she was a sticky wet mess. “I’m covered in cum!”

“Better mine, then the Baron’s,” said Betty. “Why don’t you go shower again.”

Betty watched Olivia slide off the bed. The gorgeous blonde stood up, shivering. Sperm dripped down her body, leaving a trail on the floor. Betty watched her walk away, her sexy bare back and round ass were free of sperm. Betty wished she had cum all over her backside too. It was a strange desire and Betty didn’t understand it, but she had enjoyed covering her new lover with her seed.

Betty jumped off the bed and stretched. Her bed and sheets were a mess from their combined orgasms. She tried to lift the sperm off the bed, but she knew from previous experience that she couldn’t move liquids. Instead, the covers rose off the bed and bunched up into a ball. She put the balled up covers down in the corner of the room. They were so soaked, she didn’t even think it would be worth washing them. Betty turned and made her way to the bathroom to join Olivia.

Olivia jumped when Betty pulled the curtain open. The Queen stared wide eyed at her and held her arm across her luscious breasts, suddenly shy that Betty was seeing her naked. “Why so shy all of a sudden?” asked Betty to which Olivia responded by slowly lowering her arms. The Queen went back to scrubbing her front with body wash.

Betty sidled behind her in the shower. She touched Olivia’s shoulders making the blonde jump a little. She was still so tense. Betty rubbed the tension out of her shoulders, and ran her hands down the long fit back of the Queen. Her cock began to rise, the head sliding up the Queen’s ass as it hardened again. Olivia jumped again when she felt the hardening cock. Betty pushed her away forcing the Queen to place her hands on the sides of the stall as Betty bent her cock down and guided it back into Olivia’s pussy. Betty grabbed her hips and pulled Olivia’s ass back into her thrusting cock as they fucked in the shower. The Queen of Hearts moaned, cumming hard all over Betty’s cock several times before Betty flooded her womb with seed. With a grin, Betty yanked her still spurting cock out of the Queen’s well fucked pussy and shot hot sperm all over Olivia’s back and ass, making sure she got everything she’d missed the first time she’d cum all over the Queen.
Betty watched with pleasure as the shower rinsed all her sperm of her friend.

Afterwards, Olivia dried off and snuck naked down the hall to her room. Betty followed. She slipped in behind the Queen as Olivia was getting into her bed. “Good idea,” said Betty. “My bed’s a mess.” Olivia turned her back to her and Betty slipped in behind her, pressing her cock against Olivia’s ass and snuggling against her friend. Betty hugged her tight noticing how tense she still felt. Looking back, she could tell that the signs were all there that Olivia was bothered by the fact that they became lovers, but at that moment, Betty was too blinded by her own happiness to tell. She was in love! They were in love. Betty looked back at their long friendship and convinced herself that her feeling weren’t new. She’d always loved Olivia even before the golden shower and from here on out, they’d be together always.

The next morning, Betty woke up to the delightful feeling of her hard cock pressing against Olivia’s ass. Olivia had woken her up by trying to sneak out of the bed. “Where are you going?” asked Betty teasingly. She grabbed Olive’s hips and pulled her back into bed, kissing her back and neck.

“I really need to get on patrol,” said Olivia.

“Not without breakfast, you don’t.” Betty grabbed Olivia’s arm and brought her hand down to her cock. Olivia grabbed it, her instincts starting to stroke it. Betty pushed her so that Olivia finally gave in and moved her head down to Betty’s crotch the loud growl emanating from Olivia’s belly telling Betty that she was indeed hungry for more of Betty’s seed.

Olivia leaned across Betty and started sucking her cock. She was slow at first, but then began sucking it with more gusto as both her lust for it and desire for more of the delicious cum grew. Betty grabbed Olivia’s legs and pulled it towards her head. The Queen moved too slowly for her and she lifted Olivia’s lower body up with her mind and had her friend straddled her face. Betty’s tongue found Olivia’s pussy and the two best friends jointly went down on each other.

Betty tongued her friend’s labia and found herself staring at the Queen’s puckered little rosebud. Her sphincter was tight and pretty. God, was everything about Olivia attractive! She stared at it and the desire grew to shove her cock through that tight little puckered aperture. Betty had asked her boyfriend to do it to her once. He had happily fucked her ass, but she hadn’t really enjoyed it. She wondered if Olivia would enjoy it and knew that some day, she would shove her big black cock down the Queen’s poop shoot. For now, she just decided to play with it.

Betty started by reaching out with her mind. At first, she grabbed Olivia’s nipples, tugging and teasing them the same way she had last night. Olivia moaned, her moans going louder as Betty’s mind opened up her pussy. Olivia had been focused more on making Betty cum so that she could drink her semen, but now her own arousal was growing. Next, Betty began a mental rim job. Olivia jerked forwards away from the probing force of Betty’s mind. Betty watched Olive’s asshole push down, circling around the rim as if it were being touched by an invisible finger. Olivia was still pulling forward as if to get away from it, but even as she was denying that it felt pleasant, her pussy was leaking so much fresh lubrication, Betty’s chin was soaking in it. The invisible finger pushed down and Betty watched the tight sphincter slowly open. Olivia jumped again. She never quit sucking Betty’s cock, but she leaned on one arm while the other came back, slapping at her ass, trying to push Betty’s finger away from her asshole to get her to stop, but there was nothing actually in her asshole to slap away. Betty pushed in and released her power on Olive’s ass, watching the tight rosebud open and close as if it were being fucked by an invisible finger. Olivia quit slapping at the her ass and brought her hand back to brace on the bed. Now, her ass was lifting into the probing tendril from Betty’s mind, her pussy pressing into Betty’s face. She came hard all over Betty’s mouth and tongue, a violent burst of fluid soaking Betty’s face. The dick girl lapped it up as fast as Olivia’s pussy contractions shot it out. It was too much for Betty, she bucked her hips, jabbing her cock down Olivia’s throat. Betty’s hot seed began pumping into Olivia’s belly. The Queen of Hearts moaned in delight as her belly filled with Betty’s deliciously addictive cum and the pleasure of her own orgasm washed over her body.

Olivia released Betty’s cock and got a blast of semen on her face. She rolled off the hung woman and jumped off the bed. “Where’s the fire?” asked Betty.

“Australia. Gotta go.” Olivia hit the shower, scrubbing as fast as she could. She didn’t even bother drying her hair. She could always take a quick spin down to the equator to dry off. Olivia retrieved her now healed uniform from Betty’s room and flew up the stairwell to the roof. She was supersonic in seconds.

Betty took it easy that day. She showered and stepped out for a quick brunch. On her way back to the Hall of Righteousness, she passed a tobacco store and paused at the window, looking at the cigar display. Betty didn’t smoke, but seeing the cigars triggered something inside her. Something told her that she would enjoy them and she went ahead and bought a box, lighting one up when she hit the street. She did like it.

Betty returned to the Hall. It was a slow day, villain-wise. She found most of the team in the basement pool. Betty sat down beside the pool to watch them. The lighting was an amazing design that reflected sunlight from the roof with mirrors and lit the Olympic sized pool. You could actually get a tan in the basement pool and Betty usually avoided it with her fair skin. Subsequently, most of the team went around down here completely nude or with skimpy bikinis or topless with tiny panties. Betty sat down and sipped a coffee watching the girls. Lady Dash, the world’s fastest woman, was swimming super laps. Betty didn’t know why she bothered, none of the showered had ever showed signs of weight gain. Probably, she just swam to let out some stress.

Betty watched the girls, sitting alone. Dream Shadow swam over to her and climbed up the ladder out of the pool. The lovely Korean-American was nude. Sun Sha Do had the ability to enter and manipulate one’s dreams. She could discover your deepest secrets. She was tall for an Asian at 5’10”, but still had the trim Oriental figure with the enhanced breasts of a showered. They made her look top heavy. Betty watched Dream Shadow climb the ladder, the water cascading off her straight dark hair, running down her DD breasts. Her nipples were erect from the pool and nearly an inch long. Betty had never seen her nude before and felt her cock extend an inch. “Nice to see you, Betty,” said Sun. “Why don’t you join us?”

“I don’t… well alright,” said Betty. She was out of uniform, wearing a green pull over dress that showed off her legs and ample cleavage. She was just another pretty girl in the dress. She’d gotten the usual stares from men and a few odd ones from women when she was smoking the cigar. The dress and briefs she wore under it, hid her cock well. She pulled the dress off over her head. Betty unhooked her bra, letting her breasts spring free. Lastly, she held her breath as she pulled her briefs down. There were eight other women in the pool area. Every eye was on the huge bulge under her briefs.

Freed, her cock sprang up, heavy and angled down. Betty looked out at her teammates. Only one, Sister Sponge, had ever seen her cock before, though they all knew about it. Sister Sponge had drunkenly asked to see it. Betty showed it to her in the rest room. “Wow! That is one big dick,” said Sister Sponge back then. Sister Sponge could absorb other heroes powers for a short period of time usually about an hour. The person she absorbed lost their powers for that period of time. She was particularly useful making villains harmless while they were taken into custody. She was curious if she would grow Betty’s cock and asked to touch her. Betty consented, hope springing in her breasts that maybe just maybe, she’d be a normal woman again even if it were just for a little while. It didn’t work, Sister Sponge just gained Betty’s telekinesis power for the next hour leaving Betty powerless.

“That is one big dick,” said Sponge again.

“Holy crap, Betts,” muttered Brobdinagia.

“I had no idea,” said Dream Shadow, staring at it in awe.

Much to Betty’s embarrassment, all the sexy women staring at her cock started making it grow.

“HA! She’s getting a semi,” said Tiny Tina, normal sized and wearing only skimpy bikini pantys.

“Sorry,” said Betty. “This was a bad idea.” She turned around and pulled the dress back on over her head. The front of the dress now had a prominent bulge under it.

“Hey, don’t go,” said Dream Shadow. “We’re sorry. I just wasn’t prepared for how big it was.

“Sorry Betts,” apologized Tina. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

Betty turned and glanced back at them over her shoulder. “It’s my problem not yours.” She walked back to the stairs, leaving her teammates behind her.

Betty went to the common room and greeted a couple of the girls that were there. The news was on, but the two girls in the room were busy gossiping among themselves. The incident downstairs had Betty depressed. She didn’t fit in anymore, with women or men.
Her depression melted when she thought about the lovely evening she’d had with Olivia last night. Her BFF would cheer her up when she got back and then they’d make love again, several times if Betty had her way.

The news did their “Queen” report. The Queen of Hearts had been sighted helping firefighters in Australia put out wildfires in the bush. The Queen had flown off to rescue victims of an overcrowded ferry collapse in the Philippines. She found a missing boater off the Canary islands. And on and on. A typical day for the world’s greatest hero when there wasn’t a threat from a super villain.

Betty headed upstairs and took a nap. She dreamed about last night when she had first entered her friend’s tight pussy. She woke up with a huge aching erection and jerked off picturing Olivia on her knees in the shower, sucking her cock again. Later, she walked up to the roof and smoked a cigar waiting for her lover to come back, but the Queen stayed out late.

Betty fell asleep waiting for Olivia. She was sure the Queen would wake her, slipping into bed beside her. She woke up around 2:00 in the morning needing to go to the bathroom. She grabbed her plump shaft and peed into the toilet bowl, wondering wear her lover was. She reached out with her mind and felt Olivia. The Queen was sleeping in her own bed. She must have come home late and not wanted to wake Betty up. Betty reached out to the sleeping woman. Betty’s mind probed her pussy lips and tugged on her nipples. Olivia stirred in her sleep. She arched her back and moaned. Her hips raising into the invisible tongue.

Betty pretended to be asleep when Olivia snuck into her room, fifteen minutes later. The Queen was panting heavily and Betty could make out the shadowy outline of Olivia’s hard nipples framed in the light from the doorway. She feigned waking when Olivia slipped in bed beside her. “Sorry Betts,” said Olivia, reaching down to stroked Betty’s fully hard cock. “I don’t think the Baron’s out of my system yet.”

