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Sheri's Birthday Party

Oct 10, 1999

By motherwinslow

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Sheri's birthday party (wife/gangbang)
By Badger (Collins49@hotmail.com)

The following story is intended only for adult reading. It portrays
the actions of consenting adults. In the case of my wife, a very
consenting, accommodating adult! Those under the age of eighteen or
those bothered by sexually explicit language or depiction of sexual
events should not continue. Some readers may deem the actions and
attitudes portrayed offensive.

This is another story in the series about my slut wife, Sheri.

The idea for the pan is from a story by the Warthog. I hope he
understands that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Sheri smiled at me with that look that I knew meant she had sex on
her mind. "Honey, know what I want for my fiftieth birthday?"

"No, baby, roses?"

"Seriously honey, remember that story where the gal had 36 inches of
cock stuffed in her at the same time? That's what I want for my
birthday. I want to get royally fucked by three guys with the big
cocks, really big cocks!"

"All at once?"

"Yeah! One up my ass, one in my pussy, and one stuffed down my

Thus started Sheri's birthday adventure. Her birthday was in three
weeks so I had to hustle to set something up. You ever try to find
three guys, reasonably good looking, with cocks in the 12-in size
range? Anyway, I hit that greatest of all inventions, the Internet.
Maybe you noticed my posting in the newsgroups.

Petite 50-yr old, redheaded wife wants to get completely filled by
three guys with very large cocks. Wife is 125 lb, 36C tits, body in
good shape and very fuckable. The nastiest fuck slut. E-mail me if

I quickly had several good sounding prospects. I contacted the top
five by phone and arranged for "interviews" at various times during
the coming weeks. Sheri had told me she didn't want to meet them
before hand so I was on my own. Man, did I ever feel stupid,
standing in the men's room outside the stall while the guy jerked
himself off to get his cock up. I'd brought along a few good
pictures of Sheri to give them an idea what they would be getting a
piece of. All of them were impressed with Sheri and all got hard
pretty quickly. I made the measurements of length and diameter;
again, feeling pretty damn weird that close to another guy's cock
and balls.

Shit, I've got a reasonable sized pecker, but I felt damn inadequate
after meeting these guys. Three had true 12-inch cocks, one was
11-1/2 inches, and one, I swear, was 14 inches long. I thanked them
and told them I would be back in touch by phone.

After each interview, Sheri was full of questions. How long was the
cock? How big around? What size balls? Was the guy cute? How
about his ass? Did he look like he could give her more than one
good fucking? Man, I could only hit on the stuff in a general way.
Sheri is the real expert on studs, cocks, balls, and fucking.

Anyway, after the interviews and discussions with Sheri, we tried to
narrow it down to three guys. Sheri couldn't decide on three. She
said all of them sounded pretty nice.

"What the hell, why don't you take on all five guys?"

"Oh baby, you think I could handle that much cock?"

"Sheri, I bet you'll still be horny after you drain all the cum the
five of them can give out."

Sheri got a dreamy look in her eyes, "Five long cocks."

"Sixty one and one-half inches worth, over five feet of cock," I
told her.

"Oh yes, baby, five feet of fucking cock. I really do want to suck
and fuck all five of them."

"Okay, I'll let the guys know and make sure no one minds being one
of five instead of one of three."

None of the five guys had any problems sharing Sheri with four other
guys. Like I told you, they all seemed real interested in fucking
my wife after seeing her photos at their interviews. I gave the
time, place and directions. The fuck-a-thon was set-up for Friday
night. I reserved the room for both Friday and Saturday night to
make sure there was plenty of time for Sheri to get all the sex the
five studs could put out. I had the whole thing set up about a week

Sheri spent the whole week primping and shopping for the perfect
outfit. I teased her about the outfit. "Baby, why do you need the
perfect outfit? As soon as we hit the room, you'll be stripped down
to your fucking outfit of garter belt and nylons."

"Silly, I want to make a good first impression."

"Baby, the photos I showed these guys at their interviews already
made a good first impression."

One advantage of being married to a slut is that the sex is always
great. This week, Sheri was so horny, the sex was incredible. She
milked me dry every night. She started each morning off with a high
protein shake, sucking every last dribble out of my cock. I was
looking forward the weekend just for the rest it would give my worn
out cock and me.

