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Oct 10, 1999

By lonelyil

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by Kathy B.
Part 1

It was a Friday night and I had agreed to watch the teenage
daughters of a friend of mine. Sheila and her husband were going
away and she wanted me to stay with Tracy and Lisa. They were both
home from college, way too old for a sitter, but Sheila was worried
about leaving them for very long. Like a good friend, I agreed to
leave my family and spend the weekend with them. I fully expected to
spend the weekend watching television and reading, bored out of my

We had just finished cleaning up after a nice supper and were
watching television when, out of the blue, Tracy asked if I wanted a
cup of tea. I said sure and offered to fix some for all three of us.
Both of them quickly stood up and shouted that I should stay put and
they would be happy to make it. I thought they were acting funny
but soon became engrossed in the movie and forgot the whole thing.

When the tea came, I tasted it. "Mmm...! This tastes great!
What kind is it?" I asked, as I took a bigger sip.

The girls giggled. "Oh, some eastern blend Mom had," replied

Within five minutes I had that cup gone and asked for another.
The girls quickly made it and I drank it too. I was starting to feel
strange, like time was slowing down, but just assumed I was tired.

The next hour or so was somewhat hazy. I noticed both girls on
the phone a lot, but really did not think it was a problem. Then
they both came in and sat down beside me.

"Ok, Mrs. Hopkins. It's time to get ready for the party," said

"What party?"

"You remember. The party we are throwing tonight. Mom hired you
to help," said Tracy.

"She did? I thought I was baby-sitting."

Lisa giggled. "Do we look like babies? She hired you to work
for us."

"I guess I must have gotten the wrong idea, but it's probably
my fault," I said. "What do I need to do?"

"Well, first you need to get into your clothes," said Tracy.

"What's wrong with what I have on?" I asked dully.

"If you are going to work for us, you have to wear the uniform
Mom got you. She insisted and you agreed when she told you about it.
You know how she likes people to think we're rich."

"All right," I said. "If I said I will, then I will." I did not
remember promising Sheila, but I must have. Knowing Sheila, it was
very possible she wanted me to wear a uniform.

Tracy led me into Sheila's bedroom. Laid out on the bed was a
very skimpy maid's uniform. It was low-cut and had a short skirt.
Next to it were black stockings, a red garter belt and high heels.
It did not look like anything Sheila would make me wear. It looked
more like something she had bought for the bedroom.

I said exactly that to Tracy, but she insisted I had seen the
outfit and agreed to take the job, so I got undressed. Lisa brought
me more tea that I drank down. By now I was so out of it I did not
even notice they had me get dressed without my bra and panties.

When I finished dressing, I looked myself over in Sheila's full
length mirror. The high heels added several inches to my 5'4" frame
and also tightened my calves and accentuated my full bottom. The
dress, a very sexy red and black mini with a plunging neckline,
pushed my ample breasts up and out. Although I have always tried to
watch my weight, I had put on some extra pounds in the last few
years and I was really too plump for this sort of outfit. There
certainly was a lot of skin showing, both at the top and at the

Tracy brushed out my shoulder length brown hair. She insisted I
needed to redo my makeup, including ruby red lip gloss. I asked why
I needed to get so dolled up but the girls just said they wanted me
to look nice. every time I asked a question they gave me more tea.

I was just finishing up when the doorbell rang. "Can you get
that, please?" asked Lisa. As I walked down the hall my boobs
jiggled from the effects of my high heels. The dress was so low cut
I had a mile of cleavage showing and as I looked down I could see
part of a nipple peeking out. I tucked it back in but it was so
close to the edge of my bodice I knew it would not take much for it
to pop out again.

As I opened the door three teenage couples poured in. The guys
all hooted at my outfit as they went past. I blushed and hurried
into the kitchen where Tracy explained that I was to answer the door
and keep the beer glasses and snack tray full. For the next hour I
was kept hopping as everyone arrived. There were lots of couples,
but also several unattached guys and girls. By the time everyone was
there the house was packed. The party was wild and everyone was soon

As I worked my way back and forth through the crowd the boys
would comment on my outfit and rub up against me. They would ogle my
exposed cleavage and several times they could see the edges of my
nipples before I noticed and tucked them back in. Their remarks were
usually pretty graphic, describing my body and how much of it was
exposed. I was still so befuddled it did not occur to me to protest
their crude suggestions.

Somebody spilled some beer on the carpet and Tracy called to me
to come clean it up. Without thinking, I got down on my hands and
knees and started to scrub the stain. I heard two girls behind me
gasp, then start to giggle, and I realized my dress had ridden up so
high they could see my pussy. I started to get up but Tracy said to
keep scrubbing before the carpet got stained, so I did.