“Don’t apologize,” said Betty, reaching out to caress one of Olivia’s big beautiful breasts.
“Mount that big thing and ride em cowgirl.”

Olivia straddled Betty’s legs and slid her pussy along the thick shaft of Betty’s black cock. She lifted herself up and pushed her pussy down around the head. Both women moaned as Betty’s cock penetrated Olivia’s pussy again. Olivia’s moan turned to a scream of pleasure as she slid down Betty’s shaft and came again. Betty grabbed Olivia’s ass with her mind and raised the Queen up and down her entire twelve inches. Olivia’s entire body left the bed as she rode up so that just the head of Betty’s cock was in her pussy. Olivia flew up and down Betty’s shaft, cumming several more times and one final huge orgasm when Betty’s cock once again erupted in her pussy.

Afterwards, Olivia went to shower and snuck back to her own room. Betty rationalized that she’d had a long day and needed her sleep. Betty slipped into bed beside her friend shortly after dawn so that Olive could drink her morning breakfast when she woke up. Olivia seemed shocked to wake up with Betty snuggling her, but she gave little resistance to going down between her legs and sucking her friend’s cock again.

Their affair lasted eight days. Betty began to worry when she realized that she was the one always initiating sex. Olivia never turned it down, but Betty always made the first move. Olivia tensed up when Betty mentioned maybe they should get a place together so that they wouldn’t have to sneak around. Olivia declined, saying she was happy at the Hall. Betty thought that maybe it turned Olivia on, to sneak around without their teammates knowing, but deep down she knew something was wrong. Olive wasn’t as in to her as she was in to Olive.

Olivia broke up with her in the dining hall surrounded by their friends. “I think I’m finally over what happened with the Baron,” she whispered so that none of the others could hear. “I appreciate what you’ve done for me.”

“I see,” said Betty. She was stunned, but knew she shouldn’t have been surprised. “I thought things were going really well between us. What happened?”

Olivia sat back. She was shaking with nervousness. The last thing she had ever wanted to do was hurt Betty. “It’s not you, it’s me,” she said.

“Olivia…” Betty froze. She had a sinking feeling in her stomach and her heart was beating fast. She wanted to tell her friend that she wanted to share a bed with her every night, that she wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, that she wanted to raise a child with Olivia. She wanted to tell Olivia that she loved her. Instead, she just said, “I know it’s you, not me. I was happy for the last week. For the first time since the fucking shower I didn’t feel like a freak. What about the sex?”

“That was amazing,” confessed Olivia. “You know that was good, but it’s not always about sex. I want to come home from work, cook dinner for my husband and child. I want to be normal.”

“Look at us. We aren’t normal. You can fly around the world in minutes and I have a fucking COCK!” The last was said, loud enough that some of the other girls glanced their way. “Who do you want to be normal with anyway? A regular guy will never satisfy you. There aren’t that many showered males to choose from. You want a normal life with the Baron? Is that it? You want the Baron’s black cock or would you rather have mine?”

“Yours…” The Queen shook her head. “I mean neither. Listen Betts, the truth is that it is about the sex. You know you’re good. I’m worried that if I don’t give it up now, I’d get addicted to it. I can’t say no to you. If we keep this up, our relationship would just be about fucking. You’re my best friend and I’ll always love you, but I could never love you as a woman loves a man. We’d just be together for the sex.”

“I can live with that,” said Betty, her emotions a weird mix of pride and sorrow.

“I want more,” said the Queen. Olivia jumped in her seat. Invisible fingers had just pinched and tugged on her nipples. They hardened under her uniform. A probing tendril from Betty’s mind teased her clit and labia. She immediately started dripping with arousal. Betty was holding her head down so that her red hair hung down. She was looking upwards at Olivia testing her reaction. “Enough Betty. You’re invading my privacy.” She felt Betty’s mental touch fade away, but not before one penis sized probe pushed into her pussy and disappeared. “No more Betty,” said the Queen, standing. “I hope we can get past this and remain friends. You’ve always meant a lot to me and I don’t want to lose you.” The Queen straightened up. “I need to be alone for awhile. I’ll see you when I get back.”

The other heroes in the hall saw the Queen of Hearts head off to the roof and Betty stand up from her chair and run off in the other direction. Betty was clearly crying, but none of them knew why and Betty refused to let anyone into her room for several days afterward.

Olivia spent a week on a desert island in the Pacific trying to find herself and didn’t see Betty’s press conference. Betty stood behind the podium addressing the press. “Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, thank you for coming. I’ve called you here to announce my coming out.” She paused as the chatter grew. She heard the word lesbian whispered. Betty grinned wryly. “No I’m not gay nor am I straight. I was with a man when the golden shower hit.”

“Bettikinetic, are you saying that you’re a dick-girl?” yelled a reporter.

“I am. Furthermore, the man I was with was a black African from Kenya, a good man, an officer on the cruise ship.”

“Does that mean your penis is black?”

“Yes it is. I want it known that not all the dick-girls are crazy like Mad Maxine or suicidal like some of the others. Some can be heroes and I am a hero. I’m not somebody’s sidekick. Bettikinetic was a sidekick.” Betty pulled her cheerleading style top off revealing her tight sports bra top. The dark black rooster head on her chest between her DD bosom. She walked out from behind the podium. Her belly button was pierced and had a black rooster head pin in it. Betty was always known for wearing her cheerleading skirt and tight biker shorts. Now they knew why. She pushed the skirt down. There were gasps from the audience at the sight of the plump bulge running down one leg of the shorts. “From now on, I am BLACK COCK BETTY!”

The heroes lined up behind Betty to show their support, applauded and clapped her on the back. Betty answered a few more questions and then exited the press room at the Hall if Righteousness.

Coming out was the right thing to do for Betty. Sure, she got plenty of hate mail and her fan club lost about 60% of it’s members. Teenage boys ripped her posters off their wall. She posed nude for Playgirl a month later getting paid well for both the cover and the spread of nude photos. It was the highest selling issue of the magazine ever selling a year’s worth of the magazine in just that one month. People were curious what she looked like. Her fan club regained 25% of it’s membership. She still got hate mail, but she also got new fan mail too from men and women. Betty also started getting laid a lot. There was no shortage of women (or men, but she turned them down) curious what her shower enhanced cock felt like. Some may have been bisexual and some liked men, but had bad relationships with men. Betty satisfied them all. Some of the finer pieces of ass, she kept dangling in case she wanted another go. Others, she left satisfied and never called them again. It left her feeling a little empty inside. She loved fucking, but deep down she wanted to love and be loved by only one woman and that one woman had rejected her.


Olivia huddled in the shower, rocking as she wrapped her arms around her legs. The shower struck her, water cascading off her body, but it didn’t make her feel clean. The water ran down to the drain and swirled around clumps of Baron Samedi’s sperm, clogging the drain. His seed was so thick and rich it drained slower then the water. Most of it was off her, but her belly still felt full. She was filled with shame, but it was hard to regret. She’d enjoyed sucking off the Baron’s cock even while TV cameras were pointed at her and all the congressmen watched her humiliation. His sperm had been the best meal of her life.

There was only one person whose sperm tasted almost as good as Samedi’s. There was only one person she knew with a cock nearly as big as the Baron’s, one person who could satisfy her needy pussy right now and drive the madness from her mind. She knew the dangers of addiction. The Wildcat cheer and spirit squad had counseled troubled youths against drug and alcohol abuse. She needed Betty’s cock, but the more she had it in her, the more she risked becoming totally addicted to it.

Betty and Olivia had been civil to each other, but not friendly. She missed her one time constant companion more then Betty probably knew. Hooking up with Betty had been the greatest mistake of her life. Still, she was mad with desire for a large black cock and aside from busting the Baron out of jail, there was only one black cock available and it was only a few rooms away. Olivia stood and turned off the shower. She dried and went to her closet to get some underwear and her robe.

Ten minutes later she was holding her fist up to Betty’s door, not sure if she should knock or not. Her arousal was driving her crazy and her fist came down on Betty’s door several times.

“Who is it?”

“Betts, it’s Olivia.”

“Come on in.”

Olivia heard the lock on the door click and then the door slowly opened of it‘s own accord. She wasn’t prepared for the sight that greeted her. A girl squealed on the bed and pulled a pillow over her face. Her big breasted lean body was on full display. Her legs parted slightly, a fresh deposit of sperm leaking from an extremely well fucked pussy. Her belly and tits were also covered in Betty’s hot seed. Betty was sitting on the side of the bed, smoking a cigar. Her cock fell over the edge, looking spent and leaking sperm. Betty’s uniform lay on the floor along with a red bikini. The cups both had a T on them. “Tina?” asked Olivia.

“Oh my god! I’m so embarrassed,” moaned Tina, moving the pillow aside. Her chin was crusted with dried sperm. “I couldn’t help myself,” apologized Tina. “After seeing the Baron…”

“You know how they say that seeing the Baron’s cock is like getting slapped in the face with it,” interrupted Betty. “Tina literally got slapped in the face with it.”

“I ran between his legs to avoid getting punched and SMACK there it was,” said Tina.
“I don’t know what came over me, I was just so horny and Betty was there trying to comfort me and…”

“I understand,” said Olivia. She fought to remain calm. She was starting to get angry and her fury was directed at Tina. Could it be jealousy?

“What do you want anyway?” asked Betty. She had the nerve to spread her legs open to display her cock more.

Olivia’s eyes stared at the plump dangling cock and then at Tina, still looking sheepish for what she had done. Olivia couldn’t blame her at all. “I just needed someone to talk to.”

Betty nodded. “Tina, get lost.”

“But?” asked Tiny Tina.

“I said get lost. Our Queen wants to talk to one of her loyal subjects.”

“Okay,” said Tina, meekly. She looked a little hurt, but there was something else in her eyes as she stared at Betty. Olivia thought awe would be the proper word or maybe reverence. Just like she had with Olivia, Betty had just given Tina the best fucking of her life.

Tina slipped off the bed and to her feet. She had once been shy, but constantly having your clothes slip off you when she changed size had made her used to being nude in front of many people and pictures of her were all over the internet. She wasn’t used to being nude just after being so well fucked. As Tina stood up, a water balloon sized wad of sperm fell from her pussy to splatter on the carpet. It was followed by a constant drip of semen. All three women looked down between Tina’s legs. Tina looked back up, her cheeks going bright red with embarrassment. “Eek!” she squeaked.

Tina had always been shy and easily embarrassed. Since the shower, her reaction to being embarrassed or quite frankly, her reaction to anything was to shrink. She shrank as if she were shrinking away from the situation and shrink was exactly what she did right then.
Tina grew smaller and smaller. They were still staring at her. They knew how embarrassed she was. Tina was five feet tall, four feet, three, two, one, six inches, and at one inch, she realized her mistake.

Tina nearly panicked as she got stuck in the very pool of sperm that had just leaked from her pussy. It was viscous and thick, like quicksand. Her body was coated with it. The thick liquid pulled and tugged at her body, pulling her head under until she couldn’t breath.

Olivia shook her head as Tina grew back up to the size of a doll. The buxom little Barbie was covered in so much sperm, it was dripping off her body. She’d always been the clumsiest of the team. Even more embarrassed then before, Tina raced under Olivia’s legs and to the open door, slipping through it. The patter of her feet echoed from the hall outside, growing louder as she grew back to normal size. Poor Tina raced for the fully functioning mansion model doll house she used as living quarters.

“So graceful,” said Betty, sarcastically.

“Was she good?” asked Olivia, trying to contain her anger.

“Incredible,” said Betty, taking a puff and finishing her cigar. “She can grow and shrink her snug little pussy around my cock. I’m probably gonna tap that again.” She put her cigar out in a nearby ash tray. “What do you care anyway?”

