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Discussion in 'Ask SandyWho!' started by rustty, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. rustty

    rustty Beloved Member :)


    russel here 24 yo. i hv been addicted to cuckold porn for years now. i become the hardest when i watch cuck porn. always ruin my orgasm thinking i dont deserve them. however the cuckold feeling goes away once i cum. and feel really guilty of thinking about my gf hving sex with a black like in the pornos.

    however the very next day, i want to see cuck porn.
    what do you make out of this?
  2. Ben Steel

    Ben Steel The Cuck Coach Beloved Member :)

    HI, Russel. This is a completely normal response. In fact, when I am advising men to cuckoldry,, I will often ask them to wait until after they have cum to start thinking about how much this lifestyle really means to them. I have them do this because, as you said, this fantasy has the least hold on you right after you have cum.

    Think of this like food. Let's say you're craving a hamburger and it's all you can think about as you salivate. You go and get the burger, but right after you eat it, your desire it for it goes away. You've temporarily scratched the itch, but it will come back again. It's the same with cuckold fantasies.

    Now, as to why you feel guilty, that is a question you should spend some time pondering. Were you raised in a religious household? When you think about her fucking black guys (after you've cum) what does it make you think of or feel? What are your specific thoughts?

    - Ben Steel
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  3. rustty

    rustty Beloved Member :)

    dear ben,

    yes, i was raised in somewhat religiously strict household. thats what made porn more taboo.
    i usually masturbate 3 4 times a day.
    after i cum the first time and think of her with a black man, i immediately hv the urge of watching a porno again thinking of her as the actress and masturbating again. the thought always twitches my penis a bit. always!