The girls called some boys over to see and they started
laughing as they stared at my exposed ass and pussy. I turned
scarlet but pretended I didn't know what was going on; I hurriedly
cleaned the spill and retreated to the kitchen. As I was leaving I
heard one of the boys tell the other two he would like to make me
suck his cock until it was rock hard, then fuck my 'big hairy pussy'
until I couldn't walk. He told them they could have 'sloppy seconds'
after he was finished fucking me silly.

When I got into the kitchen I sat down. I looked down at my
hands and realized I was shaking. Something seemed very wrong; I was
sure I should not be here, dressed like this, letting young men I
didn't even know make crude sexual remarks to me. Unfortunately my
mind was so fogged up I was unsure of exactly why it was wrong, so I
just sat there trying to figure it out.

Lisa came in and saw me sitting there. "What's the matter? Why
do you look so upset?" I told her what had happened and what I had
heard. "Oh, Mrs. Hopkins, I'm sure he thought he was paying you a
compliment! You know how guys are; that's just how they talk to each
other. You should be flattered. Lots of women would love to have
someone flirt with them like that."

It had not sounded much like flirting, but I knew Lisa was a
nice girl so I believed her. If she said it, I was sure it was true.
I was in no condition to argue.

Lisa fixed a new pot of that delicious tea and put it on the
table beside me.

"Listen, Mrs. Hopkins. I need to go back in to the party, but
we're all set for food and punch for right now. We don't really need
any more help from you until later. Why don't you take a break and
stay out here for a bit? No one will bother you and I'll call you if
we need anything. You just relax, ok?"

I nodded, so she left me to my thoughts and my tea.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew I had my
head resting on my arms and Tracy was gently shaking me awake. I
groggily looked around and tried to focus on what she was saying to

"Mrs. Hopkins, we have a problem," said Tracy. "We ran out of
beer and no one has enough money for more. Is there any way you
could charge it on your credit card and we'll pay you back next

I nodded. "Sure, Tracy. I know you'll pay me. It must be in my
purse." I laid my head back down.

She shook me again. "Come on, Mrs. Hopkins. You need to wake
up. You know we can't use your cards. You have to go with the guys
to buy the beer."

I still did not move so Tracy and another girl stood me up and
gently led me out to a waiting car. There were two guys in the front
seat and one in the back. "These guys will pick it out and carry it
for you," Tracy said. "All you have to do is pay for it. Thanks!"

Just before the door of the car closed another guy slid in
beside me, pushing me into the middle. I looked over at him and
realized it was the boy who had been so graphic when I was cleaning
up the spill. He smiled at me and said hello, so I decided maybe
Lisa had been right all along about him being nice and I smiled back
at him. The other three boys also greeted me and we pulled out.

As soon as we got going one of the boys produced a small flask
of liquor and passed it around. When it came to me I said no thanks.
The driver looked in the rear-view mirror and asked me if I was a

"No, I'm not a prude. I just don't want a drink right now.
Thanks anyway."

"I don't know, Mrs. Hopkins. I always heard you were pretty
straight. I just never realized how straight you really are. You
don't even drink?"

"Of course I drink, when I want to. I'm not a prude."

The boy beside me handed me the flask. "Prove it."

Fine, I'd show them I was not a prude. I took a small swig and
gasped as the liquor burned its way down my throat. They said it was
just a sip so I took a bigger drink. The boys chuckled then and
started passing the flask around again. It seemed to constantly be
in my hand, with someone urging me to take a drink. I wanted them to
like me and not think I was a prude, so I drank when they urged me
to. Combined with my already dazed state, my head was soon spinning.

Dave, one of the boys beside me, started asking me questions
about my early years. "So, Mrs. Hopkins, have you always been pretty
conservative, or were you a little wilder when you were younger?"

"I'm not conservative. I'm the same now as I have always been.
I like having fun as much as the next person."

"Did you date much when you were a teenager?" asked Brian, the
driver. "Were you pretty popular?"

"I guess I was popular, but I didn't go on very many dates. My
parents didn't let me. They didn't want me to get a 'reputation'."

"Were you attractive? Maybe you just didn't get asked much,"
said Jack, from my other side.

"When you did go out, did you enjoy the sex? Did you look
forward to it?" asked Dave.

"I never had sex on a date," I answered proudly. The boys
looked horrified.