I took Friday off. Early in the afternoon, I went down and checked
into the hotel. We were set to meet the guys at the hotel bar
around 7:00. Sheri and I planned to get there around 6:30. Sheri
wanted a few drinks to calm her nerves before she met the guys.
Normally my wife is ready to fuck and suck, anytime, anyplace. But
the thought of servicing over 5 feet of cock had even Sheri a little

Sheri spent the day in final preparations. Nails, hair, make-up.
The "perfect" outfit turned out to be a red cocktail-style dress
with spaghetti straps, a low-cut front that framed her tits and
showed lots of cleavage, and no back. The material was filmy and
clung tightly to Sheri's hard nipples. The hemline ended just below
the dark tops of her dark nylons. The dress highlighted her legs
and when she walked, you could catch occasional glimpses of her
nylon tops. The only other accessories were dangling gold earrings
rings, a black velvet choker and her ring collection, one for each
finger. Her make-up complimented the outfit; ruby lips, bright red
fingernail polish. From her perfectly coifed red hair to her 5-inch
red pumps, she looked gorgeous. The outfit let everyone know that
this was a woman who enjoyed the attention of men. As we walked out
to the car, the sway of her body emphasized this point and added the
exclamation that this woman knew how to, and would, please a m an in
every imaginable way.

The first guy that Sheri dazzled was the valet at the hotel. His
eyes visibly widened as he opened the door for Sheri. She gave him
a great show of tits and legs as he helped her out of the car. I
was dying to know what was going through his mind as I handed him
the keys.

On the trip through the hotel lobby and into the bar, I swear you
could hear eyeballs clicking. Sheri definitely had the attention of
every male in the place. Given the timing, we found a pretty
private booth with a good view of the door. Sheri was on her second
gin-and-tonic when the first guy, Larry, walked through the door. I
got up and walked towards him. We shook hands and I brought him
back to the booth for the introductions. Sheri watched us walk back
towards the table. Her eyes kept darting to Larry's crouch,
checking him out. I introduced Larry.

"Larry," she said, "its nice to meet you."

"Sheri, I am so pleased to meet you. Thanks for including me in
your adventure." Sheri motioned for Larry to sit next to her.

Sheri giggled, "John has told me a lot about you."

I glanced back towards the door and noticed two of the guys, Bill
and Jim, were just arriving and had paused just inside the door. I
stood and motioned towards them. They startled each other as they
both started towards me.

"Bill, Jim. This is Larry and this is Sheri"

Jim literally dove into the booth to get the seat on the other side
of Sheri from Larry.

Bill seemed bedazzled by Sheri. "Sheri, you are even sexier than
the photos your husband showed me."

Sheri blushed, "Why thank you Bill. I hope I can meet the rest of
your expectations."

We ordered drinks while waiting for the last two guys. Sheri
couldn't resist and soon was feeling both Larry's and Jim's cocks
through their pants. "Oh my god, I've never felt so much cock meat

"Baby, wait until it gets hard. Then you'll see a lot of cock."
Larry reached over and cupped one of Sheri's tits, squeezing it
gently. His finger rubbed the hard nipple through the fabric of the
dress. Sheri kept her hands busy but leaned her head back and
sighed. Jim, not to be outdone, began to message Sheri's other tit.
He also moved his hand to Sheri's lap.

"Those other guys better hurry", Sheri moaned. "My pussy is
starting to leak and I don't have any panties on to keep from
spotting my dress with my cunt juice."

Jim leaned over and kissed Sheri on the neck. Sheri gasped, "Oh
god, your finger on my pussy, oh god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming."
Sheri closed her eyes and her body gave a small spasm as the orgasm
passed. "Honey, let's get to the room. I need some cock. Now!"

The three guys stood up and Larry helped Sheri up out of the booth.
Larry and Jim both wrapped arms around Sheri's waist to help support
her as she continued to come down from her orgasm. I took the point
and Bill followed. As luck would have it, the last two guys were
just arriving.

I waved them towards the elevator. Introductions were brief.
"Chuck, Mike. You're just in time. Sheri is hot and getting
hotter. The guys are Larry, Jim, and Bill."

The elevator door opened and we moved through the door. As soon as
the door closed, Sheri moved to check out the obvious bulges in
Chuck's and Mike's pants. "Oh god. All this cock and just little
ol' me."

Bill had moved up behind Sheri and she ground her ass into his
groin. His hands snaked around and pulled her back into him. "Oh
god, Bill, that feels so good. I want your cock in my ass, baby!"

The guys quickly surrounded Sheri and began to fondle and feel her
body. The straps were pushed off her shoulders and the dress pulled
down to expose her breasts. Chuck and Mike were soon noisily
suckling at each nipple, their hands kneading Sheri's breasts.
Sheri moaned, "I'm going to cum again. Somebody finger fuck my
pussy. Hurry, I want to cum."