“I don’t,” said Olivia defensively. “I mean I do, it’s just that the unit cohesion of this team is important to me. I need to know what’s going on.”

“Just helping out a friend,” said Black Cock Betty. “You know, like I helped out you.”
Olivia had a strong urge to punch Betty up into orbit just to wipe the smug grin off her face. “So what did you want to talk about?” asked Betty. “Why are you here?”

“Dammit Betts! You know why I’m here.”

“I want to hear you say it.”

“I want your help again.”

Betty nodded. “Better, but I want you to tell me what you want.”

Olivia gulped. “I want you again.”

“What is it you want from me?”

“I want your black cock AGAIN AAH!” Olivia jumped as Betty’s mind started probing all her erogenous zones again. Invisible fingers pinched and pulled her nipples. Mental tendrils brushed down through her blonde pubes to press against her swelling clit and rapidly lubricating pussy. Olivia closed her eyes and moaned. “I’m sorry Betts, sorry for everything. I don’t Oohhhh want you to think I’m just aaaahhhh using you, but I need your cock aaaahhhhgain.”

Betty stood. “You are using me,” she said. “But I’m okay with that. Now get your ass on your knees and suck my black cock, but first lets get you out of that robe.”

Olivia opened her eyes as she felt the belt on her robe being tugged. Of course, it wasn’t Betty’s hand, but her mind loosening her robe. Betty’s cock was sticking straight out now. It was plump, but limp, still looking spent. The skin on the shaft was moving along the thick cock in waves. Betty was mentally stroking herself back to erection. Even as Olivia’s robe opened and fell off her, Betty’s cock was thickening back up to full erection.

“Nice,” said Betty, admiring Olivia’s lingerie. “Did you wear that for me?”

Olivia didn’t answer, but looked down in embarrassment, a part of her wishing she could shrink away like Tina. Just like a horny wife might put on lingerie to get her husband to notice her, she had dressed for Betty. The skimpy blue thong was sheer and covered little of her blonde bush and none of her ass. The bra was also sheer, not even covering the entire cups of her DD sized breast. Underneath, her entire areola were visible, puffed up, her nipples moving and bending under Betty’s mental caresses. Sheer blue silk fell from the bra to cover her sexy belly.

“Nice,” said Betty again. “But I prefer you naked.”

The silk lifted up exposing Olive’s navel. It stood straight out and with a powerful tug, it ripped off from the bra. Even as a startled Olivia jumped in surprise, her bra was unhooking in the front and her panty was tugging out exposing her blonde bush. Her breasts sprang free from the tight confinement even as the thong ripped apart in her ass and went flying. Naked, she stood before her former lover.

“Now, suck this cock like you missed it.”

Olivia did miss it. She hated herself for missing it, for her need for it. She loved the cock, but hated what it had done to her friend. Betty wasn’t just a girl with a cock, she was something else entirely, something not quite woman and not quite man. Olivia eagerly took the cock in her mouth and sucked it just like she had sucked the Baron’s cock in the House of Representatives earlier that day.

“Oh god,” moaned Betty, putting her hands in Olivia’s hair. She pulled Olive’s head up and down the shaft.

Olivia looked down the thick black shaft sticking out from her mouth and up Betty’s black to reddish pubes, her pale sexy shapely belly, the black rooster head pin in her navel shining in the light. Betty’s big breasts were thrust out, her areola puffy and swollen. Her proud rosy pink nipples fully extended. They were also bending and pulling as Betty mentally played with her own nipples as well as Olivia’s. The big shock came when she reached Betty’s face. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning, but she had tears streaming down her cheeks.

Olivia wanted to taste her friend’s seed again, but she still could taste Samedi on her lips and her belly was still a little full. She buried her nose in Betty’s pubes and then pulled back until the foot long cock sprang free of her mouth. Olivia grabbed the thick shaft and started jerking it. “Please fuck me, Betty?” she asked.

Betty opened her eyes and smiled down at her best friend. She reached down with her hand until Olivia took it and she pulled the blonde to her feet. She put her hand on Olivia’s cheek lovingly. “I don’t want to fuck you, Olive,” she said, leading her around to the bed. She pushed the Queen of Hearts down on the bed. Olivia slid back to the pillow and Betty climbed on top of her. Olivia spread her legs as Betty guided her cock down to her soaked pussy. Betty pushed forward and her thick cock head pushed inside her friend’s hot inviting pussy. “I want to make love to you.”

Olivia squirmed a little as Betty mounted her and laid down. Their breasts pressed hard against each other. Betty turned her head and kissed her best friend passionately. Their tongues teased each other. Olivia raised her hips into Betty’s probing cock feeling it slide deeper. Betty started bucking her hips, her cock head pushing against Olivia’s cervix before pushing into her very womb. Olivia trembled beneath her, lifting her hips into each thrust of Betty’s black cock. Both women moaned as they kissed and fucked.

Olivia broke the kiss first to throw her head back and cry out as she came. She could feel her pussy spasm all around the thick shaft stuffing it, her pussy trying to pull it in deeper wanting it’s seed. Betty pushed herself up on her hands, continuing to thrust her cock in and out of the Queen of Hearts welcoming pussy. She bent down and pressed her lips against Olivia’s nipple. She gently bit her nipple, pushing her tongue down against it only to suck her entire areola into her mouth. She moved her head right, doing the same to Olivia’s other nipple, flicking it back and forth with her tongue. Olivia suddenly bucked beneath her, humping up into her cock as the Queen came again.

Betty pushed down on arms and arched her back, presenting her big breasts to Olivia. The Queen willingly pressed her own lips against Betty’s nipples, sucking and teasing each of them in turn, biting one a little hard as she came for a third time.

Betty suddenly pulled back. She looked a little wild as she sat back on her knees, cupping Olivia’s knees under her arms. She lifted Olivia’s ass off the bed and began to thrust her penis in and out of the blonde as fast as she could. Olivia moaned loudly, thrashing on the bed. She reached out in lust for Betty’s breasts, but they were out of reach. She put her hands down on the bed, nails digging into the sheets. The Queen’s sexy belly started undulating towards the thrusting cock. Her entire body was tensing up and it felt like she might explode at any moment. Betty thrust her cock in deep, the first was of her ejaculate splattering all over Olivia’s womb and the Queen did explode. Olivia had never cum so hard before. Her cum coated the black cock buried inside her pussy, squirting out the sides of their conjoined crotches even as Betty’s sperm began to follow it. Betty kept bucking her hips, kept cumming even as Olivia continued cumming to. Betty’s sperm had fill her womb and her pussy. It had nowhere to go and began spraying out. Soaking Betty’s balls and saturating the bed sheets still wet from Betty’s earlier encounter with Tina. Still both women continued cumming. Betty leaned down on Olivia again kissing the moaning woman. Still both women continued cumming. Betty reared up, grunting even as Olivia thrashed uncontrollably beneath her. Their orgasms turned into a super orgasm. Olivia’s pussy milked the spurting cock, sucking more and more sperm from it. Betty’s ejaculating cock actually picked up steam. The volume of semen increased, their combined ejaculate spraying out from their crotches. Finally Betty couldn’t take it anymore. She yanked her cock out of Olivia’s overflowing pussy even as she laid down on top of the blonde Queen. Her still spurting cock sent a powerful blast up Olivia’s body that left her covered in sperm by a fan of seed that fell on Olivia’s face to a long wad that pooled in her belly. Betty couldn’t stop humping even as she pressed down on Olivia’s body. Her cock was out of control, shooting wad after wad of semen between their two bodies coating both women’s breasts, bellies and chins, making a sperm sandwich.

“Oh my god,” moaned a half comatose Olivia when Betty’s cock finally quit ejaculating.

“Fucking amazing,” agreed Betty. She pushed herself off Olivia and arched her back, presenting her breast. To her delight, Olivia stared sucking all the sperm of Betty’s nipple and breasts without hesitating. The Queen was finally getting over her shame and the weirdness of the situation. Things would be different after tonight and the two lovers could start making plans together. The emptiness inside Betty was gone. She’d never felt happier. “I think we need to sleep in your bed tonight,” she told Olivia, bending down to kiss her friend and lover on the lips affectionately.

Olivia kissed her back. ”We should probably shower first.”

The two women kissed and scrubbed each others bodies during the shower. Betty’s cock rose again and Olivia fell to her knees, taking it between her lips hungrily without being told. Fifteen minutes later, Betty’s voluminous sperm became her dinner and she’d never had a better meal outside of the lunch the Baron had ejaculated down her throat earlier.

Later, they spooned in Olivia’s bed. Betty was kissing her shoulder and neck. The Queen’s eyes were lidded. The well satisfied woman was going to sleep very well that night or maybe not because the thick cock between her thighs was starting to stiffen again. She felt the tug of Betty’s mind on her nipples. “I’m so happy Olive,” whispered Betty in her ears. “Remember what I said about getting a place together?” She lifted Olivia’s leg and guided her cock into her pussy yet again. “Lets do it. Then we can fuck all the time and not worry about getting caught by any of the other girls.

“Unh huh,” moaned a content Olivia.

“Oh god Olive. I know it’s early, but do you want children? I do. Let me put a baby in your belly.”

Olivia’s eyes flew open. “Um Betty?”

Betty quit thrusting her cock. She could feel Olivia tense up. “Too soon? I just fucked it up, didn’t I?”

Olivia twisted her back to look at her friend. Her blue eyes stared into Betty’s green ones. It was hard to believe that the eyes staring back at her were the owners of the giant cock now stuffing her pussy. “I’m sorry Betty. It’s not you it’s me.”

Betty’s face twisted up into an angry sneer. “I know it’s fucking you. I fucking love you. I want to fucking be with you.”

“I love you too Betts,” she tried to express all her true affection for Betty with her eyes, but Betty’s had gone cold. “I love you as my best friend. I love being with you, talking with you, fighting by your side. I even love having sex with you, but I don’t love you romantically.”

Betty sprang up, grabbing Olivia’s hips, her mental powers helping to pull Olivia up onto all fours. “You bitch,” cried Betty, thrusting her cock in deep. “I promised myself you would never hurt me again.” Tears were rolling down Betty’s cheeks again.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” begged Olivia, panting as Betty started fucking her from behind. “I don’t want to hurt you. OH GOD!” She started trembling. “I thought you understood Betts?”

“Fuck you Olivia,” growled Betty. “Fuck you and the high horse you rode in on.“ Her hands were on Olivia’s hips. She wasn’t so much fucking Olivia as she was pulling Olivia back into her cock and pushing her away. The Queen was trembling as an orgasm approached. “You’re nothing but a whore whenever there’s a big black cock around for you to play with.” Olivia gave a loud moan, a mixture of denial and pleasure. Betty’s mind grabbed the Queen’s nipples and yanked on them harder then she had before. Olivia’s reaction was to moan again and start pushing herself back into Betty’s cock. Betty looked down at the little brown rosebud peeking at her between the cracks of Olivia’s ass cheeks. Olivia’s sphincter depressed and then opened. It opened wider and then closed. Olivia pulled away, her arm coming behind her to bat away the invisible fingers. She gave up still fucking back into Betty’s cock even as the opening and closing of her sphincter grew wider and wider. The hole in her ass pushed deeper, opening and closing. Soon it felt like she was getting fucked by two cocks, one normal sized one in her ass and one monster in her pussy. Olivia couldn’t help herself and she came all over Betty’s thrusting cock even as the hole in her ass got even bigger.

Betty looked down at the half dollar sized hole in Olivia’s ass. When she thought it was ready for her, she yanked her cock out of Olivia’s pussy and brought the head up to the Queen’s ass, pushing it in deep. Olivia groaned. She reached around behind her again, but instead of slapping the anal invader away, she wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft that was still sticking out of her ass. She released it and brought her hand down to brace herself on the bed, pushing her ass back into the cock. “Slut likes it up the ass,” spat Betty, still angry. Suddenly Olivia’s pussy ballooned up around an invisible cock as big as Betty‘s real cock. The blonde hero couldn’t take it anymore. She came and came hard, all around the mental probe in her pussy. There was nothing actually in her and her cum ran out of her pussy in a stream.