"Never?" gasped Bob. "Didn't anyone even try to feel you up or

"No. They were always perfect gentleman." I thought they would
be impressed with my chastity. Instead, they saw it as a drawback.

"Maybe they weren't being gentlemen," said Dave. "Maybe they
thought you were too ugly to fuck."

The shock of having Dave suggest I was ugly kept me from
protesting his vulgar language. "I looked just like I do now, only
younger. Am I ugly now?" I replied.

"You don't look too bad, just a little plump. It's hard to tell
in the car, though. Let's get a good look at you, and we'll all
decide if we would have asked you out," said Dave. "How does that

I smiled nervously. "OK. That sounds like a good idea." I
wanted them to like me. I hoped I looked attractive to them.

Brian twisted his mirror and the three boys riding turned
toward me. I looked down at myself. My dress had ridden above my
stocking tops, displaying my pale thighs in the dim illumination
from passing street lights. My breasts were pushing out of my top
and a long line of cleavage was showing. I blushed as I realized
that the edge of one nipple was peeking out of my top, but I didn't
want to push it back while they were looking at me. They would have
been sure I was a prude then.

They looked me up and down for a very long moment. Bob was the
first to speak. "I think you look pretty good," he said. "I think I
might have asked you out if you were my age. I just can't figure out
why nobody ever got friendly with you on a date. Is there something
wrong with your body or something?"

I shook my head. I was beginning to feel like maybe there was
something about me that wasn't sexy. I took another gulp from the

Jack spoke up. "Has anyone ever seen your boobs? Did you ever
show them to a guy on a date? Maybe they are ugly and word got

"Just my doctor and my husband, after we were married." Maybe I
was undesirable, after all. I felt like I was going to cry.

"I got an idea," said Dave. "Why don't you show them to us and
we'll let you know what we think."

"I don't know... I d-don't think I should do that," I
stammered. I wanted them to like me, but showing my breasts to them
seemed wrong.

"Hey, no problem," said Jack. "We were just trying to help you
out. It's your call. Say, did you guys see Katie tonight? That girl
looked hot!"

The boys immediately started discussing Katie and several other
girls from the party. I felt lonely and ignored. After another drink
I took a deep breath and turned to Jack.

"I guess I've changed my mind. I would like to show you my
boobs. If I let you guys see them, do you promise not to tell
anyone?" They looked at each other, then nodded their assent.

My hands shook as I reached up and took hold of the bodice of
my dress. I hesitated for a few seconds, settling my nerves, then
pulled it down and tucked it under my breasts. My nipples
immediately stiffened in the cool night air. I waited with bated
breath, hoping the guys liked what they saw. My face grew warm and I
felt like I was in another world. No one spoke for what seemed like
an eternity.

Finally, Bob smiled at me. "I think you have very nice tits,
Mrs. Hopkins. They sure are big enough. You have every right to be
proud of them. You are a very sexy lady."

I smiled and relaxed. I knew I was plump, but I had always
thought my boobs were too big and fleshy. They thought I was sexy!

I was so happy they liked my breasts, I barely heard Bob ask
Jack if they were firm. Before I could react he reached out and
cupped one of them. I gasped as I felt his warm hand squeeze my cool
flesh but said nothing. His fingers found my nipple and it jumped
under his caress. As I tried to decide whether or not I should
protest, Dave did the same thing with my other boob. I wasn't sure
if I should let them touch me, but it certainly felt nice, so what
harm could there be in it? I looked down. I could see my dark
nipples being squeezed by their strong fingers and I felt myself
getting wet.

"For being such big tits, they're nice and firm," Jack told
Bob. "Her nipples are very sensitive, too. They're rock hard. I
think she likes it. Let's take a look at that pussy you were telling
us about, Dave!"

Jack and Dave each grasped one of my legs and pulled it over
onto their laps. My dress pushed up almost to my waist and I was
spread wide open, without any panties on! I tried to pull my legs
closed but I was no match for them, so I gave up struggling.

"It's ok, Mrs. Hopkins. We just wanted to see what you look
like. We think you're very pretty and sexy, don't we guys?" Bob
said. They all murmured their assent. "You have a very beautiful

Bob reached back from the front seat and softly rubbed my knee.
Jack and Dave kept kneading my breasts as they stared at my pussy.
Their other hands were holding my legs apart, and they began
stroking up and down along my stockings. Each pass their hands
traveled a little higher and they were soon caressing my naked
thighs. Bob kept telling me how pretty and sexy I looked. I laid my
head on the back of the seat and closed my eyes, trying to calm my
thudding heart.

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