Five guys' hands quickly pushed the hem of her dress up and she had
five sets of fingers in and around her cunt. Someone exclaimed,
"Damn, this bitch is hot. She is fucking wet. It's creaming out of
her cunt."

"I'm cumming. I'm fucking cumming. Oh god, it feels so good to
cum. I love cumming. Can you feel my cum?"

"Yeah baby, your fucking cunt juice is all over our hands. Damn,
you are one hot cunt."

Just then the elevator bell dinged and we arrived at our floor. As
the door opened, the guys finished peeling Sheri's dress off. She
stepped out of it.

"Room 7333, " I said.

The group literally picked Sheri up and carried her out of the
elevator and down the hall. I picked up her dress and followed.

Once inside the room, there was an explosion of clothes as the guys
undressed. Sheri, somewhat recovered from her second orgasm, sat on
the bed and watched as each cock was exposed for her pleasure.

"Oh my god. You guys are huge. Come to Sheri so she can taste each
and every one of you."

There was a stampede and soon Sheri had Larry's cock in her mouth,
Jim's cock in her right hand and Bill's cock in her left hand. It
took Sheri a while but she soon had a rotation worked out to cycle
each cock through her hands and mouth. The first time she grabbed a
hold of Mike's 14-inch monster, Sheri's eyes looked up at Mike. She
smiled around the 12-inch cock stuffed half way down her throat.
You just knew her mind was orgasming on the images of that monster
in her ass and pussy.

The guys really worked well as a team. Everyone was content to let
Sheri set the sequence and tempo. After licking and sucking their
cocks and savoring their precum, Sheri directed Larry to lie on the
bed. She slowly straddled his cock and slid the bulbous head in
past her cunt lips. The rest of us watched as Sheri slowly slid up
and down his cock, lubricating it at each penetration with a creamy
coating of her cunt juice. Each time another half-inch to inch of
Larry's cock disappeared into Sheri's pussy.

Sheri's body spasmed with her orgasm as the last inch of Larry's
cock slipped into her pussy. His balls were pushed up into Sheri's
cunt lips. She had his whole cock, 12 inches worth, completely
inside her.

Despite the waves of pleasure flowing through her body, Sheri was
still in control. "Oh shit, that feels so good Larry. Your 12
fucking inches of cock feel so fucking good, baby. So fucking

"Mike, baby. I want that monster of yours in my ass. Go slow,
baby. And lube it up good."

Mike moved up behind Sheri. I tossed him the lube and he quickly
squirted a bunch in his hand and on Sheri's ass. With one hand he
rubbed the grease all over his cock. With his other hand, he used
two fingers to push the lube up and into Sheri's ass.

Sheri snapped her head back as his fingers pushed up in her ass
hole. "Oh fuck yes, baby. That feels so good. Hurry, I want that
fucking monster cock in my ass."

Mike wasted no time. He placed his cock head against Sheri's
puckered ass hole and steadily pushed the monster into her bowels.

Sheri squealed, "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. It's so fucking big. Oh fuck
my ass, Mike."

Mike never slowed down as his entire 14 inches slid steadily into my
wife's willing ass. At about 10 inches he met some resistance.
Sheri giggled, "Keeping pushing baby. That's just my shit on the
way out. Stuff that shit back up my ass with that big beautiful
cock, baby. Pack that shit so tight I'll be constipated for a

Mike laughed. "Baby, when I get done fucking your ass hole, I'm
going to shoot cum so far up in your bowels you'll be shitting my
cum for a month."

Sheri shuddered, "Oh god yes. Fill my ass with cum. Lots of
fucking cum."

Mike's cock slid in the final four inches. He and Larry began to
work out a rhythm to double fucking Sheri. It was a little ragged
at first but they soon were "in sync".

"I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Oh god, I'm cumming with a cock in my
pussy and a cock in my ass. Fuck me. Fuck me harder."

Both guys obliged and began to really hammer Sheri. Both were
excellent cocksmen. They pistoned Sheri's holes like drilling
machines. Sheri's tits bounced and jiggled with each cock thrust.
Her body was in constant orgasm.