“Slut wants two cocks now.”

“Yes,” moaned Olivia, lost in lust. It was like she was getting it from two cocks. For all intents and purposes, Betty did have two cocks, one foot long black cock above another foot long telekinetic cock. “Fuck my ass. Fuck my pussy,” she hissed between clenched teeth. She felt like such a slut, but it felt good to give in to her desires. ”Oh god I’m gonna cum again!”

“Me too slut,” cried Betty, slapping one palm against Olivia’s ass cheek. Betty spanked her hard, but Olivia would feel nothing. The harder the Queen was hit, the more her impervious skin repulsed it.

“Oh my god, I love it!” moaned the Queen as the orgasm tore through her body. The stream of cum leaking from her pussy turned into a torrent as her orgasm ran from her stretched out pussy. She felt the cock in her ass buck and then her bowels flooded with sperm.

Betty slammed her cock in and out of Olive’s ass, letting her cum flow like crazy. Her ass filled quickly, semen began shooting out around the cock shoved up her ass. Betty yanked her cock out, jerking it and aiming it with her mind, making sure that she covered every inch of Olivia’s back, ass, and blonde hair with semen. She inched back, slapping the Queen’s ass again until Olivia rolled over, getting a blast of sperm in her face. Hot sperm struck her breasts and belly. It matted her blonde pubes. It dripped off her breasts. Sperm was shooting all over her bed, getting her sheets, pillows, and hitting the wall behind the bed. Betty wasn’t done either. She let her cum shoot all over Olivia, again and again, until the Queen of Hearts was coated in as thick a layer of sperm as Tina had been when she‘d nearly drowned in the sperm pool. Betty was still pissed, she strolled the Queen’s bedroom, her mind stroking her cock so that her orgasm never stopped. Her mind bent the head left and right up and down, shooting sperm all over everything in sight. She covered Olivia’s trophy shelf with dripping sperm, staring at the awards and statues the Queen had received for all her good works. She splattered sperm on the desk filled with pictures, of Olivia’s family, of the Wildcat spirit and cheer squad, of the newly formed Righteous Squad team at the Hall of Justice, and one of Joe and Olivia that Betty held her cock right up to, the force of her cum knocking the picture over. Betty ejaculated everywhere in sight including the bathroom toilet seat, mirror, and Olivia’s toothbrush. Finally done, Betty turned at the doorway, her cock hosing a stream of sperm all over the carpet before she finally released it and the thing went limp. With one last hate filled look at her one time best friend, still lying on the bed sexually spent and dripping with sperm, Betty turned and left the room.

Olivia moaned in contentment and satisfaction. She knew something was wrong, but all the orgasms had wiped her out. She wiped the sperm out of her eyes and looked on in horror at the sight of what Betty had done to her room. Olivia stood and marched to her bathroom. Her ass squished with each step, sperm trickled from her well fucked ass the whole way to the toilet. She sat down on the soaked toilet seat and tried to force all the sperm she could from her ass. She hated that she had actually enjoyed having Betty’s cock shoved up her ass. It made her feel like such a slut to have enjoyed that, but then she’d also enjoyed having Betty call her a slut. It had triggered something inside her that had gotten her rocks off hard.

Olivia showered, still not happy with the cleanliness of her ass. She had a feeling, she’d be leaking for hours. She dressed in sweats, went down to the Hall’s janitorial facilities and retrieved cleaning material. What would have taken eight hours to clean by a professional crew took twenty minutes for a super hero that could go super fast. Clean, the room still reeked of sperm and might well smell like this for days or weeks reminding her of Betty. Olivia sprayed some air freshener around. She went back to the bathroom, took another shower to clean up all the leakage from both her holes since the previous shower. Then she went to her closet, dressed in her Queen uniform. She already had a bag packed and she retrieved it. The Queen of Hearts sent off emails telling all the heroes that she was taking an extended vacation, marched up to the roof and took off.


A mile away and hidden half by a cloud, the Queen of Hearts would appear as just a speck to the construction workers. However, her eyes could zoom in on them as if she were ten feet away. She’d come to watch Joe for awhile now. She’d found out where he was working from his parents. He had a construction job and was currently on the roof of their current project, hammering away at the shingles. He looked good. Very fit, not much different at 23 then he had at 18 when they were together.

She’d followed him for awhile now like an unseen spy satellite in the sky. She followed him home, a nice condo, good for a bachelor. There was no sign of any woman’s things in his apartment, he never called anyone or got calls from anyone other then a work mate and his parents. He mostly just sat in his chair, watched TV or played video games. He had a golden retriever to keep him company. Socializing was a few beers with the work crew during happy hour every Friday.

Today was the day she made contact. Olivia flew over to a building near the work site and slowly lowered herself down to an alley. She opened her travel bag and got changed.


“Holy shit! I’m in love,” said a construction worker, holding his hand over his heart and beating it.

“Dayumn! I got dis,” said the crew’s boss, a handsome black man that fancied himself a ladies man.

“Come on Joe, check this chick out. She looks like a fucking porn star.”

Joe Hart hammered a nail into the shingle and looked up. His eyes going wide. The woman marching up to the site did indeed look like a porn star. She had on a tight white blouse, stretched out by her large bosom and showing impressive cleavage. She had on a short black skirt that showed off legs accentuated by high heels. Her blonde hair was tied back on her head and she wore dark rimmed glasses over her face. She was the secretary or business executive that would walk into the room and at her bosses insistence, let her hair down, take her glasses off and start undoing her blouse while the male porn star pulled his cock out. “Jesus,” muttered Joe.

“Told ya. I never seen a finer looking piece of ass.”

“That’s my ex-girlfriend,” said Joe still staring.

“That is your ex! Now I see why you never got over her. You didn’t tell me she was into porn.”

“She’s not,” said Joe. “She’s just well developed.”

“I don’t think she looks like a porn star, she looks like the Queen of Hearts to me,” said another crewman.

“All those meteor freaks look like porn stars.”

Joe glanced at his colleagues wryly. He turned back and watched his black boss chatting up his ex-girlfriend. His boss looked up at him and then at the blonde and then back up at the roof. Joe stood up. “Hey Hart,” yelled the boss. “Someone to see ya.”

Joe’s heart was beating fast as he climbed down the ladder. Technically he hadn’t seen Olivia since she dumped him. He had driven by her parents house dozens of times on major holidays and caught the occasional glimpse of her visiting and of course he kept up on her exploits. He came around the side of the house and approached her. Her lips curled up, the grin spreading across her beautiful face until she was smiling broadly at him. She seemed very pleased to see him. “Hello Joe,” she said.

“Olive,” he nodded. “Good to see you.”

“You too.” She opened her arms to give him a hug. He held his arms out, then they fell. Both took a step towards each other then backed off in awkwardness. “You look good.”

“So do you,” replied Joe. “The same as you did in high school. Well not everything.” It was hard meeting the gaze of a buxom woman like Olivia Queen. Every instinct in his brain was trying to pull his eyes down to stare at her cleavage instead. That’s where all his coworkers eyes were. Olivia had virtually stopped all work on the house. He’d loved her firm average breasts in high school, but he had to admit the swollen globes of her new breasts were magnificent. He regretted that he hadn’t gotten to see them before she dumped him. “What are you doing here?” he asked, both curious and suspicious.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately,” she said after taking a deep breath. “I’ve missed you a lot since we broke up.”

“You dumped me remember.”

“I remember, but Joe, I never wanted to hurt you.”

“Well you did. It still hurts. It hurts seeing you now and on the news every night.”

“That’s not what I meant. I didn’t want to hurt you, physically. Joe, I’ve flown into an active volcano and bored new lava tunnels to keep it from destroying a city. I can pick up a M1A1 battle tank and toss it two miles without breaking a sweat. Back then I wasn’t used to my powers. I was scared. Scared, I might hurt someone especially someone I loved. I was scared I’d kill you.

“That’s why you broke up with me?” Joe looked stunned. “I wish you’d told me. I’ve spent the last five years going over and over in my head what went wrong. I thought the super hero thing had gone to your head and you thought you were better then me. I was too normal for you.”

“Normal is all I ever wanted.”

“So why are you here? Why come to see me now? We could have stayed friends.”

“Joe,” said Olivia staring into her ex’s eyes, looking for a reaction. “I’ve gotten used to my powers. I’m not scared any more.”

Joe’s eyebrows shot up and his forehead wrinkled as it hit him. “You want to get back together?”

“Yes,” said Olivia. “I want to try at least.”

“Jesus, Olive,” moaned Joe. He was actually shaking a little. He’d dreamed this would happen someday. “You broke my heart. I’m not sure I could take being dumped again.”

“Breaking up with you broke my heart to. All I ever wanted was to cheerlead, go to college with you, get married and start a family. I wish I’d never gone on that stupid cruise.“

“Me too,“ said Joe.

“Can we at least have coffee then?” she asked. “We can talk it over.”

“Sure, that sounds good,” he replied. “I’m off in an hour. There’s a coffee shop a block away. We can talk things over. Take it slow.”

“Slow is good,” said Olivia.

Coffee turned to dinner. Dinner turned to Olivia going home with Joe where he finally got to see her new enhanced breasts as well as the rest of her. A clearly emotionally overwhelmed Joe didn’t last long when she mounted him. Despite his lack of staying power and having a penis only half the size of Betty‘s, Olivia was surprised to find herself cumming as he shot his small wad of sperm into her pussy. It wasn’t a sexually overwhelmed orgasm, it was a love orgasm and she hadn’t had one of those in five years.

They were married a month later. Both their families were overjoyed to see the two high school lovebirds back together. The wedding and reception was a joyous occasion. Joe’s coworkers were awed by the sheer number of gorgeous women that showed up on the bride’s side. Most of the Wildcats were there and some other friends who served the Hall of Righteousness from time to time. Betty was the standout absentee. She would have been maid of honor, had already been told she would be maid of honor at Olivia and Joe’s planned wedding five years ago. Olivia just looked sad and explained that as second most powerful hero at the Hall, Betty had to stay and monitor the global computers for signs of trouble. Joe nodded, suspecting there was something more to the story, but never suspecting the truth.

The reception party lasted four hours. Everyone had a great time and got drunk, laughing and dancing. As often happens at weddings, some of the bride’s maids got overly emotional, drunk, and they hooked up with some of the male guests. Joe’s boss and another coworker ended up sleeping with Dream Shadow and Sister Sponge. Both men had the best nights of their lives.

Taking it slow was already out the door. Olivia went off birth control immediately and within a year, she was pregnant even as she took her real estate exam. Joe with the help of his coworkers built them a private house near the woods, so the Queen of Hearts could come and go as needed and she was needed, often, but she only took the big jobs that the rest of the Hall couldn’t handle without her.

When Emma was born, they shared time raising her. Joe worked part time while Olivia showed houses and she stayed home when he worked on jobs. Everything had turned out exactly as they had both always wanted it to be.

Olivia, Joe, and Emma were a happy family.


The Baron took her hand and led the Queen towards the couch bed. Her new larger breasts swayed and jiggled as she walked. He sat her on the bed and she scooted back so that he could kneel between her legs.

“What do you want her to do, Sam?” asked Selassie. “Do you want an airhead bimbo? Do you want a slave? Do you want her to call you master?”

“Master would be nice,” answered the Baron. He ran his large black hands down her smooth wide legs and pulled them apart.

“Semen Sez call him master. Call us all master.”

“Yes, Master,” said the Queen.

“What else?’ asked Simon.

“That is enough for now, mon ami,” said the Baron. He only had eyes for her pussy now. It was wet and glistening with arousal. Simply luscious. “I want to take her on my own merits.” He addressed Olivia. “What comes next is up to you, Mrs. Hart. I think it’s about time we finally fuck.”

Olivia leaned up and stared at the black monster rearing up between the Baron’s legs. That thing had haunted her dreams for going on ten years now. That fat scary thirteen inch black cock had driven her into the arms and onto the cock of her best friend. She’d blown her husband on his birthday last month, but in her mind she was kneeling back in the House of Representatives sucking the Baron’s much larger cock. Olivia often fantasized or dreamed of all the things she’d done with Betty, but in her mind, the Baron took Betty‘s place. She was in the shower with the Baron or it was the Baron’s cock taking her anal cherry. Sometimes, he even took Joe’s place.

The Baron reached down to grab her wrist, pulling her hand over to the rampant cock jutting out between his legs. She grabbed the shaft and didn’t let go when he released her wrist. The Queen let her hand glide along the hard ridged surface of the most beautiful cock in the world. It throbbed in her hand, powerful, vibrant, and potent. “Well what will it be?” asked the Baron.

Olivia pulled on his cock, tugging it towards her needy pussy. She bent down the steel hard shaft aiming it towards her opening. “Fuck me, master.”

The Baron’s head turned clear and his skull shined forth, the eyeballs still visible and lit up with triumph. The skull faded again, the human head returning. He leaned over her wedging the head of his cock though her hand, the bulbous head poised on her pussy already leaking copious amounts of precum on her labia. “This has been a long time coming,” he growled.

“Yes, master. It has.” Olivia opened her legs wider as the Baron’s cock entered her for the first time. “Aaahhh,” she moaned, spreading her legs wider.

Baron Samedi watched his cock head disappear between the folds of her pussy lips. He worked the tip around a little before pushing it deeper. “Merde! Tu es pussy et tres bien,” he groaned, pushing his cock deeper and fighting the urge to bury it. “How does it feel my queen?”

“So big, so good, master” she moaned, squirming beneath him. It had been five years since she last felt a truly big cock inside her and she hadn’t realized until this point how much she had missed it, how much she needed it. The Baron was bigger then Betty both in length and width. The most superior cock in the world. “It’s stretching me out, master.”

“Your pussy is so tight,” he growled. “So hot and wet.” Samedi was as much in awe of Olivia’s pussy as she was of his cock. He was built to fuck. That was his gift from the golden shower, not his super strength, invulnerability, genius, or his lame power to turn semi invisible. No, fucking was his true gift and he had made good use of that gift too. He had fucked over four thousand women in the ten years since the shower. Weekly, he took a woman during mass at one of his churches, the entire congregation witnessing her rapture. His priests called him Papa Fecund or Father Fruitful as the woman usually ended up pregnant. He pushed his cock deep, feeling the head penetrate the cervix and push into the womb. Her pussy lips kissed his pubic hair as he buried his cock.

“You’re so deep, master,” she cried, tears of pleasure rolling down her cheeks. “I think I’m going to cum soon.”

Samedi held his cock buried. Thousands of women and no pussy had ever felt this good wrapped around his cock. Normal women couldn’t take all thirteen inches. La Sirene could and the other heroes or villains he’d fucked over the years. He’d seduced and fucked both Mary and Juana at one of the summits between Haiti and Jamaica. They had all felt amazing, but nothing like the Queen’s pussy. Olivia’s pussy seemed contoured to accept his cock. It gripped and squeezed every square centimeter of his black shaft, the contractions of her muscles slowly masturbating his cock, trying to suck his seed right out of his balls and into her fertile womb. “This is destiny mon amour. This is what we were created for. We were born to fuck each other. You will come to love me and are children.” The Baron flexed his cock, feeling the walls of her pussy tremble all around his shaft. The milking motions increased. He flexed his cock again. This time her hips leaped off the bed.

“No master, you feel amazing, but I love my husband,” she moaned, head thrashing on the pillow as she tried to fight his growing power over her and her growing orgasm.

“Semen sez his words are true,” said Selassie.

“Cum you slut,” growled the Baron, flexing his cock again.

“Yes, master. I’m cumming. I’m cumming all over your big black cock,” screamed Olivia.

Her pussy vibrated and the Baron felt his cock grow warmer and wetter. Her orgasm squirted out around their conjoined crotches. Her hips were still bucking as she came. The Baron couldn’t take it any longer. He bellowed like a bull, slipped his arms under her knees and lifted her up. The Baron lost all self control slamming his cock in and out of her as fast as he could. They would have plenty of time in the future for a long slow fuck. For now he needed to flood her pussy with his seed.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! OH MASTER! I’m cumming again. CCUUMMIINNGG!!” Olivia screamed and moaned as she came all over his thrusting cock. She couldn’t stop cumming. “I Love it! I LOVE YOU MASTER!”

Betty stared at her best friend, Olivia finally succumbing to her need for her arch enemy. Her eye ticked with jealousy. It was her cock that Olivia should be cumming all over. It was Betty, she should be screaming out her love for. Still it was the hottest, most wanton thing she’d ever seen, better then any porno.

Selassie stared on too. He had no idea the Queen was so magnificent. If he had, he would have tried to take her for himself a long time ago. He fully understood, Samedi’s obsession with her.

“I’m going to cum, Queen,” growled the Baron. He dropped her knees and hunched over her, kissing and sucking one of her new giant nipples into his mouth. He moved over and attacked the next nipple.

“Fuck me, master. Fuck me.“ Olivia writhed beneath him, continuing to cum as he fucked her. “FUCK ME!“ Her orgasm got bigger when his lips found her newly enhanced nipples. Their sensitivity had grown with their size. It was almost more pleasure then she could bare. He finally quit sucking her nipples and kissed up her chest and neck, finding her lips. She found her lips kissing a skull so she closed her eyes. He broke the kiss and reared back, his thrusts losing their rythym. “Fuck me, master.”

“Here it cums, my love,” he growled, face phasing back in. “Do you want me to pull out?”

“No,” she whimpered. “Master. Don‘t pull out.”

“Merde,” he groaned, unable to hold back much longer. “You’re ovulating, my queen. Do you want my seed filling that fertile pussy?”

Olivia whimpered again. She saw Joe and Emma waving at her as she flew off. She loved them dearly, more then she loved life itself, but the Baron had broken her. If she’d known it would be this good, she would have given in to him a long time ago. The sperm wiggled in her brain and she knew she now loved Samedi as much as she did her husband. “Seed me, master,” she whispered, wrapping her legs around his hips. “SEED ME!”

Samedi slammed his cock forwards and she felt the first wad of ejaculate explode into her womb. Her pussy contracted all around his ejaculating cock sucking his seed deeper inside her. His cock continued to cum, sending jet after jet of his potent seed into her. He could have cum longer, forever even if he had kept moving his cock, but he felt compelled to keep it buried inside her filling her womb with millions of sperm. Her pussy helped him along, her contractions milking his cock so that he kept cumming long after he normally would have quit.

When he was finished, he sat up, keeping his cock buried in her. Both the Baron and the Queen looked down at their conjoined crotches. The Queen of Hearts looked five months pregnant. Her womb was swollen and filled with so much sperm, it had ballooned up. Samedi held his cock, reluctant to remove it. It fell limp and shrunk some. White sperm started leaking out of her pussy around his shaft. He slowly withdrew his cock letting the cork out of the bottle, his seed poured from her pussy like a river, her belly slowly going back to normal size. “What have I done?” whispered the Queen staring at the cum river flowing from her pussy.

“You did what you were born to do,” replied the Baron. He rose to his feet and walked over to his clothes. “It’s time we extract,” he announced. “Simon, reprogram the Queen of Hearts.”

“Wait,” said Semen Sex, removing all his clothing. His long white cock was slowly rising.

“What are you doing?” asked the Baron. “The longer we wait, the more heroes will be arriving on the scene.”

“Not until I’ve had my turn with the Queen,” replied the albino.

“NO!” growled the Baron, sending the full force of his will in the statement. A normal man would have froze and quivered with fear. Semen Sez just smirked and continued undressing. “She is mine. We had a deal.”

“The deal still stands, mon, but I would have her before we leave. Then she is all yours. I had no idea dis woman was such an amazing creature.”

Baron Samedi thought about stopping the albino, but thought better of it. Simon controlled the Queen after all and if the Jamaican emperor betrayed him, the Queen would fight on his side. Their alliance was tentative at best. It always had been, even when they were petty drug dealers before the shower. He glanced over at the dick girl. Betty was pulling her bicycle shorts off too. He wrinkled his nose in distaste as her huge black cock sprang into view. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I want to fuck her one last time too.”

“Fine then. You both have your way with her, but then she is all mine. The Queen will be my royal concubine and bare me many sons and daughters.” Samedi felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. Jealousy wasn’t a common emotion for him to have and it felt strange. He didn’t want to see any other cock, but his penetrating his beloved Queen.

“Roll over,” ordered the albino. Olivia slid back a little more to escape the soaked bed between her legs. Sperm was still dribbling out, not a river any longer, but a swift stream.
“Semen sez roll over.” This time the sperm attached to her brain wiggled and she happily rolled over. “Get onto all fours.” The sperm was still making her obey him and she complied even though he hadn’t said semen sez,

Simon climbed onto the bed behind her and moved up. He’d never seen his cock so hard before. It wasn’t the first time, he wished it were a proud black cock and not the pigment free pale cock whiter then a Caucasian’s that was jutting out between his legs. His pale hand gripped the base of his cock while his other hand grabbed and squeezed the luscious white ass presenting itself to him. His hand was paler then the white woman’s ass cheek, his colorless nails even whiter. He stared with distaste at the remains of the Baron’s voluminous cum still dripping off her clit. “Semen sez push out the Baron’s seed.” The Queen’s body reacted, her pussy and womb contracting to push the rest of Samedi’s semen from her body. The drips grew to a steady stream. Semen Sez still didn’t want sloppy seconds. “Semen Sez orgasm.”

Pleasure racked the Queen’s body. Her aching uterus fluttered as orgasmic contractions began flooding her pussy, radiating out to engulf her entire body. “Aaaahhh! Aaaah! Unnnhhh!” The Queen’s cum quickly squirted out from her pussy actually spraying the huge pale cock head poised to enter her with her juices. “Aaaaahh! AAAHHH!!! Arghhhh! Unnnnhhhh!” Her cum pushed out the remains of the Baron’s seed. The fluid now dripping from her quivering pussy now clearer. “AAAAHH! Aaaaahhh! Cumming! Aaaahhh! CCUUMMIINNGG!!!!”

“Semen Sez stop.”

The Queen had been on all fours. Her new larger breasts hanging all the way down to the mattress. The intensity of the orgasm weakened her to the point she collapsed forward onto her head, her ass still thrust up presenting itself to Selassie.

Simon moved his cock up to the entrance to her inviting pussy. She was so soaked that his golf ball sized cock head easily slid into her. A soft moan came from the Queen’s head still buried in the mattress. He grabbed her hips and slammed his cock in to the hilt. Simon slapped her ass while he slammed his cock in and out of her pussy. Her pussy was amazing, hugging and gripping his cock, reluctant to release him, trying to hold his shaft in deep. He wanted this woman all to himself, but he had no intention of turning on the Baron. Not that he trusted Samedi, but Selassie had more honor the the Hatian. Besides, if Samedi turned on him, Simon still had control of the Queen.

Semen Sez slid his hand along her ass cheek. His thumb moved over to her puckered little anus. He brought his hand up and sucked his thumb into his mouth, lubricating it before putting it back near her rosebud. He pressed the pale thumb with the white fingernail agains ther anus and pushed it inside. Olivia’s ass reared up into his thumb. She thrust her ass back into his thrusting cock. “FFUUCCKK! Cummmiinnggg!!” she cried, squirting all over his cock.

He grinned in triumph. “Was it good?” he asked.