Sheri is a foul-mouthed bitch when she is getting fucked. "Fuck my
slut cunt you bastard. Fuck it. Harder. Bang your fucking balls
into my slut cunt. Can you feel my cum, baby? My fucking cunt is
creaming all over that big cock meat of yours? Oh fuck yes. Oh
fuck! Fuck my ass hole, Mike. Fuck it really hard, baby. Oh, yes,
Mike, that feels so good. I want you to fill my ass hole with your
cum. Then I want Bill's cum in my ass hole. I want every one to
cum in my pussy, my mouth and my ass hole. I want you to watch me
shit your cum out of my ass in to a glass so I can drink your cum.
Would you like that baby? Huh baby? Want me to drink your shit

Mike's only reply was to groan and slam his cock up into Sheri's
ass. "You fucking bitch, here's my cum. I'm fucking cumming up
your ass."

Then Larry started spasming, shooting his first load up Sheri's

"Oh yeah, you guys are fucking shooting hot cum in my cunt and my
ass. Oh god, I can feel your cum. Oh shit, that feels so good.
You fucking bastards, you cum feels so good."

Mike pulled out first. His cock was a greenish brown mess. Shit
juice was matted around his balls. The room stank of shit and anal

Sheri carefully raised up off Larry's cock and he rolled off to the
side. Sheri motioned to Chuck to lie on the bed. She smiled at him
as she slid his cock into her cunt. It slid in quickly with no

She looked at Bill, "Fuck my ass, baby. Shove that beautiful cock
up my ass. I want more cum up my slut ass."

Bill wasted no time in pushing his cock up Sheri's ass. Sheri soon
had Chuck and Bill fucking her holes in a fast rhythm. She called
to Mike. "Baby, I want to suck that monster cock. I want to lick
my shit off your cock and balls."

Mike hesitated.

"Come on baby, I love the taste of my shit on a guy's cock. Get
that fucking shit covered piece of meat in my face baby. Now! I'm
a fucking slut whore and I want your cock. I want you to stuff all
of that monster down my throat and fuck my face like you just fucked
my ass. Fuck it baby. Fuck my slut mouth like you fucked my slut
ass and shot your cum straight to my belly. I want your fucking cum
in my belly."

Mike moved up to Sheri's face and she quickly reached up and guided
the greenish brown slime-coated head between her lips. She began
to lick and slurp her shit slime off of his cock. All the while she
looked up into his eyes, smiling contentedly. "Oh yes, my shit
tastes so good on your cock, Mike. I love it, baby. I love thinking
about where this cock was and how good it made me feel."

It only took Sheri about five minutes to lick the shit slime off of
Mike's cock. Sheri's work gave new meaning to the term
"spit-shine". "Now, baby. Stuff that big beautiful cock down my
slut throat and fuck my face."

Mike grabbed Sheri's hair and Sheri used one hand to guide his cock
into her mouth. Again, Sheri looked up at Mike, her eyes smiling in
pleasure at the cocks in her ass, mouth and pussy.

Mike pushed about 4 inches of cock into Sheri's mouth. She choked
and Mike pulled out.

"Fuck my face you bastard. I want you to shove that cock down my
throat and fuck my face!"

Mike quickly shoved his cock back in Sheri's mouth. When her
reached the back of her throat, he gave a hard push and his cock
slid past the restriction.

Mike roared, "Sheri, you fucking slut bitch whore, here's my cock.
Right down your fucking throat. Oh man, that feels so fucking good.
I can feel your throat muscles squeezing my cock."

It was awesome watching the huge bulge move down Sheri's throat as
Mike pushed his cock deeper and deeper towards Sheri's belly. He
never stopped until the full 14 inches was pushed into Sheri's
mouth, down her throat and into her belly.

The sight of my wife speared with over 36 inches of cock was the
most erotic thing I have ever witnessed. Mike had to move fast
because Sheri couldn't breath. He fucked her face like a mad man;
then pulled out so she could catch a quick breath. Sheri only
managed quick, "Oh fuck yes. I feel so fucking full of cock."

Mike pushed his cock back down Sheri's throat. "You fucking slut
whore, you want my cum in your belly, don't you? Your want my cum
bitch? Sheri's eyes looked her answer up into Mike's eyes. Her
body spasmed with a huge orgasm.

"Here's my cum baby. Here's my fucking cum. Can you feel my cock
shooting my cum into your belly, bitch?"

Chuck grunted, "Sheri, baby. I'm cumming, too. I'm fucking cumming
in your cunt."

Bill pushed his cock all the way in Sheri's ass and his head rocked
back. "You fucking bitch, here's my cum in your ass."

The room was filled with animal grunting as all three guys unloaded
their cum into Sheri's body over the next minute. Sheri's grunts
and groans of orgasm were a higher-pitched contralto to the bass of
the men's songs of orgasm.