“Yes, master,” she replied, still fucking back into his thrusting cock.

“Was it the best?”

“No, master,” she replied honestly. “The Baron’s cock is the best.”

Simon sneered. Behind him, the Baron laughed. We’ll see about that, he thought. Simon took his thumb from her ass and reached out to grab the lustrous blonde hair of the Queen of Hearts. He pulled on her hair, forcing her to push herself back onto all fours and even to rear backwards, thrusting her expanded EE breasts outward. Her new saucer sized areola were swollen, the fatter longer nipples fully hard and stabbing outwards. Simon continued fucking her as he bent over her. He kissed her neck and then brought his face up to her ear. “Semen Sez,” he whispered. “You’re a slut Olivia Queen Hart. You will serve the Baron faithfully, but your slut nature is manifest. You will service any and all big cocks you see. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master. I am a slut,” she groaned back.

“And semen sez that my cock is the best you’ve ever had. Tell the world that as I fuck you.” Simon let go her hair and she fell back onto all fours.

“Ohmygod! Shit! Fuck! Fuck me. Fuck me,” moaned the Queen. “Your cock is driving me crazy. I’m cumming again. CCUUMMIINNGG!! Fuck me, Simon. Fuck me. You’re the best. I love your cock. Don’t ever pull out. Shit! I’m cumm… AAAHHHH!!!! Oh god, I love your cock so much.” Tears of happiness started rolling down Olivia’s cheeks.

“Enough Simon,” growled the Baron. He hadn’t heard the whispered commands that Selassie had given her. His entire body turned to a skeleton as he tried to repress his jealousy and anger. “We need to hurry.”

“Alright, I’m getting close,” said Simon, trying to hide his grin of triumph.

“God yes,” groaned Olivia, grinding her pussy back into his cock. “Seed me, baby. Give me you hot cum. I’ve never been fucked so good before. Gonna cum again.”

“Me too,” growled Simon. He buried his cock and felt the cum welling up in his balls. It shot up, hosing the Queen’s womb with his fetile seed.

“YYEESS!!” Olivia collapsed again as a giant orgasm overwhelmed her.

Simon followed her down as she collapsed entirely on her stomach. His kept his spurting cock buried. He fell on top of her. His head by hers. He whispered in her ear. “Semen sez I’m impregnating you.”

Inside Olivia body, an already fertilized egg split as one of the Simon’s sperm slid up to and into the newly split egg. Simon had quit thrusting, though her pussy milked his cock for more seed. Eventually, he did quit cumming and he slowly pulled it out and climbed off her. “That was the best,” moaned Olivia, her ass was slowly rising and falling as if she were still fucking him. “This pussy is yours whenever you want it.”

“BAH!” growled the Baron, unable to hide his distaste or disbelief the the albino had just out fucked him. “We need to move.”

“Not until I’ve had mine,” said Betty. She sat down on the executive chair. Her erect cock jutting upwards. She had betrayed her best friend, but felt little remorse. She wanted to feel her cock buried in Olivia’s pussy one last time before she left to serve the Baron forever. “Make her come service me Selassie.”

Oliva climbed off the bed and walked over to her former best friend, sidekick, and lover. Simon‘s sperm leaked from her pussy with each step. “Why would he have to make me come fuck such a nice cock?” the newly turned slut asked. Olivia spun around and backed into Betty’s up thrust cock. Both women moaned as Olivia lowered herself onto Betty’s cock. “Oh god, I’ve missed your cock, Betty.”

Betty wanted to cry. She was overwhelmed with guilt. She had been close enough to hear Semen Sez’s whispers turn Olivia into a slut, but still her heart broke. “I love you Olive,” she cried.

“I love you too, Betts,” moaned Olivia raising and lowering herself over Betty’s cock. She ground her ass into Betty’s crotch. Simon and Samedi were staring at the two women, watching with fascination. Olivia thought it was hot being watched while she fucked Betty. “I missed you. I should have married Joe, but kept fucking you. I want to keep fucking you, Betts. I want you to fuck my ass again. Alright? Say you’ll fuck me in the ass again?”

“I’ll fuck you in the ass again,” replied Betty, still feeling sad.

“Thank you, master. Your cock is making me cum”

Nearby Simon and Samedi stared at the Queen fucking backwards into Betty. Betty had reached around and started pinching Olivia’s elongated nipples. The Queen‘s orgasmic juices were leaking all over Betty‘s big splayed balls. “I’m disgusted, but I can’t look away,” said the Baron.

“Your cock says otherwise, mon” replied Simon.

The Baron looked down at his entirely rejuvenated cock that grew while watching the Queen fucking the shemale. “Your cock appears to like it as well.”

Semen Sez looked down at his fully erect cock. The pale white dreadlocked Jamaican looked over at the Baron. “I tink it’s fuckin hot, mon.”

Olivia rose up off Betty’s cock and swung around. She straddled Betty’s legs and lowered herself over Betty’s slick cock again. This time facing Betty. Her EE breasts smashed into Betty’s CC’s as she leaned into her best friend and the two women kissed passionately.
Olivia kissed down Betty’s neck and bent down so that she could suck one of Betty’s rosy colored nipples into her mouth. Her tongue teased Betty’s nipple.

Simon walked closer to the two women. He stared at Olivia’s bouncing ass. The Queen of Heart’s rosebud was stetched open and was rippling as if an invisible force was fucking it. It took him a moment to realize that Black Cock Betty must have been using her powers on it. Olivia reared her head back as Betty buried her face in the blondes breasts. “Cumming,” moaned Olivia. Fresh fluids began soaking and dripping off Betty’s big balls.

Betty cried. She removed her head from Olivia’s nipple. She looked up at the Simon through tear filled eyes. “Make her mine Selassie,” she whispered.

“I already made a deal with the Baron,” replied Semen Sez.

“I want her,” she cried again.

“So do I, but a deals a deal.“ Simon leaned down. “I’ll grant you one thing though.”

“What’s that?”

“Wait and see.”

“I’m going to cum,” groaned Betty.

“Do it Betts. Give me your cum. Fill me with your seed.” Olivia started fucking her faster. Her blue eyes stared lovingly into Betty’s wet green ones.

“No,” hissed Betty though gritted teeth. Sweat beaded her forehead. “I want to hold off. Don’t want this to be the last time.”

“Oh Betty,” moaned Olivia, arching her back and pulling Betty into her up thrust chest. “It won’t be. It won’t be. I love fucking you so much. I’ll come by to visit your cock often. You can put your cock wherever you want, master. I promise.” Olivia pushed Betty back and brought her lips down to Betty’s mouth kissing her again.

“Can’t hold back,” hissed Betty around Olivia’s soft lips.

Semen Sez watched in fascination as Betty’s balls started jerking. Waves of clear fuid were pouring down the swollen black balls as the Queen came. The clear fluid turned white as Betty’s sperm mixed with Olivia’s cum. He leaned next to Olivia’s ear. Her eyes were closed and her body was trembling as she came all over Betty Black Cock’s black cock. “Semen sez Betty’s impregnating you,” he whispered.

Betty’s eyes opened wide in shock. “Thank you,” she mouthed to Simon. Inside Olivia the egg now split into three. A sperm from each villain inside the three duplicate eggs.

Olivia gave Betty the most passionate kiss of her life, their mouths wide open as their tongues dueled. Finally, the Queen slowly raised herself up off Betty’s cock. It fell, sticking straight out, pearls of cum leaking from the end. Oliva grasped the big cock with both hands, milking the cum out. She held the big head up to her blonde pubes and squeezed the last of Betty’s cum into her pubic curls. Olivia looked at it, licking her lips sluttily at the sight.

A naked drone ran into the room. He had an AK47 across his chest. His long dangling cock slapping against his thigh as he ran. “All hail the Baron,” he announced. “Brobdinagia has shown up outside.”

“Thank you. Return to your post.” The Baron watched his soldier salute and turn and leave. “We need to move.”

“Let me take care of this first,” said Olivia, strolling up to the Baron, Betty‘s sperm leaking from her with each step. She knelt before him and took his cock in her mouth. A moan formed deep in her throat as she began sucking him.

“I suppose the hostages will keep us safe,” said Samedi, grabbing her head and guiding her up and down his cock. This lovely creature would be servicng his cock daily from then on out.

Simon strolled over. He kneeled and pulled her ass up into his cock. The Baron slowly kneeled as Olivia continued sucking him and Simon pushed his albino cock deep into her pussy again. They fucked and sucked for several minutes before Semen Sez announced, “I made dem, I want to play wit dem.” He pulled out and laid down on the carpet, holding his cock up. “Bring dem big titties over here.”

Olivia quit sucking the Baron and straddled Simon. “Wow,” she purred sluttily. “Two big cocks all for me.” She lowered herself down over Simon’s cock. The albino wasted no time grabbing and squeezing areola so big, they almost filled his hands. The Baron walked around to her head and slapped his cock against her face.

“Why not make it three big cocks,” said Betty, kneeling behind Olivia’s ass.

“Yummy,” said Olivia, kissing the Baron’s cock head and sucking him into her mouth again.

“What did you do to her, Selassie?” asked the Baron. His cock shot down Olivia’s throat until she was kissing his pubes. Betty had just shoved her cock deep inside Olivia’s ass forcing the Queen forward onto Samedi’s cock.

“Nubthing,” lied Simon, his mouth stuffed with Olivia’s swollen nipple. “You muth haft woken her inner sluth.”

“I see,” said the Baron, agreeing. She wouldn’t be the first or last woman his cock turned into a complete slut though sometimes the oppostie occurred and his cock ruined women for sex with any other man. Those women and their constant begging could be quite pathetic.

Olivia was in heaven. Her three favorite cocks were inside her. She was cumming over and over again as she got the fucking of her life. This was the dawning of a new day. The Baron had barracks filled with his hung drone soldiers that would be dying to service her carnal needs.

“No one sucks a cock this good,” moaned the Baron. Cum welled up in his balls, shooting up his shaft and down her throat. The Queen pulled back wanting to taste his delicious semen, gulping it down as fast as he ejaculated. The Baron couldn’t help himself pulling back and aiming a blast of sperm at her face and breasts.

“Not cool, mon,” complained Simon as the Baron’s sperm dripped off her breasts and onto his pale white chest. Not to mention coating his hands where he was squeezing Olivia’s nipples. Simon delighted in watching Olivia’s sexy body bouncing on his cock even as the gorgeous redhead appeared behind her shoulder. It was a shame what had happened to Betty. She would have made a worthy sexual conquest. A sinister idea occurred to Selassie as he watched Betty’s face while she fucked Olivia’s ass. “Get off a second, you should swallow me again,” he said, pinching Olivia’s nipples. The Queen frowned reluctant to release his big cock from her pussy, but she obeyed, sliding her pussy forwards until his cock plopped out.

Semen Sez slipped out from under her and slowly rose to his feet. He brought his foot long albino snake up to her mouth and she eagerly took the head inside her. Betty grabbed Olivia’s hips pulling and pushing her hard into her thrusting cock even as Olivia bobbed her head along Simon’s cock. “Shit, gonna cum,” groaned Betty.

Simon peered at the beautiful redheads face. Her eyes were scrunched up in concentration as her orgasm approached. “Speed up,” he ordered the Queen. Olivia’s head bobbed faster as she put some of her super speed into it. Simon felt the seed building up in his balls. The first wad would contain 56 million 548 thousand 321 sperm.

“FUCK!!” cried Betty, throwing her head back and slamming her cock as deep in Olivia’s ass as it would go. Her hot seed began flooding Olivia’s bowels even as the Queen of Hearts began cumming along with the squirting cock in her ass.

Simon’s cock swelled up. It ached with it’s need for release. Betty’s eyes were closed and her mouth was open as she moaned in orgasmic pleasure. The sperm shot up Simon’s balls even as he yanked his cock from Olivia’s mouth. He stepped to the side, jerking his shaft bringing the head up to Betty’s open mouth.

“Fuck my ass,” screamed Olivia.

Betty opened her eyes at Olivia’s voice just in time to see her danger. The pale bloated head of Simon’s cock was inches from her mouth. She was staring crosseyed down the long shaft even as it swelled to it’s maximum size. She shut her mouth and eyes just as the cock head exploded, the Baron’s sperm filled semen splattering off her lips and her entire face.

Simon felt an invisible hand grab his spurting cock and slam it up against his chest. His remaining sperm erupted like a fountain all over his chest. He grabbed his cock, trying to bend it back down, but the force of will holding it in place was stronger then the muscles in his arms. He quit ejaculating and the force holding his cock released it, but an invible fist caught him on the chin and sent him flying backwards.

Betty wiped the sperm from her eyes, seeing Olivia’s uniform nearby. She grabbed it, using the bright red heart on the chest to wipe all the semen off her mouth and lips area. Being the albino’s slave was the last thing she wanted. “I’ll kill you for that Selassie,” she growled, throwing the sperm covered uniform down.

“Can’t blame me fo tryin, mon,” he moaned, sitting up and rubbing his chin.

“ENOUGH,” stated the Baron bringing his will to bear on the two villains who immediately stopped to listen. “We need to move.”

A muscular black man in a security guard uniform entered the room. “All hail the Baron,” he shouted. “Femme Force has arrived outside, sir.”

The Baron’s eyes narrowed. Femme Force was the second most powerful team of heroes after the Hall of Righteousness. Powerful forces were swiftly gathering outside. He couldn’t think of any members powerful enough to risk his killing the hostages yet. “Guard,” he said, addressing the black man. “There’s a package on the desk there. Take it and escort the Queen to the bathroom.”

“What is it?’ asked Olivia.

“Your new uniform, my Queen,” he replied.

“I’m happy with my old, thank you.”

“Simon,” said the Baron.

“Semen sez do as the Baron says and put on the new uniform. You will love it.”

Olivia’s brain itched. She turned to follow the guard who now had the package under his arm. He escorted her to the bathroom where she cleaned herself up using the sink and paper towels. “Why Eddie?” she asked the guard.

Eddie was expressionless. “I wanted the cock and the muscles,” he stated. La Sirene is hard to resist. I had a wife and two sons.”

“You still do,” said Olivia, now clean and opening the package.

“No, there is only the Baron and my service to him. All hail the Baron. All hail Samedi.”

“I’ll find a way to help you, Eddie,” she promised. Just as soon as she figured out a way to help herself. She pulled a pair of black gloves and black boots from the box. Next was a skimpy bikini top. “Is this a bikini cup or an eye patch,” she said, sperm wiggling in her brain making her love the new uniform. It was so much better then her old.

Eddie watched her change. His newly enhanced cock extended and grew. He loved La Sirene and served the Baron, but the woman before him was magnificent. “You look amazing,” he told her.

“Thank you. I feel incredible. So sexy and liberated. I love my new suit,” said the Queen tying the mask around her eyes. It was identical to her red one only this mask was black.
She stood tall and proud looking at herself in the mirror. She turned. “I see you do like my suit,” she said, her gloved hand grabbing the swollen cock beneath his pants.

Eddie watched as the Queen of Hearts kneeled before him. She unzipped his fly and struggled to pull out his foot long black cock. She began sucking and jerking the shaft with her black gloved hand, not stopping until his cock had erupted down her belly.

Olivia Hart left the drained man standing in the bathroom. She strolled out into the main room. Betty, Simon, Samedi, La Sirene, and a dozen imperial guard stared at her. The hostages had been herded into another room. “Completely ridiculous, but hot as hell,” said Betty, her eyes roaming up and down the Queen of Hearts new uniform.

“To be fair, I hadn’t counted on Simon making her breasts grow so big.”

“Dey better dis way, mon. She sexy as fuck.”

“I agree,” said Samedi.

“She still look like the Queen though. Semen sez go black.”

Olivia reached up to scratch her head as she started itching. There was nothing she could do about it and it wasn’t her head that was itching. It was her hair. She glanced at the long golden tresses hanging over her shoulder and watched as her hair color changed from blonde to raven black. The black traveled along from the roots in her head to the tip. Even her pussy tingled. She reached down and stretched out the tight black panty. Her curly blond pubes were gone too, replaced by the dark black hair. “What have you done to me?” she asked, horrified. Her mom’s side of the family were proud of their blonde hair, blue eyed Nordic heritage.

“Yes,” agreed the Baron. “What are you doing Simon? I prefer my Queen blonde.”

“I like it,” said Betty.

“I can change her back, mon,” said Simon, checking out his new creation. “But she no look so much like da Queen of Hearts now, mon, bigger tits and darker hair. If the other heroes think you turned the Queen of Hearts, well, do you really want 500 or so angry cheerleaders storming your island kindom, mon?” Simon waited, but the Baron was silent. “I didn’t tink so, mon.”

“Fine,” said the Baron. “It’s time. Turn her to our side, Simon.”

“Never,” hissed Olivia. They might turn her into a slut, but they would never make a villain out of her. She gritted her teeth and took a step forward. One high heeled boot took a step towards the Baron. She clenched her teeth. The sperm in her brain, wiggled compelling her to stop. Sweat formed on her forehead. She moved her other foot, but she was too sluggish.

“Semen sez the Queen of Hearts never existed. You are the Queen of Spades.”

Betty watched in horror as her best friend grabbed her head and collapsed to her knees. She appeared to be in pain as she struggled to fight Semen Sez’s contol over her.

“You serve da Baron. His enemies are your enemies. You serve the nation of Hispaniola. The United States is your enemy. The Hall of Righteousness is your enemy. You will keep the drugs flowing from Jamaica to Hispaniola to the United States. Baron Samedi is your master. You love and obey him. Anyone that opposes the Baron is you enemy.”

Samedi wringed his hands gleefully. This was his greatest triumph. With the Queen of Spades by his side, he would be unstoppable. She had quit struggling. She kneeled on the floor defeated. Her long dark hair hanging down over her face.

“There is no Queen of Hearts. Arise Queen of Spades. Semen sez it is so.”

Olivia slowly raised her head. Her bright blue eyes hadn’t changed, but the softness and compassion were gone from them. Betty felt like she was truly looking at a different person. Few would guess that this was once the world’s greatest hero. The Queen of Spades rose to her feet. She looked over at Betty, her eyes going cold. “We were friends once Betty, back in high school.”

“Best friends,” agreed Betty.

“Then you betrayed me and joined the Hall of Wrongheadedness. It’s good to see you’ve come around and joined the good guys again.”

“Yes,” said Betty.

Olivia moved around between Betty and the Baron, blocking his view. Her eyes flickered down to the bulge under Black Cock Betty’s biker shorts. “Remain loyal and you shall be rewarded.” Olivia’s tongue flickered out and licked her lips, suggestively.

Betty felt her cock swell. “I will.” Olivia looked so slutty in her new outfit with her new look.

Olivia turned around to the Baron, grinning as she laid eyes on her master. “Well my love, my ears are picking up an ever growing police presence outside. What are your orders?”

“Do you think you can get the vault open, mon amour?”

“Piece of cake,” she said, walking over to him and kissing him passionately. Olivia walked over to the vault. She concentrated on the lock, red lasers shooting from her eyes. Her heat vision continued until the locking mechanism glowed red, turning molten, the steel beginning to melt. The Queen of Spades grabbed the handle and pulled. The lock snapped and the door swung open.

The vault was filled with gold and some paper bonds. Bars of bullion glistened as light from the room hit them. Millions of dollars worth. Enough gold to help the economies of Hispaniola and Jamaica get back on their feet until the super marijuana started flowing back into the U.S and the cash flow resumed.

Simon walked around and glared in the vault. “Don’t foget half this gold is mine, Baron.” He took in the cramped aisle between the bullion. “Dammit, mon. There’s barely enough room for two people. We are gonna have to remove some of the gold to escape. “You were supposed to research dis.”

“I did, mon ami,” said the Baron moving into the vault. He held out his hand for his fellow Loa, La Sirene. She took it and joined her lord in the cramped vault. “You won’t be coming with us. I’d much rather keep all the gold and control all the drug trade for that matter. I hope you understand.”

“Fool,” hissed Semen Sez. “I still control da Queen. Why don’t I keep da Queen and all da gold then.”

“Wait,” said the Baron, holding up his hands in surrender. “Betty.”

Simon turned to look at Betty just as she force punched him in the stomach. His entire body lifted up before he fell to his kees clutching his stomach. Simon gasped for air. He couldn’t speak. Fools! He didn’t need to speak to control his sperm. He controlled them with his mind. The albino looked up at the Queen of Spades and was just about to send her a mental command when the second force punch hit his chin. He fell on his back knocked out. Betty pulled out some titanium handcuffs and restrained the Emperor of Jamaica.

“Do it,” ordered the Baron.


“This is Doug Grant, Miami Metro News coming to you live outside the federal reserve building in Miami. Breaking news.” He motioned for the cameraman to aim the camera off him and at the building. “The entire federal reserve building has started shaking just like it was experiencing an earthquake. Concern for the hostages inside grows as it looks like the entire building might come down.”

“Something’s happening,” yelled the camerman. The crowd gasped.

Doug turned. “It appears that a large object is rising up from the building.” Cement and debris fell off the object. It was metal and square shaped. “It’s the vault. Yes, the vault is rising up from the buidling. Holy shi…” The federal reserve started collapsing, the building crumbling. “Tell me you got that.”

“Yep,” said the camerman.

“There’s little hope that anyone might have survived the collapse of the building. The vault is still rising. Wait! It’s being lifted by something.” The vault rose up into the air being held up by one hand by the buxom female figure flying underneath it. “Now I’ve seen everything. I’ve seen heroes in fire bikinis, feather bikinis, nude gigantic women…,” he said, even as Brobdinagia grew on camera in the background, her clothes ripping off her growing body as she prepared to grab the vault. “But I’ve never seen an outfit like this.”

The camerman zoomed in on the woman. She wore black high heeled boots, the fronts curved up to the knee like the top of a spade in a deck of cards. She also wore black gloves, the tops curving up under her elbows. A black cape fluttered behind her. She wore a black maks across her eyes. In many ways, these accessories were like a darker version of the Queen of Hearts uniform, but the resemblance ended there. The Queen wore a white one piece swimsuit with a red heart. This woman wore a skimpy black bikini. The panty was a black spade that barely covered her pubes. Her ass cheeks appeared suggesting the rear was probably a thong. The most shocking thing was the spade shaped pasties over the nipples, but on closer glance, they weren’t pasties at all, but bikini cups. Thin black straps held it on going around the back and behind the neck as well as looping the woman’s fit bare stomach to connect with the thong panty. As the cameraman focused on the sexy new supervilain, red lights erupted from her eyes and a police car blew up.

There were shouts and several police opened fire. More red streaks appeared and a second police car leaped into the air as it’s gas tank exploded. Bullets were bouncing off the woman now, completely ineffective. A third police car exploded. The police started falling back towards the crowd of civilians watching from behind a barricade. A member of Femme Force flew up to attack the villain, but she caught a heat ray blast to the chest and fell back to earth, her uniform smoking.

The woman smirked at the hapless group of law enforcement officials and heroes. Then she flew up and off, carrying the vault and heading East towards the ocean.

Brobdinagia strode towards the ruined building. She was fifty feet tall and naked. “I see something,” roared her giant’s voice. She reached down and picked up a large slab of concrete. “There’s survivors.” She grabbed some more pieces of debris.