Sheri rotated the guys and managed two more triple penetrations.
There was a short break for four of the guys while Sheri cleaned up
Jim's cock, fresh from her ass hole.

When she finished, she rolled over on her back and lifted her ass up
into the air. That way she kept most of the cum in her cunt and ass
as each guy continued to fuck one hole or the other. She did
maintain the routine of licking and sucking her shit off the cock of
the guy who had just finished fucking her ass.

She continued just as vocally telling the guys how good their cocks
felt. She later told me that she was in continuous orgasm of
varying degrees from the time she came in the elevator until the
last fuck of the night.

Sometime during the night I ordered room service and drinks to
refresh the guys. Sheri never stopped and had one cock or another
in her for over twelve hours.

When nobody could get it hard, the action paused and Sheri asked me
to bring the pan. The guys looked confused but the looks soon
switched to awe as Sheri squatted over the pan and worked white
opalescent gobs of cum out of her cunt. Her ass belched out
greenish brown water and cum. She used her hands to guide the cum
into the pan.

Sheri was a beautiful sight as she shit cum into the pan. Her skin
had a radiant glow. Her hair was wildly tossed and messed up. The
insides of her thighs and the tops of her nylons were coated with
dried, sticky, cum.

She squatted for several minutes forcing as much cum out as she
could. Then she cleaned her cunt and ass by wiping each with her
fingers. Then she licked the juices off her fingers. Like a cat,
wipe and lick, wipe and lick.

She looked at the mess in the pan and smiled at the guys. "You all
did this ol' gal real good. This is the most cum I've ever seen in
my pan."

Mike laughed. "I told you you'd be sitting my cum for the next

Sheri carefully poured the shit-cum mixture from the pan into one of
the hotel glasses. She ended up with a nearly full glass and with a
small puddle still left in the pan.

Sheri held the glass up to the light. It was opal colored with a
green-brown tint. There were noticeable brown stringers in the
glass as Sheri swirled the liquid around.

Sheri treats her cum cocktail like a fine wine; with bouquet, body
and viscosity. Sheri brought the glass down and placed the rim
against her lips. Then tipped the glass up and sipped daintily.
The slimy mixture flowed across her tongue and she paused to savor
the taste and the smell. She used her tongue to push the gooey cum
around her mouth. Then she raised the glass in a toasting gesture
and began to drink the shitty mess. The room was very quiet as
Sheri finished her cum cocktail.

"Um. You gentlemen taste excellent." She then poured the remainder
of shit cum out of the pan. She cleaned the pan with her fingers,
missing nothing of her treat. She slowly sipped the last of the cum
cocktail from her glass.

Sheri slowly moved to Mike and knelt in front of him. She lovingly
kissed his cock and slowly coaxed it back to life for one last
encore. Standing up, she took Mike's hand and pulled him towards
the bed. Sheri sat Mike on the edge of the bed and again knelt in
front of him. She placed his cock between her tits and slowly
fucked his cock, pushing her breasts against his cock totally
engulfing it. She fingered her hard, pink nipples. Mike perked up
and began sliding his cock faster. Sheri's tongue flicking to lick
the precum off his peehole. Mike shuddered and shot several
stringers of cum, splashing off Sheri's chin and across her tits.
Sheri sucked his cock head into her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as
she sucked his cock like a straw in a thick milk shake. She pulled
the last drops of cum out of the monster cock, swallowing with a
smile on her face. Then she used her fingers to clean the stringers
and dribbles off her chin and breasts into her mouth.

Sheri repeated her cock worship ritual with Chuck, Jim, Larry and
Bill. Amazingly, Chuck and Bill managed one more double penetration
of Sheri's cunt and ass. Larry, Mike, and Jim tenderly kissed Sheri
and left while she moaned, grunted and orgasmed on Chuck and Bill
cocks'. The guys must have worked Sheri over for about an hour
before they blew their last loads. Sheri lovingly cleaned pussy and
shit juice off their cocks as cum oozed from her cunt and ass hole.
The guys kissed her dressed and left.

Sheri looked at me and smiled, crawling across the room towards
where I was sitting. She dug my cock out of my shorts and began to
deep throat it. The tip of her tongue teased stringers of precum,
which glistened in the sunlight from the window.

Sheri's smile was as radiant as the morning sun. "Thank you for the
best birthday party, honey. You were right; I finished off five
guys and I still horny. Now its your turn."

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