“This is Doug Grant,” yelled the reporter following a group of police and EMTs. The image bobbed as the cameraman followed him. “We just got word that there are survivors of the disaster. Lets see if we can spot anything. Honestly, the building is totally demolished, I don’t see how…”

Black Cock Betty stood proudly in the center of a circle of survivors. The hostages were all hunched over on the ground protecting their heads and necks. Outside the ring of hostages, black Hatiian super soldiers were laying on their stomachs, arms and legs spread. Bits of rubble fell on the invisible dome of force created by Betty’s amazing telekinetic abilitites.

Betty dropped the field and the hostages stood, running off to safety being aided by the police. “She saved us all,” yelled one hostage. “Black Cock Betty is the world’s greatest hero,” said another running up to a reporter. Still another former hostage ran to meet her waiting husband, hoping she’d have a chance to shower before he spotted the multiple loads of sperm leaking from her well used pussy. She’d let three of the Baron’s imperial guard shoot their loads up her womb. The poor secretary didn’t know what she had been thinking, but the sex had been the best ever. She was right about the point in a month when she ovulated too.

Betty pulled out a cigar and lit it. One person remained kneeling at her feet. An albino kneeled hunched over, hands cuffed behind his back. His dreads hung down over his face. As the police chief ran up, the man looked up from under hs dreads, red eyes staring woefully at the police. “Here’s one of the villains,” said Betty, pushing Semen Sez forward. The albino fell flat on his face. “Sorry I couldn’t stop the woman.”

“Who was it Bettikin… Black Cock Betty?” asked a cop.

“I don’t know officer, but she calls herself the Queen of Spades.”


“Daddy why are you crying?”

Joe hugged Emma closely as he watched the television. “Ssshh honey. I’m trying to hear the news.”

The anchor looked somber as he read the news. “I repeat, the entire 4th fleet of the United States of America has been sunk. The fleet had been engaged in the ongoing blockade of Hispaniola and Jamaica. Now that blockade is no more and the ships lie at the bottom of the ocean. Warning, the footage we are about to show you is disturbing.”

A video shot from a small hand held camera appeared on the screen. The image was from the deck of a ship. A black and white object was rapidly approaching the camera. Red streaks shot out from the object striking a nearby destroyer which erupted in a blinding explosion that made the cameraman flinch. Sailors were seen flying into the water. The object grew larger turning into a spade bikini clad woman. She struck the camerman’s ship and disappeared inside. Warning bells went off and the ship was seen to list. The camera went dark. A stock photo of the Queen of Spades hovering while holding the vault appeared on screen behind the anchor. “It has been three weeks since the Queen of Spades appeared and still no sign of the Queen of Hearts.” Another image of a uniformed Olivia appeared waving to a crowd. “Where is the Queen and why has she let us down in our time of need?”

“Mama,” cried Emma, happily seeing the picture on the television.

“In happier news,” continued the anchor, “The Mayor of Miami has declared today to be Black Cock Betty day in honor of her heroic rescue of all the hostages at the federal reserve building the day the Queen of Spades first appeared.”

“Daddy, when’s mommy coming home?”

Another tear rolled down Joe’s cheek. “I don’t know honey. I don’t know.”


Betty leaned back in her recliner. She took a puff on her cigar and a swig from her beer. Her eyes narrowed as she watched the news report. The show was called Point/counterpoint.

Point: “Black Cock Betty and the Righteous Squad are working overtime to protect us. The Righteous Squad are our last line of defense between order and complete chaos.

Counterpoint: “We are in a state of complete CHAOS! The hospitals are filled with drug crazed fiends. There’s riots in every major US city every night. Crime rates are skyrocketing. The Righteous Squad hasn’t stopped one drug shipment under Betty’s leadership. The Queen of Hearts and the blockade stopped 100% of shipments. And now to make things worse, we’re getting reports of that new strain of marijuana that makes smokers sex crazed. Citizens are fu.. fornicating naked in the streets and Betty’s done nothing to stop it. Nothing. Nilch. Zero. Nadda. If I didn’t know better I’d swear Betty was letting the drugs in on purpose. We were better off when she was just a SIDEKICK!”

Point: “I can’t argue with that. We need the Queen back.”

“Whereph thub Queenth?”

“Shudup Tina,” growled Betty. “Don’t talk with your mouth full.” She spread her legs wider as Tiny Tina deep throated Betty’s big black cock.”

Counterpoint: “Yes, where is the Queen of Hearts?”


The Queen of Spades was smiling, a well satisfied woman as she flew in towards the palace in Port a Baron. She’d flown off and sunk the Coast Guard ships and aircraft located in Key West and decided to reward herself with a side trip to the Imperial Guard’s Westernmost base in the old Dominican Republic. The Mandingo division was stationed there and she’d grown to enjoy her layovers there when they threw her their special Mandingo parties. She’d left 22 well spent cocks behind when she left. It had taken her a good fifteen minutes at super speed removing all the evidence of her encounter from her sperm covered body and three sperm filled holes. The Baron didn’t care for her sluttish ways. He’d ordered her to stop even. She had wanted to obey. She wanted to obey her lover and master in all things, but when it came to sex, she had a need and craving to service all the big black cocks that she could find.

“It took you longer then expected,” said Samedi as she landed on their balcony. “Did you run into trouble?”

“No master,” she replied, striding up and kissing him deeply.

Baron Samedi kneeled down before his Queen. Usually, it was Olivia that kneeled before her master, fishing his cock out, but he’d taken to doing it as her belly swelled larger and larger. He kissed her on the navel of her growing belly. Then he touched the sides of her stomach, staring at the pregnant super woman’s belly with a large smile that disappeared as his skull shined through. “Triplets,” he said proudly, standing back up.

“Yes master,” she replied. “You are quite the stud.” This time, the Queen did kneel, opening his robe and pulling out her favorite thing in all the word. The Baron’s big cocky wocky, she thought, it’s presence making her feel stupider. She began sucking the big cocky wocky, her mouth well adapted to servicing his cock now as she’d done it daily for the last six months.

“Aaahhh,” he moaned. “C’est tres bien, mon amour.” The Baron’s skull head stared out over the blue sea while his Queen sucked his cock. He’d impregnated over 2000 women on the island and there were only a few cases of twins, never triplets. His greatest conquest and he’d swollen her belly with triplets on the first try. Not just triplets either, but three boys! He didn’t know it at the time, but three months later he would get the shock of his life when one of the triplets turned out to be an albino and shortly after that one of the healthy babies with a largish penis would turn out not to be a boy. For now, he was content in his victory.

Later, the Baron and his Queen held each other closely as they stood on the balcony and watched the moon rise.


The fat black sergeant sat down in his chair watching the news. Baron Samedi had just issued a video threat to the United States demanding that the US stay off Hispaniola and don’t disrupt the flow of super marijuana to their cities, even as rioting grew worse daily in those same cities. The sergeant didn’t paticualry care for politics or current events. He had only stayed on channel to stare at the Queen of Spades. She was the hottest woman alive even with her swollen belly. She stood proudly next to her consort, a thinly veiled threat to the United States. Though the sergeant would never use the powerful hallucinogenic marijuana the Baron peddled, he had sent money to Haiti, more then he liked, but it was worth every penny. The Baron and Queen’s sex tapes were the number one downloads on the internet for months. The freaky bitch would do anything the Baron told her to do. One even had him as a skeleton fucking her from behind. If the sergeant hadn’t been at work, he’d be watching and masturbating to one right now. He was disturbed when another guard rang the gate buzzer.

The sergeant stepped out of the gate room. Two guards were escorting the prisoner. He was in an orange jumsuit which looked weird against his albino skin. “Where ya taking this freak?” he asked. The albino’s eerie red eyes looked up at him from under the white dreadlocks.

The guards looked at each other. “Open up, sarge. He was caught masturbating in the soup. We’re taking him to solitary. Open up.”

“Yeah open up,” said the other guard.

“What kind of an idiot gave this freak kitchen duty?” asked the seargeant, glancing uneasily at the finished bowl of soup on his desk. “What asshole didn’t read the file on what this freak’s sperm can do?”

“Just open up,” said both the guards.

“And this ain’t the way to solitary jerk offs. This is the way to the releasing unit.”

Simon stood up taller. “Semen sez, open the gate.”

The sergeant’s head itched. It had been doing that a lot lately. He’d even had the on duty doctor check him for head lice. The doctor didn’t find any, but told him he’d gotten a lot of patients, both prisoners and guards with the same problem,” he had said even as he scratched his own hair. The sergeant waved and opened the gate.

Simon turned and one of the guards began undoing his handcuffs. “Now mon, what my good friend here didn’t tell ya, is dat I’ve had kitchen duty for two weeks now.”

“Oh my god!” cried the sergeant, his eyes going wide with horror.

“You have 112, 354 of my sperm in your bloodstream right now, mon.” Simon watched the sergeant glance at the alarm bell. “Semen sez sit down.” The man obeyed. “What kind of car do ya drive, mon?”

“A Ford pickup.”

“Semen sez, gimme the keys.”

The sergeant pulled his truck keys out of his pocket and handed them over to the albino. One of the other guards was stripping off his uniform even as Simon started unzipping his jumpsuit. “So ya tink I’m a freak mon?”

“Yes…no,” said the sergeant hastily changing his statement.

“Semen sez whiter.”

The sergeant’s skin started itching. He scratched it all over, but nothing helped. “What have you done to me?”

“I’ve made you a freak, like me, mon.” Simon pulled on the guard’s pants. “Sorry, but it would take a lot more then 112,354 sperm to make you turn white quickly. It’s gonna take awhile, unless you want to suck my cock, mon?”

“Jesus no.”

“I didn’t tink so, mon and don’t take my predecessor’s name in vain.” Simon turned to one of the other infected guards. “Turn on da loud speaker.”

The guard that had stripped was now nude, but for boxer shorts. He walked over to the intercom and flicked on some switches. “It’s on, sir,” he said.

Simon leaned down into the mike. “Attention,” he said, his words echoing throughout the prison. “There is a town four miles South of here.”

“Winslow, sir,” added a guard.

“Yes, Winslow. Semen sez release all the prisoners and destroy Winslow. That is all. Have a nice day.” Simon turned off the mike.

“My family’s in Winslow,” stated the Sergeant.

“Don’t worry, mon. None of them have ingested enough sperm to obey me literally. I just need a distraction to the South while I drive your pickup in the opposite direction.” He stared at the fat black man. “Yech! You look horrible, like some kind of freak, mon”

The sergeant stared at his reflection in the window. His face had white splotches all over it, like he’d been born with a birthmark on his face. The white was spreading.

Simon looked up at the news still showing the Baron giving his anti-american rant. The Queen by his side staring lovingly at her consort. One of the babies inside that swollen belly was his. Simon stared hatefully at the Baron, then his lips curled up in a smile. “Good news and bad news,” he said to the sergeant. “The bad news is that you’re going to turn into an albino. The good news is that my sperm only live inside you for a year.” Simon had watched Akimatsu preaching about Simon’s being the third coming to a large congregation when she had turned into an old hag again right before their eyes. “I’ve found that you have about a 50/50 chance of turning back into a black fat fuck or staying an albino forever. The flip of a coin, mon. Cheer up.”

“Fuck you, you monster,” said the Sergeant standing up. He needed to go destroy Winslow.

Simon looked back up at the televison and at the happy couple on screen. He probably should have warned the Baron to that little fact. Hopefully, Samedi would find himself with a very angry Queen of Hearts.

Simon Selassie smiled and turned. He whistled as he made his way to the parking lot and freedom.


Author’s note: Well that’s my superhero story. I sketched out the idea for the Golden Shower universe several years ago. It was intended to be a shared universe open to artists and author’s to create their own superheroes and villains. Any interested, should feel free. At this time, I’ve no plans for any more stories set in the Golden Shower universe, but one never knows. I’d done an outline for a short comic about the fall of the Queen of Hearts and the Rise of the Queen of Spades. After it had sat around for a few years, I decided just to go ahead and write it up as a short story or not so short story as it turns out. Like most of my stories, it grew on me. Sorry, I try to restrain myself.

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